DHK -  Why doesn’t Brad Stevens get criticized? Tedy Bruschi slams Lane Johnson for calling the Patriots a “fear based” organization.

Dale & Keefe
Monday, February 12th

Hour 2: In the past week it’s been open season on the Patriots organization, but why does no one criticize Brad Stevens? Tedy Bruschi disagrees with Lane Johnson’s view that the Patriots are a fear-based organization, but Keefe disagrees with Tedy Bruschi. Caller Mad Dog Dennis returns to give his theory on Malcolm Butler.


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Yeah to. Our effort to Ellen Hollywood keep Sports Radio WE TI heard little. Little taste of it there in the open. Bottom of the hour we'll talk about laying Johnson Philadelphia Eagles who thinks that the NFL at least as far as the patriots conservatives are concerned Stanford no fondly. Tedy Bruschi responded back out marquis flowers has responded back folks have said some things back pulling Johnson. So we'll get into that bottom of the hour as we continue tucked some basketball here. Off the top and the fact that the Celtics as Michael correctly pointed out since they come back from London are six and Eitan and quite honestly and some games just look. Horror terrible especially the start. I Indiana game. We'll both India games now out there today were out like backed yeah and they scrap they hustle and Zia game losing streak they did they went down and where it would come back. And overcomes the big deficits they did it against two great teams in the league they were down the warriors. Came back and beat them last year. Held stuff carried in nine points and it came we were down to the rockets you remember that down big. James Harden to bone headed plays in the final minute. They gave them life. He came back and won that game down in Indiana out there they're down to the patient 1820 points can't remembers L run together after awhile. All the people was going off. Celtics came back and one went on Friday night. I think all the people had no answers form guys not that good. Did they did yeah it's a really cut it out after interview will be here it's great against the Celtics Kepler this year and at that Toronto game with the last week holy smokes. Yeah it's got smoked crowded floor. So this is a bit on the players and it's on the coaching staff as well and and and more specifically the head coach. Just to identify whatever it is that gets them off to the slow starts. And and try to correct that. That whole whatever it is I don't know what the problems but all what I'm sure he's got an idea. Wonder what a coach can do about about that and and I'm not equating to him just saying the Bruins have gone through this stretch lately where they give up first goal lead in every night it seems. How do you change it up if your if your Brad Stevens. Do you change slow start what do you do. Well it's not always slow start of the cell please vote when it has been I mean that's maybe when he didn't change the starting lineup you know we're we're talking about this. Last year even in the playoffs number they edit tanker or their start a lot of they'd have put Gerald Green and they take Amir Johnson out there and put Johnson back in addict. They had to find ways to. Change what they've been doing and you know we're caller earlier talk about some of these runs there's a different sometimes you gotta. We call time out now after team goes on on a 60 Ron or you wait until Ted indeed do you trust your team to figure out late you have to kind of know. Whether those guys reveal to do ordered not. In other differences when they won sixteen games in Cairo. Right as early in the season we're looking out of it said. Everything that you were hopeful for. They got. Carrier ring was awesome and be durable Jalen brown was awesome and year to Jason Tatum will but the rookie of the year lows for this draft class. Horford is playing well Smart rosier when they you know what once he got both those guys played and healthy were great off the bench. You had everything going. Now that's kind of drying up you know smart's missed a misses a bunch of games. Jason Tait of such shooting his wildness and I mismarked. They do every that's part of it stories that have been a guy off the bench form. And so some of these guys just haven't been as consistent and it feels a little bit. A little bit like last year where if Isiah Thomas doesn't score bunch or this year carrier ring of score bunch where else you gonna get those here's. Good news there on the good news is. With in the in the absence of Smart and at times carry. I Terry rosier than a third offense found himself and I love watching them. A great rebounder. Great rebounder for thirty degree recalls watching them yesterday. So the boards and he was able to come away with it but Rondo goes aren't impressive rebounds and not talking about in there among the redwoods and and snack and rebounds. So you've seen Terry rosier growth of that in the absence of those guys getting some playing time. In the absence of Gordon Hayward you've seen brown and Tatum kind of find themselves. And I took my said the absence of those guys will markets aren't coming back. Gordon Hayward I believe was coming back and I think the coaching staff and this is what I hope that on them too they don't. They don't quite have an idea yet how to use Greg Monroe. And once they figure out how to use him that'll slow I think that's all right it is because of that game that game yesterday. I was a plaintiff now how are. It really about a record royals they get the team like Cleveland yeah. I last year. In addition they haven't LeBron and inquiry and love and just running up on the court there are times it can get a rebound because Thomson Tristan Thompson the great. We know rebounder in the celtics'. And and Kevin loved looked great in the rebounds and you know you've got a guy like Greg Monroe who had a place and again yesterday. Him in there. And they just kind of they couldn't figure out what to do with where I think Jim strong thanks rob you and I think there's more I think there's more coming there's not like. All of this is what the Celtics team is going to be and a month and a half we gonna get better. Our let me ask you guys question because the manager of the Red Sox I don't mean Alex Cora who he hasn't done yet the you know the manager of the Red Sox socks based all our daughter always got to Fairmont heat around here for things that he did did or did of course Claude Julien got a fair amount of heat around here. Probably not until recently did Bill Belichick take a lot of heat but at the last week or so he's taken a Paramount he. Brad Stevens doesn't really get and why is that. I think it's because it's. When Doc Rivers left would pierce left going Garnett left you thought it was going to be a really long rebuild please I certainly did at the artists yet take awhile. And Brad Stevens to pluck him. Out of nowhere I got not a lot of college coaches have had success so a lot of teams haven't got to the college ranks he bring him in a really bad year one but you knew. You know your eyes are on the draft is taking thirteen year. Next year boom they're in the playoffs and now they start turning things around really quickly. And I think people are just they can't believe what he's been able to. You were I the last makes a lot of excuses for on the Michael brought opera well I mean not his fault Gordon Hayward night here in if they would get bounced in the present and unsure of that's listened to that's what I hear a lot of stop making excuses just get a guy I've heard fans say that a lot and yet. For Bret Stephens we seem to wanna make where have it where haven't they gotten it done record you're looking at overall seasons. They've made it as far as possible way to win have they ever under achieved under is gone I think two years ago on a should've won the first round but they not a huge deal. Not a huge deal out of it some injuries. But I think they could've won that series but last year they got as much out of that team as possible. Now let's say they don't under geez they haven't because even though they were they at a higher seed. They would even higher seed answers were actually. Technically Atlanta has started that series on the Internet at home court and help of other about it what they did he he is really good and getting the team taking a regular season team in getting the most out of them to the point where. And I bought it where you think I hit the day if he does he's pretty good. They can play with it movie kids. And here's another reason that I think at the end of last year you may get some you know I have another is people don't criticize them. Because. He doesn't tell you for the most part. He doesn't try to tell you something different than what your eyes to. There are many examples on our playing great defensively when you watch it and I mentioned earlier rounds I hear it we're not ticket. I'm just an don't know what's it feel to it fifteen and Robert I guess I don't know we shouldn't we shouldn't be defeated Baylor lost to Philadelphia. At home. And Joseph Allenby went off and this look at this game at the garden they have Friday night game in Los. Asked him after afterward what happened then. Play hard enough on office. I'm disappointed we didn't play hard and he he usually has a way of just capturing what you're thinking what your feelings that you know I can't argue with that. Where's John Ferrell times would tell you hey David Price had his best appeared they were prices they nodded. It's a trap woman what you're catch him and it'll lock and what are you saying. All well listen blundered through some personal accountability. This Twitter thing. Or as one big freedom on big pow and I don't know lineup. You know our number a couple of years ago. I think of Rondo the Rondo on the team. And I forget who it was amazing probably blew add region's mind Abby was asked him after the game and how about the you know Rondo. You know 1819 his sister and a great night. It's like well guys great shots I can make a great. Let's just talk a demonstrated today and later I thought ultimate bad. I love this guy has some nice note to tell you exactly that after what happens birthday party on the back or whoever but even if it goes belly you. Now the Illinois hang up from revert I don't I'm not to go to Sacramento it's my birthday his birthday party at table deposited check each he had to go there got your back or make sense out of connect the call Sarah's in carver New Hampshire he Sarah you don't. Can you tell you that good. Hey I'm from Cochran idol or not. I don't doubt in the mind had laughed at their current criminal. Act. You don't clinic at. Album art and amounts are kind of that they brought he asks I use our community and let you know after the you know I and I'm. And I can't but I got I got hurt a bit of criticism sir let even as. Don't let article on record you know muscle cramp or without an outlet fresh capital this summer in ninety coach curry to escalate. You know we've been focusing on hand at any and it's gonna be went on in the right. So they atom highlighted hire me and I I don't know I don't know yet. Lou Moret. Wanna be highly likely that that game by. On the front not exclude I don't know on the court America. Yeah luck as I read the terabyte integrate into grade point Serra and I think many times this year. He's tried to Stevens has tried and managed the minutes of calorie and it times its controversial like you're watching last night and it's tough. To be disciplined enough to do it. You know wanted to coaches who who was here yesterday was I Doc Rivers Doc Rivers always used to say hey before game let Amanda just minutes ago play thirty. You know talk about taller KG in after the game like 3738. You know it's like you know this critical situation against some if you're gonna have a plan. I think you have to be disciplined with that an inch thick with not a. I see in the second half though just more than we'll the first time for 706 that a marker out. In MacWorld but know what things do change should be able to adapt in the first half to. I think down the stretch it might be different at all star game coming up got a game Wednesday against the clippers they get a break. Just curious to see how they approach it. Last 1520 games of the year at some point you're seating will be locked and the scale back the minutes. But and maybe they'll be like a window and there eight to twelve games where you're making a push for particular seeding. And some games you'll determine a more important than others and and maybe chart we will get more minutes in those situation and they've done. The job with them this year they have a lot less games coming up to as far as ever because they played oversees the league GM so many games the other early on so they're gonna have less back to backs and and you know again real spread out the rest of the schedule. Salas and south the case out. Follow up as sound sounds. Should. Really annoying question number one. MVP chants area. It was good model. It would be outplayed by all the people. He should be that gets in the VP chants of he's as player. Tablet deep in the air 01. Report. Yeah I think every shot. And it was the team MVP is not. Although it's better than they were chanting yankees Sox released their topic that's chipped. Just sit there are a couple can have on some fun. And burger on our. They seem to they had on the run right about senator Ron send out and this year. Now Tony Allen used to keep a lot simulate how jump up police. Actually did it. Now and I got hurt on I don't another. His bone headed play what happened what happens after the whistle dreaded doctor jumped up. Down position you know land ACL out he's playing great blues if yeah it was Greg is playing great. Did you see this. We just retreated at Dale Hall the BEI a Chris forced four birds saint Paul Pierce on the jump was asked about. Is it any problem Ray Allen skipping the Jersey retirement. And he says to each his own and any place police said a more upset that the other Allen wasn't there talk about Tony Allen these that he is nothing else to do right now. I thought it. But I you know like when they asked they asked Paul winning body he knew that it was going to be retired he said when Cedric Maxwell cut his diet as well finally on taxes. That a little harsh to perform well Max. You re a topic very Patrick. Thought it was good that sit on his golf would George Lopez and had pictures of my ranting data out yesterday and out of him on today so I think I think Paul Byrd had genetic rate might some Holman grudge library. That's it and you respect that Keith I actually do a wide to begrudge our judges begrudge what did your shock the c'mon. And that's what this and that and George Lopez. I met this would have been a particular game milky Ivan is a great golfer this would be a great reentry. Korea island oh easy crowd yeah they're they're not getting you know if you are probably nobody nobody was upset rod Rondo came back masters I was complaining defense brought that applies that it gave Rondo is being sarcastic doc said on the Celtic then with the clippers. Welcome back operative and have all that stuff. And while walker your line. I think three duplicated data port at the back yet want every I look good. Don't know of figures the video off the hook I thought that was Vince Wilfork Dalai realize there is everybody else what we've irrigated and okay you've supplied on that's very Rondo Rondo is still playing football with doc. Dock of the gates of Kenny Leon Powe we are you all everybody or liquor. 617 so that's six that's let's correct I was looks at 6177797937. Its Dillon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. Telephone number I don't know if you guys have noticed. But sense the patriots lost the Super Bowl week ago yesterday it's kind of an open season. On the organization you probably haven't noticed this and hold in our live in say people. It's been like one thing after another and of course the the day of the parade in Philadelphia there were a fair number of you know anti patriots signs on the parade route that you might imagine stand a chance you know what you're the winners you get to do Lawler what is it about Albert. They wanted to do something. Or they wanted you to do something to how high effort it's pretty with something that just the result of lane Johnson who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. Was appearing on the bar stool podcast right pardon my take he was on part might take and Anthony. Genesis of what was after the game he said that the patriots are arrogant organization something like that that are similar reports basically yeah. So he goes on part might taken. Was asked to kind of expound and expand on on his previous comments that Richard why is it's a fear based organization I'll see you do they win hell yes and women once for a long time to I think people enjoy it has to say. I had a lot of fun playing there. No I don't Wear it messes got forresters. Other successful woman go to interviews they act like. And Obama's right and made the sovereign. We can be cordial for a little bit as you noted to do this job won't sound so let's let's have fun while we're doing a lifetime I like that. Not any amount regardless of whether a hell I would much rather have fun and and and win a Super Bowl than being miserable and knowing that yes we advise who calls him a possible when I hit an estimated us. There are some in the show myself I. All that stuff I'd rather just called him and his spot a massive ammonia positive oldham yeah here's as a model. Awful and just press conference. That you you're right so what exactly were the lane Johnson years here. Led Johnson has not played the patriot that's not cost no he's only played but he seems to know about instead of the gods honest earth hour. That lets you think that's fine now there are people who did play here right who actually have the ability to comment on what it's like to play here. One of those is a superb ESPN commentator former patriot linebacker Tedy Bruschi. Clay Johnson. I don't know what he's talking about I had a lot of fun there was so many times that we would speak out meetings the entire team meeting would erupt in laughter we're playing music on the team plane were so we do so we had so much fun in the ones that I was there. I cannot understand what he's him. What a relationship and you wanna double date with your coats and felt they were those guys go ahead but like pot and that's a messy life if you wanna learn how to win games and consistently winning games throughout throughout your career. You play for bill about eight to eight. Here's the problem the game's over it's been a week we're going on. Over a week now and he's still talking about the team you lost you I mean he beat. Why are you bringing up the patriots went all you should be talking about is the celebration of your championship this celebration of everything that you did. Congratulations. To the Philadelphia Eagles you are world champions and now we're talking about the patriots. And I'm here because I'm a patriot and I'm talking to you about how we did happen because he's talking about this is the way I'd wanna I wanna win. This is the first time you've won one and this is a sign it when people just don't know how to regularly win football games you talk about. The other team. You talk about who you beat your brings it up other things what are you talking about to celebrate your teammates that they're. Let me teach you how to celebrate a world championship. Because when you win back to back championships cut that taught for. From a guy that's failed trying to do it and also from a guy that succeeded trying to do. You need more than planned celebrations doll masks OK and strictly. Says he will learn that this year when you try to repeat but you're bringing up the New England Patriots in time when you shouldn't be. And Teddy. Let me ask about the patriots. So we gotta watch talk about them I'm not here to talk about well outside about me talk about. Are you like them all. I was stupid don't talk with a pick the team that you just lost and everything that you just beat like you talk about him because he was athletic interview about it with desert out of because he brought them up post game. It has asked at a well he's the one of Rodham up originally laying Johnson did so here's our go to appease senate say hey what do what a great team I've we've got there what a bunch of great teammate. He's ranking on the patriots and I don't think Willie Johnson that is correct some certain battalion that Teddy would know better than anybody I I think of Julian element as the guy who as more form than than anybody are wrong all these guys. So I disagree with the what Lee and Johnson said. But don't talk about that learn how to win that is suitable don't ever want. Is where Larry Johnson. Is not incorrect. He's he's incorrect is just from his his lack of inside information about what it's like to play for the patriots may be at right. Chris Long and leader blunt his teammates. One on defense what an office today what's it like to play there and maybe both those guys say it's awful. I don't wanna Super Bowl last year but this is a lot more fun maybe. Maybe you know he's got those two resources right there are big Russ is not nick and Boston is actually two are real people he can talk a new sources aides say I've heard that is no fun there. But. I don't think he's he's correct in talking about. From the patriots perspective from his perspective and other people are like this I see they are smarter. They they they say it in a smarter way. Lot of players say a. BI's behalf on how to have fun don't beat me up over this don't ask critical extra mile. I want my talent to be enough to win a championship if we win a championship is coordinate their make a lot of money. And win a Super Bowl. If you wanna win multiple Super Bowls. Caddie he's writing got to do a little something extra that's. You think lane Johnson's high but the patriots after the game is gonna prevent them from winning the super woman dollar. I don't think that wet wet wet what I think is there are a lot of players who say yeah I'm not in this to devote all of my time and all of my energy. Every second I have. To being. 88 patriot. Or a football player wanna have some fun 2010 win but I wanna have some fun wonderful place. And so players didn't. There there's no question I think in all sports. Talent will win you a championship UConn when it hit if you're talented enough you can win a championship despite being poorly coached one. Now when he being a dynasty. That's hard to do and then OK now not your fine. Goes out a little bit I think there's it's thick it's a compromise you'll be able to do everything you wanted to do and won't be able to say everything wanna say. You do have to sacrifice to be a great dynastic organization in football basketball hockey anything else but to what I want. Sure I can win one. See your point you know who that sounds like he's mimicking to me or Chris Long. It is it I mean his mouth is moving and I hear Chris Long actually saying the words when Garret blunt out of last year came back a lot that he did not back now. Chris Long came here got his ring I am I mean no disrespect when I say that they asked in the chase he had to play differently. Add to play a different way and I'm not sharing embraced the opportunity in every usually like quick to be like out so and so but right after it's all a given moment came and is they have this is this was great and I appreciate everything but like Tom Lehman when he is ready to go like I was at his one year deal he was gone. I think you're gonna get that everywhere when you're 53 guys on your team. Some shirt five guys are to think it's the greatest thing ever fiber and think it's the worst thing ever liter of oil once in between but that's just how does. I can't remember the guy. Acura been I'll come of that it as early. This most of in 2002. So the patriots are guarding one. And they had a guy they brought a man. And he was saying off the record of course. I hated here. Eight Asia outnumbered nobody time fund it's awful is being pushed. It's a tough it to be here to to play for the patriots. It's not easy if you're not of that mindset that you gotta you gotta be a certain kind of guy so it's Steve Martin's quote to me. Know what Steve Martin seem aren't allowed to hear because you hear people talk to. I'm very glad I got a message you want to listen man more than the patriots wanted you to play it he loved to talk a you'd put a microphone in front of his face he he would go all day. I think certain guys. They don't want the NFL to be they want it to be more game than business. Although one of the good football as my job one at the un talented a football I want to be able to have fun make a lot of money. Win every now and then if someone be focused on foot. Paul all the time we thought that was the case of Reggie Wayne. Although we talked in the Super Bowl and he denied that being the gasping or he came in nearly. Always more difficult than it was an Indy and maybe in the just do whatever he wanted to go mad that those words were put the Yankees are about the case but that was sort of those more than narratives that's with a with some of the other players. I think there's a veteran players. Like Chad Ochocinco had zero flawed but part of that is probably you know he wasn't on the field but maybe because he had to do things a bit different that's right now. Didn't work I got to change docket is gonna come here. Drop you into the system and you just do what you did and Cincinnati and the patriots won't be found at that. And it's happily ever after no. You're gonna have him Cleveland they're gonna ask you wasn't camp Cleveland. It wasn't that good either. But he was thought hated here. Hey I think. If I was only here for O'Toole. So we didn't get anything poses named receiver they wound up a fund dollars. Donnelly he probably should've waited to hear. But yes it's tough it's tough result. I rest I really do think laying Johnson is just parroting what he could hurt Chris Long underwear Rex. Ryan alone rexrodt when the jets had their little run. I O nine through eleven so they had a decent record in 09 they beat the patriots. The game where Rex Ryan was calling the season ticket holders say it's Rex Ryan can you they're not cheer on Sunday we need to beat them so they beat the patriots and beat him in the playoffs. And there was a quote. Beginning of the season it was jets and cowboys. So Rob Ryan was defensive coordinator for the cowboys Rex Ryan head coach of the jets. And one of the players was quoted Sports Illustrated story out we're saying now people don't understand. We don't wanna play for Bill Belichick. One guy to Ryan's guys weren't the type of player there you go there plotted dollars up but there's some guys were like that. Elaine Johnson they had a great time settings brightness and they're right. He is right they they they won. They were underdogs and all their games. People didn't take them seriously they took them lightly and they won the Super Bowl well thought gonna be like that an eighteenth season everybody's going to be going after the Philadelphia. They are the dogma that handle he beat you where the vast that even they're even if you're underdogs all the underdogs everybody you won a Super Bowl last year people I don't wanna take those dog heads off for. 6177797937. Right back to the calls we knew coming up next Sports Radio W media. We'll have fun and it was a simple games municipal. Here's we advise that you decided that it has decided that they had detracts from the good times in the form of the at all. That. Okay. At. It was really pretty cool. I think Pete Carroll one of the nicest people I've ever worked with but. That act really was better suited probably is better suited for the college game now and it LL word for ball where he was himself a Super Bowl title you leave I close the sooner rather they were to do what you I figured if he had the ball to Marshall Islands of the civil against the patriots it's back to back. Super Bowls for the Seahawks win that guys their head coach and now all of sudden it flies in the face of hey this is the way yet to do things if you wanna win multiple titles he got to be buttoned up what the patriots because. I think there are more than one way to do things just happens to be the best coach of all time does it this way so it looks like it's the only way to do it. Yeah oddities a lot of these guys. While he's great coaches. Were hated not all of them but a lot of more. You know Vince Lombardi was absolutely hated by his players until. Until what hated at when he was their coach but then you know you look. Then when you retired and went back and what a great guy. And they you know I think you're you're you're you're best teachers they push you you don't like it when you're going through but then you look back you say thank you. We're just from a pulpit over to Paul Pierce last night would rack against same thing hey I didn't like what you tell me you tilt until I thought I was already established. Paul said. I thought I was at a good level I thought it yeah I thought I was there it took me to another level so I think that's a lot of coaches will do for you don't necessarily. Understand it when you're going through it the wise people do. And I don't count myself in that category usually act after the fact you understand how how influential these people are free but this the party. Both ourselves Bill Parcells. Was like dad. There's there's a story that. Paul Brown Paul Brown is like that and he instead of yelling at Jim Brown went the other Jim Brown. But he would yell at a teammate. They're gonna think they outsmart it like you should've been here on the average number I was I should've gotten here and I you know it let. But he would just like leave these guys don't politics. And on you put pressure on all the time. And it into the season and you say thank you as you look back you figure out how much better you got but everybody. That I managed and everybody doesn't want it. Some guys today and admiring got to about one I got to that's enough. But there guys like you know Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison and Tom Brady and Willie McGinest is say one's not enough. I'll go through the madness to buy it if I can get a ring at the end of the. There are some guys who have left here who have done so critically. Of bill dollar check in the aftermath but so many of them after they retire. Sing his praises in the aftermath I mean rod he's a great example Willie's another example but do you think about the guys. Who went through it here and as you said probably get pushed to what level you never expected you're gonna be able to get to and when you look back at that Heintz I don't okay. He was right. Now there are some guys it like it and I I think Chris Long is one of them I think there are others who just. I don't Hardwicke whose treasure is there a way to make it right you're setting cookies. Why I wanna ring at the end of the year I just wanna have of Walt back to get this let me call my agent contract guaranteed right I don't know if somebody that is okay. There. OK so I don't worked as hard as still get paid our thank you still wanna go Dennis and Hyde Park hey Dennis. Hey I don't it's an and it's up nightmare what happens I'll man you call lastly you looked tired and hot last week I'm a little bit gone down that was on the replay shall I do I get any password that you. Did you gotta get your son than judge or cookie and a sticker and a I listened to my partner reads we. Last week when I called deals said that. You all let's give Belichick a week right and she went cold on an. This annual year correct row yes okay so while I found out you wanna hear my theory yes I do right. I know how does this theory he's gonna give us that there really find anything out this wasn't there and I hit okay. Not that Dennis you got guys radio and radio down or dead and it's okay but a win tonight and that's message you want some here. Bob Bob Bob Barr. Because he he went if I'm correct he would be a heat it would field the correct correct OK so we get it now. So so he get you don't feel like now about the other ultimately you get little sticky little snippy. Submitted to Q didn't feel what shall we get it checked out there and hey you know on the field and on the field and on the field. And maybe when he was a couple of days or less OK. I now about another quite OK so about Leno and once accused biggest. Biggest pet peeves is distractions. I don't want to strap. So you'll did not play about eleven a distraction. A few of distraction and what update if you want to get into a routine right if you let it apprehension team. And it the play a born out that the players right that's what's going on right this so that you get into the team he could change something at. Why would probably eighty might get my sort of bottom. A point and a Arrigo grade point danys. Then you inside decried at all. And I thought about it is suitable for the calm down a little bit. This honor not only this much he was fired unknowns. To do so he didn't it's not what he's learned it is theory about letting it happen his point Dale's we haven't learned anything. It's just hit. Yeah that's right right what happened we haven't any idea players got f.s thought yeah Saturday. He definitely figured out that. Commodities are set up. That part what does it. I wanna put a lot of it dominates. The hardness. That oh if nobody's. Shot at all I don't alive. I don't know either but that is upset. He should be it's a rule. We knew we don't have any answers you know it's gonna open up. Wolf Blitzer salon and I'm not sure. I think you'll hear from Malcolm Butler. When he signed with whoever he's gonna sign that your OK let's say Detroit now again. On believe it just for Michael sake let's say it's the twelve so when he when he gets introduced there may be will hear some. Never gonna hear Belichick might yes and no we won't hear from Belichick while details are on sale ever. Do you ever and you know you can attack yet another tax the united tax but I'm saying that this will be told I think what was gonna happen is bottlers. And do some of these freeagent evenings he's gonna have to sort of say his side of the story may be give all the details and then that. Not the opposing team or not not that team that made it an agent or somebody leaked it out and it won't be are referring get a pick a name attached to it out but either set wicker sham. Or somebody's gonna have an an extra little layer I don't like that I don't want sat workers and doing his approval I don't want Belichick wants up quicker and on the island nada. A line Mike Reese. I warrants. My Saturday Elena holly with chief of our admiral Robert. Or two we separate goodness yes I could dangerous time to be doing an insider's. Idea where I did plead this out Friday night. And at the very beginning of the game they introduced both the offense defense of starters and the special teams players. And Malcolm Butler was named as a defensive starter for the patriots. Now the network. Gets the starters from the patriots my guess is probably Saturday. If he had time to put that little bit they got the little video thing where you know Malcolm Butler wherever it's from yet Alabama GAAP this so thank you so wet or experts say they are able to Larry our cinematic it's all about it and it's what the one guy said Penn State lacrosse. Chris over Chris Hogan so so he wasn't he was in the starting line. But the network received I believe on Saturday. So something changed. Because on the pregame I went back and watch it on the BBR and I tweet about the picture of that the screen grab. They're Malcolm butler's starting quarterback along with Stephon Gilmore and. And public appoint him to go back to the point where Al Michaels like me in the mass of my mind now have to figure out. LTI out a little allow all of that Al who's always on prop bed sin is invested in it again very very astute when I'm gone and Syria putting any stock in the fact that. The network at probably on Saturday thought he was starting. It's horrible spot how late get our ultimate taboo we don't always come back and I don't know I don't know if anyone and we know that they would keep two of the story away from the network. So you away from from Eagles know or keep it away from the public hey we know he's not gonna start it's Saturday they're asking for a starting lineup a given to him. We don't give them Malcolm Butler right now this is a story on Saturday to. I want to be historians that sounds glorious the sort for an entire week yet partner mocking us. Saturday I would've been proud of the best known alias story if he would play or if they had won again. When the game and he doesn't play. Now it's curious story by curious story but rather tired and to the much Malcolm Butler era when we're talking about all the others that we we talked about last year this time master we're talking about. Do your job part two we're talking about sound that vaccinated you hear that part of that part predictably came back torn by a point out at any of that now. Talk about what was said at the parade what was that at the parade. All that would have happened if they won the game and Malcolm Butler didn't play. So really care because. The defense was horrible and the guys just standing there watching it. This helmet on crime. Crying he may have been done crying I don't think so audited just like kept it kept the Helmand all right and again try to throw the veteran driver and I drive but they'll helmet on and customs and cost himself out to do you Judith Johnson Bedford hey John. They don't know what's John what's up. I must so whatever he did it it was interested in sidelined. Obviously it was simply didn't know about enough for that but. Overall I think you know if you're gonna do works best for the team. It really would have been. Just bite the bullet and play him because. I think there was an overall it was you can exist. Like you're either from the future iron from bad. Robot maybe toys RI don't DUI I think we're all day I think if you Droid. Protocol for us. Any your RR electronics coral what makes your phones sound like they're what happens that sells more but he dropped it and might his bathtub. At man and then took it out sat in the bathtub out tried to talk gone through it into a couple rice yeah right that's a lot of sugar dried out rice but there's going to be after effects and that's or was is that sort of all tinged. His voice over the two. Took hours ago when you when you drop your phone I've never heard a knock on whatever done about your Rossi and on it before Anna writes a regular. Your phones and that's gonna walk on water. Yet most are consider outsourcing and it was oh when where and blow them. My father watched his iPhone I'm sorry I lost on it could wash your hips. Curtis wants her daughter of hockey in this in the water machine washed. When were rice worked for what a year year and a half right they have Smartphone yeah it's iPhone which for some forest but what I got and lock it up like the idea. Or I didn't drive. And he. At that point drive it or not it doesn't or shouldn't it would completely shut itself down and move calls occasionally but it or not a rather than a year year and a half it would occasionally like called Guam out of nowhere. That was my phone seven I think it's the best part was to try to blame Myanmar importantly do you yet they get a phone in your pocket and put it and currently at onion and by the way it's not a veteran move on your father's fault even if it is her fault don't say you take it for now and it's on I mean unless you wanna be doing laundry the rest of your life itself right. Yeah that's what the nature and I complain about is the frontrunner Gloucester and logic and since what 77797937. Its telephone number text like 37937. Mile Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.