DHK -  Is Tom Brady toying with the media? Are we overreacting to the Brady injury?

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, January 18th

Hour 3: The guys get a call that sparks the debate if there is any chance Brady coming out and stretching in practice is a form of his playing with the media.  Keefe mocks Hoyer.Holley,Hoyer was better in Cleveland than Belichick. If Brady doesn’t practice tomorrow Hoyer is starting.


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Yeah yeah yeah. Our number three Galen Hollywood T Sports Radio WEEI want the bad news we want the bad news you've waited it. They're hold on I got no good news Gloria. Patriots practiced for forty south Tom Brady right hand. Did not practice. I know you saw him out there for warmup we saw bath. Evidently he was unable to throw the football today because he was a deep NP not limited participation. Did not participate in practice today. Yeah. This guy real here it's got it's. Shares arm's guy for real witnesses speak Thursday guy dressed before the AFC championship yes indeed he was limited. A limited participant on Wednesday did not practice on Thursday gave us. Who now filled not fought very go it's imperative not yeah I think you need. At some else in the ether. Yes saying positive things positive Brian Hoyer everybody say one positive spot right now about Brian sort of opera. Or is accorded if they queries and NFL quarterback he knows the place. Yes he does I heard they'll tell you know the plays familiar with the system. He noted it is games that started it cityscape all most has the same number. As Tom Brady he's got a tuna number nice sum it rob Parker. And Tom Brady has to enhance. His first win this year would get them to the suitable IRX. Playing to me. And and I only have one explanation as I ask the question. Why would you have him out there and then not let him practice. My guess is they were trying to see if he could. And he said I can't. I mean why would you get him in uniform they had amount they're stretching. This everybody needs distracts me out while let me just read it could stretch in the locker room just trying to think they are stretching is a big part of the TV twelve program. He could stretch other places. Even if they is a threat he had it at that people on the lower practice field outside to see out there team may not. I'm better than being with the team you know guys who retires today what they do one thing they can't recreate succumb broader. Being out there with a guy Broderick got there and stretch we're stretching together. Or was that Casey you can throw the football or don't care can't. RAC. Without it there had a heck you're still doing your media thing tomorrow. I made no not lawyers are getting older and now media thing tomorrow goodness gracious. And it's it's so when they asked Brian Hoyer how did Tom Brady looked at practice today and he said great he's a liar Brian or a liar. Think if this outing on let go and see how do you practice comedy look. That's probably treated I gotta be worth the Israelis are the pictures you look at what the question what the question could be you eat it it's accurate but would you ask Brian Hoyer. Fewer and that's grumble about. Hundred people that are that if blocker this afternoon voted you know it let's go to Michael Pollak of the first question did you take more reps today than you normally do. And so he's been erupts as did you save face off that if you take more reps today how many reps is to take today sixteen where you're the starter in practice now. It. Notes he could dance around you can not turn to keeping track of those things. You know others though and he's done he's already done some of the nose prepare like I'm gonna play yeah okay good backup talk about today. It today's that is the same today today in what way is the most important tomorrow's anymore that rationale is that inaccurate statements made the same as every other thing I don't think so it became a lot less like every other day a few minutes ago good and unlike every other thing when it techsters catcher you're one good thing for Brian Hoyer I confess this go to what is got a song. Now he went ten and six in sixteen starts for Cleveland. Since he left they've been four and 48. They go pretty good is that real stat he goat he was he ten and six for the browns. No he wasn't having but the team was. Well that the of their sense or nonsense honest it is sixteen start over parts of how many seasons. A key himself he went south and he went in there with the amount of the dark and have imagined I can't imagine. He was a part of ten wins no clear he wasn't gay went three you know in 2013 and and went seven and six in fourteen okay. Go let's get stuff that's expected great debt I did a great staff thank you Brian Hoyer let's data that atmosphere a more dramatic way but there. About the author hit this is this is real now this is really have already paid that much but. What this market under the market a market price under the gun marketing director for Brian Warner about this Rossi that jobs available. Area. I am a lawyer. Finished his Cleveland Brown's career with a winning record which is more than you can say for Bill Belichick. Well love Atlanta and yeah. I knew her zone. Yes. And Moyer. Had a winning record with the browns and even the great Bill Belichick the greatest coach in the history of football. Can't say that through. This guy's money. When I guess if you're gone too far we had a slightly worse now than we did two hours and twenty minutes ago yes yes yes dale was not worried about the the press conference thing. If you showed up at limited I would have been like OK things are going to say I'm not practicing is a word it's a great game. Two great game now in my clothes came to mind what Israelis say let's say at Vegas as I try to do with a pulled that thing down said earlier. Tom Brady's presence up quickly Kim did they respond to something like effect now word got out just minutes ago that Brady did not practice they probably knew before redid. I'd say that's that a former partner my news a lot of time line earlier was ate half. So what I'm shock treatment depositors who Tom Brady now practice on gone down another half I don't hang out. That's a separate. Then if he says if it's if he doesn't play if he would practice tomorrow. To be down a six and then. On Saturday it will probably move to like to. A lot of inactives at 130. That brain of a quarterback in here and he can plug this right. It's another factor if you're right. Will we see somebody they go Ryan Lindley seemed at Logan sure on the rebels ran in the public I don't know. He's in New York area. And learn to play quarterback ever. There at those quarterbacks or must be done. Well the more information we get the worst that sound positive spin this positively. Yes if we're worried yeah of course he's he didn't practice on Thursday tolerated as a practicing. You've got he got Brian Hoyer taking on a defense. That has led the league that that leads the league in turnovers. And we've seen him in the playoffs and he turns it over. He asserted the so. That doesn't that leave you with a lot of confidence that doesn't Ali this is the wow this is. It is sad and an audition but this is how like a prologue. Four colts fans. Who were wondering what's up what Josh McDaniels now your fund our freedom Josh McDaniels is is going to be an action news here. Here's your tough assignment jobs. AFC championship game week. You think you've got Tom Brady you've game plan with him over the years. To the point where you know you know what he's gonna say he knows which are gonna say but now this is different now you've got Brian Hoyer. Brian Hoyer is your ticket to Minneapolis. Who. Well we Ernie got Arctic ice it tonight Argo and regardless I've says the buses are pretty on a plane has is that well he's he's a bus Kaiser Greyhound kind of quarterback. They are scheme that he is not a first class kind of guy and Melanie perhaps you let me ask the question I don't know the answer nobody sees practice right. Wreck right. Knowing you can't lie can't live you've been very little to you sign up at every so I'm out there are limited participation. About practice that can catch up I imagine the patriots you shouldn't be met them around and anything else. I don't think they're due though. Well he did. Participate limited. We side yet it knows that that's not bad negatives how stretching he's stretched yeah. And then if you really need to you know be specific and you can answer a question and on only the library so lucky if he does not practice tomorrow. That's it's a real profit he's not play again right and more visits to walk through usually one no I think certainly the loss Saturday is a locker so what if he's if he's a how many guys this year did not practice Friday and play in the games on me about metal rules but the rules are different for him because immediately after every doesn't mean he can't his that's. That terror. And maybe they've determined. Their medical staff as a medical staff working together analysis this is it better they better we all death death metal and others it's. Alex by himself and his his team misses the patriots. Or are we working together here to show of unity. All focused on Tom Brady's hand ball. There and all all Mel Ferrer doll don't that I don't totally have authority out there that is of that I let's get back to the called city guys Jim in Florida hey Jim. And just go and I don't. Great show by the way you. I just wanted to say loosen. Up a quarterback. I definitely got a patent it is somewhat yeah. I take a deal. Since. The pass and anger and how long he's going with the Peyton airing since the Denver Super Bowl he has not thrown a pass yeah. I don't throw with a few fans at the statute dedicated and that would call that throwing got pushed a few of the in the Super Bowl appears to have the pop which owns a rude perjury which to base kiss and the mouth of the miserable not a and out of. I'll avert a Tweeter says Madden curse finally kicks him. Couple of forgot about that. That's right who weren't even thinking about mid stared it down all wore long even thinking about a remember get a little. Spoof yeah I don't he's walking under ladders and he's doing all content is unlike any event we want scared we're not afraid in here you are. AFC championship game week. And you know it was good practice and after any game. Somebody in practice some Claudia I don't lose their. Rugs and the Tom Brady we talk malpractice and anything. And and causes him to miss practice on Thursday of championship week we talk about that and left practice a guy can you believe this him. We talk about practice man as I am I'd like to do it and run and when he was right in there heard practice as the curve. Is there a benefit to have Brady out on the practice field if he can't participate now. Well and and the reason I ask you as if if if they're running through plays if there you know he's out there. For lack a better term mental reps he's there he's participating he's watching authors are different can't throw a Mac I'm not going to be you know taken handoff some just gonna. I'm gonna watch this is the call on this this is what we're gonna do one that is there a benefit to having him out there just for that. I think so. If you have home. They let some of the injured guys if you have him in my the other room rehab or icing or or you're on the stationary bike and you're not near you're not near the team doing some of that stuff. And I think that that could help sure it's I don't know what you wanna do against. If the jaguars on Sunday certain. You're probably implementing game plan right now parts of the game plan and and if if Thomas bodies have going to be playing in someday I got to know what's going on out here. I'm from try and dig about a half off that I'm trying this on their sole hard to come up with something. Some positive out of the fact that man the Thursday before the AFC championship your starting quarterback was unable to practice. Because of an injured hand and an injured throwing hand by the way. Ryan's Springfield hey Brian. What are out there what's up man. Now watch. Might still be we can't keep a very naive but it's our right. It's he presents yeah that's true that only the malls is good news. So my new one over over a year it would thanks. One question or it. Permanent anchor time ready there. Because of the PL reported suspension none per page zeroed in on. Not okay here's a dummy I knew if he can't be checking. Two days before is teaching rebuking he'd go out and not begging for hand mobile. I can't boots and a lot of I didn't noted how bad this is who you're right it's like it's a bold move. Maybe emitted in Portland yeah broken bones. What is broken bone that was accurate or that and not. Great actors are negative. While we knew we got one report we don't know anything discern the regal why he practiced today is that our third didn't read on. They do the right offense. Don't wanna be out there just to see exactly you know if what they see what just see. You know I mean c'mon guys. He didn't even practice today Brian. Exactly but he got there. Well he was only there stress stretching we don't know we don't know he stretched. I mean I I. Our hearts and mind you rendered at third base in the red zone offense if it's beat Teddy Bruschi and at all I'd. Third day of the red zone offense when they put it in one implement. So why would they go out there and have probably got their start and run back entering that that makes no sense at all. Look I've I don't I don't I would present are trying to make the case that he did stay out there and I'm hoping are right that he was staying out there. If you saw the picture and it got by and are ready CNET and if you seen the blown up portion of the picture. It is clear that there is something under the glove on his throwing hand. And and it it almost looks like a splint or something there's something under the glove on his right arm. I could make an argument that the single most important of your five digits when you're throwing a football is the thumb. If it if his thumb is hurt that's not a little boo boo on his hand. The fact that they send him for X rays indicates that they thought you know it was bad. Hey we gotta get an X ray on this thing we gonna see what's going on here. It wasn't just a cut you know wasn't merit pay it didn't get a butterfly bandage on this thing trying to back out there and start prone again. If he didn't practice today it was because one simple reason. He was unable to. Who. Rules at the clock a we're gonna talk ourselves and Brian Hoyer winning the AFC championship game in the next couple of days no where we are not passed. What Evans. 7797. ID 37 Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. We want the bad news you want the bad news when it. Says hold on I got no good news Gloria. Patriots practiced report is out Tom Brady right hand. Did not practice. I know you saw I'm out there for warm up we saw that's. Evidently he was unable to throw the football today because he was a DNP not limited participation. Did not. It's got real here if you didn't practice today it was because one simple reason. He was unable to. Booms and okay. I don't know you'd have to ask somebody else that question and American. American speak for him so. I prepare. Every week like on the play whether you're dull. Julia and me so. I think the one thing that. You know I can benefit from is it since I was here's the back left I'm pretty laughable. So. The last voice you heard was Brian Hoyer front and as a blocker today when there was a lot of people around him do the busy spot. Now I know that there are a million different places where they they put outlines we have a text or who claims that the line that he saw where Sheikh. Went from nine and a half which is what it opened up back and it's now at seven. My Beaumont as eat locket and eight right now but I don't doubt somewhere at seven. Or do now a crime because after all Keith they already know they didn't if he's gonna player they were all over the they are exactly what the injury is they know whether it's playing or not. Maybe you're trying to scare you a little bit neutrally gets the more money off somebody. That's too bad to Roger Goodell has already declared that will be in Philadelphia not Boston this is the place he wants to be you know I wanna be you know Tom Brady. See the patriots and AFC championship game at home. Be in trouble against the Jacksonville Jaguars you can present. The Lamar. Trophy. The show icons the ballplayers. The Blake Puerto if you're married things and I. Alas founded always hear they got smoked by the chiefs yeah he may never be allowed to board. Back to the calls and you guys' heads and no sorry I sound so depressed. Perhaps a little or bad. Normally they wanna. Election and all of you for a guy to probably play them or. Well done and out of not exactly the right thing and not me I don't. You've probably got a report that you guys are. Easily. Upload or mr. That. Well it's a little bit different I think it's day after your image game in your adrenaline is going nuts but you heard it in practice and sure hurts like hell in practice. Yeah now you're really like each other bad ankle badly hurt them. But that actually really really hurt you probably just short a little. What the general or actually. Play Sunday. Yeah I mean listen if ID guess one way or the other I say he does play just because he always finds a way to play. But I'm not I'm a hard time spending the missing Thursday practice as an income posit a Thursday practice before an AFC championship game. And yesterday and it wasn't one of those things where yesterday you first that there's one report that old maybe use going to be limited and or think you are well. You know he's been fighting things all year number we were definitely is the killer idea maybe it's the shoulder or maybe it's a hand because that sort of crept up over the last few weeks. And then we get the report care ingredient have it no he heard it in practice this is they knew enters the reason it was limited let's get used good to go until the correct. And for a taxer who says he how many practices that he missed this year that being none. He had some limited participation practices he pushed back some Wednesday press conferences. I don't think there was a single practice in which he was a DMP. And I don't think there. Sure I don't know that he had an and sound I think that may have been a couple of Wednesday asked Betty as I remember I think I thought they were limited we can we can and begin looked out. Effort. The press conference thing we know they moved a few times and and they did that last year as well Isaiah knowing that when didn't worry me at all because he was getting treatment on stuff. I think he still practiced on those on those Wednesday's. Alex on the cell phone Alex. Guys guys guys you re not my race here it's. I am going to Minneapolis wind blew each item there. Jaguars vikings should be great going regardless. The Patriot Act the bill going to be there. Tommy Boy and her play and we don't know why didn't. I like Alec the enthusiasm there are very very enthusiast so I call that denial. Because. Rule number one in Minneapolis. Deterred some of the things that go on any apple like we act like black budget sells one yeah yeah that was going on. Your children snowmobile Slobodan over the nickel at all. Line. And mission trip remember. Come on guys yeah. So in his. Alex I figured if one got to be at the a party or gathering with. It's gonna find depositor I like hearing of that the par five. I go Osgood. Our guy. Line is that a lot of his making that up until that your new thing what are they did that and you have generating big. Where there was reckoned it was like a new thing jump on snowmobiles several malls are flying through the city. And I that. Yeah. That. Alex well good zip line. Snowmobile thing. Pretty I don't know text vote. Make everybody feel better about he's sort of who bought it to the Super Bowl there regardless of the cold weather city a lot of patriots fans that are. If we're down. Are you guys I was surprised how doubt Mueller. I'm not feeling great about how did you right now is I'm when I said he didn't practice today you also I think Gabriella got rid it got really there but I've told as I told you before. Even without Tom Brady. And bridal lawyers are starting quarterback you can win this game. On some you can win it hasn't draping yourself believe. Did you pay out that tease before about those grown up world trade thing. Definitely at the Brady news at that point already said you're put a panoramic view of this great worries that a stable very simple very simple thing. Yeah I remember to escape I got out of Val. I don't fell thrown up well this had to come back to me okay great or I'll look forward to right here I never paid that thing off now just think about the ever did that thing now well it's not come up with some news some breaking news. But I feel your lead in the listener and a yeah battle wanting. It's. You know what was it why did they like it may just hold on films are basically legged eat as you said had nothing to do with any kind of insurance. Yet what had nothing to do with that the performance of that not just exclusively the performance of Tom Brady if if there were a number of factors. One of the factors was and you guys can mark this now a little collars some sort out. One of the factors was hey we hold on Jimmy drop below. Until the end of the year it won't be a second and went from a third or second or third corner in rap wearing. To a second when they traded him but they held onto them. Didn't franchise and let him go. They get the third round pick. Or write another and here's another possibility another possibility is. You franchise Jimmy drop low with the intent to trade him. And you give him 24 million dollars and you let some other team rip that contract up and give men who went now you're back to. A new you've got to get a new contract for Tom Brady has got to be significantly more than grapples. Or you got a problem in your hands with Brady saying well why why are we going all of these measures just to get Jimmy grapple on board and I've given you pretty much everything that I can't. That you're treated him before the season. If you lower properties contract like that but that's why you can't do well all of it does it make sense he doesn't make sense that trade ever well I don't pay this guy that makes sense to trade him before the season. I did you when you're not sure we're Brady's going to be in in training camp or in September. You just said Bridget played forever aren't going as he won I believe that I believe but. You know I could find a Thursday practice that Tom Brady missed this year autograph it was. November. 29. Or thirtieth whatever that whatever the Thursday was before the Miami game now the Miami game was Monday night. And the houses were. And and and. And he was flexing his hand and making. So maybe this is where this injury started its had a hard time believing that somebody running back brand new it would run into Tom Brady and practice to be some kind of collision. Some miscommunication and practice. Runs into him. And it hurts and so badly that he can't practice on Thursday in this limited on Wednesday. By the way for new engine any missed Wednesday practice that week now there are right. Now is now as the the week that he that is media availability wasn't till Saturday it was listed as Achilles. He did not practice Wednesday but he had limited participation both Thursday and Friday. Donte' Stallworth following him on Twitter he talked about. How how bella checked his whole thing is Belichick is all about. The team over the individual so stalwart tells the story in 2007. Wes Welker and I were held out of practice on Thursday bill came in and told the team. I said and our very first meeting nothing is more important than the health of this team. We've got some guys banged up so we're gonna walk through today's practice. I continues he improvised a Thursday practice he's being Belichick which is typically the longest day of the work week. And the most running for wide receivers for the whole team to maintain the team's health. The patriots will not have a player practice practice if it will aggravate the injury especially the goat. Mimics earth. 6177797937. Is telephone number dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio WEEI. He uses. Up close and it differently than you are vulnerable moment. It depends. My early in my career I try to use in a glove in my drawer handle it didn't go too well. I as there was still it's it's tricky. He did have the glove on his throwing hand today but he didn't use it to throw footballs. Let me get a N and we were joking about this earlier you will not get anybody in this locker room to crack. I've got several tweets here from mark Daniels Providence journal poll was asking different players different things he asked down James White. Did Brady injured his hand handing the ball to you why. The world may never know. He asked Kyle van noise. How to Tom Brady looked today Ben nor replied quote Tom always looks good he's handsome he's good at football on quote. They asked Brian Hoyer ready to take more reps today quote. I don't know you'd have to check the injury report I don't know if they put that on there or not. I mean they will not cracked I asked Michael the think that at some point a coach or some maybe the coach. Had words with the team before the media got in their set our lesson they're gonna ask yeah this is I gonna handle it. Let statement. I don't know about specifically today. That this is yet is is there is some programs do it right they always say we don't talk about injuries. Don't talk about our own injuries. We don't talk you certainly don't talk about anybody else's injury is to. I feel alienated intimate and about a little under little point of emphasis the other way yet. National media around it's wanna remind you guys this is not what we do. So they're not gonna do. And we'll see what happens with Tom Brady tomorrow do you guys think. All kidding practiced please practice on Friday please job is to practice Friday but even practice tomorrow probably means that Brian Hoyer is gonna start the AFC championship game and what do you do. You win the you when the tolerant now if you win the toss and brought. Kick off they get the ball offers what the map so gladly defer yup and deferred. See what you got give them the ball first in Australia bluntly hey pick if that's correct and and go from there faster rate than playing with a lead. Did you have any horse left me. Oh to defile it as usual I mean since I've been here there's been days rapid and a lot of reps there's been days where I haven't taken any so. I just do you know what's asked of me so. How many motorists that is Weathers the scout team. It's OK the finding good question about him that read you know so. You're using that you're the backup quarterback Tom Brady's starter. Well from what I've observed starters usually get the reps. Did you get starter reps today did you get starter reps today. Sometimes it is today at it I got on my daddy let's check the injury report I don't know that but that's up on their an injury reports that he did it as what do confirmed that it yeah. That's the buzz got a guy that above all opera I Solyndra where that he said yeah about 68 cent snaps in practice that it is quite literally spent an. There is pitted again like I was about Saddam alive talk the guy I don't know if I deaths yet you did the right. But you're really tall with a lot of confidence. Velocity is up there being held throws you one thing one. Thing I would say that Brian Hoyer is probably better odds in the problem and what is that. That right there the deflecting. I think that he's been doing it longer I don't you know use our watts has been over the patriots but he's used to that. More veteran guy affiliate you might have gotten Jimmie to crackle that that there would have been a chance he would have said something that he could've picked up. Primary get absolutely nothing and a just looking at the transcript of David Andrews podium session the first four questions were about Brady or any answered none of them. No. I'm a little. You get given credit meant a good at a guarded duke can be hard to do in a setting like that it's hard to put yourself in that kind of position. Bode you have. Thirty people there asking you questions and then you basically have to lie to them. Without a lot of tough today oh well it isn't always a wire. I guess a good what do you do one room you're if your reporter. In that situation you really don't wanna talk to anybody. At this point no one topic anybody from pre. Right possesses oratory and in at at the but ultimately it's all anybody thinking about it goes to show you. Just. How well. Don it is over there now they're all organizer on the same page where you were in Pittsburgh let's say hypothetically. And Ben Roethlisberger hurt his hand you interviewed ten Steelers. I have a hunch you get something from somebody Mike Tomlin would be holding up the X ray for yeah. Pray you probably don't I don't like Mike Malarkey gets off the field. After they lost the playoff game he started no questions he starts the press conference going. Let me give you some updates on these injuries Mary Joseph does like fires going on under the then gradually. What is going on where's the Belichick like pulling teeth that he had to get nothing from a the the injured were from the Wednesday and Judy thrilled to see that. Other coaches say a lot more stuff our characters are right or wrong that's all we we might come to a suitable. But on a day like this another locker room you might find out just how close he is or isn't who to play in the distance. Bad for Jacksonville. This whole thing psychologically this is bad for our guys tonight bigger figured it out plan or know of say they had the whole. Nobody believes in us. We're the underdog. Now another I don't know everybody believes that now everybody believes that you should win the game because. Tom Brady. There's a chance that Tom Brady won't play Tom Brady hasn't practiced he had given to a full practice in two days it's no grounds at all today. Limited practice yesterday. Brian Hoyer nobody respects some of the quarterback even people and in new in New England. Don't think Brian Hoyer is a good quarterback. You know so Jackson you can't say hey. They're not respecting us shortly are patriots harbors are responding in your trash talking. Now Tom Brady haven't practiced in today's. A lot of it is just shrinking vaguest of they differently and as yes they do. Davis artists are attuned. Take your side so what do you have you don't really have a cause anymore are indeed it's got to go out play. He makes stuff up like tones and a I don't understand about us still thickness I don't know what they're saying it when there's not talking about you gonna turn out all of that right now are talking about Tom Brady right. How'd he get his back up ready to play. Caesars in Tampa Casey's. They got no idea that caller. A greatly era from Ollie about civil flipping the narrative on Jacksonville pretty much the whole world you know. Accidental injury not that comes now. Three and they'll want to bring up on you that would lawyer there. I feel like our campus although obviously. It did not in the senate and the goat and airplay. You know the fact that he's started before and actually he can record at the starter he started playoff games. You know the system well up moves an elephant. Yeah but let me get out Iggy you've got that other well keynote that. I mean and it all obviously the the rocket backe he basically it like playing a cat and cat that would like to clean them board. Omnibus somebody's only doing well yeah. Right right but that's the thing you know hit it you know keep you know it when you're in law. If you notice a lot of things that have been done that been been joined them off of them a lot of play action and things of that nature. And you know it it it make it easier. You know I get to the big guy and with you know what with that kind of game plan. But you know on another point it is there's always the needle scored the one. You really need radio. You know. Edit pride that they tried that with Drew Bledsoe and and ultimately he just he couldn't he couldn't continue. I mean have pins sticking out of his finger and was trying to play without it. There comes a point where where whatever injury and I'm not saying this is the point when Brady I don't know that but there does come a point where OK there's nothing I can do I I I can't. Hold the football to throw the football. And and that's what ultimately happened Bledsoe might finally had to Matty couldn't hold he couldn't correct that. And. I have some contraption they put together. And it was it was incredible day incredible toughness on Bledsoe as part that's one thing. You can't knock left so four he now if it was office play with a separated shoulder and for an entire year. Probably shouldn't have but he didn't play for Bill Parcells the whole players play on Sunday. As the Parcells monster. And so he played 1995 separated shoulder and then. With that that finger injury he played until we just couldn't throw the ball anymore turn it over to his own lack. He played he came back on the field at that big hit from Mo Lewis he shouldn't of he was in my life threatening situation. So he is yet many. Many displays of toughness but it's about time with Tom Brady's as tough as anybody he's had he's never missed a gain on the when Jiri blew his knee out he's had many injuries but that's. That's what's so concerning that you know how tough Brady is. Yeah he's not practicing. Tells you that is just the practical. Act of throwing the football. Ain't working former. At least it didn't today. And yesterday not tomorrow and at that point that yeah but I thought I would like I am telling got her dot tomorrow's the day they have to give the game designation you know doubtful what do and that's what they'll list him as questionable right yeah. And so. Just by anybody who misses a practice or limited in practice for the most part he's usually shows up as question. Joes calling page I don't. I know like Tom's work gloves and Bill Clinton took back trek. And he has to hit the fire in addition they'll they'll well checkbook why and that's what counts lecture documentary to already here and what are red blood ought to approach tax help currently stands out this way the Jacksonville Jaguars. Are gonna prepare totally different. They can that they don't want a particular candidate Tom Brady and. Do you really org the. Check chill you Jeremy tricky. Internet and sought to human gritty war rational people everybody that they built our. Talk pretty is as accurate you know AJ so he didn't cite it. Yeah they're rectal total brought properties. But nothing now nothing wrong. It's not there right now elaborate ruse guy all right so thank you and boy have they signed into law land that's the thing people. They try to find a way for literally everything is controlled by adults every single thing even a player being injured. Is something he's. We have the south from Doug morale where racism story can throw lefthanded is a problem with his right hand. Australia got her own on time brace. A little political coverage or injured or with a head injury you know yes sure borrowers offensively and shotgun formation. Well it's the mean I'm I'm sure it surprised were left and it if you had a problem right you know. And throw it just as well and I mean that evidently are Manhattan. Isn't left hand it may be the Greg Harris yeah. Maybe we don't know her strike one here and yet without a strike to. We've got some Bruins tickets to giveaway for next Tuesday's game at the garden that's coming up at the bottom of the hour we'll get back your calls as well. 6177797937. It's dale on Hollywood's Keefe Sports Radio WEEI.