DHK - Can the national media do better than Cheatriots? Matthew Slater joins the show

Dale & Keefe
Monday, January 22nd

Hour 4: Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater joins the show to discuss the win over the Jaguars and his big tackle on the kickoff midway through the fourth quarter. The rest of the country is already declaring the Patriots cheaters, this time accusing them of being in cahoots with the officiating crew.


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Yeah. Final hour Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI as rich told JR final drive later this hour will bring back. The Bill Belichick interview. It was in pretty good movies you might expect having won the AFC championship yesterday. And we were talking about this we've got TV monitors here at our studio down to a stadium and we got them all along we've been watching. Different things all afternoon long as we've gone off. And first all the patriot patriot hatred is at eleven well but second of all the big story line all afternoon long. The cheaters. The patriots are cheaters. And and a bunch of these so called Talking Heads have now decided the way they cheated this time. Is the officials. Were in cahoots to help the patriots and screw the Jacksonville Jaguars. A tough one. Other stuff that's a tough one of law I guess it's it's outside the box thinking because they never would have assumed the officials or the leaf would be it would the patriots win or go with what went on when does that lead to earn maybe when Jacksonville beat Pittsburgh. And it just this skated it wasn't maybe it wasn't before they are just the game this is an attempt and this is like remember what that way could have been what the box in the kings in the NBA finals or whatever. And Ray Allen and all those guys had a big thing they don't want us and here because of the ratings at a loss in the NBA finals. It's kind of like that doubt DVR if you're jaguar fan. Any just look at the talent that they stayed and watched the game but he just looked at what the penalties were the penalty yards for Jacksonville vs New England. Doubt doubt be argun Agassi would. What's the ratings difference between Jacksonville. Philadelphia and New England Philadelphia. Or talking my point Miller millions of people are talking. Yeah. They'll just hit ten million won't watch. About ten okay. Time not a talk with the New England Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater. Matthew is brought to you by Safeco insurance and he joins us right now. Hey Matthew hardy congratulations. Well thanks so much that it will offer you all about it. What we're doing great it was certainly an exciting afternoon yesterday now one of the points and and your coach was just in here a little while ago talking about this. You're trying to get back in this game. You get ready to kick off Jon Bon Jovi during the commercial intermission is is get the crowd to sing and dance on live in with a on prayer. And the ensuing kick off you make the big hit the fifteen and he said you could sense the emotional shift in that game did you feel it as well. Or how would you know I was really surprised me she now got caught. Your heat and it would look. Until desperate now. I cider apple and so it would partnership of entrapment who's written this solution so computer creature car. Or work. Out salt you can talk about what we wanted it. I'm I'm I'm gonna put this lineup we can we cannot hear Matthew all of them put on hold Dicey if you if we can get him to a better grab a little better signal from Monday yes that we desperately want to talk to him but it. Love talking about this later part here he sounds like he's underwater there from him maybe into the batter's owner. Better line. Several wealthy or are you now let's be honest when will be the next time that Jon Bon Jovi and Matthew Slater mentioned in the same sentence because it does officials let's see if this illicit despite that matters Super Bowl this any better gives. Yeah. Hop artists we're we're doing the best we get back at my things are okay sorry about. All right so I was I was gonna ask just how do you put this into perspective and a lot of people of asked about all the Super Bowl appearances the patriots that have made in the dollar check those ads that Bill Belichick has been the culprit. Have been all of them but two big plenty. Do you have a similar thought every time you know or does each one has its own story. Well you know our bunker. Does not score each. Journeying. The current urgency here. Know you try to be grateful you excludes Robertson. Won't. It's like Yankee caller on the no interview them. Play there. Eight do want to call an opportunity to try to make them. And should you consider are so important Turkish grange all the expansion though the English. Now there was this week like in you know for somebody who has been there before your team captain Hampshire a lot of the guys that are new to this that have not experienced Super Bowl week you know that median night which is always you know bananas we have a million different people they're asking all kinds of questions. Try to get tickets for all your friends and family all the logistics there you have to sort of you know. Tell the guys what to expect that sort of help them out with the the other next week of preparations. Well. You usually uses it as. If he could that be aren't you understand where illegal elder formally met a wonderful courting. So. You know hopefully your eight years we'll accommodate differently. Or Carter didn't understand your this week goes wrong or could be. You know looking at all on fire and a way to win what are okay but you're supposed to you know Eagles. Matthew we always appreciate the time with this one key phone Lima gonna let you go early today but best of luck to you when you get to Minneapolis. Okay thanks thanks. Special teams captain Matthew Slater joins agers they were just not yet cents and well that huge play in the game though it actually was you see in the they kick it short and says okay there's been a chance to make a play in a moment a portals at that point play that you played a good game. But he needed maybe a couple breaks you know if they kind of started that possession. At the very least 125 maybe there feel better they got a nice return there after the 3035. But they tackled at the fifteen and got the whole place fired up at that point blank page literally smell when they're they're gonna turn it around and and win that. Yeah I would say Jacksonville. Jacksonville didn't play poorly but they did start to get rattled. A bit and they can talk about the officials or buys into what the officials today. If if you are not a patriot stand and why did only get one penalty. But that's part of the game but the story of the game was Jacksonville did have an opportunity. To knock them out that's where nobody here was nervous her body in the stadium. 010 points. What can you focus on it if you still haven't Al wide open offensive approach. The patriots really can't hone in on any day. You don't just shift them around a little bit and I'm gonna go with the are all electrical and fifty now what. It quarterback draw what now you have no idea what you're gonna do that they Jacksonville. Just kind of settled into a we got a ten point. The Ted. But instead they're kind of plain scared and at that point as great as it played. While I don't wanna lose it they don't want specifically play portals to lose forum and to create some instant points were for knowingly bullets go back to what I said was the national storyline is that the patriots are cheaters theaters because the officials were in the bag. Now. I beat Briscoe went back and watch the whole game again today and he said when you re watch that tape it's clear that. Jacksonville. Got nervous. Yeah I agree that the yes Jacksonville stop playing aggressively were playing not to lose and that that's what cost in the game not the officiating. A way to Jacksonville approach to differ press go to say that. Although he's turned into a picture sales guys are prepared to pick out loud he's the greatest of all fire authority would you expect to do. So the end user changes to. But nationally as we said. I knew it was kind of ironic because as were sitting in here the chair that bill is sitting am the monitor and it's behind him it's ESPN. And while bill was sitting Ernie couldn't see the monitor behind him thankfully. Of because on the screen. It said Belichick cheat. And and that was what they were discussing whether it's once again Bill Belichick cheating. As if somehow now I'll tell you the thing that everybody's that that everybody hits grasp a hold up clique Blake man. Giving Tom Brady a little pat on the justice as the game ended. But congratulations. A job via. Why do you do that. I don't know why did well I I don't know why it's the biggest deal and let their relationship everything you see any of these might doubt things I don't always flattered by law and order shook hands with play portals before the game started. Take you know and and it's one of those there other I have a chummy with the quarterbacks are always far yet. But he was in the vicinity of the play because there was always pushing shoving and in the amounts was real close and once in just three feet of it but you know my don't think something holidays so we don't mess let's when you're an official appearances matter you guys are yet. He did I learn autograph monetary value and as far as it probably did how it looks so before the game OK okay guys to quickly get today is great FC championship. Shaking hands report to him as the Brady should have them around shaking as the Belichick can't let everybody can't after the game the patriots are going to the Super Bowl. And your padding Tom Brady on the chest I don't think they I don't think anything. Was off yesterday with just that it's not a good look at. There is not the ones who were able themselves. You know clean energy is Eric powers to credit Super Bowl gonna geno I feel like did a hundred pitcher's game this year that your return to turn around gene was doing a pact can. But that's what people of grasped our limited grasp on that phony fake photo that they've that they've ginned up. About the one official who looks like he's laughing with a bunch of patriots you know after he broke up the miles Jack. James White little tussle yes and one of the patriots guy says some Tillman he's pushing people away any kind of laughs about it. So they they're pointing to that. They're pointing to the pass interference call they're pointing to the miles Jack being whistled down after the fumble recovery call. And then they're pointing to the practically fleet Blake and looked like he was nuts and take a job on the panel and a dole had spotted the guys did have with us right at that once not a story because I didn't see anything about that. Now I didn't see out here and and I didn't hear anything about it. Other than Jalen ready still miles Jack after the G envoy touchdown hit him so if you wanna say inability to do what he did I think those to cancel out any. Pocket he had put the guys so he had butted emanating call. According to aged boy area. Where did did you know there's a specific I was speaking to the reporters and reporters. He's sedated as if they all saw. Some wondering if they see it or they just take his word for. Mean. I don't the out of it and follow up and asked win the rose a general partner. He was top after the game boy it did not play very well I was gonna save the EPA should have been hot and anybody should and hot and himself announced he did the dead. I was completely wrong by the way I thought because of their corners I did not think Cox is going to be speaking of those at Rydex Amendola you know Brock. But cooks are right away he was used a big impact and again what did you throughout the game did he get there anybody yeah. Leahy after there there's no way after they lose to the magic did he got there at the real wrong time blog did a lot of respect. Should have been thinking about getting into the AFC championship game it is dated voyagers the hero the way they're playing at Delaware Voyager admitted. I about yesterday but you know Max Kellerman has been talking about Tom Brady following up the court. Let's hear from Max Kellerman on the officials here about one. Because you know he's going to be. He he asked the at this point max's so in anti Brady that yes there come up with something so if the official. Yeah yeah I've talked about Brady from off the cliff. Well yes a part of this was hit it and today about it but you know big huge move in the date you've branded data they do cause. And there are. So now that I'm. You're wrong. Yeah I'm not I am not I don't wanna call names I regret. It saying bomb I was saying it you know tongue in cheek but the point is I do expect top rate to fall off the clip. I believe the clip is comic I think eighteen months when Stephen vacated Alec tell us about eighteen months. This would be eighteen month. So. Enjoy it why you can't folks like I'm not gonna bring up the fact that yet also rough patches in that game mean you know throat behind protect. Mrs. rock takes us back at everything because when he needed to be excellent in particular. S and the goal made excellent play on the ball attacks was better in the thrall. But Brady hit both of reads he had to me I'm not gonna bring you don't snuggle against him and he was great he's like he's like a me York comic and yet it's here. Right before it crashes it burns brightest right it's on fire he took it is on people. At all like earlier in his career where yet or overstated reputation for clutch this in other words. He would always be playing at the clock it was usually great. Like Colby or Derek Jeter but did. And put me under pressure to win let's say Michael Jordan Mariano Rivera was not blow it and I think that even better he is now even better under pressure so enjoy Tom Brady in all its glory because this is get this is the finale. He said he didn't elevate. It's got four Super Bowl MVPs. David now he's saying how he's he's burning the brightest before the fall so now he's he's sort of Jerry Stiller before it's the cliff you did even better a lot that's that's not how were all right let's let's listen to the cut now Max talking about whether the the officials were in the bag here tip. Max. Did the jags get robbed. Yes they did get robbed spotted the officials and not just talking about. The discrepancy in penalties yards you don't that pig at once flag that hatred for ten yards or jags get six for nine. Yea right let's set that aside and just say to Bill Belichick team better coached more disciplined unwilling to accept that all all six and I. It presents one pretend that's a little bit out of whack wouldn't you say what they. Rob specifically. On the way play that was neat that. Horrible pass interference call the New England Patriots with the greatest coach in the history of football by far Bill Belichick. At the greatest quarterback of all time and Tom Brady. Who still was excellent when he needed to be and what the patriots are hard enough to be without any help from the rest that are hard enough to beat. Anyway which is why we're favored against the hit iron. To win the Super Bowl. Before this season. And yet the jags were out playing them and it was going to be tough for the patriots to win this game without that pass interference call your Italian. I don't think they win that game. Every joke plays well. Plays well now plays fundamental national nationally and does this is good all the Brady cliff. Cheaters get some attention that Jeter's everybody thinks that everybody thinks that outside of New England. And this is how the pitchers do. They'll ballot check out not just few minutes dale and Holley with keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Busy day down here to Latin and we have not had a chance to to get into this but. To moral one of the things we'll talk about it via the comments that Robert Kraft made on the NFL network yesterday. Talking about how and and I'm paraphrasing here could put it into more tomorrow he expects that Brady and Belichick will be together here for you know a number of more years. But he said something about you know they it it it seems to be a matter of you know check it ever goes to see their egos in check. Yeah that was a Tuesday that was a bit in the pre game would with Willie McGinest on FL network and it hit the comedy told this story about you know when he found out about how briefing and but the now's the woman really jumped out he would have talked about. Yeah the of these guys could be together for awhile but they got a if their egos and check. Okay we refer to Robert Miller Brady or. I don't know and that just to me at it led more credence to the report the it's sort of clear up anything that's going on those. What's happened in December according to the long story that we Kashin stories but it never happened. Write it down on out of the year is over they might meet in what they might discuss. I don't know I think I think you did sort of make your best guess is maybe outs girls name comes up they knew who knows. What else come Alex Horowitz in the locker room last night draws there it's a picture out there that was posted of he and Tom Brady and Brady still Geist featured on and his. Football pants and he's got his arm around Alex in a big smile and and a comment from Brady saying I love AG and you know like you know twelve exclamation points. It is that there they sound was good to get us as well which is flight that's of this whole thing. Began the Willie introduced in all the years ago.