DHK -  Rene Rancourt is retiring, Keefe explodes and rips him; Who are the Garden creatures?

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, January 17th

Hour 3: The Bruins announce that Rene Rancourt is retiring at the end of the season, Keefe goes off on Rene and his terrible singing, and calls him overrated.  The guys discuss all the fans that have become “legends” in the garden crowd, but Keefe calls them Garden creatures.


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Yeah to. Our number three dale and Hollywood key. Sports Radio WB yeah I'd been a busy day already we had a great conversation with Charlie Weis we went lied to the podium at Gillette Stadium. To hear Tom Brady. Talk with the media in a week we were all set for manulife might we were ready. The media was all assembled they were sitting in their chairs so we went to Gillette Stadium to hear I felt pretty confident it will. Now I. Boy. Not that not to worry because he was out in public the media but it was here on the practice. Indicate that one more time because in the parts species words here because I think I found a correction as a coach Brady is not going to be available. Either. He did not say the team medical staff at the minute he said our medical staff. Our medical you know what he's not meeting with the doctors he's meeting with Alex. Well it didn't matter who is meeting with that he was there at the start of practice. Right right so far there are limited so if you if you are you concerned knowing Tom Brady's gonna be out there practice all on on Wednesday of championship week. I put that aside. He's out there just does not meeting with the media today at a high priority form but he had they had to say something because they can get themselves in trouble against. Big time to read into it apparently did to a degree defied money often troubled that is so bad to say that and then keep the movement by the way. And some of the bunch times for. We got to get his championship media day or whatever but it's summary of this season if I happen all the time a bunch sources in. If he's limited that's good that's happened and it was limited amount of times all of sudden my top Friday he might talk you know tomorrow Wilson well. He didn't miss practice because he was nervous especially if you heard Charlie Weis say so there was all of those last hour Charlie Weis saying how stupid are how stupid can people be why would you say things about operating they'll give me reason. Keep playing but he doesn't think Charlie don't think Tom Brady at decline in fact keeping Brady thinks Brady can have a better year. 2018 that he didn't have like yes. MVP again to these probably an MVP this year aren't the injury report is out. Tom Brady limited participation. Right hand writing it and reflects that throwing hand. Yes. I feel that we did of the flu. It wasn't the of that that shoulder that kept you on the injury report for like ten straight years that the Achilles. Prominently here. Right hand. Limited participation right hand. I think the right hand was bothering him against the titans as well not to say the titans are the jaguars who we know they're not you know the jaguars are better. But if you have a titans beat employees. That the titans beat them twice that's that is part of the evaluation that's part of the evaluation on the other day they beat him twice in home. Was at home and home. I think this year they decided to home in Oklahoma they didn't get dating at two dollars and piracy why apples to apples and where you're trying to go over this we're not trying to I don't know how to go anywhere that's that the jaguars beat the Steelers. Twice as head to head. Both at home and that. Makes them a tougher challenge that is part of it that is part of the Irish you're the formula market for the other part of the violations they scored more points in the Steelers they gave out. And they gave up nick right and he gave it fewer points than this you and I. Am I have relocated in Duvol count on that led the league in turnovers as. So in a lot of things well for them that would. Lead one to think that if they're not the best team in football best in the AFC the best seat I would say. I'm not saying that even if you wanted to go there you could make I don't wanna go got a photographic though I don't number two. I wanna go there is that they're not the best team in football the second best team after the patriots and patriots jaguars. Don't know we don't major update to our view or the fire at. Some power rankings also on I can't believe how disrespectful. You have been here at the Q should Jeremy. Do that is obviously your place a openness yet higher up in this race I think that that's respect you've been very disrespectful and I don't agree that I think so at all I think you need to share with the people because this is shocking. I'm dale gave you breaking news. I thought more breaking news the new expect about a you were mocking yeah the way he was saying well yeah and I did I do feel though it was breaking yet it's a whole lot of bad break but not that important it was expert at the words yeah. Reports a lot harder or Zdeno Chara our son Ryan Grant court. Schaffler has the flu and box remember in court art tone setter since 1975%. Is 7576 season is retiring off at the reasoning here is strong singer yes they you don't. I don't think that you have the most trouble are they good musical ear hasn't what I have always that it would have always had a delicate. I draw bullets they mock. Uncertain rich keep well at self appointed have done records re old yeah I don't have a very good luck of America. No I don't think it's a lot about him I I tuned the Bruins for the Bruins you know these players they cannot Mary how many fist pumps is Vietnam's they're gonna throw at yet. I don't need any of them now you see your son get off the I keep 33 what are you up. You want I don't do and audio out of the back on and it went all the back and I put that. Again tomorrow. AI. Speed boat tied bath. At a year this retirement. In years too late and ray court as the most overrated. Personality associated with a sports team in the history of Boston the animal off what I am Al Horford more than an Horford. More than a war effort. And there's good news. It's. What a voice that's got Estonia's Boyd president does only does now ma he went and did you wouldn't get that hey Hollywood on American Idol fiddling Nolan banks sell disrespectful. Who like Rene Rick. I would love notre don't operate representatives. The air over the next person also goes against them all of the you know that's part of it you know knowledge not a alternate to mourn today. Think he's not on the team already and he's dancing tonight gray can't comment in one Renee dozens thing. I open the applicable kick him out there are saying it are much better I just wanted you viewed just a little sample small sample size. What's trending right now on Twitter and AFC championship game should be we have Wednesday wisdom always a fun one. Renee record number one slim day rags all effort to right center AFC championship glory days is slow down the nation is talking about. Anyway we're. I. Battle for Boston. Those are Boston tributes in Canada. Well you'd think a lot as the ball reached today keep my better half of that you're out of its exploding into got a single candidate up there we got Emporia optional hard. Come up there at all why you absolutely cannot Ottawa. They had that that mounties Lyndon slew I'll play all they would want him then I don't amount to anything to do an RPM pity that's great that's much better. I had batteries so it's okay. Some that your reading the wars on the the papers you have those sort of things are singing a further somebody's really. Iiroc and I don't like on earth did he was not reading of cash and I was you know witness the error and also can get Renee singing oh Canada. Why already crosses that he crushes on Canada and keep the questions that you're an outline five billion dollars I it's mildly impressive if you guessing both but if that's your whole job in life and that's that you should deals and both. Let's at at the center stage when did you develop this this and typically Edouard is. Our court cup run. The copper because. You are raced through Indiana and into on the item to say about a cop Brian Cabral was great. Because it was it should've been all about the players we know it wasn't all about the players because he get this guy out they're giving you a thousand fist pumps and wrote I try to open up the probably needs to win anything. All you know guys. Like there's one. Okay. It's. Bigger part. There's New York. Okay. We get a flu. Of the six figure my whether. You're injured all the drivers on this router for up guys. It'd go. I'm pleased relative. I'm not a. Gertrude. I'm sure enough boy who rented by the players. Okay good. Oh yeah. My god. That was bad. That was a bad. I was oh c'mon Michael are you kidding. Aren't you about a thorough. There is power they ever gonna replace them over there is alleged huge loss guy's legs he's been doing a long time he had. It longevity matters. We do to furlongs in that department has been coaching the Bengals for a long time now Renee record has more postseason yeah. But my Emmy is very little credit back court has the raiders got zero O Lester has been there a Betty wears the ring everyday. Please it's. Current event. Yeah. Her ago. She really is. I'm gonna. It's there believe that uses you know Liam. That it yet passed I'd do you know why. Yeah yeah I'm not sure. The future and he thinks you I don't know how. Whole city. OK you know Alia I don't know manner singer of some sort that from. Rhetoric resources despondent tiger and nobody. Bob good traditional hard about it actors of our targeted. Yeah governing is very difficult to want to go onto one of this. It just stops her plea please. He's not upset about this those Greg getting this is great living legend this is really about every while ago. Discover. Local weddings all eat eat a lot of appearances that it has for years weddings bar mitzvahs yeah. We aren't they parties. Which you have been available for mine and Adam wood out of there and saying and as photo opportunity to me it in the five. Out I notify notify us of game five the cup final couple cuts are Michaels and before but okay India increased rate. He should have the right thing that I on the website there quarter umps. Never crystallized this. Never heard someone. It's like Rene Rick Donna I kid you not talking enough know not let not talking of people not likeness. This is that's no respect for elders. This is about Al elders say this is. That deep seated thing you can sit on this for awhile but I need to take a look at the particularly the team is about to win the cup for the first time in decades by and take a look at Niemi that's ponson might throw a like. Legacy and we. Okay. Monica you need only look at this I know that's fine. Well and we'll. Lyrics and then jump street. To help. And you're. God save. Beyond. But it Baghdad. But in order to right now I gotta go the other room and close down this is just. It's blasphemy. Maybe it's it's dollars on the this is an undue burden today everything I do feel better already have been wait out this opera like six it was 67 years yes yes. Eight when it was anybody then when we're talking like during the cup run the people of your friends agree if you like your dazzled. Yeah I think or Hillary today or only once thought I was not alone voice goodness. Feel confident saying that while Renee from all of a certificate. I ground for a Israeli army out just Greta hello. Just an incredible career just incredible you know Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W yeah. Rookie. Of the puck and don't you. Know you know not Leon's. Light regroup and robes of a vote. What abuse content enough to hook up to him or not. Skew. Part about it. You see your son get off the IC 33 what. There's nobody wants I don't do audio out of the back on and they're on way all the active part of the night and apparently that. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I'd. That's just. Wait too large he was really good and it was a laws though. You have to give him I'll have a bigger cap to a merits an all time and I believe no I don't believe is that it was out of them singing you desserts that don't live of them. Hopefully that was a lie and probably be played the poverty line was not a coward who are was now it is a model and inspired by. Another those bands at some Pearl Jam yeah he's that you don't really relate this line. Recently allow some rights beautiful voice somebody tweeted us I've never wanted to punched in the face more than right now. Don't talk smack about Renee keep your head on the Swedish council speaker settlements went on yeah. Crash and were rename record I think a lot of people orders me. They don't always trust me I'm on the other side of things many a time but this month. Is currently may be surprised about that and that that gentleman. Or ma'am does not. Agree to be the one I guess they've black and the other guy named Peter Peter. I'll keep my head up and that at at lost a Boston sports addict O. Yeah he's a sports or use tick quit so he can't he can't quit I quit you can't quit Renee. Well you know you're gonna ask about kind of love that I person. Open tryouts that games can you replace that and Iran yeah we've who literally every walking on the Internet and that's a tough one another fine they'll be fun. At some time to think about it you know they live and how we could start the farewell to a Oliver okay everybody this is how gracious he is on until then I. He's doing the anthem tonight I hope so. Did you we don't have a game unfortunately NBC SN does so. A nationwide audience now they don't usually don't show that right so we show the anthem they don't. Right so circumstances. And I know they made by the way this legend in the fields coming hiring in the season coming if this bombs are right here. Processes threes three standards Bob Knight three. They count leaving you wanting that fourth one. Not that he's going to be more that video where I live this long. For every decade that used on the end in themselves that any 89. The off the thoughts attends. 55. Fist pumps five. Maybe a bit at this force final day. Yes save a special in a new location where I wanted to. Is it a fist pump himself the movies and our doors that you do the location is room he commitments and RNA session in this. To predict and pumping fists obviously like that he's known for reminds. Immigrants are tired of cricket you walk up unconventional. They used cocaine and on repeat or push a button you know daddy's got a sample of there is in Los Angeles they just a statute for Bob Miller a long time voice radio voice of the LA kings. You know again shack outside the building in magic and it got popular Bob Miller and we're here incidents that we've missed that you've. I got an app. At at a and eastern. Vince Scully it's probably still around lived these guys please refer another twenty years our predecessors. I'm pleased with my you have faith that it out there tomorrow. It's although that jigsaw many many many years many guys are all right now still witnessed too but I can't ironies that John about what's right other guys like you know Keith Jackson and Dick Thornburgh. I'm flies. Of those guys. I'll ask you back to the cause that you guys I Jerry's in north bend over hate Jerry. So bill. Keep it exactly right. Renee rank court strikes down there. We're all Carolina. Sweet Carolina that's definitely a bad Boston. Sport musical moment but I'm not surprised by the way that Michael thanks there's a red card is great because he also thinks Kevin Arlen is a great football announcer. Don't talk on how well. He's he's let. The thing that Kevin Harlan was dreadful. Our before on right now are normal and I don't eliminate our hands and hard. And talk about it the wrong I don't even know who you think is great knowledge and put it up and I can understand so. Do you like when it comes to football broadcasters. I would say anyone who doesn't doesn't. Yeah these Olympic beside one activities frothing at the. I got back I don't know I don't know I don't know about I don't want that I don't want to just tell me where he sucks yeah. What is alleged Johnny. Why I'll tell you why the answers to anyone but. Opera that's mine that's certainly Jerry Smith and Jerry doesn't guarantee. That's that's laid out golf now there are distracted from a great point without Renee is overrated let's circle back that would all agree out now and oh by the way Kevin Harlan was named national sportscaster. Here yesterday. All of you know there's no panic protests. They're coming your ass how to fight with a lot of bacteria that anybody yeah I had done it now that we our. Couple of days. I mean. Greatly hurt great start of the call Gerri you've got to bring something more than anyone would be better yet I can somebody that voluntarily went and listened somebody. And I don't Spiro deed yes I won't necessarily go with. I don't necessarily go with national. Sportscaster of the year so which was named yesterday that's on the resonant now there's anybody like that that Massachusetts. Yeah national you know Dan roach was the mass chancellor sportscaster the hard yesterday. Yes how about sports writer I don't Meghann Shaughnessy politics are you know Massachusetts sportswriter of the year honest I don't know phone. Yes it's my million yeah yeah. It's. Yeah he's Lucy Lucy and at the boom yeah. Michael that is ringtone some rumors that call very very clearly marks in New Hampshire Kmart. Our guys are EEE. Yes. Are all right thank you do another month and a lot of future I'm not try and I'd been duplicate your time. And I got to tell you that I take this great day is lucky night. Is what that spot. You won't try. Oh. It's huge it's. What you want to keep up. Sorry I. You know what your saying. As well used to it. I don't like Robert. On. And the hammer currently there are out of the week now I play. The people that folks were perhaps the ultimate edition of Larry. It. As it's ever somebody though. About a way that's the bottom line you know Renee probably thinking partner announce my retirement Malcolm until love. I enjoy this read the room that they definitely had his red yield a lot of thought well duke eyes and we got some support I think some people there than anybody else anybody. Support keep it. Everybody on this Mike in time had Mike. The my MI percent. I like moderate response to our key sort of incorporated. The in the that is this. Group. I'm. Still. It. I thank you sir. Better once rumored that it might you'd think yeah I thought at different Beirut it. I have the best of all of them would never had any involvement in the overall I'm not the real outstanding for that counts in those great all this and that is that an original. August emergence. 6177797937. It's still a Hollywood key Sports Radio WEEI. I like Eritrea a response to art key sort of incorporated. The 200. I'm. Still. It's. I thank you sir. Another voice rumor that it might insignia that I don't know what happened here. We like creativity. Could reveals. 6177797937. So here's the deal. You've got an AFC championship game here on Sunday 3 o'clock Sunday patriots in the Jacksonville Jaguars. You've got these sudden addition of Tom Brady to the injury report today. Right hand we don't know what the issue is unable to complete his required media availability. And the number one trending topic in Boston is Renee rancor this turns out he's polarizing. He's. Very very polarized into them coming. The ED you're in. Finger on the polls that are on the pulse of this one guy to selection. We missed. Party. What garden legend they say that I heard in the blasphemous that's why you don't hear is it's not a Garten. No I don't know when you get you'll always get angry Bruins some routes or what it quite secretive. It garden legend I think you know Bobby or Larry Bird. Those public garden legends. Well I think income Harrington well then don't eat our our members spider putter I've got two days by the legends you. You know these alleged yes. Here comes the spider you know push and that broom. That down a RK what you think at tech genome of the legend shall. Absolutely I look at our government and we can't have a thing is that Lou will friends are much load all of all of the halftime crew that auto dull dull even say I'm a little plug Michael Green on the phone she's on the same level of apology now. What about the lady that that every game. What about the guy that looks like Santa Claus or to order dinner jacket. That's all like our severe apnea. It is that I don't get to Grenada and gets I think it's self on the jumbled screened every single game and credit freeze the pats game. Vermont. And over the keys years ago several years ago Putin would Guile he wound up getting on Allan. You didn't really got an incredible day of its right to answer the kids doing now he's going to be. Eighteen men now yeah right I was at least ten years threatening. It's great that he's just name you just out of I wouldn't call and they I don't know yeah. The article let. It and gardens not there aren't shopping little fun and guard guard is all garden creatures they ran record output of it would lucky the mask on and on local all of the other Graham just glad you gave us the opportunity. To learn before you irreverent or not a world. Ago on the does that contribute like do you attribute that Charlie Rangel had for Peyton Manning's gonna cry. AFC championship game you're down toward the Celtics. And magic. For Africa at a a a and you brought salutes during our household odd minutes before puck drop you were tasked to sing the National Anthem. I had a decidedly complete jackass the pump your fifth AI AAR two and I walked in my attribute is. Network and calling in response to. In innkeeper agree that there. Yeah. Thanks and yeah thank you for that live very very much we had when it keep as any others he has engendered a lot of tweets yup my favorites so far is the the rain much in the face rich there's a mr. Jonathan and mr. wincing waiting in the lobby that like a word that might get my favorite one so far but there about a lot similar to that one room. Damaging things to. I Tim's denied denim hate him I don't. I'm doing great hey guys tell it's gone. I love Garnett talk have been cracking up he had the Boston institution and allow these are now let's see in this issue. I've got to I got to. Renee story we were still very. Ordinance that up. So I'm watching you do go the full broadcast of the 86 ruin to get around as a out of broadcast. And cabernet on. And when he missed that is beyond that look at just said. Renee just released an album of national anthems. I wanted. It and all your favorite on is there about Atlanta but what CB idly pay you. Regardless of way. Otherwise. That Christmas tradition have been seeing Christmas carols. They this year and Jack Edwards. Said tongue in cheek it's not Christmas until remain at record date for at least not be. I think that's a valid way. And we don't have to we don't seem to have police not a doubt in our platelets I'll I'm telling you guys how many national and I think I've got to hear him saying that. Police not I did out of here with a new notes Christmas. I've I've never made the connection before it. Thank you yes he does sing it is favorable. I'll let this guy whose idea of what our guy Kevin. Is if I think that's gotten him talk about good to have a cabaret in what's out. The old guys to get that in the last of them doing it. They let it fly and I saw her with a yet to date back actually 79. Are another garden idea Carla and slow the glint allegedly. So that Ehrlich by let me because when it started twelve or thirteen years ago in I hear they record in the national income. We're technically graffiti here mr. let me know alternate. They're off the Coast Guard. Look at it. It's gonna Obama is a microphone from the bad thing in the national security at least after that they couldn't pry it away love. Well. I. Hey if we let everybody yeah. As well what I would have been in the intro that because they go by gross let the cake you showed a little harder he retired from wanted to dignified. Can't retire Hewitt hired art desperately about the about the Natick you know. It a lot of and I got the meat of anybody else so untethered that if you go to great human they. When liberal blog a couple of extra shift on the cradle up vastly out of the singer. Yeah airs every everybody's kind of almost unanimous on that you know I don't know what they can do you may be that patch. On the sweater now for Renee all are on there and yet I'm ready let's make maybe this bump. I thought let of his the stashed basis than you little microphone on the microphone and got to the microphone. And with a school musical notes they have microphones hanging in the garden now. They house Letterman was right. Microphone on the or rename the rest and there. While that probably will reap patch they're wearing tonight I would do not outlaw the Bruins and the Canadians are bowl where highlight without going out tonight I like that and what's the talk. And record rerecord should be Willie Hillary Willie ovaries should rate but it's not. It's all about roommates and I Willie Steele and his in the spotlight and William Reid did an interview with the NHL network and said I didn't realize that broke the color barrier it's like that in the paper. Well we had him on how about that. We had him on the other night aged just that nicest gentlest man in and he really didn't even he he never thought about it. The it was play for the Quebec cases and they called and said hey we want to meet us in Montreal wanna I wanna bring Japanese that I went may they said you're gonna play and I put the Jersey on and a sportswriter called on the next day and said how's it feel to be the man who broke the color barrier in hockey decent idea. Well let's ask him what I did not pop. He didn't have any idea and 6177797937. Mattson Fall River came out I don't matter. Delhi though and going home. We're so that they will look extra. And nationalism. And the cameras are all sort of the presidency in Japan mechanics and everything not collapse when he. Colin how would I know. Ivan the building so I I don't you know I don't know what the other than not done that almost and spent a record in they take every and not a lot. Want to sort reduce or between where that recruitment place for. You guys it or you're spears. We got help out yet why don't you ought. To. Hey it's like to work in either the first round pick out of work and not run the color out to LA the organ. Organs. Everything's better organist I agree yeah. I can't go with the honor they do. They do by the late plate things besides just an organ music or that problem I a lot of other songs and they had a drop kick Murphy it's like WWE entrance for all the way I. I got at the Bruins have a young crowded I do with that on and the age average age of bruins' ground pretty. Yeah ago elected that are there. You know you know this bill average injury. Bruins fan at the garden the night I I know that it is considered to be of a very young fans because I think both. Family friendly as both winners sports teams. Seek visible both very young gauge. Fan bases. I will wanted to young kids gonna say tonight I cannot have you. You know Paris we're here to help we're here to provide a public service I'm here to help you a toss your kids about Renee were in court in our acted this year no longer seen in the anthem is going to be tough. Little Johnny a little sooner it is just sitting down and have a hard time with him and I think the best advice. I can give you just be honest yes don't sugar policy don't say all uncle Renee will be your next are you all along and I asked him ever again you won't see him again. Girls will go to the store logo got that CDO all the national anthems that all wasn't that McCarty and luckily you and your Lithuania. But I gotta tell you is not gonna be the same now of course on. The better. I will say this you can you can have your your talent your petty little arguments about whether he's a guard legend you feel free and legend he was part. All of a legendary moment. We double talk over the yes. This was the first and let him free to forward appears to have some issues because there. Earlier and as we won't talk over this I told him come rivalry it's not a comfortable talking over the National Anthem. Completely uncomfortable with it. Freely admit oral Candida. It's not my country I mean I don't get out to pass his jacket that this was this was the National Anthem at the garden. First game after the marathon bombing Bruins Buffalo Sabres it was on Wednesday night the game on Marathon Monday had obviously been called off. They played on Wednesday night against buffalo. The single greatest National Anthem moment in my lifetime. Olson. You use. Okay. Mom. It's good to all of them. Ma am why it's so Brunei. Okay.