DHK -  Who’ll be a better HC Patricia or McDaniels? Why NBC NEEDS the Patriots in the Super Bowl?

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, January 17th

Hour 1: The Jaguars continue to talk trash,Telvin Smith tweets that he doesn’t believe Brady is taking them seriously. Will Jags/Minn or Jags/Philly be the worst rated super bowl ,NBC WANTS the Pats in the superbowl . We hear from show “friend” Nick Wright he has list on Tomlin. Dale rants on Tomlin being stupid with handling his locker room. Belichick coaching tree and the potential of losing 3 more this year.


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Yeah yeah yeah. Defense that. Max Kellerman it's one step away from our not a bad guy. But. We are here. Here is look it's like you want if you want the Red Sox and yankees rivalries are combat itself. And him if you they had not the same it'd never be the same. Just listening ham. For fifteen minutes talk about the Yankees and now back to it can be hard on my back and that's why Red Sox yankees come right back at work I can't I can't yankees' fans I really. And he is he is the that the poster away. For the Yankees fan that I cannot stand. Ever met a yankees fan I really like legitimately are the thoughts that exist and I record yankees fans that I can tolerate. It like well. I got the other day is on my street. Console side street with snow blowing incident again oh well I've got to also blowing. Just like. Blocking the street knows well what and in considerate person. Yes just blocking the side street and trying to deprive Holler that at the pork and Holler. I look that they is the truck. The door was open. Driver's side door was open I can see in the cap was turned backwards and was again in. That. Here's the court I got it I just looked air mean I was beyond the yelling out to shake my hand like what a surprise. I'm surprised this is what they do it's right there obnoxious human beings. There. And tell him. Had to deal with this war that would that have nothing outlaw and I was cleared village and on our dialogue really relaxed and Lagardere started in May and January OK not that long lesson here let. All the time. All of the Yankees but fortunately fortunately it's only 720. Dollar out of the very delicate it was that they may 2004. So may June July fun just or right it is not great. Back out there dragon on you about Buckner are done but there are little and a sense via started in August not feeling great hate the Yankees won the division that year. After three games not feeling great zone and I. What pat what now hate it good news yeah news Red Sox and World Series back news being cared. Well yeah they clogged Obama made it yet I thought yeah we don't edit your match with haven't. But hey that's enough. Yeah a lot of the Yankee fan though going back to its 47 championships and like how were you a lot more now aren't we did you use their profits warning that you thirty shout out out the 27 world Chandra Levy goes on our thousand years that please. How many how many they won in the 21 century idea that allows our question look at it that way. And they've they've won fewer than the Red Sox in the 21 century. So a lot of dough pointing to championships. Acting like the Celtics had this you know sacred tradition of only honoring those who win championships. This up once more championships in the modern Arab. One after the lap you bird Arabs want. There are a lot like a lot of other franchises and if you wanna talk about tradition the New York Yankees. It's a happy about it seven yeah. And that's the. Yeah I'm hot shots out. You're your own stupid argument that right how many of you want in the modern air. And they sit how many they 120%. Three. All org let's just make even now to learn more about 2000 yet to make it even more recent. How many of the Yankees won in the Rondo era. Since Rondo would. I was trapped at home do you want semi championships and they want to say it was insult to woody talk about it don't don't try to mix basketball and baseball for basketball the Celtics are the Yankees. I got more championships and anybody. But this would be equivalent of throwing parade for Aron judge say two years he gets traded that comes back. And then you know the hole to do for air judge lifted don't win you're very similar and I wrote big impact for a couple of seasons and that was gone but look at the history of the franchise. They're also not all jazzed up about. AL east division titles are that. Russell's point was well taken as the Celtics whose spot knotted it's not a thing not a radical crazy at the sun because somebody lead you to the comedy disrespect note of that organization that he had no disrespect but. I'm spectator comes of this was probably thought he had a contract with them and every day daughter probably yeah there's some history there I don't know what it is but. Conference finals the that's the conference finals and we were excited about it because we regret that that promise but nobody else up to expand. Over the age of five. I know Celtics fans gonna say this the greatest moment in team history at the Celtics got to the conference finals there was significant moment yes based on this team this group. We've seen better. Wait a Max finds out that today might ball marquee of the Jacksonville Jaguars said the New England Patriots. Are the New York Yankees. And he was saying it by the way respectfully with Sally yeah right what that the dynasty that the Yankees have Benny said that's what the patriots are. Once again you can't really put the Yankees. From football as the Yankees and baseball from a different era. With the patriots in the salary cap era the world of the Yankees be over all those years with a salary cap. Her off. Why would they over the Yankees being there for a while the Yankees be if you know historically didn't have the Kansas City eighties to poach from and everybody else. Year after year decade after that. He was just trying to point out that that you'll never see this again you know after a yeah Kiki you take a look at the numbers and their and their staggering. The patriots have played 25 home games in the playoffs at Gillette Stadium it went 21 of the 25. 21 and four. At home in in playoff games and 840 winning percentage. I mean the numbers are staggering Tom Brady in sixteen years. Has played in twelve AFC championship games speaking of Tom Brady speaking of we're gonna hear from him in just few minutes. Through its work together I was very while they're trying to skirt that's yet just years of work that that's yeah now the president do today you know it they don't look at it quickly. Today is what the NFL calls AFC championship media day. And you've got podium sessions both in Jacksonville for those guys in and here obviously. And Al will bring you the Tom Brady podium session coming in just few minutes. He will be as as Tedy Bruschi would say he will be he'll be taken the top off the bottle and leather in the perfume all over the Jacksonville Jaguars today. But we don't they're really say what about we are out there that's I don't know unless there let's make up stuff let's hear it very don't have to if you're not gonna talk trash to us we're just gonna imagine the trash that you might be talking should be talking aren't likely to what you really need a high Urals your nice thing is Jacksonville with. Able to use some of that that Pittsburgh was doing and use that they're better the actual stuff Pittsburgh was really looking past them Weathers the coach the weather is one of the best players lose one of their be open players whenever. Across the board. They were looking forward to playing the patriots again to Jackson will use that they were just respected and everything else now in the few days since these divisional round games. Anybody asked in New England is saying how great Jack knows Brady ballots checked we talked to Slater any other players that has talked about has gone on and on. Calvin Smith. Takes its what are your response to an ESP yet and I felt weak it's that Tom Brady. Isn't looking past the jaguars and their defense and there's a quote that says this is the biggest challenge we faced all year. Alvin Smith responds brought this is the oldest trick. Pump us up in the media but the build and I know what's really being said how do you know fist the most Agee respect goat apology. And and I love that this is actually more effective. Than actually talking trash. So talking trash you got something a latch onto you can just focus on happened now. Everything's on the table. India it's just that it's just a matter of what the imagination of opens it's a straw men they can we talk a bit to talk about anything and everything they say we sock yeah. There's don't probe for that we know about it out players any what they think Nadal made available along in the late but if they are overrated real and really it. Ottawa the patriots are saying right now. He's talking about how to beat the jaguars. Is not productive for anybody. Started when Bill Belichick on them it's not productive for them to say how the jaguar X and jaguar suck at the jaguars talked so much is that while we have a meeting. When you show up and do that make the other coaching staffs do if you ever want a glimpse of what it's like to be at a patriots team meeting. I I know you find this unbelievable. And maybe even a little crazy. Little hot dry. But if you wanna know what it's like a patriots team meeting listen to bill Belichick's first the answer every week when someone says to him. What are you seeing from Jacksonville what have you seen from Pittsburgh what are you seeing from Cleveland. Donating 24 players and tell you how great my all and answer but it's all accurate. Yeah he is telling you ever. He's giving you basically you study notes an anomaly that yeah we got and here's what do you think. Or currently just facing the Tennessee. Are really good partners and we can make light of about sixty that I don't really apart and he'll he'll name the player and and he'll he'll taco kind of weapon they are. To go into it you'll find special team errors if that's what it takes kicker punter kicker doesn't matter. And hole I don't Michael you this was you know when you ask the question about Leo when the bad teams and that kind of thing that went down that road armored but think about it if he's gonna I remember vividly him talking up the the colts won the year that. Peyton Manning was down in the year that date before they got locked so that either trash. If he was going on and on about. How good some other pass rushers were Robert Matheson was still on the team right and so news just obsessed with those guys the one in fifteen. So do you think he's gonna do with a team that is in the AFC championship game. It is that they sucked in yet. He does so he's going to be he's gonna find plenty it was just volume and I'm not done this building whether that the hype up I'm not doing so what do you guys. And then we have good don't want him. Yet late night. Out of what he does every week ballots is take a team apart completely he takes it apart. Sees where the strength lies in the team figures it out. So he'll tell you an end. Part of the reason you've been in team meetings before you listen to that part so he gets you get the bulk of what makes a team good the part that you are not getting. From balancing act is. How do you beat. So I'll tell you all know he's got Sharon now let anybody tell him to build Telus team everything to prepare for he's given you everything eight easy with the team. This is what they do that's what they're running backs you and only that. You've got to know. So you hear some of these players talk about yeah you know as he's he's been in the league five years he's been an all pro three times. Part of that is. That the quiz. Or the quizzing that Belichick is giving them okay where to go to school. Art what what does he do well he leads the league in tackles that know everything about the group that. That corresponds to what you're what you're doing for the patriots and now. With all of that information Bill Belichick and the position coaches are gonna tell you how to beat it. And that's why does every week there is pretty simple but he's just more thorough than everybody else in these. Sorry it's the smartest coach in the league. And and and that's why they've been and that's a big reason they earned his position year after year. And they never overlook that detail. They'd be you know there there is no detailed its two minute for them to pour over and prepare for. And I look I know at times it sounds like you know all your just. You're just scrub and I'm up for Bill Belichick while until somebody shows me why they shouldn't be scrubbed will stop. He has the best coach. Not only is he easy to best coach in NFL history he started approach that that. Area where you can make an argument he's the best coach ever period right with red with Scotty Bowman with. You know John Wooden I mean those are the names that that he's now fight with the NFL coaches he's put so far in the dust already. One bottom modern at the modern ones that stock that this is how do you want to your home or reality that in this house got there about party and dollars in communities. It's a different Connolly and I'll look Lombardi. Was part of the Super Bowl era technically. The first two super bulls but you really can compare them parties time. Would no free agency and keeping the same group together year after year with Belichick's time in in the modern free you know decide that salary cap. It can't just go to our players get like you know Lombardi did learn that things I love the story David Meredith has book tries to matter great book check it out it's long. The long flight state of Minnesota apathetic to hypothetically. Bring that book alone. Well one of the things the bar he would do mrs. From a different time. Players come and talk about their agents. And you don't come to be an agent that no Jews or eight or sometimes the guys asking for a raise. And they'd be they'd be in his office and category like sometimes I had a Monday. Or after Michael shoulder missed out welcome my days me and know what he could play for a little extra money or. It favors same salary did last year this is a different character very different sort of guys' eyes yeah in order. Hey coach can I get erased knows now most effective now that's going to be enough I think what you blank worth spare. And you can't go anywhere anyway sell out its oil and right. Not here's the schedule for today we will talk we will listen to Tom Brady's podium session that's coming up here in just few minutes. Howard talked to a guy who knows a little bit about patriots and offensive football. Maybe not as much as his kid yes man new 24 year old offensive coordinator. For Lane Kiffin I mean that is just amazing that Charlie Weis will join us at about 330. Knows Tom Brady well knows the Patriots offense well. I'm sure has some idea of the the game plans that that make it tough for Brady and the patriots to succeed so Charlie well breakdance battle downforce about 330 is raising 24. For 24 years running for office coordinator. So think about it like a lot of these guys if they red shirt the other senior year they're 22 sometimes 23 anyway. So a year later that now again guys on the team that he's a year old about. When he's younger than when Chris Weinke was well in the hides in a forest days younger than America. And is just this would just messed with your mind OK I ads remember vividly. Being in being in New Orleans before Super Bowl 36. Saw Charlie Weis in the lobby of the team hotel with Charlie junior Alitalia shares that hey I don't is that any kind then Bill Belichick. With with all of Stevens and bright. And coma kids now they're not arrow coaches. 6177797937. Obviously will work in a lot of phone calls with you guys as the afternoon goes along. But will hear from Tom Brady live at the podium in just a couple of minutes Daylon Hollywood keeps. Sports Radio WEEI. Pro football you would you have good coming out this weekend heading to Minneapolis. I'm gonna play defense and running game on the to take that to be ultimately live on what it takes Minnesota golden but clearly I like stacked. Feel as good as sold in this whole area that I could watch these guys that don't think it back here. All you only make sure I understand this correctly that you'd like Jacksonville over New England yeah. I fiddle in the game ball that got a defense that can not the way don't go out and affected your defense it's real ball and you if you look at me in the gulf we could learn. Nobody else doing the golf with a low IQ to follow this thought for Pittsburgh also look if they beat the hell out before. Art active and involved. It. Arlen likes Jacksonville Minnesota this weekend let's go to the end of this comment. Jacksonville Jacksonville Minnesota do plan a suitable everybody's gonna of course the Super Bowl we don't bonds. That's not a greats who are new to the lowest rated suitable I don't know an ever. I don't like it if you are in the minority in a long time I think it actually left ten years of I with the drought would be if his jacket Minnesota's in the Super Bowl that's the draw that you got your first home team. Playing in The Who draws a picture quality product rollout today but their home that's the way. Tom Brady is side getting set to. I'll they'll switch or they thought they switched it up. Now will will will wait for Brady he they had told us Brady was coming up. But croc is is a pony and willow will pick up when Brady comes out so I don't think that could be a drop by. Did you really type of case key numbers is Blake portals. For that's what comes out because it's a ghetto way simplifies things for the the average fair or even that the person that literally only watches the super bull. And they'll be two quarterbacks they've never heard. Agree with our with a circular the year in America for Jacksonville per Jackson Minnesota. What Jackson will decide lots players on defense jailer Ramsey would be a media darling because he says everything and he's a great player class Campbell it can all her talk her a great player as well. So yeah you would you it you'll go at that guys on defense now are really exciting players in can you hype up a defensive player who's. Not LT org change. Why Ray Lewis that kind of player Arnott and let people watch and anyway I mean before what is what's admirable. Opportunity big of targets other super bulls. I think you'd be the worst in recent memory cards are thicker some other matchup that got me grades are totally out. And put them quiet the Colbert kids. Now one that's one ravens Snyder's red lights went out and they're scared to death of Jacksonville Minnesota NBC thinks that god and that. Well look I hate to say this does the rest of America doesn't want this. The network desperately need the patriots in the soup mobile. Are generally well they don't need anything we'll take it you look at the markets that are left yes they desperately need debate I saw a while ago that rates. I know they're all sold out call him. I mean 36 you know 32 ad is if I'm not mistaken I could be check me on this but I think. 32 ads are nine dollars. I know that evaluate pitch. The the division route too but I don't I don't Fargo area but there are around last week had double digit. Losses from the same games a year ago. And this follows a nine point eight whatever it is nine point 8%. Regular season fall off from a year ago. And and if if you stuck Jacksonville in Minnesota in the Super Bowl looking to be huge number I understand that. But the drop off from from what you've had recently is going to be catastrophic. If I number and it got canceled. And that's a good game than the numbers will go up and like I only people be tuning in to find out shortly Williams is a Super Bowl. Where you Tony is. I'm gonna light someone else. And it's not the last right in the divisional round you had a double digit losses from last year to be honest people were watching last week that while watching a year ago all right secret at a time doctor and you're gonna enter your gonna have a good to have big losses this week when there's only two games the ratings are gone down each of the last three years so about the Super Bowl ever sort of around is there's no comparison not talking about how far they followed all of lets round that had been last. You're up around them saying the game I don't care what they do in the divisional round if they followed 10% 20% 25%. This Super Bowl you don't really hear a football fan and even a casual football you have to be a football fan people don't have Super Bowl parties. Regardless. Of who's in the game whether it's Jacksonville Minnesota patriots Minnesota. Have been patriots Eagles double check. Patriots Eagles would thrill the network right now four Rel are on. According to Richard EH IT Dutch and each. Approximately five million dollars what are the odds of mayors to make it both of assessment of mr. and that is a wild. And they're doing that because audience is going to be there. All of that is it got a Super Bowl but. But you have to say that the matchup would have some impact on good it's not citizens for me I love football but you know if you say if it's Jacksonville Minnesota and and I just like all I can't wait it is game to start ought. Peoples the lot is people still bet on a peoples of consumable categories is a deep into the vikings are good people. It is there's nothing else on TV that night a.'s Evian and others like Arnault wants it's not only people. Bull that's on three though they need in and they they've aired the old ones. And I do via who advocate bolsters stupid you don't know what I I hate to be that guy but I will be that guy under a capital T capital G that guy. But bugger McFarland. Saying all of that off at the line of the patriots can't block the offensive line. Of the of the jaguars and insane it is the same conversation. Year after year hatred every year. So in eighteen years here I have heard are really have a protocol and sold two hours ago in Denver that proved to be true. Yet they got got declined eleven down Mac game and but nobody was predicting it then that's drove it thought about it about it nobody knew it was going to be like that. But same thing ever rewards that go on a PTI. Talking about it you'll boy I dad oh yeah yeah that's why I like it that's how I like it. Talk about Russell I Lotus dash. It right page here Russell time yes it was and forward Damien Woody got hurt you the general swaying count Larry Tripplett want to spots in what he was our best line. Men so they have hopes and he's the wind and the Panthers kept Julius Peppers and all those guys that can't block anybody. I go to Super Bowl to have a shoot out. In the Carolina defensive line is not a factor it's almost like Julius Peppers didn't play any game rational we didn't all over it over 88 again and again. And these people they wonder. Why they keep talking about cheating. Because to quote my man that very eloquent poet prophet Deion Sanders the football ignorant. They're ignorant you're adolescent keep talking about. All the talent and they don't name Gil no what talent means talent to them is high profile players. So Steelers are more talented why aren't Ali actually mortality now it's got more high profile players. So Steelers are quite get the Steelers and talented in the patriots. Why did the Panthers to destroy that they got these high profile guy. Eighth coach's house and they just don't understand how it how it works or. Or players in the league sometimes but who just don't give it. You're happy year. So here are again they can't. I got about the other thing that I think gets overlooked and to use the arms race because sometimes people are football and current. Is straight up at a less I think I think fans underestimate. The importance of coaching. Mean they certainly know the bill Belichick's great coach they they hate him but they they understand that. Adam chapter brings up the point that. It would appear now that there's a pretty good chance that Brian Flores could actually get the Arizona job. As the out as the head coach six months acts that my excited and I'm gonna I don't wanna I don't cornered and he must be there there I brought him there but is there but much about it. Yes well let's show after points out the patriots. Would become the first NFL team. To ever lose three assistant coaches to head coaching jobs in the same Aussie. They've lost to before we know they're gonna lose to this year if florist goes the loose three. And yes he just keeps going and their their always better prepared and they can lose games they do lose games. But I can't remember the last time I thought they got out coached. And that's the thing I think we. We look at names we look at Brady against bore holes we look at clay it's Campbell against. Dates older you know we we look at player names and we forget in our head how important those guys on the sidelines with a clip boards are. They almost Starr is that they are almost as important as the guys on the field. It's the biggest advantage they have every single week I don't think we forget it I'm here now we talked about a we forget there I think. In other parts of the country. They do and that's what you Weight Watchers and I think it's cheap. Well yeah I hit it that it is gonna have a great advantage here then got coaching Democrats are saying a few weeks ago did you water it. We keep wondering how the patriots keep this thing going to have a doctor Alda yeah. They call dollar Guerrero got our honor who's who's who's got this that these special pills and special methods. That's the advance. It's always going to be something it has something sinister. And every other coach and we found a way to screw things up so that that's why did you go back this past weekend guys who have won Super Bowls Sean Payton Mike Tomlin. Do your question and what they're doing out there where that's rarely the case would Belcher. And you combine that with the best quarterback in it is a pretty devastating 12 combo that Greg Oden. If you look at. Pittsburgh for example and are limited partners wanna get like Thomas there let's say fire gunfire and get it done CN. Who's your who's your coach who's gonna replace him what's he gonna give Mike Munchak. Okay. And I thought you know I like about ten or twelve years if you a lot of in Pittsburgh there was some disagreement with the Rooney's when it came time that higher Tomlin one guy when it Tomlin won Rudy won it Tomlin the other really wanted to. Russ Grimm. So Tomlin wanna rush yet can't imagine we are and is not a perfect head coach when that thing and a perfect head coach. Or might be Blatter who you know might be well they're right he won. What about Bill Belichick here. He's perfectly we wanna ignore the multiple scandals and Minnesota's is wonderful scene that have cost them draft picks he's the closest we come to wouldn't even bella checked. You can find something we didn't hit it. I don't love the way Mike Tomlin run the clock at the end of games and that's a pet evil one. I don't. Here let me back you're good to do with the air and off my scenario we run such. A lone ship that sometimes you get to wait for him a little bit as we saw with. The Antonio we're on FaceBook life right on the next words I don't mind puts him at the end during the playoffs last year and a year later and look beyond held the night before the game tweeting about that next weekend. So there are things. Absolutely you can critique actually. All along though you can all say this darn five professional football coaches clearly better than him. Many cannot be. They simply buying Mary decision to fire Mike Tomlin or not to fire Mike Tomlin because if you go with the option paint. You didn't have to act answer who are we replacing him with what or who played with him the end. How big of a step backwards. Are we willing to take for an organization that is trying to win super ovals right now they work thirteen and. And I got to go out and all stopped. Mike Tomlin has eight top five coach Mike Tomlin is one of the five best code all know he actually made some good points or. That's outfielders room a lot of management I'll let my client on that sweet game clock sometimes it's a blue ship sometimes the play clock you blame you blame Mike Tomlin for Antonio browse FaceBook live yet. I'd guess yes absolutely I might job yes yes you're Antonio wound operator Michael addressed as is anything like that ever happened here. No it hasn't happened and that's because the head coach here won't allow well ahead a coach. There dies it's also it's also because. There aren't any players on this team right now doing it putts. But it would with we've had done their players who we would if they could. I don't guys here you are done some pretty stupid things under Bill Belichick such as. A Brandon Spikes. That we don't you outrageous what's on his tweets stupid stuff at that. That that relies on the run and allied video stream out of the most games are all. 008 is that a porno that's on. Only only the portal that it wrapped in a bit. I don't blame his college coach worth porno which was blame so perhaps that's I saw Chopra that's on that. And then the headline noise apple nor oratory was here Michael Warren in India most portals Alfred got he fell asleep about one was awful. Anyway. And then. When he was here sure based think FaceBook live existed. During Brandon Spikes his rookie year I can't blame the head coach for every stupid thing that somebody on the roster. No but I can blame the head coach for a fourth a certain. Atmosphere around the team that allows people to say dumb stuff and do dumb stuff because there are no repercussions that make it prohibited. Here there are repercussions you don't know. There they do all the time. I mean and should this past weekend was exhibit a for these beaten him rods. They just didn't say yeah let's say what you want do what you want it's OK you know will will will be better than they are. They're stupid. Because their coach allows them to be stupid. Well at some in some cases how old old hold the coach accountable that what what nick Wright was talking about during the last two and a half minutes short but that on the head coach. Antonio Brown Pittsburgh climates don't go there now. He's while I would should not let you know. You should know better as a player you're a great player you're integrated go to the AFC championship game you're excited. The code shouldn't have to. Hand hold you through every single step every single thing the cold chest Italian Antonio relatively. And always over 25. Those thirty years old O'Neal not to get a live stream up when the team of breaking it down. Without a head coach and that's act what are the personal account. They aren't allowed to enlist young editor Gerri. And these are men these Manhattan. You know coach pop me I don't know how that left him they'll call you but certain things I can't help you it will be looking. It. 6177797937. I'm not shocked to hear this but the Brady. Podium session keeps getting pushed back in pushed back is different according Evan according to the podium now I'm not surprised this is kind of what I thought would happen. When when he does step to the podium we'll hear live we'll get to your calls coming up next dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio W media. Involvement of that if you listen to this but everything. I heard the same story. Her estranged could just imagine that this thing's so please stop this in the years later hole there's no way to Baltimore Ravens golden couple slip and be at risk Dan. And tunnel with a number one golfer is not what bats ago which Rendell and first. I voted out loud I'm glad not I'll let me because I know he was my book are gonna make him. Sort of yeah. That looked so good. That thought yeah. We are in the process of all of pulling some rob Parker sound for you a little bit later on that you just don't get the biggest kick out of he's compiled a list of twenty reasons why the jaguars will be patriotism. Point one boy pop. What it would play skipping behaviors are down. The fact that category had to take Allen back you had to step away from that 110%. Dow there were opened. And I press day yeah its stock market bullet though went down the line really our governor of the market it may go largely predictable if they win Sunday off the charts cargo area. Up you know 78%. On that sounds right. And if it is in fact if if the patriots do win Sunday in May in fact play the vikings. It'll be 99 to one against the patriots in America yes who they're rooting for when the of the Super Bowl. All the plucky little vikings team getting to play at home first time an NFL teams ever played a Super Bowl in their home stadium all those story lines. It'll mean 99 to one outside of New England in favor of the vikings in the. I mean besides I guess packer fans who hates the vikings really what do testified that you get it. People to talk themselves into routing I definitely wanted I played quarterback write him. All that stuff if they got this. It probably helps not online. And one touchdown. With his reported it bud grant at first year at the Helm of the vikings this could play businessmen. I'm gonna go. I don't hate it right again. Sounds like a silently into Wilmington. Arts you it's something. About though probably gets gets them and need more cow bell a little more brings a lottery pick ooh blue man who has taken. Sure. Let's get the calls do you guys 617. 7797. Patriots and there was weird. Thing that we are always played at viking and it just threw us all off track. Robertson Quincy Robert I don't. A partner. At Iowa. First long time I just. You know I haven't talked about possibly eject and Phil vehicles but I don't really liked city. And Eagles are patriots too old could try to prevent are all gone now thrown out all himself. I lost and net Eagles in. Yes sir couldn't. So put back of my real question is Jacksonville's Jack order to beat. The patriots arm and the Lily. Our Martin legal defense would have a super eight without or go all over you know comment from the edge. Could the way they substitute players or in chips were people crushed this one here or there and how to grip and Richard dark arts. Asia. Our party here and from some Eagles fans already it's all right so right Hannibal off from WB I treated yesterday I guess pulled audited their potential Super Bowl line so. Regardless of the matchups this is what it would be and the jaguars and actually be favored against Eagles who beat two and a half point favorites. Against them so about against the vikings against the vikings the vikings would be five and a half point favorites or and and now all the way in all act biggest spread deadly more than entitled are the worst team are outside the Eagles of the worst team according to avid map out. And how to they have the the patriots and their tomb potentially at a busy favorite owns by a field goal against Minnesota by a touchdown against the Eagles. I'd be the biggest run on the border be some points against Philly. Well we have the same conversation this year we had last year is that they beat Atlanta and came back from him on the deficit. It was a lot of say they won a Super Bowl without Rob Gronkowski. So now there's no Julian settlement or TARP and I guitar but that elements specifically because you know I talk about the offense in that and an important pieces. In the puzzle but I. I've I think settlement is more popular than Itar. Oh yeah probably just the way so you say hey if they win the Super Bowl the Super Bowl without Julian element. I you don't need help would that be don't I think what you would say is you could win the Super Bowl without wrong or without settlement and Alibaba wrecked. And ball thorough and especially croc Q and you never know after yet a full season that I am so. You you want all those guys and then you're good enough where you can make up for one loss but certainly not too. I think it'd be troubled about either one. Group we saw we saw what no I don't know crock locally at Miami last month it was not ideal. Yeah and and no ground. Check somewhere and Oprah having a this year it's not the best season I've seen crock Taft. But it's our honor is probably the season where he is appreciated the most everything that he brings to the table and everything that he means for the offense. As last year you know he whenever you win a Super Bowl than the guys who aren't there on on on the roster. Kind of get pushed aside a bit or minimized to a degree. The fact that we even had that conversation when they wanted to provoke about crock shortly did technically but he did play half the season. 2000 sixteenths of a he had. No rock the entire year by a tie and the playoffs thus significant. And at what it would lose lose two games are here. It's about time you lost ground here at least six into. Yeah it's or seven and one. Maybe you know it's so it's like that they have the two. Two losses at them at the middle of the year last year. Well because they obviously it's an all out on grade and then what nothing out of it yet yes on the Seattle game than the buffalo game we're pretty early on Brady didn't play yet and Jacoby percent. But I just think now is that ran the table out there and it's a really you really appreciate it. I initiate and has a receiver even though he's had more touchdowns than the eight that he had always I am against Pittsburgh yeah your pretty I don't know a lot of them. And and really as a guy who if you watch him now he's you know big goofy guy and a grapples say any thing but you listen to on. Does the patriot way in a goofy way. Raleigh he is he liked at the poster child and I. I don't know exhibit just did not happen out there are my teammates just try to get better every week never giving you anything that they don't want him again the last couple games he's done the post game on field interview. We'd like Tracy Wolfson her that and yeah just like hockey players right literally just like the bullet point our numbers there you know these guys were real hard do Erica with the practice and our looking forward to the next yeah it is teammate Crocker are be on the senate side. He's gone by Noah and Delmon to an already we'll talk with Charlie Weis. And about well. Depends how Brady along Brady keeps Christmas thing back but I think. We'll talk with Charlie writes about 35 minutes but before it comes on Charlie Weis is one of those guys. He's one of those patriots guys a part of the Belichick tree who went off to be a head coach and start off great and Notre Dame that it wick the move downhill and downhill a lot of money but not a whole lot of success downhill Notre Dame. He got on with Kansas City for a while. When Scott Pioli went there and Todd Haley was the head coach he was the opposite coordinator. They kind of blew up mean they dated bidding get along. And he went to Florida I was coaching Kansas. Essentially his his peak years. In terms of success consistent success is Pique your four year Romeo now. His peak years were here as defensive coordinator three championships and four years. Why don't those guys big question is why don't those guys have more success. And other place. I have a theory but it's only a theory. It it it is my experience observing these guys that guys like Eric Mangini and Josh McDaniels and Charlie Weis they left here. And tried to do the Bill Belichick act. They tried to duplicate what they learned. From Belichick here and and I don't think they were themselves very much I think they they ultimately failed because of that. The guy who has been the most successful and laugh at me if you will. Is the guy who I think does less of that than there and the others and that's bill O'Brien and test himself as the Indy he has that he you know he doesn't try to be billed junior. I mean bill O'Brien on sale Belichick junior the wet I think all these other guys tried to go duplicate what they what they learned a penny of Belichick. And that's that's a good when and then if you think of a guy like Lee Daniels who got the job at 32 you say I beat yourself. Sometimes you don't really know you're as a coach at least. At the age of thirty cents a baby. You're a dirty that it wherever he goes let's say it's Indianapolis where he will not take the same act Indy you can't took did not elaborate on the city's intelligent person so. It it didn't work that first time in Denver he had a couple of you're not even two full seasons and figure out. You go back and say hey I'm gonna do it again he was 28 games. And then I think so yeah so they they get them out of there. And in when he goes Indianapolis now he's got going to be in control of the entire operation like he was at the age of 32 I think that's too early for anybody. In the NFL to be running. The day the operations. And to be coaching a team. It's hard enough coaching team right there even Bill Belichick himself Ari maybe the greatest coach there ever was an NFL. When he went to Cleveland he was 38. Pete he fell into the same trap a lot of things he was trying to do like Bill Parcells and it didn't work for awhile ago. And you have to you know stepped back a little bit and say OK what am trying to do I can say that for a guy in his thirties. But Charlie Weis wasn't in his thirties when he went to Notre Dame Romeo crew down to Bill Belichick act on the sidelines at notre I wonder I wonder. It is. Proud Jersey guys again I'm doing the Charlie Weis thing but that's also a different thing to. Where you're you're spending all this time when Bill Belichick in the pros in a figure on how works at the pro level and I had to go to college and then. Once Charlie had to recruit his own guys. Things that come out of hand there read that that's the biggest part of it and that's why you know maybe doesn't always translate going back and for the Nick Saban on Bleu college coach. Could lead to do the same thing in the NFL yet another crack. Probably not recently indeed that. Successful IndyCar does he count on the tree saving. Short but worried about where they felt our coaches don't yeah. If that's the question as an NFL you evolve a tightly Charlie Weis in and he was college guy again I give him a college though I am so sick and then yes that one was really success yes Saban worked in it while they are really not morally broke and throws yeah. Then there's some some of these front office guys remains to be seen what is Bob Quinn grow up to be how about John Robinson. A Thomas to metropolis in the Super Bowl last year against patriots got the only. You know didn't work out so well in Kansas City denies that permits dropped. And in Atlanta and I think he's a guy who probably get a second chance of not that your partner for sure but next year I don't think there's some. Coordinators that are just better off being orders. Rightly you are here across the only order matter who's coaching probably a canal. Romeo that a great example that put. Wade Phillips for example got his opportunity head coach great it'll it'll great record and that was doing the rapidly he's the perfect guy to offset a thirty year old coaching Sean McVeigh very you have our veteran guy. But if they switch roles the team wouldn't be as successful which I think. Some some of these guys. Just are better suited being sort of a you know the co head coach and just focus on one sub ball which of these let's say too because we don't know about Florence yet. Which of the two Patricia or mcdaniels will be the most successful. At least early on my guess is Patricia Madrid ibex I don't know if he mattered much better job. Patricia. Across the board to them Patricia. Is. He's he's Belichick like in terms of his his resume his experience. But he is not Belichick like in terms of how he's gonna approached his players. He's a big if you guys get a chance to read it you guys are radio and go to the Detroit Free Press in the cup Pierre Woods. There's story on Pierre Woods who went to Michigan. He's a former patriots linebacker it was here for four years it fell on the fumble that he had known energize 2007 right there and he got. He got jujitsu pride Ahmad Bradshaw got on the ground and out a crock I've survived it I survived I'm not do. But he was here for four years. They talked about the relationship that Patricia has with its players and that's what it is. Patricia. Is a Smart guy who is also a big relationship guy. He has not just defensive. Coach but he got offense and his background as well he's been all over the place so. I just think he's gonna connect with players and beat them to a really good job as head coach he's had a lot of training. Under Belichick as I've mentioned before. Most consecutive trading the most consecutive years of Belichick and anybody that the Belichick has been where. Out of the game in New England look at the job they state in the offense is already pretty good and so if you can just improve the defense which is his. Expertise and know either doubled the offenses background but he's obviously more known as the defense besides his kitchen Bob cooter there. It's about goodwill forty want it's of the defense gets a little bit better at that they just had nine wins a year ago. So can he make them one or two wins better if he can then they're in the playoffs you're one form. And in Josh is case so much of his successor failure is going to be dependent on them on the strong right arm of Andrew Luck exactly. That is quite a risk to take a we'll talk to Peter King yesterday. He kind of throughout their that you know he must've been assured that he's got to be good to go. I guess I mean I guess yeah I think that job but. Who's to say what a weird year every winter gone from Indianapolis for like sixteen straight weeks in the middle of football season came back for week seventeen we're going hey drew could conceive using Europe. For that whole time. Do it who knows what worked for certain a quarterback has Denver who has worked for example when himself the Super Bowl in the past don't know. 617779. Soledad on the break and watch his I talked about Bill Belichick is up there now Beltzner. I was all right I hold it up it's there. Or about them in April. That's at cent when Tom Brady speaks we will listen promise. And it'll be today or not and I'm Charlie Weis at the bottom of the hour Sports Radio W media.