DHK - Does the Patriots wearing white jerseys in the Superbowl matter to you? Dale & Keefe v Holley on superstitions.

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, January 23rd

Hour 1: Dale and Keefe believe in sports superstitions and Michael does not. They discuss the Patriots wearing white in the Super Bowl, Belichick’s red hoodie,and the Madden curse. The Patriots waited for the perfect moment to play Bon Jovi on Sunday.


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Yeah to. All I can say is thank god somebody came to their senses. Somebody down there at Gillette Stadium and we were there yesterday sought and hopeless but somebody down that's it they don't you know love. We're three you know inseparable when you Wear white. You know three and I'll. When when your team wears white so and you get choice. AFC gets the choices here and thank god somebody because. You know what rich. You don't need to tempt fate you don't you don't and we were asking answer are you superstitious yes obviously yes. You Wear the blue Jersey you know the last thing where the -- that the giants on time for that of another giants game you don't Wear the I don't know the it survival in the blue Jersey no losers. You said somebody got their captors senses. Belichick. Yes founder bill well it's quite or the waiter at where and why we're in a way which they are worried the falcons Seahawks in this Eagles team yeah. We're in the winters let's put. There's the pursuit of I would not have been thrilled there were in the blue or is a redwood if they read what you're detail exactly where if the remedy move thank you are you one of those stuck on a crack. Break your mother's back when those two up yes these are separate her. My life I know I don't know I'm not I'm not ever back is doing just fine as you've ever step on a crack in your I I literally as I walked up from the garage over here I try to avoid them. Amount of the because you don't well you jump over the foul line in baseball. Say I no one yet that's crazy now that I got from practical ones. I you know don't don't walk under a latter obviously now summit could drops I don't hey guys I've already got my daughter is not a superstitions if he. You by detaining of some that are. My Saul busy actress but I think that's not really superstitious but. You know the jerseys really that Jersey inaccuracies. These insults you just won the blues I'm sure what about what a warm what looks you rarely hear the color rushed. A they're congressional forum it's pretty good now you know I don't Wear the collar on the now allowed him that's not an option you know what I would I knew there are ideal for reporter for the Brady six. Remember six you know and I would I would bring out just an all an homage. Two of the past into all of those who suffered before 2001. Diaper championship a rock compact package tree. I don't know how I had love every I would love that come out that only now I've read jurors they let it out of there. Not much acts in that jobs that are out them bring back appointments and on its head it's like I'm re claiming that patriot nobody needs the antelope. Not know if the better logo it's a great significantly better logo much matter the color I don't I don't love front flying Elvis uplifting but. Pat patriot taken a dump on the side here and now lost now knock that's a good governor kaine got Notre Dame got to know the game's all that's right he's not actually he's taking a don't know or don't start the plight that's that you gotta start somewhere in its own set the oh that's pretty darn good threats if you're not every game is one of right there after the kind of receiver catching a pass if you're like yeah. That's the good logo. This flying Elvis thing that we there's a lot of winning associated with a of the people convince themselves that's better than it is I think people normally in life. Tend to be superstitious. But sports fans are absolutely positively superstar Charles yeah that's the same seat you drink the same beer if somebody. There's always a bad start this health already get out of her own there's all that stuff. I should tell you story them last year seeing the fourth quarter. You're a force for our issues is a good fourth went on Mark Wahlberg were off and I regularity you decide in 2014. Win the patriots were losing to the Seahawks come war. So when I left my father's house is when the tolerance. So. We're down when he took three had enough at dad's house dad Bryant's hear them all now. Tries so that I and always the well thank you I got a guy I've got so that must drive home and I am almost to my exit in the comeback is on ovals and I. I'm like if I can often point in my house. Become Afghans don't do its rivals might fall it's probably argue and drove. From. Talking pin on. Without stopping until my game was finally over then turn around and Wednesday to Google apps IQ BI agents in overtime to yet. I didn't stop all right well down for about five aerial game was secure citizen it was a Kevin parliament the call I was switching back and forth but he did so we the two bad. Because Kevin Harlan would have made that of memory for you you would it listening to Kevin Harlan is actually better watch it gets on wanted to know did it. No yeah. I. Know I. Did I get your deposition he had that that if I Kevin Harley you guys will just roll right over 45 miles extra south and then back again before I came home from the again I think patriot nation says thank yes it is not a not a long dispose of dollars that are just like that are you DVR it. Yes okay. So that there was after the game was over mature and all of you couldn't get home quick and then right now is about one engine out. And then add in the game's over you can pick of owns a book. Do all I hear it yeah. They keep all the way from all that I pulled over people. New York for your. Shore. And that's why don't want to jets to mr. you know who led it is is superstitious. Bill Belichick out of a Betty wild to think you pick yellow line of formally who just beat you yet you better Tom looked so dashing in the right let's go why in the east is a fashion he. It was actors in a show of solidarity it was don't worry about ballot second craft and in Brady in a relationship they all got together. Including Gisele so what do you think you. Does this make my butt look big eating best is up yet it is now. I'd yeah I don't know jerseys everywhere else on my fashion she does and what I suggest that she doesn't regulatory area. What the weather looks the best as you don't have in Minnesota is is is this appropriate for Minnesota in February right. You know can can I Wear white after Labor Day if it doesn't apply to football or not or Iraq with the mine are. I'm excited after Labor Day Gisele I'm really excited. But that's the team wearing white jerseys. Has won the Super Bowl twelve of the previous thirteen seasons. Who's who's a one that. The Boozer. Missed out while thirteen years that'd be us right. I don't know twelve the last sort inseparable. Right isn't the team wearing white jerseys is on this a little while previous thirteen the most of it giants pitcher it was giants patriots that was the last time. Auto they they were Blair is now one doubt they would they were blue and sell I don't know I don't know I was pre Brady believes the loss. That's that you guys are thinking about this year's Easter is well under just okay the big event I think I did today was that the Packers. In the era green. All other mental by the way the Philadelphia Eagles are oh and two lifetime in the super bull wearing their green also somewhat that's how they're and they really lively gossip about the good nugget you don't really believe this. Yes I do unless I guess it's the relay owner are easy to edit it what's on the loss the Packers in the east. So with the jurors that made the man I'll may have made that catch is that you got nothing as those by blow it's like. Tugging on Superman's cape red white all of us Joseph it just doesn't matter I just thought ulcers that as adults sectors where red Indian government would you think twice would Bob and I used I think would now I think the majority of fans I don't need their motto I have indicated that. And why why put in all of this. What why don't even listen to Bill Belichick. What I really hasn't hit a lot of interest and things to sell it right against insurgency big today. He talks about preparation and being prepared you know it you're just doing your job and execution and almost up and studying. And all of that is not the way you can just a matter what you Wear. It's just that it digitally. Right well once said it's all it's all that matters is set was thought that you not matter at all at your habits at the latter had absolutely don't talk about but it. It's relevant you get you get the trials nor the patriots you're the AFC you'll get the choice. Gold what's worked. I don't know what to work. Yeah the check wearing Roger Aaron also part of our work is making big later delegate argument yesterday Klutz. Big play watchers Clark works at club. Is that Tom Brady work or does his Jersey work white Jersey Shore up some other. We but Brian where your favorite player key would put Brian Hoyer in the regular now. They're done you put him in fluorescent yellow is like as I haven't. But when you get the choice I think that I don't think it was random I'd I'd I'd about points random the patriots put out a release today about it either yeah. I don't think when there's electoral accord at some dialogue on the I'll allow wider blow that I don't know white OK white. About this for senator. But the red hoodie no I'm black hole mind at that point. Pat patriot it doesn't matter what you do if your ready for this game if you have a couple of weeks to prepare for nick falls which they do. You should be all right you prepare for nick falls and you do what you you know an elderly all that stuff yet you're you'll win the game elderly re a game no matter what you. I can't believe the you have zero superstition rescind your Latin not they are really weird had been me and I thought honestly and I'm not saying this to be flip here you're the only person I know who has zero superstition really. Yeah I'm dead serious eye because there's always something that is a superstition or is it just. Is it just happens that you do about that there's a difference. You know quirks. There's therapy. Where you bluntly like good luck. And that. That's a lucky thing to do. Now these luck now do it Danica now now look. I think most probably been in some sort of thing so it's unlucky too I Wear number thirteen miners are death somehow believing that. Some it'll go the other way black the black cat black cats outcries forgot it blackout of thought was gonna happen to me now on album while. Now president there's nothing which which nobody. But that's but that there's superstition. Really there's superstition and there's there's there's quirks and keep abuse have courts. I it know the way IA. The way I drive to work or. You know certain they have the logic or three times we're our one aisles but I don't know and I don't do that. 00 on well something happened there this bird for now this. How could you not like this superstitious the only superstition like. I think it's a little over plates so their there's a website that is actually kept track of us now I'm not sure if they haven't updated it since 2014. Or bill hasn't worn it since 2014. Bill. Bill has won the red but he seven times the patriots are three and three. With but another loss in the Super Bowl so three and four. Off with the red getting rid of that and think about this now admitted jacket with the Rick logo and says the red hoodie I mean think of all the the different things that he's worn and think about their record. The fact that they have a losing record when he wears the red hoodie. And I wonder when the last time was that he wore. What he wore at the Super Bowl that he worked at as he ever weren't after that's the I don't think he. Snow like this this is just as bad. This is just as bad as the people who say the patriots win because they cheat. It is such a it is trivializing. Great. It's that you guys you know hearts around your head around you guys dismissed and guys have trivialize. The greatness of the patriots. The reason Tom Brady and as I've been to a Super Bowls is not because of two Super Bowls you're number 18. But it was she did OK if. Men are everything and bigger every bakers lived to convey that I don't the officials like they were okay and how would that clique Blake man. They used a little hamburger fancy cameras. They pick up your a pick erotic years patch kids. Off all. Now than you do with it they're good. They're prepared there's substance there's a way. To what they're what they do not it is not. Say yes and address here. Oh. I'm sorry I'm not I don't not so I'm not taking chances right. I can't put my finger on just what it was well there's I thought it was ever be takes that chance would be not being up on. Their film study with the Philadelphia they will then and not knowing all about I know everybody get that in. What is odd tendencies are how is he changed yet tells it all day with Andy Reid in Kansas City or had he changed at all. Not taking the deer blood that elite running back lightly. C had a bit edit that as I gotta watch out audio whatever leaderboard do believe you'll be fine. Vick back if he's the prop fifty wins over the over the that is. I think the surplus has Moreland watch out for him that's more legitimate I don't advocate Jersey back on your caller are you gonna know I don't know about that now we a a Twitter follower who's got an interesting point. It may be that it's easier for Brady to find receivers in a dome darker background. When they're wearing light about that. We think about about a possible I'd like to hear him say that I hear he's got better but he sees it better. I would love it I would love to hear you guys everybody. Tom Brady had his approval especially after it's what eleven is Els Gisele says my husband cannot you know bleeping throat long catch at the same time proud that. And town says it solves a problem tonight while you know that background. They got that power color blind. Nobody knows this about me but I'm really disappointed in the jerseys that we had to Wear the red or the green in the blue kind of all blend together it could mean some of the guys out there so Iraq is white Jersey pop he would be AJ blue. 25. Why don't ever say it. Even if it's true he's too Smart. Our rusty put up a quick little quickie poll on the act dale holly WEEI Twitter feed the dale holly keep Twitter feed. Are you with dale Arnold and he that the patriots wearing white is suitable matters. Are you with Michael Holley did it's irrelevant irrelevant 69% of with mean Keith nice. 69%. Of the respondents so far a small step I just thought about it people response or at least 32 'cause it just I. Yeah I got a million I had a good idea that 957000. Respondents. Young people. The cream of the crop in the cream of the crop America hates you because you've got. A brilliant. Football franchise that's right the best coaches ever lived best quarterback who's ever lived. And intern you have you have benefited as a fan base you are Smart football fans. Did you know stop you know the opposition versatility. You'll know all about managing the cap and high you don't wanna be too top heavy you're out there are. How alerts you're talking about Sergio pleasures the FY ever all would you be able. He's three now it's the game is built twelve days away right. Yeah. The odds that on the ticker at. The big breaking news earlier what it was not on the ticker all well I'll actually more concerning though they're gonna wanna look at he will not at all that red entity that's actually more concerned in the Jersey Jersey and actually won with blow that won the first first it would blow. That they've lost both of those. John Paul here SC Linda holiday. As tweeted about the red but he. When now when the patriots played in the Super Bowl in 2012. Acts soon and then she tweeted out it's official no red but he. At the Super Bowl about that excellent holiday has banned the red buddy. Mark thank you Linda very Smart offices. Rules to suit vigorously when you won't see that arms two. I'm close. He would never Wear it if Linda laid it out for him now what he did sing wouldn't doubt I'm not wearing not gonna happen tonight in the closet anymore the balanced on. So it or Wear the red audience's eyes what happened. It's what eleven hit it where the red that he would have doubled Lawson asked him why. Manningham too much red who was all right somebody had read my read you are the marijuana red wrist band. I have red glasses. What was it all Tom Coughlin the script and if you're a battle I did hear that's one I hear that from the rookie year. Remarkably Europe's single superstition GAAP and enough that you and I don't know. What would you consider superstition I mean that some of the ones we what what what are your what are your superstitions for example. I don't I don't have the volume on my TV or the radio car ever on thirteen. Really ever. My wife you know they're about an obvious that managed to return to wrap it well. Watered down one point do you do any odd numbers. I don't yet ought to respond just thirteen told I think they weren't sitting for gamers to correlate to Iraq so it'll actually stayed strong. All. Anything else you know what I do is is like stand III a stood at the end of the last two super rules somewhat because I don't think now. The first time it was excitement in all my god what's gonna happen what Seattle gonna deal. But I felt like okay this worked out so last year. I stood up. Ozone thinning ozone drank Ron for playoff game they they sent me the kitchen to the radio is the kitchen it score in the kitchen wouldn't it. I was in the its promise that he stumbles upstairs and it just pork. Ellis at like it was everybody but you bounced on its yeah an idea that I you you're the only person I know. Who claims to have no nothing is what about this roster when you're younger and you're a fan of the team you can do anything different candidates in. Later when you're younger you've lost if you may have might you don't have I refuse as now a but when you were younger. Teenager when teen you're rooting and making it before they. Paula we have. It sure is that you just have to keep this in mind it keep mine where I grew up OK so remark many big gains. RF. OK a matter what anyway now why her through her work dictate that. My team didn't win that shouldn't say yankees have started a new one you don't ever on the fact about this it's not measured me and yet hoop than grandma's basement married partner would file maybe maybe that changed that's probably true I don't know that was long before that was long before buyer. That was a lot right. That was sort of set the tone now I think I was back to account that was back in the brought in sight it is. Like 100 ride tonight folks have now voted 66%. Of with mean keep on numbers are going down the slightly slightly down people are thinking about it as we doubled the sample and you are really the percent do I really believed to have really believe that knowing the patriots win games lose games because of what they're wearing that every little bit helps. I don't really believe that I've seen you what I thought this is no they don't believe if you think about it this way you've watched it. Since 2000. Since 2000 Bill Belichick comes and has ripped that thing up be renovate. Does it over. Draft Tom Brady. He was wearing red today directed traffic tie breaking I don't really clear there are red hoodie that day over in April. April 6 pick you as where nobody April 16 2000. 83 of the drafters second of whatever. Welcome. The I I isn't just might happen I think Matt Patricia took a bullet for everybody. He said Billy can't Wear the red hoodie anymore 'cause I got to Wear red as the defensive coordinator so my guys conceding so billion camp where read anymore. I think he'd be talking about Zach save us from bill read amity so thank you Matt Patricia. For listening you can Wear the red noted that's fine hasn't worked and that means bill won't Wear. Does he Wear the the accident that Jackie with the rip off load the pathetic I don't have to go to. They got what must be lucky oral I'm sure they can get on an updated one but they give them something with the team local unit and go indoors. Yeah going to be indoors he's an incorrigible Sunday so when how where that ripped off anyway might press conference that's going around that eco. Contact. All that on all of the on what what this last press card and 99 adequately what does that I cannot leave blank Ottawa is because I care about different. If I were widely read it because I can't figure sleep. Comfortable thanks very comfortable looks. Audit it's comfortable to separate what that is that's self awareness that is as comfortable. This is why have it. Take merely because I am but OK fine I'm not gonna change now we don't want to most of the and the root authority. Let's talk to Peter King from MM QB and and get into the calls what do you guys as resources. She's not a 330 for Peter king's we get into the calls that you guys just compliments my mistake 6177797937. I see all these lines lit up. Our report on my past problems every one of these superstitions. And again with the electronic Russian Acela train. The quiet cart. On the ice for our fifth if that's allowed Peter King but he target like 330 we'll talk to Peter king of Saudi agent just few minutes. Yeah Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W the. To. Why don't even listen to Bill Belichick went quietly because we have a lot of interest in things the right gets it talks about preparation and beat her and you know you're just doing your job and execution and all the stuff studying. And all of that is not the way you can just a matter what you Wear. It's just that. We did it right and said it's all it's all that matters. All I said was that did you not matter at all figured out that ladder and obsolete I want to talk about but it's. It's a relevant and. If you don't know that you don't know Michael. Let's let's see how many phone through Michael good Tug on Superman's cape. As second if you explode in touch on Superman's you just don't do it. You don't you don't wanna mess but that power to absorb LT that he would do they -- that he's got a lot of ways he could eat your freezer with his but he rescue naked satchel on fire in his eyes are gonna crush your skull with his hands are you tugging on his capers and talking to me. You know its economy and Kate or it's not escape Tuesday. It is based cape little better or get them to get something snaps are now greeted me and steal. Or does he did that I have learned a little bit out of the darker and apparently rolled backwards just or refute completely from the disastrous. Right listen to try to do that bird and most people with equipment. Now with Hillary you just fly you while my idea is dropping while my house. You have Kryptonite has some Kryptonite down right now let our art our our opulent and evaluated at putting your hands on the aisle don't worry about it Superman I know it that and what coverage you can't keep it up and attack that. It's a 330 people voted in our quickie little Twitter poll 66%. At least admit to some form of superstition it's the real thing in Israel the real. What's that you'll admit that it's not just not for him of course it's a real thing I am not that matters to them think it's a real thing but I don't think it in effect the game at all if the patriot it's not nothing if Bill Belichick comes out in the red party which he won't do all over again to turn him off it. And then and then when you turn it came out that he scored thirty points. I I can't get active around nobody else Guerrero arts and throw become louder anybody in the papers wearing blue. Still when. You're really tempting fate at that point. You're feeling really good about the scheme and. Yes I think they should they are biggest likes them I like him too I agree with Vegas. But probably Vegas is being a little more conservative that I am Vegas resident 55 and have. And I think it might be may have a more private battle more room and. That's the second press the biggest spread sensed Ohno I'm dead that's a presence here. Of the Russell there's a lot of close games fortunately. There at one of Richard's always particles of rebels. There's no brutal blow a lot of the orange in the clicker on her way last year have a there were a lot they're gonna get crushed did you guys happen if catch and and the patriots do this every week on patriots dot com. Within a day or two of the game day they released the video the post game video on the locker room. Jack in the notice digit seed the video that they released today. After they they won the game on Sunday. It looked like it was a pre season game in August. I'm I'm looking at the video right now and it's hugging and obviously but it's it's very businesslike very matter of fact. Very call and I only say that because in relation to the videos that I seem released from the Eagles locker room after the NFC championship. When you know it it it looked like they'd won the Super Bowl and their Danson and Eric dogs and Freeman and idiots. It and a lot of that has to do with this team knows them on the weekend there's another day we got one more. They need to act I had I think I'd like a little more of that from the patriots we talked about it yesterday. A little nut no trash talking but it's little more excitement to little more. Enthusiasm in the moment it was it was lacking. Early and I jaguars game. First first couple quarters and Tom Brady was business like a whole team was. It is an Indian business late in the game and you know being all fired up during the game and then afterwards he had knowing that hey this AFC championship trophy what do we do this well palace great it was comical to see is different and it's the job Jonathan has taken daily newspaper doesn't want it like that part of that superstition or not just. That's that's hate we we had a great in the NHL superstition they touched on title and on top of the conference tropea. Now the Pittsburgh Penguins did. They have flown in the faceoff that's a sure they have they've Tyler and still won by the way I asked my political energy team that I had no I went knocking them. I think I guy as my guy. You know my two favorite athletes I'd do you still your favorite I do a lot of homes up Nadal wore a blue eyes are that would loser we'll get them through its okay. Giving congratulations. And tonight his chance when no one so. Greg places we've heard it all right you're Jacksonville credit they're good football team let's enjoy this one we'll see in the morning slate. 1 morning and wow that's true how are going ahead with north. I. That was the rowdiness that it's so where there had what a T shirt one of my favorite athletes is Tom Brady cracked. And so Tom Brady is not superstitious remember when on the Madden cover yes he added a whole video about it. He did look I'm walking under a latter didn't like that I am doing all this stuff this doesn't matter so Tom Brady might got. Had some top. Doesn't believe in this stuff and then last week also vigorous and all Madden curse that occurs. It's not gonna play I have to admit it crossed my mind and what is it goes out. In the AFC championship game down ten points out in order up and again had nothing do with curses superstitions just taxi even superstitions can't break time break. The anti avoid it because. Diaz and you know. Because just because he doesn't believe in the the latter or the Madden or black and Susie get dressed a certain the last eight map like the exact way he tapes his hand or her backhand the way to express his ankles were gonna get there might be certain. Superstitions there that we don't know. And your regardless over. Trinidad coming to America over yes. Yeah it's evolved as any involvement this panel he isn't calls but there is there's another color video and there there isn't a gun vault Disney Channel nine K peachtree. About can't do this over. Betty Eddie is maybe actually Eddie is involves. Simply battery but so I don't wanna bottom and come I don't but it's but he can't do it without. You should do it all got different because you don't. He is a day off doesn't development not necessary in the movie. Nobody would know who he is national all the kids. Arsenio are our arts and they already know people know Eddie attitude Arsenault well. But hey I got loads of babies. Are concerned. I let's get the the foot so the phone calls and you guys 6177797937. And it's in summer we'll pay and I don't. I mean any any. Not much gridlock actor playing again Greg. It didn't do that and letting your kids are not great not. And I'm just say that tugging on Superman's cape definitely applied to let people trash talk about the patriot or they play that. It'll advice do Pittsburgh. I learned that you're you're down in the guaranteed it went. And does Tom Brady. Responded by saying well done is a week better than well said I believe that that act as well. Which college Howard called him the coolest guy in there not knowing the quoting one of the founder and all love representing on the field. But I'd have to say. You know the only play that and can really feel like we're making it. That would matter it's the ultimate twelve they had no. I opened it up last year at halftime and Al when the game started turning around Madonna might be I ain't getting the whole day. Yeah weird that I went into blacked out when that you aren't looking threatening I just turned everything I can get a kick one and it came. And the next morning I woke up and I heard on the radio. On our drug is iPhone iPad and do. Regarding your guy I can't thank you Annie Annie as you sacrifice. That. Aren't. Okay red jerseys the refs what that are all of that I mean everything in. It if you can imagine turning that I don't know if I don't it's not going to be able to sleep now. Who won the Super Bowl pilots I don't know what the Super Bowl I'm sure there's something on the news about it or something I take Google far it's possible mustering. Little more than I could handle it Jason's in Rhode Island hey Jason. Islamabad would guarantee on the auction that there's. A red red hoodie. I blamed simple all I blame the verdict sheet cannot read but he exit at night when it came out an excellent EDS. Well yeah. Yeah yeah. But got out and we heard that he did I read the red all my heart open definitely believes that is gonna talk about the that are being there. And that and then latrine and lasting than it would present time in the fourth quad went got some ice cream cakes. In emea has increased to attach. Like the entire US. More right away I'd try today take it all and Jason now waste three miles but it was slowed absolutely worth the pick Jason. I beat us now but yeah nearly all of its games as Eric how they wanna Super Bowl Hurtado superstitions yes I associated with last year or so and the was driving around all around and watch him. Anyone here. Kind of you know blacked out to turn everything. And it went to right. Jason as he is ice cream cake on the opening hole she marked a sea ice and I. If you do tale standing deals there I did. There are some people who turned the channel. And listen on the radio network listed on the radio and external TV so. You have to do all these things. Whatever whatever you're would you pick and everybody has put your right don't go all you have your own personal thing that he that you choose to do. I will say he he blames the undefeated season or not happening on the red hoodie that that definitely wasn't a day after thing either under the group which involves watching it was the first time they show they showed belts are on TV or would like to read that that's the red don't let me be more freaking out before the games that I remember. He's never won it's his fault David's on the cape hated it I don't. I do a great editorial the pay I don't have time to get into the quantum physics behind all this with a positive that there is want to miss it's like absolutely no doubt that the audience enough time port well a couple days Miami. I called Harvard hockey games circle readers and student back in your IDs and I got immersed in that superstitious culture and I think there's a line between routine. And superstition which talks on a couple minutes ago I've been watching these guys especially pre game. The way to got stock apart from the dasher and adequate water bottle and shuffling their feet on the blunder in the N I it it's just it's lunacy watch some bit. But they don't do it. I mean you know you're not. David I astronaut can Torre crude had this thing during warm ups were there on one knee. And they do this will spin a ram a thing on on their knees and at its like choreography. Let's see the. I don't have a problem with that if a pro athlete doing it in your involved in the game. That's your prepared another white Jersey thing the white Jersey than their play there or do they believe it. Today I don't all 53 guys do limit some they're preparing force they're doing all sorts of things you watch he's right a game indicate he's right about. Now hockey player player you know I've baseball are player based not player oh goodness and it and then even the grounds crew. Not only added to a certain provided take care view like grounds keepers take care of a baseball field and he didn't get that. Forget that the relationship that's right now as get out of the OK okay enemies and it's an expedited or any pattern you hear any powder. Johnson midfield hey John pick at them all know. Hey John de LA guys that caller a couple minutes ago reference. You know Tom Brady quoting Ben Franklin. Or quote another great American I think gale. He's. I can't believe you fix your. The pits talking ethics to me. That's awesome that's not a hobby you know it does how do you want it doesn't matter John Butler maturity where it. John it's not nothing you have to you have to give us that. All night. It's like that it play believe that's what they're newsstand. That we believe that that's that insane that's crazy. Launch are like I'm a lot of people it is John the happy to have your quote it's just you and Michael was asking people on the outside I would like YouTube go to the polls I'd be bitter battle settled. You vote because right now. I'm checking in around thirty something percent effective. We'll talk to Peter King from the MM QB just about 45 minutes from now dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. Super didn't the only way that fans can really feel like we're making an ever. Don't let that it's the ultimate pop and they know. 6177797937. This telephone number X minus 37937. We were to I was talking yesterday to Kevin columns done. Patriots guy who runs the radio studio where we work and a big part of his job on game day is game presentation. And you know he he's helped directing okay put up this video put up this music that's sort of thing. And we were talking about the Jon Bon Jovi element. And and they've been saving the Jon Bon Jovi living on a prayer thing patriots score. Commercial break and get ready to kick off. And they say OK now's the time. And there engaging the crowd and they're playing the song which everybody down their gloves anyway and there'll sing along and they keep showing shots of Bon Jovi. Sitting in Robert Kraft sweet. And he realizes what's going on and so he's pumping the fist and everybody's getting more riled up and then they get to the chorus. And he starts belt it out like he's singing it live on stage so everybody singing along with them now the places and a fever pitch. Patriots kick it short on about the one or two Matthew Slater makes the tackle the fifteen and though the lid goes off the place. That's why I think that Jon Bon Jovi had anything to do with Matthew Slater making that the tackler Stephen discounts keep making the perfect kick of course not. But the energy in the building you can just feel you knew that it was all. In all part of a package there place was going nuts. Have a Belichick knowing that I was going on again they got anything that I owe any edge either Beth or what's going on on the field do you think something that would be on the Jumbo screen that. Would get by him but don't. I thought I understood the question I'm sure I got other things are right about is that gonna talk jobs in other guys really got them what the operator that she's like you that wouldn't you know in the scientific. On the field. Our way out what you guys think of his response and and kudos to you dale for announcing out patriots Monday big announcement. There you go world during the Bill Belichick interview what you think of it looked at odds on nominee and look thrilled. It was like well could be worse I guess. I don't rather it is the game I don't think it's high on his list of fun things to do on a Monday you know they sell I want I don't I don't think he hates it. I think you might actually like it. I think he enjoyed because he again he gives you as much or as little as he wants. Every week. You know some weeks he has things he wants to get off his chest. Whether you know might be the set wicker sham article and his fake news jab or they want to get that out something to say about the previous opponent or the next opponent you know he knows what he what he wants to get across and this is a a different. Atmosphere than the press conference rated the press coverage right after the game or the Wednesday pressed Robert with a much different settings. The ID maybe doesn't maybe there are some weeks years ago hired a talk to these guys but I think for the most part of the you'd like some. Hope you don't mind us coming back and hanging around for awhile after this mobile Monica. A. There's a better chance he'll be on a and we'll be Iraq sucked absolutely. And the don't think he's gone anywhere anytime soon six plus I break some news there and I wouldn't someone at our guys are jealous I'm not going to be here next year has already said that there. Courtesy that he will that he will be here. Right yeah oh god yes yes lecture and to detect or who says isn't John and Eagles fan. He and Bill Belichick are best buds via. He he. He's a pure all the time. He's training camp walking around the sidelines he owns the fill the arena team didn't write the Phillies solar or whatever that word but Blair that it didn't mean it was an Eagles fan that's just where the irony of his team and his Jersey guys so. Jaworski on thirteen now he's so they solicit jobs. If I don't. But to have the sound of the rally speech fun. You know I was I was looking for something that was they get about Belichick and his comment if easy it is he gonna make some news here with. Talking about his future. Obviously I think he's come back instead yeah. What you know Tommy turn he had been posted Gatti told me last night or write a column. Just kind of describing how this. Just because he had Sunday in the AFC championship game have the big good. Between Brady and Belichick that doesn't mean that everything is cool everything is great. With those two. And yet enjoy it does that mean he he knows that it's not good well. It means that the he knows that they have according to hand the people he's talked to. As some sources have told them that you know it's touching go. A little bit now not to the point of an outlaw I wanna restrict OK well when a coach somebody else. But it's not like they are just an everything's. And. We'll be there that I do Brady saying you know his weird Friday press conference of the gloves single seat and then he. Ballots as an open heart surgery yeah. Yeah and and yeah I know are even argued the ball the interviews that they did he go Brady say hey you know one point I didn't think I was gonna play and Belichick saying I don't see it that way out of it that way at all. Like I think it was a media has overblown by the media. It that's the one where. They don't seem anywhere near the same pit. He had and that's at the current last night and we have different views of the but I sits on a there is an old model there's no NFL model. A modern one for Belichick and Brady to follow. Just that it doesn't exist. Where you have your your quarterback takes over at the age of 24. And then at forty he's still going strong. And he's not talking about well what more here he's saying five more years. Soto before the same coach same owner same quarterback to be together that long. Nobody's ever done it before so some things would change I just think it's I think it's helped the for relationships to change over sixteen year period sixteen or seventeen years. And it they don't change. As something something's wrong maybe somebody is holding back a part of themselves a part of their their true selves. They haven't been able to let that out because you're restricting them but if you're 24 years old. You're not gonna be the same person you were 42. Says Bill Belichick is not going to be the same at 4849. Is as he has a 65. It was widely the Robert Kraft remarks on Sunday on the NFL network seemed a little strange to me when he talked about the necessity of having everybody you know. Put their egos in check. Is it clear that they do. Is it clear that that that the greater good matters more if he brought and they had that a lot of everybody sat only when you're the best at what you do you have an ego you have to have your best coach whoever lived best quarterback quarterly do you have egos. But it seems to me they subject gate those egos in the interest of winning football games. Hello Robert Kraft say that then I don't know the he sees something and it's and it's really weird that he would say that following his comment. To add comments to Peter King right after the story in San it was all false. There was any us. Loophole in the whole thing at a mandate or they're not on the same page and not as true. So you say not this is true. Then after you and AFC championship game they can work we put our egos in check. Why is that different than last year how's it different right so now he just kind of made it. Many fast for a few are back on the table games over braided belt sector on the field hugging and celebrating everything else to say while he's going to when you're winning I guess it's it's easier to do things. Has when he made that comment. And then they're down ten points in the second half he figured. And that would have been a huge story had they lost voted on right back to that said well as or more of this slick what what is going on here. Board you win that is able to cover up a lot of things. In the aftermath of wins. Even the biggest wins in the aftermath of Super Bowl wins. As Bill Belichick ever taken a victory lap. Because my answer is not once. I'm proud of the players some prominent coaches they did a great job. I've never once have you heard him indicate well you know I spotted something in some tape you know few days ago that we use there in the third quarter never. It's always the players first the coach's second I've never even heard him mention himself. Doubt the greatest coach whoever lift and the eagle that probably matches it and deservedly cell right as he ever taken a victory lap. Topics are kind of the opposite of LeBron nonsense with the polar opposite he's not he's I congratulating itself before his six super ball. Before he wins it he never does that mean and then when they lose he that he puts on every dollar and a host bad code is better everybody everybody's need needs to improve. I again I I'll still surprise. It would have been an easier thing like just the way. Tom place through a lot of things Oreo Tom does this is part of Jersey are right through that are it was touching go for a minute but he was like a guy can always count on it was. It's kind of blown. And okay. Let's I can see a reason for doing that publicly I wonder what his private Ulster conversation is what we've Brady because public I don't know. Publicly the way you do you'd say that because you don't want anybody. To use anything as an excuse not the Brady did. Where you can tell like he was being disingenuous. In disingenuous when us when he Sanwa I don't think about that. You're the head coach that you have to your starting quarterback. Can't practice on the Thursday of the AFC championship game because he's got twelve stitches in the palm of his hand you have to think of. Well but it but to have that while it's at one of the first point is. There's a reason you say it publicly to less experienced. Players than poverty. They don't they don't they don't know how to prepare like he does they don't have the pedigree he does so. You just put it out there hey if it doesn't it let's not make excuses about injuries. Now as far as the comment he was being disingenuous yesterday. Maybe not. Because of the experience that Tom Brady has now if he. Not only Friday when he had EP Marty doing a disservice to his team if he didn't think about. What happens if he can't throw the football Sunday. I would say this Tom Brady. Hasn't missed a game due to injury. In eleven years right. So if your Bill Belichick. You have that experience cameraman yeah you could think about other situations where Brady has been hurt and still play. That you know about the public doesn't. So they say are a bit of practice on Friday are now we got something because pretty close but it which you don't really have to think about I'm not playing. Because if he's not available to practice webcast of practicing Brian Hoyer so Brian Hoyer is their you don't say all go Friday when he get Hoyer any reps what pre. Now this Butler got it wrapped up there is no way they'd have the same playbook in in in play for Brian Hoyer as they would for Tom and a kicks. I. Had read it as an arbitrator a guy who is our area are you ask very good and bad guy who had sat there quietly. Not taking sides. Listening to the argument both wearing thank you the complaints from bread to eat up the good points from Dale Arnold. Well tell Arnold says. Hey he was a critical part of the deal because. No I didn't say I never said critical is an important part I don't insane important what's it like that there was a factor in India even though he was back to deal. He knows the plays keeps and keeps keeps that you but it doesn't mean yeah it's all the same guys Grady guys beat those. He knows the place. I can physically capable of doing the things Brady done they'll all get the good guys other thing though you're not bringing in new place you're scaling back right right you know it's not everybody hand lawyer. The exact same. Yeah the first fifteen placed on the run I feel like anybody can do that part of the family so he's still with semi backers and the playbook has balls on the present and yes that's all I'm saying so. That's even less for the other guy and a half ago. The price Greg I got it back up the street can get 75% of the plays into my point is simply that you you're not gonna say okay Brady's down lawyers and we're gonna run everything the exact same one. That doesn't seem to be Smart coaching to me doesn't. Well everything the exact same though not yet and I try to hit. Hit Brandon cooks on all the deep balls because maybe Hoyer can't hit those but it's the play with the patriot playbook. I think if you're on Thursday you've won the healthy quarterback at practice you have to at some point or is somewhere in the back here had things. This is what the team could be on Sunday. You have to pull ahead or it might be Brian Warner that no Brady has played forever there was entire career he is he's always been out there is always played. But whether it's gushing blood on Wednesday and he's screaming on the field and you find out he needs twelve stitches. How do you know for sure he's gonna deal to grip the ball and throwing. Now on Friday he throws that make you feel better but my question to him was was there at any point by did you think it wasn't going to be Brady. That's not practicing I think you probably have to be thinking maybe it won't be pretty not on Thursday or Friday yet. OK that's one day ago so you're at that defied a golf all crosses sorry about this to remote airport player in our team can't coated and soccer think about it till tomorrow yet. Yet to cross that bridge tomorrow because of Tom Brady doesn't practice a couple of things are are obvious one huge earned it and practiced on the feet and practice on Thursday and Friday. Number one Bryant wears from your starting quarterback in the game and number two you got to find a quarterback off the street to back him. So. Is that and that are those hard things to figure out Brian warriors are starting quarterback keeper a guy he's practically knows the last two days it's hard that you say he's the starter it's a hard thing to say how to hopefully win this game with him as the starter scaled down to seconds is ideal said it's a scaled down thing it's still not approached. And I really believe that the now after the fact. Knowing the way the jaguars played the jaguars played the same way. I if you just change everything around. Take Tom Brady output and Brian Hoyer jaguars are going to Seattle you'll never won a Minneapolis. But before that game yesterday at the pictures have a chance of winning to have a good chance of winning the game Bryant lawyers quarterback one game yes. We saw it as we saw riot. On Sunday. In the NFC championship game. I would've giving you 500 dollars I said you go ahead and out put all this money down the case and Iraqis kingdoms is that it folds. Is gonna throw for over 250 yards and tossed three touchdowns they're gonna blow out Minnesota top defense in the league you say down. America do that can happen for anybody in a game specially guy who knows the playbook. We'll talk to Peter King at the bottom of the hour we'll get back to your calls as well dale and Holley with key Sports Radio W media.