DHK - Bruins trade options; Why J.D. Martinez will be on the Red Sox soon

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, February 14th

Hour 2: What trade options do the Bruins have at the deadline? The Red Sox have begun spring training, but JD Martinez is still a free agent.  Callers weigh in on the Bruins/Celtics championship debate.


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Yeah. Our yeah Hollywood. Sports Radio WEEI. When talking about people who gets there are two winter sports teams to play TD garden I'm full of really good. One perhaps surprisingly self you know what I'd even say maybe both surprisingly so because. In the first five minutes of the first quarter when Gordon Hayward hit the court you and you looked at his ankle pointing the wrong direction I at least not all all they're in trouble. And I was wrong thank god I've been you know they've they were able to overcome that so maybe even the success of the Celtics is surprising given what happened to Hayward. But realistically both teams have surprised I think at this point in a fair. Ball absolutely it's a process for just because they're the Harry hard as that is really it because it going and he said he Arctic could be better than Cleveland. It was Cleveland looked like they got worse felt actually got better if they're closing the gap there. But this is also a team that just came awfully conference finals appearance even though they completely changed the roster. Yeah the the arrows pointing up for about wars with the Bruins Cilic is this and more of the same. Later you're relying on so many young guys could this be another. Hope to make the playoffs year that's it looked like regular price should be a wildcard team maybe but there are gonna do anything. And now you know a few months of the season at oh wait a minute they they are they should do. So they did nothing in the off season. Gonna do all that much now they just they have these they can edit the young guys to make headlines noted. That's fair there was not a it was not a headliner offseason for the Bruins now. And and maybe that's something. You know we'll we'll cut by trade deadline to any change to the exact same thing yeah you know what might squads out on the floor. And maybe I don't talk about later but maybe that's something that we should and it fits into what the Red Sox we just assume that since they haven't done anything. They're they're gonna slips like 85 wins or her 87 wins may be doing nothing. Whip though with the talent on the team improving. Is enough. To get them back to where they were last year at least at top of the division I don't know what's gonna happen post season but I think that's what the Bruins Bruins took their momentum of Charlie black and white playing for the playoffs. Over there that a number sixteen. Last year. The ought to talk nice of this transcript after the driver as they were. They were a playoff team last your loss in the first round pick a momentum of making the playoffs. Having a nice second half run Tully Matt Damon four of their top six defenseman Eric the three see that in the Atlantic but they had. What they were tied to Toronto for the fewest points of the Eastern Conference team here third minute of separation they went through the eyes went they had improvement and they got they got help it is the health and some of these guys got healthy but they also great. They also had something where. Patrice Bergeron Brad marsh and I don't know where they rank in the league but top ten top fifteen players in the leak that Gary had those guys Brad margin was a first team all NHL left way yeah exactly he was on the that this was on team Canada's first line like so if you took the best players in the world our team already. Took grass we know what he's capable of at NC combine that with some young guys that this isn't a team that's just. Oh my Alley there aren't a lot of talent like the lead they do and we're finding out maybe young guys are mortals are more ready that we thought but. You know you throw posture knock on the line to Bergeron marsh and and that is. The best line there's a lot of brother out in hockey and if you're getting contributions from other guys than hence why why they have the record that I know. Most of the time you're sitting there dale waiting it's like yours that game that jump rope double Dutch. Where he's trying to. I'm jumping I'm sure I would have zero Chandra and hedging jumping up and not knowing you usually typical doesn't actually work because you do that every night on TV try to do the Phillies yeah. Art. I know you're waiting to get in on double that for Jaffe. Twirl liberal and jumping. At the same time. But what is he saying and what it and in what is this Peterson say about this Bruins team they are thinking it's a nice story or they think it says special. Oh they now sharing and should they don't think it's a legitimate Stanley Cup contender right I think I told you guys I. Are when we were flying home the other night from Minneapolis new lease on Mike Miller went to the airport. And our flight got a little delayed Mike and I want often had a glass wind together and he said dale the people and NBC because they've got the NHL patent. He said the people and NBC think the Bruins are one of the two teams. To win the Stanley Cup this year in the late not Leona one of the two teams in the east that could make it. Said the people and NBC think the Bruins are are one of the two teams. As the biggest the other are now are out there. So it and we Katherine tap around or in the suitable talking heard all kinds of stuff Nazi she does so much with hockey shoes say in the same thing that is there's. You know the Bruins are eight true. Cup contender and maybe maybe you'll get broad lightning in the playoffs will be severely yet Eastern Conference final perhaps there Zacks in Connecticut haystack I don't. A utility for having me on what's going on. They both went on about the playoffs and that Twitter. All that's gone on about the Bruins are. Ever been about 85%. Up roar about them about portrait in the playoffs that right. Now at 6832%. Broke yes it. Are limited comment about the NHL playoffs are are are the bats well because. 01. You legally it is 72 I think it's part of the Bruins to a little further the well thought that. And especially we got pinnacle that they LT. And you know the lightning went you know are looking pretty good. But the topics you know they're all pretty good right now I think that there and make it. I do think the eat you make a very good point that it does seem like they are more upsets in the Stanley Cup Playoffs than there are in the NBA playoffs I think that's fair absolutely aria. That you know in and you see an eight beat a one and round and Byron yes. I think it's a misnomer that eight seed to win the cup whatever but it doesn't happen very often I'm a great story of the kings and at one you know the predators though last year I was quite a story and Iran to the to the final so. You could see that like. If I had to ask Michael right now what do you think the final eight in the NBA playoffs would be. Eddie could name amen and anybody got a or setup and all eight of them wherever a delegate to the eight that a final eight teams in the NHL. Partner could lock like you might get four out of lately to the that the higher seed doesn't always win the NBA. I flicked the bad NBA playoff teams. Are bad tee at least a bad team record barely a playoff team might seven and eight seeds just get crushed at bats at city and you can write them off force in the NHL. You can't rule anybody up. It's him and plus it's just fun and it seems like the Bruins are having some fun and media members Abu promise if let's hear from from from the Bruins media Andy. And that's. It impaired is that Jack now as far as we shooting from the faceoff dot. I'm able what's he. Never call. Again you don't want an icing don't back down here Jack wasn't the only one. He's Romans joins me right now Terry O'Reilly an old friend Peter McNabb but to see you guys right on good though thanks to visit this. At night for you fellows has meant. Always vote last couple days we had a group dinner last night at the semester. Some of those stories is this just get better and better Hussein's stories his defense. Hi Peter I'm not sure which you can hear what you can't hear about 41 goals on the 7778. He what you stand there and let me direct. That now. Try to give O Reilly all the credit for his 41 goals right right the court like though as those all right by the way I'd let that team in scoring. With ninety points. It. Actually the bird count attack yet 211 penalty minutes because stayed out of the box Rivera to ice the lettuce for a buck and a quarter. Differently told you and totally different than if I don't I don't letting guys with wrangles with analysts and John once and had sixteen he wasn't even that far off yes eleven guys NHL record. The Bruins. Probably won't have eleven guys with ten goals this year. Mean think about having eleven guys with Tony all of that that may never happen again. Now no chance. Even though you know scoring. And even in those years when you had all the scoring records Edmonton had you know a Brazilian points in a gazillion goals they didn't have 1120 goals course. Now they're probably had what 440 goals Chris sifford are probably dead. Including one of them being at defensemen. Out they had lots of stuff like that 6177797937. Is telephone number. The text line which where Al-Zawahri are now houses. Well I don't know it's a logical cause and offered with the promise you'll always have and on and I just not I just thought. Given a break just a lot of thought given arrest. OK okay here this is this is that they get today's a day where I just thought it was it was. Maybe it's this is a data step away from the text machine. Step away from your Twitter feed I wouldn't say that no I. Social media as does. People like this week or so we are we're gonna mention this. Once an hour commitment once an hour. That's what we mentioned last hour you wanna mention it once an hour at once an hour just like you just make this point. Why eternal. And personal I don't know I turn up the text line secondly. What are they upset about big got to go to sensitivity to trade it really do. So I already visited radio and pay. You don't have to go. Got to go David do you think that detects less than helpful. I mean it's so why do you bachelor on a normal and much is this what you look at it that. Look at look at the text and I in the same way you look at Twitter and everything you just have to know what it is you can't try to make it something that is not. So not a friend and not always. Is is not that it's not therefore. You know bounce back and forth conversation with a liner to and you just keep the movement that's fine does know what to do moment. And you usually you know I I capital but I just thought today of all days this might not paid for. Not a bit on Twitter is that a lot of engagement. On Twitter on a number of its surveillance you really get into those spurts. Let's drag our jacket for. A lot like Marsha Mercer are we took charge and was all that I think that he's here for weeks and that Michael's engaging would trolls over over what trolls around recently don't think there there was a stretch in the Super Bowl week where I was a segment refute all laws is Michael. Get in the mud these yet to get down there doing. And then there but you know I keeper started the series today our tackles for got very good I started because the so I agree completely gone a a very good. A very good source of information yet so we're talking yesterday about Boston Police Department. And that the tweet that the controversial or controversial tweet for Black History Month the national. I'm gonna have a tweet once today. About somebody in black history so this morning. I think not this week in check it out Michael us how he was ready for a link to so yeah more than an hour when he Carrick and I did a great job I gave you a link it's well. Terry land Carrington. A white collar jazz musician but she's much more and musical genius. From Medford. So she has used internationally famous and she's from here she's got a Grammy. She's a professor at the Berkeley college of music. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. She is put out some great work and so go to Terry Lynn Carrington. Dot com to find out more information about her or does look at. What I would have put out on Twitter and you can get the lake. There is very nice film to do this every day just give you somebody. The focus on. I wanted to you'd also at Boston plea I thought about it did I was gonna do that but that's I don't want to rub it in their Fey yeah I thought hey I think he really did. Oh I thought maybe they would retreat that is sort of art maybe you guys been to sort of borrowing from year. They feel free dvd. At Michael as holly China now go ahead of it and that it that are really got half a million followers Michael Dell couldn't hurt it is nice but I just wanted to OK because. Alternately. It's about Black History Month it's not about you guys screwed this up. On Twitter. I just I'm going to information or some goal and a number of places and some days there will be a sports person Sunday's would be. Somebody from music education. The clergyman all over the puts her pattern several people. In this city that like to. It's city and nationally. I'd like to highlight. And we will be watching them every single key thing it was the first brought them thank you for a very good thank you mr. flow are. 6177797937. This telephone protects lines. 37937. We sort of began on a dual track today. Talking about both the Bruins and the Celtics as both are playing great. And yes site I probably should be wearing a mask when I cash write my check from nest in this week as last night was too much fun. I'm not afraid to admit that has been an all those guys and I had seen Peter McNabb in thirty years. He was that the doubles when I was there so we have known for a long time you see arriving Allen and UCH. Nifty from time to time a lot of those guys they said. I think it said Greg shepherd had not been back. Since he played his last game for the growth. An up and back in Boston really. Hadn't seen any of those guys and they they were talking really lives in western Canada somewhere. Boy as I know what changed and now no business no business in all Boston or even. Montreal. And Montreal in five hours away India at the center right take a little Washington road trip down Abbas and the lead and a ban on. How much he. Even traits is the Montreal when he's out there in western Canada but it was fun to see the mall. And the game was fun as well on the team won as well and the question now is when they get to the trade deadline a week from Monday if you Don Sweeney. Are you looking to make a move because I kind of them. I kind of thing yet there I want an error they are on their on the verge of winning a cup. And if there's something like Orion Madonna they could help you when a cup do. Chris in Connecticut hey Chris I don't. That would recommend the quicker and saying and then we'll questions he's just ruins do you did you know they have a wild card spot which you can jobs city and Kirk is available if it to the right press. Lou had I mean I admit I read I had virtual. Questions. Good one. I mean listen he's the one guy that I've stated that and our recruits and could you imagine him promptly went Pasternak marsh and a birdie complete. Our ebitda in this is what I don't know hesitant Abigail. You know you can help me out here are some of the people that he. That the problems that content yet okay that's a controversy with let's say some of those guys are gone. But he did get along with Bergeron to get along with started to get along with Marcia. I assume self. In that the converse shake the conversation is kind of mood for me because I just don't think there's anywhere in the world Dallas trades and you know that's I don't. And then or you're mark one quick question and I hope I know that well hotspots. That they saw a lot of that it might be possible and that's week yourself. But just little. I think yeah I think they'll make moves I don't think Tyler Sagan is one of what is right at or what we've always heard your other point oh no I don't. I don't feel vindicated. I don't personally. By by anything that's happening right now have always says. I'll continue to say. If Tom on and look at this as a team. You diplomat I do I do and that's the way I look at it and it may be that and always functioned like one. That's the way I like LeBron an area that's the way I'll I always choose electors so I'm on a team any team. I'm on I want the team to succeed. What people who do well. Talk about me a few lines in saved this say that I want the organization. To succeed that's that's that's when I get off on rip as one of these are. It's not like god I'll save it and now we did leave it right now I can get a lot of weight right now letter that you guys you guys that they can and Ron Ramsey. That the argument that excites me guys are Italian open. And one man. And organizations. Does well. One night one of my highlights I'm not saying this to pat myself on the back I'm just telling you. Why why one of the highlights of my entire career. Was and I was 2324. It was Apollo we won a Pulitzer Prize that I won the Pulitzer Prize. We won the Pulitzer Prize or second team of people like twenty people involved in this project they're just awesome. What what I was on seat it. When wrest back top Miami yeah rich ricin just barely edged up the sound byte of the Euro edges fair. Rich you're you're you're the best athlete in the room you played thank you played college I played college ball. You know now. We we got we didn't attack blogs out there aren't the best athlete on the. Know you're on a college football team okay I have if I go. Oh. And I realize this until much later. Want them make the team and play on the team because. I thought I was gonna play in the pros. Hyping the part of retain. And that's and so that that has never that's never let me. So if somebody is struggling if somebody. Gets in trouble. I don't get in and out working with them. There's no joy in that. And just that's the God's honest truth that's just the way advocate. Yeah it could hit it kicked it out and just give you the truism okay. If the station does well. Everyone does well. That that you know it it it is to everyone's benefit everybody knew if the station does well that's the whole idea. And it's it's our like you know. Don't need to know who's got the most points don't even know who's got the most rebounds. It's at the end of the 92 winner did you lose and and if if every if the station does well everyone does well. That's what we're working toward. And that's and that's the data has been. Just speaking for myself and I think here you guys agree. That it has been. The mission the entire time that's been the comet. Comment the entire time for me has been OK but what about us. What about what about the collective how's how does this help everybody I'm always. This focused on I've been trying to help. What we act. From a teller saying and there that are so. Dale's sand and he's probably right these are not gonna get traded by I think it's contract's up after next year. So I've no idea what's going on Dallas or if they're trying to work out an extension. And their balking at a that is the only time. That would be really really good player like that might get traded. Rightly if they don't the bigger resize them sought a rural completely rule out on out I don't know what amid had to give up. Probably a time that the give up more than me Louis irksome equivalency here let's get him back on the team. But that he could be fascinated or make its next year at the deadline MacPhail vigor can resigning amid its next unit against Ian. Moved out there and how Tyler Sagan kind of factors into what we're talking about Tyler Sega and featured turned out was not a good teammate they thought. So now I wish I wish they had handled it a different way you wish they had to. Maybe talk to more people it's how we say that and a lot of trades. Yeah rather Tyler's second straight to talk to anybody did you draw anybody else should we drop portrait to talk to anybody else he does decide on trade the guy. Back candidate Joseph Thornton that you ought to did you try that. I don't think orchestrated the all time yet. What happens you know we don't tell people you about the victory. Funny how that works out 6177797937. Is telephone number text line it's 37937. Still on Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. So technically today with the first date for pitchers and catchers down in Fort Myers. I see where Dan Shaughnessy has written today that why this team looks just like last year's team has figured out that was and and most ways. Now Dave Dombrowski spoke today for the first time Dave Dombrowski said that it's it's been a strange offseason that's clear. You've got a whole bunch free agents who were unsigned and they're still out there. A bunch of them working out today and it's like an unsigned free agent camp down in Florida let's put together by IMG. And they don't want anybody from the media there yesterday and assistant general manager was escorted from the facility. They don't want any scouts there. Now I'm unsigned free agent. All the scouts on the planet please come see me play. And yet the players association has put this thing together and apparently that a wide body a law and what they're afraid of scene. I still think that the did JD Martinez thing may happen. Haven't relic talked about that as well in and said he thinks there's a pretty good chance that can happen. He's coming to Boston is really what I think you'd be shocked at this point data Rouse he's done nothing this winner. Except sign it Moreland let ads and read walk away if you're the Red Sox your Tom Warner and John Henry for the browns. How can you sell this stand based on not adding a baton route he was on the record. After pill got fired he said it's on me really glad that that we'd be all that is not good enough. What we gonna get it done JD Martinez if you get some sort of trade up his sleeve that none of us know about good for him let's see it happen let's see it play out even if you're going to the season. Without him in the Red Sox play about listening even won the division. Without Judy Martinez if they did not come first round again it's the same time we just had its. Why did you do something to. Tom Horner why did you invest money. After staying under the luxury tax left yourself all long this marriage made sense Scott Boras is really DNN I think they're gonna get them. Do you guys think you're going down. Yes I think I gotta get it done because it's worth it off pastors say there's no there's no other competition. And as I unique situation for Boris says and yes he's already hit I orchestrate these things and he knows and everybody knows now this is this is really. Handcuffing scoreboards when he likes to use to kind of play with your imagination. There's not a lot of mystery team there's an actor and I'm gonna pay a lot of hundred million number I think ultimately that I just ask John Hammond. I didn't think he was in trouble in January because he's had late signings before I think he he had to give Nelson Cruz from Nelson Cruz finally. In the season or the counters morality and I got older I didn't impress a man I don't print side. In January Prince Fielder one year and is huge contract with Dave Dombrowski Detroit at the two was. And or Texas. They what was it he got traded he's our Detroit got traded to Texas over Iran and whether it's I would Detroit it was a late contract was a big contract. It happened in January so fine I think he was in trouble until we got to February as it all man. Scott Boras you got nothing you can try to work some of your media contact you can try to play at these stories nobody's buying it. And so these eight these general manager you sit there wait around it's Valentine's Day and JD Martinez got hit 45 home runs last year hasn't signed. So the Red Sox would be foolish to add 101000020000030. Million to the offer when they don't have to it truly is a good guy. Himself don't do that in our resemble the player is they clearly have a need for power bat but. It would drive you nuts if they kicked it up so 125. Or more. And there's never really another offer. Without the insane Agassi get a just stay in Arizona that aren't they offering a two year deal or maybe that's just a rumor that's out there what you get big money for T the other one would plant at that pace isn't that that's even out there. Please I want a five year deal from the Red Sox. It's just it's drive you nuts mean pitchers and catchers are already there are talking up the middle of February. And this guy thinks he's gonna make. A ton more money and it doesn't seem to be out I think you'd be great for the Red Sox though. I had to believe I don't I want I want them but you want them that bid against themselves that extra 25 million. Dollar golf down now. No he he he he's a great. Is a great player for what the Red Sox and he's exactly. He fills these checks. Every category and they need to act which is why Boris is sitting there saying they got to pass that on tape that got there but they do but they do have a choice. That's where can I know I have them addressing it to you because you seem to be the biggest John Ferrell fan in the room of the group yeah yet without saying that's probably pick John Bryant yeah where a fan of his that he was a fan of yours are the mural at great relationship so you hated John fair. I'll have as a manager and I don't need any man but as a manager he hit a little I had faced him as a manager I ever met here and related manager Aaron the president struck me as a radio without the heart is my guess you didn't hit you yet you are very well John Ferrell. Didn't think was very good I did not in control the game very Gordon always a controlled media. Definitely noted that. So John Ferrell a guy who was not good on its feet are not always clear. Didn't have. Didn't have any rhyme or reason some of the things he did. And he also didn't have a slugger decked out. That guy got the Red Sox to win the elites. So. There's a woods or they saw it got hard and yeah. Unfortunately got no leverage. You gotta do it all what he just fired manager yeah on the island yankees got John Carlos but the Yankees last year. Made the playoffs as a wild card so you say they've become the best team in the division Red Sox can't make the playoffs or they don't sign JD Martinez. It would be easier to make their life there on the. Ebert when the division right now because of what the Yankees to read the Yankees past the by the Yankees waved my by the end of last year a record regular season record and show it. But the playoffs and it further. But you still think though I do. That the Red Sox have better pitching in the yankees' yes I do yet they're 12 and he's got to want to like the Red Sox and Cleveland. But at the sale. Price teams and actually Nick Price and total price with a light a match prices pricing quote I'm done by the American League guy yeah. And I have mentioned Al Palmer rants I mentioned I have not eagle and hole you mentioned or saw it mentioned him either terribly here last year with Terrell. Stephen Wright was hurt then there's the whole question now apparently. He's there. But he's not doing the work out stuff that everybody else is doing. He was not able to address the domestic violence allegations that were a directed at him in the offseason he's had Major League Baseball is completing their investigation. He did say yesterday that he and his wife for an counseling. And he said that apparently the judge. Tennessee year I forget what state the judge has kind of put the case on hold for a year and if everything if they go to counseling and everything worked out that the case will just disappear from from the record. But you know you you had Stephen Wright who you know missed most of the year for you last year. Yet Carson Smith who missed the entire year for you he supposedly credit ago. You you have made some improvements. You think just in terms of getting healthy bodies back right. Yad I think I thought I I think the rotation the bull pens pretty good our NBA he's I don't think I think is decent. We Severino and you've got in the playoffs too but he saw him they added Graham Tanaka. Their bullpen even though Chapman fell apart in the last year than upon arms in the in the bullpen like the fort as their hundred you know so that. I think their pitches several rolls forget the Red Sox probably have a slight edge there. But though lineup as part of the game I know I was much better lineup is crazy and sold to an apple pardon in good pitching he could have. Is a topic so although sometimes Red Sox good pitching in the playoffs turns into a pumpkin so. That's a great regular season pitching last couple years that they get the playoffs that forget how to throw. Nobody nobody herald terrible. Starters an architect David Price last tax relief as a relief ever was pretty that the crew sailed ERA almost at nine. And couple post season appearance was great what he wants I wonder relief they would hunt innings of the starters like you the Iron Man everybody else gold wings getting a third as terrible. See I think that's the that's probably. The biggest job Ford Dana love Angie. It's not a hot I appease the staff together nobody denies that there are they're fine yeah if they are today it's a mental exercise. How do you get those guys to. That take whatever they do and a regular season into the post season. And and how do you convince. You know how do you convinced Kimbrel. That it's it's to his benefit at times to be used in non save situations and that was a big deal last year. Or maybe doesn't convince Campbell that may be the energy believes now on your closer went on Egypt it's in the seventh or eighth inning. And the critical situation. Tajikistan caused that to have. You hate calls that miracle had an island though you had a really really good on the Red Sox on the I always have related and my kids and I can't stand that are out of court part of the noise the modern day closer the guys got the old school I think Michael's whenever a modern Dutch painter. Old school calls to close a record goose of problems and how he got to figure out what all that well but I. Talk about him what he says and about what you did you like 1512025. Innings from Maclin that's my earlier close. That's relevant you know why they don't want it like that because they actually use the pinch. And situations that weren't just hey we're up five to till that night. I get a job. I promise to what you suggest that she'd say pitching in general because guys it's always for complete games and did a 300 innings sometimes old Hoss route or don't think you've done your job because he went six Catholics. And if you wish the NBA would go back to short shorts you have to get to the point Michael way you realize it on the ground it's not it's not pull back the years that comfort and I'm getting old. Style clothes I don't what's so your new style closer. Is as good as anybody in the game. Stop talking about what he is and talk about what you are. Nobody liberals freezing the easy limited he's limited in what he can do so we'll wait for example closers are all and does not and I'll bite out of Allentown it limited. Out and close to a close what I don't want is the guy who says our. Late McCain. Whether it's the seventh inning eighth inning or ninth. That's in the ninth when you know. Nobody's on base come and clean out clean anti Iraq like three times a Philip comfortable from says it's kind of in a strike and strike out decide hey I did my job that's kind of what events and was posting 300 personalized. Postage spray. You do and about what a guy is okay. Understand your irrational hatred of the closer position it's what the real problem got it I haven't did you well it's totally Iraq got a lead fault not giving an interview or something Davison at an area where America clearly it was Dario and what mark Carter tore that somebody should Papelbon struck just added that it was just to see that he left by the site parliament building deal. Like three attitude team is up 32. Seventh inning. Two laps and we got to get out of this thing starter is I mean we gotta get out can we go to our. Most important guides started inhabit who's our next best guy if the closer but none I don't know. He can't come in the seventh inning because he'd ever happened knocked it down embryo all kids act. I. I got it back. Pay a lot of money yeah good point I can't use the minutes that you rarely do Michael Young good point I got to use them into an ironic that I appreciate the support this is pretty good. And then fair Oleg Tuesday in the field. I wanted to get the last leverage to get out of here for a ten there are a couple of outlets and that article the final out like I just gave above through and hold her and all its. Yep I think that that this situation though is is predicated on whether you've got somebody get that final out if you use her clothes are in the seventh. Cleveland Indians had a couple of guys who they thought could do that. The Red Sox thought they had that until Carson Smith got hurt. Maybe with Smith back maybe that does change the dynamic of the little SO but they didn't have somebody who they felt OK I used Kimbrel in the seventh. I used so and so in the ninth and I'll be. ID Ferrell thought Matt Barnes he gets moved by. Relatives and Obama and holy smokes. This is all about Barnes is Barnes over the departure of unfair is that what we're gonna played your life and you line Alex is that additional. What am I gonna do in situations so I did say they have a good closer if you wanna go at the traditional clothes are rolled tale of that's what you want somebody come into the game president that's lead when nobody's on daisy. You need Cole closers are close by committee but he needs to guys that could buy two delta what I need Alan Wheeler due to an end and then you can move around the world. Because you don't want to go width. If you if you go Kimbrel in the seventh then and then Barnes blows at no doubt that I right. I what does a game that bad pitcher is gonna have to pitch at some point. But I do get it too because he's if there's also a different situation like seventh inning nobody on that Europe by one. Are maybe throw out your your setup guys but if the bases are loaded and it literally one swing away from now you're down two or three cats you then that. That's an active role in this is. I Anderson from the perspective of closer because. It's how to get the money. Many games isn't a statute and I love closers but the save steps down like that you can have some guys yet five ERA that a forty say yes 39 saves he's great but Todd Jones now I've really it is a great guy. Doug Jones. And Todd I loved that W big Doug Jones and throw that hard but you owe it to the very fact that they didn't like eighty I have it right there might might like because he. It back to the very crafty Doug Jones got it done and ice. As nice beard too little goats don't for himself that must that's an important part of the clothes are roles and has now. But don't listen guy. Jihad is a thousand other than the Red Sox had like say I dynamos are from Oakland and he keep Paul. On Iraqi fall after Billy Koch. Billy Wagner. On up Billy Wagner Natalie Koch he was if he got hurt and thirteen events yes it was discouraging. We got to coaching was I'm thirteen Joel Hanrahan Bailey. Antidote. On whether you thought Qaeda sort of antidote so yeah. Thank you got there widget traffic the other day really coach JoAnne had a mark call it that most overall closers also. Or cross exam Hanrahan if you look at his stats. Man don't blow their now old and they're all full Andrew Bailey nothing mullets in here good before and after after and and terrible hero Bobby Valentine got so might have been bought Bobby you. So come down it's true but it doesn't tell you who would guy he has. Knows the thirty plus that to save us now but it tells you what is contract general so it holds its public. That's what a hold restart. The the the closer position closer compass a power agent manager slash general manager would you even have a closer not really know see that doesn't work either. Closer Mike doesn't work at all wishing that I want to know what we saw Brendan line was. Guys were really good pitchers like who would know that it blurry is I and you had no closer that line was about you also didn't have a lot of good picture that's for. The UN the guys are good that Rudy was a bunch of closers. What I am ready to. Form located at Seoul like five ethics and honesty what a bunch of good setup guys. You don't go to get you to the closer that you guys are close if you don't ask don't I don't have a lot of certificate from the closure on a pilot I want I want I want some reliable setup guy and I'll get through give these automated apartment and had not started to give me five in the third in the American I don't need to know Clint buckle is no excuse in the American League to have these guys five and two thirds six. I've not gotten that I'm not taking you out because that we got a chance to score here no Dokic and I hit a doubles what's necessary I need to give me seven. Yes consistently if you're good. But at approximately two guys do that personnel there on out now and so paper he should. So you should you should be in pretty good shape. Stand and our time he's got such an early with closer it's the closers just reported yesterday and he just got gears to Michael sorted and wait and wait and wait are doing here fielding practice for the very first time multi -- pay off your device that nice little got a Alfred it's gonna happen target in April. Sources say. That Kemper role is personally yeah he's. At that these bristling at the role that Alex Cora is going to be some kind of complain well. Soon as we talked out Cora. And April yeah we'll find out soul. About closers two things can. There are certain blood I'll see where that we're knocking on what. States that you wanted to get the final counselor. We because it's the only candidate because you Ryan the deal is sealed ever there were good from there what do you think your first fight with that Alex world not gonna happen he's not going to be a competent manager think he's going please call me rich and all of this obviously you think you're familiar name yet not all no absolutely vote yes I've been here long enough. Now that nobody yeah. I thought on that it will have prepared him to operate in love you care because you rich or Keith does it matter who now that I asked me I'd prefer not Ryan by the display against doesn't matter somebody caused by their last thing you think that that's respectful I don't know now. It's more common or lack of sport and export ports of virus that yeah the locker room at eight AE LA Chicago I can't remember we first started on our show and we called the key now. Textures and Twitter follow detect it respect the guy and a fuse his name I don't hear that at all. Nobody really calls him by first names votes and the problem. So it's still out score noted get or manager what are what are we call him don't get Alex out I never have called this Jessica. Never know vital. Out here as well today aren't so Alex Alex thought for talking to him and a couple months he's now. I would tell us now Alex Alex don't call Joey brother knows that make race at least based on core. Or pins that is happening place. Member. The Mariners I don't Joey Cora here's some of Griffey Buhner readiness seems like a big part of its. I. There. Repentance that what they're represented an event. Family barrel we were a lot doubts about the bigger first question like just yeah I thought I. Your brother Jesse. Bigger already is this what is with him. Let people talk and guys did result Basra and it's. 6177797937. Is telephone number it's a Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.