DHK - Bill Belichick joins the show; Why you must avoid Philly fans

Dale & Keefe
Monday, January 22nd

Hour 3: Patriots head coach Bill Belichick joins the show to discuss the Patriots’ win over the Jaguars. Tom Brady spoke about his thumb injury to reporters after the game as well as this morning on Kirk & Callahan. Videos from yesterday and last night show how dumb Philly fans are.


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Yeah yeah. Our spring gala Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Our conversation with the coaches brought you buy it. Putnam Investments pursuing performance excellence through the power of team work. The head coach of the New England Patriots Bill Belichick joins us coach congratulations. Mr. Richard. Michael Bruce who don't yet doing great doing great thanks the I would have stayed of these guys have been a lot of games here over the last number of years. That was as loud as I can remember this place and maybe ever. There's a lot of energy a lot of energy Wednesday and accurate feel the pregame was to scurry was earlier and does that sort of thing give your team something to feed off of in that second half when you try to come from behind. And I guess we don't wish you could have gotten into the game in the first set that they were rated ago and we think it really must much is sure so. They hung in there it was it was awesome crowd both those bogus that really a lot of energy and excitement in the area could feel pre game. Certainly in the fourth quarter once things colon I think after Slater's tackle on the kickoff and cynical stating this erupted. And it but they usually do on touchdowns but you know players like or candles on return. Those toys interest in sacks. Gilmore knocked down and there was still some explosive. Reactions which I was also. I know you don't look watch this stuff because you got a few other things going on but that's the tackled the Slater tackle. Came moments after Livan on a prayer and they showed Jon Bon Jovi leading the singing along political and this place was jump and when they showed him up there. It was I told him after the game that Johnny you've got the yet this place don't like. Don't think ever cynical before football game and then you're right the net play followed that up that's exactly right. But yeah I did notice but business on. Demo weighs in their holder and race for the kickoff. There's so many places talk about it you just alluded to what third and eighteen have urged him many times. And get those situations felt like he was that you call sheet and say okay here's what it. Here's our third eighteen play. Does what were you thinking before that sequence and worry where you had. Two down territory at at any point where if you open up that third eighteen hours just like okay we don't pick it up when that putt this thing. He wolf first of all. Jacksonville is the best in Italy on third and ten plus. So we went into the game counts plan. We just stay out of this range they're pretty good to have a good pass rush they get good depth on their crops and so forth. On that played. As always your at the mercy of the coverage they play a split safety coverage quarters coverage and so. Danny got behind the linebackers pretty quickly and safeties are wide and on the go out and in that space there between the between two safeties and on Tom saw it and it just opened up for justice an instant and comic great throat and he. Got that got that space that was a low throw which is kind of needed to be because the they're close in on troops was close in on him but. Went down and got a certain. Analysts it was a huge play for us. Yeah hot roll out on fourth down and made them before was in. And so forth. When it's third making an error thing about four finances. For the paint in your fourth and ten year if you look here first downs that's where turnout. Brennan took center had a great game and somebody's been doing all year long as strong pass interference penalties. Is that his speed that puts him in that position it as a route running is that something else. And he's got a lot of speed he can he he's quick to and he's Syria. Quick to get by. Those corners at the intermediate level and that they and that twelve to fourteen yard area. He runs a lot of comebacks in place like that so days sometimes they have and any caught two or three of those. Out their first on we and then later on my own written when they move Ramsey over on them I think. Johnson and Tom did a good job of having the complementary route coming down kind of wasn't double move lose kind of a little bit of hesitation and he ran by him. Ramsey. Ramsey got a pretty good and and they got good and in the second quarter on the go route. We're putting it pushed him out of bounds so his speeds definitely a factor out there and you're right he sees that's them. Catharsis here. Bit of a dramatic week here in terms of injury in practice reports and things like that at what point during the week where you confident Tom was going to be able to do. What he needed to do to play for. Oh well I think this is a lot more of a media circus than it was. Football crisis I never really saw that we don't think anybody did so. Was Carlos and sometimes things happen during the week and then name. Is that they have an early enough in the producers there a chance to resolve it and that's basically what them. I think he threw the ball yesterday and could affect the same no no throws that he couldn't make were. And thanks in Oakland middle market grows them. So. Those threw the ball well. And did their jobs that out of the pocket there was certainly some of destructive Russia's from. The Jacksonville defense in the tackles inside but it nice to. Stuck up little pocket finance basin and get the ball a long time. So there there wasn't a point this week where you thought our last week that you thought he wasn't gonna golf on Sunday. Moon. Well I don't really look at it that way. There are charges. Again sometimes guys get banged up in practice on to wait and see how resolved soon. Then you figure out and after a period of time once things. Got a chance to. They looked rather laden had a chance to kind of go through the process little bit and see how it all worked out. Things that it was okay. Safe from attrition in baseball claim there's no such thing as clutch too which Red Sox fans respond David Ortiz. Do you believe in football there's such a thing as collection is Danny Amendola clutch. Well facilitators. Who owns some fun to perform while the pressure analysts say it and it performs her owner pressure. He has some of them some of his biggest and best laser and most critical situations. Guys like Kevin falcon Troy Brown. Also let's say you have those characteristics. Thank you let's say we kind of know when we see it we've seen that. From from guys in the past and oh definitely put them in that category. Oh it's it's an action for no wonder. Where do you would you see can you see it like those guys come fall easily can. Displayed it and Danny Amendola is definitely can you see it college. Well colleges college I think we certainly saw it in the in the opener in buffalo from the four years ago. It worried me image play after play and play catchup Detroit coach on the final drive or reed kicked a field goal to win on the so callously and Warner was up in buffalo them. So doubtless. We saw that pretty early units in some remarkable place and held on them all to listen that's so. But he's you know he's done a good job of that thought upon return play it was says that he isn't it catches in he. Came out and kind of looked like he was waving and all of Congo. I think the the coverage does just the Ronald does the split second. That perhaps that there and to get that reaction because of basically 21 downs on the return. We had great great punt rush force on that play from congress Wimbledon. For indicating where they took the whole side the right side of the pond team are left side on the return side. They just ran all three of those guys right in and opponents of big pile of bodies they're ten yards down the line of scrimmage this really. No Rio and coverage or not a lot of coverage of Bohannon got out that Jordan Richards actually down in two. And so that was some space there at the exit they sneaking into first downs on the returns of huge force. None of them there are blizzard guys you think about over the years who have made these plays you mentioned him for Hillary at all toward browse one of them. And Mike Vrabel if they head coaching job today is another one Jeremiah and at a woman. You know that doctor hightower. And it is is it. You could but you know that these guys when you when they first get here hey this guy has that kind of temperament kind of make out where we put them and challenging situations. Or he's gonna be fine handling adversity do you know better he's just have to go through that to see what somebody's later. I think ultimately have to go through prudent. Sure you'd indications some sponsors. You feel like that's the type of player it is our own until or he has until. You actually see it and that happens. You know them according patch on. Doron making adjustments Nick Cannon. Calls to recognize and things and again in the most critical situations in the game Macon those right decisions. Tackle DeVon made their own third and seventh for about six. Strong tackled. Just knowing how much you can give -- how much you can't give them you know and that's the those that kind of plays that. When you make and then your confidence and make him again blot on the status continues. To do that Bruschi is an hour ago. The stopping maiden and the Oakland game in the snow. On third one. Than he rips the ball away from it turned Jameson. Playoff game. Two years later so. They cite that. Someone placed in a series of plays and scripts in the same guys and guys maintenance. After awhile you can. Have a lot of respect from his. What did you think of the hit on croft that knocked him out again. We knew. Was out one of those carriages football plays was that just two guys moon really fast do you think it was thirty as a head to head hit. Somewhere between. Two officials to reflect that goes up and. Knew there there's an intent to go to my priority and it doesn't and from then on I can present them but that was an excellent question. We've talked a number of times over the years about the job that Dante Scarnecchia does I thought your offensive line. Especially in the second half really perform well pass protection especially if you had to throw the ball a lot I thought did a really good job against a very good rush. They did do good job on that it could jump cam. Especially right tackled that that are real good job Nate. They had a lot of good pass or for over on his side and and Fowler and 91. Most trouble that transition. But you and they. You know they did a good job we also got some good blocks from our backs and I dense sometimes you're on onto those guys on the way out and James was eight point Alan. Dion. Did a good job both kind of help online it's still good none of the pattern. We get blitz function again are only three blitzes so we have an opportunity. At times with their coverage. On the end and then get down in the pattern and so we had kind of play five and half walkers or. You know. Five plus two F blockers on either side so called skunk the six man. Those kind of thanks so that that was definitely helpful too blinded their job and then then again if the players there good depth. Only talk with you last week you're still in the process of to prepare for them getting ready getting more information on them. As you got later in the week. What do you think some of the things we're we're some of the challenges or anticipated challenges. Dealing with. Jackson selected the top a couple of things that stood out here. Well good running team. And different runners and obviously formats. And related downhill runner. Well I yelled in the explosive player and also scrap. Pencils portals. I'm portals and carry the ball against us either scramble or quarterback keep. We're very aware of him I felt like our defense offense and outside linebackers that are real good job of being disciplined and not get hurt by him. Like Pittsburgh do like ball floated on the couple critical scrambles. So. They they do good job in the running game their very explosive play action passing game. Which comes off the running game and they they got a few times on the a couple of word. Place where we dropped deep in the coverage does take away the answer the primary receiver and then have them checked announcer good Yuri action we got a couple of those intermediate players like. When aircrew knocked knocked down over round on the fourth quarter. But those talk and there. They're pretty good Ritter came because they can run the bull. Mercedes Lewis is a big target down there and he got us once. You don't defensively they're a very strong front and and linebackers are fast Smithson. Miles Jack or fast. Their ends are fast in pursuit sewn up the strictest on the play from beyond their Jackman. It is good the good plan on the came along way so thirteen seed rose. Stuff like problem. So. Also I was gonna looks like three straight weeks out against big running backs as well you don't and marine and warned that in the Philadelphia back salt guys that he certainly can't can't arm tackle. No filly has good backs. It's in a lot of Philly but they they definitely have good backs very good skill players and and movable score points and we noted on defense so. That there's a reason why they're in this game they've earned their way in that there are football team and depict count towards. How much. Was Josh is packages and play calling affected went wrong when out of the game where there's things the plan to do that you know couldn't do because he wasn't there. Well early Scoble shirk from an arrow is couple plays the robs her special players. Not everybody's gonna maker you know design effort but he but the majority offenses. Of them and by far the majority confidence. Does that transfer to the next player. One guys game we can't go fifty new laser. Two days ago and hundred it was just can't do that so. Landed atop the points that than their block well. In the blocking made on the on the on thrown on the third and ten to play out like three guys you know in Nate had a good combo block there Emily Jackson who was out of since they moved from Jackson in that situation. Put a bigger guy than. Tan and Natan and not going to agree to go on and Washington back in the Smith. And count Washington back in applause inaudible around a time. Plus they got their via the first down we are nailed on the ball so. The way senator John force on all the years as a blocker and he's been couple. He catches force doesn't have a pass receive per auction but when you have Robin errors. It's. I mean that's obviously. The plumber any corporate one throat to. So mr. hopefully via. Sometimes you practice like you play sometimes. If you ever seen Gilmour make a play like you did. In the game and practices and tremendous tremendously athletic play. Just the phones a good player he's he's made a lot of good players and his heart got to throw against them the speed in this line again those over routes. It's hard for the receivers to run away from him and he's got the reached. To be able to move to get to some balls that. Some of course can't get to do so. Yeah he's he's senator Joseph for all the years and has played at say his best football here in the last. I'll call six weeks or solar refer really needed it the most slow down a great thing to have gone this week. Great image on the game they caught on TV you're not Patricia. And racing and and celebrating and you know going to the Super Bowl reason enough to to celebrate but as. Also part of it knowing that this coaching staff has two more weeks together this entire roster is every they're changes every year people leave but. But knowing that this team gets two more weeks to work to work together is that also part of it. Well I haven't tumor we extra work together so there's a big part of it that's what we work last week four was to be able to keep go and so. I just think that the that was a very emotional game. Behind the whole game never really got control the game. So at the last minute and a half or whatever so. Think there was just you know again to slaughter emotion being behind and really didn't play very well defensively. In the first give up about a third down conversions and get off the field. And then in the fourth quarter late in Third World pick up to two field goals in the second half and we made some stops but. Particular fourth Corbett field position we are able to keep and made couples also we come back up and gave the often it's a good opportunity to score in the on the punt return. Just the whole. Defensively fight through the adversity and they've some of the troubles we have the first but being able to conduct and really play well. And same thing offensively is practicing and I intelligence and feeling. And on three points in the first half until two minutes and at the two minute drive and then. Same thing could really get going again that's twentieth at ten with twelve minutes to go on the game and now we ran the double pass the Chara. Get something Golan and and it did and and then we had a flu snowball on. But that defense to stop after that to come in and be able. Get the ball back after that sudden change in and then we have a long 85 here trying to think who was offensively. To make it twice seventy you know it's 117 outs one score game if it okay. Chance of what took a long time to get to that point. So I don't know if those are feelings of integration. Relief. All of the stress in healthy and everything has a lot of high blood pressure on the sideline and if. I don't know if this is good news or bad news but the patriots and WEEI announced today and multi year contract extension for patriots Monday and patriots Friday. Hope you don't mind us coming back and hanging around for awhile after this Obama on an app that lets you got some that we can affect your chances are pretty good. Because it's been it's been a lot of fun I think for fans be able to hear your perspective on what's going on out there thanks well. Always enjoy owns and during the conversation or being in own scoop them. Way to kind of recap the week then it started on on the new opponent. So we have a good good routine good flow. Well congratulations. For all all I'll I'll wait a minute power for the Dutch are gonna get away with a Mercedes-Benz U performance question of the week. You'll love this knocked out of as soon as that thought out canisters that that's the one when they do. So it's third down. Into the game and get the formation. And so that they're gonna run in uranium. Dion Lewis. Picks up the first down a heritage as we planet right now as it at that describe it on third and nine. Just what did you see that made you so many things there I'm sure you're excited about. Thank you gonna win a game. Is the top one what did you see there. Well they're they're at that point we had. We lost dirge on the first play and then so now it's second and thirteen and we Rihanna. The blast holiday to attract play game three or four yards and the minute third ninth or tenth. Jackson leaves both their timeouts after that play and so on third down third and ten. We didn't wanna leave much time now so we were gonna run the ball on third down they can use their third time now and then we didn't pick it up. Our running game was felt good about that comfortable down there are making those like the field four point lead. So they would need a touchdown laden with no timeouts and well plenty of time book. A long way to go in no time now so we felt that was the best options there. The other option for them would have done instead of that four than thirteen worked on more broken up. Would have been upon us down to with the same thing time out time out time around and try to get the ball back. But anyway the way it turned out. We are thickened pomp no timeouts like the field. And again that's the kind of play where a lot of times that the fences. They're trying to you know inside their pension their tie they're not really. Sometimes. As good on the edges as what they might be in a normal situation because of the situation. A set really key to play it was the block with solar and going down today. They got Jackson knocked back and accurately then get going to get to Smith. And that coddle the rest of the defense and nobody else if their applause they couldn't get there and they just couldn't get across and then Dublin made the kick out block and you know deals in the square through there and and but the element of relief you know. The kind of play you want the on the makers once he got through there could see the first January's. He covered up because that second hand on the ball because of what happened earlier when Jack strip on the you know showed great ball security awareness and in that situation which. Which you know was the right play in and a Smart play at that point times. It was a huge planet can literally took my of that last drive that we didn't have to defend and click. Congratulations on the win good luck in in Minneapolis will talk one more time and and look forward to our task that I just respect Michael thank you patriots coach Bill Belichick Iran's portray. Yeah WEEI. We here in terms of injury in practice reports and things like that at what point during the week were you confident Tom was going to be able to do. What he needed to do you play forty. Well I think this is a lot more. The media circus than it was. Football crisis and for those so that we don't think anybody did so. Was little was done. Sometimes things happen during the week and they. Usually they have an early enough in the officers the chance to resolve that. Well he may have felt that way but I'll say this I'll do this quarterbacks at this morning Wednesday he was convinced he couldn't play. Thursday he wasn't sure if he could play. Friday he felt pretty giddy Friday Aden and he was talking to curtain Callahan this morning Friday he felt OK that's gonna work out yeah I can do this. But on Wednesday he thought he was done. Yeah let's play some clips from. Let's play some clips from the shows her talent show it's scoops and Callahan it's it's on the station. It's announced that Russia it's a morning show but if you should listen to our everyday all candidates on WEEI noted that if you if you get it done via their method. Because on this station I don't know about you hold on all audio feedback there Rossi. And we're all good teammate that's right all love each other and love you Kurt let you Jerry. We we wanna supported Obama I am not as much of friends and loved you both. OK so now let's let's put the stuff. Ellis. No one's sure really wasn't Wednesday could happen and that went about it it's definitely wasn't sure. It was a screens are practicing. You know. It didn't look at different loans you know unfortunately. You know Thursday. But in practice took some time off Friday. Just a little bit more and things and a follow up on Saturday in yes it was it was couldn't do it easy to do so. It was really. Yeah ambivalence I. You know everyone deals with injuries so. It's just part of the season in part of the year and you know just a timing and where exactly it was destroyed about the vast oil for quarterback. Knows what is. And then the he says that about it and Gisele have a interesting reaction when he got home Wednesday night yeah let's play that let's play that you. I was pretty you know it was pretty stressful you know I think I was stressed out as this could again you know you drive home you get. Nobody stitches in union and replacing its. You know you're driving home when I got home myself a licensed so perhaps print them. And that's an artist actually practice until it was and so I don't know what's your locals. So you don't you get them out Wednesday and good to go correct. Yes I think in some are open some bounces sometime this week and and at that point you know again because I was fortunate not a terribly good answer. Or anything like that you know there was no broken bones and you know that was probably to most. And I was I was statesmanlike over here based on. You know which started could be you know we just found out that it wasn't. And you know and European yeah. You know a lot of good luck. You know after it's a pretty. Unlucky injury it turned out to be a lot of good luck that it wasn't more serious what's. Parents. As well. I'm talking all about it I was surprised how opening wise. Doubt that he. He was a little more open last night at the podium meet each set a few things but he was asked at the podium last night how many stitches and he said I think we ought to keep that a secret. But this morning he told curtain Callahan they they said so it was ten stitches he's not a it was twelfth. So he was he was willing today it was only yesterday after the game to talk about it a little bit he was willing this morning talk even more about it. As as Belichick said at the podium last night when talking open hearts. But I did Belichick he says he doesn't think about that oil and once that there's at the game on Sunday and they thought he's gonna play today's Friday. So I guess you think I guess you ride it figured they're gonna get it out there. It I told we were all saying no there's they have a driver. That's right that's separate round. Tom Brady got Todd broke right. Everybody draws insult your regular driver is Aston Martin ever made to I don't think there's no rear of the car accident downtown Boston and he was driving. But I used to get a substandard you know get a get a simple finance and house don't don't let all driving instructor fully you know did bold have that I know David did it well. On right. Now now that's that's actually a sort of it's more three and nine is what they're looking for an hour still you know have your your your one hand you're driving you're you're strong hand you're my body is your fingers through your figures on the hill. I don't feel so secure I don't think you get the left handed down. So if you've got to make a sharp right turn yeah I would I would advise that now than take a long way out of her way. The networks were comical if they had via the breathless footage of him arriving at the stadium yes to it and and his bag was on his left shoulder and his right hand was in Tampa I bet they're I say we don't cash out of the Bob Nardelli injury. And that when he came out no love for warmup but he had that. Black. Eight of whatever was in the tape around the electrical to. Data theft auto I auto tell you about what does that company that makes that stuff is already been on Twitter sent that was Lazard and at least at that got a girl who have been claiming that. Rather than I thought laws and that mr. Woodward's anything about it and then somebody got a shot of him I think it was at the podium post game. No taper anything you could actually see them live at the stitches in the cotton. In a white and he's figured well by the time I see Eagles this on going to be healed up anyway. I have to admit I was nervously watching him in warm up wait to see how the so there's enough there's enough reports Friday that Ian Rapoport was all over about how he was quote ripping it yeah re elect although that that made you feel somewhat better the way you're on the air to start Friday. Did not feel great he threw a pass coverage with the laws on God's sakes so I don't think he could have felt great then but then. More than reports are to come out that hey he's he's going to be fine. Would make you feel better for told you I've seen Danny Amendola. Catch a ball similar to when he caught yesterday the back the end zone. I've seen him catch like one like that from Brian Warner. It would not make me feel about it right now now Charlotte hornets Brian Hoyer has made that. Really made but cracked on me that I and excited frank is with alien head. They gave us an NFL quarterback. I hope that he can. Make them and we just as soon not have to find out right although throws and affects. She asked about we're able. Got death robbery when one more question for Belichick. Brutal that we'll talk to next week yeah. It will dated question but you can you can expect admittedly that -- but this is this that there should. That's all right if that's my job as my Romo noise. Yeah I'll tell you I haven't listened to god I'm all right now I'd heard yeah you're lucky because. You and I we've had yet getting Romo all long he's been our guy hello may in the last few weeks he's started to get a little bit worse. Yesterday. I don't know what that was a Ross give it doesn't give a bill that made it big as a role fan out there want to give them a some samples of what. Romo was bringing to his analysis yesterday I. First presser I've seen while top Washington credit timely. Jack right up the middle smiles Jack Goldman on the edge and Jack right to middle like a missile won't burn some. Who hurts worse in the forty to look at that black. Your life. Sustain it. Being the visitors locker. For Jacksonville port down the field for doing what. Presentation about top when someone's at this week he has been new England's Kryptonite through the years. I'm still waiting to see a man. Those who catches. Up top problems someone's at this week he has been and Tony. About the head into the off season we wanna make sure your wells of life. There's an awful lot I mean just sets my name likeness. They're all yours. Hopefully you've been. T Pebble Beach with the ball still intact. It down somehow it was right. Again. So that's a fact but I think it's fascinating thing they may have. That's that's a reference NAS is fed up there donates them. And then that's it from Romo also wanna sound effects that's against number Romo also wanted to handicap the Walter Payton man of the year award yet. He's like who's the front runner let. It didn't think there they're all great all murder rate these legendary big ball Vick nor do I want one winner and in it they watch it last year there are still is that can they do that. Did you consider how how does that work with its charity here are your mood of the best cared and I broke a lot of JJ along. You around the guy. And. Just ask. I don't think that he devolved into John bad sound effects that was before he made that there's a lot of that five minutes later he's making noise a lot of here we go to my gonna have to go home and watch this on the DVR with the sound now no no no no I don't watch it all it is Lady Gaga yeah. Just because I don't think there's there's fewer and fewer Roma people now that decision. Oh. I have some treated me with the typical Romo playoff performance that's all right guys guys that's cheap. Come up huge 6177790797. We get right back to your calls we'll talk to Matthew Slater next hour as well. Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. It. It's just that right are at secures twelve here's is really good hurt at that point on the UV as he came to keep you must be. Flipping out now. But it was resourceful I got home myself oh wait it's. So when African. Fortunate not to term ligament serve or anything like you know there was no broken bones and it turned out be a lot of good luck that it wasn't more serious. You don't have to listen to the hole. There are yeah ordinarily go right. Anyway. The performers question of the week was brought to you by the Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers in the mr. Mercedes-Benz certified pre owner event. Limited time offers available now at your local Mercedes-Benz. Dealer visit and be USA dot com slash CPO. For inventory and offered details about Bill Belichick was great. Answering the Mercedes then he performance question of the week if we're talking about. The touchdown. As you get the first down that led to them officially winning the game going to super. They I've Twitter follower took us to task here at thrown and no well not a Sid you guys spent twenty minutes talking to ballot checked about greatest clutch players. But to banana heads never asked the most important question is Tom Brady the most clutch player ever. Don't we sort of take it as a given around here that he has if not the most clutch player ever among them we were trying to find others. Who worked clutch player. Our ticket question if it's a good question I wouldn't. I wouldn't anticipate may never know because I think is a dumb question and he just when you think you know customize your answers are than they did your surprise so. Public view whoever your Twitter of Eddie. Eddie liberal the liberal any. While now let's hope not no not your former partner has got Twitter who calls us what's happening is is. And a handle on several cities like that quality no let's not that's a popular but different Eddie well Eddie House today. I'm guessing. 85% sure Bill Belichick would say something like. How a lot of fortunately had a lot of lately named a bunch of I've had a lot of play. Do you feel better about former players that ranking in discussing former players like for Randy Moss for example that's a few times already in las. If Randy Moss is on his team or still in the lead would be gone on and on like that but the way did. It's a man in the same I would assume Brady. I'd ask you spectacles that you guys 6177797937. A wanes in Saudi haywire and. Yeah hotel in Hollywood crowd guide yeah. Yeah like land might. You only want what a great one great game. And eight. My buddy Bob allowed gallery at became you would tell me. He that we went down there that would cap we and it will really do. You know crouching desperately go public this was the only we're gonna will and I schedule worked him up I don't know. Tom Brady is done men don't or can't work on one it. Quarterback and the outlook loaded nobody out and talk. He had scored more points to look why don't we don't know why I glanced what do you tell bike. Can quench to want to Seattle we came back 25 points out there when he came back and yet they can point down we came back. Shall poor image guy went well I know I read that board quarter. Brady were only down child like that touchdown and a field goal regional school at least 23 touchdowns and tell us. Just go out till. I thought oh boy yeah Bob Cowen and co want to call me sound like that anymore Gail. I mean you do it talon I mean don't worry there it is coming back from that's anybody's Downing Street just to shoot a ball once for once I was there I was hit it out there and with about nine minutes left and they can all disposable economy all Super Bowl week portals bulls are you know at that point we didn't always like man hanging out Minnesota. I think it on genital while I was thinking is there anyway we can talk jail into not sending us to Minneapolis to talk Jacksonville for a two week I would be Jackson wrote retirement Philly. Philip Philly fans earlier I Fletcher Cox a well a lot of it over the next. Whilst I think we do need to talk deflect or god of love to talk to Fletcher Cox no what a text them at once thought to don't tax the guys in the end though he'll text indexing Fletcher is a little dangerous really JJ Pletcher. Would you like to be guests on the show. However if you are not well Deb told our our personnel. Well now I goes over the top doughnut that canisters to radio show Sports Radio shows what it is you wonder how those two kids you don't. That's all they're doing. I don't know what would you what would lower wage they're doing do you think they're so together they see what it was a nice budding romance putting me back together like. And they see each other at least a couple times a week I'll probably yeah if you are orthodoxy no hard and I am we got our you know our oil and then he certainly did she left her husband. Yeah well they obviously they connected on a physical level of physical level they or aren't there any seasonal levels. Yeah I was you know maybe like a dinner the action of a good writer Mike that these well no he didn't want to connect and wanted to start a family of immediately. Tonight he wanted a family real quick. Like all right let's sir Leicester nobody wants governor great seasons and he he was agrees that Albert playoffs he's he's really you know. So another it'd be the other big story lines that would get some other network or outlet for approximately gets out of the league Garret blunt Chris Long passion. You'll hear a lot about that. Played for the team before won championships you gonna try to beat the team yeah Chris Long started saying nice things about Tom Brady as you'd expect of course. When helped him wondering. How he's now gonna eat how he was a patriots fan how long now it's going to be an Eagles fans. Are okay now that's family first Davies dog masks. I'd like of you you hate either. Amassed on holes like this the what do you Robyn Beck let this is Halloween they're underdogs you're home dogs. There are home dogs and they weren't jet that sir I didn't let us look at three point spread it. It please nobody was Doherty all I could never win we're going in this case he dome of the Torres has little respect if she's amassed now the totals. Plug the Sedaris namely that not at all the German shepherd that means until like the party store data like parties signaled out the sold out of the German jumpsuits skipping ahead ridiculous you have to go to a simple Barbara let me idiots talking from Minneapolis with a dog masks are right I don't like that keep your wallet there's a little bit her article. Change your all have one of those feel weird not German shepherd yes they'll understand that there Eagles fans but really they're people who were you know distraught and tried to promote you and a watch out though thank you and I will say this patriots fans those of you were gonna head for Minneapolis for this whole thing. And and you know we hope that you have a wonderful time. Just avoid. Eagles fans. I am just telling employed them there are some stuff on last night and I paid the high road is never know just there's no irony I avoid them. There's no high road there at the wild bunch. About the guy running it right we got to trick the measured at that they had their full shoulder right into the post. They don't want their fans the climb the poles. LE RS go to them they Crisco one lady was always of the top go from there. Climbing usual about him for he scoffs at your Crisco is yet if not they are so tell me what do you do out there. No just human history of it. Likewise it big I think it's a big deal in Philly isn't a big deal anywhere else climbing poles. It was a number are outside of a strip club and it's been used many times that. But what it. Why are you jumping up and it's. Good view I guess of the what's going on in the familiar into hollered everybody was an issue where about yeah. Hey when the Sox wanna know for remembered being huge issue or thought students pointed out there. You know a street light. Without the parade them for the for me there's hope for ego. This is to see people out there though things like yeah yeah take a look at me look like you do immediate aftermath of the game during that same thing socks worn off universal drug hey he's got flooded but upon polls that you can't climb that. That I had enough. The singer on there. Are you had to come down oh in real quick I'm Chris that I owed some nasty ones. There's a flat personally the videos of them like trying to get down into shattering ankles if there. Stuff happens this has been the coaches our brought you by the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. Every day amazing chip wobbled in Carolina boots by the northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively in men's sexual health. And by your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers. Next hour we'll talk to Matthew Slater final drive will bring back Bill Belichick were alive at Gillette on a patriots Monday Sports Radio W the.