DHK - Could Steve Belichick fill the DC void? Who will see I.T. tribute video? Emergency Keefer Madness

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, January 17th

Hour 4: With the Patriots believed to lose 3 assistance, could Steve Belichick become the DC? With I.T., tweeting his video won’t see the light of day, who will see it? Based on yesterday’s Keefer Madness, we have a EMERGENCY KEEFER MADNESS with another terrible Eagles fan


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Yeah yeah yeah. Fourth and final hour Daylon Hollywood keep the Sports Radio WEEI it's been a very busy afternoon here. I mean as he just pulled during trending now. He's out. It he's in the he's on the injury report with a right hand he didn't he with had limited participation in practice today. It was up what they call in the NFL AFC championship. On media day. And they had very specific people scheduled via podiums including Tom Brady is with league mandated. Guy and Stacey James had two mountain announced that Tom Brady will not be meeting with the media today he's meeting with our medical staff. I talk radio. Rupert. And he'll be on the injury report was with a right hand so we've had at dawn on and we have a whole situation with how many coaches or the patriots about to lose. We find out today that Mike Munchak decides to stay as offensive line coach soderbergh's they will be three they can lose three coaches a producer is a real chance that Brian Flores is suddenly the front runner in Arizona are let me ask you guys no team has ever lost three coaches in an. They probably will because we know Josh McDaniels is going to the colts mattress as quantum alliance and Brian Flores could be going to the cardinals. What do you think is an appropriate amount of time for a coach to spend thinking and assistant coach suspend thinking about the AFC championship game. Per day. Did you think of cliche give everything you've got. To the Jacksonville Jaguars yeah. Because you can't you can't realistically do that let's say instead of giving everything you've got to the jaguars about a year you don't talk about it at dinner with your wife that okay. And yes that's about 45 minutes when he quick. And a half hour about a watch how about watching the show. Washington shall be watching showed up accelerate the book please I'll let's watch playbook. You of one book future ought to read this week political Arkansas guy is my nose in somebody got to say that's because in that case. They're not giving 100% to that the patriots and they literally can't you can't you can't do it because if you're if you are the coach of the colts. And the colts are on auto pilot right now they don't have a coach. Technically. Mcdaniels is their coach do you think Josh McDaniels. Is gonna spin. 100% of his time from now until the patriots are eliminated could be on Sunday it could be. All the way or maybe it's not until February 4 that would have as the bullets. Think he's 100% focused on the patriots and not thinking about that at all that kind of reckless well. Yet you're set yourself up the bail because then now you show up February 5 or whatever with the colts and your starting now. Record set it behind in the moment so I think all the Charlie Weis said that's how he handled it can't and then what happen it's unrealistic that he can that he met him because also said he he was arriving at the EO of the recruiting season was over by the time the Super Bowl ended you know it's the first week of February recruiting season is over and he knew that break committee told them it's everything that's why the team was so bad in three years ago because that's what happens you are you eat takes over program. At all players he didn't recruit a lot of really good players needed a great job coaching them. But then his recruiting classes what she was even apart anyway at least in his words of that first one and then I came back to get them so college pros it has little to differed in that regard I think. But I think it's unrealistic. In general fortunate to expect somebody who doesn't have. Another job they're going to spend 100% of their time thinking about. The game you may tell me Dedham accord if if if if a movie that he likes comes on TV. At 8 o'clock at night 830 at night he's not gonna watch the movie has got to prepare for the playoffs at some point and something comes up with the kids take dead you read that. To me now. The playoffs yet and I think February day right now no dates if the playoffs. Well that's why it's your thing and I think this it would agree with this. That whatever they normally put into it they still can't say well we'll store number up to eight hours a day which I don't know if that's higher or lower in between whatever these eight hours today. You're spending on game plan stuff for your opponent. You could still do that are maybe don't sleep quite as much or maybe I don't think there's ways to chip away from some of the other things that you were doing. But he can still prepare for your next job but also make sure you do a great job finishing up here. And you know it in the case of Patricia you know what I would be an I don't know how he's handling it this is what I would do. If if you're in Matt Patricia you know one of the guys on your staff out of this name Jim Bob -- kemba throughout the legend Bob cooter there Jacques at the coordinator. In your success and really depends on Matthew Stafford who I think is a good quarterback tucked in quarterback in my opinion. It depends on him going from the level that he's at right now which is very good and excellent. If so maybe you can get a Matt Ryan 2016. Season. Out of Matthews after. I would emailed Jim Bob cooter and say OK that's what I want to work with. The next you know week to ten days with Stafford this woman to see happen then I'm a leave them alone. So I can't ignore it just flat out ignored it is tort lions could just stupid. Can you talk to those guys he thought the players. Know. Rick he couldn't talk to Matthew Stafford no. I mean McNamee also the coach and certainly know it and I hate it via cellphone number I hear that guy at all now. Yeah and then also for Patricia I think Patricia isn't a better situation. Than mcdaniels is not only does he has better quarterback but also or healthier quarterback. He also has a guy who worked he worked with here are the patriots so he got Jim Bob cooter right side up it's a coordinator in place. Eddie about quit pretty good this is what I wanna do because right now this is the time. Essentially for board setting in for the scouts and they get a lot of that December. Now is he going to January. January and February the Senior Bowl getting ready for the com buying next week. Now you're really start to put in place. What's your draft position is going to be right after right after setting that up in getting your interview set for Indianapolis. Now you're thinking about what you do in free agency. So these are important steps and Bob Quinn at least guy you know and you trust me hired you so you don't really have to worry much about. Much about that aspect that saw Patricia has less work to do that mcdaniels honest. We talked to Charlie Weis earlier former patriots offensive coordinator and a guy who was part of what. Happened what is happening here happened before he and and Romeo Crennel both left the exact same time same offseason. And we talked specifically to. 22 Charlie Weis about you know our. In terms of are you preparing people to replace you. And and that's the part that we were wondering about you know it is there some thought in the back of your mind that I gotta have the next guy ready for when I go out the door. Why it was true whether whether helped that are not I would applaud her room and all the people that are the people around me did all I could to make sure they never been in positions that you take over Wednesday. You know so I know that when I left you know just just have been odd to me for a couple years and just start over on the defense side of the ball and he looked over to sort Patricia has started last week started on the so opal permanently won his first year Larry is it's all controlled assistant law console want to. Well it is hard I think we went out of our way you know between bill. Well you know to make sure it doesn't really touched you know we're not only involved where we're ready to go home walked out the door. And I think that's what they've been doing here I mean they've been expecting and I'm sure Bill Belichick thought there was possibility was gonna lose one of them last year. Maybe thought there was a chance both of them could go he knew going forward that there was at least the possibility. Now my guess is he didn't expect to lose three. If in fact ends up losing three codec that's an offseason threats never happened in NFL history are to predict that a team has lost three coaches in one offseason. And that could be one of the reasons. That if you if you look at the situation with nick scenario. The patriots rejected any any kind of request to talk to to stereotype Houston Texans did it's at now a lot of a lot of rebuilding to do. They got an offensive coordinator to got to replace defensive coordinator yet to replace and it linebackers coach. As a bunch yeah. And so it to lose nick is cereal out of that and that is that that it's him they just added but the biggest brain drain that they've ever head. And so. That could be the reason Belichick said no tickets aerial and brought this up to that it was current who said. Or maybe they'll carry one of these guys said. Sometimes teams will reject another. Another franchise because that guy doesn't wanted to say now. Oh yeah Mike Florio actually told him it's that and until Sunday on what they've got to do own up there in that way. The league does look a conservative like housing units they noted to Houston but it's more organization that hospital we started watching over there of the actually. Makes a lot of sense and it also as far as. You know grooming the next guy or promoting from within the I think the guys on the staff beaten on coordinators. Here in New England there's a history of it you must have you preparing yourself to donate. A couple of years away from big time job that I put the work and look at all these other guys that were young and and didn't have a ton of experience elsewhere. It's not like they lose a coordinator. And then they quickly looked through our whose the most veteran Austrian Wade Phillips let's bring out of these that they're not doing that they're gonna other hired the guy that they feel comfortable that that sort of worked on the staff. I believe I believe that even if floor race if if Bryant or states. I think there's a real chance you're gonna see Greg Xian on the staff anyway. But I think it goes. Then I think. It would almost be a lock that they bring Shia on as of the first quarter as evidenced or coordinator and and it if Florida State's who gets elevated to defensive coordinator you could see florists coming in as assistant head coach linebackers coach there are shops now you know I I I could absolutely see him being part of this staff next year. I'm Belichick guy a lot of respect collapsed everybody roster forever and I want the defensive captains as players. It just makes sense to me that. That he would make the move here. Yeah I don't think the players. I'm to the players look at it and say well we're not prepared because Matt Patricia. Is is thinking about alliance more than us and we don't have all the information we need on the jaguars I don't think that's happening at all. They've they've got a nice little system going down there and they started edit started. In 20020032004. Because it wasn't just. That Romeo Crennel wound up with a job and then Charlie Weis Charlie Weis one of the job or prepared Ford for a couple of years. So. And I think why he's got an interview in 0203. Didn't get the job sinking of Romeo. A one year or six or seven jobs open like there always are and he ran it was gonna get an interview we didn't get one finally. He got one and 04 at that point. And so you know we know with the plan's going to be and the same thing here in 2018. How many times have we heard about Josh McDaniels interviewing for a job or team being interest in him since he came back same thing with Patricia. So shame on them they have a plan in place but they do. And is several textures and said one of build suns will be a coordinator Knoll they won't. They are not ready for that pressure. Well and ended just just that the natural evolution to get itself to that point they are nowhere close to being ready for that I don't know all I do. Oh little late this code fairer rules go to parties and no I'm just telling you based on the amount of experience they have you don't go from from you know 23 years of coaching experience. To defensive coordinator. I don't know I really don't I hate not you you're probably right but I wouldn't just say flat out no chance. Yeah I will say no chance I I think that it could well evolved into that someday. While but not now mean. I don't know a yeah right I would add my in my initial reaction do you do with they ought to they're not there yet but if you're losing your defense coordinator. In your linebackers coach. Whoever it would have been the obvious count promotion. There were also consumed. But the safeties coach of the safeties played well and and maybe in and she other I think makes a lot of sense but it may be ultimately gets the job or maybe he doesn't wanna you know be on the same staff or who knows maybe David militant. Is in his second season as safeties coach. I just looked it up to make sure in November 2 season as safety second she's in the safeties coach now how many years. On the staff. 455. Years on the staff okay. Does that look out alleyways that's I'll just get right that John Doerr. Now I think a lot of apple hired at Florida Atlantic don't know but still the youngest officer recorded in the history of college football a lot of people might dismiss those years that don't have. And actual position attached to them. Those important years these guys don't audited are about treasure laden on McCain and I don't know I don't don't dismiss it so with mcdaniels. He had and I remember. When I was into the first book down there knives come. Embedded just look at everybody I couldn't believe how much respect. He got. He was his technical. Title at that time was coaching assistant so Josh McDaniels he was all over the place they listen to them. They listen to him he would he would jump all over people cultures on the staff who didn't get it right. I mean not in a you don't know what you're talking about wade put in it animated not I'm more than an intern kind of way. So if you've got it if you've got the intellect to do it you know it is somewhat downer. Joseph you're probably right at that you know the year of three. For Stephen Belichick it's probably not as a coordinator a little too early to be a quart time. I would just say no change. And the younger ballot check obviously the lesson plan semi the OR YRS chances Steve right. But in his second year or safeties coach and all of a sudden you're elevated to defensive coordinator and and to your point you said early think of the pressure. Bill puts on Steve. If its third year as an assistant coach on the team he's all of a sudden the. Probably wouldn't whoever gets the job is in less is ratio. Is not gonna get that title at Florida's might. With a title and you're one mcdaniels did not that it Patricia. But I'm in my body and that's how you keep Flores if if in fact stays made he's got an opportunity go somewhere else well I mean I think he would be doing the job in the patriots would. Say hey we don't have a defensive coordinator although he was he the guy calling all he's done all out right and he'd be running the meetings and all the things that defensive coordinators you just. Not have that time. I'll tell you the other thing that I'd be concerned about them and I don't know all you know what the agreement is here if you've got to let's say eight in the worst case area you've got three coaches leaving. Are they taken anybody with a. And part of the grass that a deal in Britain but the they just don't roll like that. All we've seen guys do that not really a Mangini did it tried. That he's going to try to read up on stage I did then you know. You want that relationship yeah I don't I don't something else happened after the fact but still that that may have been part of it second. 'cause and you could really have some holes to fill a fact happened and you after staff. I will say that if if any assistant coach leaves and goes with any of these guys they probably won't have the name Belichick attached to them that's probably a fairly say that. 6177797937. As telephone number we get back your calls and a keeper Matt Scott a few minutes as well. Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. Bonus provided. Have a blue Christmas. Okay. Seniors on again off the 9331. Who's hot body wants I don't want to audience. Way it ought to act that I have to put that. Yeah. Yeah yeah I. Speed boat tied at bats. Here this this retirement in gears to lady Rene Rick ware has the most overrated. Personality. Associated with a sports team in the history of Boston's. Would be. Even if he's singing Ludacris I hope this is that Steve is he heading look at us especially when things go through the left. We got to find a police we. Yeah. I mean I know just things that I've heard it. You know when I've been there. As an announcement coming they're gonna just adjusted uniform and later as it probably. I got a couple of weeks I all right but I don't believe there will be an adjustment on uniform ally everyone's announced that they will be honoring Renee. The last regular season game is now Sunday April 8 that's the game got snowed out. Some April late the last regular season game against Florida and second under achievement there that's just not enough just admitted on video montage now. Or CNN live on our audience and asked and I don't want it now on I don't wanna I wanna respect do you know when everybody that I want to be there. It when they're not gonna do and Isiah Thomas video tribute in the playoffs. The issue and I mean like now what's next year. Or not suffered more produce sir or graphics guy just spent all that time put one together and no one's ever has and listen on the Graham the thing yes in those Stephen Jackson pop here's a direct telegram Margie tweet that out I Jeep right seat right. They go. Problem solved that promoted I think I I personally. Didn't think that they should play it during the Paul Pierce thing you know but I think it's okay for me to say that. And how much like Paul Pierce highlight at all or just say whatever life Paul Pierce. It is that shouldn't have gotten this far and pierce and easiest comments of Jack and meg Mallon he had one yeah 100%. Correct if he has that the Celtics let it get too far. That IT dictate the terms and if you actually told. Danny gains that I keep punk them I love I heard vital that the adult areas and it's true you did. That video it's exactly the opposite I'm doing this out of the genre and my my aren't we like you here because everything that you play important place for the cavaliers the opposition. Do anything to say right now we don't have to play that political game but you know not a member of the organization. So when Danny not figure out though that that be a bad time how did get to a point where it got that any Linux funded but how did not say. And a ice analysts and that's Paul Pierce's night Republican candidate has not thinking Innsbruck the first time in the blame Danny Ainge. Two degree. The first time in his career. That a player has Cunningham with his representatives. Yet to talk about what might be able to attack them or we are negotiated terms of this tribute no we don't. What you don't think you ought. That I don't want to have to be next time now I can't be great I'd just like what apparently you and I think you about. We're very harmful are obviously no we deployed these same thing while Paul Pierce my in his room that. So is that making movies that lots of weird request is fine but you don't attribute with. It when we play it but then what bothers me last night is is that that Thomas tweets out of the effect of well you know ID you know I thank them for moving it but I don't Paul Pierce nights I'm gonna ask them. To light just focus on Paul Pierce and error. So you go again and tell them what to do think this is nothing. That's how they do it right. It is not about you decision was made above your pay grade and I don't they should have been which which would have happened the first time and he's trying to make it look like he's telling the Celtics what to do again they're listening to him when you know he and his representatives were told well by the way after talking with appears to Danny again if -- happen and I didn't listen. Initially why don't they also don't think yeah named yeah but now they didn't now now because it is yet to choose between players. Other edged up here's a retired about pierce has voice from innocent and all credit Rhonda I don't think our ongoing conference finals. That's not rock the size does not match like a thug off the Celtics. The Phoenix at notre respect as a respected mean any disrespect now luster policy and I was there. Video back Mac. And according to that that night in two I can't say it yes it's. I want everybody else to say it not him I didn't want him to them Cunningham have it sound like hey hey what about meat which is kind of talent comes off I don't care that is good about him. This is what it took is that when everybody else is saying that they are being diplomatic. Where either Danny or grant in loves is little what do we do it you know when pregame on pierce tonight and it took the man himself honoree to say. That noise. I was there just like everybody can have video now of the slightly put forward to seeing you get children took. And they say. Oh yeah. Good life as usual bad let me but I get my job as a retirement almost real wanna look up the Jumbotron and see we highlighted here you can thank you. That's right thank you dissenting value does have a great point about him enough with the tribute videos that to somebody played here for you know eight games and some season we have to play video for the money come back I have to stop and strained. The way Richard when game although hate what I wanna negotiate the terms of the tribute and say. We're not doing. Sar but now you've lost the doubt about you through this idea yet why does Dan have nice things such a restaurant because like having got one now because you've you've got on if I got to play really well he played well I'm Natalie well Kelly oil markets Smart comes back next year and had team. So our regular video web ready to go votes are. It's gonna have a title for his winning plays in place when he plays featuring Marcus might not in the box score at this. The markets aren't that aren't Smart story and he does exactly play featured. The officer. You know you need to be and sort of it's 6465. Need to be this six game. It was you know it but we have Ernie Davis in the game where every one. Whenever you want whatever you want from me yes. Like. Actors to. A I would give anybody not named carrier. They'd go right after obsolete right so they want Jason to you know easy or it hurts and I don't like that I got it yet. And that's the last that that's from the early part of the negotiation that's the okay you're about to leave the negotiating table well. I take back back back back okay that about it now with our guys got something here. At a later Horford and Tatum always had Brady please west report for no problem by just a purposes so Horford Tatum and the lakers on. Dog yes effective. Now you are about they are right pain and I love the guy I Byron Davis Irving Hayward and brown going Poland unstoppable. Last night because. Expect I love Al Everett Al Horford after the game. You know we got to do a better job and we work ethic and I don't we just didn't stop with the we stuff yeah. It amounts to pocket view and they maiming. About it ADB out in maybe doing things that right. Yeah he pretty much two and a little nervous about that's the facts doesn't go on them but that's an appointment or did you doubt your staff did what is and that's appointment of focusing so much on Davis now. Jrue Holiday. I don't on the black people aren't creative with name's drew that's why is Bulger yeah oh yeah just that good right out if I don't tell me grow as creativity. So. JR UE drew a major holiday start going off yet. Like Dwyane Wade everytime I see in it do you start that these artists but so was so sometimes you get your family that they get really creative with names right. The holiday namely his brother who I think it was in the league for the communities hourly. Justin spelled as justice just war buddies just that at some credibility aren't drew let's get laughs. What are your favorite letters was throws an hour I called hero to her. And good luck we did you know I've been role at school and I'll write up good like Kevin the teachers figure this thought is oh my goodness and the Israelis voted among OK don't worry about what it looks like. Eric looks like that but this is just a major problem that next. Kiefer madness is that fair sent its unique unique to emergency and and it's an emirate we don't normally do on Wednesdays but we we had to do us. While we had to do it and we will do it it's coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. She's bird. She's remanded yes you may achieve madness. Right that one up directly for mathison is gonna talk about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like Kiefer match. Good deal of rebuild of the men and not think I hate hate. It's got so he's just got to. I don't think this is one of the strongest segments. How does the effects that happened if we think they'll let them if I was stunned how difficult to explain the whites come the way that the same time late list. I don't see what ever we want a that's comforting. I hated religion general manager or strategist. CEO of Fargo plus liberation. Okay Arab world and well. There emergency madness Leo we really constitutes the emergency. It's important stories that if we normally did madness Tuesday Friday and went directly ties yesterday it does hours remember yesterday's that is who could forget we have. If fans reactions the games or it was that kicked off by this. This guy. Of the pit at that we don't know it checked on. Two but that's what you were breaking you know what would have been. Rumored to that is for sure but I was of course from one part of the state of Pennsylvania we know that the eagle fans. Carries within its own reputation that's right and yet they have to today and so all the Eagles win this past week there was an incident which I think you probably. File right in there with the rest of the great moments with a sale clause Earl is that the batteries being thrown the shear them urban injured all that stuff. This one. A good home now. Happening right now on Philadelphia man faces charges after taking the phrase horsing around. Wait to literally. Down through a start with the and so house is that the story really crazy people reality is it upon your thinking BC out idea is where does unfortunately. You're buying goat and a graduate of fair idea to realize hey it's an emergency madness is the very serious issue him after the game as I haven't laughed as well there's a police source and then you that's a horse yet maybe maybe I hope I hope that doesn't mean ultimately source doesn't -- guys. I'm gonna son's son was happening there and race horsing around. Wait to literally authorities say he console up police force and then an officer at. The police it and that and also the worse than the opposite side. Eagles fans like all out of particularly on board all of it wins and Eagles the Eagles fan following the big W. Punches a worse. In at least that's how they celebrate that's out this gentleman celebrated and you're constantly going vibe there you go little lacking a Moscow Boris. And then I'm not there after getting tossed out of the Eagles falcons game. But Tony ninth Danish rat wiser liven up on eight may lack you know Tony ninth day strap wiser block sure rat lines from the entrap wiser. Do your parents together it is critical for me British rat wiser to provide Dave my stage name would probably to be out of order here for the throw it suits doing live TV and. They trap why does live in South Philadelphia day one what's seen and thank him. Lucy had no idea what that guy I was thinking what he's facing some serious charges tonight including aggravated assault simple assault and get this pointing. A police force. That's an excellent shot at Elsevier. Might be the worst loss to the go to. It's legit chart here if you spook the police source allowances lightning. Urgently like crooked part of that guy out of the dog but I do our canine on and do that bad it's bad parking at the bed scene a police force. And get this taunting the police force tonight he's free on bail. Eagle's same tailor Hendrix may have a story to tell it through Saturdays big Eagles waited the link. Like the one where police say he get ejected from the game. And repeatedly punched a police force in place. The gas quite repeat. A part of a locket and now says he watched why does a lot to do this repeatedly got out of the game yeah. I don't know why I'm not sure why Google is doing in there that he guess gonna hold this force on the horse multiple times. In the face I think there's more in this story he should be beaten again that they think something happened in the stadium that might the as serious if not more series he got bleep face beyond belief and punching out or Islam talks over serve might have been a beer at all that could happen and repeatedly punched a police force. In the face before striking. A Philadelphia police officer. That he punches the officer was on top sent one in the horse is or is it for roaches can play the course is quite sure it's kick kick kick. They might well he should have done all of the five. You should've just on an attack on an iron punch a horse that's another interview some fantastic and they went to the sixers game the next night fans relieving their interviewing everybody what do you think about this. And iron punch a horse. Especially the tops on it just crazy not to Smart. Does not reflected beatle fans or bow down the at all was that she had what is the date they get him there but no not too Smart. Does not reflect beatle fans or bow. You have 65000 people. 6064000. Honored not not a crime in one pledges a horse. These things happen anywhere. I don't know line that now. Help me out there it's not I don't know of the legalities of this hole and if the officer had shocked the city deadwood that have been OK I think so. He punches the warning on our a little over the top here we'll wait a minute he's watching all ports I don't eat but he's trying to that guy well I didn't kill him I just just kill them all good shot and I had well there's that shot I don't think that are implied they're better get out if you're judged that got out without an OK so now amenities go right in the right. Police seized from for sure the police say it all started when it 22 year old Whitehall township resident got ejected. From the Eagles falcons game for being intoxicated. And not having your ticket. It costs of the gaining an avatar or the securities tied at these NFL playoff game class of guys that there are times from the Eagles falcons game for being intoxicated. And not having it ticket. After he got tossed police say Hendrix approached mounted police officer punching his horse repeatedly in the face and neck. She. Really the violence back to my shooting him as a zoned out when I have with the guys don't want to I don't want a pilot got shoot him let's. Need to happen is this something that's wrong with you if you're gonna do like that's normal and I think we've had nearly a couple weeks ago we swing in the dogs around in the least like that kitchen that absolutely that it should be. But this guy that hit a whole lot of foam behind those punches very could barely stand out but either way it should be doing and striking the officer in the leg. Jimmy punch in a horse that's the bottom lines no matter who your friends and a I. I guess that's true and they don't care if you are an outstanding of one costs and yet he probably should do that's the bottom lines no matter who your friends and don't be punching police sources. You broke the law is assaulting a police officer mounted the horse back. He should be put in prison. We caught up with some Eagles fans exiting the sixers game Monday afternoon. The fans vs police source tail lifts several shaking their aides aside cool. That is not cool overload of that's an embarrassment. We still hear about Santa Claus snow balls. We don't need this just snowballs or punch and horse that a cop pulled it. You saw this guy I eat I like that we saw this firsthand Jackson. Oliver they wanted to fight us on the way into the game it lost yet so we can have that guy wonder why Norway's wife if you remember what the cheering too much boy that you're too much I saw the guy who literally. Three hours before the game was passed that with people are just spent thousands of dollars to get here in the past that or shall be granted them a ticket either apparently it's covered puke like. Isn't. It you know I let everyone else on the job. No horse in the office or are okay were not injured. So there's the relief the ticket the happy ending and it leaves or mine to be some psychological. Reports maybe ports could be traumatized. Chance that a horse in the office or are okay were not injured. Dangerous was released on 5000 dollars bail he has a hearing at the end of the month. And attempt to reach and tonight was unsuccessful court records do not indicate that he has an attorney. At this point you might need one lose Hampshire. He days months golf course record and an officer officer and 5000 dollars a honeycomb at that Clancy is ridiculously low very low yet there should be some jail time here I would imagine but. Attitude the long list of eagle fan activity. Come on Minnesota's trawler of Minnesota I'd Johnson patriots news yes always and even if you don't like our list I don't know this from Karen Perry Ian. Tom Brady jammed his throwing hand at practice after accidentally being running too according to a source X rays showed no structural damage. All right well listen. What player aren't doing. Don't work on Iraq. Off the team whoever whoever I don't wherever they cut out today say a wanna know who ran to the lovely during practice endorses a face on you will go to the Super Bowl or not you wanna go to the Super Bowl. Think it Jonathan reds on injured reserve did you need to pressure Tom Brady and practice to get the different look. Now that's so much for people saying operatives and bother him for politics of the Tennessee game with fans bother them Brandon Tom Brady practiced on or near to their alleged conspirators and we've all temporary summer well. And yet so Brian Hoyer Domino's ordered the summit to. Maybe up to Dejuan is he talked tomorrow to put this up for Friday. And will we ever know the identity of what one Rihanna until I hope not that that's I was I was I mean active it hadn't been serious enough that they felt they had to go get X rays done Percival. I don't know. Which which guy did it deep from Florida and then I'm gonna put him on the list. It's. People who talk to it that your golf definitely as sore guys like Scotland yet. This is no accident he he simply felt carries every Indian is usually pretty. Tied in down there I trust her its a as a reporter if she says her sources say got running to practice today. Jammed his throwing hand. For X rays so X rays were negative ran into by a teammate. Well they don't have opposing teams in practice has been written yet yup so what's the bail set. She's hired a 5000 dollars a digit European. Is Lego rest or we'll have a finger on the you have a clumsy teammate who doesn't wanna win the super incident you know I do already ham handed could be an offensive lineman you're throwing he gets pushed back into the yen and David air strikes again got art. Texture says it was poirier I don't think it was Ryan point 00 where now I'm Wilson that Jeff hostetler well this chance. Well this will be a story tomorrow. You're in on mutt. Monitor as much as I was not have a lot of confidence that I never not much is here CMX. Bit lucky with mud coming up next we'll see you tomorrow five. Yesterday's four of the law only assaulting a police officer and mounted the horse that. He should be one person. No matter who your friends and don't be punching police sources. 6064000. On not a lot of pride in one pledges awards. Ya these things happen anywhere.