DHK - Cleveland looks record breaking, Sox need to finish strong, plus Peter King on the Pats

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, September 12th

Hour #2 and we're deep in to some baseball talk about the Indians streak, Tito, and also how the Sox need to finish strong.   Then the MMQB's Peter King joins us to talk NFL.


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You seem to XP from Comcast business with the download speeds up to twenty times faster than what most people. Our number two gala Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEP act. Rex Ryan you know what Bill Belichick says what his brother told them around for a long time there and again and denim. Dressing rooms when they're. Friendly and metal locker room to hear now now is what brother has ever wondered if you come find you some kind of walking in together you know play by the slump and submit and vote. Different just two coaches would mutual. Film's elaborate I and it can get my game plan. And I'll settle patent side number the jets and you know Belichick that you need to Aronson. Who. Actually say that he says. The way after so doll. Let's let's around to. I don't want out of the other things in your account yes that night. Michaels then lead off atomic clock about. Something to do with mr. Start off with a drop errant dad yeah canary. You paid at the victim Erica and I thought you simply Bradley responded yes and leisure little bit you did praise slightly off that right direction I'd I'd the last. Our we wheat intimated that you know Michael was always on the Groupon Moran's bandwagon not at all. Like he'd putted and ship back on gone any wanted you know the Pedro Martinez of the of the next generation returned. To the red southern garnish your Dell I'm not pitching at all Michael's whole sorry John surgery so we I'll go back an hour adversity at outback better than ever now so so now you get through pom rants who is. Solidly the number two pitcher in the Red Sox staff right behind Chris Sale who's you know odd the obvious leader. And he'd gotten me thinking a little bit about and I love what we do this in a playoff rotation talked yes when you play the first round of the playoffs at best of five you really only need three starting pitchers. Chris sales easy. Preponderance is easy in a number three is for me now yes mister Fister. Sorry you rod sorry the reigning Cy Young award winner Rick ports Salo. If I'm if I'm only using three starters in the first round I'm using sale amusing pomerantz amusing. It's shocking that Doug Fister answer Doug Fister has not only. No worked his way into the rotation. After being. Just an afterthought a couple of months ago. This is this is even bigger Doug Fister has worked his way past fifty million dollars a year. A combined fifty million dollars a year because you mentioned ports 120 million off thirty million. David Fridays and after the game. David Price. I don't know if you can rely on price as a bull their guy and now here we are what they'll catch it again in September 12 well to throw three inning simulated tomorrow Michael in a simulated games simulated game on embryonic three innings that means next week. Maybe he'll be ready for four innings on the thirteenth. Yeah oh yeah sorry what he even if he does well on these simulated games. You've got no got no minor league season to rely on. He can't do anything there and even if he did have a minor league team that was uninteresting it's unfair to them. Cannot throw David Price and to their playoff mix. None of the deposits are suction part in the playoffs right. Of the kind of following a knuckle I did not and clearly now they're down art show. You've got no minor league team to rely on help you out with a some. To some innings against live competition. So your first look at David Price if you. If you're old enough is going to be either late in the regular season. We might need it you might need a win or in the playoffs. Where you definitely need wins I wouldn't trust him at this point. Why hasn't even shut down its better question bizarre. There must hold out hope always good to push and it was let's visit the products on these I would guess John Farrell poet John Farrell can push not a things I want to alienate daughter and I had none on what I'm saying is I don't want shut him down he's he's progressing he's making I don't wanna shout him down you know I think we get some bottom before Don I got him too much credit I'm really you can I don't think it's up to him about it or not up to him and I'm saying adding that's what he's pushing for because he's looking at. Reports sellout he's looking Rondo hasn't won a game since may 24. Anything what other options and I got here I think their brows ski is probably saying or pain in the third landmarks and area some phenomenal and our level of oil or level Bob Arnot if you're. All that is financing is it can all be a charade. Where. You know you just have to go owners say the net. Last year you know nice down the stretch terrible in the playoffs. This year he he's better at yelling at people of any as it has been a pitcher. So let me let me get something out of my investment here. But you and I and it's a little bit of a dance you have to do because it is an investment so you don't wanna get to the point where. You've given us a setback by bringing them back too early. If you have a chance to get. Something David Price. Go with our will be eligible is not putting is on a poll that this competitively. They all season and there whispers as most effective when he wasn't healthy they would when he was healthy throughout this case. And we're gonna get AT fully for an inning. Golfing union inning with a Red Sox are now an undertow. Who you like that good on about it as it stands right now that team that's gonna win its twentieth in a row tonight that is it's interesting it's crazy. What but the Cleveland Indians. Late season surge and its themselves a favor to your life are you going to be playing Houston. If you're in the playoffs plane in the first round so you closed the regular season with four games against the Houston Astros. And then go right into a five game series against the Houston asked all. Feel like now I don't know studied by the name noise that you made that is you know I have and that I say I don't like it noise but it's better facing Cleveland in the first round much better. This is got a great lineup obviously and they have some good pitchers but it's not. The parent talent and experience combo at Cleveland and it was I can't last night and you got a great man and the skipper and it was a little while it last night I was watching his post in comments with Terry. Tito was a little Ali because. Somewhere in the back of his mind he's thinking and 1202223. And around now. When it went when you all are you're gonna falter. You're gonna you're gonna gulf you're gonna lose four out of the next five or some time. And I am unsure what he's thinking is could we put this off for a couple weeks. Now really now now there's such a good team did that for clover pitching tonight. A win will tie the Oakland a's record twenty consecutive wins which is the American League record. I can't like Corey clippers' chances idea on almost every occasion. I almost wonder if if if you put Tito under sodium pentothal he's thinking it's a little there late at least three can like this close of. More weeks until the playoffs so you gotta say I want her once they lose the game. Will they rushed the bunch of guys and kind of go from there and then you know you're not gonna go into the post season on thirty game winning streak. I knew they would be good. I knew that I didn't know they would be this good and hears that the one thing that stands out to me is they've got the best pitching in baseball. Yeah they're picking up the fewest runs while all of baseball and did you think but it led the Cleveland Indians would would have a stat like that where you just say. Runs allowed. You look at every team in baseball that the Cleveland Indians for be number one. Not vessels that surprised. And so I mean they they do everything pretty well. They're great road team. And play well hominid is good across the board so. But in a series owner of the Washington's top three is probably better than. Who suffered that's semantics and Wear whatever they're but they're both really he's got to line up with three switch hitters and his lineup you know so left right doesn't affect him. I eight. So they're talking about taking their. They're all star caliber second baseman and yet but he was he was you know all star center fielder outfield during college but I don't won't amount to center field. Death bizarre they're that good. I think this team right now they're the best team in baseball put us by the way the Dodgers the fall apart Sports Illustrated put out the cover of the Dodgers with best team ever yeah they've gone one in fourteen since the data that I'll play clock. And ably on par with how far Cleveland got last year with all the players that they were down. This sort players hurt there was just a rotation Edmund Brantley was their best overall player two years ago. He wasn't playing all of their starters just about were down. And they make it all the way deep in the World Series and so this year they're getting more their talent packed the add a power back and Encarnacion so. And that they're the they're clear cut favorite here so I just can't bring up Encarnacion and after a Nikkei. I thought Larry that I I had a dad realized here's the other thing about Cleveland. This is what a nice win streak and can do for you. Magic numbers pop. September 12 international in Alberta magic numbers five so they get a playoff spot by the weekend occurred on Friday. And Good Friday at the Washington already clinched. I think they etiquette how the nationally some of those are just. Just had a lottery pick clutch for us to have but it in their divisions trash. There are twenty Europe I'd like tomorrow if that's what money team lead. And so it and the other thing to think about I don't know if if John Farrell looks at it this way as his inspiration to managers everywhere. So Terry Francona and when he eleven. Is that probably the low point for him as a manager not only did your team collapsed down the stretch for a nice six and 20 September. After being in in real strong position at the end of August not only does that happen. On you get fired at the end of the year and called firing I think you know needed a new voice of support that they got fired and to make it even worse. They put out a story about you. Saying you're addicted to painkillers. And you lost the clubhouse and making it got personal problems again in your family life and to make it even worse you go for an interview at Saint Louis. And they ask you about the stories from the Boston Globe so at the low point nobody was calling Terry Francona the best manager in baseball. In October. Of of when he 11 October November 2011. Now. Is he the guy that you look at at at T you know. And say if you could have any manager in baseball would he be that guy yet. He's the guy assuming the Red Sox didn't win the World Series. Which c'mon now is good for business for us that's that's what you rooting for assuming that doesn't happen I want Francona to win it's so badly. I want I want him I think he is the best manager in the game. And you know he came so close a year ago and and in I had to leave that field watching the Chicago Cubs voice that I would give anything to see Francona he has. They changed his style a bit so if you wanna talk about it too much of a player's manager too much of a nice guy. That's pretty much what he does this is what he did in Boston what he's doing and I can see it right now he's a goof ball. He comes off as the two of us at this way he comes off as he likes all played that he lacked. He's one of those guys and parents you know this teachers you know this too. The Smart kid who doesn't want people to know we Smart. So I'm I'm going to be I'm a clown around. I'm not gonna be the first one I'm not gonna be the teacher's pet I'm not gonna that cake all maybe put my hand up first in gas but he Indo but he knows everything yeah he knows everything but he would. Prefer to kind of make fun of himself and make fun of other people. And it disarm its everybody in the franchise. So when you when you work with. Guys who know they got a little bit of intelligence you have to be like that means the guy who worked for for John Henry and I'll work for Tom Warner Larry Lucchino lots of egos there work with Theo Epstein the genius. And so. He wasn't gonna be described that way in Boston he'd wanna be described that way and Boston now I think I pakistanis to understand they're doing the same thing and it works. Funny Friday I heard him on the radio station I heard people talking about all that the patriots wish they had Chandler Jones at the patriots wished they they still like Jamie Collins. Is still don't you don't hear that much about Tito despite the issues people have with John Farrell in this town and there are a lot of folks. One omelet was that right now who who will have meetings with John Farrell is in order to have but which you don't hear all I bet they wish they still had Terry Francona let. People were ever there were watching this team then wording they weren't unhappy with him being let go now it was time. It was time and that's why there's all the comparisons to radical Julian and I think the same thing might have at the broad struggle next year for a stretch. I don't think you're gonna get though lots of that of closely is as time went there's a reason why. Managers or coaches usually are on one team for 1520 years the way adults are so crazy and he's been. Here are so long and had some exultant once in dock oh god no. But with Francona if you really go back and remember what was going on that last year with him does. It was time last couple years even and I heard what you're having 2010 and make the playoffs yeah got swept out of the playoffs in 09. Than 2011 a big time I mean big time historic. Collapse from that team they have it has had they elect seven and twenty in the month of September or somebody six and 27 when he was back. Betsy found a way to get rid of abortion both of those players and the managers to start over two years later on if you ever have a bunch of the players and kept the manager wouldn't you still the better off well you only ever so many players as governor of what you are some of the problem players but they're playing other players there to serve and the they knew that now there there are still enough guys that may be the voice there and in the clubhouse was sort of gone stale. But not only are there John Ferrell and Tito. A great friends of our best friends Ferrell is a Tito disciple so if you look at. Farrell's managing. Some of things he does as a manager Tito did the same thing. It Tito would do the same things now. Like how it picked up get him warmed up you bring him in the game how do you think you were able to line up around a lot more olestra record get locked in it's tricky though it's tricky I was is considered key because. Francona had Manny and and and David Ortiz so that it really is back after a and I can't really go too far from at late payment or Ellsbury unfortunately a kind of a thing on the way. Got to put it there but in terms of like some though the bullpen philosophy starting pitching philosophy. Protecting players from the media not calling guys out sometimes looking foolish because you won't call guys out Mike it's clear and that's not true. Putting me in you do it helping a friend doesn't talk early circles as much as this guy does yet but I think I eighty I don't know naughty trickle out better. If he's he's his media Saturn press account for much about it yet. He's he's had more but let's but he also. And thankfully it didn't happen with me but I've seen him turn on people on those press conference settings. I've seen him go full blown ballot check on people. You know he he doesn't suffer fools gladly and some of them now you know things are going pretty good right now and I'm sure he's had a great mode. But he can he can get a little yeah a little so early and somebody's phone goes often. And that and that press room you know he gets a little. It'll mean. And you know keep he's you say. He doesn't talk in circles like like apparel. And this is some advice that it may be Ferrell architect from TO Italy's have a policy. He said I'll never. Answer question lane saying out loud but you know this privately say I'll never answer question. That has been that. So if you US yes and I think Greg great bit of advice so you ask me question I'm gonna answer the question that you asked him accumulating extra as of mr. Obama. Yeah whole lot of tackles some that you want out there. And and people haven't led you where you needed him to well you know it had been the out there right now mainly intended to be out there org I. In general his philosophies of government. But I can see where. Not to him I don't they ask me why I'm not planned you know this guy in left field tonight because I really wanna say it. They were in Boston usually after. They usually get it didn't come around and they are going to get there but he would you be comfortable with the silence is like Belichick is. We aren't I gestured and me. W I I I am I noticed a silence at all there's been a silence and there are times in my case your account and I'm very comfortable going very. I'm fine he's fine there. And it's time how how uncomfortable is it in that locker room this week yeah it's. Because that was the window window into the organization yesterday yet. You know what it was Brady on in the morning. And in Belgium obvious in the afternoon east he's got the sense that apparent. We don't think is going -- taken them let them like some of the it's okay for us corporate along the caller student athlete one. Like yeah we had high expectations a team as we wanna figured out well part of the figuring it out process for them is to get pissed off and to attack and I got to go to all went to correct. And I sort of lingers there are taken out the saints ultimately they're gonna crush them I really do their dinner last night they almighty god stop on the saints. And so on that this would be I tell you I hope to god Brady turned off. He's wants is there a list everybody's going to be open and at least need to. I didn't want him watching all of that get all cocky and overconfident. And it Sam Bradford with Alex Smith. Actually you know what he did play well Bradford was he tired in sixteen. I don't know I don't know I'm I don't know about that. I don't make a list that some yeah well I think we do have to corrupt the way we need an airless record however this day. Just in general Alex Smith is a better quarterback and Sam Bradford right. Yes yes dale while he's healthier and both numbers overall picks and a I think I think yes I would say he has been better. There is better whose career is not a thought a great race means neutrinos to. As fried like the 89 game. NCAA but that 89. Like that play in game in Greensboro so loud and you feel after an idea Alex that is is decidedly better overs Riordan's him Bradford. That'll be our task before the week is out we will have our top. Sixteen the tops knowledge to our top Clinton won the whole thing one hour thirty hour ranking yes which of Cheryl agree on each guy. It will be very agree on one and all I think we can all agree that whoever's quarterbacking. Maybe that Texans. Might be 32. And I have the worst quarterback situation got full thing. Says hello 31 starter from last night I said that Shawn Watson I was taking snaps with the first team offense that. And you know he could easily go from thirty ease at their other the question was whether his ankle is going to be okay for this week but are there are gonna have to go back to savage but supposedly to practice today 303132. Suburban could easily as you'd have to toy in into the twenties. Only reason. The Texans quarterback situations in the thirties because what we know of Tom savage what we don't know. About Watson but. In a lot of good play and make himself into like the 23 14 best quarterback and we'll talk a lot of room to grow there will. Peter king of the MM QB coming up next to Patrick Chung atop the hour it's still on Hollywood's Keith. Sports Radio W media. I mean I like the music as much as anybody but I thought we played like one Peter King joins us which will be any moment now. They're just getting him on the phone even as we speak as we have maker regular bi weekly visit with Peter and and up normally Patrick Chung would be with a sudden patriots Monday they had the players association meetings. Going on after their regular teen stuff yesterday so you'll join us after the top of the hour to. They're off and then we will now are we gonna have this quarterback ranking down by the end of the day today are we might go to the week. And I did I ever a maps as you know look at some film. John and Paul I I'm just not ready to do this right now but I think he's he took a look at it says Alex Smith is now in the top. Fifteen and not top sixty Woodward tops costing the county that I I thought you had a sixteen at argument I positive you know fourteen I did a quick look at the government to go the other way closer and closer to eighteen the age fourteen yet just not basing that on this week one statistics of god what number one number wanted to write about product I'm Montana Brady for this season our guy that Diallo won the season so I just I'm just curious if we have around like 1716. Other ones that I think he's gonna run into would be. Public Kirk cousins Carson Palmer Eli Manning Flacco Bradford wins Dalton rivers like. Those are all the guys these are not total around seven o's name that is 110 some I have above you'll have belong to sit Mosley guys in the area. You know it's it's it's fifteen touchdown passes Muster you know but how many pit. Meaning. Each of something. More army and throw out that every other game and throws a pick every other game if I'm David Betts. And make our regular weekly visit with Peter King from the MM QB our conversation with Peter is sponsored by Honda north hey Peter are you today. Everything's okay I'll buy you guys. A better than the patriots were in week one was that the most shocking thing of we won three of. No because when I get my eight powered 32 or whatever you do how are you rank the teams. Entering this season after my training camp trip. I hit it she's number two for the patriots so I thought the past few teams in football or playing. On Thursday night. You know when he spent time at team's training camps you come away with a specific field. The first play I thought Kansas City Chiefs training camp in saint Joseph's Missouri. Was how you read skills splitting the safety of the corner and Alex Smith thrown the ball. 44 yards in the air and it dropped from this guy rightly stands touchdown. And so what happens the other day patriots busted coverage. This 148 yards in the air. Yeah Alex that the Tyreke hill and afterwards. I ate spent some time I actually taped but I get a life podcast out of the out of that game. And eight Thursday night. And I hate to I don't know twelve or fourteen minutes and Andy Reid afterward and told me that. This is really been Alex Smith. Point of improvement this off season I think and read would not tell me this but. You know clearly you'd draft one of the great deep ball throwers in recent drafts. And you know for other recent draft at homes. And yet it's the end errant throw them every day in practice concede it's incredible arm that this guy has. And so you don't wanna look like it noodle arm. And Reid told me if he's been working diligently on his deep ball throws during every practice. And that your showed in week one so what I mean look the chiefs are good. They'll be less good wins without Erie area obviously but you know that's a team that could have come back to see the patriots again in January. Why you say you that they may come back to see the patriots in January see you kind of answered my next question which was going to be I got a lot of work on a little bit. Other patriots in trouble in any type of way offensively defensively no Julian Edelman any thing. The send off the alarms for you Peter. Well I don't think after week one and the only alarms that would set off to me after week one honestly. The Indianapolis Colts houses on fire which I'm sure he's gonna make everybody New England so unhappy. He. The New York Giants in the Seattle Seahawks. Can't block premier quarterback. That deadly for Eli Manning it's not good for Russell Wilson but at least he'd get out of the way. You know there are other lessons from week one but. I don't really view week one as any sort of debt now for the patriots in any way shape or form. You knew that if you wanted to play in England patriots have your best chance to win this theory early is the best trying to do it. Because clearly the patriots have issues. Chemistry issues you know last year by the end of the year. Tom Brady was absolutely. You know on this same way links. With Malcolm Mitchell with Chris token with the with the new guy on the team. He's not on the same weight linked with Philip source that he just got in ten minutes ago he's not on the same wave link yet. We Dwayne Allen the breeding cokes they're getting there but it's gonna take a while the real worrisome thing I think for me is that. Malcolm Butler has looked pedestrian the pedestrian acting the other night and you know. I don't that you guys that much better and I the status to done they had a tower and how much. He may miss if at all and whether he'd when he plays he's gonna be able to beat the same guy. Those are the things I would worry about I absolutely wouldn't worry about them yet winning the division. I would wait until the end of September before. During and really any conclusions they lost to a really really good team on Thursday night. Peter what do you make of what's going on with the Ezekiel Elliot it's in the it's going to be another year at another time where the NFL is going to court with one of the best players in the early. You know I think that. The NFL. I wrote about this on Monday in my column. That Paul Tagliabue had this saying. When he was commissioner he's just say all's well that ends. K not all's well that ends well. In this league seems to be in the mode of all's well that as well you know you don't get any advantage when you. Getting towards sweep your players and that this is why I think there's two lessons to be learned number one. Roger Goodell has got to find a way some way somehow. To get along with the players association better to get along with players in general. And I think that for some reason after they Blu-ray rice they decided that okay were really got to draw a line in the sand that. Six weeks if you're guilty domestic violence that's going to be the boilerplate I don't know why they chose it. The you know but they do it. And so now I think anybody who. Looks it look I I think probably something happened between easy regularly at this woman. I've read enough to know that even though she and her story's changed a bunch. Some of the evidence to these scenes irrefutable. But even having said that so will be any game now by being at war with the NFL rushing champion. For the year and I'm not saying you shouldn't do anything he should do something but in my opinion. The NFL's got to get out of the disciplined business when it comes to appeal because all that does. Is it bloody year biggest stars in these indicate the Tom Brady is he regularly at. They have bloodied the biggest two of the biggest stars in the game. You know over the last three years what good does that do. There's a duke does it do good firms for the other owners to look at Roger Goodell and say yeah I know there's going to be a law and order guy. OK fine but what really gets its due to the game. And how how does that help your your readings how does that help anything when years at war we your players ready. What does Eric times since that day eighty AFC championship game in shape GA January 2015. Were the NFL hasn't been at war with with a with a player or more than once very prominent player. Gotta stop and the way to stop that in my opinion. It's Roger Goodell to issue whatever discipline he wants to issue. And then for it to go to an independent art harder at because. Egypt you're never ever. Going to get any that the players to be peacefully you if you're not only deciding the penalty pitcher also deciding to peel. One last question before we get chatting here and I know it's one game in and it's way too early to make these predictions but I'll ask you for one anyway. Does it seem as though the Adrian Peterson New Orleans Saints marriages don't last as it did last night. Well that was a little strange. I was under the impression. When I talked Sean Payton during training camp he he loved the period Peterson I was under the impression that. He didn't get Peterson every chance. To run the ball not only running between the tackles but to run it why it last night and you didn't see much of that that surprised me last night. And also you know ESPN cameras caught Peters and parking it at patent. So you know Woolsey but. Somebody floated this I don't know who did. Somebody said giants got a treat for Adrian Peterson. And you know what they really should. And I'm not even saying that Adrian Peterson would be able to do anything for the giants. But I do think that. Did you it is the saints wanted a staple of running backs. But it seems pretty clear that Adrian Peterson is not going to be happy. Touching the ball five times the game and so we'll see what happens but. We we've not we've not read the last chapter netbook. Peter we appreciate time we'll talk to next week. Thank you are missing from the NM QB joining us. I was thinking about that from and I can't picture the Marek family trading for. Adrian Peterson canyon. Yeah I am I can't I I can't. Anybody trading for Adrian Peterson what would resign them American America on America are already said publicly. That that they wouldn't dare go near Colin Capra. At that they they were afraid of what their fans would say about that right won a Tony -- it is crazy that three of us don't think this way but some people feel like that's worse that's more of a handers it's morbid distraction. That what Peterson or some of these other guys have done. I wasn't talking about a from aid what he's done off the field perspective it's always tough to have a production you know how much light because how much how much production of the outlet. The last night's first you first run what for nine yards and probably thought okay same idea on the something and then. That was it and nine yard run just was not explosive. And it's unfair I know it's unfair you can't just look at one game and fish and say this is what a guy is. And it Adrian Peterson had that run five years ago when I'd be saying it. He was in his twenties as opposed was thirty what I do things done probably not but. Still didn't look didn't look all that impressive. I wasn't happy when Bill Belichick had Peterson in for a visit. I didn't wanna seem wearing a patriots uniform I wouldn't wanna see the patriots. Acquire and fake it if the saints cut him tomorrow I would wanna see them bring in and acres and only played in morbid BO thanks. I know I'm holier than now what else are there are some limits here beating children's you know pass those limits for most. He just seems done now. They are of the the last time that he was was good and it that was one of the big things through his. When Ray Rice no resent their rising dollar everybody must be like I don't want Alec out of their team or knowledge that he was gonna. Because of they did you wouldn't sign somewhere as a Peterson could very well be done. 6177797937. His telephone number two Dylan Hollywood keep. We'll talk Patrick Chung top of the hour Sports Radio WE yeah. I'm a bird at you it's mornings with the hurricane Callahan. Morning starting at 530 on Sports Radio 937. WEEI and WEEI dot com box Dayton. More do you. Watch Sports Radio WEEI. Alcohol. As it were sitting here during a couple of commercial breaks and we're just fooling around these quarterback rankings. A couple of times I had to look up and say these guys almost the starting quarterback for the jets now. A recount. You know who's often been elected today I don't sure was the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns and I mean it's like it it's like a couple of these teams. You just forget a I only have 31 names amiss and antimatter and matter and underneath it and why one missing all somebody who whether it's Tom Brady that summarize it for them at the time I've got I've got him number one actually. There's a lot of teams that are probably just it's like a place holder and they're all hoping that might get one of those guys Houston for instance yet. Technically they started Tom savage in game one but we all know they would prefer DeShaun Foster being that guy. Yeah Houston's amass San Francisco's amass the jets are massed the browns are belong with their rookie Tashard Kaiser Bo was like he was a first round pick. The colts are mess until law gets back. Another few other teams like bears the bears in the jaguar sort of have a guy but they're definitely not convinced is their guy even Denver being. Boston Trevor Ximian science are very few plays out but that's another joke you don't look on as rates at that that you don't want to that your guy and I know what do you know. No no you're gonna know what anywhere where you viewed your attitude in this tremors at me and you're. Constantly for the upgrade that exactly by the way just real as as as a quick glance at my list are Michael. I bet Alex Smith nineteenth got a ninety neck a policy that code known tanner who's at 1870 district eighteen is such Carson Palmer. Seventeen is Andrew Luck Andrew Luck on assuming that he ought to put a moment like I mean I don't even know I I didn't because I am assuming he's gonna play at some. But when he's on ways and means you know he turned the ball over time mean a there is Alex Smith is and yes I do yes I do believe Alex Smith is a better quarterback major capital stock absolute main users meant. Talk is very overrated yes the scenario supposed to be the great line yesterday next on this group that I'd at Eli Manning to lol I can't figure out how to move in mop. East including having at their picnic 1516 just like any fifteen Philip Rivers. Death by sixteen is Cam Newton. I think I'll too low flow from minicamp tomorrow. Who's your who's who's the five. How about identity I would donate it would have had twenty and I'd just trying to figure out where you know where Oregon where I fell apart as switcher yet on a five to try to say it nicely tied for ten I had Drew Brees at five. But the through the credit fifth thank you Michael. OK don't have been tireless he's gonna ask those questions yet at the column about the idealist like our client is Brady you know Rogers. Car Ryan breweries. And Wilson is a wise but ice I have Roethlisberger in place of down cross party that's number I have robbery was Berger sat yeah I've Harper's well. I'm sold and I did and I don't love the other guys and that's count issue. Dad got Ryan was the MVP last year but. Hosea and do that again you know Albert you really feel about him so he's added a fourth Matt Ryan if if David Carr is excuse me no no it's not hard if Derek cars at third that's quarterback currently. Somehow some way and I don't know how way to do it I'll find a way to do it. There's no question that Alex Smith is is fourteen it is very high announced yeah enough guys that are close it out there really there's enough guy. Yeah but based on a separation between three and twelve. Find out he's had two. Decent seasons one season that that was interrupted by injury. All last year areas that are candidacies and you put the festival season. An eight. I was at my game was it a game eleven or twelve it was it was a devastating it was this horrible timing for the raiders everything right before the play that thing they would have done some real damage. You know they lost a playoff game got shut down by the Texans. Because a lot of suggests that would've won that game. And they probably fifteen game and it probably was the fiftieth episode came a year next the last game here I think it they would if they had. Derek Karr healthy. L yet are we talking about a raiders patriots AFC championship I really believe that. Yeah that's what it could see this year you know as long as he stays on the field. By the way for the people who were taking me to task for saying the Mara family wouldn't employ Adrian Peterson I mean they employed Josh Brown. And then when when they finally got the public relations backlash it was all. We are away from this way around they will not step back in front of that bus again. There is no way the Mara family will will knowingly employ somebody who's got issues. Facing them like that as soon as that finally came to light about Josh Brown publicly. They probably knew before that but as soon as it came out publicly they couldn't get away from that vehicle quicken. I wonder though their own three of their offense looks like it did against Dallas. That would change or too little. That's right and that could talk your way out of anything can say I'll Dolly would never do it blow lifetime ago you find yourself says that's the situation he's he's really shown contrition millions I can. The good guys down there it's not it is no. Haven't there we have and I don't in a letter he totally sold me. In Phoenix I think right is a double and the rest of this to a lot of hand I think I got this day and age there are allergic strutting cannot hurt your hand you know I respect that more than a guy just goes and they were nothing but enhances legislated dead hand that feature or wanna what's on active in the new lips and had to go what's. Just how about the pound now so let the pound power is good that's it. Sounds good you know unfortunately Peterson may hurt too badly that I did good town just because it's valley oh how long are we doing this for his his arrogance or you're squeezing to hard notified the social make up for Europe harder a senior Arctic on the decline in here for you through my holidays unknown and he threw me a hug our that was very tough crowd got out and are very comfortable because. That's no knowledge that I have never met before I I am a hugger yeah hugger you know I know you and a little bit ridiculous thing I've got them out and probably get around. And I don't like them manhunt sometimes I'd like to bring it into the real thing it and hug and I'll just check it out to Zarate brilliant there genitals genitals I. All that kind of just like us that's not what I've ever done as an occupational happened. I don't ask don't happening other good other sometimes the other back out right time to go to historically I just came and and you can argue he should Dale's hands or is it okay yeah. It that keeps it up then yeah I hope it. A may and June. We all. Here people word's out that your hunger through this note that he felt that. Literally I take some liberties to all real you I don't like nasty things your. Now well now just not in danger. Open hand. That this is just column whale lawsuit. I'm fat now public is that when these you know I've kind of I think it all the details but. Don't pay and Alison felons on on on Saturday night and get good group good group yeah that's right they're great great great group of guys trying to share so I hadn't had been around for a little bit. On this group and so. Saw one guy. People it is nice that we're feeling people wanna let this yeah all of it there and keeps house to I'm not a minority these people of north up that. And I don't there was sincere now to see it yeah right the other outcome up in the sauce kind of doing that the hug thing handy you know both sides of the brief. And the you know just have little silent count units caliber quarterback in the pocket yeah yeah write it when you run is gonna go too much want to rush is gonna let ago yes so had those 12 look at that ago. And one guy would not let me go. Please take all clarinet the men might not see you go to Wendy's and ultimately yes. As bad as I can I play pilot that's correct he. I can't remember James Posey yes yes I think that. It was like OK elect really strong James too long and deep and rubbing your back closed solidly into really according you'll almost I would like to appear like that nobody had a lot of passion for pats on the back mr. snowpack still pat is talking good embrace and about it I thought I'm Mike Massey did blow. I was only knows how to carry out little hand on the back here at. Our. Iron right in a year year and it's really. It was really good to see you negate New Jersey used to okay in a pullback. In stronger he's the editor I just got divorced. There's no cap was no reason I don't think the man's life happily married all day Dedrick. But and our question everything classes. And. 96177797937. Its telephone number. Would get the calls that you guys just a little bit it's Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W yeah.