DHK - Is Amendola as clutch as Tom Brady in the postseason? The Jags are bitching after the loss.

Dale & Keefe
Monday, January 22nd

Hour 1: The guys discuss the Patriots’ comeback win over the Jaguars with the impact of Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore and the Barry Church hit on Gronk. Former Patriot Rob Ninkovich joins the show to discuss the officiating and Gronk’s health. Callers on Danny Amendola and whether he’s a Mt. rushmore clutch Boston athlete.


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Yeah yeah. The American bitter today. Outside the five and a half states. America is there more bitter words isn't the person bull bull thought this day our combination about it but they are better. This depression that over and over. Here that could take it you won a Super Bowl 52. And the first time they went under Belichick and Brady was Super Bowl 36. That's just not supposed to happen so 36 that led to a three out of 49 your 52. And if you win this thing that's three out of four it's just has never happened before in NFL history and so if you're if you've been waiting for them kinda. Age or make some stupid mistake. It's very frustrating. If the patriot haters have to tease yesterday this wasn't a star to fit I wasn't a lot right go to hell I'm no you are no nobody was there and that was that the jaguars were in it they played. For a while they played the perfect game they did everything right they didn't make public morals do anything. Crazy used throw short well he did I thought I thought it was great he really had there was no problem would like word you look at we're pretty throws the ball downfield vote that you sell and service to throw Pitt he's count pushing it regards. It was from a short pass they're good the defense is so fast. The linebackers were in sand in the first half. A Fella that was particularly to me is usually those check down passes to Louis or white. They pick up a lot of yards but when you have the linebackers were Jacksonville you don't do much but for a long time it looked like. Oh my god this might yet you know Jacksonville might actually be going with a suitable. Therefore while you felt like. You know some of these plays just going to be devastating blow that dropped by cooks like oh that's gonna come back to haunt them. Or the big one the big play helmet to helmet church. On brought Crocs out in your news Susie is Susie would value it was a concussion he started to walk off the field with help them back to locker room I knew he wasn't coming back down president. Everybody knew that so. Now you're down. He go to fast forward to the fourth quarter down ten points. Yet about ten minutes to play. You got no ground and Tom Brady. With a compromise right hand. You good luck yes. They came back and in and won the game. Because of clubs in the generosity of my friend Ken Levine I've had the opportunity to be a lot of games are over the years it in the state. I've never heard it like it was last night. Nobody sat aren't that this is the lot as I ever heard it ever in in any game I've ever been a history of historical ones that I and I've been to the AFC championship games here another asked. This is the lightest I've ever heard no one sat down in the entire fourth quarter with the help of a quiet as you've ever heard it after the second quarter first half of it it it it was pretty quiet here and you know people were word. Very nervous. At and I know that the players and Josh McDaniel said something today on his conference call they were giving credit. To the fans here helping you know get this thing done. This place was going nuts. And they were they were down by. Three I think and I I don't you probably and see on TV here in the stadium. They started playing. Jon Bon Jovi and Livan on a prayer and and on the big screen they show him and the place goes crazy. And they get to the chorus and he sang and the whole stadium sing and and right after that the patriots to the kick off to the one of the two. No they buried it guy at the fifteen yard line right and the place goes nuts even further. You can just see it all building is if you were going along in the fourth quarter. Yeah if you look at Jacksonville. They did everything that they were supposed to do until. Until it got you know 56 minutes to play. And it was clear that they were just trying to preserve the league yet they got scared that you needed to do something. Something dramatic he needed to. You know take a shot down the field I know I'd only a lot of work Kennedy you're out what it did Ted know what are you doing taking a shot but. You've gotta you gotta let them know and it is not as predictable what you think it is because it became it became very predictable and you started pulling for letter report that to get the all. Okay yeah yeah but don't even do that that they could be all over that these are gonna you you tell us. When there were runner on first down in the second half in the patriots have figured him out right I mean did it it was like Colette keep doing what it gets real conservative with the play calling. I thought the key moment of the game for me. Was the delay of game. Coming out of the timeout with 223 laugh yeah yes that's just I mean it on the right after power can get a minute delay about it all on you. And and you had converted the first down was a big a big conversion. Another one because it seemed like they converted every third down in the first captive and and you had done it you'd thrown another big pass play I never saw the flag them down. Sit here I didn't know all and all of a sudden I see them bring it back and I thought how can you possibly get delay of game in that situation coming out of high miles so Don. Yet that's hysterical here what had happened I think portals played so far over its head the first half and first. You know they'd be close to three quarters he played really well you know not turn over completing all this passes me in the right place. But he hit him for hole. It did play I don't really think you played over his head go into you know did I don't lie I didn't see any rose rice said. Oh wow now you got to make that throw today. But you know this guy probably gave no on the quarterback they've had this year and he's still got a complete less than 60% of his passes. So even with the Czech player of the year with a jerk that this year right on the money are right on the dollar doesn't Sagan and so in the first half he was way over that and he was he was hitting guys they weren't taking a ton of chances but. He looked fine and that your waited for something stupid admit it's a throw or maybe second snap off in time whatever it is he's a great quarterbacks though. That was eventually gonna come out the player in the game where widows want possession. That's what he felt a whole lot better patriots fan because when they're down ten mammoth. You know the defense Jacksonville's the Hastert's office is a movement much but as soon as they made it a one possession game. That's where I think Jacksonville lack of experience in not having not won God's gonna say hey it worked fine were far Libya okay. I think they got so nervous they're so afraid to make a mistake today and the page or to read document. I think so too they needed just a brash. They need they need like a Jalen Ramsey of office. Yeah I don't. You know it's one of those guys who just like okay installment of ball right cycle and when the patriots play the ravens in 2012 here. Who Anquan Boldin was little treatment right check all I'm not. Really open but to me to vote anyway I would anyway and I'll probably catch it right even Danica they don't have a guy like that any needed somebody like that the kind of calmed down portals when he got this situation and I felt really patriots probably felt the same way. I felt really good on third down play in the fourth down play of the play before the Gilmore PU. But on third down third and fourth down you knew. Okay this is an obvious passing situation. Now Blake portals have to completed that play action is out the window we're not falling for that you only got to play action team you're doing yourself a disservice. So now all you have to do is just played the past and Blake were portals knows he's got a bit and it's a tight window that is new we can do that. Now. A and they Sadler for that. It was dozens go to Derrick Henry Wright every day he wasn't even though you knew he was gonna be the gathering and the ball to in the first half do you still pretty effective but that I got to a point where. Okay you're gonna do something else you got to mix it up another way and they just they didn't. Have I don't know I don't wanna hear delved do anymore. And don't want to hear them. Complaining about officiating. Don't complain about officiating anymore all the the amount since last night to tell the latest. There's the obviously. You know not doctored but you know perfectly timed picture the picture of the refereeing that the official laughing with the patriots. West of the picture after he had broken up the the little scrum between James White. And down and miles Jarrell an enzyme that would Jack and he and ruin drives and wrap up terms that they are rounded up and and one of the patriots guys have said something to home. Any with Laphen egg you know he had broken it up there is some Andy was Laphen. So they take that picture. And it shows this official laughing with a all the patriots players and they say city. He was obviously in the bag. They show cleat Blake meant. You know tapping Brady on the but a million of the McCain deflected. Right and then I'll bet they do what they're they love him it was against their own dollars for rent don't show the picture of plea Blake and shaking hands with plate portals before his first drive. And also would you look at it to the so was that ten for 98 or ever was for her Edmund you know one for and penalties wise and so dedicated to extort ballgame and Eddie NFL. Got what they want because the NFL would have been devastated if we're well. If not they give when it wanted to know what did items that I got towards actually that 'cause. The the flags they were they not fortunately that that was passer affairs or that was a personal foul. I thought the only one that they had before. Was the miles Jack fumble recovery of Dion Lewis and they blew the play dead and they shouldn't that. And you know eighty heat he wasn't down by contact. You know he he recovers the fumble and he's taken off and he still only run and and the whistle blows they stop the play. If I was in Jacksonville fan writes it was what does that. You know by the way I'll glad about the pictures when the game's about to have these conversations and and if it doesn't come off like Jackson goes about when you lose the game can't really talk to talk about appreciating what I lose. Or some demos without competition up. On that play. I could make a case or overturning. Over of the Dion Lewis fumble. I directly or if he what are clearly fumbled but the ball is still on inside as his knee hit the ground. From your thing and that's your compatriots all. Other as he deals they have miles jacket as Apollo. So I know I don't considered a right to say that but. So how does the picture not the patriots they did have control the patriots lost the game against anything about none I didn't think he had control when I sought and they kept children I was sliding all I was done it was it was coming out yeah it was coming out but just. As I felt like he is he still had it against his leg with his knee hit program now. It was so quick they made it Jacksonville office about it route they weren't gonna overall not a pitted survived the ground and didn't hit program. Yeah but the ball is just that were always there and Jack got it in and losing it losing a but he lost it right after that. But also the jaguars deadly one of the most penalized teams in football or your season in the majors or the least penalized teams so that when that plays out. Like it if it was reversed that maybe some of that because the patriots at the team. Don't allow penalties. They just they don't so they did they didn't yet that's by design that's something that this coaching staff parks on every seat right so member when they were in the first four weeks of the season broke a special teams penalties that they they they kind of world of a mess early on that in that regard they've got that straightened out those shouldn't be a surprise that they at one point LT us know on the got them looking the other way. Do you think jailer Brown's cousin has a case. On a pass interference. I think that one pass interference I beat him. I I really did think he was he was hand checking him out about it was early and it was untouchable yeah. The ball the ball landed about it was over health of purpose and at that helps that article quoted the air reverie that you say were all out of bounds it puts them a path to. Anyway there are other ways her Jim Brown's cousin had a horrible that they got picked on brand new Yorker books which may prod him op. And you know it's kind of funny Brandon cooks as a great game at wide receiver. And step on the other part of that makes a great play there at the end of the game so guys who fans haven't been sold on all of our lawsuit it's two big acquisitions from last year. It specially Gilmore and he cooks. It may be awarded more how to cook myself included but still a thousand plus yards on the season McKee yeah had a good year. Gilmore. More up and down rate started out bad daddy got hurt who started off horrible and he played really well Albert and then it kind of wasn't great the final few weeks. But then in the playoffs both playoff games of titans game usually go there were. There there there receivers were not factors and it's in a titans game it was almost like if you you go up against go up against Gil Warner was bit he erase those guys and yesterday he was immense including that that great play. Editor of tells pictures dale would react I would I don't these guys a picture of all of the exact moment that he made the play now it's funny because. A Jalen Ramsey was complaining post game and in the Jacksonville locker room. That Stephon Gilmore had interfered with Westbrook on the last pass play. No. You couldn't play it better than he played. I just didn't annual rite there's some sour grapes perhaps are definitely now you made the case valid case that you know maybe that Dion Lewis play should have been a catch. I'm willing to make the plug on attachment you know he could pages long that right right he was and I might be able to make in my opinion of valid case. That not only was today a personal foul targeting penalty on the wrong place that should have been PI as well. So they should have gotten the ball there and fifteen yards added to. Years ago the dirty play at all. Yeah the result yes. Well I can't do it yeah I mean did did he merely doing Richard Sherman where example tickets what are sort explain that what do you what you wanna do OK okay. Really fat this is what I just can't I can't you know militants out. I can't hear this kid here from a professional football player I yesterday there were two cases. Where I'll watch in the game now these are positive place for the patriots. And I said to myself okay. That's reason number 15100. Why most of us are not professional athletes. And these guys are the didian dole attached. A professional athlete can do that okay but the but the second one down and make it gets a first rate and then have control. We don't war. Break up here how long he was and here you are not normal credit dot normal flight professional athlete so on the flip side don't tell me that very church. You're doing and can't adjust and make a a conventional tackle first football player you're number one both do. Do what safeties do you think that every time that throw was made every safety has helmet to helmet contact no they don't. So Tommy got all I got no choice no I have no choice and I'm a bomb. I am not an athlete you'll all give it up. Audits at the same guys out there are some can do certain things the other kid this is still leads the break up a pass it Rob Gronkowski is the most physical imposing anything. Larry everything. Helmet I'll get hit him in the meek rocks out until hey Ed Ed. Why is that the primary thing home underneath. There's a lot of body on a 67 guys if you're not idiot I don't see why did you go offline and don't like Earl Thomas and pop on your shoulder and do that too well. That's that's one of the occupational hazards of the job while the occupational hazard for rock out no doubt not to look at it now I thought I had visual hasn't gone the minute you might get it they had to supposed to let our panel that's right that's item but there's a platinum. But the way you play football is not to hit people yeah I don't think he was the right. He said Dominic rocket ahead on this play I think it was here and here comes the ball I wanna try to dislodge it from him. Any happening hit him in the head of these are in it deserve to get flagged but I'm not trying to it's rolled out of the game. You're not gonna get a lot of push back nationally here Richard Sherman or anybody else. Sank off it was supposed to do just play football because he's saying that because the patriots about somebody does that one of his teammates intimately to on. So we can do this what we're doing here not here to guide and it may make it to fit to play up play a little bit of an head. He knows he can have done something different. It's probably a little salty that at the patriots are on their way to. Doors up again another down right now but those patriots are really want them to be out of the game now what jaguars get every advantage they can get. I don't think it's that simple they were both guys are going full speed out that you always in a large amount exactly the way these warm. Well look I think you went high he went high Diddy I mean he did he didn't know he did go high and it's a penalty. But I I and they didn't throw about it in the penalty they did everyone capital not only forced a lot of argued. It's the possibility at least that it couldn't pass interference as well that's fine if I'm doing right now right and I thought he got there too soon when he was targeting what they had. I'll say this. In my opinion and based on some people I've talked to their. If the game was this coming Sunday grunt would have no chance right well let's not out on visual I'm not even thinking about ground for the super ball I'm I'm I'm. It's usually because confession. You don't know. At are you talking about yesterday he should be okay how do you know that no I I don't know him okay. How he feels this morning how he feels on Wednesday. I would bet that's part of the story you know we can have felt fine last night. He can have headaches tomorrow. He can have problems with the light of where they're they're it's brain injuries though. Under is going on I'm. I'm looking at the game as of crop won't be there. Overall we play. Yeah and and I'm hoping you're wrong but it's absolutely a possibility. I here's the schedule for today Rob Ninkovich gonna join us just few minutes will break down the game with him. I had tweeted out earlier that Bill Belichick was going to be with a 6305. He has called inaudible he's gonna join us at 405. And we'll talk to Matthew Slater at some point this afternoon as well we'll get to some calls with you at 6177797937. But Rob Ninkovich is coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. You'll never be all. Thought our weekly patriots Monday conversation with Rob Ninkovich is brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard and by the New England who bought a tractor dealers. I'll Rob Ninkovich who the voice on that drop you just are joins us right now hey rob how are you. I have good I'm good guys you know we're under right now. But he got it yes romance. Talk in the Bucky in New Orleans. Doug had asked for now we will partner yet. I'm actually do the world it is going to be a bit so wish me luck. And hopefully it'll lose my mind. Thought here's a lot of good stuff were adults do not just kids how are holding it rob. It has a little poorer and no one. Oh yeah brokerage business at 8 o'clock I'm good how the Disney World who don't go crazy over there a concern. Are you past the point where. Are you past the point where you're ever surprised that any sort of comeback effort to Tom Brady puts together. No I mean. It could very well what to order a look there mines to ram a 100%. Quarter percent all all in knowing that they're gonna when I can come home or the nervous or suckered so. You know it's those so they appear on. Its every week. They're the boss in the detail every day. And they play four quarters of a team might get a couple thoughts about her. Up ten point then that inundated at all during the Brooklyn where literally went so. That can then they come back when it. Corny it was yeah so I was. A very happy for everybody. Oh my old teammates and coaches at all or they work. He didn't seem pretty impressed. Very impressive Houston last week about Jacksonville north of Jacksonville Jaguars. The daughter who's 28 attended they gained some respect. From you for the by the way they played. Yeah they did actually no I was surprised that the extra bit that they played as well reputed. Home. I really thought they would just come in and not not really perform as well could. And it'll look how we talked for Buick team and we're so we're sure we're not download recruits side of sorry so. Mother nature wasn't and our Schuettler. Again you got to give credit to them for the first recorders they're playing well. And then they. That they are so you got to give them credit actually. Angela. You know are they for the Orioles played better than non. This is owned. But they're still going home so pitchers move on or if you experience and you know all the different. Different type games that they play in the past really help tomorrow. When the patriots are down 1410 at the half what's going on in the locker room there at at halftime as a coach is speaking at a lot of different players talking what what's happened. The courts coming and they offensively censored split on this look a lot Herman absolute essentials for all young ones are also on the other side. Com dot com or get a couple minutes there collector onslaught. He's about to have to have to you know you don't have hope peanut butter and jelly substance. And you know than. Medio come out to vote or vote right you know we're right out maybe five plays that culture. Gotta go over those adjustments that they're gonna do move us forward. And also is doing the same thing so there or maybe some defense is that. You know word that there aren't participating you're asleep at the front end and then they go out such an aspirin each other it's cute and play that game plan and so. Out of the pocket get wrapped arm every every picture quality come on the adjust well technically different. On type of games so. And he adjusted came back out to with they had to do and a certain sort of Minnesota and so on like again like except for I'm I'm really happy form. And you know those guys they they all deserve everything they say they aren't they started that not constitute. We're talking with former New England Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich. I'm asking you defensive player this but I I deluded by simply what was your opinion on the church hit against Rob Gronkowski dirty are now. And obviously no. There's a difference between that culminated with the crown your helmet to turn takes a rodeo and or from what I saw he was coming in hot and he actually turned his her twosome with a charm. I don't think he was trying to hit him in the head a Specter is on a suit you refrigerator. Put yourself at risk as well binoculars so so. I think he comes in really cut back in Bangkok corporate America football. And news terms in this and eat it. Gross. Bought the bottle Christian with a side of his helmet so. Usually deported you know it's yours here. You know your your weak spots to hit in the head of society or wherever senator elect you just is better and so. I don't they use and potentially target I don't at all. Unfortunately it is part of making outs but the risk and the contact that happens when things are Margaret. Pace and level would you concur or prevent an era. From happening at a bank bank situation like. What I'd I'd go yeah you know we could have targeted a different area of his body. Go lower. Well I mean he had an enemy bogey ER. Com he's out for a lot longer than a week and so. I think that the US growth Hayward you have heard it higher loads that are. You've been to several Super Bowls you won a Super Bowl or to. What's what's it like getting ready this week and got a couple weeks to prepare for this thing isn't crazy hat people. Haven't talked to in years past you for sick kids what looks like. He had the first you know the first couple days is kind of creepy and yet your models work. Look at particulate and family members and cousins that you haven't talked to and treasurer. You know kind of I can be brutally honest that arms and I am not preset slots ahead and start in the last couple weeks after that to get from me so. That's pretty much are you handle and they want to move on from there could you know some of that book could be. It can get in the way of focusing on what's really important let's play a crucial also. You know build a great job of saying hey tickets figure amount we got a couple days here figured out wants. Wants wants her back or turn. It over so. You know he does a great job of really clarify and everybody we're here for one purpose and that's a wonderful organ so prepare to the bestseller abilities or your third place truck. What's that like for you to see James Harrison a patriots uniform and how do you think he has played so far from him. I think he's talking he's doing exactly what they want it you know they needed it I got there. The commenting you know be physical and stop the run and he got a good job so you know 39 years old. It's not easy and and I give credit he's either really good order so it for the past in particular. The Arizona Cardinals today named Steve Wilkes is their new head coach. Surprising some because Brian Flores was thought to have been a pretty strong candidate as well. But it means that would Matt Patricia likely headed for Detroit that Brian Florence is in line to become the defensive coordinator here. What's your experience what Brian Florence as a coach. Popular people for many years so our amber at different sort of what are holier and Mikey are great but. He's really more troops home they're really don't understand is clear well. He played at a high level the BC so on. You know I really respect him. Good for tomorrow so. You know I think if he goes assume that role. So degree Google will be grateful well. Bigger that the future looks bright room and definitely in any rule it use bolt let. About all these coaches know with the patriots highs in the league Billy O'Brien Mike Vrabel today. Matt Patricia Josh McDaniels. God are you interested in being a defensive coordinator for the body. Look I don't know what you see it yet a mighty. I didn't see that game perspective that's or you know coaches they see it from all they see everything I've. As a player you want angle you know it. Well yes I'm not that certainly. And quote aura about her approaching. Right now it's odd. My he would in this world as. They serve well I hear what. It definitely cool that there's somebody connection doctor an NF so oral. And you know I assert my resonate would be okay here's our. To those jeans and a. Was there any party you rob that wishes you were still out there this year or did you make the right decision retiring for the season. You. Know on the you know practical got to get it might ski at all a reality. I really enjoy it not be slower and be able walked out on Tuesday Wednesday not you'll completely let their I don't buy cars so. You are like accurate or. And I made it this isn't last year. It was also were. Not the best the divestitures that much so that future. You know I love football I always loved football league game put. On the good side of it if it does the number aren't and so for me. You know although the up on the biggest cheerleader fan right now all the jumper out screaming and and you know superstars that body armor involved sort this year so. You are really hard on them. Really open a big goal and insecure business go back to back. Would be great to witness and you know I'd always mix football work you know those. The pain in the arms the back her partner and yet upward slope Brooklyn. I wasn't how this could do it anymore. A bit of advice from a a savvy veteran. Avoid it's a small world you'll never get that song out of your head. Ha ha ha I have seen to it you know outward than it expands our Iowa and hear a lot of it about 10 ya. One of the things that we owe it a family so you know it's called hum. Are we gonna hear a lot of last year you see all when it came here. Let assembly and you know I'm sure this is the last our offbeat or so. ECB at anyone or any creature sent a letter and or in Orlando pitcher and I'll be walking around magic. Well I you're gonna see him. Erickson I guarantee. Lot of our rob thanks very much enjoy the trip down there. Art art here if that is former patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich joining us. He's with me now now. He's with rich in terms up yes it's penalty. But it wasn't a dirty. I I thought you're gonna go after don't make us have a race between the knee in the. Ad that's I said you know he you know. We hit in my another part of his body. There are there are a lot of places right. Think you had a blow in what would not dirty play though by processing should not dirty not dirty bad results a bit of a hit in the head of the results fox and obviously we intend to go there the and then like knock him out now. But let's earlier you're also talking about you know. I understand you know there there's head and there's me and there's area and in between but if you're aiming at relatively high a clean high hit. In your off by six inches now all of a sudden that's ahead right. And it was. It's torture are let's get the calls that you guys a 6177797937. Bill Belichick will join us at 405 here in our studios at Gillette Stadium to patriots Monday. Patriots headed for the Super Bowl this is Sports Radio WEEI. It was your creditors. Put yourself at risk as well but not herself well so practically comes in really are are bankrupt corporate America before. And you determine is there. And heated rocks bottles this change would decide at home. Usually the target you know it's yours here you know you're you're weak spots to get hit in the head or decided where we're that are there are select her. This is better there so. I don't think he was intentionally trying to sort of arm at all. Rob Ninkovich who joined us a few moments ago. I really liked the stuff he was also saying in addition to that answer about the church hit on ground but. You know the stuff about you know today and tomorrow is when you get all the logistical stuff done now the patriots have got a Ph.D. in Super Bowl preparation yet I'll. This is the tenth time this organization has spent the Super Bowl. But just for this current regime. In an eight of these things and you kind of what to do and how to set things up open. They'll have all their logistical ducks in a row probably wide Bill Belichick delayed his is appearance with the espy and now they're just get all that stuff done today I I would guess. That's top of the agenda right. Yeah I think part of it is getting the guys to listen to the players the guys who were here last July cooks for example. Adam Butler. You know Birkhead you wanna get those guys with a mentor with the. Yeah don't let them find somebody whether rain talk whenever what you do how about this how to handle that and then. You know Belichick and his staff convinced. Had a pretty much paint by numbers in terms of preparation. For Minnesota look at Minnesota that's the plan here well this is how was that last year and in a couple of years before that it was like this he just kind of go off of what you already know I mean this this shouldn't be too much of a stretch for them they've been all over the country. In the last thirty did I get it before the last 1617 there have been all over the country Netflix to figure it out. And now with the vikings getting thrashed yesterday by Philadelphia all the logistical ducks are in order to get terrible thing comfort Minnesota. Minnesota silly Mac you go to Philly yeah. You get beat down he can't just come home and and anonymity they don't govern our way Ellis is a total of all the team that crust which is going to be. How you are are probably in your living room yeah who get left I'm gonna say today they now get the vikings with the patriots get the vikings practice facility they got vikings' locker room. They get to choose the Jersey I would suggest white based on the fact that they've lost twice in eighty. Yeah they they get they get to choose things like superstitious. I get a little half mile yeah I'll be crazy not to be called on Kurds did you laugh in the face of that I ask you real silly it could be. It could blow it you don't know. Now you god why it Belichick wears a red hoodie on the sideline everybody's gonna lose more hardware that definitely where their lines to all out. Now I was here you know watching it from the stands so I didn't see much of it until the news last night. There was a lot of footage of a Belichick and Brady do a lot of hugging and Hagen head Patton and stuff a minute. If it's necessary if there or if there they seem to have set it aside for a human rights. But I'm glad you said that they made little tongue in cheek but seriously think about this bill and keep it if if you have if there's a real problem. With these guys. So this one does what characterization we know the big problems with Belichick and Brady aircraft. And then you look at the results. That matchup. And I like that one of the lied to the story was Tom Brady slipping. Tom Brady scare. Yes he's nervous parents in that as much craziness that know about him slipping. I did hear anybody yes I was listening very close and hear any of his teammates columns are. A lot common Tommy's Tom Donnelly won its fourth quote Tom Brady or not it goes nine for 14138. Yards and two touchdowns just the fourth quarter of yesterday's game. Yeah there's not a lot of slippage on knows that you think you scared out there. There are quite radical quarterback sneak acorda success and Helen grace. Picked up a third eighteen play with this hand all jacked up. That is our third may team might have been my favorite player of the entire game the twenty yard pass. And Wendell. On third and eighteen but all of the talk for the in about how he's gonna Wear out like this would biker loved weightlifting club that they get currents said this did you guys yes that is the figurative ring off on the nice with a nice look. That's a little better when it was just that little piece of tape basically children Seneca. Should the should be fun. In the picture of them had as pretty as pretty nasty. But if there was blood everywhere he got a green I was with a nasty scene it's it's amazing that. If you think about what happened and if his thumb got bent so far that the spot in between you're your finger and thumb got ripped. But now for the basket pulled her the fact that he didn't like shatter us bomb is pretty remark. Then he said the amenities. He was in danger he was thinking he was gonna play. It's really wasn't until Friday that that he started to feel like and this go to work Wednesday Wednesday he thought he wasn't that Wednesday that there's a very Thursday it was I don't know all and Friday it was like OK there's going to be RI based on what you saw yesterday Brian Horton went back there right. I may. I don't know. I'd go another I think it's unlikely had a ball away none of all the way. I let's get to the calls you guys mics on the cell phone Mike Europe first on Sports Radio still on Hollywood keep. Good afternoon gentlemen I'm good day yesterday and you know once in Yemen dole signed with this team. He was supposed to be the heir apparent to Wes Welker. And then element came and and have a sense and you know date you know whenever they sign a free agent wide receiver they bring in a new guy. And the goal was always like. Seem to be the odd man now and early night as patriot career I understand he was injured a lot and it was doubt that he was gonna durable. But he seems to put the injury part behind him a little bit. And then the coach since yesterday. If you look up football player in the dictionary at that picture Gramm and dole out. But every year it seems to take a pay cut. Just so we can on the tool. Our side they say forty so clutch in the play out I don't know with the agent is. But he should definitely get a raise money next archer. He does seem to take more pay about how legitimate they cut I mean like Tom Brady's never taken a pay cut. He he gets credited with that that's not what it is and windowless taken pay cuts to be able to stay here that bond to yes. And you know what he might take another way until in my. You know Belichick says you know look at the dictionary look at the picture and dictionary if it's right here Abdullah. That for football player not businessman. No idea yeah all that stuff I didn't play hardball maybe get more money somewhere else but that together is then going somewhere else you know when Tom Brady anymore and he seems to be everybody associates Julian Edelman being you know best friend the operator or out of Estrada obsessed with what I did have a real relations maybe both but it adultery there too greatly that the story was without Brady in Montana it's going to be on the Tom vs stymied there hanging out or displaced. Would settlement and fundamental principles because there are very close to him and so he's already played. In another place that does he wanna go do that again and maybe your maybe not make the playoffs or beat. Rates compared to knowing that you're gonna be an offensive Tom Brady your partner definitely go to the playoffs is a good chance or the Super Bowl opportunity for you to make. You don't big plays which he always seems to do in the playoffs. It's tough and you gotta you sacrifice the money but is that it in the end maybe maybe it's gonna work out. We saw Tom vs time when it first. Ran yesterday as they can not right now. All out there are losing when it first Oslo yeah preview and it then I was thinking they they did it during the telecast there are yeah they're all Carol twice in the early. When they're fourteen they're from Tom vs top of the housing and some of the headlines. That Summers as time hi I'm not exactly. Of the outcome. Don't don't don't don't do this again if you gonna beat me now to give up your life among well Jack I don't know I could get there I parents donated a god is comebacks you know people so. I'm glad he was able to pull that yes francs in the Phillip hey frank I don't. Hey they guys have to take my call I'd like to acknowledge special operating so it certainly agree thank you thank them listening. That and so you get them dog I was what are you guys believe she should be on the so called mount Rushmore clutch athletes and bust or sister. The last night I'd be willing to put my it was Turkey at cherry creek yes structure. And like I said last night fortunately solidified. That I Vietnamese are wanna know what you backstop. -- -- -- -- -- -- I feel like he's great lady Diana what I'm not put him in and out category out of David Ortiz I don't think as you left us each era I think last night he's the NFL's version of Robert Horry now that's overstated robbery where thirteen grades are earth orbit and headed little to do with any of them -- I don't and I shot but I think if he's one of these guys that regular people you don't you knew there and he and he has he's been he's been tremendous but the problem and it's five catches in the fourth quarter yesterday. When you know when they're coming from behind their ten points down all grades what it does and we're all great get the sense rock so the concussion. Cooks who had a great game but at a party big drop you figure are down the stretch it's gonna be Amendola and they'll maybe James White. From you know last year and through bulls are two guys that. He knows where they're going to be a he believes are gonna make life. And if you think about Tom Brady and all the receivers he's I just record acrid other great quarterback best player in the history for my money. So this guy the best receiver he's had is Randy Moss he had a fully engaged record setting Randy Moss 2007. He didn't have the 2000 me and hurt. He Adam 2009. And in 2010. Ready Abbas you did did what appeared more so in his long career. He's had a hall of Famer which are the best quarterback in the history of the game he's a hall of Famer at wide receiver. Two years. That's it I think I only Adam for the mile no bull wins or anything like Joseph Montana who is often compared to shouldn't be anymore but Joseph Montana. You know Jerry Rice. Peyton Manning Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin and Peyton Manning had a Marvin Harrison he's a hundred guys. It is just amazing but with Brady it's all trucked to the picture. If you can and earnest for us. They'll make you look better than you actually are and so there are a lot of guys like that. A Daniel M Dolan won album and Julian Edelman and Deion Branch and for brown. All which you've got to establish Brady is on Libya where where you expect maybe don't worry about it and he can be that guy. Hold onto the ball. Partner you're under six but an even better a trustee in the Jeffs on the truck phony Jeff I don't. I don't well the one on eight. I don't think Michael guys share. Been now I want to talk about the out of Kabul where literally whistle. Yes yes on the miles Jacqueline. Act now. And I need you to help me out here Mike I think you put your thinking cap on because a few years back the same thing happen. The Brady running to the sidelines. The ref blew the whistle for respect out of bounds and he ended up throwing a pass that was complete it right down the sideline they didn't count because the record on the whistle. They can now look like about four years ago so I don't know that. Who are yours better than mine and Allen. I don't remember that play. But they used if not last night that they blew the whistle too early initiative entitled world are a big game. That would be a big joke on this one you know like I'm just saying you know for the people who don't think they blew the whistle too early. It happens. Out of gate you know I can still remember Brady into an error on the sideline. Looking at Iraq then why did you blow the whistle he can step out of bounds of what it will. Et Al say yes you know it's a bang bang play you know it and and Gary you're seeing all changed hands and it's like global. And then they don't get to look at replays like we do we don't they don't get to make these decisions on a slow casual basis. I understand that they're not gonna get every call right I thought there was the possibility that. Jack should have been allowed to run. Yeah I mean they. At least look at the all right and I'd probably be the one that they have the best case for cricket the other ones you go back and even if you don't slow it down that if you slow down a pass interference call you can almost call past Everett every time regardless of the day doesn't it light. But even if you watch it real speed the other one that they're the most upset about. I would boy EA on bread and coaxed that was definitely passed a photos I don't I don't think they have a case there but. Maybe maybe with a miles Jack and that's about it. Why do you do you agree with Boomer Esiason rusty get this ready Boomer Esiason. Talking about officiating. In Gillette Stadium so maybe this is an issue. If you every now where you guys ever comes from and see if I. But yet if Rossi begin play that clip of Boomer Esiason talking about Gillette Stadium. And the officiating I think this is his post game abrasion which you know this is getting a lot of it's getting a lot of that you are let's let's let's hear. I tell you guys penalties are the store the first epidemic keeps on stunt won't just talk about that delay game and that his teams out. But how about this one done wrong said this was the right call Barry church on Benoit unnecessary roughness now at Gillette Stadium so the flag separate from. OK boys. About every defense attorney out of about this call begins aged boy did but Tom Brady gets about the last scrimmage. Jane Wright that's an easy walk in touchdown the patriots all relentless and. So it's Gillette Stadium puzzles or lag that I cannot come out boys and he's in Montreal because we certainly think that the NFL and has done everything they can do over the years to give the patriots every advantage right now. Where they certainly haven't but this would be a case where they would want them in the Super Bowl. I did it obvious here at Alicia in this case just this game in particular Jacksonville they've they don't want two weeks of jaguars thought consume double the rating it would still be survival rates should be good but not his visit could be with Brady going for his six Super Bowl all of that. But again if you look at that specific play. So he is saying that that is there a homer call or that is day let's get this team to win call I would bet that wasn't I don't think that it was. And I that's implied anyway that boomer sides are back on statements of Flagstaff from. Okay boys. Ironically clean voice that the cleat Blake menace that is of an official who has opposed the patriots he's the guy who decided. That Lou Heatley didn't interfere with rock in the end zone. On a play that we've looked at and thought of it was clearly interference and and cleats I think we're gonna. So police has not exactly been a patriots favorite over the years now is not. Is the one who couldn't as quickly to couldn't find that they the gauge. Deflating. You might be right likely has some role at the plate gate I can't remember which which party was one of he was one of the guys involved. We did get a name clique I've not not really a fan of it now while about it now depends on where you're from. It anywhere. It from our if I assume there is it.