DHK -  Can the Jags beat the Pats? Fans overreacting in Keefer Madness

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, January 16th

/Hour 4: Holley and Dale are on opposite sides when it comes to the Jags beating the Patriots. Deion Sanders is one of the few non-Patriot-haters and his rant on why the Patriots looked they way they did down the stretch is money. In Keefer Madness we hear fans overreacting.


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Oh yeah yeah. Fourth and final hour dale and Holley with deep Sports Radio WEEI. Ramsey says they're gonna win that you heard it said. Played at the open air fare so not only are they gonna go to the Super Bowl which means there easily gonna win the AFC championship game as we can I ask because they're gonna move on and win the Super Bowl when they when they get to Minneapolis. I have a feeling we got a little disagreement going here. Yeah they're amongst the boys yes we do we I I did that. Just the rate of the Rome for me yes one of us thinks that the jaguars can win this game this is Sunday and one of us does not think the jaguars can win this game this Sunday. And what promises they sniffling whiny you know watch who can't make it it's at all man he's. My heart felt that way I the next day I would have confidence in yourself why but is gathering Intel. That's a lot like I I like a diet and went better I gallery Intel or don't you guys are both those strong value whether you can sir please don't viewers and there's guys and tell that's a good right out information on the top of third downs that theory that O turnovers that it's right on these things down. Michael though you're the one guy here that. Like I can win I'd hate playing teams like this. I it immature team yes I'm a grown man so I shouldn't be going this far grown. I know that when I am in a situation my team is playing somebody. And I'm nervous and an I'm uncomfortable with that get a little not news to. Shouldn't be happening. Now it in power twelve yen but I'm I'm of the twelve long time ago you've grown men you've grown ass man on the boy dog Floyd or dog. So. I hate playing teams like is that not my stomach when it comes through Jacksonville Jaguars because you can say whatever you want about the Steelers and Levy on bell. And Antonio brown and Ben Roethlisberger. I know what the patriots were playing the Steelers I know without a doubt about it shuttled about what let's. The Steelers can not beat the patriots when Mike Tomlin. Taking on Bill Belichick Brady and the pace in the steelers' defense Steelers cannot beat them they got an adult. And they know it. And I know too now with the jaguars. This young brash. Athletic. Defense. Trash talking ability to. Shut you down on the perimeter at times. Make you. Use the middle of the field and be comfortable knowing that I know what you gonna do. What a force you to do it. I'm a little uneasy with that you know it reminds me of dale and Keefe or reminds me. If the jets. In 2010 slash 2011 the game was January 20 kilometers 2010 season the jets. Came in here at the patriots have cut them around three weeks earlier and the jets did exactly that that was Darrelle Revis in this crime. Shut them down on the permanent granted they didn't have. A Brandon cooks but they didn't have gone on that team shut down. Out the pictures or 220 point 124 point whatever was but the jets came in here and beat them. Is that the formula it takes a little pressure on their quarterback is probably the favorite Mark Sanchez right pros and its Mark Sanchez 2010. Rob Blake portals to when he seventeen probably pretty similar. I go back to that game Jacksonville and San Francisco December 24. When Jimmy drop will put 44 points on. And as you guys were pointing out if you watched and I've only watched footage I didn't watch the game itself but. A lot of these short passes you know backs out of the backfield tight ends a lot of short things the sort of thing that Tom Brady makes his bread and butter on. That Jacksonville defense only sacked rappel once the entire day. He he threw two touchdown passes he did throw an interception but he was only sacked once. With the offensive line in front of him it's nowhere near as good as the offensive line in front of break. The game plan that Jimmy -- had on December 24 is exactly the kind of game plan that Tom Brady. Eats up and spits out it's made burner. I just don't think Jacksonville. Respect Jacksonville you yeah yeah there in the AFC champion Jonathan Warner's record defensive ability is there a good defense. They've been turned into some other worldly defense by people were desperate for the patriots to lose or people or just look at what they've done this year. I'm like I said I certainly got one point seven points a game less than the patriots did this year. Now we're second in us during that that's right they raise programs. But like you think it would McGuinness was thorough enough about how this jaguars defense reminds him. Of the Broncos defense that won the Super Bowl in the Seahawks defense that one in and that also lost the super. I can see that come to the weakness. Coming on where you got to attack. How many guys you don't like. On their defense. Like an offensive line the idea that I don't know what it's like they're out dialect unless Larry it's that the patriots have so many weapons at Tom Brady's disposal Willie got time to get to Rome yes the same way Jimmy Rob Lowe had time to get to. He throw thirty passes got sacked one time that day. Yeah I just I I have a hard time can I do think. Bitter talent is off the charts if you look at the roster of talent where would you want upgrade if you were Jackson's defense but that how did they give up. Between the niners in the last game against the Steelers and Steelers honored voice betrayed. Slick out how does that happen. And then their offense I know there are able to keep up with the Steelers you know obviously part of that is the defense helps them out wondered for that was really great I think that. When the patriots go up against that offense that is one dimensional or has one gone. Say it's Houston and younger Hopkins or say it's you know whoever did that one guy that they used. They typically don't have great games that you're facing Jackson believes they are. Where stop what are format if flair for that doesn't get two touchdowns and close to a hundred yards this game are in on this score. At this the one thing that patriots can't do not even one time be clean beat clean and they can't beat you Abdel louder than it is today are don't make how many tell you. I may give you one preview yet we had a trailer for the game. And in that trailer there was there were no turnovers from the patriots or say okay patriots went on my diploma but the patriots cannot lose. It they don't turn the ball over. One turn over an area that's what Jacksonville does think just to live on their lifeblood that they in turn you over which they do get everybody. They turn you over. They're probably gonna beat you. Well not only that but I have all the stats that Kamal there's been a million since Sunday won't Wentz at the matchups everything with all the crazy numbers. For Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in the playoffs one of them that I saw I believe it was three. If if Tom Brady sacked three or more times and and in a playoff game. The team is three and four. So merciless fill up web game that's only seven times with our concept that's a pretty good side first ball but his state could Jacksonville gets him three or four times through the current. If that's the case your already leased to them you've given yourself a chance at that point and then a needless. Or threw the ball 58 times. They scored 42 point he threw the ball 58 times against this. Vaunted you know there are still down today by no doubt about when you winzip had to market for awhile. And so but that's their argument now if you wanted to argue against him concede that you had of the Steelers down 21 zip into one by three points. Should've blown out and end in them. And they talked after the game as if they did as if those 42 points never happened. But it's rates so Jack's it's when you look at the way that their constructed. Is if the patriots are able to get up big in this game you think is pretty much over if Jacksonville gets up there with the of Pittsburgh it's not over because. They're gonna become very one dimensional they're only gonna run the ball he could probably force a bunch of three and outs and then as we saw is good is their defense is. There's constantly on the field you're you're able to score on them so. Jackson no need a lot of things to go right so. Yeah Michael thinks there a chance still thinks that they don't I'm probably closer to deal anybody has a chance well I know I liked I don't think it's very realistic. I don't think they have a realistic chance of losing this case there's a reason other spread is is not like for converts it to game that's pretty significant. And I just think you know at home all that also if you are thrown together I know the defense is is so big in Jacksonville we talked vote coach Belichick yesterday. All of a throwback where they rely on the running game and on their defense. But still it's hard to overlook the coach quarterback combo and it fits Belichick Brady I don't they have the busiest everybody but now it portals are more Rome. Of say die out ahead of a very hard time betting on on them be it I think even the cover now what are. How they do against. How they do against guys in this they have faced an offense like this this year I don't and I'm not talking about all the patriots is so explosive. They don't they haven't faced an explosive offense they go out and they they face Pittsburgh last week most popular fish the rams but I'm not talking about explosive I'm talking about just in terms of concept. So patriots you know you got drop. And everything he 127 programs to everything the proper usage we got an adult for the game and sounds crazy we said last hour sounds crazy to put an end and dull as a major factor but he years when it comes to post season. And have a guy like coaxed three different skill skill sets. From those guys end the backs as pass catchers. As wonder how they deal with that that they'll do the shortstop that's going to be a part of it I you do with the backs I do with M and they'll load the shifty guy. Oh you know give you like our 65 to charts cut yet to and they go. Out would they be able to defend that because that's gonna take a lot of that's not just app criticisms of the pictures just wanted to go around the field. Lot of nine routes for for branding cooks patent Jacksonville would love that OK you do or. They come out yet look where we're going and we can rush to quarterback and we can have our athletic quarters under. I'm Thomas and underneath stuff. What's your point about how would Jackson doesn't really sub monthly baited my deal that might swap one guy out. You look at the patriots of one of their offices series how many different personnel packages they have. So they'll find some sort of mismatch you know and Rex Burkhead may be back so maybe it's Danny Amendola they they think given mismatch or maybe they they throw to running backs out there on the field what they they have so many different. Personnel groupings with a and put out there that they're gonna they're gonna find an edge. They gave up 27 points and lost to Arizona. Sorry that offense doesn't scare me as much as the Patriots offense does we talked about you know 44 points to it to Jimmy drop on the 49ers. We talked about the rams good offense great off and a high scoring offense in the league gave up 27. If you look at their schedule we already talked about this they had the easiest schedule in the AFC wrecked so I think schedule. But the game you're playing here and answer it's uninteresting went. You're fighting all the negatives all the things. You. All the things about Jacksonville all the guys that strengthened my argument I don't know if big unaudited profits as against buffalo here arguments aren't I'm not saying your argument is we commenced an abusive and what I'm saying is you're fine you're fighting all the negatives about Jacksonville and then you're saying well if this team gave up 27 points in Arizona living and doing the patriots. While only got to put Richard Jackson the hat on for a second it's an ugly when physically sound just back down that's one thing that really hate about the uniform try to change those uniforms and you moved to London London I don't rush uniforms are the all right Jack -- they'll cut it to Jacksonville had on in the candidacy. That is pretty impressive team thirteen three got the bye number one seed but. You know they can pick up a third down against Miami really. And look quit quit they were able to do it cooks in that game where better defense than Miami's defense and we got. Two maybe three quarters out of the Miami's best. Order a place that won't be obvious response yeah got to worry about rock that's it would be that it. Well I'll take it out of the Dell Intel wants to use them at their worst look at Jackson yeah errors. Let's delve also I can point out there one thing can't you flip around look at the patriots that there were get paid that the worst was Miami but that was how wrong the jaguars at their worst we border point oh what did he was problem views Arizona debuts the rams may be was the Steelers you know they want to just offensively there that's more than one example so I can't quite the Steelers since they had what seven turnovers against them until they won the game up I don't know about that. The regular season game there's nothing you can say about that when the dull game they also played without crock obviously without James White. I mean they they did not have their full complement of weapons look they played trash they available that I absolutely. Are they still scored 21 on their bad day over the air defense gave up 27 you. Happening know the particulars because your patriots fan my attic like we all that's right yes we're patriots fans. Do you know the particulars of what what was going on at New England in the games when they didn't play well. Do you know any of the particulars of what was going on the Jacksonville not give up now 44 points when they played Arizona. I'll tell hello we don't care well no actually that that the 49ers Jacksonville game I did look up like portals threw three picks. Is quarterback rating for the day with 75 point six and has not gonna happen which owned by the way as there is more likely than not and a if you ever pro quarterback. Watch their kids are doing our big show. Sir there have a few holes. You can attack certain things certain age. Although if you could just whether it works is that mr. And the pressure that they've provided all the different things you've got to chest moved all our scores imports and as these. If Hewitt Packard the right way. I went like and Willie that vaunted forty niners defense against Jacksonville. Held lettered for net to 48 yards on eighteen carries two point seven yards a carry. And I think they'll shut down format I. I mean elected with all due respect to write I think he's really you know I think he's terrific but without respect your not respect that you're not receive that all do read about it might Saturday's times about is that already made I don't respect you and I don't respect they affect. Oh don't respect me Jackson you know they'd be awful bad beat buffalo and three and I didn't set. Help with the NFL back about twenty years when the war they football game in recent memory wasn't it it was a rough. But the roughed him a forward pass there's this thing called the forward that all we're not allowed to use those that don't forward passes. So that the Sanders had some stuff to say yes he did. We're gonna hear what Dion had to say when we come back in just a couple of minutes we'll get to your calls as well gala Hollywood keep Sports Radio W the. You got to adult. They got them to avoid all of us out of the call it dealer ramp that you've apple Apple's real for real doll is AJ avoid. What I would do. I would they gave array of the fast the C 87. You alone that is true I would do the same thing I would take a big boy JF that you see fourteen. He belongs to you with critical. They're not enough that that that. I I can never keep its. So that was that was Shannon sharp with his thoughts on on the game has weakened against somebody or is somebody desperately dog yet Jeff desperately hoping. Somebody can knock off the patriots. So Deion Sanders. Weighed in as well Allen and and we've got the opportunity to hear a little bit about what the arm had to send them. It first the boy you've got beat up so there you got a full that'd be ignored you gotta be at a lessen the judge to pick against Tom Brady what's wrong with you. Could you give someone who just currently won the Super Bowl today give you valid reason to do so okay but in the last. 61%. Percentage six touchdowns so yeah I'd say he's normal so that you decision he's not right because there's other guys do. Okay horrible and then that show no Oprah. Oh me on the do not spectacular in the last several big rock Dodi had there was shot and it can always leave the deck. Most hollow but only it would that they would it. I don't know what did you drive and so did. The guys here are committed to excellence everybody was worried about the chatter all week well they want a head. Wait there's been some talk about the media rhetoric of your web gravitated to the Brady vs Belichick vs crap moment you really think they don't mess up this thing but a new dish and Bobby brown and but I. Mr. And those of medical ms. McMahon. We don't. The new addition to write down. I could and gotta be absurd. Gotta be foolish yeah yeah ignorant they adolescent outlook he got the after every day yeah. Then it got that I got the pinky ring extended its iPad was shot and it can yeah. Those are totally it would that they wanted to. Did you expect certainly that the patriot that's the driving up the Madonna can't that's our talented drivers currently pinky than me every now. It is not that ball legged. A ligament that. Picking extended. Leave hours about the upper hand on the about the caddy a date driver and his caddie and explain that. Both bully it would that they want it to. So he's he's the opposite of me patriots tape. Are rare but there're there are a couple of Michael Irvin I would output and that's in group. He lets the patriots easily doesn't talk about about the. They had ever and and he is right he's right in the sense that. You can't you can't look at Brady as something you want him to be until he starts looking that way and starts looking like he's lost and pleased doesn't like a bum. Our idea is crazy to say that you know he's declining or whatever or whatever you wanna say about Brady but he had. Stretches before where he's had thrown for a bunch of yards right or. Interceptions and is interceptions and touchdowns are about even or is Dion says he looks normal. This could expect and and that's several times in his career especially when he's playing as Miami I think Miami started. The money and I game yeah. That really put him at a bit of a funk but we've seen that before. Tom Brady against the dolphins always gonna point out to people these people relate to a party. But Tom Brady he once had a game against the dolphins look it up where he threw for 76 yards. Less than Blake portals through war against buffalo and didn't run for your I'd say after six yards any one game. So it's not it's not surprising to see Tom Brady against certain opponents that. Not so great. Every now and but I don't I don't I don't get where this comes from where all of the patron to lose it. There's an audience this this author Molly Knight. Yes this is not so Motley night she wanted to white Knight. Set wicker sham. Because she says wicker Sam wrote a great actor great story. By the patriot that sounds 100% believable. If you ignore some thing if you pay but that's what you pay attention to everything she says yeah happened. That anything important happen to the team. The stories 100% believe. Well. Up in the corrections. Which ESPN DN which went up almost immediately other than the current vigilant about the mass holes I have a bunch of hassle I had utter shock. Yeah a great work from 1997. Man gets sequenced mob deep says hello we could go a long time ago so the short ones at that and Massachusetts. And all caps owe their shook over this. Story say he's in decline. Yes I said it dollar oh you are currently you know they they see indications that he's in decline and nervous. Writes he's no these terrorists not only is in decline on our receivers in the line right to get out the weighing all of us. How every truth is that she said the story rings 100% true it's asking for something. That's not there I understand people wanted to be here to tell me. What you've seen. That that makes you so confident that this has happened or is this is happening. She had lunch with some of corruption once and he's friends with its outer body quite sure. Even so everybody. I'm quite sure okay. Quite quite or you're not a hundred I'm just another army quite sure I'll take. I'm telling you they so. Desperately want this to happen. By the time you get to Sunday they're gonna be making up more stuff. I'm telling you before the week is out there will be more stuff made up out there. Maybe gotten maybe not on the same lines of all of Belichick and Belichick and raiding craft though there's issues here United's it's all gonna fall apart. It's going to be. Will be offensive coordinators are leaving both of got jobs so they're not focused on what they have to do to win this weekend. Their minds are elsewhere they're worried about filling out coaching staffs and and rosters you know in Detroit Indy. So they can't possibly give complete attention to getting ready for the Jacksonville jaguar. You know it and it's it's frustrating I I understand where people are coming from you wanna see somebody outside of knowing the people. In doing those humps of people gay you do it well it happens and FAO we got two weeks talking about a Jacksonville Super Bowl again I don't like their people in the media one is different and the people and actually last year. If I can see why. It's it's the same thing over and over here the patriots are was it. Conference championship pierce number twelve. Twelve conference championship appearance that particularly got to be straight up hate and absurd. And that is adolescent that Democrat. But the formula for the patriots if you want to match the patriots. That they big thing that people point to was Brady and Belichick right. Belichick debris and larger Belichick Brady and stable ownership. Going to be in position when the only other franchises in the league. I can say that or the packers'. McCarthy has been there for a while. Got a great quarterback Aaron Rodgers and you certainly have stable ownership put the packer and yet just out because all these people only owners and Oshkosh and Appleton and Green Bay on the Packers and then. Practicing we start talking about. And top of the show the Steelers. A stable missionaries stable. Quarterback has been their for a long time. Got a coach didn't require coach Phillips lifetime contract. So that team in your conference this is not on your level. In the district. That it's a head game. I think that's the Steelers. Aren't that far away from the patriots in just look at them like nick Wright did on paper look at them on paper he sure did go that far away from the patriots. But mentally. It just not insanely. And they need a shrink to get them there. And possibly a new depends Chordiant. And I the editor Margaret toward it's her final phone was discussed you know like the news does make me a scenario. Sort of another fact that he got some things wrong is what makes it's fake there's mention that at all dog died I'm sure she she didn't mention the fact it ESPN had to correct. Seth wicker sham story online I'd be shocked if you read the east. At. Greater she's an author she resulting. That's our job a lot out of baseball and probably ran across Worcestershire and in the media circles and is sucking up to repression that speaks. A great guy and a great writer and wrote a great story. Everything's everything's up for the wrong part everything is true except for the parts and archer. And thoughts for some of the thought that had to be corrected but you know it's. And out of and here's the other thing what makes the story right. That's that's my question what makes the story right. Is Josh McDaniels leaving me the story right necessarily. He's been rumored to leave like the last three years old Belichick leaves. The news or got got only way to Belichick leaves you a 100% accurate in a what's gonna happen in this got to drive people crazy. Is it to be back in this position next you know they willow right. Belichick's coming back. Brady still gonna play don't have a successor to Brady so even peace talks he's coming back. Eddie doesn't soc place and do what they had to help out Brian Hoyer they won't is that stopping along the standard week. Brian horror like portals who's better volume of morals. Absolutely bored so don't be in this position again. Massive no winning it. In 2018. To compete in the conference championship again most likely. Deal with a America at the same buffalo right and the bills from home back to Super Bowl it builds are back deal with a her pulse of the can win. It's good when it got worse every time every time ago. Get worse and worse than expected I've heard whenever our way notes second line is that the second one when Norman Thomas could find trauma. And a third one get blown out by the by the cowboys and this is just got annoying after awhile. Final drive keeper madness coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. By drive cosponsored by an arrest restoration specialists. Regardless of about doing it for our English speaking friends dale regardless of the season a disaster can arm and president solar medical facility at any time get an IRS disaster plan in place. Make your client's employees or tenants are protected. Learn more AR serve dot com where you're my own there we put a lot of shared her thoughts fidelity and I'll tell you lose is the book. Also cosponsored by cars for kids don't H cardinal child today schedule your free pick up an 877 cards for kids. For a cars for kids dot com. You can imagine yes you may get keeper madness. Correct that one out directly from that this Lindsay talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Could be in a great deal of the men do not think I hate hate. So it's just that makes you laugh. This is one of the strongest segments and my Atlanta. Is that when who has loans powerful enough to sit here and only bag. I was doing Hugo you know she came up from dank Enron thought I had that I. I have always enjoyed Waffle House I wishes review of a. There are a little odd to. They edition of Kiefer madness a point edge yesterday on the program we were introduced to a gentleman a big Steelers fan dale a huge youth back. They have got to be happy budged at all or he got here that's why I don't know if this is just refresher volume on what was going on him. Well them. Most. It. Audio routers. Have. There. That'd be buried yet policyholders. One. Are now easy money sigh I'd see the kids. Late forties on. Now 381. I'm really that's I've. Terrible I I've done that at the level there are challenges that one Yates is out of these powerful sounds nobody sounds like hawks and have vindicated on this is when I said he talked about doing the dishes before you as we know he's talking about he says it right there that is gonna do that this is and then that's not the outfit. But that inspired because it got inspired OK got it could be dead probably know but it's parred the rest of us. To go back and these other end videos sort of caught in the moment either immediately after or immediately during the eight game changing play Europe all that far back that those Steelers fan. This was during the Steelers patriots game over the very controversial. Jeff these games catch or no match. Okay. Hey there. In the senate has not yet. Yeah it's. A so this gentleman as those who should pull out and think yeah it would most of us if you know you're watching the game a lot of food out is full of chips apples dipped. Bulls of other things and that's what is no regard for that have been on a typical that the principles of course it was a typical students there. It. After hours ago that. Think folks are rolling video for all of this that I think I am a bit of of you know. Skepticism. You know we went through this we accede yet public specifically rejected ones that word. Clearly states there are some that are definitely for me but is this what a lot of the I think what happens is if there's a gathering may be at the small party or maybe just your bail me out. And somebody maybe. Who's not as if the game as you think you're being clowns to the record you are being report Ellis has promoted this this is what they do with the kids do these days you know put on the old snapped as that have you ever had the urge to get after all it's hard. You know. V dealing people that your party just a different generations yet to keep them active again you probably. You know. Gender revealed is probably a big deal right now as things break the gender revealed. Like that they ought to do that idea about it or nine years old enough now they figure out they have a way it telling you the baby gates do whether it's going to be all right that's I at the boys grow its whole thing it's like a party of and you know sometimes it's like. Lou it's about me by you or. It's a product of our technology mean thirty years ago who would think you'd be sending pictures your job to grow from their career. About an hour or an I Mac. But goodfellas where this would note that thing that struck out Michael. Institute events and it's now about alternatives or in the yeah. Oh yeah. Possibly. I. It's more snacks. And yeah there's some beer pong. It's got to point out to millions that. I'm very burgers and beer pong. On the big daddy got simple idea yeah. So well as did the little giant bats for a well not that I have corrected them. I guess after you know and typically he's so well they liked when he lately to about another patriots game this was the course super bull. 49 home vanguard happen nowadays they think a lot Seattle fans were together they I think they kind of had an idea of maybe where the ball. We should have gone. When they. The okay. Then it. Why unit of and well they've worsened as inseparable and it's my favorite item at the end of a clip that the bones of the twelve vote in the. Amazement was. Yeah. He's a good fun and we'll. The flag was for what excessive get them that it. Yeah I was on the pages. Artist development from Mets in game this is the gentlemen because oftentimes it's best if they are fake you know you'd say. You're market smasher on TV view of her seat belt a little ones I really think there are so well that we don't you research this through we found out the fake ones we found someone legitimately differ in their TV it would address the legitimately to strike the right and I got a and I think guys that you're around not to fit nicely that's why console with what I'd destroy it because you know. Name yeah. That's yeah. You did not throw a pass at vehicle. Yeah Marshawn Lynch. That is television's other guys fired on the big thing America obviously. Now it's not just the guys that that began all carry video of that they're not just pro football than that this college football a little while Ole miss LSU action. Government acted I don't review right after. Okay. If it. Emotional. Perry's various. Now I couldn't tell right it's not just college football how about a little law we'll baseball's well let's go to 2013 playoff run large Red Sox right where god let I think they're but now has been involved apparently it does a great job that he also put together some of the politically clips as hurt your of this are you aware of what watch this is this very well and have a problem Ortiz or anybody analysts. While moment a different guy. Here's the catch. Call them outside our that was this week and. All mind. Really deep and why aren't you. Yeah. And I mean. Don't frenzy. With strength. Yeah. How. They even in the game. He be thinking strike out here doesn't wanna go 32 attitude to. I recall they got on the outside corner made eight block. Hey Darryl this. I'll. Keep. The debate and yeah. A little fired up it is. Yeah. Molly ball. Okay guys that are probably somewhere I'll vote soon I hope he's got to show we've got to he's got Brit I Ramsey those of music. He is fired up so they go. A lot of it we like all of those those are pretty good hockey for Madison up next with. But what does that mean for noted though have you ever he's got a at all sorry never. Know much. The foundation of what might we expect the Pittsburgh or an old do we care I like. And well. Matthews to object field it's. Good and it's my brother okay enough I've got the stuff on its spilled over here for us lays. That if you're going in the bathroom doing thick up after itself we'll see guys tomorrow by. Oh yeah. And barrel and validity at all. It goes dark for. Right we'll.