Day 1 of spring training and already optimism for the 2018 Red Sox is waning

Mut at Night
Tuesday, February 13th

Mut and John Tomase are talking about the expectations for the 2018 Red Sox, who haven't done much of anything aside from bringing back Mitch Moreland and going to arbitration with Mookie Betts. Mut thinks the Red Sox will regress this year and finish below 90 wins, Tomase has a bit more optimism.


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General stuff but at night Sports Radio WEEI Johnson policies here you re generals it's worse than me. Like when you hear about. Like you yet you can't you can that's nice to camp but Ozzie that is the generals that's an arsenal is widely popular mechanics you can't answer that question unless you disk copy everything that those guys like you can't answer that question correctly out of what you say will be used against you. You get a portals all like trump and Coulter. Laurie Ingram and my heart went to that and a wonderful company and a going Harlan called the oxygen gas. And honestly I said what's your favorite. And he said I don't know dale dale points. I gotta admit I don't even know who Arlington have been as a feel bad about is an alternate panel national hi my loves his I know I'm not Aman I know he's an author but right so I came on the show I had never. Urban Meyer had never come across at him as books there's. Haven't sorry occasionally over the years they'll be reading Rachel Matta has tires they'll have an author Ronald applying the Balkan one of those I did. Was about the it's clear something up for I think it's Chris of the ultra marathoner. They have allowed in studio that the apple was awesome of the Harlem called looks and never got into but that question in general. On. You can't win and that's a fire that's a fair point I still I like K is told Richard I'd say what cooking and I get mocked for that. Now horse racing handicapping get mocked for that and you can't. You kick in the right into reading general stuff. That's long lines Tomas. And out is like iPhone news but it if I didn't know you're yet you know your car. Yes all the last couple years or so become much worse it cannot cut Curtis car some really good cooker sent me. A meatball recipe of the family recipe was tremendous. So I don't know what casts a vehicle can for for pudgy and is wonderful wiped yes. But he's got good looks like he doesn't need anymore some surprise. All all rise seen him stress eating recently and yet to act at the end of the Super Bowl at least two weeks holy smokes or beginning of the soup week I saw him three in this week stress eating chips over over in this week I'm not sure sure something. We've been all over the place today as evidenced by the first few minutes of this segment the segment here. While placing not to get with the mossy is the Boston Red Sox and the Red Sox failed on the field the offseason we sedate if fell off the seas off the field. In the offseason by generating zero interest Alex Cora was a had to move not want to move. The at a at a John Ferrell. Where do you stand with the Red Sox that was the first questions we asked. On the first hot social why brought about what yes so right so actually I disagree with they had 212 with. Core I think they wanted core I think they wanted him as much as. They want it out from under Farrow you know I think they've been liked him but. I don't mind them not spending money stupidly like while it is frustrating that they haven't done any thing. I don't want them spending 150 million dollars endgame here I don't think he's worth I think it's a kind of deal we although now he's not getting one yet but so a year from now that's the kind of deal weird it's like Hanley DO you know where you're just like god you know for our two years and I do we get out from under this. And if it keeps you from going getting Bryce Harper whatever. Then I don't mind that not doing it I wouldn't mind them bargain hunting though you know a guy like Jake Gary at a sitting out there and there's been no talk of anything like that at all. But it's like he's gonna side with the twins and the brewers like would you maybe give him a colleague on the Cy Young like I know his numbers have trended down the last couple years but. That'd be an interesting one to me. There's still good I mean there's still a good team like. They had McKee take a step back Bogart's take a step back Bradley take a step back then intending not take the step forward debate. Envision. And then you have devers on top of that so it's like there are five young guys right there the trend is winning with youth. The Red Sox had all these guys point five Tony 627 right in that crime. They could challenge anybody in America act firmly believe that obviously Houston's the best team. We're about to do like a Peter King challenged I keep talking that way when I'm letting you but I but I just gonna say a lot of right I I I spent so I just finished a Houston is the clear favorite. The Yankees are much shore about their pitching their lineup is awesome you were talking about it earlier they got a bunch of a your saints thirty home run guys they have fifty Holmgren guys -- 250 all right guys aren't being considered the middle of that lineup along with another thirty of the Red Sox have won thirty homeland. As of now maybe move key but yet it's it's Dicey. But they they should be right there they should be an entertaining team. Hopefully there this year but he's so you think being entertaining is enough given what's gonna happen in April Maine into June we think with the Celtics and Bruins. Is that going to be enough to generate outside ugly scene had bonds of the people call my show blog Red Sox review. They're gonna be fair yeah but I mean to the fans that they need. For that extra push for this team yet it's not going to be there early Dow business. That would be my prediction we saw this in 2013 that was a great team from the beginning of that yeah it wasn't until August from fans found I would even say September I mean but yet you right it was the August September that's when people finally really got a board and body and and when you think back about it now we have Boston strong we had things that should've really galvanized a city around that team. And you know he they'd been burned by that finish in 2011 they'd been burned by Bobby beans when he twelve and so it took them a little while to come back. At least this team's not starting with that kind of negative baggage. But it it'll take awhile it'll take awhile for them to win people it's just you the challenge they face I idol I just did the the basic par for me and again on the simple man who can't get by certain things. Alex Cora is not enough for the steam Alice corporate John Ferrell is that swamp. And the return of Mitch Moreland. If it's not it might be though it might be Cora might be in the sense that it's enough for 86 wins in a wild card spot on the way you think they're gonna go backwards that much they won 93 each of the last two years yeah I don't know gonna go backward all I think there because they're they're division now the Yankees did is they are that's going to be a tougher out. And I think the that the top half of the American League three teams ahead of them. Argus gonna run away with analysts regimes what about the rest you know like that signed to sing Cleveland's. He used in New York are better than their outside our runaway had to write grants of their runaway I don't know. I mean they're down they're veterans they were all still there at the end of last year and they'll get better in the offseason what that is standouts about a Garrett called with the Indians that it had a forgetting his name. Car. Well I think and a hater I don't even remember it. Of the double it's somebody. But there or better anyway right there were better without having it work but Intel to make it any they didn't make it any for immigrants in the playoffs one game but it's one game. You know so. Yes they wind would it be unions and wearing a hundred games last year I skated great they're great team last year I'm not. To something 86 wins under does that sound economy Katie if you bounce your generic. You're playing in the best of wild card game. One off what what does that ninetieth and ninety wins I mean I could see them I could see them being right or 93 again pretty easily because. All of these young guys this is the one spot right disagree view in you sykora isn't enough. Core Cora was brought in here to get through to those young guys and that's all he did that's all they had in Houston and he was supposedly a big part of that so he can get. Marquis and all those guys relaxed and not. Stressed out that was a tight team last year that was the one criticism of ballot I was there was that that you know the team just played tight a lot especially. Towards the end. And if Corky and can get them playing like they should and playing up to their potential. Well suddenly you've got a very good young core that matches up with virtually any yet but that as the that was overly critical Ferrell Ferrell got some young guys to play well here for a while this is volley John parrot they all took a step back young guys play well and but it time and that's why he's not here anymore that's well for I think that the the the ownership knew they had that the fan base that sour and forget the young players not playing well. State's hour of the answers they it's soured on the constant defensive players that the other clears your is your hiring and firing a manager bay and I tell you I'm telling you right now. They're not making that move because people called the station lights a fire because it's unlikely I think that was a big part. I don't I think this was about the young players not developing that was what did him in more and that that that's that's my I I think genocide and unions. We once they once they got knocked out the first round that was it it was about forget the young players. It was the result and it was the reaction to Ferrell here locally every time in half miss that it was the biggest story. It was buckled for a couple years that was John Farrell is mention their names and it was instant reaction. Amongst Red Sox fans on the phones on my maps of New York speaking out at 6177797937. Mac you're next up here how are you. Some good. I think the aches and finally X in book and I do squat. And it'll be kind of like the Sox last year. What's their caught on and on and they can't do like the Sox lashing they have three different guys get a fifty home runs a small pox. I mean that's what we can assume that be. Offense two bounce back I think they're pitching staff cool we don't want that you Georgia ranks Internet Harbaugh you know Arab owned. We gathered to open netted ESPN Sunday night broadcast lesser known you know work out the plight of shuffle would stand charged of next. They're not perfect you know he can throw everything and it makes Lester. On the but anyway. I don't want my goodness I don't know why were such like ability. In more ways like fat crosses alarms for hours about what to believe that team I mean if they win it will be likable such a problem. Nope nope nope what's not first of last year plate that's you know last ship that admitted to the test it was. Price and last year was hopefully now liar with price and Acker Selena was really a lot of priced. At. 193 games and won the division. Not a lot when they won 98 career games Matt and won the division what do you think we're gonna do regular season you. It. More if there and I night there were division contender going into the year yes ma'am and they played without David Price for most of the year. You know he just showed where they are mass frog that waited enriching other than that they're offensive power numbers. We're nowhere near as I thought the going to be they got to run their pitching. And at times there at their defense over long stretches but the record and where they work yet the aborted the wild card they paid all that money they should have so. And it came down to eighteen because of David Price in particular and the manager John Ferrell. People's didn't they didn't wanna talk about they wanna invest their time in the and that's an important thing this team. Over six months no. I don't know markets felt like it was it was never routinely thought we're gonna you know but all year it's never met expectations. And then on top of it yet all that stuff happens what the date plate undermines like and it I eSATA and maybe go to the LT escalated the differed in the field. That yeah but that guy you're getting into the playoff aspect of it thanks for the call and as they've gone in the ALCS people would have been. Fired up around here price without its forthcoming at the post season pitched one game they won. It against the Astros he pitched well in that spot it'd start to turn their late. They get you a John Ferrell sat rough field that verse for big spot there at the Annie moves and things around there. What he was another thing he did that the I thought Fahrenheit CN pretty good year and in terms of on the field stuff pushing all you got review compared to the year before you're right it was a and better year that was in 93 win team that shouldn't have been 93 and you know that's that's kind of look at that. I will say. I'm Matt did raise a good point about Aaron Boone we're not talking about that at all. Let it eat he's going from the Booth to the most pressure packed dugout in baseball we have no idea if he can do it at least with the with Cora. He spent his whole career you know as being a manager in training and then was a bench coach and all of that at least he's got some experience one year Aaron Boone. Has done nothing. And yankees' rotation. You've got Severino I think it's pretty good to knock who's sort of waiting to blow his arm and hasn't but it's so we underlying theory you'll see blob in the have a good Sonny gray who's on the downside tank and it's a little guy sabathia who is mad at what's his name for bunting on him last year you know that's an area Baghdad's and that matter even know who the fifth starters may be like Jordan Montgomery or something so their pitching. Is by no means and if you compare that to sail. Healthy price which we don't know for gonna get the let's go best case scenario and then a rebounding ports sellout. The Red Sox have a pretty big advantage on the pitching side so. You know this I think this race will be closer than people yeah I I I don't because they have some positive if you bells why because and so positive thoughts in the bullpen. Red Sox bullpen seeing people beat you I saw you locally positioned the Red Sox starting rotation being a lot better be failed imaginable which is again I think you're gonna say. The Yankees have a much better manageable. Yeah I mean charity food manager I mean yeah I would do well yes TV news that's a classic this you know but chances was up and down last year he wasn't McGrady couldn't throw strikes her time. So let's see Aaron Boone deals that battered the Texas can't find the plate. We would think Chatman but stance this. David Robertson Adam Warren that's a pretty good open but the Red Sox had a good opening timber was as good as anybody last year there were on the back very wild card team. There a coin flip to get to the the best of five if they win that game the other pitching match yet and if they and was able CR sale under a year they can't be less entertained they were last year. So all those things are good however eagle one of the year. I think most people would agree at me about their they're not they're contender but they're playoff contender not a World Series contender. And get people best time and that verse of the Celtics and Bruins for the first two months of the year that's the point I'm making that's why like ability at some level. Is it a matter competing with two teams that. Police this year having better than me and I don't have a real chance that of a better chance to win a championship than you do. The two teams that share the guy that would you be shocked if the Red Sox make the world's there's yes I wouldn't without JD Martinez hell yes I wouldn't be shocked I wouldn't be I mean I don't think it's likely necessarily but I don't it's not beyond the realm possibility David good young core. What if devers is it like a 45 home run guy. You know. What if move keys back to his second place and eat before there's a lot of what is suddenly I know I know there are months upon another another and that is how these are lots of shows that I missed yes I'm catching up on Monday I'm doing when you were here to hot stove segments yet because they did nothing in the offseason in the same thing. Week in and week out. Litigator David ruff hot stoves they get JD Martinez. A lot of this changes because they've threatened Miller or until then they're wild card contender that is their Macs count of Monte says not so what we'll talk to you. At 6177797937. Mott and Hamas seem much at night keeping year. I was. Apparently. Nothing changes. We don't understand. Businesses that Clinton said. Sports life is made. Itself. It never got. It is contagious and vine. That expectations come into play. This expectation of myself as that decision. I've thought all those things. Yes it breaks the list it out of here and obstacles most people see it as it. Something talented but it's fun it's fun to be quite as aren't. That makes it a certain days. I know people like let's say never. Yeah six games in certain days and yeah. When you. The that helps you out perform. That is Red Sox manager Alex Cora speaking today for the first time to the media down at Fort Myers mutt and to mossy about it night Sports Radio. WEEI. I just think by default. He'll end up being a better manager than John Ferro was the last couple years you mentioned the young player which I agree with announcing they'll be. And accountability John that was not there were players that I don't think were held at least publicly to a certain level it took to the end of last year a couple of team meetings they had. To reestablish some things and by then. It was just too late for all the indications I get from talking to friends of Cora like rob Bradford. I'm he's gonna have a different standard for these players and I think it's a good thing eight to 2018 it's that it's a it's a better man and always unproven. But I feel better about the manager now but it a year ago. Somehow we'll see I mean you had an experienced manager and you don't have that so that's you know that's the one sort of X-Factor I do agree that. The player manager. Clubhouse manager relationship is broken last year by the end and whether that was price turning people against Farrell or Farrell not galvanizing guys whatever was. That part was broken so I understand why they made it changed but I also think that people are overlooking. That. You know John Ferrell did a pretty good job at that roster last year. And for a rookie manager just come in and push all the right buttons that make all the right decisions. Easier said Linda I'll talk to Stephen Connecticut it 6177797937. Hi Steve. Gentlemen good evening good evening Obama appetite goes over to the very passionate about as good last year when he accused it made sense of spring training there and judge. Was fighting or force. Spot okay and all of a sudden came Roger Maris okay. Obligated on Karlos stay in de Costa it never played brought in thirty games I was always a potential. And I would get a piece of the war but I don't remember last year thinking to myself genial big what what the World Series debated at Gartner art and what are what the World Series didn't have fixed. Because that it ultimately everything they're so good now and they're so look into all the World Series because that John Carlos staying. And that to me what their sequestered they scored runs they scored more runs the People's Court and forty years of fight back. And elegant would add more runs so why are they all the sudden this dual Adobe all of the greatest scene all out. What we eat at every nick and possibly go wrong at any of our kids were still the miners we get the best. Don't farm system around and argued here not how good job because they didn't. It gives our court judge did last year going to say that rob we'll never did do that who's to say that bad attendee. And I doubt here in 27220. Get all the sudden be something to us and that they don't get it you got Doug gross written and that the World Series favorite. No no I think Eddie Houston is the World Series favored the American League. Alan also what your your your of the standpoint is a little on ferry that a 145 and 150 games. In two separate year easily won 62 but here I mean he let him all right he is. He is the best home run hitter in baseball and added him to be second best home rendered a baseball Little League right now Steve. That it people are struggling for power. They are scary is a lineup as I can remember in my entire life would be a baseball fan. What do shockingly bulk of old guys. A dramatic follows in the numbers of leisure. Yet they'll still get thirty plus home runs in the Red Sox McLaren 130 home run hitter. Who's the Red Sox thirty home run hitter. All but one that we had last year when we get ignited what we want knighted for games. And and that everybody here David look David. Really they didn't have they didn't they didn't have one and they got left out of the playoffs pretty quickly I think we all agreed they need one this year right that's the biggest need is a threat in the middle of that order. I just let me ask you this if they are just devastated LP. You can't see the reds and these are really. No I can't know you and helping pitching some acting apple I have zero pitches well young guys step ordinarily Joan is better than the Yankees right now right now I don't see if there's somebody runs behind. What the Yankees are going to do their pitching staff would have to be. I don't know so disproportionately better than the Yankee pitching staff and help may well but they're still question but David Price that is help their question about everybody. Really not increased sale in that rotation all things go well you could John's right is different David much better starting rotation but the Yankees do you. But don't pretend like there are questions after Chris Sale and I don't. All right any question about Chris Sale I noted pitched well the end of last year I think was the issue. I think core and this team will manage him differently this year prime minister or map on a plan for him in to a fuel Josh Beckett thing. In around the all star break you missed couple starts and you're fresh for August September so I -- Z let me say zero concerns about Chris Sale. On everybody else's staff because value US zero concerns are being able to pitch in October no none of man I mean he's never done it. What I ever not so I routers is right or god last year he became a whenever reader for a reason John. He became a locked into the strikeouts like a to B down from 30 wait this year. Innings apply be a little bit down this year. The numbers will be better in all only giving it his entire career is a losing lifetime record after September 1 producer. I just sent a pitcher you've he said a judge on idol again I think that's our lives a double check that you I believe that it it's clearly the worst month of his career after September 1 is the worst numbers of his career. And one thing only look back at last year we say you know they got to the playoffs and they just stating put up a fight they are out and it's like you forget. That they won game three handily. Game four they are winning in the eighth inning and they blew it and then you even had devers with the inside the park homer and they nearly came back and neck game. So it wasn't like the year just so big it all last year yes. And that I will see me reflected positively on the me we will see if it's repeat able boasts that it's weird John it does those things are pretty random like year to year. About what that two years pride our good two years before that and they still. Did have a lot of ovals comeback was lashing they came in bunches they. That's why last year they should have been likable except for the price and Ferrell stopped because they won so many games close and late he came back there and erotic games and still. The fan base and a hard time buying it. I'm Fred that Maryland it was a long long time baseball fan I Fred. Hi how are you an I guy would do a good president all of this review. Have well. You know I didn't see gentleman talked about it sucks and avid vanity thing and there are you know complaint and each side. Our first baseman Paul had twenty home runs and eighty Saturday at Goodyear last year yeah. Yet and they also won 93 game was detained at that. A budget pictures that now laws but seagate. And they and you know Rodriguez could be a wonderful pitcher may be. And and they got a captains and Diego. Turned out to be real jam. And and so you know I don't you know yankees and battle lot of our. What you know attraction is that almost apparently. When they have days of Ted Williams and Illinois ended up Shaq and. Act it. That is accurate. And you know they made a World Series in 86 of the team's sitting at a time camera and my boyfriend will be at the end of last year before any moves are made to the chips fall the end of 2007 team. At that point the Red Sox by default where they finished at all of the the and maybe maybe people would give the Red Sox the edge is they lost the eventual World Series winner. But I would had it Astros at yankees Indians Red Sox and the rights last year this year at the end of last year to have a Red Sox for. The Yankees got better. The Astros have gotten better and the Indians were already had them so to me going into this year in 92 wins is good Fred's right. But all the other teams around and either improve or say the same and I had been vetted there were a year ago that's the issue in the American League because you're at this point earlier start to get there. The rest the American League. Mike just sucked I have I don't know I don't know how good Baltimore is gonna be this year and to Ronald this year I have no idea. So maybe it's gonna be as simple as. By default your easily there as the fourth best yeah I think I have you were so all in its fourth going into the year and I think that's apparent to you go into this being fourth. And if the Yankees pitching stinks in your pitching is really good and you'll win the American League east I don't care how many cameras the Yankees are. Our final break we'll come back and that was a potential iPad now tonight fellas big bad Mal intent here late night WE yeah. On a couple minutes spent an hour coming up WEEI late night here on WEEI take you early into your Thursday Kirk and Callahan tomorrow featuring. I'm Jerry Tang Wei Thursday night. I'm being told John Tomas he's hosting the last night programming on that Iran I am now because I'll have nobody else because we have nobody left to quote the great rob Bradford my apologize. If the du Schoen and a satellite game and we at tufts connection in OG and we knew that it like now neither of us like adding that's perfectly. He likes lifting new line of Hugo weightlifter and I don't think I don't know if there other than lifting myself but this chair in Asia. You did not ruin the show that I'm watching thriller and our appreciate that you know thank you for doing that I did and why are you that there is a fair amount of make it all but I'm a couple episodes and some aware of the community so far I'm in the show it's one of the it. It. EC these promotions for different Netflix shows he's not sure what is sure what to believe because it feels like almost every show. Original show they come out with its being critically acclaimed the hack at the when you you have to watch that one. So was that was the altered carbon or was it pinky blinders. I don't wanna pinkie which I'm not dug into and he's saying good old to go into saying yes yet see everyone likes every Netflix show this is the issue on having all of this is the thing Manuel likes ever want every now science is better than the wire you morons the stop telling me that Esther okay everytime you turn on Netflix there's a new show. Starring famous people we like I've heard nothing about the show and suddenly it's just they are my Netflix and even understand. How they promote the stuff that doesn't even seem that half of its promoted its its like they just two shows on it yet dumping it dumping it and they hope to hit likes them. You know zeit Geist he hit like stranger things have something like pages every day just keep pumping out shows and hope for the next range and then on top of it. They got the old shows that they should make its so easy re watched. That threes I was so's. Slow on getting to new shows that went through and re watched. The entire season the office. Like her just watched that runs out of that the other night for no reason at all and you don't like is it is freak you that the it and especially related. Season three. There's a murderer's row of of comedy shows there it's it's prison might and it's Valentine's Day there are three or four road you are being York ants. Laughing at Akron and other wanna bring it back without Michael Scott and let out artist JoAnne and I don't they keep it. Why they do that it make it's so many good shows on Netflix what do you have to bring that. I watched the basketball and remember the first season radically pick up basketball it's Jim's chance to impress in the early and I watch you and Roy are battle didn't write as Alex I watched it because. I'd Jimmy actor John Kaczynski his dad was my doctor believe it or not from like the time I was sixteen and till really 39 yak. And doctor Kaczynski big tall guy and he had a son who played basketball brown has like 68 I think it was Paul Kaczynski. And for the first like couple seasons that I watch the office I was like oh this is his side he's on a play basketball brown might. How to follow the people on the show because I know for a fact that back it 68 I wanna watch him play as like it's the other brother John Kaczynski. The pol Kaczynski plated brown he got his ass kicked by the and you Abrams and BBC played brown excellence in the game to watch but anyway that's nice to stamps are. The interests of its has mattered but I want I want to see that episode because I was like well all of the people in the Stanley are really good basketball players. And if you watch an episode Jim can reapply quietly you'd itself. Yeah always dribble his TV play notre I don't know I don't go as you keep watch go home and watch it tonight Asik and would you play down behind the back behind the back. Between the legs crossed and over like he can legit. There are also episodes of that show why they can't read you what but there are shows they they that were too risque like there were episodes in the first couple seasons where you could not physically make now some of the sexual harassment jokes don't make him boy you could make those in 2008 team debate Belinelli is offended me just every he's got a Netflix anger Kirk says that the public and the Pentagon fifty dollars a month Ford. I'm not that far I think up the 1999 give it a lot lot of TV show my kids watch bush. Document here is that pain at the twenty books. See you back Thursday night I'm back Thursday night into any art so I will be much at night because of the fulfilling a dream. Captured this I will be listening to that Allah back here tomorrow at six with somebody we're not sure who yet rods in Florida this week you're already done for the week and so we are scoured the bench. Could be me just read listen I may find three or four listeners committed new couple half hours it tomorrow. I will see that now or is coming up good job eight behind the glass good job patio. We will on talk tomorrow at six with not on not sure who here on W media.