DHK - Keefer Madness - Sideline Madness Edition 09-12-17

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, September 12th

We close out this Tuesday with another edition of the madness.


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Bird. She's very bad this gets ready to keep her madness. Not that one up from rookie tremendously easier talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff gonna be like reefer madness who's going to be in a room no moment in the nothing I hate hate. Richie can. Got strictly just Baghdad Iraq and I don't think this is one of the strongest segments. A if there's I'm not gonna go down and I hate to eat backward after everything here he lived through. So we kept them. I do listen general managers just traps. CEO of Fargo caused her narration. They just serve this notable. Talk well. Third no Tuesday Kiefer madness in this one as inspired by an advance Sergio dip who made his. I watch or Monday Night Football debut going to be suspended just because we said it would be good or name that doesn't mean he's give 100 suspended their keep or move. I've never on the Sergio that. Sorry I called it brutal hot lie I think I remember the root out there you know I haven't lived dad and you've done with Sergio dipped so we're not gonna relive all of that but we do I if I happier or more time for those years of this surge of dip last night there on the Broncos chargers game this was his first and only report. From the sidelines as such. You get it. Back it looked at the that you guys here on the view of remote to love just watching. Coach van filled the from here. Watson now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defensive back in the NFL. There the crowd was an effect on Mac and I hear once again out of alien is not the state you know it let's solicit. Wrap. Rap rap on Saturday here on the iron out. Back back to back that I've talked. Back. I saw this is gonna be some of the great moments in flat line reporting. Let's go first to Milwaukee Brewers. Sideline reporter. From a from a couple of years ago. Mike Myers helping to enjoy some of the same defense that mark Ellis Island last night givers came up with a hand yeah. Definite notable how she got to the ball how well yeah yeah hawkish I don't. Well yes. Where he sticks it actually it hit the bottom of the microphone I'm not run Mike out of her and Jews really startled microphone feuds that she's that good like almost like like. Third base first base area off and then they they sit there that she's minding your business to on the report. But she continues. Rivers came up with a handful of great. Yeah the girl came up with a handful offensive plays and. An impressive at all by the way a ball to zip over here whether it was turning Sophia. Men are. Men and she's ready for national I'm telling you that's aggressive you that if you remember really thick. You know beat northwestern Baghdad you're ready more regional she pulled it back together really did she picked up the microphone still on her finger. Yes we just destroyed. Now the that came up with a handful of defensive play then yeah. AT&T Tampa today we are asking fans went to Bruins defensive play but most importantly. Company and their jobs the microphone and continues with the well there are you excited to announce that defense is playing a little bit and all I I don't know I'm I. They're now. I'm impressed opera and the of the unconventional my drop right there that was not a good look at war amid reports yeah there's going for all of Panama all of virtues to a game for the Ohio State cowboys on the field happen to be very close to be school march and they always it wasn't for screech ought to adopt the high way to lay out offensively may got intentionally is not a not her plan. He's got that. Everything important. But the track pad the Packers proven. It's boosted by a faster yes -- right. A wide right there were probably all right after it was a the Packers game against Ohio State's marching and play. Pre game considering those which which they thought they were probably in the exact spot they were supposed to be and she probably was too damn close dead it's not simply some producer is if that was what would you rate the middle of march line. Really cool and it's walk right and it sounds like that. Yeah I got a tough stuff like that up today tire and they especially our hearts with them this you know being in the moment. This course might be the greatest moment in sideline reporting not because of an error that the silent reporter made it to because of the nature you know. All the time great did quarterbacks donated and Chad Pennington. What impresses you about CNN. I believe everything that anyone else who wants. Bad day. Impresses me Hussein being imprisoned them he's a quality Clancy quarterback. That hasn't touched on the football he's not a thrower he's a pastor. I will say one thing. It is to. Way they sit around and back to you guys that all you right dissent right now yes you should have dressed like that. Out this sort of worry that is now irritated. This guys either having a medical emergency or use waste rock it's gotten infidels bills and this thing went on for one minute and fifteen in a while and yet you. Prince's main thing. Or out here believe it to be fair his breath always smells like you that it. That's part of. He's a quality Clancy quarterback. Then as it touched on the football he's not a thrower he's a pastor. His mind is ahead in what the defense is. And it could get in support him they will win campaign. Pollack in the Clinton back now how good how I don't know the ball in play that well you're right this is going on like now if the jets can support her music yeah they did when it incidents. And often there are a bottle there a political back you know. I'd be playing with fire there to win the championship it blew the fire all right could play dollars and did you without him. It's been an autopsy. Yeah yeah do it now in the team's struggling. Well. Word of why did big as we. We've heard that part of it so much you'll gonna play that you forget that he was on for thirty seconds and actually answer the question. It starts lowering your seat but he semi coherent thought he was doing about that yet I did I didn't hit honored to about the 42 mark. The first thirty seconds were all about the points here but the quarterback's throwing around hey. I couldn't care less about that teams to rapidly. The adrenaline at an ROL. Apply and lose as it would be wearing a helmet. Insular and answer right is David it was. He was aware not dissimilar. Yeah that's right is that I don't buy and amendments in the smaller if I'll do about Chad Pennington as the day it is mine is not really ahead of the defense what's up with me yeah yeah. But it's different case. That's one in 1960 that it doesn't happen to get it out what I'm trying to win tonight what exactly what he's done that it was a pretty good after the. I couldn't care less about the team's drive doing. Yeah. Look at that next season. Make. Noise now and this case you. Thought I had it I know they could win the championship. For the next season against these movies. Case you thanks don't. Yeah. And I don't. Think. I. Don't think it four bit yeah him. Finally object I thought was right now real issues that don't see why did you know this is with that were training really there. They. Don't name it is. That no stop that. Hey thanks joke by. Well yeah god yeah got to point that you really yeah I got back an hour but not broccoli and admitted yeah I remember seeing it live he seriously thought Wendy Davis drove him when this happened it was great not drawn it was incoherent out at some point should a producer. Have been saying we're out here okay Iraq and active ball ball goes about John. A winning hockey when your role quite cute they're great Charles Clinton doing a University of Michigan yeah okay. The fourth member of our group Charles Clinton Charles. Guys we got to debuted at home god. That sophomore defenseman. Andy made a nice that techno and got called a penalty bullet. And god but god I didn't know. Revising student body. And out psyche. That's very column. Program that's about it yeah that and now I we already know we got to regroup played Iran on the program remain in well I don't think he did there is tough a now somebody maybe. Monday Night Football like Sergio of this guy may have been actually my favorite Seidler or in the history of Vonage a football. That you don't want Eric Dickerson. Here's Eric Dickerson. My main. Let's. Identical that's. Got that ball. It definitely. But the tip big. With the update for you now we're about that. Don't always got to do a three point oh Q. I feel that occurred. Tracy Morgan and now. Now hosts went into the wanted to football field all the time on that favors ouster maybe you're Nickerson was so badly so that they're the worst of it is they now from Internet well pack adult there. Aren't the ago that I was a little nervous I'd love report I'd ever keep is up next week. They did did he can catch and he's keeping kitchen coming up next time. We're at Fenway Park I couldn't care less about big get to this drug. I couldn't care less about the team struggling anyway. See you tomorrow. But that's it opens up. If you.