DHK - Brady meets the media, shuts down all questions about his hand

Dale & Keefe
Friday, January 19th

Hour #1 on a Freestyle Friday and we're fresh off the Tom Brady press conference in which he shut down every single question about his health and his injured throwing hand.  We're dealing with conflicting media reports on how injured Brady truly is, including local and national reporters, plus Vegas gambling insiders.  And New York blowhard Bart Scott says Brady is faking it all.


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Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Like back in a grandparent. And there was plaster on the radio listening to the new who's with the signature of the fireside fireside chat is listed at Tom Brady go. Watch. First Volcom has never worn gloves to a press conference never once. He's worn gloves in practice he's worn gloves and game as he pointed out it's been a long time because normally where the but the idea that he's worn gloves to press conference and now. Dale good. Yeah I don't talk about it he you don't want I want I want what he Felix I don't. Literally just at a press conference. Wearing gloves indoors like a psychopath. You bet while. Or make those answered everything yeah I don't know that apartment yeah. But they use it wears gloves and side who cat burglars. They don't wanna leave fingerprints yet it's on their clubs right you don't want to the movies all the time ever seems to work while others and it -- gloves. Yes I'll do this personally glimpse of the tucked into and so am I eating them just not necessarily gloves that you'll all sorts of security. Now all of a member of never be upon you have on gloves. A three room apartment I'm not talking about he would talk about a month strike that it's right that. Oh one block borrow gloves on what grounds out there on top table this anyway. Yeah. I sat idly chop house. Rich white gloves though I don't like about of that series do you make you nervous and gloves off. We have company this week and are going to be around oh yeah the a with me about that and where it out there as long as you can until somebody says you're making him confident that we really are going back outside. You're not please take the element of I. Some listen to Tedy Bruschi this morning on a treadmill less than Tedy Bruschi and he's telling L Duncan that it matters that you know. You gotta be able to grip the football sums wrong and his thumb and you know it it affects your touch on the ball. And then apparently. Things change that he talked to people you heard the cut in the open because as the morning went along. He seemed to back off how much it matters are now. And and in effect is huge attorney was saying you know of the people I'm talking to Ottawa locker room are saying it's not that big a deal it's discomfort. But you know not that big deal. And I I was really good about life you know based on ten east Rita things. Until something cat burglar come out to the one that's got stress bizarre. Actor Aaron get the feeling from one talking to in the locker room that it's a serious injury is it an issue is it discomfort. Probably yes. Yes that's something he may feel while he's store in the well ball probably yes that is not enough to even start to consider any backup quarterback that would be there right now so. I'm not really worried about. So I says Friday essentially that the Tom Brady will be compromised blood Brian Hoyer is not gonna play. An injured. You gotta I'm injured or hurt Tom Brady 50% Tom Brady would everyone opponent will play I heard a great line great lie short way. Or is going to be like portals vs the important thing the mayor maps. Our treasures and battery as it it's a great quarterbacks at a rate as a line is it's an accurate. Is even her daughter hurt operated doll called mortal Stoudemire. Now portal that some operating at a decent about all its I want letter or not well that's what makes life even better I would be restored I thought I'd I'd. I'm not that the hurt Tom brake all and malt liquor Tom Brady hurt toddler over political or anybody left. I know there were two of factors as I was watching this one wise. And keep we talked about this I was watching it here in the studio with with the oil math. He was smiling most of the time despite the audio that you may have heard on the radio we were able to watch the video feed of a and he was kind of smiling the whole time. Is that a psychopathic smile though they smile to. Cycles due out all the violent all that I don't think it's funny too much larger Miley I don't file it over yet not funny motto if it is funny they don't. It's a funny line coming melt right yeah I have some people start and they start smiling like are about to tell a joke all of noted that. They're just crazy and smiling. I didn't get the feeling it was the cycle Patrick I'm crazy and smiling smile well what's what was spotted a smiling I see. What is funny here. And iron in front. In in my opinion probably the fact that he's he's got everybody. Wonder and and you know he sit there and on course and play and on the fact that they set up the cameras on the right hand side if they did yes. Shot of his hand. And also an autism with all the speculation about maybe it's a thumb injury was that Levin readers for me at the beginning of thumbs up or thumbs down either. It's too soon for that Pattinson that the generic org really right that. Operating broke his hand. I'm I'm glory to one of our our callers on on on hold got a month old am I gonna right there and I'm looking at Thornton is. Twitter feed and I don't see it. Seems to mean that'd be kinda a big headline if that was the case. And I I don't seem that that Gerry wrote that cell. We'll find a fine or Africa yeah it's gonna. But now the other part of this I said one of the things was he was Smart and that made me feel little better. The other thing and I am an absolutely convinced of this if Bill Belichick and the patriots. Had any doubts about his ability to play on Sunday. There'd be another quarterback here well the de La times. There's only 20 god what wouldn't you kind of like to have him practice it's 2 o'clock on Friday while you don't vote. If they had any doubts Michael if there if they were on. You know like I do here are some guys down there working and and you would have it absolutely have wanted to about their practice today. As opposed to just be there for a walk through tomorrow or something. I think they feel he's gonna play maybe was wearing a number. Now they had everybody accounted for. I didn't go into a game wasn't. Or the media portion of practice and everybody four did have a backup quarterback when decode percents are. Went so well and gentlemen well technically it technically I guess would they did know that I'm Xanadu but they don't they didn't have. And they get hurt at but anyways our than it was the only guy get my point is that it was our game that it happened in other words they thought Jimmy Rob Lowe was gonna play. He showed up two hours before game time it's a no I can't tell what about they couldn't of got anybody about the Thursday game. Week three last year 1% stars. You if you read other short turnaround problem Hertz arrived there Thursday that it did not about it at another game and another game that a lot else thing in the second game maybe that stock rumpled they're playing the first umi knew he wasn't going to threatening to use active that one active quarterback a game. I've done it before. Now they they did have I mean elements more serviceable backup that whoever possibly the next guy might be an who'd be. Rex Burkhead cues from while Karen Berkman. And here's what Terry Thornton wrote January 18 and I'm quoting from Jerry speak just a bar so. About two weeks go one on parcel radio told Davone big cap how I was trying to confirm something I'd heard. The Tom Brady broke his throwing hand weeks ago. I was getting this from someone who's given me info before the turned out to be 100% accurate but being responsible capital. Until I got confirmation from another source. This is bar stool sports after all not ESPN we have standards. And truth be told I haven't been able to confirm the story. At least not in any way that involves someone saying yup Brady shorted break his hand feel free to post that and tell everyone it came from me. But here's what we all know feel free to connect the dots anyway you wished. And sorry what he goes on talking about began with the Tampa Tampa Bay game in week six. Noticeable drop off. It's fast how he gets up off the ground recently. Missing practices he's been flexing squeezing and checking out his throwing hand more than we've ever seen before when he gets up off the ground he's been using this form that of his hand. And now here he got hit in practice one of the world's most important on the world's most important hand touches that's correct wearing a red no contact Jersey. OK Eric. I can't say for sure he's been playing with a broken hand that's what he concludes you have to draw your own conclusions. But it would explain a lot that purple faced rage Brady directed that Josh McDaniels reprimand to throw for example. What I can confirm is that he's fine now. The reports that the medical staff checked him out he'll be good to go Sunday are accurate. He did have something wrong before this is Jerry torn about the way it did have something wrong before the bye week helped. When you write this I just went by okay. Well their but he wrote yesterday's talking about is he's heard this for weeks. Loses a new thing that would speculation about him injured here. You know maybe he just made it worse Charlie is saying you know you heard it but he hasn't been able to confirm it and he thinks he's ready to go on Sunday ago. So is is Drew Bledsoe the honorary captain of the backup quarterback on Sunday I would prefer the backup quarterback. I think you'd still you'd better chance. But he could still sling it he could spend it I can't that are important aspect gotta gotta look better than it is in good shape on a few weeks ago. He was in town and I got talked a little les looked psyches and find shaping Friday's final time. I'm a lawyer get ready. Get ready so. If it Brady is out there does that mean he will complete the game get ready. Lawyer may need. And at dale scenario pretty funny but watch hockey. Brian Hoyer has like a 257. Yard two touchdown passing day clean game. Run for another one Boca. Patriots win that I go to their bowl and every every that is helping your relatives died de L did well I was wrong right now is off on this one. My bad I was wrong. I was wrong and you have that there part of you should have been a factor in the trade he should've been like Dickey was a factor just we have this differing agreement is under on news of a relationship that either dealer was that. I look I I think that and I don't think this is the patriots playing mind games with the jaguars. I just don't think they feel they have to. I mean don't get out of this I don't I yeah I don't I suppose conspiracies yesterday I don't think it's got anything to do that. They they wouldn't wanna have them sit out practice debated NAFTA you have a not throw pass for. You've heard of two passes today or not but does lead to the media portion he was not once again that's that's not ideal leading up to visit the conference in Japan. Aren't so you said you don't think this is the patriots playing mind games I know they'll. Now you say that because there are conspiracy theories. From people who love the patriots. And and there are those who don't love the patriots. And they think it is exactly what you said it wasn't they think it's a mile. In game so Brady always seems to have an injury or rugby game I think there's like a built in excuse split. I do look like he has had maybe discipline on the bum now I don't know if you members was on a passing his thumb. But if it is his thumb and that that is cause for concern. When you say it's an excuse do you think Brady builds in injuries to excuse poor play. I mean he always been made before was Dick you believe in the vision that. You every year there were going to big game it always seems to be an injury or phantom injury or his shoulder was messed up. You know we just let it all the scouting report and things like that. You know look at out of nobody not no fittest of how many he has to Wear gloves. That's going to be in the case and that it was a legitimate injury. So I RL era as long as part gives us the OJ RR Alaska before a big day. Every time it's a Packers the good news about Beckham even a lot of examples that were actually are and undoubtedly he's so. Bracelet and 35 playoff game wreck of important regular season games right we summon their votes just throws out. It's over 35. Layoff games. He has an excuse for everyone some Hilton. I don't know if you wanna say about the good excuse begins wanna say injury talk the yesterday the ankle injury for the first probable if the giants. Of a Tuesday a big excuse but at that that was the that was something of going on the them was. He was spotted in did it it was spotted red house manages l.s place with a walking boot right. So that's one. And now an idea of the hand and at times too little time it was a marriages cells there was good news bad news situation good news is you're outside it's Israel's place right I got as good news good news bad news that the occupant but don't. Pat pat I don't know. I've got our our fact I don't know how or Gary Bart yours that's princesses replacement. That's what have a good luck on only a trio there haven't listened and I guess that's. I've heard he's our Friday about the I've not heard on the radio ads ever heard I don't know about. Money at night. We've played some of the that you like a little that I keep it loose segment unlike FaceBook live forever. The chemistry it's it's a working on my friends it's. The Morgan prospects salt tomorrow is that Iraq. Where it's always good. Korea strong. Socket holly yes all of them so jets got their dale Joseph Giza who's a sports producer of different sorts it out and file level I'm I'm trying to give you some more stuff here stuff I would joke he's a channel four sports producer tweeted out a picture from September 10 2014. Of Tom Brady at the podium wearing gloves they got so he has. That's right now he's still very different he's smiling in that and now this is September. So I don't think it heading in to do with all the other what the weather's cold. During that season September 10 would have been banned between. The season opening loss at Miami. And the win the following week at Minnesota. So midway in between there there's a picture that joke he's a tweet it out of Brady standing at podium holding his hands up like this and wearing gloves. I. Now I I I and I differ one authority I don't know if if he was selling TV twelve gloves that day. There yell what did you buy some gloves I would not rule that out I I don't know. What the the reason was that he was wearing them but he did have more on that day. Are there TB twelve gloves with the or TV pulled the job is simply now I don't have any event paradise right now. Don't have on today's Friday you better you better scare some out of by Sunday as a great advertising opportunity. It can be like to remember Anthony Mason has carved court that carved messages into his head trust god develop type the stuff. Let's messages on that thing recipes and treatments that's or apply now hydrate. All they they did it anything you want to get across the republic. They have a TB twelve on one of us like maybe TB twelve on the left when I'm on the right when you get your messaging out. And I'm not seen him glucose you can change it every every quarter. On a different message you know deny this that you just gonna give it your biggest audience of the year. And a short of the Super Bowl is going to be right ratings can be also Wear gloves then got the whole league watching our pitchers message out there. So Danny Amendola was asked he followed Tom to the podium he was asked if he caught balls from Brady and practice on Friday he said quote. I believe I did there always could throws. I believe I did he go there's only to your quarterback's right there's only two. Recorded throughout that's one I just looking at the space. I get distracted by how effective on a good job he has had about bed knowing Tom moser scared. He's handsome and them as good a football. What more do you want yeah. And all these guys have called them Tom. William and others most palm sir now I'll know that's a good thing called starting column mr. either identical process. They probably think you'd listen guys. We talked about just what is happening right now one don't talk about my injury to. You don't know my name. I think they're all having a great time. Finding her best way to not answer questions answered hello ultimately this and even what are we created haven't been lovely and there and you know they're all gone back and laugh about it everyone in between Hoyer. Asking if the. Raps are shown on the practice reports. I don't I don't know I don't know there kind of a lineup on the Internet only if that's got lights on I guess they're on there and they said you had about you know. 49 snaps today is that is that Batista. Is a lot of notes standard remember you remember because of some practice I don't know 49 so there ought to just blast with with with sir. Would Cirque with firsthand. Do you think they columns are all the time yes so given in the Honda total reported a in the hope to get out merit if you're an edit out yet. AP SP and wrote it must be true other true. Because they'd in getting the outs wrong and now an article. I don't feel great though. I don't think you should. You feel like the pictures when the game I think. If Tom Brady Tom Brady runs out there are. I guy I've seen that lets not making a fist he did a fist and that is right in there they've there was a photo of a fifth was his right hand today that our justice just I'd like. So he takes the field. They went. They went OK but if he doesn't doesn't it down about lead levels that sullied the game early second quarter lead all move rules war. More livable scoreless and they can pick up a path that may lose if they're upset about it because I thought it editorialized on whether you're tired at halftime anonymity done right Arthur with the fixes it if if he gives them a lead it leaves the reason that the recently anymore and that they need to be up by more than the spread our. So to which it always has got a golden by the way where we doubt it now while some places it's it's that seven or seven and a half open at nine. And some Zoellick you can shop around McCall wanted to I wanted to get down to about 600. Pounds six somewhere and there then I'm going crazy there's some big European bookmakers that took the game off the board. Yeah Smart. It's a story here because you know those European bookmakers gnome wait more than we'd you know we're doing. Not feel great I'm not why not feeling great I feel great I don't do it I Wear gloves I don't like everyone lets you know they got a good look. It's much you know I know and hide their general. In general today he took it today today I feel. This is probably the best I've felt all year. Apparent. Is that unless calendar years and yet but it also in 1990s hey Keith only nineteen days yeah. Did you well. There's people it's a miserable people are what people are very people that everybody expected that you got that I do think anybody is driving around saying. The ninety days to the power to have the best I feel not have to listen to the British press count. Great but you're ignoring that I don't know ignore her and all of it yeah. That include exit guide the college football he didn't duck the media he basically duck that it already totally. And yeah identity that I got on how to physically there but give you nothing he but he wasn't physically there on Wednesday it hurt like. We'll see but he Unionists are flying in for what's it to you what you. Wrong there comes with a game all the guys they have not coming I don't laugh until I got to got to get off on the battles that don't you got a job at its current Iraq. So he's been telling you not covered it yeah I'll be here. I'll be your top WEEI. Which has the game because that's right yeah I'd not gonna have the same I don't blend of English at ninth two. I'm glad I would you have the game so I've actually impact I've heard of an extra hour did Osama get ready but keep. That's right way to started off. Lead into the pregame she 99. Nobody else give me a pre show and I got an out much and then we've got an hour pregame show on network and then we've got to gain here we have the loser who's got the call. And o.s and hard and I don't know it's not a Marlins got NFC. Most dvd you know it out or TBA. Blitzer Angel were suffering that I bet I did you have volume again Harlan had NFC of Oakland or way Fred's girls both in I'm all about the full Sunday that is a full Sunday. I'm looking forward to that when ordered waste earlier this somebody else in the post game to help bring an end your calls itself and your call death a probably you'll hear from both. Brady and also the Philly feels better now I came in here feeling pretty good nabbed two greats feel great. It's a great. That's a nice story on its own but I just feel like the Brady being shouldn't impact I don't sense yeah that was the that. Nice the story are going to. Have any idea I don't think Ellis had aspect sarcasm didn't I don't know I think that was a little sarcastic comment that you are having an extensive and more thought I've heard that I don't know over what's going on Brady now lady that you played in place fine I think he's gonna find it. So I can't wait. A little change in this game. Hello exchange hello Nicholas well Shane Don it is right there are really after the game and get it out at what point was what nine and a half now. And now what's weird with that certificate of our spirits are pretty pro ball if it gets to six or 505. A killer. About security guys and Minneapolis yeah there I walked in and out to dinner or going there are. Well in the all of America dragged multiple molten rock and roller coasters are right which is so our buddy with a bad cell phone Pete press go has checked in after the Brady press conference yet to get a new phone call to melt. Just can tweet with quote. The league should make Brady and the patriots come clean on the injury that's why I got. Report earnings today like I used to go out there all the total. And I've happening available anywhere. Who were white knights of the old rules bar the use this should be good for speaking to the media shot. Yeah like that unlike PPI which we all fired up on Twitter on the phone when I first go and it would have brought some of that yesterday and robberies the vast. I'm gonna say about Brady always great I'll be ready to play at the patriot day and there's nothing this year he told us yesterday he's powers about the handed grid all at Arizona got a complete about what. Baseline. Italian answers questions he'd ended well it and Jackson or is it hurts your doctor. Jackson was. But this is that's where come full circle nobody nobody likes to be told we'll see. And I don't like talk about. Nobody wants to be told that you tell that to a member of the media and that's what I thought about it through and it's my questions that way if third base they're real quiet real answer. Tell me I don't wanna talk about it until we will see them. I don't now. And I demand an answer we'll see. I thought that I have been Tom you feel great for great. Well if that we're not talking about the Wilson is the not have hijacked who would have been a great. Today's Friday. And of Bill Belichick and the the line of the day that you're from Brady and just takes over 6177797937. Is telephone number the text line is always of LT 37937. We'll talk to Michael Irvin around 430. Somewhere in that ballpark. Gotta feeling is going to be a whole lot of Brady talk but it's Michael sent a few moments notice freestyle Friday so you've got other things you wanna. Bring to the table we're happy to have that as well I think I know most the talks going to be about air but we. We do have other things we do and one of those other things I want to 02 things specifically I'm perhaps a request. One I'm still looking at the word out now announced it is can series now. Already you know I'm looking forward Tony from Bridgewater why is the only money. He owes you a great deal Martin. It's impolite or black Monday night when people like there's a little concerned Friday and I'm angry he only money where everybody made a bet on the radio. Tony and Bridgewater. Anybody know Tony Bridgewater he said. I can I can make the bet anything I want. If the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Steelers. And he said the Steelers are gonna beat the jaguars by more than the patriots beat the titans right that did not happen it did on at all. Because Steelers are home. Tony from Bridgewater you'll be money that's 12. In a war as you can teach the audience kind of thing. Somebody. I just want no war let's we'll be talking about football primarily put the broads on tables Celtics as well. I really wanted Tommy Hines and last night you X it expound on on. On Jo-Jo white has time coaching him and his time. Just being around him he started a little bit but didn't get into it. Some Celtics fans to watch Jo-Jo white love Jo-Jo white and do some stuff in the compared to. Somebody who's playing right now I just think we should that's a story that we didn't really get into enough. 6177797937. Is still on Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Listen. It's a great thing you know it's great challenge. And I think if you work hard to get this point in. Weird thing. There you go I think that pretty much covers everything doesn't it yep there I was at press conference all the information you need to go into the weekend to those for. Love that that was the 1 this morning where somebody asked him if Tom was going to be listed as questionable or doubtful yeah AJ game time to physically at game time decision. And in bills with today's. Terrorists thank you bill there is pretty genre so do you believe in odds makers are now. Yeah the Fed's announcement to a big auto sum them. Are the girl went through in there I got those cracks artisans make sure some well I don't know if this guy's a class I don't I don't know day political call right now I can tell. You who's gonna win. Monday night Monday Night Football game but call me now. Yeah but I don't out Damon are at play or you just speaking just to me. Yeah or is everybody else's into the cellular call you give your money opens with us decides. Well here's this guy named our RJ bell I'd. Don't know what charge RJ bell he's a piece of odd guy what are you high on yards he's in for your hiding some AP odds provider fox Sports Radio podcast whiten the idea all right. Look what he did appear on callers with the rocks so that puts him higher in my. Out of Iraq remembers that yes our heart and our record our remember that episode and RJ episode so here's what RJ bell gave via okay there quote. Multiple private sources telling me well it private sources here. Tom Brady's hand injury is worse that that's all caps works is all caps. In the mainstream thanks I would not be surprised if the patriots dropped to minus seven in the near term. That so what is. Each. Hot and wide open and probably only go to addiction after I hate. In spots. Cincinnati the community. Cincinnati. In my mind who to realizes it but give me money must send. Yeah I. Don't weeks. Definitely good yeah. They've written a break double game with Gloria. These its worst in the means for well let's really care about them at all what RJ bell and does the belt I. Evidence that you know private sources or his priorities are com are loud and clear. Hey it's worse than you than you think now real reporter would say. It's worse than you think I'm hearing that you know he's having a hard time with this and that might be this kind of broken bone in his. Our doctors and doctor Alan and I said do that but it was was its next line home a lot could drop that's all anybody cares at all you'd get a good look at him that's what they care about. They're not asking him. Is that a middle finger injury this thing it's hurt and what's the line going to be a center that's who say quack. Lack at a black collar rat dog quack quack. With the largest in Quebec let's start right there Richard Jeff public and transparent to. Anti America so you're suggesting that you get when stuff yes. What about his private sources privately thought about double to right. Protestant Catholic public public sources he assures them their public see it multiple multiple too. Private private people he won't say they are there who aren't they are made out and about this multiple sources but the spread is almost down to seven anyway. Is that seven and half. Two separate things aren't they would talk about the line later side of the audio but RJ is all about aligning our maker. Was he cared about the actual medical injury he doesn't. But doctors now. Khatsava there gotten I don't RG may have a medical degree to go under or one of progress could be if you want to France or should the doctor now I thought it back it. And find no record of what are Jews then. No panel like that though and I've been very I think that just in case things go and stand for anything here is the what is parents DJ out there letters was -- in this case things go left I need to do well. Who are dealing with a vet who is for real he feel a guy who wears gloves and side I think you'd. Any tweets from glove team and we're and you're not with any forward and he was smiling immigrants and he beat him and if they had doubts there'd be another quarterback here. He's playing but he wrote works in all cap era in the mains and didn't buy yeah and that's. And that mainstream place he spelled it properly that's good news. They'll reject the idea of the mainstream. Psychiatry at the main street the main street hard. It's worse it's worse that means they're based estimates of all thanks for fame I appreciate you aren't you Michael thrown out now are great. But again I press conference with a quarterback is wearing gloves and the coach and tell you what dale dale Reid here he could answer question if he threw a pass which means no. And and according to several people on my Twitter feed now I was multiple sources I was dead flat out wrong. He has worn gloves to to press conferences on now apparently three occasions. Yeah. I'm with mr. Michael. Probably just thought that your newborn or a bill that also from Ohio but it does it to counties for dogs and probably she beside oh. There it is shady side and have a choice place I have never heard that's probably meant Nazi. Most of them shady yards on let me call it let's be honest though. If it stood for Rick James Bell you'd be all fourth down that statement on c'mon. RJ RJ from sick from shady side. Not by overtures so Michael Palin go to. And Nicky can play now how Lilly days of course I did play ways. I think the spread is in jeopardy but if he plays or they win by. Is it under a lot closer than had what we anticipated. Should he studies near the Pennsylvania border M thank you ask anybody trapped there and now wait east of Coleman's. Always is actually. Is that the that the moniker go to clout as they go away as shady side you're very pleased we're way east of Columbus mountains filled out about. Yeah now I don't know how well mound that's. I bet you know how the organized crime rate mounds of health for crying out loud everybody's in it. I we get the calls are you coming up next 6177797937. Gala Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB. Any good education for all. I believe I did. Good girls. Now is yeah they're always newsrooms. They've broken Danny Amendola down apparently got him. In the world liars who found them. Saying he threw a pass zones today. They've long pause. It's a sniff them there injury report later we'll say limited participation. Questionable. The wavering I don't know. If it says DNP then then I'll go into full blown panic it'll fill that question willow. The Moroccan rule amount that you are spoken today he's I don't know. A after that I'll carry that you have you have to appreciate it out of today so we'll see that what 4 o'clock album for 4 o'clock. Will be on. When it on when it comes out here here here you'll hear it here one minute late. I let's get to the calls you guys 6177797937. Richie since April pay Richie. Agent Andre join the get a good first time out call long timeless moments. I'd like skull and I get my perspective but all Brady's situation and you guys are tired and out of it but I. Personally I think is up with a warrior guard I think god give Richard comes up to be honest and actually got out are you going to be just fine I think there in the whole press conference he is wearing the glove. You know why give us yesterday at this guy's hand was mashed up and I have a damaged well I'll let you know the opponent slowly away message go to baggage you know me. That's iron but it is mass the fact that a lot on kind of gives them an idea don't that I don't look now but it's not exactly be all work is right Richard clients mangle is part of it is you know I give them specifics you know you you have to guess you don't know what it is that could be. You did gash it could be a break. Either way it is our great. Art and if either way it. A 100% kisses little pond there. Two of them in an honest about it I heard they're oppressed justices ruled on that real strong. They were trying to break come down with the with the funny lines. Didn't work the best way at its humor that in the middle of all the questions about the thumb. Somebody wanted to ask him about his relationship with Josh McDaniels was did you see everybody's eyes roll in the back of their heads and around the room. You got the guy he's he's available here let's say you're from the Indianapolis Star in the boss as they get something done. The new coach of the colts this. And you. There which can only an act he waxed poetic about him that way at least the press conference last longer than two minutes decorated right he would he wanted to be out what to say. I don't wanna talk about it we'll see all Stacy gave him the the two more questions. And he answered them as eloquently as you get all the others and then somebody asked a third when he says he said two more and Baltic. Sea not you. So I think that covering. The patriots. Again and that's when this is all relative here to buffers where problems today in a freestyle Friday. So just in the context of covering a sports team. Covering an apology basically covering the patriots was the worst probably the worst job that'll age don't give anything anything you get. I mean they have probably got to put on a platter for its just hard to cover this team need to shut down the big wall. But as I think about it some more being a PR person for the patriots. It's probably worse. Round real. Yeah I wonder how hard stay c.'s job is on a daily basis I've wondered that. In all of our hearts out on him to the money's no would have been able to cover like they'll put out an injury report. And then you know he'll put out a correction like ten minutes later and you just know that he put out what they told in tune of an eye out on out we're not doing that here put this out now. You just know that's what happened. The deal with the media as an immediate effect of their credit regularly take out him probably. And it's pretty humble media and civil party puzzle it out Wednesday that right Ali Al. We'll keep away from I'd like to tell you to keep this guy away from Parker. The PR guy. So yeah. For I think we looked it up it publicly it's everybody public relations in college or something wrong. Apparently now and I don't actually graduated either things I have graduated into maybe not that that department James and Providence eight games. They got a bench that my culture though. I think if you're not concerned about this or why yourself Brady's big commitment that the press conference aren't locked owed him. Missed practice because but I do think they'll play well I think the question is can you let the arteries redeem. Arctic may well be clear there are very knock down. Back the few times so I think he played I don't know he got it all up. Well it's a legitimate concern you know you get knocked down you put your hand out you know the hurt your hand is your falling. The aggravate you know whatever exists there now if you feel and are right when that when you start the game which he would you know you get knocked out a few times and put your hand down and the next thing you know it's. Listen so good anymore but Jerry tore his right in this sense and he's not the first person to say your birdies he's right that just put it there. On paper when he's talking about the way Brady gets up after he falls you know not using his hand you see him flexing his his hand all right hand. All the time so something something happen I don't know what guy would be able to. To be about a quarterback will be able to play with a broken hand. I mean and other there's a Brazilian little bones in your hand there's you know there's some little girls all have where you could play is the only what I mean. And they're about competing you're very if I tape it used to typically rehearse some even figure out a way to play to that extent of the problem little trigger your probably some of the problems in you had a broken thumb by the way. Sorry Andy if you had a broken thumb could you make a fist. Which is the picture we sought to write like maybe painfully out there I thought it out and of those I sent the picture today was like this it was he made if indeed he was running with a fist on his right hand our preference like Arthur missed very much like that. I'm guessing you couldn't do that yet broken thumb right. How to prevent thousands and there is a lot of calls yeah people who pass it and I'll I'll probably get the blood probably not. It's gonna play or very carefully the last time my quarterback and patriotism as the finger. We had a member of the Red Sox to economic. Oh who was it. Through aspirants who got but it didn't credit them file would approve of and all of dummies and champion quarterback doughnuts to beat Boston fans that Stokley. Pick pick and Moldova crazy. It was a little freaky when he was playing that. Pins taken out of the end of that yeah he can rose endured after awhile it was kind of a limited amount of time guys able to try to pull out off marks in Medford Kmart. Hey guys what I can up a brief comment and a girl. I said Britney goes out there they went okay. Yes. We know what could be 100% at what do you adequately. And it affects going to produce a mobile. Yeah not a problem entirely positive after a worried about that now. I about it Marc-Edouard this is the year though if you're do you have a year where you say odd man. In this unfortunate well. This year where he's got your your opposing quarterback is either going to be case keyed them or nick rolls. Well you gotta be our. Chris Elliott a bright without agreement or commitment to put that picture when the game anyway but that's beside the point but am I agree with comment got it. We've got honesty of the HL right now you do don't feel a lot and didn't need that whether they thought that panel box. Comment I would. That would that would their winter last night and Washington's lost in overtime the Bruins have passed a Washington. Second best record in the east. Third best record in the National Hockey League Bruins have the mom of fewest regulation losses in the NHL with ten. Haven't lost a game in regulation since December 14 are you ready to say that their championship contender other contender shore are. I'm not sure they're championship caliber but they're at their contender yet they're different well. To me. Am a magazine and say they're in the Stanley Cup I can't do that nobody knows what are they a true contender expand our eye on happens that they have got the sense of what we're against average of only computers is different between championship contender in championship caliber and that the same thing. Well contender if if you're one of the three or four best teams in the league you're contender right. It's it's like now it's like if I if I think the Celtics are championship contender but I don't think they've got enough to beat said Ed to beat Golden State. Yes there are contender has been the best team in the east and their championship caliber if you're thinking go to the finals. Yeah per mile or not they don't they'll say America last year. I don't know because with the war because the warriors are so good it's hard to have a real true contender outside of them young they can hold up but my point is I don't think Thursday. But a little bit but it hockey here's the difference in hockey for the Bruins they're in the same same conference as back to back champions. And so would you say they RE championship contender you think didn't get to the Stanley Cup final. Then you really think that what did you I don't because they can. At that point they don't there's no warriors of the NHL and they all kind of come back to the pack a little bit and I think the top 567. Team management how deep you wanna go in the NHL if I told you several months from now that day they want the cup you wouldn't it might what happened that you. You'd be shocked I think if the Celtics won. The championship this year. I would I'd I'd I'd be very surprised they want I'd be less apprised of the Bruins won based off of who they'd have to go for. Every time that there and it makes sense although I wouldn't be surprised. Something like a whole lot more than I did last year that's for air especially if they like his favorite on the flip side if they get if there's an upset. Orioles beat the court I think it's yeah all the then yeah and shore yet and you're and slide open. All I I think the warriors are head and shoulders the best team in the NBA if if they got knocked off in the Western Conference then yes the Celtics have every bit as good a chance as anybody anybody else. I just think the warriors are that much rhetoric and everybody else but two keys point I think it's accurate. There is no warriors in the NHL there's no team we say while acting. Nobody's beaten back team I mean Tampa Bay's the best in the NHL the moment their five points ahead of the Bruins in the Bruins have a game in hand. They're neck and shoulders above everybody else so. Yes I mean if they're one of the three or four best teams in the league right now yes their contender. What a difference a year makes though because we're talking last year you know how far where they were from Pittsburgh. And you're going to the penguins are going through this year and so they may fall off. Cliff and then you have the Bruins. Will all these young guys played really well the guys that are in the primes of their career or playing well both goalies are playing well seems like they have the right coach. We're sit on and they seem really Farley added another season as they did yeah and out right and other better you'd rather be Boston and Pittsburgh every. Not everybody is better than your pocket where it but I kids are better faster than you thought. It I thought at least that the day notes are on my job and I don't know he Kiki. Forty years old what are you gonna get out of hand that he has a four minute 182 chance the other night it over to his crazy but it back as like the players a little bit that that contract. He's playing well they can come back real early from his injury. Took a grass to the beginning of the season not that great and let down on him it's very. Looks like a vezina trophy finalist and he won't win. To the kid from temple win but I wouldn't be surprised he's a finalist I'm not going to be a bit surprised that Bruce Cassidy is a finalist for coach of the year Eric. I mean you've you've got the legitimate makings of marvel of the reported a year he'll be a finalist. I mean I I think bars all from the islanders will win but he'll absolutely be a finalist. Saying what I'm glad I'm glad you have an opportunity especially you dale graduate an opportunity to see this team. More often than we do. In other words sometimes get relief that's right don't get to leave the see this team and dale I'm glad to do. Appreciate that earlier in pregame anchoring intermission I Gregory host game. High profile positions right for our guy is so you with the broadcast rights are speaking appointment by some good news bad news were blue okay we got other patriot I your the bad news for Westwood One feed patriots payments for MW units and then the spirit that I played Kevin coup. You does that include that is that that. Prosecutors yeah I think that's a good all day. Could use also at werder sideline report how good excellent like at her job or a different color analyst. And props noticed that isn't anyone familiar with his work out I like the familiar voice and about as good on the radio. He has that are much sometimes. If she. I shot the you'll pass out at nothing to do with him right now we get there it's a stronger and again bouts border. Taken over Foxborough buying grow as it so the. Yup it is it it if you think you'll get a more are balanced view. Of the game from the national guys like maybe Dell. They'll point out the warts that the patriots may be having dealt they'll be more quick to say hey you know Brady doesn't look quite right there perhaps that's what you'd think with a national crew. You get chance to listen to a pair. Everything but that that's the draw the draw is the pre game. They got mutton keeping the freed of our 55 hour action packed our company's code five hour that's that's Roger yeah I was gonna happen hang around them and let's into the game correct. But really what everybody's tuning in fours pre treated while Tommy current atomic parent I'm Christian Fauria good probably a mystery guest. Or two. It not seriously mystery guest that's of the mystery guest really Fauria doing another voice could be to veto Selena. I would love to get veto on again it was a LaMont last night she adamantly right. And know how tight end if we obviously super champion on Wednesday number you know. Quality two time Super Bowl champion on one guy who's into at and I'm a guy that carries his Super Bowl rings in his backpack a Colorado buffalo will join the show. Yeah you you never know who's gonna stop by the shed and a take part of the pregame so veto was on last night he was. Was veto bringing in the knowledge or attitudes as it ever not is a legend he is a legend has it even if you didn't think it was alleged yeah just looked at Villa or we look like that name Beatles Toledo he looks like he sounds here looks like he this campaign that it was a simple get a taste of receiving news for Mozilla and on we who don't like them now we get from you we can view today just a little spoiler alert we are gonna have some of months interviewing -- so this. But why did he take his seat that's why we did you know Baylor had gotten them. Volunteered blood. The all of emirate is they sportswriter hall of fame when your sports are often is hoping he has. We're what we're told sports writer's halls and wares and seeing is that they they're when Jeremy Jacobs gotten them the U. They actually had built around the about it and Italy while there you go ahead. Video is is Twitter buyer bio says politics and sports writer is it's another thing and has evolved that on the other about this data birds that deliberate not on their knowledge autos it's yours on this one I'm sorted out wrong and wrong but it's on there. The legend in the field future. 6177797937. This telephone number will talk to Michael Irvin later on in the program. Gala Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI.