DHK - Jamie Clark, Rite Window 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Jamie Clark of Rite Window joins Dale, Holley and Rich Keefe on day two of the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon.


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We're very happy now to be joined by one of our presenting sponsors for this event the good folks at no risk painting Timmy Clark is in the house Jamie how are you. Ultimately that's very we felt that. Might it not your fault we could have written about merit thank you very much we we mention about the the matching. Gift program that you guys put up. Matching all gets this hour up to 5000 dollars we sincerely appreciate no risk taking now absolutely and I'm so happy to be here you'll think you guys offer him the opportunity. And Jamie you're here. And a lot of people so you re talking about no restraining the longest origin you're doing about it other persistent and got a little appetite. That let you know on that story. They don't they would know. Your story now used to be it basketball. Active part of years yeah well coached little ball out you know and also you are cancer survivors so want to tell people. Yeah I was I was in my senior year that in college down the deaths don't know college. I I kept having back teens and that was the finding myself sleeping lot longer it would and I just didn't feel right night. But it going into the doctors may just you know I'm 22 year old didn't reasonably good shape plea deal is nothing wrong it's week to act he had done something. We got to a point where I really couldn't move my left arm I was in just a lot of pain and that finally does it look like I drove myself back home. That's a look at there's something wrong I need to have some tests made out of that point that I had a non hodgkin's lymphoma that at that it had spread into my spinal column. I so they they got me quick and tonight I'm solstice also thankful not sitting here today that. For the doctor support the nurses that are out there that are there on the nurses the unsung heroes out there. Definitely and most of you know they are as important for me was support from friends and family. I'm I'm very very last like to meet you hear so many stories in here. I honestly think it affects the families as much if not more than it does the person actually don't rule. Council daily focus on just you only contributed to my treatments but they're the ones having to live with it you know to attack indeed Aaron you know it changes their life. How long did it take you to to get through the process and here. What you need to hear hey you're all claim you're cancer free oil close are you to your 22 and. Found out into and I I'll never forget you know III hear money out my main docket and had to compare her to me at culmination my grandmother his own party. She she walks in and she looks you square in the eye she's a look at the defeat that means we're gonna beat this and I you know likely 22. You know your you think your principles leads to cancer out whatever its you know. Idiot terrible summer but I'll get through it night and really don't grasp the gravity of the but she was awesome on everyone at the hospitals awesome. And you know it is itself we went through that for roughly a year Dominique is about a five year period. Before they call you cheered so you know we're still going into you know regular check ups to the five year mark in the pre show my mother in eagle next year after that that. You know I didn't knock on wood didn't insult lesson to be healthy some sense. All we really appreciate no restraining being involved with this your very generous matching gift last hour thank you so much in him and happy to hear your so Torre worked counsel Alan. Thanks again yet thank you very much. Good to see thanks Terry Clark no risk meaning joining us.