DHK - Celtics don’t make a trade and are still better than Cleveland; National TV blowhards  criticize Gisele for being a good mom.3

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, February 8th

Hour 2: NBA trades continue as the deadline approaches. Whoopi Goldberg criticized Gisele Bundchen for being a mother, but luckily a Wahlberg came along to save the day.


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Yeah yeah yeah. Our number two Caleb Hawley was key. Sports Radio WV CIA in incredibly busy day in the sports world. The the Philadelphia Eagles held their Super Bowl parade. Jason Kelsey kind of promo will listen to a later on the program actually we've got to the victim about that highly ice here I thought I saw on Twitter. But am I mean I've I've already voted I voted hell yes I wanna hear this did or in some water I don't know bill pitcher fan agrees that the U. Patriots fans are little better still I and I understand that glare I say that or wrong answer to these. Guys if the patriots warning Ron Davis and went out did the whole wrestler thing in Jameer how do you think IP and Phillies played sing how cool would lose. Adding to and now we have app mark and how are you guys do they think now we agree we're gonna grab the portion or Texas shouted a certain medium number and give you his response is that it's. This John McDonough asking and we and we Philly fans. A hill and all of that now I needed I don't remember that happening no way elected interest at the Super Bowl laws. We have it has there been more race director differently or at New England. By doing doing it is the offseason. Is all on my reference as the patriots will be arguing again or upset at us or you're more upset with Belichick are not playing Malcolm Butler. And I think it's more enough we have talked about the eat a lot at all about the Eagles with respect to Doug Peterson and a great ball waited waited. Yeah Petersen great game plan. I even call it don't matter if it was got one right one wrong first on for some believe that that open more touchdowns. Really talked about the game as much as. That big decision. Big decision by Bill Belichick play Malcolm Butler that's little cynical now. On. A friend at a trip down. Well at least beard the beard trim about his new partner Patricia did. I not ask a question about Butler hay day on Sunday is about the game at all nothing you know last game you play it and ran 41 points to put a pencil line is here one knots that was a good writers here Bill Belichick and notes from the Super Bowl 41 the full 41 point. Is that no government sooner. Excited about the job. So in addition of the what you're defensive approach gonna hit the house payment is over ball in addition to that the Eagles parade and and you know ski just told chip. Jimmy droplet contract huge news around your idol the number keeps dropping them I'm assuming that you know the contract is the same. We told you one of the reports out there that was that was ninety million over three years. Jason lock on forest now saying the guaranteed money is 75 million if we wait another hour lead out of fifty million. Where they're located log on for group. Alone Michael giving nominate Mike goes like it was after coming NFL outsider I'm Jason rocket over and over and over arose from Jason lock on four that's what he said several pool. Okay. Yeah. I cannot bind it outrageous that Smith evidently not by telling stand pat are NFL far outsider Arafat's outside lane. Stand pat the trade deadline but. Word is that Joseph Johnson is gonna ask for buyout from Sacramento Kings they're gonna give it to him. And at the Celtics will be up high on the list of teams trying to re signed Joseph Johns. You know I don't mind Joseph Johnson the idea of him I don't know how he fits and you know how many how many minutes he can expect to get embossed and whose minutes. Does he take. Thank you look at. Unless unless. They have plans to trade market Smart. I don't want penetrate markets and I wanted to not enter finish out the season of them. I think. He's not as good as Tyreke Evans the purest drafting team who's facing us or ever was or your you know starting a new franchise you would take Tyreke Evans over market Smart but on this team. This team can't survive this team can survive some of the shooting woes that markets market not gonna and unnecessary as out of appointee from manager in the field goal percentage but you know some of the thrower it's okay. I can see he's he's a guy that you know does a lot of other things he'll stop on the floor and take charge that. I'm telling you if you take shooting out of that he might stop talking about the show what I've tried I've tried them a compliment a while if you take shooting out of it. He's a phenomenal basketball player and if they are hurdles and all of us we'll play I hear is he's a nice player does everything I'd like on the team is a good passer. Is there. In my craft a half times the times. Good rebounder from the point you can you can defend honey pot I think he now needs a better job managing his emotions after games out of opens immediately after game like or candidate in this to know we're three hours after a game like the fire. It paved the way for tea roses to play more DS market give him some come that was his intention that while flood disappearing act at triple double to start without that dale I don't know if you watch the nationally televised game the before the super bull was Golden State in the Celtic I didn't know itself it's in yeah yeah yes and start it was great Jeff Van Gundy on the broadcast on Mark Jackson and that perhaps suck up my brain in new York stock up while pretending to be national but anyway team's heart on site I register of mr. But van Gundy brought a great point there that we covered. The Celtics the way we cover the cavaliers Soledad on we would be all over it. Arthur this announcement that there's no way. About it yet. It happened right at that Europe said about the game if you punch one of those fire extinguishers were at the glass on the way to the locker room break in case of emergency defined first of all the fire department with government there. Everybody everybody would be alarms sounds at the whole thing team trainer which advocates are you misleading data about it to the hospital now. So this wouldn't this happened this happened right after the game it did not. And hotel and you remember when Brad Stevens asked about the things that I'm getting information gathering information why it's so he doesn't know about it now his his right after a bank. Market. Yeah. The for an. Once let. Why in the Ritz Y I I was coaching well. Now nobody asked us all watching game tape got all three watts that last play or I'd missed the game winner of why I took the potential game winning shot but I did. I got fired up hours later no coach or just care too much of doing it. Yeah I got to get his tech coach or language to get involved. They have some doors themselves scouting oh you're oh you're in there and I tape I was late and a lot of my rotation that's funny thing heard some rumors about you and it's a grim model nothing I've ever do it at all they focus credit available. I program by market. And I just happened upon something. Yeah blood everywhere and these weird it's weird sound great putts. I don't want to return to nonetheless. Yeah I don't dean get Greg Munro tonight it is showed John actually good thing keep because they didn't trade him and it's too late they didn't necessarily to know sometimes you can still get a little these deals trickle any trickle in now apparently from all reports they have decide dolls on and pat. We have traded everybody have their roster Celtics didn't trade anybody off there's. Which sort of speaks to where also seems rat right now. You know Cleveland have to be desperate because they're kind of fall apart a LeBron hates everybody on the team so they'll like it hey let's get a whole new squad and here. Let's get a whole new team they traded six of the top twelve scores. But the whole new roster. So they might have they they got younger the. Guys out here they got they mortally got much better defensively. Much better yeah because even last year we talked about Jake Trotter as a defender. Oh OK not great. Are great so they get ready Jae Crowder what's their best five right now LeBron loves a likelihood hood but you can play Clarkson and hill. And it's kind of small but I'm under their five most talented players piece of interest in Thompson. And get better if not better gate opened your your court three right now third best player is is riding hood. OPEC itself yet running the irony hood but and I did too but they're better but think about what what what their plan was over the last night in the last year. That's the last calendar year. When they when they smoked the Celtics in the NBA finals I MBA a conference finals last year the top three was LeBron Tyreke look. That's in data were pretty serious yeah then they make the trade they have LeBron. Love and if he gets healthy Isiah Thomas right. Which artist apart down and now the top three LeBron love. Rodney hood. Yikes. Yeah does not belong in that group. It's I'm a Big Three eight around and I got great three they don't have a Big Three anymore I'm more concerned about and I am Cleveland I said that last hour today they worry anymore. If I'm a Celtics don't worry they beat the pants off him and I I just I can't I just mean in terms of EEU wanna get the NBA finals. I think ultimately connect it through to rot they did beat Toronto earlier this year without battery Yemen that now that it's had Orleans with a obviously console by twenty and on so and they beat them. I think by a point in Boston it's very similar team coach Ronald always and it advocates of the playoffs and they they can't be over it's it was different this year there were DeMar DeRozan has taken threes. The loan mid Rangers though no longer great nickname he's an app it's loss of three now and I've always like his game. And I really is good to have a very good is circular and different playing a lot more guys to deeper. To back to the calls have you guys mikes and took spurring hey Mike. I'm Mike. Mike Mike I might I might already might you just would even die and use that one haven't had a really good what was an opportunity for yet not very I hilarious joke I appreciate fact that you jumped on it quickly you don't hesitate I don't know I'd David's in Connecticut hated. Update was. A little worried or our love. Checked everybody. So I'm sorry. Played everybody he literally didn't like yeah but but yes she played for fools like. You. War so. I. Don't you gotta give you a little bit more cards alone the little Kansas City. Can cities. Right. OK for. Losing me. Check out what's happening now just. Sure. I'll check the pilots argue self check out check out of line yeah Florida's eight items. Change. Belichick let's start please help us. Nude or maybe bigger. No nobody is that gonna go ahead way upon people like your respective that's fine unsupported or this car is going wanted to jump out. Check it out so the greens and give it out all. You want people right. He wants control is imitating what. Crap I wanna drought will. So so eats through the Super Bowl this is to get back in Iraq. It trichet put up port. Wall and it would have had a better chance to win with Malcolm but yeah okay so there's a yeah so many through the super ball to get back it crap thrown in the Super Bowl. Because Super Bowl titles don't mean anything to many Moran and I that they've got enough elected to note Mike you don't like like we're today if you don't hear our Super Bowl odds and outside the box he kind of guy but I do appreciate. You know when that's where we've we've taken several of those calls this week stand. He's had enough of craft and Brady so he was OK losing the well it's still a loss for him to. God he's got to show Monica's sister rule will remember they lost the photo was worth it and all of its big years from now grossed a solid evidence that doesn't count now under the Super Bowl predicting a loss. Balancing act is out the vote it would I saw Robert Kraft if you go back to that to the two bills thing that you were talking about yes. And he even said there is nothing better than winning a super rule. Do you think he let legend out of the owner Yakima police if I could I don't know if sweet revenge digital to win that war so that the south. Hey we won it we'd have to believe that the owner for the first time that we know said. Try to grapple. Keep Brady trade Iraq well now I probably said that but you'd after each start when that okay. So now Belichick is pissed because he never told me to trade a guy before. Sent on to get back Adam. What better way to do it then why no house welcome Butler for the whole game I'm gonna wait till the Super Bowl laments that Malcolm Butler and it's a double whammy because he powdered all your bout with contract. And over to spring and on him and the anti terror row and the whole squad that's the other actor Wesley. Throughout but an extra challenge has got an experiment it was fail. Fail or or did it. Or yeah exactly I thought again about something else I will say this if pummel player on that team if I'm especially from a player on offense. And and we put up 600 some odd yards and 33 points and lost by eight. You probably do want some sort of an explanation I'm actually get it. And the one guy who can probably ask for it is Brady. And if they do have that postseason meeting that we heard they were gonna have this big con fab though we pictures will present it wouldn't you think Tom Brady would say. Nothing's more important than winning one and we played this guy. That was different things on. And he might that I wouldn't be that an archery I did and it tells Tom that does he tell Robert Kraft and Tom trying to maximize our opportunity I am waiting for Tom vs time episode six. My reports that about out of that than any other one. Because you might have figured it you might be hearing might have a hand injured that may be also have to say and we're with mark Butler maybe even literally commenting on the answer of post lives maybe you'll see that. You have Gisele talking and just tells you get a hard time so occupied so I don't leave her alone is trying to explain to a kind of control and I don't I Carroll thought what is it that you like hey listen they weren't a cover five yeah it was hard to get it. But are not translated to an eight year old and a five year old. Why dad gets at why did they win these critics cite it as well as you can't stop. You know giving him the people's households intelligent. Lot of talk their kid it's funny you should say that 'cause there's been a new entry in the let's give to sell a hard time about what she said after the game too were kids. We'll hear that when we come back Sports Radio WEEI. Right now that was unfortunately at the end of the the giants' Super Bowl loss in the suitable part of that I don't yours is those. So excludes those. So they were on a pretty bad. This time they lose the Super Bowl in Minneapolis and all the reports are that. She was like the the picture of sportsmanship. One report was she was congratulating every member of the Eagles that she saw in the whole way down underneath the stadium. And one reporter described Eagles players and star struck. I know yeah let me just. But let any and mum and I just added there. And I would tipper for advocates say adage is also supposedly you know she was that the picture of sportsmanship. USA today wrote it Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady's wife turn new England's 4133 loss into a teaching moment for their children. To all of whom were crying after the game the five year old and the eight year old were crying because their dad had just lost the Super Bowl irony irony. That's it. And hot spot and a lot of the fun and just sell it in an attempt to console especially the five year old daughter. Said something about an album you know sometimes you have to let other teams win two or some like that. So that got trade wing nut all pissed off who right wing I'd I'd renamed the fact. Game I believe Elvis there that straight win that takes to Twitter yesterday any tweets nobody left. Anybody win anything. One team made more plays than the other. Period. So then Gisele responding to trade wing enact. Felt that she had to defend herself this was yesterday afternoon she tweets out just to be clear. No one let anyone win people win because of their own merit tired of people twisting my words to create drama that doesn't exist. That she feels why if you cannot handers right so today. I was more today on the view month. What piece taken on just how well we won't be. Our all time greatest kids were upset Acton and dad's team lost. The super balls son and I and mom Gisele. Was armor heard comforting one of her daughters saying that. Dad won five times and the Eagles never did so sometimes you have to let that the economy. But I'm sometimes they didn't Eagles was their behind the game. That I am. Not my comments acknowledged let's let the wind is not and then the chick. So little time running out and half sometimes people lose because. That's what helps to make you banner. Well that's what he should do and so yeah I value and lose their pay pay out hey Vivian. They busted their putts. That's why you got the crowd they're gonna wrap up and go pretzel because you first says. She canceled her kids by thing is and isn't it laughter. There are. A budget that they didn't let them when audio right out there I had Iran ever you say it is a good we like her not always like her I don't we don't like her all the Lori. There's more well he's not done yet. I know there's been this movement everybody's a winner. He isn't aware of their win. And there are losers and and you can gain so much perspective from the losses. So much perspective I let my kids when it's gravel when they beat deep yeah. Yeah I meant so much good enough. Hollywood that kid who put the hotel immediately by the way. He's only sexist remarks and it's now whatever it adds up you know my child's happier than when he legitimately win you have to really wanna be like now what's the word got about placate yeah wait it out and got a look at a higher. I'm sure are I think you're out you're radio rant heard round. There has been so proud when you beat the six year old and scrap letter went and grabbed her bad grandmother. I don't like what you're doing. You're a bad mother has bad about Ireland and in the all of you it the wrong approach they're not winners in the there's raw when they're all winners Andy there's really one more now although I was generally do with one voice of reason on the issue over future. Think she meant to let the wind like that she is especially from other content. He should not let I don't know British front I don't know I don't know wishes from I'm just saying. What is now is being reported and what I'm saying. That this idea. That other people don't work as hard as you're dead arm to achieve the same the language is not a good conversation I have with themselves and yeah you have to tell children yes sometimes you went and sometimes you lose and kids let me put this out to you because Hollywood wants lost lobbying and mountains and stuff. There's nothing there's no shame in losing. Yes there is itself a you'll tell Isner you don't wanna lose. By the like just to agree to never play anything from you act out regardless I'll written by the LSU I understand it a connect I think we're talking about but moderate I had never again. That was this we are talking about a five Euro right. You know I'm I'm gonna show is a segment that wasn't like she took the Twitter is literally word for word quote we and that's not know how about a public we'd delay. Teaching context to the five year old I don't know until maybe she six or seven. It's also that that she was overheard saying and so wasn't like Gisele who everybody in the world knows from Brazil. Took to insert Graham or did an interview with say. It was not talking or child was Tuesday obviously the pages let them win that was the case to overheard a console her child and now Whoopi Goldberg trait window at all these other people. Have have. They they feel they can step in Tyler out how to parent. And I'm glad I'm glad Andy I was even here yesterday but we share brain I'm glad that you don't try to windows tray Wayne Hale having no where he's coming from one. What is it that's almost all of remember. You reconsider this and they don't know about I am glad that there's. This is about something so much more. You had no idea at the time but on the field of Aloha Stadium in Honolulu in February 2004 when this picture was taken. Yes you did they followed the rest if he could ever have. A lifelong connection through sports with his son can experts. And from that moment on you offend your life about my opinion had something that no one could ever take away what is is that there where we went to the RC. OK. Okay. Jerry we noted but that together when he was five million are not the only avenue excuse he's a grown man greeted by the way the music from the book of Isaiah I can't help but wonder. Who exactly console will be. When Hillary lost the presidential black and I don't have. Oh there are around look at it okay tiny it's all right all right we'll be loud crying honey and no more views down on the show known. That's my vote yeah understand this either but I quote I don't know if I get. Lot of what we're trying to fit that you're about the talk as Sharon Oz I think I'm a bell on the talked as well that's my whole segment rerouted there that did five women just don't. That we had. A column Roemer Iran over a lot of people promise that awarded based on the radio immediately how hard this guy is primer what. We'll be taken oh OK now I. We'll bring it back in just a few minutes it's it'll be really amusing. 6177797937. Right back to the calls coming up next Sports Radio W the. Being suspended. Do you think that her should be side yeah I mean I think it's absurd to talk about a child like that that a child it's acting completely. Appropriately. Larry. It. Think because let's be honest if it. Think proper parenting and how to act around kids I think in the Osborne house yet the one you wan side and it's official and we're out on the out one as well we go later but with the percent of you do the talk it's called the talk a moment it's more of a leader in the same group. Social worker by I think I. Tom gray. Lady what he called into the right just basically he was called from out about it right up basically he doubted that do. If you think she suggested that Tom Brady shows up and heats up Roemer yeah that's the key that's how you handle it I'll. I mean clearly any funny or nobody. When he called into the radio message he was calling from outside right up basic change not a dead do. When he. Got to that dude I. That could we may BCS that the national talk shows leave us the hell are done we're done with the view all of them with the talk about it and I got started to do die this thing is to pick it up a the voting had any of that I think it's unanimous are there anybody here that thinks that that can help the show or elbow can't can't golf and now it could only hurt our idols will give her one piece the basket really really bad it's really vetted so we gave you what happened with Giselle and what she felt she had to answer for right. Finally we heard from somebody. Who says he was bigger and hurting. And it's none other than Austin's own Donnie Wahlberg. But as we are gone past I heard someone call my name's. An accent and that and you'd tap me and said just tell and I looked over and she wanted to say hello to Jack because Jack and I you know our our our motto is yeah. And Bridget and I super close she's one of my closest friends in the world somebody's that Jack Tom's eldest son because bridge in one hand is on blue bloods with me negotiations on your sister yet so Jack is always at the set and like we wrestle he's such a sweet kid and you know he really fun and so I walked over and I most all the kids are crying. And they were some sad and I say so Jack you okay oh my god end. In. Gisele was like trying to comfort them and just being a great mom and there's like twenty people around and she was like leaving it to anyone else to do it she was BM. A mob all three of them crying in my sixteen year old had tears in his eyes when the game and it and he he's not you know. As young as those kids. But I'm. I do drama Jack a little bit nicer to you okay but he city and it's going to be okay. And that I spoke to Danny. Jack's little brother and keep he was crying and he started talking and listening to the sweet but. The thing that. It was you know is Vivian is a little girl. And in so we we looked at her and she was you know literally smiling through her tears and she said. It's okay because we won a bunch of times in that other team never won and we should be happy for them that's what she set now so whatever. Whatever Gisele sits at the kids. They got the message the right way they've really dead and anyone who's criticizing her in a lot of people criticizing it's like. When I unit on a mom. Well said. I mean that's like a five year old and I together pretty well that I did have some and I wasn't is definitely a couple together as her tears in my eyes that money is thought she did say respect. But that was later on about how nations was his lips and evidently Jackson data mostly relate in this drama he gives you the best chance sparklers are. Adopted bill let me ask some questions I guess that you can't stop them on third down once just 11 time they elected half the field. Donnie Wahlberg was on Jenny McCarthy shall I don't know how she got that good I don't know if it did it last week in Minneapolis. She had the biggest crowd of security rounder and it. Every time she mold too there was like this this army around her everywhere surprise she saws the kind of pull. There she jetBlue aired on your radio show them most famous person Edward Euro. No Carlton Carlton banks there. Actually I don't Louie Anderson upon the ribeiro and we have Alfonso ribeiro OK but I've got to do and Carlton and that's what Carlton. Hubert remembers Renee Terrell Owens probably thought it was Terrill unsealed on a regular ideas to our top five people of all I have is the man. There is working blue hairs were the you know like Hitler. Had DOD to bedazzled patriots here Syria actors in that you have on. Alternate blew it and he's on the line Washington the food court on my hockey carries over an hour is over she's much taller than. Jenny McCarthy just sent. Frustrating very though I don't know I don't know they'll get to LP and how about the odds matter has campus that's the size and a lot of South Korea. An accurate as it backed the calls have you guys 6177797937. Valentina is in Providence it Valentina. Hey hey all right Ed let's scenario. And I I have I think I am not a complete. Guide for this. Group Wheatley completely you know wait a year program at saint. Won't be Goldberg I'm. Used it and occurred and I ain't but 100. The biggest thing out of her. Felix and sister act she resentment the thing I've I've what's the last thing she's been and the like the senate since I got that I don't. It before guys here's what I think is at play here with. She things Tom breeze a big trump. So that tells all our all of it is not a name I don't know them all dad's death -- right now yeah why do you figure 'cause she hates Donald Trump a Tressel if Tom Brady is friends with Donald Trump she hates numbering around all rounder I mean. I don't know if she was politicized in this thing is don't I don't know vision wasn't politicizing this particular thing but Brady she will hate Brady till the day dies. Yeah because of residential less user have power yes no no I note while the children's center all the time yeah I it. I don't know I think you just oozes off. I think she did you have all villiers they have all the information. Probably like most people in the country not excited about the patriots than. There are also not excited about the celebrity lifestyle these guys have known that she's a celebrity he had this celebrity lifestyle. I don't was celebrated. As to how I wouldn't read that into it alive what I'd Zanardi deals on something there. Is one it's I don't I don't. I don't get it. You think every at anything she says about Tom Brady. Is colored by the fact that she thinks Brady likes drop yet wanna. Alba I'll. But do you think everybody's like that are Hurst now there are car probably I doubt anybody right now entire show to a lot of why do you think she is like that. With that and that's I guess I need little more. Proof than I don't natural law you're offending we'll piece I'm not a bit not just trying to understand because Madera. He'd have to be something else to dented just average British had a girlfriend and he just had a oh a weird cycle take on it. And it's just like hot take from that's just a strange way to get Baylor that's very well and I. Know she's. The Max Keller yeah I hope is that and I get a iBook now they use you hate Tom Brady in his life but okay argued that you come back tomorrow so he's at the cliff yeah and McConnell has come and go to worry 6177797937. Glenn is in Dudley Caitlin. Yes or what's gone I'm Glenn. And I got a couple words of the suitable targets by Malcolm Boller should only comment. On in the waters on the hill Mary. And all the Rasheed is supposed to be in the end zone yesterday. In the dole as mature beyond mine in the pre register an account most since the end zone. The ball came up right where he was saw she dove for instantly. Yeah I never thought it was really is close at the yeah loans. Are frustrated about the gonna get though will. They be brought a lot of your other point. The point those out when it came on the second half they went. Downfield throw to garlic all the way and then they kind of went away from it I don't understand why they didn't do that. Again. I'm guessing that maybe Philadelphia it may we need to I thought I guess I Philadelphia adjusted them if you look at the stats for the game. As you look at it it's it'll Amendola had is had a hundred yard game Hogan had a hundred yard game Graf at a hundred yard game so now on the second I was to maybe some of that had to do it's a challenge to get to the nut graph here again to what you'd you to not what you told Jason you wanted to say. Lastly in order to put it not about looks. That's what I wanted to hear that the well you guys got to collar like this yesterday. That Bob Kraft should have gone down to the locker room at halftime. And forced. Bill Allen checked at what Malcolm Butler in the game so that's what separates craft from a Jerry Jones because who by the way is not the general manager of the or now Davis who called down to a throw it deep. Like what what prevents him or what would make some difference he doesn't do that and if he did spell checks gone. The post I bought at halftime they typically. I called him and had that. You you can take from here now he can't he can't do that that's that's not gonna could you just picture this team. He went down aside I still look over their dogs there there there. Malcolm your ego and I don't knock it felt like half of appealing I don't know what the other one that's not quite as dumb as that we heard yesterday was that Matt Patricia. In defiance of Belichick should've put Malcolm Butler into the game in the second half of that stupid. Do you think it would last night bill does that opt out all right you got me. I think it was stupid not to play himself into anything above that. It's less through it but do you think it Matt Patricia. Is gonna stick a player in the game of Bill Belichick says not to. I I don't I don't think he would but knowing that he had a he had a job waiting form in Detroit and never again and knowing that he would then become Eric Mangini for the rest of his life unless you know Malcolm Butler is able to make a big tackle big stop on third down or come up with a turnover forced a fumble and interception. I do wonder how much he pushed for or even suggested it you know was it after the first quarter he say thing halftime you all the time in the world. During the terrible Timberlake concert you can go in there and he could say hey. Maybe we try to Malcolm I know you said you know or your were better off without them but. We just allowed one or two points in the polls maybe if you can put pot or look I have no doubt that that he may have even done. That it had a tiger may have even said to attack hey listen. I know you said you wanted to play this guy but you know we've really and and if Bill Belichick head coach census now. I'm not do it do you really think Matt Patricia does that screw it I'm sticking out their anyway. Italy I would love to do I would love to take the Rutgers guys out to dinner open invitation. Pay for our intercom I'll take the raptors guys out of senator Ron Hartmann talk and do. That record debt according Eric grow there grow record sergeant of the I don't know about it until it's only get to. Like two records of all right John a Logan yes are overloaded irrelevant and I can join us but. Harmon Kenny Britt. Oh yeah I'll bring him and he did have some fun it is fun. But just to have it was inactive Sunday I don't know how much I'll have some that are these guys and really just let them fit. Because three young pitcher real information. Reaffirming that we're not gonna get in this I do what was best for the team. You know the likes of the instead Graham posed a volley now program to keep Montoya the real stuff the players have the real stuff. I think we would find out they know what happened they know what happened all all the way through and it they didn't know they didn't know on game day they know by now. According to Mike GRD yesterday. Players new middle of the week. According to Kevin Duffy and then my charity responded to it the the demotion of Malcolm Butler began during the bye week so heard bro let it air grocer with the line. He try to cover that it was a team relatives and iron there wasn't a plan have Malcolm out of the game I think you've I didn't know what the coaching answer was for the hour. A guy you know you don't wanna say immediate trouble they did a great job all year not saying anything mail do interviews they'll do post game press can't tell you felt that they say nothing. Either way it is Dick you've got to disagree with something if you don't disagree with Malcolm Butler being out of the game you have to disagree with them. Not. Protecting themselves with an extra corner so he wouldn't be standing there useless. He's got an air in uniform. And to put a mock air force now. And and he was just a spectator he had the best seat at the Super Bowl he did at least close to the team. But there is any uniform here they want to be on the fifty UBS I was like he wants out of proportion put a uniform on and watch the game you can do that he would like to be a pro football players do not actually take a hit. They should live like that part especially yeah that's no need to do one punt team if I do that they demoted him. During a pocket we loved by demotion I mean that it players knew his playing time was being reduced. But it definitely a different are eliminated well there's not a race. I understand that and that's where you on the spot processes something happened. Before kick off. And he acted inappropriately. And then it went from real life and time I know no we never never addressed that they did. He would he is fragile I didn't break curfew already in smoke when he Angola concerts as a professional rank he didn't say that he didn't respond to being told. Okay when you're not Spartan. And him and on again my scenario is cannot start and we're gonna start Eric you know we'll see when we get in there and any smoke you're talking about. And it goes from your not start until you're not playing. Mean I don't I don't think the planned to begin with was we're not he's not touch in the field I think Derrick Rose right. But I think something happened that took it from. Were reducing your playing time too were eliminating your playing laws. You know there's no interviews there's post game than there was a couple conference go to com's calls but there's locker room availability were nobody says anything on Monday there there. Derrek Lee is like I've no idea who with a few guys actually answering questions and then it's been in Seagram likes got a solid at this point. I just got to ask coach I don't know that's coach's decision doctor am. Definitely coach's decision coach's decision 6177797. ID 37 Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI.