DHK -  Is Brady’s new venture the end of his playing career? Holley will tweet for the Boston Police Department.

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, February 13th

Hour 2: Brady and Strahan’s new project intrigues many. What exactly will it be? Brady, Gronk, and Belichick will all be gone in the near future, who goes first? Brady may outlast both of them. The Patriots having fun is not the normal culture in New England. However, the “no fun” culture seems to get things done.


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He's he's that dale and Holley show everybody thought. Tale Arnold Michael Holley at rich keep it somehow 75%. From. It's not a lie. If you believe on the WEEI Sports Radio network. I. How we're number two Dylan Hollywood keep. Its. Ports radio WEEI. Quick power that we just raced through as we talked about well first we started talking about David Price but in the last. Portion here of the hour we were talking about the Boston Police Department tweet which ultimately they've taken down and apologized for. I don't know what their and their next week will be to celebrate Black History Month I'm gonna gas that it will not involve. A non black person or they might just say you know what Perez at the rest this year out it will come I reacted to the nineteen I don't states and I'm saying here we are. On February. You with today are pretty much an all star break thirteen Valentine's Day tomorrow big apron you fellas less than two weeks they ever are expecting that's true servant attitude that that's secondary. We get it down violence in all I don't know how weak and on the ball. Go to that school yeah that way but on the back. Of that for the hole off the whole class. But I'm expecting you guys to step up tomorrow. Sometimes with our lives. On the like doesn't care. We had a succession of errors are usually I don't know how you sound like a guy. I'm pretty happy have been together long enough I don't that you need yes the show how happy you're oh that's right that's and they just go it alone is probably got and call it I don't that is a bit of that war report about that word was that it. Have you given any bigger pervert hit well did I hear it. Another day wears on whose who whose opponents use them. American greeting all modern era ally bank balance argues that would do. You know the system. Made up paying me on this is the day of the how's that work there how about August 2. A bad day okay great. Yeah and it turned down a dead I thought that Saturday. Celebrate Billy Ray Valentine's Day. Edward can do that TO he could soon to be the best Eddie Murphy movie when they were coming to work on sick they're. Are ruining it still stands solidly did what what when they re do it it will ruin that or what was the old don't go see the new one man. Are now February 5 place but if we're back to an awesome party on. BP. I would violent like I did volunteer to do this pretty good tonight. No exaggeration. Give them. People. In Boston. People historic figures in Boston. Some more no longer with us some who are. And does give them information to names and I can give you like a line on. We don't have many. Had to make you more or as they they have the thirteenth arguably fifteen more. One day I like that and you fifty more why you wanted to you do this or you only got weeded out huge sweet bit Edmund tagged Boston Police yeah they want every tweet out if not he could follow Michael us holly yeah at some numbered that everyday it's a good idea. Into the call rates are great. Names and and black history some names and stories Tito. You will have no. Some you'll. As a matter of are under a president do you he's one as a matter of fact. So Tito Jackson has given me an idea for want them to Tito Jackson ran for mayor. A black man running for mayor and in Boston against Marty Walsh. Lost that election and I think before. Before Tito. The last black finalist. Was the great. I mean I do mean great I don't use the term lightly Mel king. So in table Mel king and he's he's living today Mel king is a great man by the way he has. Still I don't know if you still living in the south and this guy just cares about people so much. Every Sunday. Is having brunch and you would like this he. I do LeBron you're like ha I I view my body got odds I'll tell you yeah you probably you'll like this you probably wouldn't do it because you know the visitors and I area. If he's opens up the house every week his own house is on home. For brunch from abroad as it did come on really come on it combined. You talk he talked about issues talk about sports whatever it is have you done is that I have is an awesome guy. I hear first the verdict okay. At the at Boston Police on theirs if they get married area. Back to the call and it was severe we're learning something we learned I doubt 6177797937. Just in Boston hey Jeff. Say yes they like on. You. Like to continue after that I just an owner Jeff. Just one quick correction for these lads. Up Billy Ray Valentine wasn't in coming to America he was intriguing places. Nobler Welker had a look at the black history because I cannot act I black instrumental record. I glance our Jeff. Yeah you know you know. It's great discussion and I think unity. Absolutely correct their I don't think there was any harm intended by the Los police department however. I do feel that there's decorator. Awareness and lack of awareness. Look like Oates predominantly. Across the countries you know. You know I'd a lot of people come to the defense. External light you know. The black eye with the white friend to. The cut that out there and when not and the like friends this is my house you know I kinda like that so their there's no evidence issues that still prevalent. You know yeah that's Black History Month but. You know let's celebrate. Black looked at have made great strides throughout history. Not you know unnecessarily the white folks. That it helped capital. So I just wanted to put that that sense of lack of awareness out there to you guys. This got sent appreciate the time that is. I except appreciate call 6177. I'm I'm putting my I'm I'm trying to. But some sort of thought process behind whoever put out the tweet and and that's probably unfair. As nice as I read between I didn't think. Always got to find a way to put a white person in this Black History Month thing I acting I didn't read about is a good person to hire yet he's out there and I think every other show how key yes. Helped the black community especially athletic community. You know and Andy and the groundbreaking things that he did the I think this would be one and in where were so reactionary everybody is yourself included but this would be one where. Could make a lot more sense if at the end of the month. You see how many people they highlight. And if more than half of the list is why the navy you have something there Earl butt or maybe red RX the only one account that happens to be on that list and I think the story is a lot different. Now Bill Russell was the first person they highlighted on February 3. One was read our back it's twelve yesterday right. So it's like they're doing this every dated either don't want a week I'm not sure what the plan is it's not like you're going to Boston Police Twitter account. To learn everything there is about Black History Month they decided to highlight a couple of guys. You know. That were in Boston and that's the first two that they decided to do I don't think it was wrong to do read our back I understand the caller point being like our it's Black History Month. And the second person you goats who is is they white person but again not everybody knows the impact that that Red Auerbach had so I've no problem. Yet why why is this wise as meaningful to black history. I haven or what are very quickly and right they supported it. An and it's done you can even go you can have a deeper a taller broader conversation about it just you know what the league was even to the point. Oh I think I Chuck Cooper if if I'm not mistaken 1950. Discussing a case that Peter made somebody correct me on that that's just the site points in 1950 think Chuck Cooper. 5657. Was bill Russell's rookie year. So even when Bill Russell. Chuck Cooper definitely 51 truck parts of corporate been in the league. And then. Six years later. Read our back once Bill Russell. And that was still controversial. So look at it if it's not like all by that by the time he got Bill Russell NBA was used to know NBA it was not used to it. And even it it would be to go out of the fifties and going to early sixties. Think about what was happening in the country. So this was not a insignificant saying that the Celtics were don't miss a ground breaking. So we're used to it now in the the NBA team because somebody starting five and things like Gardner. Price that is the I I I take this text at face value but I've never been so I'll I will preface it by saying. Other texture says I recently went to the African American Museum in Washington DC. There were Amal multiple white people honored at the museum. They were essential in helping us get to where we are today what is the issue. Says the text. Our pastor Rick if it if you follow American history absolutely. Of course. Abolitionist. I mean just think this thing went underground railroad that's well. I wanted to well I wanted to great. Colleges in the United States Morehouse College. College HV CU historically black college university is one of them for all men. A black man. But there are there white students there as well but it was founded. It was a you do black people whom who were part of the founding and white people as well there are many things in American history we just had Martin Luther King Day. Last month. And only black people marching. When I was thinking. So. Come. Jose's in Plymouth hey Jose. Saw that shouldn't. I'm sorry guys what's going on. I don't pollute or I listen to you got to let you got a I just want to share one respect. What that Tex was written it was all of the press release or this. It's the image. Actual the whole tax all let our black. Actually we. It shouldn't take the picture we're. Russell and she's like yeah he's sorry and some more me know what. It would complement to. Deploy yeah. Americans yeah. What caused the issue and I that's why create a more black suspect should pat at all about everything that he's done a great writing what it will. It was natural long picture which set all that include. And it just focused on white. Why I think I do you think people still would have found a way to get pissed people get just about everything so I think they're still have been backlash to write ballot I feel like an adult visual yeah. I'm sure a lot of that in read the two days saw the picture than they immediately go there to hear their phone and like I'll like arguably but what Boston's doing hair. But I think Gary you've definitely could've found a different image that that would held 6177797. ID 37 chosen Florida hey Joseph. Gelman yeah I know you have a good an opportunity to spend some time around red. And and I had a little bit about the cornea and up according located at my dad. You know especially me in my tech red didn't care about the color your skin. The eject the content of the character he bit decree that Martin Luther King we'll cut that both of them. And in a blessing. When Bachmann who has read in this special thing that he created. And then the wonderful. Relationship shouldn't that he made though rockaholic vocal. You know we knew that no matter where you win like he had a friend in Boston. And ready to be celebrated and shouldn't. Celebration of redbook the Chinese restaurant and bought in completely within that he greatly that boat just by every night. And I just wanted to say thank you for the but simply I'm glad that it's recognized. It the demand that red blood and and in special day meeting of nickname. He talked about on the radio. Yeah I'd show and you know another thing and just asserted that reminded me. An opportunity to an interview Bill Russell a couple of times great great got to talk to. Lots of MB just walking NBA history can learn a lot is listening to Bill Russell. But he he had his issues with the city of Boston. He didn't hide them then he's not hiding them now though it's much more mellow about it now that he was known. 152025. Years ago or longer but one of the things he said and started about the Celtics within. Did you like. Being in Boston. He said I liked being on the so. IBM and so if you say it was have it. Felt like being a part of the Celtics. Was perfect for me and so that that atmosphere. Was created. I read our back and others because he did not. Who's not comfortable. In the city of Boston many times. I read made sure he was comfortable. With the Celtics and if he was it wouldn't be talking about eleven championships in thirteen years and in my opinion on the start calling this the greatest player ever played. It is I think now yeah I hated throughout all of that he's better than Jordan got better and George aka better than Jordan was certainly a greater winner at he's gentler better grade I winner than any better player he'd better player who has now than Michael Jordan no it was. Five times and bide our time in the peace and won more titles the steps are much the winning. It's about the individual accomplishments to not bad in the individual accomplishments. Is that I don't Jordan once that the spot hula five BP's. A Philip affair. We're onto in Jordan respect that. I happen. If not you'll also acting as well. Doing something right there aren't any but I think luck is okay let's hear it 6177797937. Is telephone number Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB. And it's actually. About the struggles. Armed and could be achieved nerves out black people in the United States. After a cricket pitch black people in general but I accept that's what it is and sold it it it. That's you know technology to spot people like to spread our backs. Armed lights those sponsors who are white abolitionist switches on math teachers was found one of the fashion forward but after listening to him well garrison and others. Pat I believe after a week it's bound would you want to folks who have two names have never been saved. On airwaves like the one that we have. Tito Jackson on this morning and posted Gerry Callahan and and Andy are. Poor Ron Kirk and Callahan earlier today. Out swinging a little bit too a different topic here we all noted with interest. There were headlines in a number of different places I happen to be looking at a yet site called tech crunch. And the headline is Tom Brady might go there every day I techcrunch today and now I hear people charting. The headline says Tom Brady Michael Strahan and Gotham Chopra. Are launching a new sports media startup. Now when you look at the at the name of the sports media startup it's called the religion of sports in your single. That's nothing new there they've been they've date they announced this two years ago that they were starting up this religion sports but. This is different got a new name at the same name but it a different project. They're seeking three million dollars in outside capital because I'm sure they couldn't scrape together enough carry that out between them on this moderates favorites there hi I understand that do it it and and here's what techcrunch says they wanna create a multi platform storytelling business. That functions like an old school studio dedicated to sports the tells the best stories in the medium that's most appropriate for them. A lot of words to say. What they wanna deal with what the players Tribune does with the written word I think they wanted to know more visual meet. And it's a great idea. Everything thirty for thirty bit more mom and more well now. Now we're like a top daytime yeah exactly Tom personality just apple would converse as time went Clorox. You gotta. An interest in character who we don't know a lot about or didn't know a lot about. And Tom Brady despite. His presence on the national stage year after year it always open up. His life and his let people out of view that now we have. It's of you can take that concept to other cities and other teams not necessarily just football but other sports. And he got something you wanna and the players Tribune has done videos they've done some unionized book advises otherwise there's great. What to say people ought to capitalize Michael's Olympic fan I mean Qaeda is what America or books about what you're right yeah. Literal targets since all god all I thought OK I mean government children is a filmmaker when you watch Tom vs time it it looks like a feature film a documentary. Where you know that the videos on players Tribune. Well I shot on an iPhone and I hated it it looks different. So beyond the whole business model here in the three of these guys who have already been in business for a couple of years together Strahan Chopra and Brady. It's it's the larger question from a patriots fans perspective. Is Tom Brady wind in this thing down here. Connecticut's same five years or he'd say I go for having retire I think he's just preparing for his. Post career while he's still playing and it because it helps that they they they match up so much better at commerce is time I don't take it as. I want them to document my last year or might do a penalty year I don't see that at all. I think the TB twelve that's a that's a separate part but that's one where. The longer he plays the better than that thing looks so I still I still think he wants to play at least 45 whether or not he does is a different matter. It like this before we've never seen so much activity from Tom Brady all at once and maybe he's always had this set them. And he's kind of held it back focused. Hundreds you don't see this from the patriots desperately Johnson saar in the end it right right if I'm Josh and David they're terrible time but do you think part of that is. Are avid Dugard eighteen years I'm not gonna go nuts that market and you know we talk about yeah dostum but. I feel like I can do and I want this point. I think so don't you dale may I think it's they they have the he has the ability of all along with the Belichick these guys have the ability to beat into football. And yet do other things. And not have football be compromised. I'll tell you what I think is involved here and I said this a couple of times in the past I'll just repeated I I think a lot this has to do with Giselle. Who is a master marketer. And who I think you know after she married Tom probably look at and said you know with with the footprint you have and American sports. Really do anything you do a couple of commercials here they're you don't rugs commercially a mattress commercial but. You know that next thing you know he's on hamster Graham which was unusual and he uses it a lot. And and you know has a Brazilian followers. This is different Tom vs time on this FaceBook. Thank the these this is it. I think he has seen an opportunity to expand the Tom Brady brand and I think to sell has been a leader in leading into the. Other things that are available to delegates he needs all hat didn't it did McEnroe it right after his moods though pretty much like I'm sure she's a big part of that but they've also been together for awhile that's right it's are you witnessing this in 2010 or 2000 a lot of the governor don't nine that you wouldn't have seen that then it. Maybe she was kind of talent himself maybe either parent get you know plant in the ground work for it. But there's something about an hour you must just feel. More free to do that. And I think that's the word. Great word. That's exactly I was thinking freedom it's a freedom of of of Tom Brady to. Be who we wants to be at the age of forty if you can't do it at the age of forty in May not happen for you. It's not some 24. When he five your record and a problem and one is I was angry I heard Rob Lowe is not here. You know I'm a gonna get the highest contract in history. I'll get on the other fake. Let me sort through real Robert Alan good thing with Tom Brady. Back all TI said that. Hey they've had Aran. And operate here I'll pay old Finland. But he would Rodham bought that yes. You know personalize I'll do some great work here she were to writing you're not too far out yeah all around don't want. You've been on a pro like the last fifteen years that this could say is very fair could check this thing I'd hate I hate you. True all right we don't run that we got to figure out a way to write this page similar to protect me that's right K. To. This indicates a game break of Brady from the ballot check way. Now the Belichick ways she said for years and years this stuff doesn't happen right there it's a break for everybody. It's freedom forum for Brady and Belichick I would do in the Belichick way. Anymore and I mean now he's not exactly out there on instant Graham and mighty mess and all these other eight got football life created a third or thirty but that's an interview today you go do an interview. Well yes he had to sort of dock and it really answer that NFL films type of thing him. Yeah but I I think he is out of carriage house now and back cameras and his house start doing it like Brady. But some things said he's doing now he would have done BD method I don't feel yeah that probably would have done it ten years ago I think they're both. Is very. Comfortable and there's simple that they should be and they they know that. You don't want one commercial. Or 130 for thirty special. One Tom vs time is not gonna knock them off. What if this out what if hypothetical this this and you. Series they're Gotham Chopra who would Brady and and Strahan. What if they go to Brandon Cox and of his interest in Annapolis and go to Brandon Cox noted the following you around all season video cameras things like that and he's a yes sounds great. Coach felt circle move not a big somehow lottery there probably knocking it down. So as one of those cases where Brady and he should be but he is different than every other Arab team there's rules for Brady there's rules for everybody else. And they can ever wants while trying to tell the the same and that that they would at 53 guys not so goes but that's not the case. But in a time in which you know people are wondering about the the future of Brady and how much longer do we have an you know is it one year is it three years is it five years. The more he's dipping his toe and things like this I think it gives fuel to those folks and say. He's getting ready if it wasn't for what they're showing that he's videotapes. Watching video and working out like a lunatic with all the stuff that there showing I am wanted to try and working out like a lunatic right now in history turns. Run on the beach of your presidential overpass above it got a you know I didn't have to do is he's got a little time off a ouija illusion changed. After the Super Bowl as photo of him smooching his wife. Yeah and Jessica when I'm glad he's out of that picture and got other actors that Gotham Chopra the left. Of the epidemic of curriculum that. Iron out of the picture you take a picture for her daughter who took the picture it. Kid. A shot at twelve year old answering more than just a five year old daughter up probably make you take a picture of my. Dad said hey take a picture of me my mom kissing like yet and I. All I probably know a thing about somebody else would be today at a random person. Taking the stage nicely on the right ET I'm house that's true that the house and have our back from our. I followed reports he's at that house supple not lift the overlooking the water could use this to me it Richard I you're right information did you. Texas to be relatively take a picture with my phone you guys if they are that's. But I am not I think he's going to be all right and Tom promise a light on what I believe I got tails I think he's going to be just 52018. Years. All the information you see is Brady's obsession with football professional football still there. He's just showing you and before they can tell you anything. They they they wanted to shut you down and now I think you've got to adapt to the times to this a positive more than a negative. Bill Belichick allowing cameras and doing the thirty for thirty allowing NFL films in the building. Is just an acknowledgment of where we are nobody can just shut it down now and operate in the dark. Nobody here in sports. If it's a very very close to it as anybody down there and acquitted yet there's coast what does anybody yet we got top vs time and we got the two bills. So we're not a dark year I also think they won a championship we would add to your job part three we've got a lot of information for for this franchise is not. To the satisfaction of the beat writers and the columnist. Because they want it on on their terms and they wanna get information they wanna know everything every decision that goes into. Or when I know it background and every decision. But if you look at it from a fan's standpoint you know a lot about the patriots. I gotta be honest I re watched the two bills again just because it was a God's awesome and the more I watch it the more I think this is related Bill Parcells vehicle. And Bill Belichick agreed to be a part of it. If you watch it it it. This is this is only part of Zell services Bill Parcells legacy that these things better. Parts ourselves if I didn't think I didn't feel it in two bills I really do away quick and what what serves well I all of Belichick's success. Yet the dolls are slump or coaching hands. I don't like I was out of the facial expressions and even the guardian when their assignment babies ought to have all those numbers like like bill does and already makes the comment that sickle zinger tea spice to it you know I stayed around in knowing amid I would have some of that same success out as much. That's assassin apparently left you bail so I argue you'd have to go to the jets. So I think I think. Little bitterness there 6177797937. Its telephone number so I shouldn't be nervous that. Tom Brady can read it stomach that you want to hear what you think he's gonna step aside I don't. But I also don't think he's gonna play as long as you'd. I don't I you got a couple of good years left Denham and anti outlast wrong in Belgium. Rated. By the way grant was today up in Portland. Visiting via the Barbara Bush hospital as part of Maine medical center. Visiting with the kids smiling and waving and so. I took that as a positive got back taxes half I don't think you get any acting tips up there 6177797937. Is telephone number techsters got it exactly right. Settlement of the follow. Eight results could be. Probably there G aggregates their rhetoric you take that picture forming. 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WEEI. The first large your first love. And we now want to keep doing it because I think I can't. And I want to keep proven to myself that I could or should have done better. That's are lifelong quest form and when the day comes that I feel like I can't do anymore. Whether. You know physically which I doubt but more mentally that I won't be able to. You know give what I need to the other Portsmouth and say it's not men's and be sure. In a while now. Tonight 7937. Its telephone number. What will fall all of this for us is Tom vs time episodes 61 attack I think they'll they'll let go a long way it works you know. Easing some of our fears your love affect hundreds of your therapies. Okay now are unfair but I don't I don't think Bronx retiring self. Yeah how they effect this year but I think it's. Probably sooner than later. But their brother cut though is everything now you know. You'll stop playing it is that his body gives out which I don't I don't think happening that he literally thinks physically to play forever. That's it thank you think it's gonna met everybody that it doctor bill pretty much to the physical always fielded. That's crazy. That not. Yeah he's the UK early you just emotional Rob Pardo opened fire away and it's working for him Mikey thinks he can do it and obviously he can add to this point he's still great but why is delusional. Because you know because no players old playing forever. Why can't play forever forever and state that is how what do you think they can too far that's anything but. Let's adding forty fives delusional he certainly thinks he can do that he can you think 45 is delusional we've seen him many times in hockey much more physical sport when you compared to a quarterback you have a pull up a level of play at 45. Look Gordy Howe was 45 was not. Yeah he had anymore. About Christine Shelly was out so now he wasn't really that Chris Chelios anymore are how about how about dollar yarder not even close what reality me out here on our I was pretty good. It was a good idea MVP that everybody was but these. Guys are still playing and they were in or if they were a much war. Playing more physical position now more physical sport. But their support of their vision of that than there is quoted Tom Brady but there's more examples of popular playing the somber he's at the point now. Where he can't go with the comparisons joining what do you see what years old physically do it just be met out of a 160 about you but I am not good what he's saying by the 45 as is well within reason. We saw forty and didn't see any drop off. Didn't see anything there are those who would say you did in the second half of the season. Yet as a quick excerpt what happened at a dollar an hour studio in Nevada on what did you see inseparable. They played well this bloody play dirty wondered at all yeah. It's an AFC championship game but it that while there. Against the titans anybody play well over the last five games of the regular season he wasn't agreed to save money when he 128 I don't know I don't view on that and that's fine. But I think there is something to. All of a sudden your body can't do it just. Didn't matter what you do for some for most. Apprehended for I don't know I don't know not for all why he's like this but he is like that. He's that guy ease the ease your exception. I would quarterbacks like Peter Pan he's never gonna work I had to beat out there with you Peter damages button since the immature. Irresponsible got to second that's why I guess there right now that's what he won't mean he was you know come on and accept responsibility Peter. It has messed around all the time as it. I've grown up now. For some. Now that you like to think that it is I've got the idea around here and hang out with your connector parents but it. It for for break like a music quarterbacks most quarterbacks and a plan slumped forty. Most quarterbacks. Can't do that I'm relentless but they're graded one. It's almost quarter quarterbacks. Can't do what Tom Brady's planning duplicate the difficulties are he's proven that it's not a problem for him. At the age of forty bet not a problem 48840. Year old five years from now as critical dot I notice that BP and in the history. I'm sure it is and I'm tuchman in that NFL has a poster probably. Yes it is stopping told it is. Just this just is being told from the back correct is it is a fact. That he's having fun police evident that time don't tell Wayne Johnson but I affiliate armories have a pretty guitar you know and at a separate when I hear it now let's hear. Colin Cowherd. On the patriots have fun Eric. This is interest thing. You can have fun that's fantastic go grab a frisbee Dwayne Johnson go to the beach have all the fun you want wanna make a side bet that New England going to be good next year. Wrong seven fun. But he also knows once the season starts it's down to business football is fun when you're winning. Nobody wins more and more consistently. Been wrong Brady Belichick and the patriots. No Crockett here. I thought I addict but on the flip side the road once more ironic that top billing was an April listen when Nate Burleson who had. Little bit of a different take. Which team are we he's likely to see. Playing in championship round for next season. I do so I've persists in leaving. Guys getting older. There's a little bit of that disconnect it just sink this almost disbanded completely this year we're reports that Belichick and Brady craft were on the same page. Josh announced almost flat moved to Yahoo! might end up leaving there's all these different pieces that are not going to be the same so for the first time in a long time existed doesn't tend. So make it goes didn't leave almost the lowest and probably nobody hasn't yet so Patricia debate basing it on Patricia Patricia apparent. I think he's our record says Ed and dysfunction. In Haiti soon this year yet they almost didn't make it to the supervision almost almost had noted that they admit are miserable that lost. And I'm at there's still something there or the Malcolm Butler I wonder what the teammates what they really know how they really feel about it that that's certainly something that they're gonna to get past I have now I've now given up the idea that we're gonna pay a hectic but that's a hopeful and it's now what nine days later. And stuff we don't know anything other than the football decision on my hope Islamic that would Butler starts talking to other teams that it gets leaked out some. That's my ordinary when he sides with a nine point. Extensions. Or just he just flat out says what happen if you know it that's all he could make Alicia. If if he wants the story to get out and as a bigger I don't know arm but he wants to sort of get out he can make it come out by. Telling his story. You tell a story in a way that they have to count. They have to respond. And then and then and that way you know kind of backwards way you get the story. But wouldn't say going back to whether the pictures have fought and I mean there's 53 players. So that he get the sense that. Like cow herd in Borough are not -- some of Cowherd and lately Johnston they can both be right because if you're wrong and Brady an adult men and some of these guys are probably have a blast. But your Chris Long or your Malcolm Butler or Houston that you're not. I got another 53 guys on any team in the league dads like this is the best experience my life or order of the opposite thing was the worst thing. Does anybody sit there and a team meeting and say I'm enjoying this. Your honor to join a hole and never coming Baltimore rookie yes I'm actually Bill Belichick is terribly apart because. You know I've I've missed that call I missed that tackle and always call him out in front of all my teammates and among my job shock her. That's an idea of both I have fun in unaudited time you don't have a good time with him. Or no fifteen more minutes of practice is that extra fifteen minutes to get this right. We're gonna have an off day we lose this game now we're now we're practicing one week we could've had an extra day it's not fun. Well played commerce timers watching film is that I love this but he saw another guy OK got to watch three hours of film a sister's lead again I'd rather do literally anything you know district. I just don't wanna do and we thought what the sisters some guys. If NFL home. There are endorsements out there to be had if he O'Dell Beckham junior with his commercials received Fed's Wilfork hit with his Drew Brees. Although he's got the commercials millions of dollars. Given the money TV commercial to. And I'd be nice to win a Super Bowl book. I have to beat myself up to win 34 or five album. And I think I think there are guys who who liked to be football players but they don't necessarily like playing football. They like what comes would be great football player right the drain the fortune. But okay well playing football's really a lot of work in six days a week or at your bust on our ass and. But I out of shots at me just a place sixteen games you have to do how many hours of practice and film and lifting and conditioning like it's. A lot of people love to do it ought to be wrong but there's also there's so much that goes into and that's what's sort of separates the the great players if they have the talent combined with putting in all the work. Is seen that's one thing when I've referred started covering sports and this could relate to it it blew my mind is such a simple thing but blew my mind what I learned that there were athletes. Who did who were in professional sports now because they loved it but because they could. Just when I get I couldn't make this much money to have them and all day it's just they have the ability to do it and so yeah I'll do it I'm not crazy about it. You know there are two examples you'll say of course one of his J. D. Drew. Yeah major presence here sends a bad value of replies talented player. But. Well let huge fan as as Tito used to say I don't think JD wakes up thinking about the game. Then think about you know whereas he say Pedroia would wake up and say yeah we're going to be up today and J. D. Drew wake up thing okay. I guess I'll go to the parked out. I got that sense from mark tells that could be wrong but I got that sense or he's just really he was right natural athlete he got drafted high in ever loses rookie year is on hard knocks that just didn't care that you guys what I wanna know how I got that impression of he is easier here is when you're here. Darrelle Revis. I don't think he was guy who had a great time here. We talked a Chris Long yesterday maybe I don't think he enjoyed I don't lead to real Revis like the Earl Machida but I I got a really love that he looked the other MP leisure time. They were like what I'm late you you you shouldn't be home and I can't is what how's that affect you don't mind. Yet yeah we do. You're sitting home yet made it I think it takes us as role. And that type in extraordinary kind of guy but to somebody who really love deepens into what we were talking on podcast a while ago. Two Robert Parish and Robert Parish is talking about Joseph Joseph Barry Carroll. Nickname they're gone with Joseph barely cares greatly and he said hey probably the most talented guy ever faced but he didn't love the game enough. And he'd love gaming executives for numbers private I thought yeah 8198189. To crash at right for a guy who's just good. The number one overall pick because he was talented but. I like he was gonna just. Go all out for basketball and he's got a very successful career extremely intelligent guy and doing something I think in the stock market or something like that he's he's successful. On the cue love that warned us probably. Textures give up with a Goodwin Michael we should have thought we you and I should've thought. He full. Here are great that ethic that didn't necessarily do what it said he didn't even particularly like playing baseball. A man he was something else both guys went to baseball Bob room item you wanna talk about it in like it necessarily a light plane and all that much. It is just really good that. 6177797937. As telephone number right back to the calls coming up next dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WEE.