Devin McCourty joins OMF 9-8-17

Friday, September 8th

New England Patriots safety Devin McCourty joins OMF to talk about the Patriots loss to the Cheifs.


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Get them according because I gotta tell you DeVon outlook we saw last night and sure and use of the exact same thing is not something we were accustomed to so. What was it it is the attitude adjustment doesn't seem to make any sense in your mind what do you think went wrong specially would you defense. I'm I've written without for a murderer gained experience. Prisoners there just wasn't the unconditional. You know at all you know just. Underwater you know one problem and you know that issue is the problem her problem her. Well. And we all vote in after the all he is not nearly let's assume daughter daughter listen actually to actually get after it in a lot better. Creature you know and any gains this year. It did did they do anything that you weren't expecting. On the open absolute utilities you know our talk about earlier release congress always on the just in the united do. Could you just don't know everything it's it and there was definitely encouraging with twelve league. You know eleven and gain the awful you know we knew there can be separated after just two. On board you know like every opener since I've been involved are. You know Devean Tom did talk about Garrett who's gonna be different I think drunk talk what wake up call me user. Their chance you feel like your team kind of didn't hear the message from billable put the success behind oh those stories of sixty Nolan and maybe the attitude or are you needed a wake up call. Comparison there were you think there. Continue voting universe. Yards needed more so. You know Perry we were so they're walking around all week last week doctors. You know we were certainty in the current bear so that people who do not occurred. On the mountain doesn't do not talking. You know not the first so we try to gain Merkel on where we'll go. That we just didn't you know we've been on the Korean territory you know blow so we could have only what was taken back to basics. Moving on and understand that we got to put in the work -- changed. So how quickly do you guys take that ball and do the whole ceremonial bearing of the ball just or just sit. To say forget it even happened RG argues tried to really. Make sure that you know you you don't forget about it and keep it in everybody's head. Here now we've got to go to search this honestly consult our. We've got some time resolutely clarity actually trail. We got really dig in there is getting actually you could do Bernard. It's too early to talk you know just small though he got us. Seeing what we need to do work. You know how we accomplish and then on what is common law want to do that you're gonna actually. You guys is so systematic from week to week in coverage and last night we saw something we just never see and it's wide open. Receivers like they're out there and seemed to be some confusion and cover two whatever. You know we don't know who was at fault and you do we don't but is it a problem a communication. Problem how it does and that's how do you clean that stuff. Probably guard you have now. I ever done somehow lot of openness in government communications under a lot of doubles on the yeah Arctic air and well but our new term you'll seek what is significant error from somewhere console war until. Although we don't drop in the future as is Lou we've got a lot of open so. On its earlier QB communication techniques. It's all of those things put together. There's good news it was football again next week right forget about her older one but more awkward her water broke tonight thanks for joining us we appreciate it. No problem DeVon recorded conversation brats you by Andersen windows NT cut lumber in by Sam Adams parked in the process.