DHK - Brady has stitches in his throwing hand, as first reported this morning on WEEI

Dale & Keefe
Friday, January 19th

Hour #3 on a Freestyle Friday and we begin with the news about Tom Brady's throwing hand receiving three stitches... and contrary to other broadcasts, it was reported first this morning on the Kirk and Callahan show on WEEI.   Plus Michael Irvin previews the game with the guys, and then we get the latest on Brady's hand from the NFL Network and reporter Ian Rappaport.


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Yeah yeah. Our number three gala Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. As you heard rich say during trending now Tom Brady limited participation at practice today listed as probable. It it quite Errol I question why should say bears pointing out three night set probable as Albert Briere pointed out the NFL did away with probable two years ago. If they player was hurt but was going to play he would have been listed as probable. Brady may well have been listed as probable but that designation doesn't exist anymore so the designation that applies here is questionable. One other thing there are some reports out there in other places several other places. That Tom Brady had stitches on his hand and that that's what the issue is as you know. I think it was Karen Regan report was that the X rays were negative they sent for X rays but that he had stitches on his hand while Kirk Linehan this morning. Had that exact same reported about six. Bonnie this morning always have a priest and that's the only story and whether I'm sure you talked about a lot last amateur what's to say the only thing I would say is I have heard. A couple people not the solid. They're Brady he gets stitches on hand now I don't know what that means it only makes sense if you really did cut his hand and hand off to wipe their sounds like he did need them for the good question on the wary caught up he got them aside his finger. We've got three stitches on the top of his hand but it's a big and. So that was this morning at like 618. He said three some of the report out there are saying for basically what blood. There seems to be several reports now that Tom Brady got a few stitches on one of his fingers on his hand and out of hand and help explain why he's had gloves every time we've seen him whether the two practices where the media is able to take pictures and some video. For the well you know the early portion wearing gloves the whole time press conference today we started this show by. Kind of laughed at age wearing gloves inside but we have not seen as hand without gloves on so Brad there's a putted a good chance it might be some stitches there. Yeah that's Cooper's sixth when I was around 6 Tony this morning some somewhere in that ballpark that's the scope yeah. So you know he had an early this morning other people have had at this afternoon. Any secret. Right now but no they haven't had it comes and if he had to say if he had and other people are set at this after a headset that they're just repeating. You know got to give credit where credit is due shore so the added six money he had it for us as super confident he never mentioned again that's right he broke the story at six. Audio and then what buried it. And I I think they're not lacking hijinks that I don't I think they did mention it and other times during the visit the one bad missed it this week. The show. It's like that at all that I heard notably he was just giving it is you know he'd been told the he had had reports that. He got some stitches in the hand and that it was announced that he's got a elsewhere sooners are tweeting about it while I and I should also point out that. Tedy Bruschi kind of changed his hone about it and I was listening to him early it was like eight something 8:20 this morning. He was on the Dell Duncan a couple of other guys in he was talking about how how important it was that. You know this is that this is a big Dili saying if if this thumb on his throwing hand is right hand. Is impaired in any way it would it would involve how we could grip the football and you know how we can do all those things. And then. Evidently an hour or two later he sounded a whole lot better as far as I'm concerned. I don't get the feeling from who I'm talking to in the locker room that it's a serious injury is it an issue if it discomfort. Probably yes yes that's something he may feel while he's drawing the walk ball probably yes that is not enough to even start to consider. Any backup quarterback that would be there right now so. I'm not really worried about that. So that's not a whole lot right. Yes I was Nike. Is it from people who started to locker rooms talking system. People who would know what they were talking about maybe one of the people he was talking to is that Tom Brady himself. Ian Rappaport tweet it out within the last minute to tidbits from patriots quarterback Tom Brady's thumb injury one. It was gushing blood when it happened well thanks a path. I see him until he was quote. Singing it pretty good today on quote. They also Amma dolls right. They were both say good birdie wouldn't say if you threw the ball today whether his singing it or not he would even admit to throwing it into adult they looked great so. If you're the guy that caused that blood because we're moon and his running away yeah. Pakistan well maybe you wanted it was Brady's fault. I don't think anything's grease ball ever hit it. Our our right and in a may gushing blood. With that why you weren't really ever called a pretty currently have good victory how do you get that. Do you have a helmet of the your hands bleed like that. Teams wins it won't rain yesterday is easily get every suspect they are probably knives for the field today that's nasty though a lot. They stitch it up. Throw glob on to get to go to our club by the way could be just as much to keep infection away right. Oh yeah you wanna you wanna keep durden junk on on the practice field office and you know you don't wanna beat and aging and all upn and Golan try to throw CS I want her on Sunday will be sort of a tape job just tape it up so. It's all covered or glove. Did admitted he doesn't like throw with the glove. Order how Jalen Brown's cousin will approach this that'll be a little more aggressive probably carried out as Johnson routes and see if this quarterback can deliver the ball right on time. While not without some velocity some of the funny stuff you know it's on its Brady do you. Try to step on a handy gravest hand and we should point out you know suffered several people in the text machine effect while it was only cut what they sent him for X rays. You've got the you know the best quarterback whoever lived in AFC championship game coming up this weekend his thumb is to use Ian Rapoport phrase gushing blood. You're gonna check everything. Yeah we're gonna get in stitched up but let's make sure it you know nothing got broken their aiding cracked a bone question gonna take him for X rays as well advised while. And if you're gonna stick with stitch it up would you at least check that out and it's this is professional football. Right you can record of total credit well that isn't insurance coverage fairly populated. Oh yeah there let's get back I don't wanna take away from the demos go right back at all. I do you feel good about that tough second part of the route or you do OK so please thing and it pretty good the first some birdies sing it pretty guns as you feel good morning Bogut is in the field and in the further release terrorism ten minutes away from mr. ether himself. Michael. I will say and these guys know because I I told them I got a text from somebody. Who's been pretty knowledgeable but some of the stuff before. And and he said to me this is not an issue. That the irony he's fine. And that made me feel little better as solid as I said he's usually been right about most of the stuff in the past them. Aside electric heat you read this stop he didn't practice yesterday you wonder what's going on got that glove on the looks like it's got some sort of brace or something inside. There was a slim shady tweet from RJ. I mean always says in our day. From his private sources the primary sources or worse much worse as the mainstream thing the main street though you know figure whatever that is the main stream things room. Right or gain a crime. That's right. I don't necessarily know what's crime like that could be organized. Legal game one. Although there it's legal right. Yeah I guess I'm sure he's only talking to people that's all 6177797937. LJ's in Chicago hailed today. Hey guys. Hey there's other road bridge and no and we will it come down or but I think what's going on here. Other lady doesn't brought some earlier verdict would say as. To what army is. So this bogus so we're Kershaw and story that around for two weeks Oakland devices discipline patriot with hardly talk about it. No doubt at all and yet right exactly so brace you know Belichick goes all the media and indeed locked so. I think that maybe this wasn't something they orchestrated and they did this together but I think wink wink gradient bell checked this is a way to. Gonna get back in media and have. Why do it now I might LJ. Yeah I was tied but also you're you're you're taking up a lot of attention. From the AFC championship game from your own team really I think a lot of energy while would you do this obviously have my would you talk to your teammates about. How to approach the media to seems like an unnecessary distraction. For something very which tells me it's not pay you can't mess around me were dispelled in the same. It that some people are saying all of that did their privileges doing this to throw the jaguars off. C'mon do you think that bill Belichick's gone got big you know the only chance we have of beaten Jacksonville as we gotta we gotta throw them off the scent here. Make them prepare for Brian Hoyer and do you think they spent a second preparing for Brian Hoyer anyway. When he didn't practice yesterday do you think that at any point Doug run today palace when very ready in case Hoyer plays now. That's that's not part of the plan you prepare for braiding you'd celebrate deploy your steps behind site. Our leases in Brockton Brockton Haley sent. Hey guy how little was. Not too much pain in the polls right hand beat the upgrading anything red Herring he's gonna play on Sunday and we're gonna win by a field goal. Anyway I wanted to go back to what you are saying Michael about effort here when Brady get in about the offensive line. Absolutely I remember it exactly executed it everything changed it was late night and day. And number one reason Brady stepped up in the pocket in Brady didn't I think you need Brady second in the pocket Blanco and he took the track. Reaching everything and he couldn't be clean on Sunday would that leadership. You're right now ladies step up in the pocket you remember. A Bledsoe used to pack the ball to. Exist and Mary pat that paying him. Pat like you know I try to put the baby to sleep dvds have you thought around here that he was still an excuse afraid he was scared now he's afraid of just out as pat hold onto referred for too long. And now when Brady got in there was a quick decision maker in a good decision maker. And it geez are you still see it now now is to step up in the pocket but he he goes side to side pretty well too. Even see a blood so do anything like that he was a classic. Now drop back passer he dropped back and slant and throw and if there was an air. He'd take the sack but he wasn't moving around the pocket stepping up going to decide all that stuff. 6177797937. We'll talk to Michael Irvin will get back your calls as well. By the way you want to thank our art are good friends. Shaw's and star market once again brought in some of the great game dates this afternoon. An awesome spread of chicken wings and there's like 89 different varieties of chicken wings and there. Mean that's great you can go through all of them for championships Sunday you need to championship menu make you check out Shaw's and star market as you prepare the spread B a playoff football party on Sunday. They're hot ready to go wings and a variety of flavors stormy guacamole. Crunchy stormy tortilla chips and party platters of sweet treats from the bakery fresh fruits are delicious veggies and see many fresh troops in there and just a lot of chicken wings. All make the perfect menu that all the football fans are two playoff party beloved so thanks to those folks for bringing that stuff then. We get back to your calls and talk to Michael Irvin coming up next dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WEE. You have to really be eager are you holding up. The relevant bit scary that are written. Oh and all of our current barrel. Out of our mouth. That's why it Obama dealt ball and it hurt him. It's an Irving again hear me Eric but without it why don't expect the partridge salvaged quote. Now what we're bringing you eat the right now home championship. That was Michael Irvin a week ago. Michael joins us right now he's in Columbus, Ohio and I only know this because I follow him on Twitter and I saw the picture of you with your surgical mask on you scare the hell lot of. At at at at. The third in Iowa or Wear your hair or order her look like reporter rob great. Well there's a fair. You all the wounded from home and it actually all of you you know elderly. And what are your pick up my heart because I don't act all the better which would tell a lot must protect your. I will not. I would not all their route that I outlawed all that that I they also bringing the body parts that I have right now. I would not let them take you out it almost looked wrote well who on the bookmark with multiple looks at my. Quarter. I. Okay well you know that's not gonna happen I mean listen I think another guy is gonna come out of you does so happen to depart this earth. Occasion in the top part about whether to order record. And look where they're actually. Or read it well. Or awkward she's cool they're here now at that Portland luckily David that election. Let let it slip me. They're going to try to interpret but you couldn't lose there who ordered you're like review of their quarter slowed you don't tell what some call. Well where like where they'll all got they'll. A lot of Florida rail so. Are they warned the white. That whole article are all well actually it just to be right. Sound like Tom Brady had it Allen asked you about him because he is live focus of everybody's attention. In his right hander what what what do you think is gonna happen any game you think he's gonna play and and how do you think you'll play. Stop stop stop Butler they're little. Being operated school. So the recovery not late it is not from me and hurt the network speaking your. There are only wait he would not wearing a crystal ball exit where he scored in the third quarter great. I have here. I have here and here's who picks it up in. And how it affects them because again he's due to clear it. He cornered he could be shark. Look into. Without regard you as an egg in there and they're they're every. Bit mean because and I. 222 to two super Baird as well mayor being operated. What Teva Chansi give Jacksonville. To pull off the upset. Watch mr. Ayers. Because they're at a quarter. Report. Bureau there are quick or where you write your later we ward. I know brick or Carter and what are around outside and let legislators who are. They got to choose and on the lottery game aren't on. In the day periodically but I couldn't. And apple would have required. So Pittsburgh you leave the field. Yes it is because last week. It would cripple. Each leg. He beat her well or was on the receiver. Victor. That's right now to ladies and equipment he'll round exit. And you heard it. God now respectfully am going there for all whole week. And you're so equity like a whole lot about the actual equity like that. Incredible. Credible but knowing that that particular quote. You look you can't try to give them with the older you you got that you have with a quick ball in the in the in the arm back side effect you'll. Before the rust it is too. On where you currently do have a earlier great pressure so I'll look at what shall there and they and that's what import it Colombian Albert didn't. Because you quarter with more speed ball down on the field meticulously. And trickle it down the he had your leaders who were. You know about it. We're talking to Michael Irvin NFL network analyst and hall of fame wide receiver. I'm Jim Ramsey is confident I'll say that forum he said today that Rob Gronkowski is never seen a quarterback like him. My guess is he's never seen a tight end like Rob Gronkowski either. Our our our. Outlook and Kurt. We're back includes round automotive partners. In the operator to be at work to do it isn't good quarters to leave it all there. We're seeing a mother corporate. A blogger died years. And then you look at Gartner physical skills at the answer we'll. Yeah REP. But he. A personality and attitude. Is being eat if your quarter change a culture or Jackson. We're live carelessness and so fleeing the cooperative. Inning in any kind of let. Is that it's infectious or. You know so if you're in that Rick Egypt air but aren't playing in a revised or all. If this is the key is orca allowed under U. And he goes on you'd electorate. A move to look at this squad Luke Luke doing what it was so determined last week Jack and it was awkward. So I written. So the Specter. It felt to get it. Epic Pittsburgh scored aching back to school. You out I would never yet in my while he's during the exact address and clearly the Google what. Side. Courts. But the. Let you know what this is a lesson you think you can teach us some of the kids you deal where it now. Don't become that thing that you despise so they go and with this chip on the shoulder. Article on the collective shoulder because it's like Pittsburgh just just respected them as as as you said. And after the game. This could stop talking. And and jailer Reggie talking about going to the Super Bowl also isn't that a measure of disrespect toward the patriots you can turnaround. And done the same thing that you hated the Steelers for doing. Right. Larger and and and are exactly right there a mocha with an orator. Exactly. That it will mean a player who. It could be eight and down so alone. So appear wider picture. Here right here a bouquet. To do what you get all over sooner well let's doctor. You know everybody do. You wouldn't have to do if you already the leader there. To where there are. People quad. Well people like creating. A situation. That creepy at Procter goal. Iraq and while. You know I remembered the men and women who or when they're legitimate shot at document to pour money in there have been. They wanted to calm him down. Actually didn't you Columbia imperil. You brought you while. He likes creating situations. In it until. Quarterback sister was he talked all week. Any golden back towards let's put them so but of course that ring the debt outlook. I think that will bring the pit not a daily rare. Making their peace situation. Ordered gawker that walker fit into her that all the letters or worse or. It is happening and yet here there that happens when did your thing we've talked about all of being taught Bible. Like Revere ware and brought weeks ago. Straightaway where our you're cute starting saying you're it will be year. They're picking the patriots in the AFC Michael moody got the NFC. I got little so little slogan this year there were at that soldier died and it wouldn't hit their own. There are a whole new laying chickens and all you can eat or in what you don't worry. All the blood that week. Right with sort of great actually he helped you guys sure there's Marco all. Looking at thirty year. We did yeah. Governor Arnold I hit it. Well are basically very. The doctors at. A accord in connection what are you got a quarter or any other Olmert car. So it is our I would I would watch film. Analogic dot Mary that you know. That could help clear it appears their calls we're in the same quarter result orders straight quarter or so we're saying quarter end zone on. Yes. Little sold it it will hit EPO. Awarded through just electric world record. Reported speaker ought to chase you predict who wants them to a critical of the very credible great. Ernesto Romero recuperate. Mike we always have fun talk and football would get to keep healthy there in Columbus that keep those germs at bay okay. You're on your record medical colder and where you go to. On the in my. I'd like them who will talk to get him back about and is now hall of fame wide receiver Michael Irvin and a network analyst. To see the picture on Twitter. He's definitely got his NFL network now on it's gonna speak sunglasses. These at this huge surgical mask all you can seizes notes. Of of space that's in his ears it's cold. We'll go to college are able to protect themselves with the project out of every other you know that was going around and said he's got his AARP card now. And nobody didn't want anybody go into his gated community now well you with his wife ran ahead and add spin up as money. Accent so I don't I don't understand how that the flu take me out now. 6177797937. About an hour from now final tribal take a look at the week that was here at Sports Radio. We get right back to the calls are you coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. My understanding is that during an exchange with a player earlier in the week Tom Brady he's bomb. On the player's helmet until it was gushing blood that he was a lot of pain leaving practice right after that I'm told he did receive. Stitches I'm also told that he threw the ball incredibly well today all of those facts. These guys to believe that Tom Brady as sources at indicate he will play on Sunday but it's very clear that this is not him nothing. It certainly is something to disguise. So it'll help I mean I don't pound face mask yet yeah it I think chin strap. Blood everywhere arts and I would not let today right. Yeah about the game it's Friday dale deliver. Like I think you're gonna deliver I'm pretty sure he wanted to say on Tuesday that is for. I try to paint a different place Friday of a British jury would say on Tuesday. The patriots are thrilled that T. Thanks Bynum Agassi killed but I I feel much better now than I did. You know yesterday or even three hours ago are that magical on Tuesday before we might not gonna win by two touchdown but it doesn't yet. He putted that. In all I got there what. I've been on a bit of a roller coaster earlier in the week just Hollywood daily thought it was going to be a a easy cover let's say it right into the nine and a half point spread. Right out of the gate and that'll be an easy cover though though this game by say fourteen lately or more. That all the great stuff has me a little worried but. The yet wrap supporting recently has really spun me around our natural he was quote singing pretty good today. Alec is some of that a lot so I think it's back Gomorrah don't. But I don't think he is a 100% sure there's going to be some discover and just like we've planet tapers you cut today I'm sure there's something to it where they've got to play a guy always plays. But is does it bother mulled it shores is going to be painful yeah short. So it depends on where the cut its. Like it it's on the inside the thumb where you're gripping the football that's one thing yeah it's on the up from outside the thumb of the top of the thumb you know it it's uncomfortable but the way you go he's also admitted in the past. That he's not as comfortable throwing the ball with a glove on. So yeah see the glove on and it with something to sort of keep it safer gimmick padding in there or ever does. That's five but it's even. By his own words not ideal for him. I think they win I think that flew there are Brady's start and Brady playing as an absolute win and maybe it's closer to ten. Somewhere in there and I guess if the discredits gone down to. Eight in some places 77 and a half then they probably still. The second opponent I think they will cover but buried him out. But the beer if you are and you've been heightened Jackson all of these ally it's gonna pundits I don't think he'll win by two touchdowns of the they'll win by eight or nine points some somewhere on. Just right at the whatever the line is recovering is out of points of it the limelight it being seven and went by Donna. They went back nine and so on your freaking out all game long house yesterday impetus to make a game. I mentioned earlier that Kirk Linehan had set at 6 point this morning about stitches that's good and it was. He's come back with a another 113 minutes ago Kirk tweet it out sources. Brady threw both width and without his glove today about 5050 am quote looked great on quote. Now Rapoport said he was it in the ball around pretty good I haven't seen anybody else report that he was apparently throwing the ball without the glove today as well. Which to me that's the whole key if it's 45 degrees Sunday and he's out there with a glove on. Satellite martyr. Don't just like everything else so it's like anything else to me if you. Now Tom Brady could get used to out throwing with a glove on he could as easily stop it just it. So if it benefits errors 45 degrees for two degrees and he feels like all right. I need the glove could that helps. Donna just helps calm things down a little bit just doesn't feel. As distracting. As it doesn't the glove off they'll have a glove on. No problem. No I don't say hello just to I don't I don't adjust to the surrounding. If he was if he was throwing 5050 today with a without the glove that indicates to me his preference is to not have the glove yes. He would prefer and he has said that the past yes I always thought our director bulletin. He prefers to play without it it's not going to be cold super cold here on Sunday it's mostly unseasonably warm. If he's got the glove on it would just make me a little more nervous I'd like single out their warmup and albeit stadium want to warm up very. Rigidly as everybody else well you know I just wanna seem come out there without the glove on his right hand and an uncle forget that everything's cut. You think about their Super Bowl appearances Super Bowl wins. As viewed as you get past three so three or four years I took a pretty good first time actor employers who can forget those three I had been at the drops the drop a lot of bad drought I had two appearances. Didn't bring it home and either appearances to appearance in ten years. Then that they they are able to win another one of this year that's three out of four had one problem. It is one of a more special than the other like the second round this is round two hours to get the first three. Number four number five would this be the most special one well a day to look at Brady always says please ask that question. What's your favorite Super Bowl the next one. Did an excellent. Video you can you can argue either one I think if you win the sixth one. You say I'm in separate you as a fan but this would never sick yes absolutely. I still think it's prod. And I that's hard because of the comeback ID while much has the comment offensive yes. He didn't start the season didn't start definitely something so every day with but see this is what that direct result of everything being put in place and make you unsuccessful. You saw it and I want more than tonight you are here operating with a deficit I think when you watch jeopardy and jeopardy fans out there. When what you get to a whole you're minus 700 a minute left in Iraq. The humanity got a lot now what at Gallaudet. Yeah public did double outlets here yeah I got Utley now well. You're suspended for four games. As an organization that was a first round pick and a fourth round pick. And you still come out of those four games three and one. Get to the Super Bowl you're down 25 points. Which is really a metaphor for the deficit that you were in at the beginning of the season of the commissioner and you. Column that but they're also great in the sense that even though the you know deflate dated sort of just started during the the Seattle suitable relegate sort of gone into it would that stuff. But the fact that I was even out there that people start to question the team again and I got they cheat you know a barrel they're clearly not cheating in this game because all eyes are gonna be on it and they win. Seriously daily news that one McCain I went out there cheating several no Watson. And that two years later that the deal with the punishment he's 39 year old quarterback ever wants a labeling of a cheater he's suspended four games they win the whole thing. And that both provide you want to provide you with maybe the greatest suitable play of all time than the other clearly the grass come back. Yes I'd say six. Sears six Super Bowl which has been policy. I'm not that that's its policy that up Abbott in the second time you win three out there are great addition six stated if it's nice for the guy shuts up those people in Pittsburg or doesn't know I don't know that would never happen is you can't you know get that that'll never happen I want to do is get that yet that they won't now volatility displayed you don't have anything to give you a hard time and they'll find something. So you just it's just polishing IP gets six and not to dismiss it to beat the united still winning a Super Bowls yeah BO. But between four and five C four was. All the flaky a look at you guys look at you yeah I can't he can't do anything without cheating and you went on a great play. Number five it's five Super Bowl titles and yet the it person overtime game in Super Bowl history your 25 points down. They don't start pointing fingers at each other that's the thing to say that to me. That's kind of like on the besides that it turn on each other they edit the sides are are are obvious you know you need to get this X you need to get this two point conversion. In another touchdown to put diverted turn over all the all the highlights falcons internal path but during that time. It was now. Blow up on the sideline between Brady mcdaniels and mcdaniels and ballot check it deepens pointing each other. That testify on Gilmore pointing at the safety of the two got to be there to her. But did you make an argument for this year if they win the next two games because. And they've people don't care about it as much we got a week we talk about it you know the view articles specially the quick question mark over some of the others have been written this year about how. And the end is near these guys don't get along the relationships knock between the the the the triumph over and over in Foxborough. And if they take that and going when it's doable again and then the increasingly what it would bring their their pass from the Super Bowl trophy the three of them together I think the people and lots on about that have Tom bring Alex up on the stage. Hand the trophy off to him seeing. I know Tom Tom. Enjoy it enjoy this patriots fans. I don't haters won't want don't want to hear this. You've got to enjoy it as a hater here. You got your aren't all they're not I don't like Matos they can't or won't shut up now is that me rephrase continent out of my way to go yankees out the good rob you have to enjoy it you have to appreciate that. The degree of difficult to respect it respect it is merely. That is the recess analogies. And Italy is why they don't go again not an eight is now I've got to construct that is another phrase are enjoying is not the word. The fact that you and seven straight conference championships is ridiculous enough. Our that's ridiculous but the conversations. That they've had a net building about their championships. There are puzzling and me it's it's amazing how steady they've been. The point where it would Tedy Bruschi was buying so it went three out of four and he's part of that group. They didn't they had a conversation after when that second Super Bowl. You know and no team has ever done it was a it was a night. All you have that's ever been done that's just too much to ask him. Returned there they really did us if that was that was the goal. On the faculty and almost out of thinks like that. I hate guys who are really really Italy they never jailed Ramsey we've never seen anybody like we've never saying this happened and we won't again for a long time America will never again. Maybe not our lifetimes. It's a look at the way I look at LeBron James. You can hate everything about them you can think he's the worse but also understand that he's the best. Right he's been the final death every on what it every year. But he makes the finals with a six straight years 73 years ray's arm of the finals should see Andy glaring action but heavier armor to learn. Michael concedes this is insane but it was absurd and haters and their respect this team now never find yeah you never leave that out now. Now did they did their respect Obama does he cheated to get back to Iraq and think yes it is that Pittsburgh shut out of Pittsburgh still on spotlighted that they have no I didn't I didn't recognize that hasn't happened to deal with Japan and arts the one our but OK but there other haters that may not be Steelers appeared to have that same passion. Hitting the patriots than ever logical. Iraqi realism it as well as symbols let's yeah. But they cheated the whole time. That detainees there's no conversation do you think other great athletes outside of football. As well I yeah. And aids is about all all the well all base back in I think they are now addicted viewed Iran already says Tom bradys the best how about Aaron Rodgers the Aaron Rodgers respects. Respects Brady absolutely about Roethlisberger yes we got his Jersey on our game is like ups of south to see him. So do all the players that he added that we're mentally player buys so. It see if any may we need to ask the question a different way. Only trying to you're never gonna get the respect of Twitter curls there. Reluctant about any sort of a Twitter trolls that because if if you are saying well not all fan bases are just Twitter trolls well if it. The Pittsburgh quarterback. Ben Roethlisberger respects Tom Brady but Pittsburgh fans don't do you care. Well yeah okay Tom Brady respects Payton Manning. Do well on every patriots fan. Most don't right. Yes yes I don't I don't respect pay mixers are pregnant and of course I respect him but I I I hate us educate them because he's playing the same position. As a guy you think is the best quarterback. In NFL history the boob. I respect boots. The whole separate conversation thank you Michael very and I think we're all in agreement on the go out there yeah Gonzaga and ready to talk a lot of pages days ago what do you think of paid me I Sox. But I doubt that I don't have. Side by you having helped the amount of respect for him they don't want it that you do it if Peyton Manning has the bug don't have respect form. When he has the ball in Europe by three points or about two point a monetary I'm out to Europe there are three out of three in a championship game yeah. Peyton Manning has the ball to Milan live how law. Yes outfielder is still respect I feel great. And when that game. Is it called out I feel really excited to give out I get all that and that's part of the reason you respect him because that changed a whole story line changed. Now a text says there came a time when Red Sox fans eventually. Loved and respected as to the big term for me loved and respected even Derek G. Now I've not never look I loved and respected their right yeah respect of the to. Number doubt that still had that Aretha Franklin Federline and that is why don't want to pass away at eye on the words that was the worst moment at an added respect what he was doing as a player he's ended at at a terrible play and had to respect the Yankees for putting that position. So the federal corporate leaders there. Terrible. Awful. As a as it as a competitor as a champion as the leader. What helped about that was he wasn't good anymore that LA I'll I'll advocate that whereas now if you're not a fan of the patriots. It's not like hey this is Tom Brady's you know last couple years that's cute oh he's the best player in the league east the beating your team result winning the Super Bowl that's not fair. These other guys is that that's it for them like global seal later cal Ripken I used herbal the end. I think reasonable people respect. What the paper to have died you know they don't like reasonable people reasonable. How many people what percentage loved sports and Rihanna are reasonable lots I when their team is not involved. When it tipped it out about it like I theme is that ball and I academic it's if if it's the it is the warriors in cavaliers. In the NBA finals would argue I can no but I can be reasonable watching that opinion the cavs fan I you know I as a violent crime right. But it is Celtics warriors in the finals camping now and ex.