DHK -  Exploring the Patriots offseason needs; Why the Bruins have a better chance at a title than the Celtics; Randy Moss’s greatest off the field moments.

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, February 14th

Hour 4: The @DaleHolleyWEEI Twitter poll from Hour 1 received heavy engagement, with the listeners picking the Bruins over the Celtics to win it all. Dale, Holley, and Keefe discuss why this may be. Today’s final Drive honors two heroes of sound bytes: Randy Moss and Aqib Talib.


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Yeah to. Flying keeping Canadian would Wear a week. I think for aesthetic reasons. Fourth and final hour and Elena holly Wiki. Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah I actually go back there so Willie's response to rob Parker you've heard part of it in the open think about this term if they knew the planes. Within ever talks. If they know what the other team was doing. And that was the that the claim of people like Parker well they they knew the defensive calls they aren't you think if Tom Brady was armed with that kind of knowledge. He would never miss surpasses. Yes yes I think he would because I'm not many I think I think knowing the plays is still not an image still football and still have to execute. I even if they even if they were doing what they what they're accused of doing that's no guarantee. Of Super Bowls I don't Willie had to say that because you deal with trolls. Troll right in front of them but. The reality is playing football that is sometimes you know exactly was coming in used to get trucked on the play. Well about basketball and they. Arab you know especially Johnson out of most he's out there especially if he's out there that battle he knew what was coming to solve all the time they play each other so much in the playoffs here's that would change the plays they know exactly what they're doing and are thought to defend a threat ran here we know later comes image of having gone through iPod. You saw today sought to stop it. We have began the show talking about last night at the garden Bruins with a nice win 52 win over the Calgary nice it was a nice with a nice Iceland they honor the 7778. Bruins team that had twenty. I mean 1120 goal scorers and and their coach Don cherry was back as well. At and we begin the program today talking about in a week Twitter sports team both of whom were doing really well right now. Which when you think it's gonna go a little further. In the in the playoffs when those things get underway. And I know rusty couple little quickie twelve Howell durable pull where at 1560. Greg plays and I appreciate you guys thank you rustic. A 69%. Say the Bruins will go further this post season line and the Celtics are with its. Based on what it's art show your work. Tell me tell me what they'll leave this is a quickie poll we don't actually show our work no thought no Ritter is currently at all are they Mandela wanna via theology is that for 60% OK out and knives I think that most of the 69% item on our roster I don't I don't know if I'm not that I both did this is it might pull. And and it in that case knowledge that it's your dale and Holley with teeth I didn't weeded out I'm might get a free but here here's what I think got a they look at the Cleveland Cavaliers in the east and think that there are improved and they've got LeBron James yes and you got to get past them and if you do get past them. Then you've got to try to get past you know either the Golden State Warriors for the Houston Rockets in the west. And both of those teams are better than the sultan of rockets and insult to the worries are the rockets are and you asked me to answer my Friday and yes it yards off the rock back for a rocket Tibetans are good alchemist and guards and and I think they're looking at the Bruins and keeps point that he made earlier on his. It is there that that. Immovable object. You know in the National Hockey League reasonable the Bruins are getting passed back. Right now there a point behind Tampa Bay for first overall in the NHL with two games in hand. So you don't say all while day there are there is no Golden State Warriors in the NHL record that's the biggest difference well. I actually another difference is. Are in the NHL and this is at this point is original ticket from Zach in Connecticut and believe it was a caller with the original to borrow his point his point is that originally it was original ones yeah and he has sharing it with the world. I now had a little bit too. As a central point was. NHL playoffs are always unpredictable that's why we love the NHL playoffs you don't know what's gonna happen. First round just because the team is seeded second and they're taking on a seven seed doesn't mean that the number two seed is gonna win it. Hot goaltender all that's happened at this woman had to. The Washington Capitals. Year after year they do incredible stuff from all what a great season from the capitals yeah. And at the end of the year there's no pay obviously they're missing someplace that it wasn't predictable. That unpredictable. Well yeah but it its target of that but brain edited by an irregular if they'd been dominated the Mayo is and there's no pay out as opposed to the NBA regular season dominance. Usually we knows translates in to post season dominance. And that in that vein the Boston Celtics. Usually it usually count on them getting out of the first round. You should count on them probably getting out of the second round. In elite pending an alien landing play at least landing in the NBA finals now anyway and they in the I conference finals once we get the conference finals. They're taking on the cavaliers. Despite what you saw on Sunday that is not indicative of how series will go against Cleveland. The Celtics happen to be in a rut right now they're not playing. Celtic basketball offensively or defensively. But they are terrific team one of the best defensive teams normally. And I think they get on the Eastern Conference. Not only in beauty by. Celtics who got these guys on I think you see I and I and I know I've been kind of harping on Toronto who I think is really good. And and now that I seen the improvements but I think the cavaliers have made where I thought a week ten days ago the Celtics were gonna get past Cleveland. I'm no longer sure about that two games I. Anderson I was out to dinner and that's what I am what I see is they're better don't you think I think they got better players yet there and they're better than what they were before they weren't that far behind. Now they've they've the Celtics would start to slide in the cavaliers start to come back a little bit with a 14 in a row from Monroe. But at one point the Celtics were up by seven games on and Cleveland before they made all these traits yeah they need to make the letter until they were not. They got better they were not the early in the Celtics canceled beat them myself as they got there I don't they can I think it's also simple as this is users the Vegas odds. But the to win the whole thing the Celtics are plus 12100. The Bruins are plus 800. Calls it a little bit closer than I thought it would be yet but still the site. Biggest believes that the brewer had a better chance of winning the cup and the Celtics do win it because Vegas police in the warriors. Yeah radio talk a lot of course that you know. And so that's the third best odds right for the Bruins are talking about Tampa Bay. Invasion did anybody else are tied actually add up plus 600 cern in there are kind of right there. Whereas the Celtics I mean your behind. Gold state obviously your behind Houston at your behind Cleveland so it's a it's a little bit different story for them damaged or there's more teams standing in the way. Been for the growth. They have the fourth best odds such pretty guy that's a good place to be too. But mean Golden State just put your perspective the favorite in the NHL we just said plus 600. Goal off the NBA minus 180. What did you graduate mag difference I'm gonna make any money out there you're not going to take that they're that the overwhelming fan. They people look at the warriors in pink. A view of the planet's upper conference in middle Eastern Conference has improved data and yeah it is better with three games three games I can come out of it realistically. Our teams in the west in the east. Oh yeah I think maybe both. And I three college soon and beat three. Golden State Houston San Antonio. Are I think are better in the three of these yet offer shoulder but one team in the east the Celtics matches a very wary of him in the west the warriors and. I don't gain a seven game series they did not match up well it's a day to America and I did not match I think that's a better they play like they might lose in by a match up better. Then the cavalier inning in a seven game series against Golden State the Celtics might win a game. May Michael I think might now you said two presidents have to see that they would win you'd pick them listeners in school Bloomberg. The events of nine. Well you know you got Harold lymphoma I had comes upon you I was doing or not I editor working with the guys or for you guys are fun don't got to forget that I don't I working out will you ever forget that this right today. Ice they're too good idea it's just you hope that. One of them they hate each other or you hope that you don't want them leaves after this year some Klay Thompson lawsuit demands someone are. 'cause of what they cannot afford it are they just can't afford it yeah I'm all about the process he might be interest that he will be intraday he'd be open to have to. Thank you LeBron I've heard a lot of abuse affect how you I can't say it again I can't vowing that I'd go there they have that Max deal open. I while I will disagree with Michael I think the Bruins have a better chance of going further in the plan allows you bend the Celtics do. Let's give you a couple of things one is Don cherry who was in the building last night. And fans loved him as you might expect he was a little understated from his polarized I mean he said he did wanna dress better than the player except Andy and Don cherry was talking about the season Patrice Bergeron has tapped. Everybody says the thing that you can and under the hood don't nobody in the top thirty scoring and the version I think we'll get yeah yeah. Quote from him and you mean good thirty goals. Are and those penalties though. This team is almost since our team we never one won a war is not one we were second best team. After Montreal. We don't win one more murdered never did you all stars in the statements are disabling its effort Marshall. Yeah. So great says. Patrice Bergeron is gonna win the MVP he's gonna win the Hart trophy as most valuable player in the NHL any is getting a lot of buzz across North America. So Patrice Bergeron was asked about it in the aftermath of scoring two goals including the game winner now 27 on the season after the game last night. Winning office but now it's it's not something that you know it's really something that. I feel we're a team a team game and you know. That's all aboard a boat right now it's votes you know staying focused in a moment and so vote you know. I keep pushing ourselves to be better team and nothing about this stuff. He's not interest I Hart trophy shock. A product at soldier was answers yeah he's right there that's is a classic version as mr. Bergeron start talking about when he the heart where in the art. Protesting the high like I deserve that's like I'm the best player in the world about damn time you realized that he finished fifth. In the fourteenth season that's with the foreign ways highest finish for. He's got to be in the mix and in the points. It's usually those guys there's the top of the league in points you know might which were office governor particular season the regular guys are too but. I don't know if they and as the best record in all of hockey which is what they could do. And he's healthy the rest of the way it I don't think it's crazy to think he's going to be a top three. What are your guys Michael on the text machine which he imposing ultra down on well back I say it's 774. I know 413 Roland Burris brave girls up at dale as usual as being a piece hunker Parker. No way they go further than the Celtics how do you do with holly do it. It's like doing a it would just kind of explained pretty clearly why why you broke it further than the south and and as Keith pointed out of the folks in Vegas also think rightly Bruins are gonna go further in the south and now that that's the be all well they always know something that we down more than yeah deal more than idea and mean. David another country's gonna fit the first round of the playoffs the ability I know that people just like those. If holidays and is this money now if I'm Tony it's the Golden State a fact there's no Golden State and it's you know it's as simple as that. There may not even be a Cleveland and Oakley who right now is the best team in the east about LeBron. In the impact that one player can have in the NBA compared to once you've brought Crosby earlier. Great player and obviously they've won a lot with him yeah but it's great players around them. And he cannot have the same type of win loss affect his dad back to back titles that. At that. Crosby I. Go back to back involve him the Golden State that than anybody else that back to back. You know. Who have created that Arthur pretty good act and it. The lead back to back this year Britain for. So in this room one of us says. The Celtics are gonna go further what station does he work for a TV one's. Thoughts on that carries the celtics' sense it might be restricted to if the collar of the testers McCall and I always thought he had a guy who who you know works for the station a covers the Bruins games thinks they're gonna go front. Well Pete your switzer. It's not a lawyer who our next. That's that's. Such a lame way of looking at it you know I don't Bosnia. Just because I don't think either one BS Hong yet is because you know I'm there then. Everything I know audience you have to sign off on everything that the Celtics you. Both things is something you definitely didn't because you were a you're very much area are closed very opposed. But change you tuna Matsuzaka. Give you any more business I mean I will say that if Gordon Hayward is able to come back with some semblance of I don't expect he's going to be. You know that it really tough people's eyes sort of why why why would that happens is. This what happens and why wouldn't he do what he what he was forced I don't think he's gonna have enough time how they act like its shape though. Why would be good check so as you do all running right now. That the it's probably doing some Carty you know some version Carty riled up there's a point that got that's how you won't be gracious but he can act I think Flickr NBA shape he comes back he will in these open for a shot he's gonna make. Here's how amazed I get it might be off they getting up and on the you know you probably can't planned 35 minutes but. While I don't watch them and Australia prime minister Gordon Hayward ticket I'll definitely take it all and we're ready to be re all star. It's our duty to point clipper team Gordon Hayward. If he isn't it might approach generals might projected twenty points per game. I don't argue over lead from Gordon vs time. Do you think these are court vs how they fit maybe we don't even nominated bill and a lot each Oprah's on that well I mean should a little thing. Regardless of the sports I'd want senate would watch court here I don't know about how Michael Strahan I'd watch it. Often Chopra and Tom have this whole thing that they were announcing native art work and on speaking of movies you see the uncle drew trailer. Yeah I saw it's gonna be great you think so yeah carrier ring uncle drove OK and that and what else Shaq then what else are got a Chris Webber's. Tiffany had issues and now it's beautiful area theater roles and it he's hilarious. Pick a guy from getting out forget his name the friend and get out a preacher are hard hit you right that never got drowning. Lisa Leslie W of the legend mostly. Or how they made a whole movie of the 32 commercial but they did I expect a lot of limb and suggest that maybe there will be a lack of material I don't know how long when you read it in the 32 commercial into a movie houses Goldman makeup. As for black panther thing. The our government if you fits him really of course it'd. So Ali if you don't it it looks like yeah yeah I Israeli and Colorado vodka hunger is out last week. He's got last week yeah astronauts gesture of pretty late in the process and I did on Sunday afternoon that review and they adore podcast you know it become a work. OK I am out of this article probably I did not fit rather flat and I think you would. Artwork is a movie came out front of things right now. Are you here and I can't in front what do black panther yeah. Gulf war I think 6177797. ID 37 we read back to the calls are you coming up next Sports Radio W media. To celebrate the Oakland Raiders career Sebastien genachowski. Who according to Adams shepherd was informed today that the raiders do not plan to bring him back to 2008. Eighteen year run with the ratings. They get a different lifestyle than Brady is well it looked like it was an enough shape to lasted through to see now to be honestly didn't draft class he was picked several picks ahead of them now blocked his a first round pick. But he been a big kick their since 2000. Ridiculous bouncing addressing global professional game that's trying to. Is he the only first round pick from that class to still be within at least was still playing. Oh my god or I think so there. Yeah ones in the hall on her locker was in that class is it in the hole already and Oliphant is the only active player. Facts. Ian Brady I'm guessing are going after players that were draft of that here. Yeah brought you have to now it's gonna happen just be prepared for. Well Shane Lechler other potter who local autographed Heath BC prepared for the vice traders and say hey. Stephen gets dusty makes me nervous let's get genachowski and bring him in here. Well what's the harm there will work. They haven't done that even with some of the struggles over the last couple years of numbered amount skills. Brought an it guy. Yeah yeah prob and Melissa kicks in the conference championship. Send bold. He's missed some big kicks in big games. Even though that field goal attempt was really have talked much about that we keep talking about an anonymous call saying on an area thank when he 120 unchecked but really one. Want to get what it was just that bad snaps not yet and it's kind of rock stars while. Wait for it okay and get the ball down. And nose is able to Muster up there. That I wasn't his fault but he's had some he's had some misses yeah but obviously but there's like males guys have to guy. I ignited have a dropped ticker there probably pentagon and it got to him what fourth round. He was discussed and so forth brownie yeah getting a good kicker and that brown takes round. Term and. He would not have a terrible year. Darden we had a good he had a good idea here and and he is really good it would ballot check loves. Is that that mortar kick off that you know comes down at the one and forces them to come out when that. And they always get plastered and about the sixteen or something I mean Belichick loves that he's really go to. Better than most kickers I think in the league right. Well maybe most kickers are instructed to do it that way that's true. So if you draw more fourteen yeah but yeah I draft guide some to do that to be just fine. Who put up fair and. So no Sebastien genachowski here for you all come and I don't kid from forty year old kicker. Yeah I earlier John have a oldest team illegals and they Tom Brady play Italy 45 won't do is get out of all of this guy. At at at each position. The better ala the bestseller about genachowski was when. One year Florida State was ranked as the number one party school. Than a year after he left their number two they're a good because the genachowski and he left they went on notched. Has anybody ever spent a first round pick and a kicker other than him. He's probably the only one none of anybody tracked the kicker in the first round they went kicker potter of round one and threw a made it doesn't mean they were good I don't turn out both. Really got a guy plays four for eighteen years. You know may or in 1718 years maybe it's not the worst pick still first round pick and a kicker who that he could have gotten in the second round I don't know. Seems dumb child like it was the greatest draft. Now of the round Lavar Arrington draft. And he was supposed to be unbelievable Lavar Arrington Courtney Brown the other one yup the draft yet. Both parents think guys I know I am and this is not necessarily topple mine they got me thinking about you know our I was joking about do you bring genachowski and the patriots go hip deep in a free agency right off the battery they one of those lark and wait wait the weeds type. Things they do just because of there there's salary cap situations I have tons and tons of money. Let's say a mess around some contracts but it probably will. Danny Amendola the coming your way again and what do we shape a little little what you got here Tom Brady. Despite despite what was written there a lot boasted Tom Brady hit this tight. Despite all that stuff about Tom Brady. I think you can tweak the contract not necessarily make him the highest paid player in football didn't with a contract and get a little more cap space. Which would allow you to do some other things elegant and look at the patriots would be great if they got an athletic offensive lineman somewhere whether it's. Anywhere on the line. They did you guys have played ought to spot do it for you could you can you can work but there are right tackle to guard whatever. Athletic lineman and then somebody who is like high tower. So when high tower if I tower goes down you have someone like him who can and who can rush who can cover. Tackle you know attack attacks like I attacked anyone and those guys and I'm not and that does not outright say that I'm honest I'm not going in on Calvin knowing enough I think he's a good player and I got a little bit but nobody thought. He's not high towers I can he wanted to let them back up high tower unit that you would have the patriots with. That's what I would went well that's what I would go out get. So they as they kind of have a lot of need for a team that's great in it for a team that is still the favorite to in the AFC. There first couple of draft picks you can almost go in any direction you know why draft a corner or quarter and we're big about this and a eight UPU wonder about what the status is for. Donte' Scarnecchia in my in my mind you know one of the greatest by the which bases seventieth birthday breakfast on that so I guess is he gonna come back. And two I noticed pro football I I think it's it's there take I was prepared to go. I've been. Knocking out you know wait to discipline for K he's in good shape the other thing I noticed is that pro football focus today. Ranked the top three. Raided freeagent tackles there it Cameron flooding one inmates older too. I forget who was third sorry. Cameron Fleming is the number one rated tack or appropriately titled focus they had vandals beat top rated free agent tackle available. And they had sold or his number two. What you think Fleming is better than its older. I think I'd either your rankings have that I don't. I got about what it was their fourth best tackle now he's the best available he's bad I ya I don't I never understand how pro football focus does the Dolly downs and this rod toss out. But I just noticed you know you've got questions of at least in my opinion you've got questions about the offensive line. Is is Donte' coming back there to coach them. There are they going to be misses some guys. I freeagent tackles Cameron Fleming graded out according to them all 78 point three. On Nate solar 75 point seven. That's Hubbard of Pittsburg was third at 69 points out that tells me that Fleming in opera back over it again if you somebody's. I'm good at paying a lot of money that he won't be back in the world they'll start the timeline on on somebody else embryo from what they're one of the draft picks was tackling was out for the season. Another first pick was was rivers you can play from Youngstown State right you have the guard up to prevent another third round pick. Tackle and have the droplets economy but of the can't last night. There's a name on there he was picked. Or Antonio Garcia Garcia and Troy yeah so. They've that's what they usually do they start draft these guys they bring Amanda and pick up some problem and pick some of these guys out all the waiver wire put him on a practice squad work with them for a year or two and then. Here they are we complain about for a little bit the attorney and a pretty good players remember we to complain about Cameron planning. Now somebody is marvel at all probably about him he turned to look at players so the process continues but the you know high tower light guy yes. The reason another reason I want some I liked that is because it's not too expensive. To get that player. Now they they drafted Jerod Mayo very high top ten pick. But Bruschi charted that player is not a high draft pick high tower. Was like a late first round pick you can get. I that thinker that that's a Reeve role. Linebacker. And sometimes you can get that guy in the second or third round and turns out to be equipped yeah where they have whereas. You if you're looking for hate and you got to get fifteen sacks well all right guys going to be over drafted but he's not that good somebody won't try to make a neck and or he's gonna be way overpaid because people just freak out. About somebody who can who give you double digit sacks but think it's realistic for the patriots he gets them I like that because she like. Of their defensive end potentially of a tree flowers was good this year a Dietrich wise junior. I think those players are and then there are rivers who knows that Eddie plays out. But I about corner like to if you are drug might be missing month Jonathan Joseph the wanna be gone cold 21 key called 21 I don't mind Jonathan Osiris. I don't like satellites are you know my job I don't tides on that Alex I don't like I think I speak for most people and things that just because he just sticks Maliki government to kick everybody's you hold that against them because he's a quarter and everybody a coffee cup I get regular punch if you kick over a putt or receivers. Cochran and that it seems to lose side of the wall yeah if you're drafted a corner late in the first round you probably get. What the fourth or fifth best long draft yet there's those top guys will be gone but the run somebody could I would think there. Or the quarterback that core rock falls. I'm very intrigued got a two year you've got two years draft a quarterback either this year and ex Jeff don't freak out throughout the build up quarterback this year lectures on is it only got as Rebecca king. Brian where it is in our prior to lay down now under contract. As answer both trolling me they know what could have brought out what are they locked into buying I just sent it while back I get away get sent into a multi year Condit did check out definitely true multi million arguably controller value defense. She. What I don't feel I'd be all I know I'm being told the YouTube nit wits. Because I hope we never see him that's absolutely all halls all it I never wanted to see Judy problem playing a game that's right. Wanted to see Jacoby Brusett playing a game if your. If your patriots fan you'd it's bad if your senior back a port other than obviously mop up duty correct and I'm a lawyer in mop up duty when you saw Barack apple Brian Warner's agent. Out on me because I think your biggest secret text fact I. I'm from OK now I don't your try as a matter. He was to be hard to stand at the US and I was banged up baca. An NFL history. Rick story. And I don't write this now Schechter he's gonna have a next I think urgently need is that gonna make the errors had gone right past that probably god. Final drive as Donna just a couple of minutes dale Hollywood key Sports Radio W media. Bottle drive cosponsored by a RS restoration specialists if you manager facility and did not receive the pros and weather service he needed for. Pipes or floods. Becoming IRS restoration specialist priority service client today. Learn more ARS serve dot com kind of rare thing happened yesterday. Tool of our favorite sound bite guys of all time by the way shared a birthday. The first stop he turned 41 yesterday. The great Randy Moss. Funny women. You know I can't study please guys break there is no good. They got the big grin. The very next level I think what. Okay okay me under Andy on the ten grand let's thank random Israeli. About half dollar. That was apparent response to define for a particular incident to remove it all yet come on give it to meet Joe Black. He saved dis gusting here. We have got on our airline that is disgusting. Up next on fox and I don't dressing room camera footage I was barker reports in which are you headed to a year's air is. A guy. Yeah low. Thought our parents think there are this. December 2. 1009 Randy Moss sent home with other players for being late to team meetings and later that month after having a solid game against buffalo. Moss but the media on notice ya head out that we do we stop them. I like this you know really. Really think. Does that really of weeks but you know. Due to void. Have been asleep twelve years man and I've been to a lot. And the showed that I have my body. You could put our board so does lets you know I've bounced back. These of the earth he's the absolute best shoulders that I have that's on my body on my body. Now he's already got the other facilities are very clear that was the bird in the background read enough credit loss unit at the credit process. These are there and ultimately to solve that. Little line I liked. You know really. Really think yeah. Plus as I thought I response after being traded back to Minnesota for the pay all of this the best friend and operates maybe the history of only 525000. Dollars by the NFL for not cooperating with the onion of this loss decided to take matters into his own hands. But what about a thousand dollars for not talking to you off. And meet personally over the don't care but. That same time I do they do X questions and answer questions throughout the week would lead on the 25000 dollars in not answer any more questions for the rest of this year. If this won't be interview conducted audits are now equipped except the questions and Yahoo! answers or. From here on out knives anymore questions for the rest is easy to talk for me to talk airplay. It's been up and Errol close emotionally week. And be able to come against those guys. Are gonna play. You know I don't know what their dual. Success they had on the field the running game. What kind of know what type thing they have a lot and I just wanna be able to other guys. Missed a lot of room. Guys at. Question the question is reviews today that's paid don't yeah politicians are gone. And then lied to me that no. I'd take into this let's take questions at eleven that you were to listen I just didn't hit it I just asked myself about a minute to go out to members brief foray into. Why does he do all our lives are all of magnolia behind us it was like. Smith. What is my business and Twitter made a double life into GAAP. Don't make a lot of the high gulf outlet does that busted halo. They might say like what Michael slipped out when it finally wanted to send your questions. A somebody killed Michael Smith to save it was aftermath has Atlantic I don't I don't make it out of my. I thought maybe I claim and that lineup as shots weren't strikes the former mortgage lenders who went on to petition in the money at them that goes to world. Eight chair we want to listen to me listen to lead you to Atlanta I'm not doing no interviews there. I've got my whole interview I've got my home off TV throughout. That's not considered trying to argue would mean you may have been every two weeks you've seen you sit and talk about it interview relax homey. Somewhat humorous they make it good health and I'm not saying that I just am pleased relaxed my combat. Please relax and forgot all about that I definitely taught him that moss and ultimately was great and one day we'll have to talk about. Step barber Ares I watched that as well how what was it like. 48 hours when they're not I take breaks obviously great news if it's Philly that's great it was straight trade administrator Strickland and I. A what are the chances. That on the exact same day. The human sound bite machine himself unable to leave a nice turn 32 yesterday. They get the crowd until it come on quite a crowd of family homeowners last time I'm home fans like about him Greifeld Bonnie I'm not seen a man Islam manifest is used in that's ailment. And at finding out about it I haven't seen in younger sisters and Didier young lot of us out to make a play. AD and Kate C man downfield and make a play it on Obama. Now. I'm not an opposite meaning that we anticipated that we do it act. Good avail. I Eric Johnson edged him shell out top right terrible offer its citizens however Tom Arnold plays it needed to try to throw those guys those guys and if people wonder. I think it sort of said but he didn't use the Harlem says he edu and GT out to make it play out there again. Anyway they're prepared wanted to combine updated anyway and also in the middle of the big issue interview this great moment. I know yeah let me just affect any. And I am glad that they added there. And I don't blame you yeah I would have thought of him as our rights of Talib is never been one to back down from a beef. Especially when it comes to his rivalry with receiver Michael Crabtree. Really limited today. Bonds aren't there we'll do that you come again the occasional passes could come game time from the bag and he under the same agent as he last year. An animal who. We don't you know no matter how many choppers on the eyes and a woman who. I mean those guys with the chains snatches comes through the game here. That's fascinating as bad as I'm gonna become a sorry receiver which also put Sherman called them yet. Same race ours receiver in the league same music and so when I see him like. Do you glad that I so much like Randy Moss naturally himself has been known to host and interviewer two. Just ask former Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. And man driven or driven and what you get to do real quick how. And it. Yeah. I can't believe barely. Bronco TV. Cult. Surrounding inning. That you can't meet the best corners that that you that you could ever ever ever ever tell us about it. Marmara. The best I ever been around messed up. And with with Monrovia a little bit too little boosted recruitment rates of growth will be. Rover. Eagle on the opera Hyundai heavy volume you. Bottle as he was that they be living right. Side and all buckled TV. Stripped their navy David. Or that's great question today and that is race broncos' season. This would. Of course when you need a well spoken athlete to comment and something during those rare times when politics intersect with sports. Both candidates turn to than but he actually. Locker room talk has become one of the newest buzz phrases in the presidential race today Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib was asked. One locker room batter is really lie here's when he said. So a lot of lack own comments we talk about everything here. Trying to make dating game and who knows. I. It looked at are it who knows I don't know I fitted with a great. Pro life it is here that are oh in its final I'd ultimately like monsters. I would be an all pro I wrote a total of also cosponsored by cars for kids donate car help the child today schedule your free pick up. At 877 cards for kids are our experts did not count on the compromise. Black history. What are series continuing that's right my bottle volleys I say the 7 o'clock hour. Oh early release it yet released today the 7 o'clock AM it is obviously at some level who do this more sometimes I about a team sometime between 738. I'll keep an eye on board check it out yet ever keep his up next with who was much. We don't know I don't government on the council on the back these problems out of money it is will see guys tomorrow by. My dog and good luck.