DHK - Does Bill Belichick owe fans a reason for the Butler benching? Why is the show titled ‘with Keefe’

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, February 13th

Hour 3: The origins of the show are revealed. However, speculation of why Malcolm Butler did not play is still a hot topic. Was Butler following the money lines being set?  Holley thinks Butler not playing did not cost them the game, but he sure could of helped them. Flowers sounds off on criticism of the Patriots defense.


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Yeah yeah yeah. Three gala Hollywood T Sports Radio WEEI. As as Rick mentioned by the way during printing out the Bruins are home. Against Calgary Flames but maybe more important that. Don cherry in the building. Just see it the Don cherry night greats is in the building fire honoring the 7778. Bruins team that had 1120 goal scorers. Rates was the coach he's in the building upon I I almost can't wait just to see when he wears tonight. I know you you brought it up our callers have agreed to would sign it just joking about something if I was in a sock at the political leaders said. Struck I'm I'm being series here's something to sail. Just hit my ear and on anyway not to be Erica all funny ha ha now and be like John Richie. The least it dale and Holley where if he's right things show. Is in theme of the show. We don't every now and aren't forgotten that well yet that it may you know I got until about you I know you are talking about the whole afternoon Mac thing you know that's gonna happen. That's a good candidate. I don't know nobody likes it a close vote those are easier if we were back our vote. Everybody hates it now. Is this. You're here every day right. Money for our Monday through Friday until seven. That's a separate affect you're right now oh yeah. I am on the I that the collar god. Saw that olive attic of the gentleman that was engineering for them that was looked like that are going to cut out of the older gentleman yeah. When pat with a hat and they tee it well there isn't it well. Yeah that's not in the yen is missing teeth liking him from one. Another it it has asked. That's a job and I'm an easy pick up. Is off tonight and I'm and Cheney's got to I'll rob and he started acting out are out definitely you have heard word from. I he's always had no idea lifelong you know it sure did exactly sound like it. Well Doctor Who knows only hero in Kentucky tasteless and fired up particularly low amateur here every day. I am. What was the purpose of them fixed easily what was the purpose of which he. I don't know you know ability it can you explain that in it and I don't know why I think even I think even that that it appeared. And yet I had a blood here and explanations of what makes sense because. Several years ago there was a very popular and successful big day's show called dale college pale and out. Right. And I do they wanted to keep that authorities and that branding but also. Shift key I think the wit with the biblical late at all and I don't know it out and a sentiment and would sound funny. What dale and Holley and keep would sound weird about about dale Kama Polly. And I I. Okay and that I just think you are missing the point and he was trying to make it Italian holidays and kind of bring you keep that brandy made beer glasses on throughout on the dotted that the whole cartoon here about the area we got the carts then got a caricature. People in the hot seller people aren't stupid and they don't you know. That was John Roberts he's big bird to me dale how long the rhythm. How long have you that it that's were treated at U I since recognizes some people's minds wait too long if it's okay so yeah 1991 and today we opened that I think we New York. Yeah I haven't had an education in there for three years there dale and Holley with Keefe. I know Michael Holley. I don't know the other guys don't usually get societal psychic guy if you I don't know if pretty much yeah I'm. So apparently I don't know they don't all know Liam Knoll again why are those who you know lost and everybody in the office near the Emmy award winning water I've seen on Twitter I I I couldn't help teasing my Emmy award waiting studio broadcaster. But I I've not ever though one sound byte of the year. Good to know that it it is about sound byte of the year. It does anybody. You know like. We went anywhere and if somebody easier I would oddities about your slowed this visit of us. One up at yeah. Yeah. Yeah I thought that there and I didn't drop it off. I'll add about Iran heard haul out at you what is that what I hear it in hand mean is. Out Biden and slowly he did on. Now this hour right of the year for PSA for a Black History Month but all the insanity and I found how easy it was on 977. Yeah. And you know it was an on line on the war so long ago was on the here is what first their first year of existence. Rules they launched last year was that Tomlinson goes on Monday on the first ever summer year Hartford had a set of that the first ever soundly through now we want to save this out by how long is that awards show going on. An award you I don't know I have noticed on court I don't know. I don't know I don't proud to award goes so nice color and not playing I was recognized. You sure showed it was it was awesome is now this year it like a week with a at home in the plaque or whatever it added article. It is it is passed me by so far I haven't had haven't seen it just yet yet. But this year you know so doing the PSA on 9977 when I'm gonna do. Suggestion of my good friend rich keep it short week and I'm start tweeting about some black history facts. X a match that at possibly Federer had to act. Black history facts black history fact history facts are worth something everyday amateur winner count because. So it's still too rudely blew moving color that here. Are of course are nervous that the ski great modes of black history not to tell us what that didn't Eddie Murphy have a two black history minute. Possibly gonna talk with weave out her when we audio self serve gas yet have they can put a particular are reverent. And it out how the Jerry Carroll started off without the camera one. Back to the calls have you guys 6177797937. Season Rhode Island hasty I don't. Eric what's going on. All it and I heard maybe this is talked about last week I didn't hear anything. Whether or not me young. Telecheck found out that Butler who has the British Campbell. This inning of that game when he detect down crying. To me that look like he did ashamed about something they got mentioned to the team. Yeah we were. And I don't I'm up by you'd think he'd just found out right before. The game government that would Jim article came out what November. I that's been a long time he just found out about it plus the stuff in there I feel that you could look at other directions I don't know how Butler would know a lot of the things in there. I don't know it was just sit here and current in his hand on the sideline at their house last night I put him on the sideline by himself he wasn't art and AME. I thought that maybe more around. Belichick found out between the week off maybe I don't know it was just thought I was thinking of that. It's entirely possible. Because every rule anything out yet because we don't know at least as far as we know we don't know the definitive story but but I will say this column. It is it seemed a little strange that that the patriots who gave NBC the defensive starters presumably on Saturday. Had Malcolm Butler and he find out Saturday night that. Malcolm Butler was the mall probably. It's happening there are just too much coincidence you know he played every snap in the playoffs leading after the game so not. There's we've had a billion theories that one is we've heard. I don't like now. While. This keeps our explode or go away keeps on how does Golar Walt how well. We have to get when we no answer when right now I don't what I was and he could and now I'm now resigned to the fact that we're never gonna now and it's never gonna go and therefore. Five years from now on the Butler Super Bowl why did he play without an and I would say which. Asked which she writes Larry's in Newport hey Larry. Clay I think while opening was to announce this fact that he didn't try. And with a wide play Hollywood that they wanted him a contract and he said no I'm gonna create. They always try to get on it for less. Bright red lighted on the planet you are delighted you traded at the board and or that at the end of the year you know he's worked folk. That's what I think. Yes Lelie are optional what you put out you know if he did and I'm not again for all all options are open here but it B did. How dirty play a 100% of defensive snaps in the two playoff games leading up to the super rule and he wasn't great this year and so if you wanna say the contract was a distraction throughout the year I'd agree with that that's fine. But he still better than what you're putting out there those played. It's never this are going door and that's it well that's a replace that talked the talk about it Butler wrote yes adults. Six down without. At least Israelis say they may want to alleged Butler and smoke amount. I don't did you smoke amount. How soft is if he didn't if he didn't smoke amount Libyans to grab us what he's probably not gonna if that's not as buddy the government's modality hands went to like at the likes some of. Not so much on C a discretionary gone with the whole media cartels don't slap yourself right now do I sound like a liberal media cartel on the patriots and their well coordinated well coordinated well choreographed cartel to get and Belichick really a I think from the defense. Of dollar check on the Butler situation. Is coming from whispers and innuendo and all the stuff but it's it's not based on anything so. Maybe when Butler came out with this up the players supported Butler. There there were there are some comments at all you know maybe something else happen you know maybe something bad happened. And I think that's a response to. That was a response to the player support. The Butler. What Butler can actually come out and say something. Did that and watch the face him doing anything that bad if all the players are bored of them as I agree out there. Sometimes things spill had some than something that we're lingering stench. Something is very very smelly how I would go to Africa as well that word salad. For Bob's in east and Iraq. Qaeda guys all right. Hey I've been there about this way. Here. I don't indicate a military says in no way like guys. But the thing about it and lose money on the one present an organization. That Belichick and sent it as here. Not there usually as the event and I loved it does element. That certain books I. Went. Does the public and a lot. In his office. To a chitchat about it day in. Leon craft I got it. He got into a little. It's. You know this situation with the patriots. Troll. Posts on what happened. Malcolm probably certainly knew how to control what happened. I would just it was a brilliantly yeah and his wife and my body at about six. Now he was sick of it when it was. I mean why. OK got to control our what does that mean I. Yeah I mean are in about that he got sick in the office they'll pay anything mock somebody he did on other. This is yeah I oust him this no one has yet suggested that that Malcolm Butler got a fight with Jonathan Kraft. That is it now that father a bit anyway what I've never heard crafts office into the upper Decker today's today's Tuesday yet your role that our. Today accused Michael Dennis McNamara is not just to say I know upper Decker our member of when they lost the Super Bowl what Super Bowl 42 a Super Bowl 42 to the guy that's right blew the undefeated season. Though we add back that was back in the day when I don't stay out with a super Ball State for the day attempt at a fair simpler time and did they show. From Arizona on Monday number driving through the the streets of Phoenix. In the media center to do the show lately it's snowstorm back here on Monday. So yes it wasn't him. So Monday obviously we talk about the game. On Tuesday we talked about it Wednesday. Thursday. Friday as if it was at the weekend. That you know maybe people have moved on. We go to the following Monday. Still talking the talk about four and thirteen in all the other thing and Belichick and Marty where the red but he on the top right. There you know I'll never forget and I ran the identities on Tuesday. Are ready to move on now. Doing the same things we're doing today and accents and Celtics knicks and the Bruins Celtics at that time not so good. But mix in some Bruins I don't know the bruiser like we did better Red Sox know. And I and until I'm dale if you remember it wasn't until maybe Wednesday or Thursday. Peoples that all right. All right I'll never be over it but I'm ready to talk about something else so my point is. Yeah I know we'd like to talk Grossman thinks this is is it. This is because this is what is on people's minds. I'm not and it would I don't I don't it might have been OK. If there had been that controversy in Malcolm Butler have been out there for 97% this apps in the Super Bowl right. It was you've got sorts what do you do it because of it might have been might have been tortured and have been abused by Torrey Smith might have been an actual art or might have had ten catches on maybe. That we our imaginations take over running he would he would have been in the area would have been aggressively to shut him down so now we've got Malcolm Butler rolling around in the dirt with Jonathan Kraft as our imagination around and not on the you're gonna had to pick he could have done so there's no support that Robert Kraft had no idea Boller in the says that's true. Yes that I read that era had happened that by putting out there are many Democrats get a got today I got an idea I've read that haven't worked out quite orderly and it cover its tracks yes I put this out there that's a good point. Toms on the cell phone hey Tom. Eddie got just. First dialogue. Any question that Belichick got the answer you that personal emotions committed to make a decision. I do you know it is able to join us this. I try to do what's best for the team. I would say the answer is yes the past. Are now of course she still humans are you think it happened in the super bull. I think that god I can't justify everything he looked at her outlook and ability I think it is one particular instance I mean that got something happened and the purple or the other hand. I think that this is there and he also he you know Iran. Rob I I agree that night and I think they've won so much and he doesn't answer anything and it's fine in server sort of moves on. But I swung on to that side of it to instead. People invest so much time and money into this team and it the fan base is important. And if so many people are left wondering what's going on how'd you document I welcome a true answer right he didn't have any chance of another stepping. Maximizing our opportunity is doing what's best for the team all that that's not real thump and a real answer. Good luck with that back. Six point 77797. ID 37 is telephone protects line is 37937. Alon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. Comment about sort of development Butler not playing. Six double team gave up a lot of cities could change the game. And a former it is just. Renders welder who looks criticizing him for that decision space. I respect for help from competitiveness. Sure that we. Well if he could help. Stroke play over backwards for us. In the end. We have make it doesn't we do our best for football fans and for the notebook business. But true our trip. Thought they were into the Belichick English translator. Yes that'd be Belichick in English translator would be something along the lines of really you're asking me about sleeping Brandon Browner I don't buy it in the book the first question as answer my question that's what idea. Our record on the market and threw it about gonna go back over it again I'm not. But that it was best for the team that's that. That's. A deal as Sanchez if they're bad and there's nothing actually do about it but I don't like the answer. I don't believe. No other guys felt that way too ignorant active right decision to counteract player big thicket got a guy that always plays who doesn't play. I that's a little strange a strange did what was best for the team the conference championship and played. A lot was our guy that played every snap in the playoffs and that didn't play in the through bull put exile them with a healthy scratch. Not bad guy and help these aren't healthy stand a healthy Ian Peters is just an over there. The governor current crime phenomenon filth and they're really admit they're upset that we are for marquis flowers. Yes juvenile please don't uncle after Greg Bedard. But buried right. I think he is. I don't know could be short I don't wanna make wild activity low cloud that adjacent undeveloped areas but. I think he's been. With a woman before the feet from the edit it hasn't there with a LeBron or going to be wow. Well we'll look at me and say you know I'll sleep well yeah I do I have been sharing with Ivan and everybody knows the tweet was done. Our Greg Bedard was pointing out marquis flowers. I K you know it wasn't about Butler decision but in the pick wasn't the biggest one the biggest one was like can I check I think marquis flowers. And coverage of how do you expect he's got to get it done. Marquis flowers was it was more problematic. That they're not then Malcolm Butler essentially. To which marquis flowers replied. Also value get all the answers more than coach Belichick who's been more Super Bowls and you've been with the women. Okay. Did go about our ultimate a lot of suitable for let's say it happened there with any woman. I'm does that I don't know anything about it Bedard. It could be a million record of zero Vizio are between those putts. So what zero so what that means that more time to focus on film it's. Football or otherwise I focus. So. Make what he says not true. He's got your responses have been like team. Named on the team next year marquis flowers and and actually had a decent year. It's fine but I wonder mean. You don't see a lot of teachers we are not show up you're upset that Bedard who I'm sure is taking shots at the coaching is what he was still. But and at all and it flurry of so you don't like what he had to say I come back and say William bell with anyone where you know. Sick bird you don't know anything about how to win and you don't know when you don't know anything about football and you don't you don't know football I don't know about women don't know ladies either. So thick that. Ends its its its release that are built to burn there it's not now it works for a loser burned. Right up there though I gyms and lol hey Jim. A little bush just. Yeah you got the talking about a pretty interesting angle I don't think anybody else talk about. Yesterday we would talk about the mighty eagle on the guiding this shut the about our situation. LI anabolic guilt on all my life I tried that's really what we can't link. In about a week people assume mobile we will talk about. Well no jailed war like state issue at three million dollars on the LP it in the lights. And post market to date before the game and we were talking. These people that they're trying to money. They don't usually but that kind of money without having more of summation of what we would have about here. And it like distinction eclectic caps like why didn't this guy nonchalant. We did not eating pot or wasn't gonna play or not. And I'm I'm I'm I'm gonna say no he didn't know that who is this who who died of god or other factors that are he's been he's been pretty successful ones betting game yeah. You know of them Georgian yeah. And coached to not national football anymore treat politically eat talk play in the locker room. That shut that know all week's debacle but almost not ploy yeah people adapt and that this simple ball I was watching it. And what does that road Chenault also. And how much money you he led the way he's he's from spring training day here's what's that goal is gone and what's happening and I always act this spring training out that is in my where's the yeah. My body anybody thought outing I am I advising about Logan I'd enough. Subtler FitzGerald. Yeah that's right it's like if that's right. With that particular picture texted by nick in Boston idea while the different number it was a mixed with the real number reset that the emphasis on it this is where round where is broaching hardworking guy always it's spring training. But all of a sudden Malcolm Butler doesn't play in the Super Bowl there's been a big bet. Huge audience wears it and now he's off on his own island very curious that it is weird when we're hardest working guys in the media was that he that went on there I'm award. Somalia and what that sound by the year but it is similar yeah similar Leo but there are these just say he's on the beach right now that would be him. Asked state sportscaster here but it's relative of all our pocket at all I was right around that problem off from opposite you know nobody would nobody was suspect I don't they broke his dismissed all the money I don't think so either. Some sums going on I used to work with somebody else who told me who always used to tell me that they know more than you. And he would've bought that theory as well that whoever plays this that. He already knew Malcolm Butler wasn't their plight. Now I don't know how we know that because I'm assuming that the two people who might know would be Bill Belichick and Matt Patricia. Because it was pretty clear when you saw Butler. During National Anthem he found out pretty late and again and tell you average at I don't think Malcolm was was make him a quick gulps. Ballots pickle now he had to had to had to play it off it's not acting. I'll promoted an electric part so he figured if I cry on the sideline. That gets me out there. When the feds come by the strike so say you did seem over the crime that cries that you estimate probably not now when banks so. For a hundred million people I don't think so brutal Kevin's on the cell phone hey Kevin. Pay attention to Chicago. So in the I don't know I don't have any conspiracy theories I just know that as hard as I look darker. I don't really hear lots I was at CNET crest that really merit. But this is pretty disingenuous so why do any reporters ask them why follow up question and never got asked or you were wrong. I was pressured by robbers in law and it reminds us. So bizarre he would then say is there a question there because you're making a statement or you don't but called it a little Kevin Kevin got the right idea or right idea maybe. And I'll and there's a give this or the right ideas hey argued YouTube did what you thought was best for the team enter in hindsight. Do you think you were correct. Right or an act or or if you saw whatever but it also coached soccer here without what Christmas tree. You know we think so those saying no but your tail and in hindsight. And why it occurred Jack a question cubicle got. Opus courage to discourage on the part of the reporters I'll defend them in this sense. Anyway and we we just came out with a perfectly phrased question Kevin we did you get it bill rich I don't know Carroll came caliber that all great. But our heads together take it the Bill Belichick and when answering a battery and it doesn't matter I hate for no matter how you phrase that you have five follows three follows a follow up. And he'd still wanna go there not a trap on. You can never get him off his spot ever doubt that Brasilia let's all went out there all premise you want president wants to say something. Right that's been a handful. That's it it maybe maybe it and you did not that enthusiastically but sometimes you just wanna say stuff that's not an unprecedented situation. That's probably what you something that's not an unprecedented flurry of headlines daily and I I'd started other people who passed. I mean the war in the New Orleans game this year but I started Erich Roland and friends and I held my guy doesn't go from a 100% of snapped a 0%. Play in divisional play our happened in right which is why I have never believed. The it was a football decisions story line right I know I'm. A divisional playoff conference championship every doctor every single let's not let's roll into communication together there's always so we were told. The secondary the entire year. Was the key to the defense it was strange and you had to turn him around as a big it's a prize upfront that that's what makes it out games one and scratches and defensive lineman Dallas and front seven and but the back for. Sometimes back five. We're listening to it as sick effect yet. The first four weeks of the season they couldn't get a straight Jeremiah medication error think communication but there really were saying was you'll wars on board. You were on board. They got on board. And they look pretty good. Turn himself keeps intuit top our defense. In addition they're looked like an error some or all down the drain late in that it with a lot like -- a while while we are giving you props and kudos at the end of the regular season because you correctly predicted that they would be able now aren't the only answer you can be top five defense and stuff and sort of happened about how about Philadelphia same thing they look like a top five defense in the and the Super Bowl that no ice on it until they bail and are they also had to face Tom Brady. Little different. And you're gonna bring a point there that he finally validate our god I gotta fly I got another president of the sort of I don't stop by. And see the mass association of broadcasters is invited to back out appreciate you guys appreciate you. Don't ever want to rows of the big year you even to a re an hour ago when you win that first word that's right golf effect everybody you did you sneak under the radar but that's act whenever I got to get right 6177797937. This telephone number tail on Hollywood Keefe. Sports Radio WE. I. It did comfortable I don't know. They just gave up long. The one thing he apologized war was. Everything yeah are there to do it without that we did that's the one thing is disagree imposed. I apologize or stated mr. if you are doing is the stuff I do apologize for my language following games. They gave up on me. I don't know they gave up on me that true or false. From what we know these days to write it seems obvious some noted only playable on. Now the question is why was it quote unquote strictly football decision. Or was it something else ansari and if I was a player on the team. I hope to god he did some bad. I hope it wasn't a football decision because the guy that I'm counting on to make you know put put us all in a position to succeed. Made a terrible football decision. You need it was just sat there he needs something else other than that that that's not going to be good enough thing. And what is. I know what they are probably say publicly but DeVon according to Ron Harmon I'm the most suggested to know what those two. Think our captains leaders on the team but are also part of that secondary date they know Butler how important he can be more than anybody. How they feel about it are they okay what is it do they know the real truth behind definitely. Definitely you know that you and it's a good enough is that is that they good enough answer products gutting and renovating he did he's amid heated freak out when he heard wasn't gonna start. Saudis and why but what got our. We saw or heard anything that makes me feel like he's in the wrong 6177797. ID 37 that's down on the cape pay clip. Hey guys I have a question. Would Josh McDaniels being the news bureau quote unquote coach in waiting. Ed Belichick obviously. Leaving eventually it is seen aborted due to draft this year to pick your old players we go forward. Now this year well because you know he might be I think they have a say in the quarterback let's say let's say he's the coach in waiting. How long is awaiting. I thought that it would fit with the waiting his four years or five years of why sure I don't I don't I don't assume a short I don't know about other short and that's why you're able to talk him out of it and it. He he was about to be a head coach Indianapolis. And then there are gonna say wait another four years you I don't know I say I don't think they gonna say anything to them I think they they were talking about how they some debate yet and it changes they might gave them they gave more money but not as an ethical others not as much as Indianapolis money but that you you factor in everything. You're leaving yeah okay here's the good news. The league and basically I think the good news is the good news is. You get to be head coach of the an app circles or anybody your head coach FL head coach you know I cannot charge that go to get a general manager of two reporting to Sosa like. Your head coach I don't like I don't wanna get a general manager at the last time I don't know election is all they all wanna be but he was I was nine years ago. So I'm up at a more mature now I don't know what I did that I was starting from Allen up 41 a hardline. So I can make more money on the head coach war. I can work with Bill Belichick. Greatest coach of all time he's not gonna I can work with. Tom Brady he's but he's a great of those things I keep I'm in a position to win again as the coordinator. And right at the head coach when he has accorded you don't think there's a little bit different feeling there. Why anybody wanna be a head coach. That's what you want that's the most vote not all of that most coaches most unwanted but maybe even including Campbell tried it once did work and that he interviewed a few several times that NF. He may be here he may have reached the point I don't know and I'm guessing like we dollar. May be reached a point where he thought I want to be a head coach when I was 32 years old and set. It's it's something I dreamed of since I was little kid might have a head coach Hartley two duo two legendary agent legendary coach in Ohio right house thing right up front of the data. There are. Think he does it. And now as he's going through this process and he's about to accept it again. Maybe there's too many didn't want to be head coach and had a part is okay. I doubt it's a two things either he's the head coach in a year or two or he's never gonna you had to. I think I did I can take all those yeah he's gonna be the head coach and five years seems a more a stretch to me too much time. All time I wrote about it via the Bill Belichick know that he wants to do it this is the ultimate dated a guy John Foster good note that he you know our military. Want to leave in two years it seems like I can on Belichick think blog a couple of years ago let's proud that he knew when Belichick wanted to lead and made that are agreement changed. Maybe it'd be got shorter. Maybe shorten it and and and this year he did very well listen I got a couple of things to say let's stop right out of the compact. Out of the contract blocking a purple over eight kind of buckled Jack Ed got a black right yeah at odds costs TA lot of ways the black is a part of the. I'll think bring my game has yeah point and I thank you very much velocity and they all the term that. Let's go on yeah. Yeah I'm I also called Paris Baja and out let Michael do you called before you don't deserve better they're great collar unit and speaker. I don't have you lovely to have you on my ear bud let me take you could lead to room. And personal unless. In my grandmother had when I have mayor. All while I'm while he's not your grandmother are where great companies that probably appears bottles shout out your grandmother as well. Via. I wanted to pick up on where the caller right before the break you said it yet. You you do it wrong you didn't make the right call. Bill Belichick needed specificity. So I think the only way to have got to gotcha moment is to ask him why is Jonathan memos. That's going to ever garnered good question but these are all great questions now that's good stuff I can also tie he's not an answer your question you know I've. It cost you asked if you ask terrific questions and that's got a good. When you're in a court of law and somebody's on the stand thrives on on the the witness stand in you have to answer sufficiently. He doesn't have to. It doesn't have got to he's not on trial he at least not under oath any no matter how direct the question is you can give you the same yesterday and out in the Bronx and the other Cuba as an outstanding question. Outstanding questions before. By but he has our mile out right notify us about it sometimes and he is chosen not to answer. And he and that that very specific and very good question. There isn't a chance on God's green earth you get an answer to that question. The day after the super I think what I like about John. We're opens this chaos I correlate well you know you know John really plays hard really prepared hard you know knows where its ability in a blog Jackson Hole today yeah. Well let's feet doesn't it hook up the path if it falls on the cell. You guys right on right. Any I think we're missing some logic here on the whole outlook. It seems like everyone's taking everything Malcolm bottles 7 NEWS. Weeks. It's truthful and and there are everything that. Belichick said. As it's eight K that's right it is just stupid this additional cars all I don't think Belichick's stupid person. By any stretch of the imagination. Analysts don't tell me that he suffered early alt. Well yeah Arafat are but let's do that involve us I would say listen let's we is that my apologies like a Smart person to. And onshore. You've made some dumb decisions in your life personal and professional and if you haven't I certainly have. And and most people have so does that mean well Smart people never do dumb things or to all the time. Bowl 08 I totally agree that what. But think about it stick about what do you wrote so it's great so weak peaceful at least a week before a game played decent and what it. At least a week before the game plays really well one. Thing. Can I ask everyone's wondering why not core programs all have different got a might peaches. He's out there in the east end of so the that's spangled banner and Austin a magnitude at some point you know crap on my plane in this game should be. Right. So this I think there'll probably because it is you also know that. Belichick's not a GAAP net rose people on the device so welcome what can pretty much say and. In fact it's Armando what I Butler they've pretty emotional guy a lot of it might yard is the first to discuss this when they talk to him on Wednesday and Thursday. He seemed to be in a really good mood and from Mike's. Interactions with him he didn't think he'd be able to hide it but if he knew then that they're gonna play he wouldn't back to disable everything. It seems beyond question is that his defensive snaps in practice were definitely down. But it may Welby that he attributed that to you know I've been sick. Being getting here till Tuesday didn't practice Wednesday his first practice was Thursday. So he's saying okay you know not quite up to a 100% yet so they're not practicing me as much Eric pros get more defensive snaps in practice. He didn't read into what would build the real story which is you know may now be playing here. And how I feel like it's just that's just me and say I feel like I'm not giving enough credit and it should be hate this about myself and it. An argument of credit to the Philadelphia Eagles. I don't care rookie out of out of Nevada. I don't. And their fair out of this is about though I know it's about the if there is because they work bench spot where we seem to be going is. Malcolm Butler didn't play cost the patriots to Super Bowl. I took. May gave them less of a chance to win the Super Bowl that's what is less of a chip that keeps saying that let's have a chance because what Eagles what do you know what I'm doing. I'm trying to keep this car. On the highway. But what I keep to keep clawing to the right well wait a minute wait a minute update patch yet if he had played gators and although we give us or not. Like yeah it's like a voter voting to be honest it which creeps me out low pretty got to do impressions like this out of the bag Malcolm Butler plays and they gain that Leon by the year. As that are not profit. Here now. You don't wanna submit that that you care about eight team found that we are going to there credit challenged our two very important work and support at that it's about the Eagles though at that they play great and so that you're taking it I don't think. You take anything away to suggest that hey mark Butler makes a replay of the it was so close yeah if they get 13 down stop. Maybe they win or fourth down stop certainly. Maybe they win at the guys that great tackler and all it played all season long. I don't think that's complete knock on the Eagles. But. If a welcome Butler plays don't you think I mean admit. I'm thinking if he outweigh obviously I'd probably where David's at. It's. Don't don't don't hit yourself but yeah not a topic to death that that the Atlanta tested that yet. I I think chances are certainly better. Yet you can't you can't or don't know how that's what it's become around yeah that's a project cost them the Super Bowl because he didn't play Malcolm and I'm prepared. Oh every single day and Aaron. Well I think your tone deaf. Or it's. Go back to it yourself if I think it's because of his answer if he says we did what was best for the football team. I think we as fans look at it say those not what was best for the team can't guarantee the win but I guarantee you that it wasn't what was best for the team. Why didn't he says. He executes you or those divisional round game war. Mandy tried Benson once a week to the minute injury did the right back in there and he still played 90% of snaps in the regular season now. I want to submit that I never wanna hear that again that the white Michael Winslow should I. Steps led 77797937. To hockey make up night they'll get a bill that only about. And I'm going to be on set with grapes cherry tonight I'm great all right god every time gonna be really plainly dressed you know they're going in he's gonna have on like a black suits. Light shirt. Not know all I know it's going to be Daryn it's going to be very simple it's gonna look like your grandmother straight I'd just solidly ahead in black we dealt gonna have a Cadillac less time than normal Vizio via their letter that was to begin with Ed don't worry though we're right back to the calls coming up next Sports Radio W media know. You don't you wanna submit that.