DHK - Dale Vs Holley & Keefe on Jimmy Garoppolo’s trade value; Cleveland Cavaliers just traded their whole team.

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, February 8th

Hour 1: This Thursday edition of Dale & Holley with Keefe begins with two stories that broke in the early afternoon: the Cavs traded Isaiah Thomas to the Lakers, and the 49ers have made Jimmy Garoppolo the highest paid player in NFL history. What could the Patriots have gotten from Jimmy G besides the 2nd-round pick?


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Yeah yeah yeah. Rich we miss Michael so much yesterday and in honor of his return to the program today we blow up the entire sports world. It's great. Most of her talk about today you talk about it. Split it talked about. I'm shook yours would you think about just did a lot of Mike Ditka Shelton yeah. That's old news that if they don't learn all about who's got 21 for the patriots to a quarterback from our man and a sight out of mind out of the game last legs fine or earlier this week it was earlier this started the week I canceled forget it flat as a parade have incorporated about the I don't a lot of Carrey is our big story. Not the story by the way you're the Philadelphia Eagles your first Super Bowl title in history you've got you know three million people on the streets of Philadelphia for your parade. If you get pushed off the front of sports center by the Cleveland Cavaliers and Jimmy drop off. Those leaders are Ron. The brunt of the did you LeBron estrogen act around below does it again on real highs but apparently but yet but it's usually I would gently drop alone. If you thought the story was with him you know how how how long could the patriots have held on to home what could they have gotten. In a return of it made him available to Lee I think now under finding out. It's what he's lined a Pam 137. Million dollars. Yeah. It's the first team got to make hay. Here here take that round pick gives second round pick you can have to to grapple Arafat. Comes in there. They win some games and now they're willing to pay him based on bear thing for by the upper parts. He's our father got out that created those games I've got enough I don't know you're the franchise guy. Just him the rest of the league what did the rest Italy Pinkerton drop below as we always say in these cases. I gotta wait until a CD guaranteed money it's a ball lot of money let's say it's 50% yeah it is still tell us they don't go to and it will be the highest paid contract until Kirk cousins sides. Now we'll be anymore. Kirk cousins gonna get more he's got a a length the year NFL pedigree a better NFL career than Jimmy droplets so far he's a free agent. There's going to be a bidding war for him out it has hired as a of a ceiling now but nothing you won't guarantee to a ton of money it got the ball well but work Rob Lowe. You know still there's more intrigue there's only seven career starts but some things two things jumped the Mott won it if they want to keep on so many people told us. Well you know you hamstring the cap with the franchise tag plus the team that don't wanna spend that kind of money right away alliger yesterday they would did you want him as security you could have done that at a government security if you could have moved you could more easily get event you could trade him for at the very least second round pick out the thing. How do you not get more and I understand you played more games for for that skirt played five games but the team is willing to pay him that much money. So obviously the niners liked him right they like them a good amount if you played hardball that a little bit longer even up the debt by what they trade about the deadline same time out going to trade him. You can't say it can't give another two or how about one that. If they like him this much to it to attach this kind of money to home. Why wouldn't that he's part of you more traditional thing. And and part of that are always something else and a forty niners had zero options and and we said that that at the time that he really had them by the throat here. Because who's the Jimmy Iraq I'll have the 49ers by the but they had to sign about the almost not a weren't numbered on. Get there to keep point. If the 49ers don't have a quarterback which they didn't. And they've got resource and it's CJ about third are you got. About a very broad do a that you can get more form and I understand. Part is they have to spend a lot of money but you gotta remember the 49ers have a lot of money spent. Then on the browser so far under the cap at at and that and the colts as well the colts and there's there's your 85 million dollars for the colts about a 100000003. Round. Wait to see if luck I guess is gonna play but the folks who teams don't have a quarterbacks he could it pit them against each other. There are other ways to do it so even at the time I think many of us thought they could have gotten more than just the second round pick. And this to me further proves that. If they're gonna go out go ahead and toss around a 137. Billion dollars a neat that he's going the highest paid quarterback for a week five is the second highest paid quarterback. That's it that's insane so they obviously like the guy a lot they'd be willing to commit. A lot of resource tool. The interesting to see what guaranteed money is and it's going to be huge what Kirk cousins get it's going to be huge. The team that has asked for the first private interview and work out with the baker mayfield is the Cleveland Browns. Four baker may feel a body had a chance to go right because the browns now as well. Maybe Eagles and browns and he's not the committee trapped him they also go get a quarterback. We'll get a rich guy. For a couple of years and not about the condition on Kaiser yes I do think it is a bridge got don't really. Pagan like Kirk cousins Cleveland I'm very interest and Kirk cousins. Then he used the first and fourth and and really yadier team. I mean less and no I'm saying you use today and I don't know about number one it may be number four. You use on a quarterback yeah and you bring you got tons of money. You bring in cousins for what we're all here probably contract here it is on going to be a bunch of money. You gonna get this thing going. Will go use our first round pick our number one overall pick say it's Barkley from fencing I don't know but he gets in my head right in at number four and as a quarterback. And then you just try to get that thing up and running their offense is so horrendous. Our whole team is obviously yet so yeah I think a lot of money out there for content. Is that the problem the other and look it looks bad for the patriots. I just as the get a lot more. All right guys you're ending violence I think we're gonna go without him again again this look at battle so that in different how does how does this look bad ones bad because you say but I don't think you put all I got a second round pick for me this guy whose value of this highly. But again at the trade deadline it's look it if they knew that we're gonna pay and that all he's worth the first round pick. What do we say Cleveland supposedly offered 12 and a settler that's not even still more and I'm just saying it. I don't think it's like all you should first round but look each side 137 and a half million dollars. It's not how it works well it could work their way out I laugh that's how it worked. It but it could not tell us what could have but it doesn't. I would've they've let go at it that way we heard about this trade it was like hey we'll trade you grappled for second round pick at it like yes we can't. It gives good head on it like a trademark it was a handpicked destination. Hey what wanted to go to we're gonna have you noticed ever since Croatia for Cisco like Jimmy drop low. It was a second topic you don't yeah here's the deal. One more thing forgot I forgot. And you can you get as Brian Hoyer threw that all I'll let you know Richard and his. We don't we kind of got an Afghan native now did you have to ask about Brian Hoyer those that are I don't bottom because they are bringing injured in Europe are gonna release and Buehrle you all and we get them you think he'll come tell us. You do pay figures are got to deal. They're really. Tell everybody Jimmie grapple is available. Don't you think you get more and sat around and yes. I don't listen I don't think. We have this in our head we have remember in the in the offseason multiple first round picks. Oh it it's not how they're also total in the offseason that's what we've but at and it was ridiculous for a guy who had basically no and it but sorry I 137 million dollars for guy who started seven games that's also ridiculous but it was evident that they are totally wired and he had a game to half of NFL experience and that's why aren't the second war. Well what did you think you'll get for game and a half a first round. Couple that at least my nose I don't I don't think it was even feasible you get two twos for for another game and I. He's not repeatedly hit a couple of tunes when Cleveland supposedly after the fact it would have given him a second and third yeah the fired general managers said they are. Out of the fire general managers had something more that five general managers. I was prepared to give them the Houston pit you know it was going to be number four overall the time outlet it give them a first round pick. Now the general manager before it got fired offer was second and third. As we know that's what African rat and that's what our Rappaport anymore. That was the Rappaport all right here's Adam show after its update on the drop below deal because this what we said we really love it no longer break and in a here's what he has. When his five year deal gets finalized shortly and according to him it is. It will include the largest three year cash total. For a new contract in NFL history just shy of ninety million dollars. A bunch that's not ball I want and yeah of course is not official in the league year starts in March. So out of it all of this stuff be official remarks like Alex McNeil ninety million I artificially either. The first three years of the deal. That is that is just one meets again on that you use. Easily could have kept him at all those debates and obviously it didn't matter because Tom Brady with help ease the rest of the season and didn't miss a snap. But all those debates that Jeremy dale attitude about Brian lawyers are back over to metropolis Rebecca. Does it really matter bought this view further proof to me that you could account on the roster all season and and still found a trade and even if it was just a second round pick. You could have made that same guilty of the season and so much and no matter. Because it didn't matter what I have played as your backup quarterback and played. Yeah I literally just settle on just like when it mattered but it putts if you did go down you would have a key insurers the whole idea of you having insurance for the first eight weeks of the season you can carry that over for the second half of the season. And got the same thing. Any war. Or righty he blowback or more and and so much for this a while. Since Casey and him and nick foals were in the NFC championship game and played portals and AFC championship. Maybe there's less of an emphasis on quarterbacking now apparently not because Alex Smith got a bunch of money. And now Jimmy Barack blows gonna get a ultimately there's strong quarterback market teams. No matter what it is dogs who won't admit fault the Super Bowl MVP so. I think I'll get home that falls just kind of cheap cheap and out of the position. That's not how. Now that I don't care or guys taken in the first round this year there is so obviously great interest in and guys with the skill set of Jimmy problem. Especially after Ian Chansi complaining plays well. Eating go to San Francisco on suck no one ever again. He's never lost but it wasn't great either he what he did all right but it went right low voter but I like it didn't stay Kelly didn't think would ultimately gonna 137 million dollar guy. This is this has potential. As his potential and it's because they had they had no choice as I said once they got them. Once he played. Donnie could have said any number there we're gonna have to say that their top. In half dozen teams in that same category. The no choice category to go after quarterback when it comes to their quarterback it's over the patriots you got two of them and one of just can't be moved. From from coming from the ownership level I'm at there's no way. They would even have Belichick wanted to do it ownership and madam even consider moving Tom Brady. So you got one of those guys he got a Jimmy drop below and got a bunch of desperate teams out there lonely desperate sad. Slipping home every night. Every night with actor support checks around here. And they'd need and people kept people off on Lohan called the cat people looking for a quarterback. And you had one in the game more for a second round. That teams that thank you very much on the longer person. I guess some companionship. Right and our rob I really do think you'd you both are delusional. And and I don't Mike is it's amusing to be listened to yes I think it's that much negative rating that they would only tell one team in the Leo you're taking a great thing that's added I was six quarters of NFL experience was gonna get to more than a second yeah you reckon they that you never see trades at the draft where they trade half of their draft to get a guy who's never played the NFL. But the Washington press they were dating him at the deadline they were gonna trade him at the dead but it also didn't have. To do that like the compact by about half black why you are you stuck at the deadline Jimmy did grapple trade rumors were out there as early as February or march this time on Nolan and remember the hole and you don't Adam show after they wouldn't trade him for four hours and that's why nobody happy for you why did he say that widen out widen out the message hey hold by somebody read the patriots organization we're not trading got. But Adams kept my head up its chief correctly pointed out. Let's make sure the forty year old quarterback's okay let's make sure he can play it daily dancing here for a second I don't think so yet that you are enormously high York. You said you're weird delusional. For thinking that a guy with that little experience can fetch you a first round pick or second round pick whatever it. Yet Adams chapter made a point to say even if it's. Multiple first rounder save multiple for product because that was possible but it was giving up but it wasn't real nobody had made an offer of not even 81 rounder as it turned out. At that turned out. They weren't even offered a first round because they weren't shopping and they weren't even calling people they thought there was no market you don't think they can have if they job Timmy problem and that's what they did this opinion this is a bit right right speculate. If they're shocked and you don't think that could have gotten for tropical hill now up. It said hey lyrics are written and italics I half point not a game. Don't know he's talking about the offseason last year he had played two games he's hesitant and for the Internet half. It twice in a prank got an app and you think you're gonna get a first SA I don't know I totally OK Jimmie problems available desperate team out of money we're not gonna trade him let's get a first round pick. The files would rate that would rank pretty consistently there's no question you get a first trying to reform say get five and three hours on one. Regularity do better than you and I get a person at third. I whale that stuff that we thought Cleveland was offering up in the offseason turnout and that that wasn't actually too well if it comes out of this do you believe. NFL Wiener. Inside out mr. inside outside in Rappaport who dropped out of the hour outsider or an outsider in between inner deeply the insides last outsiders as second and third. Or do you believe the other outsider former general manager for improvements hockey crowd who says the book about first. I so don't want I don't I I don't wanna I don't leave anything Sasha brown said he got fired either way the ball more than a second round pick. Second I've heard is that after our first verdict is more no matter what it is he could have done better. It just into that they were you been interested. In the listening to what offers were double plays back in not the two guys on this problem played coming out of coming out of the break. We talked a Bill Belichick after the grapple trade. And we were talking about trade scenarios and he said pretty clearly government Parker yeah I don't editor who was that it it was poultry or how what do we don't know. If it. Because we were making him available there was that may have been a market we want to strain we're paying attention to it's still strange we'll let freedom go from no market. Two trading on the deadline in letting one Tina. That's why it's still supporters. It's a weird story I don't know there was a mandate and we're Christians even backed off even that doesn't say that he's backed off of that but something happened something's up to that's not how they normally do business. I'm a leisure how they do business anymore are actually now I'm like yeah. I know. Other go to this or who's doing good no idea. We got some questions about how things are operating down at him and we'll talk about as the day goes on as well so we've got these two gigantic stories you got to be grappled contract. Which is you know pretty significant. And you've got LeBron James completely reworking the Cleveland Cavaliers to actually make it easier for LeBron James to go to the LA lakers is just. When's make that trade it seems like an industry well. I don't I I don't know because. I think they're also Cleveland setting themselves up for life after LeBron I think a lot younger they got rid of all these corpses the governor of the best friend of LeBron who don't roll it got really crawler way getting in Isiah wasn't fitting and and they organ every sign them so. They're getting younger and maybe there may be they're gonna be a little bit better for this year. But they're also I think they know LeBron is gone. This that we don't wanna be stuck with the team that looks like we haven't had a draft pick in four years at the end infrastructure rebuild that way as our work. So let's get Rodney hood let's get. You know Georgia Clark's in Australia a little bit younger and see where a week ago. Plus Isiah Thomas. The last one hand it would be Isiah Thomas tribute video going to be Clayton in Cleveland biggest audience aground don't know can we just send it from here to Cleveland and then that it'll need LA now yeah yeah death sentences staples fired a view that be better while. He just got there there's article this morning. That said or is quoting Isaiah Thomas and like I like it here comes around obviously a second and a credit unbelievable. And now gone on lakers. I don't know if there's going to be another book about as I went on it if there is he's going to be a little bitter about that night does. Let's get to spend the rest of the winner in LA as opposed to Cleveland true. For what he's probably out so I got in Roush resulted glory all yeah a lot of our blog yellen Adam over their tune now. It event like the bronze from clears the goods produced average Cleveland nobody has to have on your playing games and stuff I got a lot of talent. Half the time every other data leaving town. But I think Democrats are LeBron I've got a couple days off to go to Miami and work out master why did it because I can. But I also I don't way to Robert how I don't love their chances of being able to. Pick it up on the fly honor and a half new rosters that he didn't think the Celtics that they were in the east before. They certainly are now will give guys credit aren't actually yes spoke you know not more than Toronto. Good to doubt that I I mean they've split the first two meetings they got two more with them. That's going to be a good series that's evidence that does make eye has Toronto now is the and I like yeah favorite to win the east and ethics are all tied with Cleveland for a second that you smoked in the other night I like the Celtics better pitcher. I think but I think Cleveland excuse beat the Celtics in Toronto. Are both better than Cleveland throw them. The Cleveland never replace the carrier announcement came down to the head. They went big well how how far they moved away from carried had actual carry last year 45 point game OK I'll let them go from Carrie to. Oh almost tirade because it wouldn't be in the neighborhood to get Isiah Thomas he cannot do some things are carried it now he's gone. And the guards they have now worked clarks and George Hill hill and hood. You've gone very far away from carrier being so that's the void that that's that's a major part of your problem now in addition to defense. Right there one last night also gave a 138 so. At venues I Revere that was over time I don't know which I should we guard for the buzzer beater defense which has traditionally open it's probably brought doing whatever they a lot of good players exhibit the budget is about defense now. That's what about guys I played fifty minutes of overtime game for the team has its fifty Jimmy Butler on LeBron. Let's see let anybody else beat me at the browser does not LeBron Steve Jeff Green kids who suffered for everything. Anybody also I would have. No but the thing that's what they opted for. It's a weird. And literally six minutes. Only 46. Now before the trade deadline is up and 35 minutes. It is our expectation is that a that the Celtics won't do anything. Yeah probably not and they already got Greg Monroe who's gonna probably play tonight and bush Rouse he was reporting earlier today that. A lot of these teams expect a lot of players bought out so a lot of these veteran players that might become available. If the Celtics. Probably in prime. Spot to pick one of these guys out if you heard earlier the favour of the co favorite at the very least it Easter conference though. Maybe they do editor of the body that way of the Tyreke Evans stuff has been out there for awhile I don't think last check he's still not yet been moved so maybe there's a late push for that but. All of real quick I hope they keep Marcus. Yet I know I know you're huge fear but for this team out rather have him. The numbers were right and usually inserts the shooting percentage who brought out publicly premier Li tuchman imagination and you mentioned that you haven't met I've just a lobbyist Jack invited yeah that you brought up exactly what but it doesn't suit from the films wondering. I don't know it's more of an intangible type play OK where it's always a box or type of thing. Yeah it does a lot of little things he does a lot of little when he passed that when he plays and he's willing plays. Market Smart in the winning plays mafia there's always there's a winning plays mafia for markets and you got yeah he's got a pretty intense fan club. He does I you're either all and it can go Chris Ballard either all there. And not are you all that I don't want explanations are all in all markets aren't that most people or. Are all or alana is that a shorter dream mongering but I've heard that but in this case I'm with you. Mark is Smart for this team we can keep his hands off the walls and I'll picture frames frustrated after missing the buzzer beater yeah yeah yeah well exactly and live yeah. And how frustrated that he took it and I do feel like declined to pick it got a real locked up I don't think we've got them by got to go take your doctor to should take Kyra Phillips did that it was slow of course I don't know we've got so there's nothing awkward no. No was okay and I just cure some hours later they're global. Earth about where they. And this hopefully my attempted to interject the notion that there's actually another team in this town. Because on NHL dot com when they cannot with the power rankings today the Boston Bruins are the best team in the national hockey problem. We're a difference a year one point behind Tampa Bay for the first overall in the league with a game in hand. Win again last night destroyed that to the New York Rangers. And they're fun to watch there I got an out of the way so we did talk ruin everybody's involved. Well as much as we're gonna get involved with them today probably 6177797937. Is telephone number I text line is 37937. It's Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. I look back to November 6 it was sale Monday patriots Monday we're down at Gillette Stadium we're talking to build ballot check. This was the first opportunity we had talked to bill. After the trade deadline obviously after the of the trade of Jimmy drop below. To the San Francisco 49ers so it was our first chance to talk to him about. What exactly went down the week before. God Jake Glaser said this weekend that John Lynch called you guys in the pre season weren't asking about your new Rob Lowe was told that to me grapple not available. And then Glazer said John Lynch. Asked about Tom Brady. And if he was treatable and at at which point he said no hazard there any truth to this. The aren't you know it looked at the a lot of conversations that you know ahead in training camp for last year's some of the year. Can't really honestly I don't remember him wasn't anything significant. How many conversations do you get in and mic to that extent. Where you walk oh we walk out of this thing. What the hell can you believe somebody called about this or that and or or do most people in professional football say what time is limited. I'm not trying to waste his time and try to waste my time. Do you feel like the discussions are on point or is that a lot of this kind of wild stuff for people were asking about things you just kind of scratch your head as to why they even picked up the phone. Well you know I mean that's that's a fair questions good question it's. I'm never insulted by that. And I I hope that nobody has ever been penciled that in. An inquiry that we may have Nader movement and made on behalf of the patriots. In the future and it could trade it takes two to make a trivia I don't know the any of us was sent here and settled Marcel Darius that tree it's going to be for a sixth. I don't know that any source that Aronson. The job it would have been traded for four. Horror and so forth right now on the line I mean it's sometimes you look at a trade say well it'll athletica. And then sometimes as an assurance that you young. Think they would go more for that. But again you don't know the market and you know sit on the outside mean. I'm sure that when those trades and it made whether it was so. You know the press for trade last year or the U. Marshall there straight this year whatever it is that. You know people look at it and say well public and more subtle than last but in the end for whatever the reasons were. They edit in what they were and that's you know supply demand and in the end what we're two teams could ever upon so. But he sailor local businesses you know. Would you trade has dire second available or would you give this for him or did you did that mean. You might look at it and say I don't know would never do that certain but the UC traits that are made and think well the somebody had asked that question I get it done so. Maybe analysts. For whatever reason the right. Trade at the right time for that particular player so. It's hard you know it's Ralitsa it's a hard thing to to gauge. You know what what is and isn't. Now is like teams and you know emailed everybody. These eight players are available these these. 47 art. And it just doesn't really work so sometimes of course a conversation guys' names come out there. A certain value comes up for the player. He urged that he talked if you're not a nudist camps and counts and that's when the problem. And then there was the follow up question about what the market was for Jimmy grapple. Your trade rumors about him April. Who knows first round pick second round pick. Straight at last week you get the sense that the market. For Jimmy in October was the same. As the market was for Jimmy in April. The moon. It's tough question. I don't know I really don't know I mean there was really it there was no market to trade him in April. Aren't. Really care what the offer one answer to those notes I don't know with the offers were one of them. There was no. That mean there was there was no interest honor and and make that deal. So that no matter what they'll offer us with the offer one of them I don't know that work as those matter whenever and so senate fill it with the best depth at that position probably any team Italy or at least we felt like we did and the other teams that feel differently I don't know. We are great depth at the top positions is tremendous situation you know two quarterbacks of the caliber that we've had for the past. Call two and half years. Full dimensions are you so but unfortunately it just wasn't sustainable. That we at the best best depth at that position in the NFL Philadelphia Eagles hold my beer Paula thank you get a through blood VP on the bench. But that's the key the whole thing to news that last par when Jimmie was ready to sell us Berkeley and other news yeah. Two and happy years habit and so battle also maybe. Gives you little peek in to win they think they draft a guy when he might be righty went out drafted this yeah well this guy that's why particular our guys are pretty high and so maybe. Are you as a ready as a rookie maybe that's how they view it away ideally you can have a guy sit for a year and a year to be ready. Now obviously wasn't wasn't gonna surpass Brady but. You'd played a thorough a year through it and things would be different maybe. The guide us to ignore but the part about him saying that he wasn't even that there was no market for. But that's what it's still like I knew I don't want us they're the ones they're not sure we don't know first round pick you know to choose we don't we don't know what it was because they didn't care what laws and that all of us that didn't wanna trade and and he said that right we weren't we're not out but they weren't looking at why don't they know who they're gonna trade him and he. So dale what it just based on what what bill politics that I don't have by the way to atom chapters would matter if it was felt that burst rounds so based on what he said. In November 8. We weren't even looking in April we weren't looking I don't know what it was it could have been out there don't don't don't care and then what happened in October. Second round pick when you were looking at that time either. You weren't looking you do it's bound to stumbled on such an update David did all they were looking to trade him and several others in its freedom to San Francisco. There was no it and talked him yet so every Cisco second round pick when it was not open season on Jimmy grapple. Okay golf I don't email beleaguered and a British and didn't play. He hadn't played. In the 2017 season not a snapped. And he gets a second round pick. We'll go back to April and open it up I think you can get Morgan's second round pick it's clear there's no question you get more in the second round pick or even try it. He admits either time they work or trial Basra but well you weren't trying the first annuity and listening to. You're you're plug and it is now they wanna try to run April but that made big they thought they had the best quarterback situation his words you know the best quarterback situation in the league. But then when Nate and they get the deadline. Brady's healthy so when did they in other country. Was that the deadline so I had to be before they give you a lot like Roman like I'm right in that interviewed a lot of war room there we before. Yeah I just I still I'm still puzzled by. Also inducing listened back that cut how he mentions the I'm Marcel various match age I'd trade consider netlabel both guys in the playoffs withdrawn as a percent and there's there's one other follow up cut that that we've got from that exact same interview back. November 6 was there a certain time when when you knew Ari both of these guys are going to be on the team at the end of the season not American and make it through the season or was it just sort of a series of events that led to. On Bill Clinton any doubt. That there are so that we can all see that there was going to be at some point this road was gonna end. So how Owens' way what time it you know I mean there are some variants in the in the end what what I said. About it couple days ago whatever it was last week. There's that's what looks so I'm and everything nothing new has happened since then. I still edges. I've no idea what's it mean I don't either have no clue because so you're obviously more people both. But he wasn't available before the season a lot you know and I'm willing to do this is the big as the big stretch for me. I'm willing to. Go back. And read the set records you Tom Sawyer time yes I. That's at least that may be I know he was wrong and it was wrong and on a number of things which I corrected. Write letters I thought all wrong it's not yet you know weak economy like pick at the edges and go okay Aaron and back that's that's pretty wrong that's wrong. The mandate thing though. Maybe wall where Christians even said now that were the worse and worse the third and walked out one back the word did everything he wants there yet right. The word mandate is probably not the way to put it. But was there. Was there enough push back from ownership say look this is what we gonna have going for a Red Hat I have Tom Brady's record isn't it. Possible that it was one of those you know conversations that the owner and a head coach general manager have all the time I think to set the audience like it yes I'd better get out of their conversation. And and the other conversation as we got to think about organ to a quarterback you're going forward. And Robert Kraft saying well I really don't wanna trade Tom Brady I want him to be able to finish his career here. At that point bills is okay well. I've got a wheel the other one out. No mandate the discussion that they normally have they go back and forth the owner says to the general manager I want Tom to be able to finish here. Okay then we got a goal. Isn't the simple as that. It could be. It could be as simple as that. Or you can open around there on the legislature have this right TI don't so spyware I don't pitcher I would Wear today Andre either borrower and act entertained conversations about Tom Brady. You would think that the bat that you would like I would like that I. He got it beat you guys also in that that sounds like. That was something Belichick would like to have done and I don't think that's the case I think the owner want him to be able to finish here and I don't think that the coach wanted to trading me. I I correct any better you know what they'll. I'm not comfortable saying that definitively. Now I disagree I think Tom Brady doesn't harp about Tom Brady loves about it don't play until he's forty bodies of best player in NFL history Eddie I. I wouldn't do it but from the moment. Jimmy drop low was drafted he had to the second he was traded. I think Bill Belichick had in his mind that didn't drop its gonna be here. Quarterback in the patriot somehow someway I think for a team that. Always I think you're right guy I think it was because he didn't believe the quarterback would be affected into his forties he thought let it doesn't happen. This does you're not able to play that position at that level but they're known as good as ever plan is another thing they have figured tiger here he thinks. He's a great court. Yes then it's obvious I don't know what about the problem he thinks ballots ballots that things grapple with a great quarterback. And and that's why he said what he says. About that death imagine not even if I don't think it try to take a shot at Tom. But in that interview it was great interview about a nice job for us out of that yeah I gotta go hey hey hey that interview he put. Tom Brady. Jimmy drop below the same category. If I sense no it really hit. Which we've had tremendous. Depth right back tremendous depth blah SR one is about to go well wait a minute and when Jimmy got ready like the last one half years. When Jimmy would get ready or not has for years after I was ready ready for well. Not to be a backup. Could anyone think Brian warriors ready prime where's the back of being integrated backup yeah thinks. Jimmy Rob Lowe could have started. And it's clearer than the rest of the league agrees with temperatures agrees. Definitely also wasn't putting him in the same category. There's a difference between being the greatest quarterback who lived in an MVP and a guy who's ready to start and yeah that's okay I'm. I say that's where I'm again I'm on the dance around and with that yes it is an exit out dancing. If he had been given that converts it if Robert Kraft had said that tournament somehow somehow someway. I think Jimmy grapple OP here. In burning wood and I think Jimmy grapple we'll be the quarterback he would have to make a tough decision. About Tom Brady. This not the way I feel terrible you might ballots jetliners are a problem next hi hi hi on grappled very high on Oslo is on Brady forty years old I'm sorry I understand that but I think he's MVP you gotta think like. Think like Belichick and that's where. Yeah Tom Brady is great. He's going to be 41 and August. I think this kid is great too it's not going to be 41 for many many years for awhile well adults I only had a coach for five more seasons wouldn't you rather have. Three of Brady and two of who knows than five drop below I don't try to regenerate I would but he is the he loves the patriots to. Belichick I wanna sell certain rethink it now we love the patriots. You know we love that would a lot of duty wants to do well you know if you know Robert Kraft always says that at that Brady is the spit it sounds yeah. Josh McDaniels is Belichick's their son that he loves. Mcdaniels and got his other two signs on the staff so it was like very well leave them well it's loud mouth yeah I don't care about the patriots he still cares about. Is a huge fan of Jimmy drop blows and when he drafted him he drafted him with the thought that. He was going to be the quarterback of the patriots not drafted in the flip on. I thought at the time like that court actors like a big deal gives value and trade him for about a draft picks but when you have the opportunity to do that that the Italian. He had the opportunity to Bill Belichick ultimate dealmaker ultimate value guy. He had a chance to get great value on gras only turned it down term for what turned out. We get to the calls that you guys coming up next dale a Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. Keep. I continued now works out you know and worked her best to get him. No we talk about and we look in every opportunity. This opportunity came. In. There. Came up this guy that you believe from what you've seen on tape and what you've heard people know and that's something that's too good of an opportunity festival. Kyle Shanahan talking about the guys that they just handed a 137 point five million dollar contract to that the the big number here three years 1990. The first three years to think about this. Thirty million a year. For the first three years Tom Brady gets fourteen million years the reigning NB MVP in the NFL for now needs a better agent. He obviously in Michael's point is exactly right 'cause they're gonna change now there now this is the highest one right now. I promise you Kirk cousins is gonna surpass it. Aaron Rodgers is gonna surpass that Matt Ryan's gonna surpass and I don't think Tom Brady's gonna surpass the but I think he's gonna get a new contract yes that's allow per share. He definitely and it will surpass it but the other three that I mentioned they will. Cousins Rodgers Ryan Malone go past. It's you who whoever is next is the big one and and you the big one for awhile Julian Edelman tweeted out that maybe now Jimmy can pay in the twenty bucks he owes them probably. It could work that out there has Dublin. Doesn't it tell me you only forty but yeah Roger's got to make morsels Ryan Errol both he has both been MVPs rate dropped calls but I have a case. I think they normally that he does. Without that is the time. That's speaking of agents to register with a sense I don't know I didn't hear you guys talk about this yesterday I did hear your goggles boat called an interview is good I always and it was terrific but it. I don't know if you mention. That self serving agent. Well I did hey listen you know what I heard that that's logical buyer bodies. At the age I don't fire my agent of anybody. You don't you think of what I'm doing I don't care what do you think are paying do you work for me. Now you're gonna turn around and let everybody know that you told me that it was first let's I wanna. Everybody to know that you part ways of me could you got about. 55 conflict of interest around the league you're representing Ballard. And mcdaniels via the what am I weird as it you want everybody to know that. Word is good and you know rooted in jail Josh Gaines do this he did this on his own cats one. He's 41 years old I hope it is well. The romantic. Yeah. Our I would want our problem I don't blended up al-Qaeda out of our. But the good thing isn't that coach you're hiring coaches do all that stuff quietly. Put my business out there. For me I get it separate six. You can't. If they are much. You are what you you're just it's a guy who's talking on the phone talker if you don't you'll our Josh and then don't think the agent I'm just adds I don't know about this fact I don't know I don't know walking away from him this walkway moderately don't I just you his word that I changed my mind to make public. But that's how offended because hoping public. It was so self serving is all is all like it was a it was a flyer for his business valid and I think this guy trust my words my dad and I artistic and my business out of Atlanta highlight that my words my bond bottler called me and edited it to do it after a day and age ice and better. Let's get difficult the guys Joes on the cell phone page out. Got a joke. I just wanted to help blah. While law is not a contract between. That ought to go to come out now all ought. Sure yeah yeah I want you talk a little while after caught. And I just let you want them guys. I just wanted to tongues if I. If I doubt about it I broke a third line in your reminder for us an interview yeah. Could you talk about talk about you know he wanted to he wanted to live version of state of the broad. Yeah I think you need to be a bit on my X ray is a deal that's. Eagle about all of war and command god there are wrong I'll take up less that a lot of requests a gala I'll I'll get to Bob okay. Yes they're a really really good they're good team guys' eyes tonight everybody has good that they raided houses. Why am here his first point I may go confirmation dale Arnold and it's a loss that I did however find out why it is regrettably the cycles for downloading just a little courtesy something to start out there outside without their got to the real imperative marks a new. Yeah mark. Hey guys well look I know you should feel. Very good grade and your deported later I'm still irritated. The detective who went there with two things that really bothered me and took you don't mind I don't think that's true it's. Attempting to bother me is that there's a prodigy who now before so all cut our alleged woman with a quiet. I told a number of them one of the best temple players not going to decline. Secondly. At halftime one gonna pretty obvious that. They want working out the way he thought they were going to work and Mike Cook. My point at all different Blake and I in the Republican Party I putted quite Concord who would now hardened folk thing. Well when you're winning an opinion I'm not expecting the call me you know explanation when he waited. That we a nation ninety although when you go to court on. In Indianapolis. Scored in two yen due to of these networking equipment at our conference who. Or a bit of the biggest game of the year called this kind of elements. I think. I don't have that. I have a mandate that people would have bet on get a better. I got a heart mark I got you I gotta say had his fair point I used to it's it's a fair point. And you said it beautifully. When they went when it went a bunch of games he can stand there and do whatever he wants it most of the fans and Ethel plot that had no problem with that so used to it makes questioners uncomfortable fans liked it even more to freeloaders soccer's. Whatever. But this is frustrating in it and it's not a it is not so frustrating that you want Bill Belichick gone because I know a lot of you we're in the same category that I would and when you heard Josh McDaniels would doable you turn. And you thought all credit. I can't pick a bit picked up built built back right back right as of yet so all that there's all the all the complex about it I think our our fair. When you say I don't like what he did not that I want fired up and I want another coach I just won an explanation. Or Malcolm Butler. Being out of the game. Being out of the game completely not a single snap from welcome Butler defense without that negates that I had I think we don't deserve an explanation. I think so too are the more you think about it you know. As fans you invest so much time and money into you know going to games paver merchandise all the study if you take the fans out of what's the point that if your point but I can play and and the arena and not be televised and not be on the radio lakers is not what it is and so. They have just been so used to. Not getting any answers. And as the callers point and when they're winning. What are you gonna do it you you want what are more than any thing else but now is that you lose a big game and there's one really head scratching. Decision this is that hey why did you run that play on third down and tell us why you're on that play on third down like a bit different than. Here's a guy who played all sees us arm and a starter who didn't come off the field in the playoffs and Els and doesn't play I don't give us more than football. And it's not Tom Brady can Malcolm butler's not Tom Brady but this amount butler's equivalent of Al Horford. I you're you're citing injuries that that. Sure I'll Oliver yeah that is kept it at two points and I got to have a guy the guy who always has been starting for you has been out there. Most of the year. And you're in a critical series and and play and play at all and he's in uniform. Maybe if you bring a Minnesota pick in and you can read about it at gateway to box out and for all that's happened and he got I did what was best for the team. Maybe I'd do little more than that. Spotter talking about no way to do what was best for the team. It is Brad Stevens is he no not pressing it is is Malcolm Butler. Is he David back yes. Is he Brad marsh land maybe not Mark Penn let but what I charge and a couple of those to lie outright a guy who we've been counting on all year toy correct when AG McConnell and all year and all of a sudden. You don't use them play you explain it. That's weird it's bazaar and he's only one. Who can get away with it out and get away with the blessing him leader Mir can get away went off of them where does have a moral right what would I like that week week out there we have no power. He can get away with it. Without. It be interesting to see how he handles it with his players have to talk about it with this in my owner going forward yes. Art what if the answer that he gave the other day and look I told that it believes that guy looked pretend. He's telling the truth. Football decision. I know I don't like and I don't accepted an idle waiting game out and be expanded on it in other words. I don't think he's playing that great he had a bad week of practice I thought Eric Rowe gave us a better chance to win at that position then Malcolm bottles like to think there. See that's exactly but see that's my point. That's why he won't do it 'cause then that. While Utley as another follow and that's why he. Michael I know you only knew what he what they've done and it's gonna end up being twelve question what general question I have got I don't wanna let's I think he hit a very proudly for your game what it needs these twelve questions to the twelve. Because anybody hear anybody could see that Eric wrote did not give the best chance to win actually not as bad as you thought OK well. He was and he really wasn't and if you act and looked at it again. After the first 20 series. He was actually really good which they scored on both I understand that it but I'm saying my point is just what if your single one have part of a I have to I'm Eric wrote was actually my aunt and my heart out almost as well right now the most EO of there's a lot of stick times they could've put in Malcolm Butler but also if you wanted to what's best for your team. Maybe Eric wrote would have been better heated find out who started five it's for the game. And also maybe maybe if it's a better situation if you don't have to move people around based on Malcolm Butler not being in the game. Because he only the great matchup for Eric row obviously. Just in terms of his size he say he would do well against are lower. In the slot. Maybe he does. Okay against Torrey Smith but not really probably a better matchup for him on Jeffries of you put him on Jeff followed that you got non not got a move not gonna move Gilmore and eventually look what they did great they are held on. Do Jeffrey you had to scramble around the entire secondary which is not best for the team we'll Paris. Exploration you think he gave Kraft the author Robert Kraft had no idea and to watch the game he's probably looking over its confidence and you know us know about Butler what's going on without I think he I think he answered the question Heidi Kraft asked at. And I think he answered. What ever like look I'd I just don't think he's and that could be honest with you for awhile now I thought he had a bad week in practice and I really did think Eric are always going to be that whatever vehicle or making it. And that can be true what is guys domestic and plus it's the best to get. He's the best you got even if you don't think he's playing well even if you think is attitude is not up to standard and you know he's missing on a lot of late night and played and all that well you know he's he's I getting lost just don't we have agree here and on those alternative. You don't cry you know how it's handled it. I think it didn't have the luxury of doing that would Malcolm Butler. Just wasn't there you can't do it. No in the way the game went on and you don't make a change at all these guys waited all these guys on by doctor hightower. You know Tom Brady repeating back guys guys that are not honest and much other if they don't they took the gutless play of of of doing it. If if you disagree with it you got some say said he and no problem or nobody is saying a word publicly. Like to. Swoop and like I got under well no and about it. Right. What are what are the politics say best for the team that's her decision that's courageous. Yeah. I don't know what the hell players thing it say there. Let's say a word. Yes he did you'd like what he said he didn't eat a better player that he's definitely a better job all decision comedy and I got all these guys gutless and then say I don't like what politics that politics hey I did what was best for the team. I appreciate the question might not say that is. Pace and pace that they anywhere you said that. That's fifteen years about a number of things I think the generalities. And specifically address the situation. The guy across the street keeps saying. Something bad. Blow something bad watching his telephone and say oh you got something. I don't think if not. Let's update you can literally anonymous shall we we all thought oh he's got. I don't know but he does always saying is watch something or what is what is it nobody if it were willing to pay 800 if you don't know what it is you know willingness they would. Either. Give it to somebody else or you don't know anything. I'm gonna assume you don't know anything you're talking into a microphone saying I had no something that's the ultimate tease you gotta pay off the tease like that here yes. But I like being teased all the time now they do not that have payoff that's right now definitely gonna pay 61 series of Karl. 6177797937. Its Dillon Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media.