DHK - Kellerman, where's “the cliff?” America may hate the Patriots, but it’ll be hard to root for the Eagles and their fans.

Dale & Keefe
Monday, January 22nd

Hour 2: Max Kellerman still won’t admit he’s wrong about the Brady “cliff” and says the refs robbed the Patriots. Teams have come and gone over the years, but do the Jaguars have staying power? There are few supporters among the Patriots haters.


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Yeah yeah. Dale and Holley with keep Sports Radio WB ER we got here to let stadium. Ought to patriots Monday and not just any patriots Monday it's the patriots are headed back this kind of any patriot Monday the patriot that it is horrible at it as just about every year about half the time. After time in Brady's career right. It's an amazing network awhile to say nothing of the fact oh by the way twelve AFC championship games. Think about that again that is the number that. Will never be broke are you ready. Are you guys ready for this you know I did I did a week of buildup for the weak although well I don't feel we can build up is going to be a week. Pack. It's going to be a week. Hatred I think the most creative. Should get some points the most creative deserve something are we gonna get something out of it completely outside the box. Well he wants him to get north of samples they Ross are you ready for some some samples so sampling of patriot haters haters samples later samples. All Max Kellerman and Brady cliff now you know that is something that bush in this for Israel and those of you don't know I'm Max Kellerman. On personally. Has been saying many times that Paula that that poverty I don't know who all want him. That Tom Brady is just gonna magically fall off a cliff so after that great performance last night the last leaving. Is Max Kellerman ready to concede that he was wrong about the court. Here around. Yeah I'm not I am not. I don't wanna call names I regret. It saying bomb I was saying it you know tongue in cheek but the point is I do expect top rate to fall off the clip. I believe the clip is comic I think eighteen months when Steve and make it Alec allies about eighteen months. This would be eighteen month so. Enjoy it watch you can't folks like I'm not gonna bring up the fact that yet also rough patches in that game mean you don't throw behind Burkett mrs. rock takes a sack and everything because when he needed to be excellent in particular. Yes and the dole made excellent player the blog actually better in the thrall but Brady hit the throes of weeds he had to make especially. And also the pro yet to make that he was great he's like he's like a New York comic yeah this here. Right before it crashes and burns brightest right it's not fire you talk is on people. At all like earlier in his career where yet overstated reputation for watching this in other words he was usually break. At the clock it was usually great like Colby or Derek Jeter but did. I would be under pressure to win let's say Michael Jordan Mardy are repaired it actually deposit that I was actually turned back. I think that even better he is now even better under pressure so enjoy Tom Brady in all its glory because this is it. This is the finale. Now that's who then. Ahead doesn't work as he's got another we've got another pitch and say eighteen months I sit twenty to Atlanta. Hi how did you how do you predict that the cliff you can discount look I'm going toward it would apply. All but how would you be there at about seven miles you wanna turn around now let's keep going door to put. But he let age eighteen month. Guys always say it was like an asteroid into the berms the hottest they say and write them then your values are meteors now he's changing his thing where. He's gonna be really really really good at like eight you win three out of four Super Bowl is that health and off the cliff so he's sticking with the cliff. Which is Jeff. Tell you you know general business and you know who loves this kind of who's of Tom Brady now his bosses. Max's talents boss yeah I think you you think are for them. It was four for a long time they had an iconic show was just even a and skip. And Max came in and now he has made he has made something his own. He has he has a signature freight didn't have to be right is that the fact that it's a that is actually ripple no let people know. That they refer to as that Max Kellerman cliff. But every time it plays well which is just about every week he looks dumber. Yeah but then you gonna to see how come you might get I guess but I like how he's village east pointing out. Basically if Brady doesn't play a perfect game he's a lapse and that was it the boy threw behind Birkhead. He took a sack. If a quarterback couldn't get well I did the best defense in the car and it's a little bit if I guess that's I don't know I have federal defense of football back target people over all year long missed a throw like OC didn't have really wasn't a 100% completions. Very in this act because there in this game because their defense but it's a case. The whole clip doesn't work Ross I don't want to quickly let go at the let's go to his next pitch that we were talking about it last hour. It's got to come up big and NFL was tweeting about it and of those tweeting about officiating. But not not in me. Commentary kind of way they were saying the patriots only got one penalty. Yesterday. Ed this is the lowest on specialties the lowest penalty amount since 2011. When the patriots. On bullet did it again and as well as well coached or what else Max. Max. Did the jags get robbed. Yes they did get robbed. Bond yet it didn't I don't. Just talk on about the discrepancy in penalties yards you don't the pick at once flag the patriots for ten yards or jags get six for an act. BA right let's set that aside and just say it's a Bill Belichick team better coach more discipline are willing to accept that all all six and I. That's a little bit out of whack wouldn't you say but it. Rob specifically. On the way play that would be terrible pass interference call. The New England Patriots with the greatest coach in the history of football by far Bill Belichick. At the greatest quarterback of all time and Tom Brady who's still with excellent when he needed to be and what the patriots are hard enough to be. Without any help from the rest that are hard enough to beat. Anyway which is why he worked fever against the hit iron. To win the Super Bowl. Before this season. I get the jags were out playing them and it was going to be tough for the patriots to win this inlet that. Pass interference call on your to tell you I don't think they win that game. Heard this event I ever ask you play hard and ready they called it right I guess I'm ready. I guess. So Brady's is the cliff gonna happen before or after the civil that's actually important question for Max the sea of one more game and he's got one more game. Because one more game arcades you know Qaeda activity you enjoy it was the last one right. Six approvals and so now the the officiating. A is a close game there are some big calls that that one of the huge call but. Every time I watched it every different angle they showed. After the passer affairs the media bias but I decided. You know that was a well flags should have been thrown. And that's the one thing is the competition committee to work on pass in affairs the NFL is the one. It's the one penalty. That everybody looks at it depending on whose side you're on to you look at it you say okay. That's that's awful that's just too many yards to be gearing up for a player like that so maybe they have to change it make it lasts seven oppressive penalty. Do you like our college regulate you sound like the pro Liggett if you commit to him out. The problem is you wanna make them they get it right yeah the present situation because they need to get situations works an automatic touchdown against tackles the guys the LT fifteen yards you haven't fifteen. Yet you gotta give up I think it should be me. It's that obvious if you're too because Taylor Ramsey had one of those yesterday. Anderson is obvious of I'm Pete unbeaten and have a bit of about a couple around the neck. Cannot take the penalty because I don't know if I came I catch and run with it. So in that case. OK that's just a fifteen yarder but the guys just got to. He's gonna score touchdowns and just jump you just put a roadblock in front of you you you you bring Mike Tomlin from the sideline just. It is bolder guy bowled over yet she probably awarded touched it's I don't know what it's probably a perfect way to do it now on how could such a nasty penalties. You have it forty yard side yards forty yard I want. And a lot out every team does that rely teams. The outlook for today it's Chaka there and either he or maybe let the percentages of either a catch or pass interference penalty compared to a Piccard and completion. Teams of this trial if they do you look at your receiver that angle to get the ball at B of a quarterback you trust. You might as well they they throw the flag I often. So yes that that was a tough one but I don't think the officials cost this team in the game yesterday and now Europe wanted to and and they had the patriots they had the patriots retreating. If they've just decided now we're not gonna run we got a couple of special place. Let's look at some two point place which I get a cut completely different format everything that's one bright. Just to keep it going skipped the patriots are ballots that the picked it got to the point where they knew what Jackson who was gonna do. And there was no drama what's so there was drama but there was no mystery in terms of what they got a call here. But we had the legendary Tim Russert join us during the Jimmy Fund radio Thon yes I'm very content wonderful guy. His son Luke not so legendary. Either our works for NBC sports I got a couple of tweets from him that were running back to back yesterday. A during the course of of the patriots in the AFC championship the first one says quote. Hi this is part gaffe doing your job or will send your ass back to rapping in the Mac we can't have Jacksonville on the Super Bowl on quote that's the first week. The second tweet that he wrote was BTW. Karma is undefeated in this life but bike wrong you'd dirty. Thug. He's they grow our fan big wholesale they'll say that it of the bills and that's that makes them no no idea why dirty dog. Yeah right now the bill's failure I think I think the grime that's exactly what I area dirty yes lilies in Fall River halo he had you don't. All night and got a couple of big league playing got. Last what looked at how jealous is the big. Well that very word that pat and you know what. Walk I got a bit maybe Asia bet that it is what happened shall be guilty players when it blocked. Sleeping. All the first verse forty says so in your producers what about the Pittsburgh post is that look on their website so. The Steelers who beat the patriots more than literally anybody -- life itself to the cover this game I'll bet there's a James Harrison angle they were they of their longtime players hapless and patriots. No. They have like eight Andrew McCutcheon stories and all the pirates the debate and didn't even staff. They didn't they an incentive in the game and then there's one story buried in there somewhere but it's an eight piece of. Associated Press that they have a column here Colin and I'll cook I thought it was here but it wasn't here but no dateline just starting about it. And try to let the patriots. Are TV Michael credit just ignore don't know James Harrison ankle what's up. Crisis surprise but where that city where that city now I don't know it's just the patriots or the city of Boston when it comes to sports. Everybody just looks and says. Stop I'll give him pills docket because if it's like look at the patriots if the patriots to a Nissen. Of Celtics a terrible in the Red Sox are terrible now. Continue to win two in the Bruins are still. We're not because I don't think you know if it was Minnesota everybody would elapse on the Minnesota. Is one of the vikings are one. And I don't and have a hard time rooting for Philadelphia right that's my point out CDs are very. Well you'll see it they know hill but grudgingly but it can you see eagle fan you should the bloody faces pictures all the fights they're getting into yesterday like yeah I wanna I wanna get behind this team that they're a hard time. What if that whole line everybody can reliably used to use about the Yankees when there was a real robbery. You know my favorite game as a Red Sox and myself are as soon as whoever played the Yankees those same thing with the patriots. Where's my and the patriots did you see the video of the two Minnesota fans walking through the park and locked into the stadium. Getting that full cans of beer his own at their heads years and cans bottles and cups or I feel a lot and they blow out a couple. Out of a house of mercy of these people. Kevin in Connecticut hate Kevin I don't. They guys are what's going on. Does that just curious yesterday and burst. Quarter they can just look to run the same formation and they ran multiple plays out of it and it was killing the pitcher's defense. And at all but they went away from it are seen in my embodiment this is Ronnie Brown. Running the wildcat or are making it look okay we're gonna burn this formation it must. Peter and okay Florida or Michigan and Iran but they ran right back on it and information and they grew. And it was like they couldn't stop and also that is what it was like why are they fueling its quite the moron got into his own head and even Tony Ramos and it on the media like all the second happy and you have to do more drop backs why it was working. It was working. That happens a lot that doesn't when you're playing the patriots need you know of the parents like yourself dollar. Tom Brady is now engineered for double digit second half comebacks. And and realistically. As great as Brady's been and he has spent. The opposing head coaches had as much to do with the is anything Brady's. A lot of times and how about the end of the first half of almost a full minute left on the clock you a couple of timeout or maybe all three at least two timeouts. At jaguar Satan were content of this. Rudder try to moved on the field the field goal and we're we're joined me and that's old medic if you're 25 seconds. Retirement and now as one where they are just there and thrill I get the ball back you the ball back the old. Don't know or I and you had a ticker who nailed a 54 yarder with rooms and I thought as an article reported that allow a lot of drilling that this is fit but not not a problem 2000 dollar got a medal Dow's down Nawaz. That might think just being planned all the scared him with at least 6177797937. Is telephone number head out head coach Bill Belichick will join us just after the top of the hour. The Ellen Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB yeah. How would you describe that catch right now you could go. Unbelievable. You guys about that operated as stated that might have adult those are the big play comes up with the amazing they are excited to apologize for your life would you're excited. Eight GM don't apologize thought I would do what I would say and how about Dion Lewis after the game that it's whatever dole. I'm not custom to create doubt without even these guys out believe that these doesn't Danny Amendola has got it faith. It was funny because during the break. We were sitting here watching the replay is you know we've seen a hundred times already. I looked and I says these guys I said look how what he does with the speak it's a gift. And it's it's not a whole ethic start Joseph ought to give it to. Debate gift of the stupid that there aren't many gifts Islamic. Music yes but it just an amazing. And amazing skill and so when you talk about the patriots I think. Like at times yesterday. They were the cerebral team but maybe too much so that they didn't have the Brady especially like the first. They 20/20 five minutes is very cool maybe too cool. And see any of those. There are. All IA guys down 143. And it reminded me you know it reminded me of you have all these insecure that you can start America as well as institute he did to draw from so we just come up with these things off the top of our head. Completely this bay. We've let this unbelievable. Overrun but her about it 2012. AFC championship game. So they've they've beaten Baltimore the year before the AFC championship that's when. A party Pollard was pumping grunts late realities that the heart and it's additionally just look at whether it was a topic here topic back to back it up did you say it one more time off you know I got chaperones and hear what got a kick back get back. So your report. Patriot coaches who were all crock compromised they lose to. The giants but the next year rematch of the AFC championship game ravens come in. Has to Joseph Flacco was playing out of his mind. And the patriots never really could get it going it's like what do you guys do but I felt like in the first half and that's what does that and that's I felt like. Any kind of he woke up at the team woke up I don't know what it was Friday that touchdown. Got us going fourteen and but but Jacksonville came back in in the second half. They still had a I thought the patriots were awake even though they weren't making a lot of place had a couple of fourth and shorts. Belichick said today during this conference while he was never attempted to go for an important one for the Jews just. And he was playing the field position game. But even though was still twenty to ten. They wore out mentally. First half emotionally something was missing. AJ Beaulieu after the game talking about his team in the fourth quarter quote. We just started playing soft we started calling more zone and they just knew what we're gonna run. We were running back to back the same calls and they just had beaters four under so let's be stopped on the same line so regard to throw the defensive coordinator of the bonds and Barry coach every decision your editor officials and I understood that either way AJ. You're really pour in that game. He struggled get this Jacksonville have staying power that seems like it all these years the patriots have played a team they got to go waves because the ravens were futile right Murdoch did it play out doesn't it depend on if if you think. The Blake portals we saw last night as the real deal. Or notably court or as we saw and against buffalo this huge decision and they are regarded they already Barrett picked up his fifth year option for me. You know he's he's gonna be he'll be there 2000 he has a lot of money to. Gonna commit to them want to tightening a bit David of their next year right now are those are the job or the a realistic. Competitor like going. Four and they go to Alex Smith the route would have like wet where Alex Smith is there this year but there's this is his replace yeah right was already drafted. And sickening largely to probably have to do but can he improved and Blake portals in Peru. He's gotten worse or maybe you know that's not fair because they want more games you put a better stats though the overall losses that really doesn't. Turnovers were way down here for him to sort touchdowns and yards it. That's our. That's just used a much bigger running game now imagine an area of legitimate right they ripped the ball as much as they threw which was the doom that always 5050 teeny apparently. I can I can tell you committee quarterbacks were better than than bored holes yeah but. I can't tell you who's available to Jacksonville and obviously you know Brady and and routers all those guys are better but an out of that Russell Wilson's that are available to Kirk cousins who's available its cousins a big time upgrade over portals. I I don't so yeah. I think he has. But then maybe David element they feel like they got enough good out of him this year and they can make him improve on that the data they get among other receiver that can help on. The defense is great defense got a bunch of young guys do you think they would be Barack. Well we've seen these teams look really good for a year or two and then they just they disappear. But I don't think he'll be disappearing at their direction now and they it's like. Where it would Gus Bradley was air's head coach and mr. Caldwell. As a general manager. Like you were making tactics and they did work was about to kind of half a pathetic. You are drafting some guys. Who are not be pretty good and Blackmon and there's been an up bunch of money. Introduced a bunch of money freeagent theater turnout form or not well formed. So lucky to have staying power by the way you mentioned that. Richard Louie de Jason that would got to get this now these names come up and editors clip about how Danny Amendola you know we could do no wrong here Abdullah. Well Jacksonville. Blue gaze makers like him a bill. Me with a list of things that you guys maybe didn't see. Announcer we now understand almost his capacity and over and look alive yet. For Brazil called me pushed them so please give us. Settlement process. To. Specifically the most. And when you on you. One and one we're on the defend my teammates policy you know filming on TV you wanna Wear and and though McCain ahead but it did. Right after the whistle was blown right front. I'm just asking how I don't let them do sales list weightlessness we know that investigates the problem and they had hoodlum and light them. Come home man who knows that I remember seeing. I'm sure it's about a. It happened but I don't think they throw flags and those phones all time miles Jack after the James White touchdown which smacked right into the case. And I think tocchet was given yellow the official are now one that you that there should be a penalty in the palace in the took off for whatever else but. They display is still harping on the Gilmore played too which was just a play it was Kathleen Coke does does exactly how you're supposed to do. That we would've been proud of self study done a player that you brag about that. Yeah I can understand him being upset about the pass interference that yet because it was on him from the game changer of the big play game changing play. And he was in the middle of it and not a positive way so yeah I should be upset about it but it's not I think it made it up opposed passenger. Mike's in Rhode Island they might. Hey I have a sort of the call about Dave Jackson they'll have a piece there I was complaining. I think the big issue yet is there to say. First I think it's it's it's gonna that rap as being lucky because what you play games at that people watch so all he's. Get called for the PGA everybody Ecstasy was just quickly get to call nobody could have been quite got it great. Also. All of the external trauma so proposed by Jack. You don't pop star got legal ship. If it goes at now. Really cut our way yet to track record. Yet and the other one where it was sort or adult lives. Yeah. That was yet it sort come after the penalty you really complaining about two purses one. Does it a point every day it is ridiculous disable the penalty yards they had it in for the patriots will wolf three of what he's a great job going all rolled penalties and three at home that's all knew that had nothing to the patriots who activated all those penalties for growth of who you're going up against that was on you. And the other three. Again you you you watched the replay over and over again all three of those by Philip those were penalties have really. Not a lot of flags overall in the game of about seven flatter seven penalties that were accepted in the game that's. Lol that's a pretty low total anyway. 6177797937. We are about twenty minutes away from talking with the head coach of the New England Patriots Bill Belichick. Just after the top of the hour here on Sports Radio WEEI. Can't Brady. Don't pitch against Brady you're never out of it if so reason why they hit coach is arguably the greatest ever in any sports organization franchise. Though that's according to is up or hit coaching job. The defense according to is up with a hit coaching job. And older one day mr. Kraft is gonna be a hall of Famer. That's a reason for all of this you won't be surprised that they came back I'm more surprised that they even allowed to get to that point. That they had to come back. Beyond. What they're officiating. But they cheat. They need you need at least one guy to be pro patriot in the national media that does have value got a couple but Dion is certainly leading the charge out of pro patriot well like a lot of my roses definitely appropriate period that might do word and how does that to take her elderly Willie mcginnis but yeah right if you look at non former patriots as it didn't play here over the last twenty years that pick them to win the and compliment them more than they try to pick them apart it. It's those two guys. Where is Damien Woody. Right now that he's he's controversial he is he came down against Tom in the the play dates stop them from. Well that's that as I did internally if he wasn't here long enough. And you do retire what they want it and he did. They wanted to get one a couple of his 1000%. The objective is that yet now either so eyes and yet he I think concede they gave me the biggest contract he ever had maybe. But the line Detroit yeah well resigning with the jets are pretty good they probably did idea. So it's a terrible I don't know particularly. Along out later reversed on here it's the guys too while much isn't that Willie. Yeah I don't know. If you're here long enough. Deputy you know they gave you some of these guys identify with. With the patriots than others just. Just hate it hate it. They look like they're still play doesn't blow your mind yet well you know why it developed that against Brady. Think they all still united and Belcher that's the frustrating thing Tom Brady just him getting that Lamar Hunt trophy yesterday. So he gets that drove me hold it up Hayward chips and Drew Bledsoe was behind him. Okay. You're the fourth quarterback this guy was first when you can infinitely. Now you're the greatest player of all time and he's. Well until retirement aria and doing very well if the wind blown yet he's a great. Only so these guys yet Ryan Clark you played well ahead of you play gotcha brand value retired. On TV. Talking about them. He's still going strong you look at like that the money is alcoholic he's not close to join you and the this Charles. What's and hassle back him Randy Moss like all these guys that are ill with the union Tomlinson who unfurl run into the Super Bowl and all these guys. That's other so it's a pitcher today. It's hard to remove yourself from plaintiff literally the guy who beat you in a quarter with a coach that be so many times stood in the way have you. Playing in the super well that's the thing. If that's important to you that's on guys what's important than it does make the most money can't I don't care about. No winning super balls all the stuff they have it be nice of a glimpse of ball but as I get paid. But let's say you want to be remembered for for greatness. On you can you can make the hall of fame but these guys hoarding all of the Super Bowl appearance. AFC. Your AFC guy like LaDainian Tomlinson was voted on enough never made it to Super Bowl. Tom Brady got away a lot that you beat a one time legacy blocker I think for like a blocker Georgian. George came up with that when our callers. Tom Brady an Bill Belichick are legacy block and they're. And you needed to contain it doesn't look like to stop the coverage of the club owner. These guys are right it goes nowhere else that article I got to keep apparently this is the last game this was the Laporte masks that's right now what legacy block I did so the cliff doesn't start for a three weeks. Have been if it starts before the game against the Eagles that state we're in deep that's really too bad. I'll tell you doesn't believe it is just good publicity. Is good publicity TV. I would have you believe till one time yeah and it is like Arnold now just dug that out how this is that did you talk to about changing that opinion public talk talk to about I talked to over violent thoughts or on the station. People it's Charlie sooner or maybe he'll he'll jogs. I'll get them from there aren't as Giacomo good judge you told me it nor did it for many days. Our Bob Richards and Rhode Island and rich. I don't that's going on. But that's why don't all the you know the patriot haters are always so called against you know there's other agencies are given to the pats. You know last night and I was game again on the list right after the touchdown. Actually they get out and fourteen. Not only did he get thrown down in front of robberies was like yeah yeah our games well you're right. The other boat down reaffirm the referee. Our big turnaround shortly to do the replay. When he gets miles jacks actually does the apple cart and punish them utterly decision are sort of compact and so to look that up. Yeah actually I pledged in the days. And there was still no call the referees Kerry there walker and get the ball. Yeah I remember that wanna that's why it's our replenish aged boy they sound from earlier he was mad that didian and dole apparently had but it gives him which I don't remember but sure maybe it happened but those kind of plays after the whistle. Seem to go on all the time that you the other do your best the flag all home or 1111 go and that's what they did there did you see an upper. I saw Jack hit I have yet it lifted it's arm. I don't think it was like Katie you know I might not like him an entirely by Britain they make contact them Orion type of thing. And I think they probably let that one go because it's a he was already in the end zone but it did get my attention so you don't. James lights in the end zone that could have been applied valujet so we wrap them up because it all look at a guy wasn't I didn't know the line one then it took him now for. So we knew exactly where it was but you know patriots haters are are everywhere. They are everywhere now all. And it does keep on coming down on other assemble a Minneapolis. And have more. Alex it's going to be the world and after Eddie and rusty to reduce the haters ball. There Minneapolis Minneapolis to a mini mall America would be the actual best spot for it and yeah I think it's happening whether we throw it. That's deploy my let out in front of us. Roger biggest insurers charge that was what was Shannon Sharpe he's he's one of them haters that the I don't know I don't know how much in and I can connect in that area either the front table what you have to say. Tom Brady is historically he's transcended great off what is not good of that that's not good enough story. See him being bored is not a good enough you don't know what that's true it's not good enough. There there's always got to be something wrong will the defense folly to. Yeah and Stephon Gilmore finally made applied but what if you don't have number twelve you got to win this game no you're not gonna wind but it didn't have tumbled back to little more. More importantly though when the dead and no matter how great Tom radio I'm saying the story line just can't beat. Tom Brady played great Tom Brady play integrating your and you're eighteen at 840. And the head at any point attack that not good enough for you you wanna add more used to the store for Iraq now and he played well I don't. He and Kenny did it again but I. It won't acknowledge it you won't embrace it you won't credit it he's idol gets less credit than any quarterback ultimately are never. He deserve the credit. He played well that part of eighteen broke. The role that he made Evan doll and they're the big time throw that in May and I'm not quite eons yup we get weak they couldn't see it he had been injured Kenny. NFL injury report does not require you be specific. If fate will explain it. They based handbag that right now you would everybody reportedly is blowing and we knew that yeah we know that you. As the Boston Globe report. Yeah but that's sources inside the teen track where they write. Me. You know big disappointment at the point of the Super Bowl favorite injures his throwing hand on Wednesday home. Huge story big deal at the end of this not brought me it is the big deal at the edge of any part of his body into Barack Laporte. They didn't report her own in a memo not required to be the fifth pick. What so you do the patriots did too much on the Internet I've never heard outline that's brand new he was trying to say how would not redeemed forty isn't the story but then he won all they wanted about how they were two specific days that right handed. The payroll I think that will report on. Scoop shouted you're a morning show he adult content is important. Here's breaking news four. Yeah. How are they know that I don't know that. That putt right hand I does that not I am. No idea even tell you this guy at this point is Floyd Floyd I don't eight yards for his point is the guys who just trying to build up Tom Brady so you you you. Put out there that is right it is throwing hand is injured so when he goes out. And has game like this you can just had an election. Well I wouldn't have seen the black by a golf ball and solid and it fresh gifts since then as Xena but then have to say that they've got to wait until you barely missed a practice so he needs to be on the injury report on the injury report with a hand Scioscia and the set that. Over the next two weeks we may talk about Tom Brady being forty and how that's a pretty big deal that's a big story you've ever seen up for the Super Bowl. But he would want rather talk about Jacksonville well what's in store what you can for. But that's true it's open it up something else you ask you got to put your heads together cobble something else marketed out. What how do we know it was a right handed or what ever go like well how about the fact that they set it on the injury report leaked it but yeah I think it'd have to ask okay but they did so his issue is I don't know so bitterly hand. Imagine that so you did you give and at the end you can build up Tom Brady. Write this China build them up in just try to create more more more more layers. God is all roses are like cars are what Bart Scott last week about how we have built the excuses so he plays well thought my god he overcame this that if you play as poorly out. Ditto stitches. Listen the insurance investigators who commands say take a look at this on purpose. Of the candidate. Market governor governor routed to go ahead. About column. He's bleeding. When they handed Burke hit the ball that little late and around the whatever that they handed it to Burke has oh is that want to run now they don't and that didn't out of there might been the play they were practicing it it definitely loves. Whose early in the game they threw one pass deep and handed the burden it's not glamorous all right also offered not one. And zoomed in on the telecast to the zoomed in on him hand involved work as much as bomb it handed to them right hand that probably was exactly that same line. He hit it right through his nose thumb kind of got it a little bit and in upper depict Hitler fodder to employ. See that's like that's like the batter who just can't hit the at bat before. You know Stepan right back into the batter's box again. You gotta get in there are not be back in and I had a better what the bucket right to have Brady was still on I Johnson East Boston hey John I don't. I'd. Hate to contribute early press conference. Pretty interest yesterday once everyone was kind of interesting is that you actually talked about it injury. Are. That's right yeah yeah well I was on the he went into even more depth today with that perking Callahan. All Arafat saying that probably speaks to the the short term nature of the injury in the back at it it's going to be fine but here's something according to radar are. The order in which he bagged. The medical staff and then Alex it's yeah it was totally intentional. He thanked between the spurs. The medical staff I'd date and that Alex. If you bank Alex for her. We be talking about that it would ruin. That's right we would probably. Guilty. But what does that mean the but Saudi debates that their rebellion stuff.