DHK -  Why was Tom Brady wearing a glove at practice? 1st grades give Doug Marrone the game plan to beat the Pats.

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, January 18th

Hour 1: Tom Brady was wearing a glove at practice, the guys go worse case scenario and wonder if the pats can win with Hoyer. Will we ever know what happened to Brady’s hand . Tom Brady won’t speak to the media again today. The lack of quality in the backup quarterbacks. Marrone gets a plan to beat the Pats from 1st graders


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Yeah to. We'll all everybody's going to be look at it hands this week. Look at that picture might GRD chart below our earlier over that I. After that as a NASCAR is that now this is this is that this is the hands we Marty looked might yardage looked the picture was up I think it was of west picks. With the photo credit Boston Globe picture. Shows Tom Brady out on the practice field today talking with Brian Hoyer and he's got a glove on his right hand is throwing hand. And when you look at the wave GRD blow it up it does look like it's not my underneath that glove over the bomb. It looks bulky looks like there's a brace or something is going on there. So now the question is is he hurt yes. Willie plays Sunday probably. Yes firepower Al Waleed Al effectively be with annoy her own. Natalie only the question is slowly start to game Willie finish a game. What you're up by Tony Foreman in Providence evidence that he will he. This war and only these handles things where it's like you know as good idea but. Does not work we have a conspiracy theorist on the text line already says Anthony injury. There's nothing under the glove yes open period with a all sorts of exclamation points. Why with the patriots need to do that I don't altering for you play the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC -- idea wired they have to play games I think he's hurt and he will we see your boy Brian Hoyer we've that I don't lawyer factor into the AFC championship if he doesn't it we all the result. The guy there's zero chance they win the game bright red you know I want to happen like I'm portals zero played portals is better than Brian wears glasses and yeah if he's a starting quarterback in here here's what I want to happen Sunday. I want Tom. I have to leave the game at some point early on because is thumb is bothering him but I will let me finish I want Brian Hoyer to command like like. Drew Bledsoe did replacing Tom Brady on the AFC championship in his last birdies the group look the I want I want the patriots to win now Brady be helping ready to go for the Super Bowl. And it listened to you. Next Monday n.'s Brian Hoyer leads into an LC we let you do any throws four picks we listen you're talking about how well he knows the players. That's gonna it's gonna be terrifying if if it if it's Brian Hoyer forget it. It I think you'll be I think you'll be terrifying even if he had Jimmy grapple and overheard in the grappled before out there see his right entree grapple oh sorry if you have. Anybody but look how look pretty delegate jaguars yen but if you know anybody but Tom Brady your chance hey don't we count on is yet to afford an I don't know. I mean what I ice I saw them beat buffalo ten to three. And the and you saw them to be created you don't say they beat buffalo and then you sound going to Pittsburgh beat Pittsburgh. For the second time this yup so. Yet but just throwing the quarterback anybody. Into a championship game situation didn't even grapple only as good as the ideal Acropolis. And keep them around. Just in case Tom Brady gets hurt maybe for week nine we can't we haven't. Nobody ever thought he'd them around because of Tom Brady can't play the AFC championship game just put that guy in there now hill just. You know at a watering goal. Oh typical rob or anybody else any conference championship for the first time this year. Conduct that would be the first start for grapple it if he's in the same right to break our or relief appearance of favorite does start and yes that is that's terror but you don't say that's still better chance of podium now gives you a better chance to still not you're not you know zone of the game to start. Now. So I think a big bigger way the game even where it if if Brady doesn't play I think they could win against this opponent because it. I thought we made they apparently loved the jaguars. Bigger hurt leg on the jaguar I am big on the second best team in the conference. So Brady goes down wouldn't you still wouldn't pick Jack books I would say they couldn't win it I'd be good shot when ray doesn't play it all the job or should win. Comes at what the patriots have Brady doesn't play that the patriots could they win the game yes they could win. They probably would be I think Vegas where it right now it's patriots are nine point favorite. Eight states would probably make them a line hasn't changed based on the you know the thought it was gone down all along to us were out there after the glow they announce later today that Brian Hoyer starting line goes on to the scene after. Okay Lyle did I had a lot of just the idea that are now it would either be. What I wanted to have to choose. It's only fair because Tom Brady you got that huge take away touchdown. Take away touchdowns to convert yet. But I would love service yes on her as well the guy. A nervous I've as a nervous. We sure. I think he plays a big he's played hurt a botched throw his entire career we've seen at times others ankle. He's been on the injured for the shoulder injury more than half of his career yet Achilles injuries he was straight up missing practices at times during the season. And and going out there implying the full game on Sunday. I think he plays again by. I don't know how you integrate it out of it's it's such an unknown yours could be stared out of hand the feud that when the media availability because he's shown up today there's. Does he talked today. Post it now. Now he's supposed to at 330 same time Pete Briscoe supposed to join us so odds are we'll little just little Pete. When if if if Tom is there because tomorrow that that will be another indicator. You know Tom's not gonna talk today's with the medical staff. Autumn. All the questions are about the hand tonight I said you should talk yesterday before the hand stuff came out. That's true I said it plans to have been Smart absolutely always target next race so I Kathy and I albeit stadium Sunday and I I will be watching closely when Brady comes out to warm up. If the forecast is correct it'll be fifty degrees. If he's got a glove on his throwing hand yet fifty degrees then you know that there's something going on here. That you know he would not be wearing a glove on his throwing hand. On a fifty degree day it just would not happen bought in the press about making it up I mean maybe he has. Pretty speculate if you already get he get a cut that needed stitches he could have a couple broken body got broken bones and there's a million bones like in your he had he could have. Let one of those like boxers fractures lady it is all different things that he could have. Maybe you throw the global burden just wonder. I was in Millwood for the ball and maybe that I think that's why the glove is on saying he doesn't want us to see bit beat up. If if you're grip is affected that's why he'd be wearing the glove Sunday if it's a fifty degree day for it because he can't grip the football properly with just his his bare hand but fifty degrees. Probably better case they get their playing and it was ten degrees. Ned did it handles numb anyway we got to feel they have even more difficult so maybe they canceled their corporate this over the pictures of Bledsoe with that pins taken out of the end of his finger and although they can play with. Now but he did for a while and was throwing the football for a wild with it you're not a great all the LC toward that. Remember they play had a game here. Against that lacked at Foxboro Stadium at a game against the dolphins. That does all backward into and they were able to he hit eight of Bledsoe actually played with the finger for awhile they want a big game. In the end zone lack won again when a game for them than they played Jacksonville he had a class in the playoffs and then. You know select was a lack there La hey Amar you you know Zell being Zell. So due to charm AFC player of the week that would player of the week that day or known the six guns. You know six guns and well as a good defense listen I'd team as you know what he did the jags did our job is better than this jag C a gives elect credit. In the placement. A area daily and that he got to back her back I would rather have Soledad a lawyer get her back record mills yes I was fifty year old Scots isle like that make outside threats and are you ground though you haven't gone too far down would you spend I'll definitely look. About thirty the thirty year old so now. I swear Reinhard think thirty year old select exists anymore dogs but I was saying if you could pick one or the other time travel to get out that the result like that play against the jaguars were of this Hoyer Hoyer. Deirdre or ways. And the injury woes is that. Action news journal yeah. He's he's angels he said it. Well Friday's job numbers that broken job it's no place or broke fractured upper job. Yeah. Hairline fracture of the I putted about maybe user have sources on this one would you deny that I am more nervous now than I was yesterday. Affect your pick they don't know got no known as a public way. I didn't I don't know if I thought I was gonna play not that their I don't know how effectively he's gonna play. Now Tom Brady at 50% is probably still good enough to beat Jacksonville Jaguars on. Don't think Brady at 50% yeah yeah yeah that's still significantly better than a quarter. Was thinking more about the other quarterback but I don't you your not a pivotal player they thought about for this team yeah I pray can play at any capacity you'd you'd you'd want him out there. What is he can whole Lotta the ball at all of the road a little bit it could be better off them the fact that he was out there today is. I guess encouraging. Rags it would be waste time they basically there's time with a guy who. Who couldn't grip the ball can do anything or if the body further treatment you know we get the swelling down in his hand and it does look like it's a little swollen in the picture there but. But also keep in mind as if if he couldn't do the job out there we wouldn't they would want us to know about it. Because of we know about it the jaguars know about it so why not bring Tom Brady out their for the media portion of the of the practice mediate goes away. And then Tom Brady goes away for more treatment and you bring on board. As he didn't throw. Right that they think yesterday's bomb throwing any Eagles regular portion of it Mir yesterday portrait yesterday for the media portion we saw videos put up on Twitter right of him throw the ball and warming up all those things that quarterbacks do. Today for the media portion of the of the practice there was no throwing of the football bribery none he was stretching and you know doing that stuff and evidently talking to Brian Hoyer and looking at his hand. But no problem. A and by comparison Brian Hoyer where he left glove but no right glove. Destructive and keeping track their hands in gloves everybody's has drawn out here but. Those like TB twelve gloves of those entity under armor it's that good as hunter got the under armour lol yeah. What a great endorsement for the TV twelve program if he does play on Sunday he plays well. It's right the legend grows say goes out there with the glove 308 like this last year when 384 yards plastered as the Steelers yet. So 40400. Yard game for Tom Brady. All men but get this guy one of the all time greats is downloads thumb was falling off and he still. Went out. I didn't read them the tougher to look up I want it there's a chapter in there on how to heal broken bones I am gonna moderated to have it you have it. It was left in the studio I don't like that stealing it was left in the studio knowing that you're going to be coming in a couple of data brightened a couple basic effort complicated answer this year it's yours. Coffee table book given rep. Now I have a multi there's something in there for hand injuries. A lot I check it out and cream. Well maybe. Clear person who was. Looks at I know a guy in the dog and I got their Nokia. And Tom Brady said after meeting a play on Sunday and he's a member of the media. The lotion in my hands for me. To be very intimate which could be at hand massage I wanna know lotion my hands from PG. Did you do it they wanted more from breaking eighteen different that laws driving out of the stadium would be good for patriots nation. I was the only one he asked to do it nobody also don't say you know any rich Keefe specifically to lotion my hands yet and the Q lotion my hands were mean and also tell me about the moon landing being the fate. Short as you really educate the people there are it out to media. If they. The alternative is Brian Hoyer or I. Get this straight just gave downloads we're gonna happen went down where I did I come out apple ocean where he not make such intense eye contact I'm about. It kind of weird really ever. Will we ever know yes exactly what happened yesterday. Yes yes yes I do come out. It's because because whenever I play mostly taken into I was gonna say it's malaria was soup yeah you know hurt the quarterback who's wearing the red non contact Jersey. Probably not real popular around here right now. Head off for now is that I don't know I was circulate as we got a white or so we had that in my Greece had. The handoff I believe and Jim McBride had another with so that was ridiculously Jim big man Jim McBride had a three on it. Should be OK who's she who OK and like that should and then I think the playoffs I think Greece the had the and off the practice. You made more sense to me. That you're throwing the ball and you hit a helmet mean it you see that happen you know right not infrequently in the national football. I can't remember ever seeing a quarterback get hurt that badly in the football unless there was something else that was there before. This is just an all know there's a conspiracy out there about that while saying that he did and he's been show yeah all but this is heresy I am we thought we its identity and to talk inside Saudi gets out in the dolphins game right. Right that yes there is no worse yeah. There is this running back just aggravated. A running back who was emboldened. Step one. The rare hand out the current Randolph are an example of yeah I was like what is what is it about the handoff here just snatch it up tries that's my hand off. Look nice aggressive take the ball there at the get in there trying to prove something I've been through here isn't ready to go right. You're watching that I've again it's gonna get to cut through if you don't ever do that again doing. The architecture is now. Drama I'm okay myrtle I'm all right broad daylight I think it's going to be more concerned LP that if you waves off the the media today again oral yes say yeah. I if if if we if we if we pop the mics and you're Stacey James it. Larry nobody does normal mean sometimes it's not gonna talk to the media who cares for getting there is gonna get it over with. You have so I don't at theater tomorrow. Okay do tomorrow as and other data treatment that's another day of information is going to get their tendency to get treatment. Yeah but you don't wanna be asking the only answer those questions what if I was under the pony with a big dagger eyes sort of hand ago. It does it well that. See that's the other reason I I I question whether he's gonna show up today. That one. Be because you know every Cameron the place is gonna be trained on that right hand. On his way in Lally standing there you know he should he should that couched that he wears on it's real cold. And why after the podium that his hands in the pouter something's gonna like Schilling's ankle issues right to be twelve point on his arms hands who's that's all the pictures you're going to be a threat. So we reported that did that hour that message across the start. This might have about dale to your point. And you went back and forth would keep and I enjoyed it just very much. The did you pick a side here in the us. The guy told he can't win with him. I at soldier Brian warriors that the key to deal with drop which by the way I didn't say it was the Casey risk is that a factor a a factors different than the key to the way Eilat where you feel APEC that is not that key well you know I left a factor Fatah not day. OKA a a factor. But if you believe that dale. Here ago Brian Hoyer in there he knows the place. He knows the system does that make you feel more confident about what you might have to deal with. On Sunday I've become not number two is out there. And you can cross your eyes and try to make that too and it into a two openers a tune there's no one there and if that's the starting quarterback on Sunday are the patriots won two Super Bowl Brian Hoyer is just starting quarterback Sunday at three. 05. I would say no. Now Obama emerged strong no one I I I felt strongly that our great gift that you really can't win again Q&A lack. I she could win eighth game but it but if he jacket it gets the best defense that was the last game of the season against the jets yeah I wanna have got a bright on a masters. Let's let's let's hit it this way. Do you guys think the patriots investor Nancy yes. By what kind of margins and by significant margins are they a guy punched out my other eight I don't want to neighbor obviously then you lose a quarterback advantage or you come down to normal not coming down to earth. Yeah because. If you look at Brian Hoyer and plagued portals. Advantage portals but not by a longshot. China is if you look at. Let me which are going keep America has been arbitrator which are doing but I am doing is you're looking at. Brian warriors playoff game you mentioned it many times it was a terrible terrible it all works in horror actually left him all time as Trent Dilfer would say agrees this quarterbacking performance wasn't as bad as the Blake portals against buffalo worst yes our horse into how our guys are like oh yeah back on the terrible against download it play in the city autos sold backed off thirty all he threw for picky what's so terrible. Every time he dropped back the past few bat you're no obvious he was back. But but but but that being said yeah. Duplicate portals vs Hoyer is not really a huge advantage in its Jacksonville but do you use one of the reasons the patriots are some better than Jackson is because there quarterback and that's why they're not so much better than everybody else is several other bad -- best player in the weeks and not only do you all have our best coached. Yeah no I don't but you're you're swapping out the best quarterback for someone why don't even think is average. So that drop off is pretty significant. And you have. The top five defense. Against that against the number two do you think differently when they turn people over and all that stuff and I guess now you start to worry about turnovers. We have Bryan Roy passport or I would think I don't think I think the patriots the long waits and the patriots I believe our. Much better than anybody else in the conference. Back at as a unit now you take Tom brown and part of that is the omni spray the only all wild now you have lost your number one off its weapons. Still. Playing at home. You can win this game and you're from it's it's actually do that diminishes what how good birdies. Doesn't I think out does if you think that they can win with somebody else and not just somebody else we're not talking about. The fifteenth best starting quarterback in the league. It's not unique or upload a solid rock below it now it I don't know who to grapple with the you guys the cooler pretty rough most of our fire it's not a lot of effort it's not Matt Ryan it's not it's not Russell Wilson it's not one of these other guys it's it's somebody who's not a starter. And so if your ranking quarterbacks in the world. He's not in the top 32. He's probably the Toms shot forty I've had season top 32. He's a top thirties because now OK but yeah I think he's got they started this on Kaiser is just starting quarterback on the item the patriots are are so well coached and they do have a good defense and they out wrong. But they probably could win the Super Bowl wins eight top twelve quarter. That's saying something that's pretty good idea if you wanna stretch it a little bit maybe top fourteen and I have learned that are or sixteen I cannot happen right you get to the bottom twenties you get in the thirties I don't think you can do. You know I wouldn't diminish Brady the best quarter the best player in NFL history in my opinion yes I can defend it all day long. Try me on that one but you'll get much of a fight here and you talked. But when I when you have Tom Brady yes we can who's gonna win a game on Sunday Tom Brady plays patriots no hesitation pictures when the game pitchers when it. Now with a lawyer I'm saying they could win I think now it's now it's even. Now you've got an equally equalizer is taking away Tom Brady. I think it's still a slight advantage Jacksonville. I slightly lighter but it's still slights yes yeah and if I mean could direct the pictures are a great team every team but the quarterback is just so important Sony take that guy away from it. Now all of sudden. Hogan is not as good airman Dolan is not as good the running backs aren't as good even rock music is amazing you need somebody that you get on the ball so that's that everybody can I'd takes the back. That this is what will make you nervous you fit at the patriots. Suddenly have the about now an opposite another offensive lineman. Another tired and or another running back. Because that we'll tell you what the game plan us. We're getting a cooler that was a Derrick Mason's Eilat with the titans needed to run it fifty times yes. Of your game play Allman. Did I that had dropped an electric you've got this book we we need to do it for me run the ball thirty times against axle when you yes I don't think and guess what they do that anyway. Even if they do it says it's because Brady will have gotten them a lead. And then they can do what you can't start the game doing that. I think that's part of it that's part of it you know Jerod Mayo did a great job last guys get a chance to see it. He's doing a podcast with Tommy Karen. But one of those segments they actually filmed it in mail was on the board. It was on board is talking about Jacksonville what their defensive sometimes but the defense of approaches and how you counter. He's talking about screens and draws and just being able to run the ball. Charlie said yesterday to talk with us. You've you've got to be able to run the ball or you are gonna run the ball against this team. So I wouldn't be surprised if if they had 120 Barbara thirty round against Jacksonville. With a healthy Tom Brady. If it turned out that Brady either couldn't play or couldn't finish. Is that where the Belichick bashers come charging out of the woodwork saying see he screwed this thing up he gave away. A sixth Lombardi trophy for a second round draft but yeah. I know it's crazy about the whole thing too is just the fact that crop to drop below. In one of his five starts faced this exact team so it only lead to more quite active and very well how he delegates I thought sexiest ago our wind whatsoever Cisco without back crap offense. He had crossed paths at seven rushing touchdown and they scored 44 points against Jacksonville so we don't exactly how he would play against Jacksonville that this. It's a crazy coincidence. It's probably gonna get people all rank cranked up what. Or we're talking theoretical here all of us expect Tom Brady to play Sunday we expect him to play good. Look at the thumbs fine he's got a great so what were talking about his worst case scenarios. The fact that he was a practice that gives me some encouragement. If he shows up for his press conference on an hour from now they'll give me more encouragement. They push it back for a day I'm gonna be despondent again because he's trying to hide something and I fell and I agonized. Below upset 6177797937. Because we think you need to good troll job on a Thursday afternoon Pete Briscoe is gonna join us went on a program of ammo now how does he ever and possible talk to Pete now we're scheduled to talk to Pete 330. About little contingent we want rag doll him if we need to oh yeah Tom Brady is available. If Brady stepping to the podium at 330 sorry Pete. We're gonna go with a quarterback for gobble get to the call to you guys see it if this is making you nervous 6177797937. It's Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. Refuse. Blows me he didn't renew them removed pointed. It depends. I early in my career I'd try to use in a glove in my drawer handle it didn't go too well. Various fairways out still it's is tricky and do anything when it's you know negative wind chill is pretty hard to do so. This just in Tom Brady doesn't like to Wear gloves on his throwing hand and would prefer not to this just in Tom Brady will not. Talk to the media today at 330 it's been bumped till tomorrow. Which is sort of what we said a few minutes ago we thought would happen that's right I it's not shocking in the sense that when he's done this this season when there's been times where is not practice org if you have been limited in practice. And it's typically Wednesday. They get bumped until Friday often the number one week that it was the money in a football game. He actually spoke on a Saturday now's the time that he apologized to Josh McDaniels was on Saturday and you've urgency of moving on Thursday. So this is not completely new although the gloves and all the speculation on the hand injury that. That is when you are. Sparkling NFL rules by an expected before it does like the street art. Right now the excellence is we'll see where we stand. Brian warriors starts as you know prior orders cars AFC championship game where you pick in the way there. Jacksonville where you for jaguars. Patriots. But the papers when it came an ugly ugly game find a way tend to find a way that we are battling it. Because if you think Brian Hoyer if you're afraid that Hoyer can't make the offense run like Tom Brady had hit your fears are well placed he can't. What he what he can't do one of the things you just have to avoid is turn the ball. You know listen who are your views like very simple stuff you're not gonna turn the ball over and turn a ball over that's I think Jackson will have a hard time. Of beating you the number one team and AFC without Tom Brady granite have a hard time beating you if you don't get internal. And it and I just I didn't think the chances of player giving them turnovers is so much greater than Brady all inter course or courses of course is greater. But. Does it change the error defensive approach against Jacksonville in Jacksonville will be able to put up you know point four points and Tom Brady is not playing. They put up twenty. In Jacksonville yes yeah it is your view 44. Against or 45 against Pittsburgh when I think that's in short fields and so even if they don't have turn over and over their retirement don't you'll see lawyer movement and all that much. I don't know I don't and I think their offense. Is not great obviously. But the you're voting records and you don't and you don't think I know in no nobody's saying that lawyers recorder organizing and I'm not saying nobody steals that thing. The difference I think is you don't think lawyer belongs in the league you think he's just got a pretty bad idea of the keys terrible. Now the number. Don't need those guys on the classic back up we hope never played up his blog in the legally easy yet and it felt sorry or six games this year be the number don't say right there right. That playoff performance institute in your head in the in his mind I don't know there's also the game when he was with the bears arrows pre season peoples and carried a pre season bought it you know. Happen to be against New England terrible it was a yeah that one's. The worst it could you parliament that every watch that game think Cyrus Jones picked them off it looked like he had never played the position before. And maybe is learning a new offense or ever was but that was the guy he's an art he's going to be their backup quarterback and you know of them the reliable veteran. And he was out there playing with rookies and guys we're gonna get caught and he was terrible. The audience I don't that's the reason why playing with rookies and guys are going to be gonna pick up against studio again against those guys and so. I I just think the drop office too significant to overcome what feels that if their play in the jets or they're playing in non playoff team. You'd Q trust what's going on with the patriot to trust the defense the coaching that dale the scheme it up a member of last year when it Chico preset was out there. Date two games they're two games the scheme opposite 0% one worked great they were able to the play really well on Thursday night against Houston. And they've kind of played to his strengths whatever you think they may be they played those the next week couldn't. They couldn't score they they could get it done in about quarterback may have shut out. So I just feel it with Hoyer. He does not give you a good chance to win. I was got a vision has got a vision a vision as got a vision yes I got a vision here at both here imperatives. If Hoyer plays in this game this game 2018. Will resemble a game play. Mean in 19901991. Somewhere around there giants. 49ers. Jeff hostetler or quarter I did the giants great Stan Akbar. Obama wins the game. I think his fifth field goal of the game. I give it a 1513. Yet got taos ski monster in left out these 1513. Giants beat the niners. I hear linebacker when you live action the giants of Steve DeOssie. When lineman for us 49ers for its readiness burtless denying Fred playoff victories he vs red and other businesses get a lot of beautiful story. But it would be one of those Indian ugly game. But yeah I would young now ugly just hang around hang around hang around fight scratch claw. And now the lead allowed kicker to get it wins the legend. Bill Belichick would grow it absolutely loyal if they pulled them off. Then you know give. Tom Brady a couple of weeks. It himself ready get that hand ready the legend of Alex Guerrero grows in legend of Tom Brady grows and they come back when this. He wins the game with quarter we can finally put to rest the coverage is not eligible to and other powers is that you love. Who's more important spell checker Brady on that lets you love it that. After it. Let's get the calls did you guys 6177797937. Marks a New Hampshire Kmart. Hey guys culture and let me join the keep dill and I'll show. Like Arnold on TV I've got a audience and the reason I say that is you are. So how are two to two alleges that market wire it's like a legend of ray nay on the rewards. I'm on there I don't want to see Ottawa out there. It is not a great quarterbacks if we keep each. There is no backup quarterback in the league who's a great quarterback. And there's no such thing. I agree but yet keep accurately what it is easy and it's gonna come out they'll check the church. People and it's yeah. I'd play it gonna take one good. One week out our defense and a little scared when there are about Pakistan pocket radio to the. Talk almost. And the only point I'll make here is that he started the first six games of the year for the San Francisco 49ers. And there were times when he was not very good and there were times when he was really good. The game against Indianapolis he had a quarterback rating of 11 point one. He was 29 for 46353. Yards two touchdowns no interceptions that was this year. Right this year against the Yankee out Indianapolis he had another game. Got another game against LA where he ran a quarterback the right thing he got in against the the rams 23 for 37. 332 yards two touchdowns and interception quarterback rating of 98 point zero. I was a great game in Los that was this year so we also have four games very didn't throw a touchdown. Right I mean had a completion percentage under sixty games under 68 legged golfer and the editor of the dialogue AI game plan we don't know that brought that's out there leaves it up with 74 point five days and that was his rating ansari. His solid matter any idea what you 5% and four point five I does that in and you know obviously there's no great backed out because why would that be a backup however this was they weird circumstance here and going and and to be crop low. Whether you think he's going to be the next great quarterback or not I think everybody can agree he gives you a better chance than Hoyer. Right does a crack. And we can talk about Hoyer from this perspective if if Brady as a player and and listen there's no there's no news right now on on Tom Brady the only news is he's not talking today. But we don't know what what his status is what the status of his hand this week we're talking about the turnovers. That Brian Hoyer. Might give you probably portals. To the turn over. The only should build ought that would call that I've got turning it over they really give them a lot of opportunities now know they don't know that and so it's going to be. He throw you through 26 passes. In a game that almost a hundred points. I usually know very pretty fortunate because I'm applications. Ten completions. I haven't seen anything like you team scores 45 points. Seven anonymous group and score big target is that it's Tivo like 38 so your your offense puts up 38 points. And you completed fourteen passes. Every now and then for for the patriots or any other championship team. The unit that is not the strongest. Is gonna have to win a game Torre so for the papers we all know the strength of the team's offense. Even though they are top five defense and I have to play like it until they don't bring up under the that the win that game form and I think they can't. 617 by the way you did but what are. You pretty and immediacy but at night terror in the areas where it's. The votes and that's. Yet besides must learn about what is on genocide charity that sounds really good though. I think he's OK I'm all right so. I think. And apart from yesterday 6177797937. It's still a Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. News. Sides or we're back bell satellite wages boats and he'd just body pretty ouster. He's very good out week you throw out. I know this sounds hard and he's in our guys carry it about you know sledgehammer Harvard. I feel strongly about but I would not want a corporate or rolls out. This year about. I've played some bad sound like I played really bad quarterback yet felt I don't remember apple for me. Mostly at quarterback where you just have to know why you more news release sure hands. Mean this happens over CQ. Yeah. I didn't hear about the just so yeah. We'll read them. Yeah no school. Hey you OK don't you know I could tell us service got thrown opinion and they're entitled to voice if they want to. That's not gonna bother me so I think you know for him to. You know do I can you tell you we said that you know I admit what's come apologizing. You know I thought that was pretty cool thing. Yeah I didn't change my viewpoint of someone when other guys get jobs doing it. You know things to report on and all that so you know to cancel those so but I do appreciate the gesture. I figured laughter. Always great variety. You know I've had this fight is not all that surprised me and he says well I didn't. But there comes from so you know guys say different things are gonna say different things sound by that you thought that was pretty cool and you know greatly appreciate it coming. Apologized. I they make a funny placements that he must've because it was Latin lakers dozens of it's easy on people like to laugh doesn't surprise me who says well you laugh. Why is that. Microphone because everything is awfully. That's bitten in the ongoing intelligence if he's he seems handled pretty well do you have a degree. That's for until for apologizing. Audit Dilfer apologize nose or Gilford and mean. He's in the AFC championship B actually apologized on the show that ball we can remember. Hitting yeah. So and what not directly import right right right don't apologize for words things. Apparently you throw the ball the pilot culprits of the Pro Bowl remember him coming. Months ago there are ever the Jackson thing because that answer was even not graders sort of insult sewers like why it's a bad city it's Avastin for football rushed to reflect the this present and he says. Where once. That's you that's nervous laughter two they've all probably said he Sox right everybody in the room that he must read my story head to resonate socked at least Dilfer Andre apologize right now. So there's this side. I doctor David chow used to be the team physician for the San Diego Chargers. Got fired actually does and he's pretty actively discuss on Twitter activity and he tweets under the the name of pro football doc yet he also writes out for the San Diego union Tribune. And he wrote a lengthy piece about you know the possibility of what could be wrong with Tom Brady's hand that he was going through now you don't celebrate yesterday's. Brought about that no known. Does he have to be in the area laugh which is why am skipping over all the points query saying what it what could be wrong. I mean here's the part here's the part that I think you'll get a kick out ms. in this is what he wrote this morning that this is the throwing hand of a quarterback is the worrisome issue. Late okay all right wait wait sorry but as long as it's not the bomb the effect should be mitigated a disposable foam. Yeah yeah we got it. Well according to doctor chow. As Lott is we're not dealing with the formula what we were looking at that glove today outsource their their as the thumb. Of his pinky fingers broken. It's not as big of a deal that the arms deal at the I think it's all the big deal and I'll owners saying all the digits or for our gear could be so here's what Ian Rapoport wrote about Tom Brady December 12 2010. He says quote don't be surprised today patriots quarterback Tom Brady walks out of the snowy windy field in its only rocking one glove you know Michael Jackson style. In weather like this you'd think he would do everything he can't cover up and be warm. Instead Brady will likely Wear one glove on his left hand no glove on his throwing hand as he was trying on gloves on Friday with backup Brian Hoyer I asked him why. Turns out Brady has worn gloves on both hands before he hasn't hated it. But he also likes to have a good feel of the ball now is sticky as the ball is in as much as they can make sure it feels the way they like there's no need for a lot. You don't need it to provide the extra grip and stickiness. As long as Brady can keep his right him warm on that little hand warmer thing he's fine. He said as far back 2010 he doesn't like wearing a glove on as an able to place. I've gotten all the giving hi there here a month I'll. Just those balls that are also heard that there. There. But yet the fact that he's wearing gloves there's Wimbledon cause for concern it's not the norm for him even in these cold games if you can think back the game injury at apple but there's that sort from port. That's not not really his thing in world war on the left hand and on the right. And so the day after the injuries he was two gloves on paper or speculate so what do still for so Alastair he apologized to bore holes as the Paul Jackson never actually the mayor and all right. Now apparently I apologize we haven't portals for you want I mean it's just him having. Any part of evidently currency. That's here. Now the other thing that came up from last week was the stuff on Jacksonville and I know that the attic the mayor. I had the comments about your thoughts on Jacksonville a lot of the jaguars fans have reached out. Prove a breeze the prize at the backlash that he got based off of all of that. Yet leaders in much about it and so I have columnist Rahm Jackson or reach out to me and explain to me count what happened then. And I again went went talking airmen that you night. Kind of regretfully I guess last Wednesday about show. That's over. I would try not to be I'm not I don't intentionally try to correct. I. But when I hurt my comment again it's sounded like I have missile did. Indian faulted the city of Jackson on my commitment and a cell franchise. Call hopefuls keying. I played and hit the first pictures we're kind of all out battle weary. You work. About a morals what I've meant. We found out how that elements. These columns called total college football game that. Oddly Tampa that we Mary yeah. John's at Needham hate John I don't. And I don't. Certain I think Coughlin has built checked Mumbai. He'd be destroyed so that giant media could change will be the ultimate moment checked what the well before the game. Brady injured the fumble out of luck. That's almost like you get a little spark a tenant from the Mumbai period now that's at that happened and what sometimes somebody just from. Lou to deluge you actually believe in voodoo dolls. No. I'm just saying he's got a number and I Coughlin for problem is that coach a team knows that. Immediately you think that coaching. I mean c'mon who's coaching this team. They don't Marron and Doug Morrone is thank Tom I would have settled words in the June. You yeah we will we we will done all right he's he had a number of war a couple of times. I'm sure he's you know communicating with the admiral talked teacher they talk every day yeah but I don't think he's gonna be this this grand master mind behind the attack or its game plan this weekend. He again as as we pointed out Tia I don't know day or two ago. He hasn't spoken since June when he got the job. Right in that's intentional on his part heap eight he said he thinks the head coach should be dead and the blue voice out there the spokesperson. Nobody's interview Coughlin nobody's talked to a Lee doesn't he's not on the sidelines drawing up plays he was on the sidelines last year when the two teams were who were out practicing together did you know he was just standing around visiting with -- Czech prime. But dug around said they've been leaning on each other all year we talk all the time Ronald Coughlin did it felt like I've got to get through this. You know this is you know from the bulls' first grade and this has the answers that may be looking for maybe how we can stop you know. The patriots. Also you know but that's where I wanna say my time not in this act actually put him saying spend my time what we have to do to win. I saw just handed to me was coming anyway. But. I don't beat the patriots is tough advice from no more sensible first race. That's the one thing we'll sit out this week it's Romanoff. By that I find it hard to believe how so many people have an opinion on how would be through the patriots and was really it has had done that. That it. Yeah me. Aren't I take it back John that are not run that's the that's better every time problem and the math. I seems to be him but it might be a mess Kelly's enamored take Kelly I don't. Emblem great show back. So here's my thought not that it. But it mattered noticed that what Michael says it lawyer yet not I think it would get destroyed in that situation entered the thing. That reason why the future it might be to Jack and it will come well is that how great that would Oracle's other than that adults you really a lot of interest probably head coach to what he's not going to be you know play in the game. And so that'll. They're looking at Coughlin as our number. I disagree I think that science front or had a number I don't think pot when really it's on to do that it is a stud back and so you know this matchup featured when the. A little harder this stuff about his eyes. You said you don't see other than Brady you don't see where the patriots would have an advantage of other than Brady and Belichick you don't think they have an advantage over the jaguars. Thought about it I'd end as a receiver. Yeah I don't. The and ask you who's who's jaguars best receiver and you're the best receiver. That we've got. Out of a look at. It. Was coming under old old thing. Like that I'm I'm out of what went into our and so while. For Evelyn special Welker encouraging everybody thought it upon we've made it look really really great it's all about the system but I don't. And you grow up. I I love rock you like the worst and I do actually electoral. Okay do you have any let our Amendola dobbs dobbs topic do you see any body lets the simple by the thing. You see anybody on the jaguars offense anybody you can you can include format do you see anybody on the offense that's better. Than ground. Yes and no it's all cal. Here's what it looked well known yeah yeah. I don't yeah. But at the bank and the bank it's not played it back to our offense vs you know they don't. Play to get their eat doesn't hurt or the back in the lead there gonna take a completely out to be honest and I think they have one job stop all in vacant in that would pressured into the back. And Kevin Dolan Dion Lewis and James White will give them progress hole and. It would go at. It might not a factor in this game it was a good ticking you yeah I mean. I called itself Michael congratulations on great stick with the jaguars but I do think. Both are not I think that I didn't win that game market think what you think that it. Okay. We should add more concrete evidence as governor and he can't go at the Amanda we had a lot of fun with Shannon Sharpe said. Or in home teak and it is they're granted the two young dollar to seven era of kid dogs usually belong in the U. The game but taking going on people day. Probably fourteen he belongs to you and he would then play some football. Okay it would be sort of sounds very have a good game I would say yeah maybe maybe you're right but there's just too many guys are too many right so that whole approach that's why he's a hall of fame type and not a hall of fame defensive coordinator. The other the other corners and you just focused on wrong and focused on cook's what are the patriots gonna do. The regular I rate ever go out there it's wildcats is why glove and influence. With Google hood I don't use lol yeah. And then Birkhead probably back that in the apartment options. Joe's an attorney general. Don't they I don't. I'm gonna I don't know what's in the minor. I don't know I won't be how would you feel if he I'll. These apparatus that all employees actually. You know what happened what did happen that it had a little game they would have to win it. Right no I actually are delighted to step up or optional going to be needed. Mediocre quarterbacks. I'd hate outlook on it to them by. All around I Google people stat acting Brady will come around you get a cup date yet in mended a little. And maybe come out on guy game day. I think you'll start Sunday they had I wanted to play well. I. You've got a bigger bill called but it didn't opt out. Yeah as to what is. You know I warned Lego company may yet. But we don't know at least injury. And hopefully will be a regret that ball do we do that magic yelled. I mean if everybody's ultimate doesn't work look if you're right dale if if you don't have to operating in this game. Yeah Brian Hoyer they're doing. Brian Warner playoff things let's say it that way during prime sort out things. Yeah there's could be a little money this amount amount of criticism a mountain range of criticism on Bill Belichick. For trading grapple we'll come back to grapple. It will we'll start off talking about the answer as well it's a gale there's some people already complaining about it right. I mean already saying you know you could add to grapple as your quarterback for the next ten years in a best case scenario you're gonna have Brady is your quarterback for the next 34 years. I mean I've already heard people bitching about the trade garrote all. Well for you thought Brady got David outside of that if you could geared that guarantees ever work he obviously can never do that but it you can give yourself a better chance just for this year and for this Super Bowl and make it six of the make it three in and for error if 34 years. If you just held on to Rob Lowe even if you weren't able to franchise him and trade him he just got compensatory pick later on. So we're talking about a difference of one another. Twentysomething or thirty some impacts little right there around downer so Leahy. You want you you're still you're gonna go back to that if Brady can't start including target. 6177797937. We'll talk to beat Kristol at the bottom of the hour dale on Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI you apple Apple's real for real doll.