DHK - Jimmy Garoppolo's durability plus Floyd Mayweather is a scumbag

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, June 15th

Hour #3 started with Patriots talk concerning Jimmy Garoppolo and transitioned into Floyd vs Conor talk, and how despicable a person Mayweather truly is... and yet celebs and athletes still suck up to him.


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Our number three dale a Hollywood hates Sports Radio WEEI this hour the program. Proxy by AT&T will continue to talk baseball it is you want to. As the afternoon rolls on I didn't wanna at least briefly discuss something because I heard. Landon and the guys in the mid day show talking about this yesterday or the day before I might have been yesterday. And they were talking about that Jimmy drop below and you were. Mentioning you know Mike GRD who is actually Jimmy rappel as adopted dad has you know talks glowingly of Jimmy drop low. I've been saying for. How many months now that I'm not even convinced they they drop blows the heir apparent. That they might think it's actually Jacoby percent out of this whole thing and I look at the way they treated Brusett last year. Really different from how they normally handle things like this and it made me wonder. Now that the OTAs the other day. And somebody. And it was still Perry from Comcast yes had video footage of grapple is out on the practice field with the radian percent. You see the trainer Jim Whelan come out with someone else there they talked to drop low for a few minutes they take him toward the sideline and he's done for the day. Jeff Howe writes about that date on the practice and talks about how was Brady's best day of of the you know the OTA's and mini camps you know the ball all over the place you know sixty to pass attempts or some then. And then. When he had breaks later Roxy was throwing more than you would normally because grapple is not there and I got two quarterbacks is that a three. When he did have a break he's doing planks over on the sidelines working on his conditioning and things like that. And it got me thinking about drop below and and I go back to that game four last year they thought Jimmy the problem was gonna apply. They didn't know until like two hours before kick off he wasn't gonna apply. And all of a sudden Jacoby percent who had a busted up farm so bad he needed surgery in the aftermath of playing in that game had to play quarterback did. Heroically under the circumstances. And I wondered whether grapple those that it is it either a an injury issue. Or perceived softness issue. It sucked it doesn't make sense. Does that thought he was soft there which rated adult and I should go Orioles dated moral Rodriguez should have if they thought that. So. What are they doing in and they've they've they they're trying to embarrass him once again that would make sense either because you try to trade him. We're trying to. At least even if you're not trying to trade him he try to make people think that. Hey if we have Tom Brady for another three or four years. Is a great option here backing about we don't have any problems with them at all you wouldn't want to announce to the entire NFL. Everything Jimmy drop below is there's little softness that we're gonna punish them front and everybody. I can't buy your gonna give my two year 24 million dollar extension by a way that that never came from them now it and I was like Reese has the right I didn't let it is but with the floated by the team or was it floated by an agent. I don't know I would argue it was float. Let it could be floated by an agent but does not drop Lowe's agent because I wouldn't make sense for him if you're an agent Yuri you try to do once again we talked of conflict of interest between. For deferred Don Yee who represents Jimmy drop below and Tom Brady. If your read if you're representing the patriots. That two year deal makes cents representing grapple you seek help now don't wanna hear about that you want. The most money at it and played John Deere lost our. So I hope that came from his agent. The very confusing situation judge though I I know it's just June and it's only OT gazans voluntary. You're gonna buy it and know how honest they I. Scenario a fire out on the field and head well that's that's not a good luck bad does not that they really did ever Michael they really thought he was soft. One trader for a first round pick all the report a must of us all those reports are wrong they were really offered what they were saying but if you were offered a first pick and more. How did not do that. Because so now you're gonna potentially after rely on is always easier this year are of Brady goes down you have drop below. But that our community deeply convinced that's great fighter do you think he can take you as far as party tent. I don't mean the whole idea here is everybody talks about you know following the leadership of Brady. And you have him out there doing planks. On the sideline right working on conditioning. While the put in my quotation fingers the backup quarterback is on a bike on the sidelines. And I looked over for him but come on man to do in this a hot out today at a dot org that's in our water would you walk around. You know you know Brady has taken advantage of some I went on. Man down man out of gonna do it after it put it on tape now a good Dick he came to compete with is out. Oh. My god catch Sebastien. I'll play defense reliably on right now guys the I think we're a little short here to personnel department of out of I don't know I don't know I think it actually. Perjury drop below competitor of course most of mar. Actually put more pressure on them the patriots have not called on the heir apparent. For those of you calling him heir apparent. Pressure that is on grapple apparently Tom. Most guys come into the league and they just wanna see it what they can do you had competed this level. And that's an achievement in their first touchdown pass that's an achievement and then. You know you win the starting job and he had to make the pro bull that's been achieved here the heir apparent to Tom Brady. While. Yeah it sort of threw touchdown pass. And it great source Tom Brady did it all the time he made a probe also Lott wrote about troubles hundreds of verbal warning. You have senate seat and all the regulars the path doesn't know are pretty good at I remember this about about the patriots and and the players have been saying you know. We don't take Taurus if you're hurt you don't travel or are are going my favorite ones are the runway. They made the club and in and but but if you're hurt you don't get travel it is they don't take Taurus. Percent has surgery on the thumb. Traveled with the team the rest of the year they don't put them on IR because they specifically wanted him to be able to play again at the end of the year. He was in uniform at the end of the year they treated him differently than anybody else I can remember right. And another and for what away and another upon there. Right you guys it's a haiku yeah lawyer you're almost there you don't you actually levels that it is a limerick. Can't take a hike on the bike I think that's. Yeah. There it is like if you're of the leader it would. I had a great one was that. All we're our own he thought I am now at I had a great round I don't remember it but it was really wanted to known. I'll talk about the former cavaliers back up blatt bald black. And as the greatest you know period. They're looking at it. Thank you events do you think the others who are you going pollen supposedly well I don't have a marks and get we get back made a lot of organic arts reports when he suit on for set. How much of it is. Knowledge basically like him but is that just being a young quarterback like if the roles were reversed. And drop below had the same injury as percent in the could have dropped low comeback. Would he also made the throw when he also on the same thing because. He's a young quarterback not as young but we want them around the team we want him you know it knows in the playbook we don't want him to have sort of a lost season that would data within Ingraham. Yes appointment and I don't know I don't know maybe I don't know either right I think maybe I vehemently that position. You know those are going to be the guys eventually got a lot harder and. Oh yeah this out to see how we're preparing in this situation you know does absorb everything that you care. So that the question is. Is is Jimmie or upload injury prone or is he soft. Where is he neither about it well just that I would say Ellen and Adam nobody injury not enough track record are you there yeah right I can't I can't columns off the tick on injury prone but man. It's a side of him and that bi coastal areas. You don't you don't wanna do that everybody else is out there. You know doing something I mean other guys who who were unable to practice for physical issues. They were in that they were in the bubble and working on conditioning stuff you know on and then they come back out for awhile. Cue the on their training for the toward projects title hunting yet at hand yet try to get them loosened up there. And and that's the that's that's the question for a guy who. Who is here. Is he here because they think he's great. And you'll replace Tom Brady or is he here because. Brady's forty and they just say we need somebody for insurance. Is he is he. It's a very reasonable insurance policy right now or the next great thing. If you think he's the next great thing. Are you know. Tune in Sunday morning at nine will cover that next great thing parred her. That's when GRD will be on next is he thinks he's the next hour I know he does the I think he really believes that an edit in a way he could be both because he's he's the insurance policy for this year and he's the next big thing AF. Brady and his career or Horry and his great play sooner than he thinks he well. There's anything that's the mindset of the above chicken looking at San Ari. Tom Brady is done a lot of things that a lot of players haven't done of summing things right. Can all the things he played the 42 people at 43 and at this level mab plays but Vinny Testaverde or everybody plays forever but. Can he be this good and he just coming off a monster season so I've I would have a very hard time betting against them. But if you already have that guy they have to like writing he's on the team they were you would have been dealt by now well. What are your yes well you gonna do what they said they'll all these rumors of this and they were offered that well what did and what they've worked. You know what have been wise what if the price tag that that ballot checked body was worth never got messed. And you know Belichick's like you know this is this is the price we're gonna pay for this players this is it and they don't mess with so go back to all. That for insurance of one year. What's the best offer they got. Even if it was two tubes are probably do it because it's our one year for back up and then you have to get. And to be silly scenarios where you might franchise them. And he's gonna make more money than Brady for season. Pretty back up make more money than him. Yeah and that that's another big one now as Jerry tang where he knows Chris Gasper wrote a great article. Don't cottage where are the prom although did but he but he didn't needed retain read it didn't need to say it felt like mad is they created. So I notice I notice as you don't know what it says because you didn't read it. So anyway this this great column by gastric caught up with Tom Brady senior. And this is just what we're talking about Brady senior brings a great point says. If they win the Super Bowl does he organization let him go. Last year he threw 28 touchdowns and two picks and and was arguably the league MVP you'll be forty this year. But if you play like you're 29 how does that go over. As he said in the past he's not too concerned with the right now he's just focusing on improving everyday and here's the best part for me. People say he's going to follow off what's falling off 35 to a 1006 interceptions. The bar's set pretty high upper hand so people are going to be scrutinizing everything in his. Game and if you think it I think that's terrific point from his dad and all it's daddy's bias. But really if Tom Brady slips. Is he allowed to slip and stay. How parties like yeah big parties can be slips and I think Tom Brady now he's no longer Tom Brady. He is. Matt Ryan had a great year this year it was different but I've got they got your your typical Ryan and a hell what and I know that's that's ball let's genetic test your I think though that password yes. Which is in the while attending laws and I know he's gone. Let's say content which you keep them if he's at that as quarterback Billy Dale tempest court ninety and yes yes and as an art because do you think topples a top ten core I don't. It's hard it's hard things they get got to. We're not I don't think it's up to know I'm with you earlier. It's hard it's a guy who's backing up right now back at quarterback and when. If he plays he'll be top ten quarterback certainly. I'll take the top ten especially that's tent they eased QB our debt and number ten quarterback in the league last year was Ben Roethlisberger. So if he plays like that you'd definitely keep arms especially because this is the team that's not the of the 06 patriots which is just so reliably it's better be Brady Brady better be the bestseller in the lead or were in trouble. They got a great defense right now they got great offensive weapons all around them and so. You can still win the Super Bowl the tenth best quarterback in the you can FedEx Cup is that growth this team can win the Super Bowl with I think the attract Dilfer tech quarterback. No that that's now to Martina you under the but now they are gonna take it to go to you OK. About Joseph Flacco. Well playoff Joseph Flacco as they could Joseph Flacco this your direct as he's an Agile playoff Flacco wiley and I think your regular season with a plaque there. For Joseph Flacco. -- nineteen in the league last year and QB Flacco has yet I don't know I would go that far this team this team to win the advocate well you also think that McGraw about Philip Berger I don't Philip Rivers was fourteenth in QB last left fielder now about the the cut off from levels below its level in every soda at the top half but it's still the most important position and I know they have a lot of great players on both sides by. This is lashes you lose rock. Now any story there. Until you think I love the kids Philip Rivers really loves him and try to get him and he's got 1778. Morton the Morton takes a human being. I'd be from Marty territory if you've got the resource yap and let the resort as this I think what I think it's embarrassing I think apparent thing of rivers it is different if it rivers knows all know the name of all the kids and stuff it. Yeah 77 others that's usually. Puts it at different guys I but he still don't know we are headed for fifteen idea I have fifteen kids. Back to the calls Evan is in Natick KM and I don't. Hey guys pentagon and as I have a bit of an on off theory on what might have been would drop on why they didn't trade him and they are equal and. Which it I think we might see him get treated me he's. On the every year teams are looking for quarterbacks after somebody built in the mid season. And every year Belichick makes some surprising move made seat in play quit our final piece together on the team to make some adjustment. Could get them really ready for the playoffs and I think he may have looked at it this hot seat and say yeah we can get a urged ground there. Well we really don't know what that is I'd rather wait seat and be able to have a tension situation. Of who I really don't need. These. Well it's that it's a decent point and and lord knows he has shown you know the ability to trade guys at by the trading deadline. My only issue with that Evan is are you selling yourself not you put out the patriot selling themselves. Short. By. Trading in the trading during the season. Where everybody has everybody knows that that flexibility. Inability quarterbacks don't really get traded this season and guys that are starting quarterbacks under traded sees it just trading for racquet at a piece. Who you're trading Jimmy drop below four. A piece Pekovic over the top or is that who is that what position is that. Pretty good quarterback that's they can most valuable asset. Most teams have. He probably not trading for recording you know not getting a quarterback in return is also a lot of player to player deal yes so. Then give your first round pick in the middle of the season. Now and then he has to pick up the offense mid season play for that team for eight games or wherever it is and then that he's a free agent. I don't yeah I don't I don't think I don't think our fire and I know that I know or the idea come out like I don't know I don't see I don't see that happen. 6177797937. Davidson Florida native it. What book so I might wanna locked my keys for the Volvo when I was going. He thought the Sox play in Hartford now. I gotta take it out on it's. And you I mean you see them you see them spraying the ball all over the you know even taken yet I mean. A little too much. Little too aggressive on base running I think David thrown out more than anybody in baseball like that 31 times that thing. What about an attendee with those stupid base running blunder that continues and they should be extra days. You mentioned that. You would sit back and reflect the fact that we're dad's been intending for two days. How you want in the guy getting like like you sort out firing at like four or something since this is. And brought to us and I don't live to our brother talked to him that sort of how to parent I don't go to bed soon. What are the. What's gonna capitalism down the road is come September or October early on when the critical games for a playoff so. Well all the Q and you don't make a read the same situation. And at a critical I know. I mean. You know I I probably says more about you or says more about me but I heard you make it a similar case the other night dark again like at twelve. 1512 thirdly we're all working and I got shot as bad a gallery of fine tuning it and I can't make a lot of you can I was listening you're talking shall we boat. Probably should do with something else has his work on top yeah. I don't bring the afternoon. I mean little change. In and John Oates. Brought that out McIlroy yeah the rest of the sad about the is that with the arc. As your other nickname form economy Mozilla's the other and our hearts are college I got like two or three of them. Demonic and a and that come in like the same slump yet but yet be on John got to play on Ferrell what was your play on Ferrell. On Jack he should and he says this change it up. For on this. Neat I feel like if you thought different facing the same stuff that's mine yet but within the same page. Down. And thank god. The Michael was lifted its triple a and Oklahoma I would have been happy to call amount that I been listening to fifteen. Arcade game wanna address that the audience and that's why does my Demetriou youngest ever sleep. Short. Of why I listened to those things like if I'm work in and drive home late at night but I just want them all. Nine. Mr. condoms it's blanket day. Salute. I. Itself lap six 77797937. You wait stop. Just a couple of minutes Sports Radio that. 617797937. This telephone. At 53797. Texas the code word but. With Tutsis. The 37937. Within the next ten minutes you'll be enter to win two passes. For the travelers championship June 19 through the 25 at TPC river highlands in Cromwell Connecticut. For more information go to travelers championship dot com message and data rates may apply. Text the code word putt. At 37937. Right now as we get back to the calls everybody across the country's been talking about one thing over the last 24 hours. That's Floyd money Mayweather against Connor McGregor August 26 in Las Vegas will be at the holly household. Does do well what we want a way fight at the holly household eyebrow and. Money well we'll have that little Fella yeah. Money. And we don't why don't work around you don't wanna bring money. Snacks sacks leader that's not just smacked ice cold drinks and tasty snacks. I mean but magistrates. Good stuff on the good that not bound to bring about chips neck on good boxer yeah. Hey our alcohol our Olympic city right if I. Other than Dana White I haven't seen anybody on the planet who suggests that. Our McGregor is gonna win yes I have seen is that there's a wrestling show which I used to listen to when I wasn't working this time today. Busted open wrestling and I'm serious sex them. They've already floated the theory. That this is in arrests in wrestling terms keep this is a work. And that they party discussed what the parameters of the rematch is going to be alone and and that you know I think they'll dismiss auto worked you. If Floyd loses it. Luckily if Floyd loses policy he'd have to lose the first one. To do re already win two or otherwise the only way you consider a rematch is if Floyd loses the first what's a really solid to play really though is gonna lose on purpose dark for a 175. More million donating don't know but in the 49 and now that I get a fifty you know so that's why I would say nugget does Manny Pacquiao at the end it anyway and you don't have why they'd -- what -- it and the reason he has that nickname it's because he really does and whether you like an -- For all of his fights he's continually setting records pay per view records of the money he's going to be their form and he knows it. But. Yeah I mean here here's what he is puts you to sleep since I was gonna say here's the strategy is here's the common narrative that I for the last 24 hours. This is going to suck. I'll watch but the build of going to be but I'll watch I'll watch it to the till it's going to be great convert Gregor is one of the best. Fight promoters. Maybe ever seen as a fighter but he knows what he's doing. Any can back it up like chill some it was a guy in the you have seen it did a great job promoting fights his fight of Anderson Silva. Here's a great fighter but congress even better respond three different weight classes in the USC. And used it he really took it by storm and he was a guy that. As sort of though the first or second wave even a popular MMA fighters who come on the way down car McGregor came on the scene and made it awesome again and you had to see is fights he talked it out he was a great villain care. Errors it's. It's not gonna love that can be mean but she's analyze these so it up and down maybe you can come back from that that I still it was. He's going to be a Jesus apparently and so he he was greatly if you went down to Brazil for a bird. It on promoting despite all the they'd despite for all the entire year every weary way you would just. Pulled the same shtick in people bought into it and he's easy great fighter so he's got all kinds them in the next two months leading up. Call out Floyd caught the Mayweather family it's going to be great but then I just fear or get to a and Mayweather just gonna get out of all of you know Galloway defend himself get score points and win by decision. Like every Mayweather. Up at Mayweather will even treat them and this is where the people betting on McGregor may have something I don't know I have deployed is gonna treat them like legitimate boxer he's. All these autos and a boxer but he has legitimate. I can't speak it out until Pletcher share he had and that's how ploy to get in trouble yet if he just says I just gotta know he's doing it I'm not gonna I'm not gonna waste my technique on them. I'm gonna try to embarrass them. Because you can't box until this is where Floyd if you if you say I know Floyd as an attack and now he's always playing defense. Maybe this is where you see something different because he's going up going against a guy who's not really a boxer. So we can afford to do some things differently to whether to knock amount yes. Has the knock the guy out in the last decade at a Lockheed moderate box and I don't he doesn't knock guys out generally but no it just aren't gonna knock out boxers. This as a fighter though we have fire present are as different. I mean I know is different and that's why sort of freak show or ever author Gary Blair is here it's Friday it's possible Mayweather could knock him out. I think McGregor could do something really don't because he's not a boxer. Yeah Big Ten and down right deadly day you know he's gonna get frustrated knees don't walk into line and now he's never been knocked out an enemy fight. Now I know the difference that they don't have. He's not facing boxers right right but he's also. Four ounce gloves they give a huge difference there between those ten ounces that he's going to be where it took a poll also holy cow these handy. None already heavy but there's there's more cushion there so when Floyd does that in Floyd's gonna Adam. And I am sure of surely hurdle I would never argued that by now punch with Floyd Mayweather no matter how big the boxing glove was but that's also a significant difference if he's taken shots before he's a good job of alluding guys he's a great standup fighter. But he's not inflate its just. It's not fair latest it is and we've talked about this fight live forever or David trying to build despite there's there all they could do an MMA fight. No Floyd who get destroyed you're doing boxing match and that's what they're doing. And McGregor I feel like he's just gonna get. Picked apart if they did something in between they might help out you know what he might also do some stupid but Greta just give himself the Q yeah and I would like world I don't know what's what's in between I would take walks when Libyan between because kick boxing you can't. Use jujitsu you can't go to the ground. But you can kick in yet the blocked kicks in I would be a little bit more and and Connors thing also got estimate Wednesday that still mourn his his advantage advantage Connor. But it is that all on the feet because that's the big air get I imagine it's just about when James Toney how to UFC fight Israeli could tore at the garden. That's all he had was that Altima it was a punters chance but as soon as the fight went to the ground that was kind of noticed on down there and when woody he's but he got killed him and because destroyed as a terrible terrible fight you knew what was gonna happen. But if Brady could tore fought and any straight boxing match in the same thing have been terrible so you you guys think this goes. The distance no I think it does I I don't I can't think Floyd is just so used to that and he's got have another decision Victor. That's my feeling. It's like a I don't know about that Floyd knocks them via Connor McGregor is in great physical condition obvious yes yeah but he's never had to face 103 minute rounds before. No the most she's that is 55 minute rounds. And repeated talk about which is more taxing me again the same I don't know you go to the ground out and fight on and around weather around the long round acts. That's out I think he gets knocked out the public in the McGregor knows that this. And that's a victory make it five made a five rounds against one of the greatest boxers of all time. And as well you know also the Victor will be a hundred million dollars or whatever he's going to be making in this fight. Supposedly he gets a hundred but Floyd gets a 175. Or something. Yeah. Not surprised that lord but have you had Hitler was right. There floor any thing to get back to make of some of these gambling losses how to handle a lot of tweets up to the winner of the industry now elect thanks Celtics that you have like whatever like the wind is an exit and his private plane that is. Catholic action. Money Mayweather who's gonna great and integrates by the way eight despicable human. He has met that he thought he is a despicable human being and the fact that Tom Brady even allows himself to be associated with him is an embarrassment for breaking my own well it's an embarrassment for a lot of guys if you look at the lay out any estimate for example I can't promise Brady asks Brady Affleck. Yeah offer well yes Rollins Robert. Was it easy for her judgement so they are judgment all right well we are talking about a serial woman beater. Record. Have been. Like that if what if it. A site serial woman but you're saying they should be ashamed for having a French or put them yes it's our. Well so. Are you think they're endorsing domestic violence. Well they're endorsing or him. And and god knows he is guilty of domestic violence is any other wrap it. Every other athlete out there is somebody wanted publicly front of yeah I mean I I guess. You know if you look at look at a lot of people and their friends the it's it's tough enough to be responsible for yourself but then you go into. While he's friends with that guy and that guy did that he's on our Jessica Brady's. Is responsible for what he does. He's responsible for who we associates also one thing if you're like lifelong friends in the middle of a man he's really made some mistakes in his life I'm gonna stick with them or of the sort of jumped on here since we've both been famous. A little bit different notes that. The other problem I have this is once they really start bowl talking. McGregor is gonna come across as they heal the bad guy bill and he shouldn't be. But he should be another guy he'll to meet dean thought you know they're gonna write off politics whereas. Floyd Mayweather because can't be a face he can and he shouldn't be but he's got a deal to keep up win Macgregor when they talk when they ever get face to face McGregor is gonna make Floyd look like an idiot but he he already have like that big a -- he had to have fifty cent record producer was like. Hey if you can read Harry Potter book I'll give you whatever and a million dollars. So floods not bright is as one of my point is McGregor is and it's gonna it's gonna look bad but then people. Who don't look in the Mayweather is passed they're gonna kind of sympathize with him I think. And there's no my god this guy looks more like a bully. But really the role should be reversed yeah. Think he was already lost the Nate Diaz but yeah I get the point there he is a carnival barker of the but the he's great he's great out on these awesome 6177797937. Right back to the call stale in Hollywood keep Sports Radio W. Well that yeah. All right. All right. You chose not to address to the crowd. What grouping Guerrero said what was your reaction to his tirade. William I think it's coming up odor overload lyzard. You know if I did do a crime. But if I get elected to a crime most of the time. And is about being class you know you know I was while we know we're young but I'm not older now a lot wiser. Here now. I'm sure he has type I did or I didn't. I didn't. The F thing. If you did I back to the call 6177797937. Chosen western HI don't. Gentlemen I don't that I don't jump. Let's end is no 811. Not out it's not gonna happen you know but not at not anybody else. Quite. Let me get a big guy 170. Eight I don't. She speaks yet you're I'll walk you check to bailout they don't sleep. No doubt. Yeah I don't doubt that but I don't know does that test Mayweather I think it's going to be a classic Mayweather fight I'm with the I don't I don't think specially now that was he forty years olds I just don't see him knocking out McGregor McGregor has been hit hard. Bought sounds in his career. Although he does a pretty good double alluding David as well but he has he's he's never been knocked out and MMA fight combined with a Mayweather just not knocking guys out. BA go back to. 2011 Detroit this last not a problem here and and and the difference here is we're playing Floyd Mayweather. We are out playing kind of McGregor is one that's I don't Connor McGregor is game Floyd Mayweather would have zero chance Iraq. Not but I don't imagine McGregor has zero chance here to be fairly good but that doesn't mean knock out rather that means it could aid twelve rounds of him just getting kind of picked apart and into you know dodge in. Big you know could McGregor. All of those those in play is going to be but you'd think he'd be early on swinging for the fences because that might be his best chance. And then once he kind of runs out of gas a little bit Mayweather can discounted dance around hauled them and it's going to be countless news for the final six rounds and he wins by decision. I'd chosen Providence page are you. There has ordered the worked on murdering her dislike this stop for a long time. It's kind of comical though the play interviewed him here in Alaska has made me laugh a much later age the box and global advantage. And this flight will last literally. As long as loyal watcher collapsed exploit wants to kicking low in the first round. He will teach you call no problem whatsoever why do. Because you'll hit it at that pretty contributed knocked out world class boxes. That could mean you're not gonna not. Regret it literally. The level of a knock this immature can you with a new gold and opened. Well I'll go oh look at Providence right now and Al Tariq I didn't destroy him in a boxing match I saw the guys are on YouTube. I write you every bar with some good guides. If you really watching you know box and. I got my attention. Eight spiritual aura or animal and Greg lunch menu. And I'm not auto all get a look at what it'll it'll its which you'll. The judge your obvious it boxing day which is fine but you think Floyd Mayweather has power. It I know cholera used to box. Or I am her I remember that every reason that being in the calls well yeah. So Huckabee doesn't show it probably doesn't show just because it's going up against other boxers. The footnote whether it's a great boxer but I don't I don't look at him is that this guy you'll knock down. Under pressure not command. Good science Russia that's good science. Should employ or watch on the check in now in my very easily. Very very. Missed. Well I agree with that first part he'll make a miss for sure I don't know fuel I don't know if the amount amount I don't know I dug under W. Your annual I was you Calder. That we could go to decide under what I mean Floyd Mayweather has knocked out 26 guys. Ever ago but he but he it in we make it sound like he never lacked knock anybody out is not any more that's my boy that's always fighting now is for and forty year old Floyd Mayweather. It knocking guys out for six or seven years how does McGregor. Twenties. When he moved. It hurts a little scary all it's my area was carefully Michael McCall pickles. I've sent a little surprise then it's on me he was only like plus 400. McGregor McGregor is about plus 400 from bravado when I got earlier today and crazy it should do it's he had a bigger honored he's plus 400 Mayweather is minus 600. I would think the odds of even more drastic because that they've probably will be by August 26 April although you know the enemy fans and I include myself in that group pretty crazy and they may put a lot of money on McGregor and the agency to cover themselves because they get it would really does that it puncher chance. So if he wins and it's plus the thousand or ever would probably should be and he wins and they're gonna be all a lot of money. He wins where does this Rankin and terms upsets. Right up there is this is his younger than buster Buster Douglas knocking out Tyson poet as if this is rocky thunder lips level I would think so. I gotta be bit he's bought both spoke of the father you've got a guy who's 49 you know. Being taken out by by someone who doesn't eat who's not even in his sport. Give his first professional boxing match is going to be against Floyd name. MM stand losing of your Mayweather you lose that guy your first loss as the economy Gregor. That's in jets that that would be the Vickers Johnson boxing at Johns up in Maine hey John I don't. Added why don't you guys you know I'd be Mike Tyson I doubt streak ties yeah there's an outline tough game in the I know a lot about box and it's gonna. I tell you why you know I think that think that it can't McGregor get knocked out I mean right. That's just not an eleven gave these values that I can't throughout earnings and you know immediate McGregor. Spent a little bit like time or cap or what I don't think Pacquiao again I I watched that by news. There's this week where. He didn't he didn't close the gap and not to make a play interest in the I think McGregor. As a party can't and you got to backers can actually result in getting knocked out younger stronger. And Pontiac and I've got locked in fight. Seal an editor and I probably will it's like yeah. Sound. No punches in their own. That at all you know we need. Been talking about this before we need some video games here. It would create a gamer the unit bring an enhanced classic patsy Robertson punch out now what's your thoughts view of corporate. And today use the you know denied as the corporate lingo to energy tax or don't we know you know I don't I think and he got to speak in the eighty doesn't always tell the truth you know that I don't know who has been and it's Rogers and got us. At the bit was I when these line. So that's sort of defeats the purpose. That's if I regular way like you dale. I ally but I I think that corporate lingo and say you know workplace and you know morale and all that and as you rightly now we already have one here hooked up to a tee. We're gonna hear yesterday where both that you could you just Jack Horner it's a world wide open it it sales. That's for them well you take Adrian here. The video at the press room. One of Foster here more for perfect. What have lost their environment and inclusion joke knows it's tournament and they look absolutely beautiful match I'll. But it but it does centrally located place where senators kind of bridge the gap between sales and on there be very mr. Libby our departmental program in the Michael. Actors get bigger but I. Program thanks. The vote you guys go the other room and I'll feel it appropriate this thing. Six foot 77797937. I expected to call you final drive coming up at 545 thereabouts. We get them punching people out Sports Radio WE yet.