DHK - Do you believe something shady happened with Butler and Belichick? Shaughnessy trolls Patriots fans

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, February 8th

Hour 4: Last night, Isaiah Thomas said he was sick of being traded. Today, he was traded to the Lakers. Eagles center Jason Kelce, dressed as Aladdin, had himself a ball at the Eagle’s Super Bowl parade. Dale gives his theory on what happened with Malcolm Butler.


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Yeah yeah. Fourth and final hour dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WVU I sensed a lack of respect. You know it's funny though about that after hearing and again is he was pretending like he did you don't know what came out of bandits but a manager of the Red Sox did it all summer to Nevada Florida the story of that he said Rick is that rich life he's trying to be like I you know like I that the guy the other guys the other guy an indelible Obama was a problem. I guess I yelled this earlier caller from Monday and was talking about you know the and in with me all your work for the Jacobs dale so I realized that I volleyball this claim was. The patriots are one of the three lowest teams I'll ever see her team and it turns out there like the eleventh eyes teams as they got that wrong but he called in yesterday one needle apologized to him and I honestly don't remember who was of the apologize for one and anyone on this whole thing about it you know blow was very confusing when an apology for somebody that he would no gap that pretty out of there pretty much sense that I run an apology for him being right when he still he was all right so then I hear from an idea that he called ever he flies also there opportunity I was I didn't I wouldn't let mine he screamed as he's he's paying up on. You know. Sarah get a computer and Google aren't its assembled right there bill Ford. I saw today at the Philadelphia Eagles held their gigantic Super Bowl parade I've seen reports that they think there were as many as three million people out there somewhere. Maybe less than that they ended the hold the hold rally part of it ended on the rocky steps. In front of of course the library is cruel or is it is great luck so I haven't heard this yet. But from I did see the outfit and I'll give Travis Kelsey and you know proper marks for creativity he was dressed like Alibaba or something but he had this whole pat are you allowed to read into it. And and from what I understand he cut himself or wrestling pro ball of choice including a segment in which he ripped. Former patriots executive Mike Lombardi I don't. It was hired. He was rated the worst coaching hire by a lot of freaking you know it's out there. Don't. They're coached. You know yeah. It's the topic a we've had enough of that yes the last wait a Mike Lombardi responded. On Twitter. He said look. I deserve what Kelsey said I was wrong and he is right on my shoulder to fight I'm. I act like I I doubt I'd go back out of I deserved were Kelsey said about. The agent. Deserved well he's our act fascinated Doug Peterson was the worst of the coaching hires again have a lot of things out there and guys member of the media who say a lot of things that are right in things that are wrong part of the job part of the game. All of us. I Arianna list item he has that threat a threat crank our that I was fact checked out when to we have to factor that well tell. We're gonna take apart. The north and down for a while I often see coaches go for it on fourth and down back. Read I don't know I don't know he was singing with fans earlier in today I did see some of this on Twitter he was walking along the parade route singing with fans we will be playing those songs you know because we're not allowed to get the national scene there you know words in there that we're not allowed to say to him about Tom Brady did it then lost to this team we probably playing this and laughed a lot flat out to raise this ship. They didn't have school today in Philadelphia good for them I think that is good that's nice a ballot round Goldberg called out school and said you know what the kids witness history not Travis County Jason Carroll C minus just an Jason who else has brought yes yells as a walking on the streets drinking a beer inside cops remember last year when ground was like. At night of the year and he's the issue is like such a bad as I thought I picked tanner. And I was walking around beard and hands signing on pastor Steve's and he was drinking. He's until things he was dressed as a pirate for got a sense that whatever is that it meant it delegates so I don't know if you guys hurt. Isiah Thomas was in the news night started last night yeah Isiah Thomas. Made it known how he wanted to approach like going forward. It's. Better to do good. Hasn't been as as players that I. I didn't wanna be here we are. I outside this guy your your guy yes you let your god what a difference. It's just one year one year has made for Isiah Thomas. At this time last year playing great and all NBA type season. Top five MVP candidate. That's what he was last year and he's thinking that he was in line for a big contract. With the sheltering Straka billion back of the Brinks truck. Shutter several times. They did not back up the Brinks truck. Nor anybody else greater than anybody else rated you literally clearly eclipsed them that'll lakers. Last year at this time. Isaiah Thomas in the Boston Bruins have literally flip flops where they where they are I did Thomas a mess right now it's traded away from the cavs the lakers did you hear this one too. Already his agent is quoted as saying he's not coming off the bench. And he's coming off the bench in LA he wants a buyout. He already is already we are back to cut it back to our learning from a known already starting drama with the lakers. It's oh so he sat last night he likes Cleveland wants to be traded from Cleveland today LeBron James said hold my beer. Isiah Thomas had not connected with his teammates. He publicly come out against the coaching staff he's not in. Great physical condition it coming off that injury and now what Cleveland gets in Jordan Clarkson who is you know. Up. Volume. Scoring. Guard can play both guard positions. Certainly can defend better than promised could and then Larry Nance whose father played in Cleveland. Of personal. Athletic forward who can help. A ball player justly Nance and help them start to defend. But it gives them some more. You know they certainly send back five who had played a role with that team. T here for the lakers to get that 20181. Round pick from the capital that's lottery for that's protected. I'll we'll see if that conveys this year for the following year. The Clarkson deal with one the lakers are. There he says there has got this right what is it they throw the music in just the sort of cover mocked its total health of the lone track is the right track on. For a while for awhile the walls bombs were owning Twitter when he was talent today he was getting a bunch of stories below the first thing you said that a player as well as dad played there a solid it'll probably be the better part of that that should be your lead on Larry Nance but either way. Cleveland has a completely different team. They swapped out six guys that they're trying to out there and state crowd this is there championship push. That's what it is I think they have. More talent again based off from where Isaiah is this year if you had lashes Isiah baby now based on issues Isiah. They have more talent but I try to pick it up on the fly. And when you look at the NBA you sit just before your two best players that you go from there now through your three best players and who's the third best player in the cavs right now. They have their best player. Rodney hood. Rodney Rodney hill and Giordano I Rondo but I don't think he's I would like running and as the third best player in the Celtics about him as the fourth or fifth maybe. OK you know what they've done with this trade what what they've pretty much done is taken their older role players. Shaken them out sent them out and brought back younger role players. That's why I think it's actually also a we're gonna protect ourselves when LeBron leaves to the lakers so we helped up our free up cap space by the way but I think. Dwyane ways I can help you obviously didn't hopped issues are gonna help you next year Isiah Thomas is gonna leave. Derrick Rose or left ones on his own and came back to you all useless guys for next year. And you bring in Jordan Clarkson. In George Hill and Larry Nance and Rodney hood so your your better situated for next. I've been I think they're trying to win right now. Correct Chris red x.s that Bebo was saying that earlier too looking they're trying to win this is a this is a push for. Relevance in 201718. And even if they got better trying to convince LeBron hate. We're serious we're taking on salary. We have switched up your roster excuse me our roster. Her right I don't think that a lot better go. I think the Celtics are still that seem to be in the east in the raptors are probably. Number ten right there. It's on the other thing is you've heard Keith say during trending out Jimmy grapple assigns a huge contract 137 point five million dollars for five years average annual value of 27 point five. We've seen conflicting reports that the guarantee is ninety million over three years another report says the guarantees 75 million either way it's a boatload of money. He'll be the highest paid quarterback for about five weeks or so. When Kirk cousins will surpass him and then Erin Rogers well and Matt Ryan well but it brought us back to. The first conversation we had would Bill Belichick act. After the trade was made back on November 6 is when we talk to. In the future and make a trade takes two to make a trivia I don't know the any of us was sent here and settled Marcel Darius that tree it's going to be for a sixth. I don't know that any of us will decide adherence. John it would have been traded for four. Or so forth right down the line I mean it's sometimes you look at a trade so well it'll athletica. And then sometimes as an assurance that you know. Think they would go more for that. But again you don't know the market and you know sit on the outside mean. I'm sure that when those trades and a detonate whether it was so. You know the press for trade last year or the U Marshall there straight this year whatever it is that. You know people look at it and say well thought a little more total downloads but in the end for whatever the reasons were. They ended up in what they were and that's enough supply demand and in the end what with two teams could ever upon so. But he said like local businesses you know. Would you trade as dire a second available or which he did this for him or did you did that mean. You might look at it and sales model would never do that certain but the UC traits that I made and think well. Somebody had asked that question I get it done so. Maybe that was so for whatever reason the right. Trade at the right time for that particular player so. It's hard you know it's really it's it's a hard thing to to gauge. You know what what is and isn't. Now is like teen Senna. You know emailed everybody. These eight players are available these these. 47 aren't. And it just doesn't really work so sometimes in the course of conversation guys' names come author. A certain value comes up for the player than. Mr. Steve talked about it for now the news this person counts and certainly the war emblem. So that it brought out of rather spirited discussion amongst the three of us earlier today about. Well they just came 137 point five million dollar contract obviously he's worth more than a second round pick you change your mind since then held now you are seeing all I was you know and these were last known until I. I I think they got what he was worth. We're talking about is now talking about a guy with that point had played a game and a half obviously the starting quarterback and they got us out a game and happening got a second round pick from the team that they called up. It all out tiger wanted a deal to save for example I had something to offer you who and I only spoke with the you'll about it. Thirty big backer to raise your price of oil to talk to Michael that in my right involves a Michael's interest that it now also well. If it's as to that out at two to three or just a flat one or whatever it is. I feel like you definitely could've gotten more I think the contract backs that up but even without the contract. Irsay and I within the same thing back and following. That'd make him available. Bill Belichick said that. That that whole April market for Jimmy drop below there was no April market as he had no interest in trading and wanna listen to what anybody had to say. Don't know what it was because there were no plans to trade grapple. With plans to trade him. And in a limited market they got a second round pick it just stands to reason that if you let people know that he's available. It's remarkable increase and you get more than a second round I don't think he would of but you guys welcome and that Rapoport well first of all we know that they would have. Unless you use that you you chose to believe in Rappaport. Who's at second and third round pick. I don't I did and that was back when you thome was NFL insider Ian Rapoport Deborah do you believe Alan archer what he is I didn't do you believe that Iraq report was second and third. Yeah I don't I don't know the answer but you know let's say let's say it's true. And deposed general manager says first round I don't believe the deposed general manager he's trying to say anything that would have made it back another economic Berlusconi and he's out of a job now now he's he if you you can look the other way and say. Now that I don't have a job I can tell you everything that I had play maybe maybe Bill Belichick is thinking when I'm gonna send this kid Cleveland. Arnold you're worried about no I don't like that you like that I'm just saying it you know I'll just sit and cleared finally by the pace Phil yeah that Grosvenor. They're trying to give the most that you can't for the president Jimmy I respect you so much a cancer of the Cleveland. But I would also prevent Lee's summit offer you more and and there's this faults. This fake news out there and and attacks machine still filled with the Cleveland or Chicago would have given a one stop with act. Let me stop water because I don't believe it. I don't believe based on any goalie and it's great on deadline would have giving you late first round picks front quarterback who would play that game and a half. Asking you why are you are you are shortening the field intentionally. And you're going to trade deadline and then making your your trade market based on October. Right I'm saying at the trade deadline on when I'd rather be guys nodded Africa because they didn't want to trade him in the offseason while it checks that's everything else that they definitely we're gonna keep both of them he said that you know he told the fact that we while we knew that you know time in Morgan Hill the people emblem so why do you do that yourself since they were not take calls pre season. Now we're gonna tell over a text one team at the deadline and that's just how it's going to be. You're obviously not setting yourself up to get the most I'll go and I'm I'm not even go there because you guys just sit here and make stupid common good I'll that's very good let's let's not not it's not worth I don't know what it's not we're not gonna go where. Because. The line or the other part of this was the backup quarterback. Are you guys that are here are how well I've got to be kidding about that a honor of mr. that's kind of guy but yeah quarterback would have been you know. Who cares if it Dale Arnold froehlich I think adding Bill Belichick to back up quarterback ID one Medicare as we saw so much of the backward right well now. Thankfully you didn't write but you'd know that when you when you'd made that the veteran Connecticut surgically percent owned it wasn't available. You know under Turkey. Dinner and I did the right guy model of the tricky race at E*Trade why the trade deadline I thought I got it when you traded an alcoholic and trade deadline. You have to have somebody lied they traded at the trade deadline and up for the season started. It's quicker Debra I think they wanted to insurance for eight games are an adequate drug and insurance at the end of the season beginning of the season. We've for moral guy it's your heat if there are no hell are you shocked any place property only might not would have traded him at the end of the season. It's a key franchise I'm saying but train him before this right right and and he wanted to. Okay and he told us when I was never gonna trade him which I don't I still don't yet. I understand I thought that's what he told our role and how we won once on the roster week one then I'm on board with the when the franchise and trade. And clearly separate this goes not worried about the money aspects differences go to Slobodan players are not the money aspect at present it's annoying I do that you guys get ten million dollars worth of football players that you do that they can absolutely do. Bill Belichick easy city to manipulate the cap he's on record saying that they could they could easily do that's how you manipulate you can give you gotta get rid of ten million dollars with the players you'll think he's a franchise quit he could possibly. Not to that he was interested in doing NASA to trade him before the season. He didn't want to. Well what do you want in eight games of insurance I think that's what he why it's not. More games eight games that they golf or heard a thing or breaks down when you train them at the deadline if you if you guys say I'm not gonna trade him and April. Because I've got an insurance policy here and our guys China policy for the entire year because. He's already said they eat like they had the best quarterbacking situation in the lead at Tom Brady out who was a starter clearly and Jimmy drop below who thinks can be a starter and the 49ers now agree in a very expensive way right. So insurance means if anything it's that if anything happens to Tom Brady to put this guy and it's still get to the Super Bowl and let it. And when he when you brought in Brian Hoyer. That insurance went from premium to just the basic get me over. You're gonna win a Super Bowl Brian Hoyer absolutely not the question was if he had to win a game against the jets at the end of the regular season could eat. That doesn't matter if it's if it's lawyer for the rest of the way on the rest of the way with it no but I'm saying if if Brady's got a miss a week he's obviously you want daily job and it got to bring this guy in this week to play against the jets. I would take who literally guy off the street. I viewed the same and you're beyond Serbia wash six. So it's. The song. They acted that you miss this apparently Jamie six point 77797937. Active calls in just a moment. Everything was divided not really of course there was no division in the locker room. Every player that's both either said I'm not saying the VMware or said ask coach he could've helped us I don't understand it there was no division in the locker room. The law for about what we should play it and now they said he was a great teammate back night. Candy hearts out patriots football weekly who appeared this morning with Kirk Callahan. He got to our appearance I'm not sure if he earned a two and a half hour appearance next time that that was still up for debate no rail tunnel one and a half but the band is known and an account now and on and I never now. Stay tuned in my god we we were talking about this whole Malcolm Butler thing and I I will tell you. Part of this is what I've been told part of it is my own theorizing. But here's what I think happened on Sunday. I think that they were looking at Malcolm Butler through the bye week. He was sick the early part of Super Bowl week could make the flight got there and it was still sick. I didn't practice until Thursday they saudis his play had dropped off just from a performance point of view. I think he was told just before the game Malcolm a starter crowd Warner a guy. And I think he went crazy. I think he it it was verbal day it was it was loud. I I think that he lets just say strongly disagreed with the fact that he wasn't gonna start super ball. But with it. They couldn't have said that one like that because a lot of things happen it's like saying to. A land and Robert. You're gonna start. Middle linebacker the Super Bowl. But you might play ten cents. You gonna start but yeah so differently yeah I thought our Eagles do it Eric Eric Eric ain't gonna start but are your tummy and I can play. What would Malcolm Butler had that idea I don't think he was art wasn't gonna play. I think he was told start Eric roller corner. It's got to be starting air row and something else and say we're starting here and I have my hand and not others Moses I kind of easy I don't even think they say you're not playing much as. You know why even set that up what you're saying as Malcolm we're starting Eric a corner so and and I think he Dan responded rather loudly he didn't like I did like it. But even those guys have to know just because you don't start it is to Rome Hartman star every we have but he played well and yet except except Malcolm Butler had played every snap in the two previous playoff games so I don't just a question that that decision than to investors find it find it you'd you questioned the decision I'm just telling you what I think happened. I think any of that point it went from now to the American start. To scroll you know comply. And if that's what we got I still don't like it but that's not good enough for me. I can I would start I would miss curfews department that wasn't. It's no I don't I want I'm told the truth I don't he missed curfews I don't think it was weak that he got the great rock concert even that to me when I found what he told the truth. Right it is Inkster Graham and face and not Twitter post. He did not have that stuff wasn't all think your scenarios correct and by the way than Belichick told the truth it was a football decision. So directly to look when he went off like a rocket soda both do you feel better now if if that's it let's now that not mean you are now had close. They get that that a good enough reason Dilfer who did not play at all it would depend on what happened. With with a doubling of showers and carry out the back that's what happen. Yes they're saying go back before getting any kind of answer than he was told he wasn't gonna start I disagree with that. I don't think before he even reached it before Weaver responds you played every snap in the two playoff did you say that week to a New Orleans Norton stars sure sure I am a member of the discussion in week two when he didn't start looking in I don't pay what you need you all later when Erik rolled pulled his grueling yesterday but back out there and play to play because I broke out there probably finally utility. The playoff game against Tennessee playoff game against Jacksonville. Cure all week to suddenly Malcolm Butler is is knock on it is not gonna start and Eric wrote that he pulled his groin. They are mostly error. None out in week two I know I didn't start that's when I got into the game when Monroe got that on the sideline for an entire game in the regular season and the defense has given up. Points after points after points and third downs on third down yeah who said the same thing and if you interview if you are. So impressed by Eric wrote his work in the super ball let's move on to somebody else let's move on about a mostly. Which are third quarter. How about him. Yeah I would rather have Butler I think everybody Olympic teammates I think at most he would. Just about who would rather have what I think so. But instead it's just doesn't make a lot of sense it can't be a football decision to leave Malcolm Butler on the sideline in his uniform. Ono I like I said I I think that came about based on his reaction when he was told he wasn't gonna start. Well at this is an I don't know if if all of this have happened two hours before the game. Before you put in the inactives list. I think he'd been inactive I think Alan Branch would have been active he would have been in active and you would even see him on the sideline at that point but it happened Al. After the inactives were put in after warmup. They companion. It was a put at Edison if he went off on somebody he's just going crazy to get support decision on his part but on the flip side. I think coaches and really let's collar middle managers and managers need to understand sometimes. When you tell they add a performer an employee. You hated to a certain things you tell them something they don't wanna hear. You might yet react actually educate them for a new pay and yet at an opinionated person. You what you pay than their opinions and your state is safe open to them. That that they find distasteful. I get a strong opinion because that's who they are you just might actually getting out competitive athlete and aggressive competitive happen to like about a for the ladies on an audio to come before the Super Bowl. Hey I don't know what you told me not gonna start not gonna play played at 20% this past. I don't make it whatever I want a number I don't know what are they just said you're not as stark. By the oil in frustration for him I'm without any he said he had a bad seasons and he was trying to make it up yes certainly there I noticed my contract year here's Matt another big Super Bowl and by the way or to have that. But by the big Super Bowl year. If you can make up for everything we win as a team and I can also wind Whitman next contract hundred million people watch it right here is that takes that away from a whole league is watching the news until I know what this league does the over. They overreact to great performances and bad ones in the Super Bowl right tire out so I have great performance in a book but they also get a lot of money just straight up pension. Right again he played one. Snap happened on special teams but if you're gonna take everything away from home like a your benched and we wish you could be an active but. Too late so you're gonna be out there on the field but there are on the sideline but ya gonna play rocked upon the other part of that defense. If five if if in the course of telling him Malcolm Munich and start he goes crazy. If if he goes after a coach. And let's just take it to the step we talked about that coach happens to have the last name of ballot check nice not to quarterbacks coach but he is the safeties coach. They'd be in the same vicinity. If he goes after a coach. Verbally to start win and that even you know he's he's try to be restrained players are trying to calm him down coaches are trying to calm him down as are ugly. Would that change because when I said this or are Michael you you said you know that might change things but now you're saying I shouldn't change settings while. Now if you're talking about physical. Confrontation. And by the way Nazi occupiers are close as that like what he got close tolerating grown man word close are you amazed at what happens happens what you gotta do. Is that tell the captains to deal with them he just calm down nobody threw anything coaches make no decisions at that point. Player to stop talking. You'd just need to separate it just calm down eternal when the supreme struck to keep the big picture in mind. And all trying to win the super well if it's also a team or it's a football reasons for why he's not starting with a three at home. Is that the best time to do it worked for the game. Did you he could get a hold on the front and yet that's Saturday Saturday to talk to them again according in my chi RD Mike Duffy. His role had been reduced long do you notice if it was even reduced before he gets so I think your video communication with port then how do you not tell them way early tell before inactives from our and in it he sued his response six or whatever I don't think you're expecting he's gonna go crazy here but so Bob why tell him and teller row it's all these guys are here's what you're doing that two weeks to prepare for the game. And now inside of an hour's report by the way are not starting that inflict terrible coaching. We get right back to the calls and you guys coming up next Sports Radio W media. I he's got his cat door podcast the one on iTunes you valmont Twitter ex heat when he won rich heat. Jessica and I don't know where where it is due to Pennsylvania and experts. In San Diego yeah videos boosts in and show. Okay nice when my daughter died last night. Last night let's plug for the door podcasts that you're more than that we know we're experts who was content editor at the door podcast about the dale Hollywood keyboard are talking about 4 o'clock I wish I did today they plugged they're you know without the intro you might as well since every show nationally mr. Cohen but Michael I'll show it once now I thought what your own home at the door podcast. You look like that how has. It is cat door podcast going on a night that's accurate all my Twitter at key 21 rich key as our podcast accidents never got handle got you cornered him and it's. But it did it a graduate like I don't know all the radio show and politics are pretty good you should should consider doing regular things that are already radio that I focused on the podcast at arbor dork podcaster that it edged listeners about it is that the ball even got that they had your radio was my creditors who did late. The appellate court battle your pocket where to find me yesterday breakdown of it oddity patriots experts and they went the right place Richie yeah. Knew what that are on to say the patriots are very they're done well assessed on that sort like that time when Pete Sheppard was the Boston College experts about equipment it is they right now I think probably. It's inevitable it's definitely kind of share I don't write part of issues. It's not a little light. Four foot ten might. Hispanic early screening better and at the who probably fiddler at the hosts that it's it's okay. Why is it okay you have to monitor that mound as the CIA information into their oath I have some good a job and out after good notes on the offensive line I've write about it but that somebody to write papers. He's got he is at dork podcasts so that we go there. How did you do anything else that's ridiculous propaganda about urge you guys the the Shaughnessy tweet. Yeah I list I started its rigs are looking if Pete Carroll. Hadn't lost since I'm in Seattle Super Bowl. Atlanta Falcons had joked correct what he ate the three the patriots to be looking at a historic five game losing streak and if however if if if they're right there without a half hour Mario Manningham again though aren't you put the defense could stop one. G the third down it the president do that could help me read out loud do that could be looking at re you could you could you could be. This this little portion of the program constitutes final drive it's cosponsored by an arrest restoration specialists. If you manage a facility in did not receive the frozen weather service you needed for pipes or floods becoming IRS restoration specialists priority service client today. Learn more at ARS serve dot com it's also cosponsored by cars for kids storage card help child today schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids or cars for. Kate Taylor who lives out if you live south of the equator you be warmer right now. It's well it's estimated that if I don't said that it comes Bill Nye the Science Guy here John Riggio you're opens assured her there was to defect to its that is factoid is every shows. Really well up inside the snapple cap factoid that's. Now. We know that he's not actually reading them off the inside of the snapping it and the big snapple going to be one today and you just have to hear that down and deal with snapple detail at which point we'd be read in the backs are more if there's going obvious Dan Shaughnessy for continued out yet you more. If it. You're more flexible down the show because this afternoon back. I have. I picked me that's true and if primer Korea and the balls he would reported fired again sexual rest reform were the glow. Although it. The united mine were at the Pentagon Callahan you and I are out of the political. News at. And times of day. He will DJ he's on Twitter defending them when will. He's right you know yet but that's not what you were you ready to be correct if he were to screw with people wouldn't people opened their right now. Are you hurting right now I patriots thing yeah. A quicker car. They are. Now he's got he is cat door podcast going on on iTunes that station on Saturday that alone on it's the home of San Diego State Aztecs athletics Oscar rates in all the hours he's taught in the San Diego State it did not pop up I heads and separated now you know why Leonard gold glitter didn't come through the Marshall fall on notice that it. The music of that I it when I go to these places. Of these these remote outpost at the San Diego's remote but. I gonna that I city not far away from from Boston in the united McCain wanna talk about patriots and I feel like okay. I should talk to them about some things are two students like try to. You ask them questions out there actually use it in and use the other stuff than that you don't like they don't want that now hey. He goes on with this they look there Iowa is located wrestling program. That for the king that I and I like do a quick little rest and other top radio talk about Iowa wrestling I did I kind of idea highlighted Dan Gable and allow air conservatives John department. Who cheated here darkness there like I've been Iowa I don't want it to be in this market you know I always like lady here being public like. Is that while this is via the haves and the have nots is that you of course over the patriots we. Don't have a team anymore Arnold. Out of my hands up so I did call the chargers. You've got about that that you didn't want the chargers got the aztecs whose San Diego State that that mountain must football. Marshall false memories they go there yesterday. It is okay he got that they got that Kevin O'Connell. Okay former pitcher greatness is good at them make good progress. About four. You guys are all lined up for a ever keep with. Since nine yeah but this is on the bar that's why I wonder if Thursday though Thursday nights at the month I did see much and yeah routes weird I it's him briefly what you guys are talking. It's really it's a slow process among the choice is across our business the cross if they sit right now I'm one of the problems that yet we know we're doing across overrated it's a mystery disease. While it sort of tune in to find out through his I don't know it and does that mean not really sure it means I've also got suited to find out objectivity choose your own adventure I hope so by the way thank you all the techsters I knew Tony Gwynn was dead thank you for let me alrighty priorities in line did you. Are you guys talking dork podcast on the outlook hasn't yet program on he's got he is at the door podcast go. Available now on iTunes resisted a hash tag or those radio row where I was able to catchup with the patriots the mother played reasonably Anderson around and talk to Louie Anderson that's big abducted a downtrend they've Portland now you did yeah I also noticed Mitchell Schwartz I told a story the pocket god is great it's the players for those don't we had to have like ID picture right well let's talk and I can't give dip Portnoy credit hilarious story got. I don't know how do you tell the story about how it happened no I. But he had badges and ID badge. Mitchell Schwartz. If it. Isn't a lot of credit had not allowed to edit OK Schneider is there I literally thought I was passive about it no that's laughter if I was there I was asking for script I was ever keeps coming up next we'll talk to guys tomorrow by.