DHK - How far disconnected is LeBron from “the everyman?” The Philly fan who ran into the poll and train gets his 15 minutes of fame.

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, January 23rd

Hour 4: Keefe & Holley discuss how Isaiah Thomas has not been a good fit on the Cavaliers, and how the Cavs are falling apart. Should the Cavs trade him? Isaiah Thomas could be on the move in Cleveland as Gordon Hayward is getting healthier.LeBron writes a letter to his high school self. Keefer Madness view on the Eagles fan who got leveled by a pole.


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Yeah. For the final hour dale Hollywood keep dale off to the garden ruins at home tonight taking on the New Jersey Devils three at for the next hour here's tortured or WEEI. LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers couldn't wait on travel. Certain way for this one their amassed and you know what they are math. I don't blame. I don't even playing you like Ali LeBron out in the super fan yes. He's there's a lot here to cover would beat him love the art not the artist that's had and I thought that high speed that Kevin Love. The senator of some of this there's a lot going on by the way the cavaliers. I've been amassed recently they're still in third place in the Eastern Conference. Six games back of the Celtics are league game up on the heat for the fourth spot in two games up on Washington from the fifth spot. So the cavaliers certainly our media a strong home court from a position right now Isiah Thomas is in back for a little while the solid it's going very well. It really doesn't salad has gone very well what do you think that's about as it about. Isiah Thomas it took. Campbell longer to get back in the anticipated. And those large went back there working and back into the rotation is and his attitude isms. Defensive liabilities because they did get better offensively when Isaiah return. In theory offensively yes yes he had some bad stretches or. He's a little better last couple games but it offensively didn't you have to know you weren't that you categorize it works. Now O'Brien went Horst who is. That's what it described Bryan little or rod biographer. Very nice way as announcement of this round runoff yeah a punching bag through everybody knows that later time. Some pretty sweet meet today to look at the LeBron insert Graham post congratulating himself. And they're saying he LeBron effort LeBron can gradually get because he must've forgot to do that on as dummy account AK Brian would horse we have thought about all so what nor slow a couple of shows including the jump where he was talking with some of the issues with the cavaliers. I can tell you this it's going very poorly with Isaiah defense right now there's a lot of frustration with in the team. Because he's a guy who shoots the ball a lot he holds the ball alive and when he's averaging thirty points and shooting 45% from the field to his last year for the Celtics and wasn't playing alongside. Future hall of Famer Hank. Things went well right now there's a lot of frustration of the way I say his plan. And I wonder even now with so early in terms of his return from injury as you mentioned deadlines coming up I wonder if the cavs would consider moving Isaiah and what they put the puck a call into the to the hornet's. To see if they can figure out if they can get a camel. I mean I. Pat and Michael Jordan's brief aside communal hatred Kemba Walker for another all star. I am not and also this year a lot are also are a year ago. He shoots too much now I thought I was maybe a little too aggressive. When Isaiah traded to Cleveland I said the king of the fourth now dead can afford has been be headed right because he's not gonna be to god and I don't want him to shoot a lot in the corner win horse that's the biggest issue. What I don't understand why this is a surprise or what is it must do more to the story. I can't imagine that Isiah Thomas is going into game saying I'm the primary option right. He can't but what makes him good was when he was the primary option in the last two and a half seasons he was the primary option and and he forged in the do you get the ball. Not just in the fourth or today Tammy wanted the offense almost. As for the Celtics last year had to run to him in there wasn't him where else you're gonna get points Thursday and they're saying is that code triple. All I think what makes him the best is when he is the guys and I was not the guy. Yeah but he's a guy I think he knew that the day. The day he found out into the he's rated these Oscar for the cavaliers. Come up. Your big charge of the cavaliers LeBron James is not part of the trades are your teammate of LeBron and Kevin Love. Some kids that you might be the third option I'll go second of a second option probably all of seven let's nice she heard it really did you. Now there are far above Kevin Love this city Baghdad a game to view sickening missed practice so yesterday there rallies and anger by the way. Misplaced anger as well absorbed about their problem is going to be named an all star later on tonight is averaging like nineteen. And nine. And now they're all fired up at him there ups and Isaiah. That they could trade Isaiah where yet another book of Isaiah. This poor guy I don't think he can take him another trade but it is never not not even get there largely leave like he loved Boston and you know. Items the city never embrace them die IQ I can't imagine that we have more from when a horse he was on the sixth right Andy is on the sixth later on of this talk more about the counts. It's going very poorly with Isaiah cancer for a lot of frustration within this team. Because he's a guy who shoots Ramallah he holds the ball a lot and when he's averaging thirty points and shooting 45% from the fumes did last year for the Celtics and wasn't playing alongside. Future hall of famers and things went well see now that is a lot of frustration of the Wednesday as planned. And I wonder even now with flow or while. In terms of his return from pay as you mentioned that one's about I wonder if the caps would consider no way. Moving Isaiah and what they put out a call into the to the hornets this is the thing to figure out if they can get it got blown out. I would if promptly also that is cabs. Trumpets it. As the thing is we don't know that I've as I got our failures up I had should play guys during that moment ago ominous say this summit of the exact same information. But due to its residents promised the trade deadline coming up on a couple of week. I think they do so I think Darren desperate desperation mode they are and it was obvious him before we knew the story this woes bomb last night came out about all the stuff this team meeting geared attacking each other. We knew they were desperation mode we just look at the bronze in minutes. LeBron playing all those men are averaging 37 minutes he sort personally I think starter fortunately in minutes that counts the Minnesota. So to play the whole game and what he's thinking about the post season. As a manager down my leg six five or six minutes. I said and we know what he's thinking about our look at that look at that what you think about that not here though he's been hitting out of there I think about is next achievement accomplishment. Are at this is now we're now we do have would horse from the senate he's. Frustrating scene right now because he is a guy who has the ball in his hands. I'm okay about all of a lot and doesn't pass the ball much of him when he's shooting 45%. And thirty or not. All cars I bought out that your work right now he's really struggling. Getting on with teammates nerves especially him holding the ball and quite frankly you're right they are workflow on defense. What they're also worked on offense it might work in film the work he put the player he was before he got hurt he was scoring. Other accounts players will be complaining is much but right now amongst themselves internally in that locker room. Isiah Thomas have caught some frustration and that's a woman I won it in and have to evaluate as they decide on playing time going forward. When he says cavs players. What does it mean that LeBron just LeBron LeBron I think these other guys are complaining about Isiah Thomas these other guys that can't score at all these other guys that work. Of mass everybody else I love in the room Jae Crowder is complaining about Isiah I don't I'm guessing he's not do you think Dwayne way out into anyways right terrorize their way bags and will be like Kyle Korver and Jeff Green interest in Thomson. And Channing Frye or on a site that Thomas is really bugging me. You way to say it the Celtics have their own problems three straight losses losing and home to oral Orlando. Bad it really getting. Pushed around by Philadelphia. After that game Bret Stephens says we didn't play hard essentially would play hard enough right. So they got their own problems public to say the Celtics are better than the capital. Because I better write better now and I think this is different than last year that no last year you and I think Glenn and and others were saying hey this Celtics. Can give me they could be the caveat adapter onto issued the cavs weren't going through issues last year. They didn't finish with the best record. But just something about having the broad inquiry and knowing that that had worked previously like that those two imam like I had worked. Not perfect and I can win 6570. Games the regular season but you knew they can work together wears when you look at this roster. Isiah Thomas having a difficult time fitting in. So you basically swapped out carrier ring forgot that the bronze have a hard time playing would like and all your role players or another year older. There weren't much worse than there were last year and the Celtics are better there for the Celtics should win the conference if we Zell from the rooftop that's right. At each other over this trade we did. Me believe really it took a logical outburst at their I don't want yeah that the shock of the dates you that date three Nestor that it often went off. Yeah. Aren't. Do you love it you need to turn it got us. I gotta say. I love. You love for the and other I was wrong yes I was rocket that could have been more wrong on this one. Not only the Isiah Carey thinks I and it only question about Carey was not how good he was and I didn't recognize you right five. Now now literally got deleted team had no right right regime and he is is how I believe you and brilliantly but not a problem. When he hit that underrated part of the trade is they had at that point the top of the trade they had short ships. They have the Brooklyn picked. And they haven't really pick but we have the lakers right oil that we. And we're finally assert some different now. To pick which right now is the worst back. Right now they're closed the ball teams are bad. Brooklyn is eighteen and 29 the lakers are seventeen point I think though lakers I think Brooklyn has more talent in the Laker believer I think at a Brooklyn one of the better record than well. Yes so you have the better you have to sort of held on to. The lakers and you don't miss. Jason Tatum do brat even without Gordon Hayward. You don't mr. Crowder at all and Isiah Thomas even if you kept him he wouldn't have played until a few weeks ago. Ray and then we stay in then your ceiling is still much lower than it is now you don't carrier. The bonus you're gonna get outside on the top of the Isiah Thomas drama in Cleveland Kevin Love and may be time to be fired who knows bustle Ron's guy. The other bonus you get is you see that video of Gordon Hayward yesterday if that debt he's come back he is coming back. He is definitely count that I did you know what they went out last two weeks of the regular season. And then you'll be there for the entire episode get yourself initiate I don't think they need him to be Cleveland. I think it to be Cleveland still made I think they're better than Clinton but it just out you know you get you bring back Gordon Hayward maybe he could knock about five games that. Are okay tonight why as the isles off all of Koppel okay. I still think you know Cleveland is better than everybody else at Toronto's played really well trials that are really good record in the mark Rosen could never fails but just abroad alone. Makes them Steele still a contender by the Celtics were out past the halfway point of the season you have to sit at the better team although it will be interesting to see. What Cleveland on the today trade the Brooklyn tech what did they got to be freaking a little bit because the bronze document and any assurances that he thought about nothing. Oh what he did do it we'll get is that your gonna I think that's part of the that's part of the drama that's part of the stress I wanna see if you. LeBron did our resident LeBron James fan there's not many in the area thankfully you have and we want them home. The guy how to play the game keeps you did you what the same high school after their for a couple years a year. A year what year a couple of years creating a lot on him of course fights who I mean one. But heat that is Seagram bridges coming up. Awe and ought to approach you don't see a lot of athletes doing what he did in you're gonna half. Have to defend that as a LeBron James fan we have that plus we have a a Philly related key for madness comer. Philly related Philadelphia is everything to do with EP. You don't study are that we had EDT for keep Raddatz before ease those greatness is a little over the top but a pretty well known Eagles fan notes that okay. I was they're pretty well known Eagles fan Elliott a series your phone calls as well 617. 77579837. It is dale Hollywood keeps portrait of W media. Yeah. Your. Most of your career at times that is an extra point put on you. Like to fix things fair fair or not. Do you do you feel like it's time for you to. Swinging action happens. More personnel before. Kickoff other guys. Eminem who has laid up on accident and we'll likely to be put on ovals. Awful things about me. Everybody you and your performance. He you know. The other cavaliers owner. General manager coach and player LeBron James Dwyane and now much easier guy forget that they're going through some issues right now yeah that'd go on instant grandma and a lot of you probably follow him on Arab at king James. This Israel this is their real posts this is not just from the onion this is not from some other kind of fictional west that are hard to believe that he did. First volley it's a piece snaps a picture here of him. From the saint Vincent's Saint Mary's. I marriage and I outing of the very young LeBron James maybe sophomore junior year looks like. Any takes to its agreement says quote. One of these one of the first to congratulate late. I want to be one of the first order one of the first. To congratulate you on this accomplishment slash achievement tonight that you'll reach. Only a handful has reached CNET to. That's somebody wrote there and while I know it's never been a goal viewers from the beginning try it sounds like the men Google please try. Intricacies. To take a moment for yourself. On how you've done. The house you're about to be a part of has only six seats in it as of now. But one more will be added eighty should be very proud and honored to be invited inside is this the current LeBron James riding to the young LeBron are the young LeBron right into the current hard assay with a tenth is what's going on there are there's so many people the bank. Who has helped this even become possible. So affect them all. And when you finally get your moment alone. To yourself smile. Look up to the hires guys. And say thank you yeah so what that said. Congrats again young king are. One love them hash tags driver early earth hash tag the kid from Akron. That's LeBron James talking about I get to probably look what the hell even referring to. Well he scored seven points tonight you'll join in the 30000. Point. Club which is made up of how many people like if LeBron told you an intelligent how many birds if he had if he had told you would you know no. I love the NBA I love it I've no idea how many guys scored 30000 points no flow a bit. She's getting some of the number three score number three or number four scorer in NBA history while. I probably couldn't nobody is ringing Margaret and Karl Malone probably in Jordan probably the who's four I got it it's what else. I don't know if you write you an idea if this is and this is the home runs that this isn't one of those big league championships is the number that people count. 30000 points it's a nice accomplishment but guess what let somebody else who had they have LeBron like Garnett Allen. The first he wanted to be like being one of the first. This is ridiculous although he's that this is hard to explain okay thanks excited I had a year at the target defend this guy. If you think about it LeBron James is Corey was drafted in 2003. Yes. He was on national TV when he was fifteen years old he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated 1516 years old. His his most of his life has been in the public. Old definite more than Natalie that because he's got the first got to be in the public guy at a young age he's the first guy to be in the public eye and to embrace. At a young age so he has he has all about it. Where's tiger try to be private and then we've figured out why he was trying to beat writer at a a a bit LeBron James has always been about. It embracing. The commercials embraced embracing. Any kind of social media he's very active talks about. A political causes he says things that will. Have half of the people plotting and half of them saying what are you thinking about your out of your mind. Ford guy who has been a. Like most of it's like yeah most of his decisions no pun intended most of the decisions have been all right. There was that decision which was not right bad one no ban via. This is puzzling. This is ridiculous what are you roll so what are you trying to say. They saga trying to accomplish I used to think most people have helped you should thank them. I guess he must mean. Personally can the other near the name at all of this vague people do this for him they will they do know people still do people talk about LeBron. It is not under rated. LeBron is properly rated people go on he got wind worst yet one guide media and does everything that you want to do but everybody else like very few people. I would say outside of you know certain areas like like here where you're just sick of the guy but like nationally. Who rips LeBron nobody ever got any kind of cavaliers broadcast. National bright TNT they yell at it on home yards to the brunt of solace. He calls these are brought John King John King at that young anymore. But this 32 but wait a minute it's maybe it's. LeBron. This version and I'm confused oh you think that is version of LeBron. Saying it too. The young version I'll maybe it was. But that doesn't make sense. Get this thing into the young versioning on versions aggregate 30000 points. Though. Get it. I know it's never been a goal of yours from the beginning he says. I have. Is there gonna go all heard this is about it about a goal of yours. So I can't stand it and released it for someone who can stand the man likes of at least even you are puzzled by him yeah himself on the back for something that he hasn't even done. This is what I am doing and the idea. Is is not a terrible idea if you discount redirected a little bit. It's a terrible I if you have somebody. But then this would mean another interview it would need another party to get this out. If somebody would have to him is that aren't LeBron you are. 33 years. At thirty days what does that 33 year old LeBron have to say to that sixteen year old LeBron. Now gimme that OK now you know a guy now public debt how much. It and it. In an interview setting. If you can give lease of wisdom. It just ridiculous let. So is he heard what they. I don't know. Public the company and he played on the way back where he was talking about how aide of change you know I got to I didn't pick up the pieces basically here like this is one of the owner of this team leader of this franchise writing in the media there that lie ahead David Ferrer unfairly you kind of have to alienate these things the leader of the franchise after that. Yes leader of the franchise. That for. Its strength that is. It's true although that all the team needs while it doesn't he doesn't. This this accelerates the he's gone this accelerates the clock for me for the Celtics. I'd I'd I'd write a movie about next year I thought I thought that they were better than cavaliers weren't sure what they were doing the finals are what they would do in the playoffs. Now I'm expecting it. Yeah now I'm expecting them to get terrified I think sort of initiative better no question it out of work network up their own issues on of they have. Cavaliers issues they have. They figure some stuff in an effort. Yet at times they they figure that out and somebody has to emerge as the a consistent number twos or a veteran at the stats say who who's a second guys I also retrieved or for or tape dome you just gotta you gotta do what you gotta do what you gotta. And that's the void that you try to filled with with the loss of Gordon Hayward. As I thought he was probably going to be their number two scorer. Go to our obsolete goes on opening night. Jalen brown has become the number two scorer but you gotta do you gotta be consistently carried doesn't play I think they'll be a few more games like that they're resting him. They're managing his minutes. Carrie doesn't play they look lost. Yeah I thought revealed that it it's similar to last year without Isaiah Thomas who scores was dolphins look like this year you thought that if use you know a few more guys like it picked up the slack poke carries not out there whether it's a game he's missing or just where he's on the bench you're looking around wondering. Where they get the scoring was a better chance. A bit to carry it to some real LeBron stories and we get him on got to get a minding your carry on for a number I think we have to do. Rossi and Andy deputy carrier Irving on the ship I electrical or get carried on the show a couple of yes numbers you have to get him on the show. Preferably in studio always works out better agree. After that. Mikes go out there aren't let's hang out. This thing out let's get some breaks I would like to hang out and get things Larry you know we can get some real LeBron James stories. Yeah I. And apparel brand on air the next day at 2 o'clock sharp Karrie are you surprised columns of dunking or you're not Beasley who just last he did Laffey would you answer me like this. Every like this is why he's gone we got to the ball exactly like this it's it's fix this this nutshell why he's gone and then all of you know him commentator pat them on the head for six years. For years that it it'll. On Cain. It. Who will last longer in Cleveland tie Lou or Isiah Thomas I lose the last this month a and so I enemy Nadia. What can a ticker for. Oh expiring contract. Yeah so it can be anybody in native is contracts out that there was make like six and a half million dollars six point six something like that. If you're not really. You're not trying to win and you can still bring on Isiah because you know contracts have been for trying to win maybe is a guy who could. You know give you some instant offense right drove off the bench when he liked that come off the bench. I don't like anybody is motivated now now and we had a conversation earlier that day about superstitions and Greg were to close the loop on that Twitter poll that roster put out in just the second let's go to Stephen trawlers and waiting very patiently hear Michael. Steve you're out here on the show what's going on. I hear it. Yeah so that's a manual of Douglas superstition what's up. Hey Yasser petitions going way back here back you one I've got. I got the at one piece that sentence with five brings well it was his. Okay saw that Vinny. He patriots helmet that Riddell helmet that it bought an old one. And that helmet at the front of the TV. We're inseparable and aptly pointed in the direction that too also march. Now so you're up you're constantly moving around during the game that's you don't clutch. Art when they're out there it is in the air war. Every Super Bowl win now what makes this story more interesting yeah. That that does this helmet. The two losses to the giants. I did not at this summit with his wanna that a party the other one at his place forgot. Boy so you are to blame Steve for that I would say. They go really up my gut that affair getting involved during the game. Moving it around with a minute of a guy I know I have a bunch of mini helmets emote from a pro many Helmut guys I don't mess around them during the game necessarily but that. Seems to work for Steve amateurs her notes and he said. It's where the story gets more interest and I just kind of a check out you didn't they get what you don't wanna hang and I thought it would advantage is that. But he just told you that the two times he didn't do it yeah the two giants losses. So this is what I think it as the can this journal. All right do you have the updated poll well here at the Owhali WEEI easily that you were all yeah. It is final. Superstitious civilizations that u.'s side with Damn Yankees that our services Michael for some odd reason it isn't superstitious right. 15%. Daily key 58 birthday that I turned and went over 2004. And I. Boom. I feel like you guys had a strong got off to a strong in Sierra had admitted that she starred to slide it does though 50% more people in the white Jersey. And served I don't know her. Our pets we got. He format has come and go your way next their sports rated WB yeah. She's remanded yes you ready to keep her madness. Rack that one up directly for Mathis and instead talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Could be in a great deal of the men and not think I hate hate. It's. Got so he's just gotten a lot. I don't think this is one of the strongest segments. I'm Shimmy punch you know horse. I was doing you've got you've seen enough from day can run up. During Tuesday but Tuesday Kiefer madness time and that's that wealthy advanced. We've we've talked a lot about the vote or going to onshore talk a lot of if fans and other guys an addition or talk about the silly parents today. And one of the the guys that has been making the rounds that everybody at this point has seen the video. Of the eighty running by the train yeah and then taking himself out and by this point. You may have seen two different angles like the other angle I don't do that the players are being angles much better yet museum also ping pong off of the attorney and his friends were like yeah. All. Day you know he could have been messed he really good about third on another way. He missed the train three feet so surprised to learn and we're gonna actually hear from mr. Here's a surprise to yours that was before the that was on the weights out before they look for the game. He had remembered as the original train on the way to be game. There's a couple of angles and it's a one news station in Philadelphia was able to catch him put this gentleman and I think they're alert along with this group yes. One of the biggest hits in south Philly. Actually came before that Eagles vikings game Sunday night I was it was sort of hold up this morning my shoulder and chest and you know arm a little bit. A lot more normal than I would agree to in it's like a regular I was expected. Now I see how this guy trick with the Philly accent everything. You sound like a normal I'm guessing it refers yes first prediction on the cover that's the story that's here now from Philly well. If that's arrives at a level for Pittsburgh I would expect the same thing this guy sounds pretty coherent and my shoulder and chest and you know arm a little bit. Intake into the face which was a blessing. Okay. Without filling up these days in Chicago. It's got that if it at a that's been taken to face it was a blessing. Charlotte is from Chicago's grant Chicago grad student that's their Chad Drexel. That's very specific yet again. Intake into the face which was a blessing jagr decide Montgomery. What's the thing. It was triggered decide okay Jaeger decide of Montgomery County is that pumped up diehard Eagles fan. He's a pump that strip from Montgomery count my heart arteries and well he's there now these these that there is in dire or. Harder probably argue for and Ron are you live here jagr this side of Montgomery County is that pumped up diehard Eagles fan. Firing up a group of fellow birds faithful on the subway and that mild mannered person generally like to have a good time joke around and I think GAAP. To put on that officers. I break out Maynard doc. So what if this was hit on politics try to get a good job basically that you than normal guys that Clark Kent mild mannered mild mannered guy. Puts on that Brian Dawkins Jersey so that it. Turned into a lunatic is a northwest feeling. That nicer suburbs probably the ballot can woods the Russians. He's well off but that beat doctors be jaw the dark energy dock big birds that's that that's the Philly Eagles on the illusion of birds go over like that yet mannered person generally like to have been timed joke around and I think I'm ever gonna put on that talk is yours yes. I break out later doc and it gets me and just you talking about it it's certainly am done. I started I doubt it yet Doggett is the guy. Put that Jersey on and forget about life forget about Monday through Friday to put it on his Hollywood player rates anyway it was a very awesome play it was very animated at the audience they like that on TV. No more subdued buddies is cal actually is on the display only Asia where Jersey underneath is he was rated. Person it is instrument. So pumped up he apparently never factored in the hole and slam right into it. He was a second angle we could also see and smashed into the change to how did you not see it some people might say yeah I'm. I don't know that's a great question I. I wish I had seen it. Clearly I didn't I think it speaks to the McCarrick tonight get back recruited Iowa. Dude did you not see gentle mockery out of this could be something that you hear. Asomugha the guys who filmed it they they what with him as well I wish I had seen it. Clearly I didn't I think it speaks to added to the character of Philadelphia and engine yeah right we will I mean you we just we see here. And that and Jarrett were on the subway headed to watch the game when they ended up filming jagr in action this guy's like. Banging on the laws of business that's nicer recording I was like there's there's something happening yet but they were expecting that collision like for those that oh this is this this is clear is this is perfect but that I thought. Allow this guy may be looking at does social media today it looks like some people there are some genuine concern out there in terms of his okay is he. Is he Ted eyes are you not dead I am okay the victory uses all pain. They have guys that are now heard acts doubted there at a little bit there is. But does so obviously they're not done there and he had to stop this what they do at this news station in Philadelphia they take. Jaeger out to the park in line and they say let's retreat to have them on their mortgage on line photos of the official email. Said he would like how does it do what you what it is with his kid what to do in Israel that dude. Does the defense and Amherst where he worked he sells medical sales I don't know. And what it does or maybe we'll find out you're so he is now the parking lot with that with one reporter and they're gonna recreate what happens. I'm not a demonstration here of Matt gets wrecked yet. Did I the only people who fly. Okay around here is about the Rogers fox we. So now Tom. Back is our camera person here so you're going to be playing the part of the guys on the train just today's let's go out lie to. You and I'm young went under gonna be your friend your side doctors will I don't know I thought I'd rather. Eight it betrays gone by day's gone by who run toward the train going to be on the window right on the window that's right and then boom you don't see well I. I was gonna give them one less Goldberg and I don't feel bad. There we just point out that you know it you know if they re creation in the minutes and I was that all of that and it was not even I think as the other video and he goes I want extremists is the train on on the way the game he's dead. I wanted to give them one last go birds chain. He split and go birds elevenths I thought at first watched it like. Ours like I wanna get on the dollar in training go over one more go bird. Yeah so you get when your shoulder until her. Well that's all I slammed glow on Stanford's Erica slammed into the seventh to thirty put boom and then hit the deck that's exactly yeah. Wirelessly from your dad we're here now that changed at the end of everybody from around the. Let's have every morning just got. This guy's gonna be Andy. I'm telling you right now Rossi. Media day he's got to where they'll. It is already in there so he's going to be there and tickets for the game he's got. Well you are easy it is that he might meet Brian Dawkins there Abdul foothills and the star we get on the show now that. So now that's deceptive track right there yeah. So at first we saw the first we thought you'd be deterring them from. Georgia Georgia June. Being used. So that is day. An adult TV professional. Now saying I don't play the role of the train. Turn your your vision. Being used. And he slam. Okay thank you a ball on our program sold the first I don't looks like getting your face yeah we are not. And it did not yeah that's why you're here that's why I'm here. The second angle made it look much foresight moment to reflect that the situation there have been a lot worse big fan of grand garden escape big fan Brian Dawkins B dock. You if there's Jersey comes on and the passenger starts to flow apparently. I've ever met him now I have not I would love to hear is right now it. That he's going to although the figure conducted there was even there he was doing the old the old stake out not I would love to Mir is right now. No we'll try to set of a meeting that's good that's good behavior that Hamilton I don't. It's either thank you thank him hazards where have you been content might national shows I had been yes just say they are we trying to literally died Terrell. OK IV and TV back there was. Geez I I I have no idea televisions and other girls aren't going yeah. From ESPN had a hundred of them yet occurred and as well yeah. Glad you're alive yet and it's not luck that's on my aunt Alex. I love it I love it. It's all got to pay it has been. And you know. Have thrown you off here yeah Mike Lombardi. On this Mike Lombardi yeah said he is taking the Eagles. Former patriots assistant consult that. Those like the matchup is picking the Eagles to beat the patriots he says it was a horrendous. Horrendous matchup for the patriots almost goodness because the Eagles do a lot of you know Doug Peterson Cadbury Yarwood Andy Reid to a lot of toxins do a lot of the same things offensively via the Kansas City does and can't say it again so many problems game won us the Eagles are of the same things. If they were predictions as soon we wait though it was late I it's. I'm not gonna be part of I don't think it's spoiler I probably won't end I don't think it's our budget to cover. Loose of a thing about the spiritual five and a half. Our attitude for us thinker in the end Jason we'll be back tomorrow at two confined to go that's for women defined his home address form to call more sensibly through them. Now do for us mutt at night is next here in sports period WB yeah.