David Price turns over a new leaf and talks to the media on a day where he doesn't pitch

Mut at Night
Tuesday, February 13th

Mut is talking about the Red Sox officially opening spring training with pitchers and catchers reporting to Fenway South in Fort Myers. David Price addressed the media today, he talked about his future in Boston, expectations that the fans have, the teams new manager Alex Cora. So for now he's talking to the media, we'll see how long that lasts.


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Out on that night rolls on Sports Radio WEEI would get jump until ten. Johnson lost would join us at eight your phone calls routed 6177797937. Starting today with. The start of the night with a two day story that was the Boston Police Department tweet about Black History Month and honoring read our back they've since. Deleted that tweet day since apologized days it's addressed that again yesterday. On social media so we started there were certainly continue to careful calls on now but did want to introduce. On this opening day of Red Sox spring training 2018. At some Red Sox thought here tonight because I that's my responsibility. On this radio station the Red Sox. Our armed mild little neck of the woods Red Sox pre imposed game Red Sox review there is nobody at the station. That spends more time talking Red Sox during the Red Sox season during the offseason that I'd sure Lou played there are talks about a but their four hour days not spent all talking about. The Boston Red Sox. And in fact I guess in besides Joseph went to him. Odd to an extent talk about the gains to turn three hours tonight the discussion on the trade the transactions. The calls of you guys late at night the Red Sox want to stay up the Red Sox review. But Mikey Connecticut the Dick and opted to stay up real late. The yap about this team a 101030111130. Night at three weekday game in Maine. You are my people you are my folks you or my Red Sox review crew and so it's my responsibility sort introduced the radio station once again it. In some way shape or form a to the Boston Red Sox and a we opened up our offseason hot stove show conversations and I say hot stove show very very loosely we get hot still segments. By the end of this Red Sox Aussie because it was such a lackluster. Red Sox off season. We said the two things that to address I was myself. The mossy and Bradford last to mossy how they get on this rejoins us here next hour or some not the sets up when you're tonight. Address the on field product and a lack of pal lineup. They had to address the off field apathy to this team coming off a year where the ratings were still. Good not great attendance was. Was. Very good and quite honestly with the attendance numbers it was very very good. But it paled in comparison to years past for the Boston Red Sox I can only use my. Reference point of being there are cents or is it 2000 neo fourteen the last meal for years really. Being at Fenway Park in almost daily based on the teams that'll. It was the least attended I've seen a Red Sox season. In the 45 years I've been over there and there were nights reach open the ballpark in decent in July and August these were when the kids are off from school. These were nights where usually the ballpark was packed guess somewhere the first thing. You look around a third hating myself for the guys in the boot he'd say hold look at that huge swath of seats. That's empty look at those who rose out there in the right field. Seats in the bleachers. On nice July and August nights. Would they could bang out the ball park for a team that was in contention. Throughout the entire season last year and eventually once again got the post season. 11 game and that was it they go home sent by the eventual champs the Houston masters. So there was an on the field uploaded to getting better and there was an off the field component to the apathy. All solid on the field they did nothing on the field a saucy the Red Sox resize Mitch Moreland. And I was pretty much here outside of a couple of 23 different minor league moves he thought they would lock in JD Martinez. He's still out there we'll circle back in here at some point. They were not the arid not betray conversations for Jon Karl Stanton. They were trade talks for other up players are moved here the Aussie at least it sounds like they were on the point of the real outside of those talks never in the middle those talks and so they've relied. On their ability I gas to get JD Martinez here at some point and that is still it still very much up for grabs where the players all shawl tomorrow. The first spring training game for the Red Sox who secured a couple weeks. And as of tonight Judy Martinez still does not have a job. I'm able CB ends up there. At some point here with a Boston Red Sox he able circle back that's a to this point. On the field. They didn't come close to addressing their biggest need eighteen that lacks of your power bill the lineup last year. Did nothing I'd be nothing to make that better. In fact in some ways they probably made it worse because the resigning him Mitch Moreland. Suggests to me they don't want him there Vieira is playing every day. They're going to be trying to find a way to mix and match over their first base and DH to make sure Hanley does not get. The four iron twenty some odd plate appearances he needs to get through this year. It to lock in his contract for twenty plus million dollars next year and by resigning niche world the cheap money dated two years and thirteen million bucks. That's third sure his policy Mitch morality hair and he's not here next year we're gonna save a boatload of money. So if your counting on Hitler mir's comeback that's a huge bounce back year played meaningful role. Not a part time player but he's not gonna play. Every single day and the Red Sox and make sure that similar pay and next year. So the on the field product did not get better. On the off the field apathy for the team did they address that all if you believe that Alex Cora for John Ferrell. Does that to get the Red Sox fans excited for opening day which is in March this year they start next on. Ben you'd I think probably in the minority in that point. Changing out Allen score for John Ferrell was an that's easy. And easy move to make. I don't they dated enough to. Try to win some fans back in and JD Martinez may have done that at some point the offseason even now. It doesn't feel like that's going to do it. 888 it feels like this team. Goes into the year. As an high eighteen that projects the way to somewhere in the mid to high eighties. To be the next for a wild card spot. Hard to really not feel that relevant until we get past the NHL playoffs the Bruins and the NBA playoffs for the Celtics. This team is going to have a very small window of opportunity. To get baseball fans and say baseball fans get sports fans here in Boston to excited about this team. Because the start they'll be very few lies and and because the lack of interest heading into the year. I know once they get going. People be tuned into in April Celtics and the season Bruins and of the season made the playoffs start June conference finals and into the NBA finals. And so you are competing with that. Eighteen a 193 games of back to back years quickly exit the post season and back to back years had a that's just they like ability problem but it is in some levels if you Buick two other great years the Red Sox have had. A a viewership and fan base problem last year didn't do enough to address that. And so on the field I'd say it was a fail. On and off the field. Shortly at this point I put the same category unless you think that Al score is going to you know get the fans all pumped up. I think he discovered a manager you had to get rid of you could replace it with anybody. You're not aimed Grady Little. And Red Sox fans would have been fine with it by Jon Farrell's I'm here okay good. They want it eighty at anybody but John if at that position. So from that standpoint what the offseason targets were we started a hot stove show where we are now this reporting date spring training. They failed me on the field product if they'll be off your product that does not mean they're wanna be a bad team and here's the problem is because they'll probably be okay. But they're not going to be good enough what and two aunts and great story gonna grab your attention I don't think. Far away from the Celtics and Bruins playoff runs. And if they're bad enough nor is gonna care that's one thing we've learned. And I've learned working in Boston for awhile now. Is that if you really bad forget it idiotic you're just in the middle. Forgetting you've got to be contention. You've got to be in the mix. And for the Red Sox that might not mean a championship this year it could mean a wild card and I don't dole that's going to be enough for the fan base. Because they wild card teams going to be competing with two highly seated NHL and NBA playoff teams for about 22 and a half months. I Tommy at the July. That you have a month until training camp for football. And Brady is now 41. And what they do in the off season what's cooks gonna do what McGraw due to they get Jimmy Graham it feels like August. Middle of August. You're gonna be focusing on the patriots offseason in getting ready for those pre season games. So the window for the Red Sox seem so freaking small this year. And they better mile take advantage of and it better be able to grab attention when they can't. Because it'd be very very difficult you don't was gonna Google again because the Celtics now they projected this year even after Gordon Hayward went down. Before blown out likely on Sunday they look like eight top one to see these are comfort level that they're gonna play through the end of may for chance to go to the NBA finals again. Now right Boston the Bruins whether it's ridiculous got out of nowhere season. There at the top of their conference and I get two teams are competing. The team that did address and getting on the field lease at this point right now. And did nothing off the field I got their off season was you're tweeting about beer sponsors and and tweeting about you know different promotions. That did not go over well the Red Sox Twitter crowd. But just look pretty good. There's still going to be pretty good I just I don't know it's gonna matter I I don't all legal Red Sox reviews. For five or ten minutes angle right at the Celtics recount. Yell in a month Monday. It feels like that right now. It feels like that is going to be the case. The B just could not to be the knicks the wild card. But date date date don't seem petty had severe to be anywhere near the level on the top three in the the ale the American League he's between Houston the Yankees and Cleveland. Their fourth and and their fourth by a decent margin right now but the other three teams all got better. You stay the same or got worse and swap tiger manager. And against two playoff teams the winter sports the share the building over there at the garden that is not great for fan interest that again. 61777979837. The phone number we have rarely talked Red Sox here. Really all there the offseason or at some cycles we'll get to the second. We'll get some calls dollar replacing David Price coming up David Price spoke today I think tried to. Tried to do the right thing. And try to say the right things we'll see you guys thought David Price. Said the right things today it's 6177797937. You're gonna grab their please tell me are wrong we weren't missed. But the Red Sox exceed this offseason in either the on the field all the field proponent. Because many new listing the same crazies to listen Red Sox review after a 31 loss to the the eighties. Kill on at an early April lights. He tell me what I'd this year by saying they failed both on and off the field this offseason. Chris in New Hampshire waiting really really patiently but talk Red Sox and yankees crusher next appear on Sports Radio WEE I I just legitimately did. I press the screen. Like as a touch screen for second. A guy I I. I thought was an iPad it's like pressing my finger. Red Sox Yankee lineup instead of doing this isn't a mouse depressed Chris in New Hampshire Chris I apologize go ahead. K no problem thanks me aren't you gonna say. What an EER I decided to make the Bob Callahan show I am sending you are covered our cute cartoon dog videos. As an economist and market I can't wait to that it happened now. I don't think that's gonna happen league executives said anyway Chris you get sent to send anyways that they are going to be for two Red Sox talk tonight. I'll tell you asked them on sending it because I can't wait for that day like Google that thanks for the time this not to. Appreciate the last hour conversation which I appreciate anyone. Regardless of color who advances the opportunities for. I'm minorities in arbor in RC in our country. Turned Red Sox. My big concern is that 3% experts are persons yankees. The blood that it's a bloodbath. In the Yankees Arctic in our arms. Put through through six which has one more on Monday and all of the Red Sox at last year. I agree I I will give you there are pitching it better starting pitcher their bullpen has better but we are works. In power in the American week. And we're back and get any better unless we act at the very minimum Judy Martinez. And outscored as they do much for I mean it's addition by subtraction by getting rid of job. You know anybody which are eighty BJ yeah. But I don't see us you know competing for World Series will be what will probably get into the policies that. But I just don't see based on the move that they've made a lot Mitch Moreland brickyard but not back that we need. I don't can't compete in just a lot. What do you say competing you mean freight championship because they. You know competing and that's what we expect to Boston beats I'm happy for them to have a nice CNN. To get into the post season partly wanna see championship means is more votes wealthiest operations in the country. They need to be competitor championship and the feel that the team on the field right now is not going to be able to Pete fools these purchase future. It would be wildly surprising Chris if they are represented the American League in the fall classic. Just based on what we dole right now this team it would not be surprises him sneak in as they wild card. And get more of those one game playoffs it feels like that is their ceiling right now. It would get the Martinez beat CD he represents. The on the field fixed. He does it any longer represent the off the feel ethics. Because there's been this backlash is JD Martinez and Alou talked about it today. And he's right he. People don't want him not exactly sure why. But he will not be the buzz that Saint John call will stand would have been. He's not that good treat a danger the draw the air jet is going to be in and just to give you exhibit three through six he talked about. They're gonna have some sort of mix of judge Stanton Sanchez and Greg bird. Either team through five were three through six I mean they are absolutely. Loaded. In the middle line up there in New York. Got three of those guys he's thirty home run hitters this year. Red Sox might not have 130. Home run hitter on their team. If three Miller won at least theory. At least three. Ralph visit not Cranston on the Red Sox I Ralph. Think that sex you know personable I think you're at every industry the going to be better just because of that bad as everybody else or she is well. That'll be that a bit pictured I mean hopefully they'll pitch up to congress you know not not a price should. Postal but you don't have so many chances to make no sir and Annika makes real creators if we do Derek Jeter was such idiotic general manager. And he couldn't it will be punishment Bradley why can't quite cut him in the Dakota site in the socket Buckley there. Boom truck that result that would have great thing about this the people that actually means the guy I just cannot see that Britain factors that read you know you've signed that kind of money. Minnesota feet and he gave. To ritual but if you look at. This guy was Natalie second actually look at big and so flexible if that strike up the separately and you could bring kept what was it that you get me to back him but the thing that it'll keep in mind. Is that you know I think that EPA is Campbell and he's a free agent this is what. And in a country. Like the last known you close the deal but if it lets get what you ask for ridiculous money are you still go to bounce back in the world book excellent question that. Lila what they've done so far it's not it's not finished well but I but I think this team is gonna be a lot better than people rough. All you are I want to circle back around a circle back I'd get Ike I think Terry playoff contender this year what what am I missing what I've the public and a rating. The third division contender this year with the Yankees. No well I I don't think what purposely either. They announced the Ottawa where there's no while as an advocate of really good we've released after that's what Google execs and silently. Don't like Dick yeah people that pick absolutely ridiculous at public and kind of what it only one group move away. From being close to that and you know this is a pretty good team and oh yeah it's an inch if let's say price why lower court I could be out as he took a lot of it was terrible what police did. But I proposals will approach but remember when the whales went Korea to. What that means that send illegals back all because he's got a bullets which it was if you were not yeah. He didn't look at Q can't because it's such price. Prime topic it can mean he took a bad rap that he was or what it technically I got better and I. But people seeing such a bad guy other than that he's really but I don't think people. Now one mile route a route we've done it's called RR III I've we will its two and a half minutes thanks for the call the but the price up I'm sorry he's just. He he if he pitches well no one's gonna care he has come across to me at times surprisingly so. It's just an unlikable Caracol place a sound read today coming up after the break and I thought he was better today. But in that first season and in that dead at big and make the playoffs and he always asked about a salary by trendy it's on the Comcast folksy at some flippant comment about his salary white came here. And the I didn't pick twelve his first post season Ron. Went to the off season was young chirping at Red Sox fans on social media. On the Hawaii I can't hear you guys wouldn't play up Bob might I hold a playoff record has been wire some tweet like that. Vacuum across is to be very sensitive. From David Price and the next year he came in. He did this drive into the ballpark interview with Bob whole the Boston Globe. No not plastic Roosevelt the Boston Globe. And it was solid that the media NASA my charity. I don't like the fans that much and he was. Very very likable and the cherry on top was did the did that stuff. Which I talk to guys this offseason. In and around the team there are still a lot over the act. And are still calling it attic what was wildly unprofessional. Still months after the fact. So if you pictures well you folks won't care I get. He's done some head scratching unlikable things in his first two years here but at thirty million dollars par he better pitch. That's all I know you'd folks care about which is fine. But don't shrug it off as not no big deal his first two years he took the money to come here he got her last year he sucked beginning a year one it. There's plenty to be critical about David Price that's without getting into the eat at some of the other stuff that people that only talks I don't care about that crap. Buddies there have been unlikable moments and thirty million dollar picture it by the way the on the field product has not lived up to. Thirty million dollars par ain't happening at least amount of yet. 6177797937. Is the phone number I see no Dick it up that online right now we have full Red Sox phones. That's what we do here on the show Johnson mossy eight. Your calls the route Sports Radio W Wii yeah. Jump to muscle soreness. And a half hour from now 8 o'clock your phone calls until ten at 617779. 793 several good bunch of stuff with two mossy when he joins us we did. Our first hour sell on the Boston Police Department there tweet. In regards to read our back in Black History Month ago once calls now and extend a some Red Sox here and our number 21 to play for you a couple of David Price cuts for job backing your phone calls give evil idea what David Price sounded like two day. I at spring training Ayman cut number five was asked about not liking the media last year moss. Posey got dressed like what happened last year through relationships. Us. I didn't seem like you're like me buses the end. And sort. Some. Not get ahead of the work. About this year. No sugar coating there admitted he could handle things differently last year. And wants to start this you're on the right foot so Red Sox fan I'm sure will be OK with that cut number seven asked about learning things about boss Childress first couple years in the city. The media learn to golf balls. There have been things that. Surprised you see these small arms and it's it's very important. What's. You can book. Pitch well play. That's. Available. It's always a lot of work. I don't know if many things better. It goes a long way the ball well it's often. Words. And I agreed the most part they'll be some of the media who will still be very critical pricing and I've been critical him. From all on the field and altered gilts up late for the most part if he pitches well. He'll win the fans back over here Boston speaking of the fans caught number eight op price talking about the Red Sox fans here NC. When you pitched so well in the playoffs. After that game to game one was hard being say anything nice about advanced version was talking earlier teammates over how do you feel about the fans of plus. I don't know you know we'll. What's this. It's. It's. Do you think is overly critical here with us and have been some talk shows and we'll be back to hope. Around them. Does. Watson. No it. Ana is more that for the the entire press conference really whether we show on a C or. On kfar doll or McCadam whomever. On that was David Price today it was pretty up front used to the point there were no wishy Washington us. We will see if that he ends up being the de facto David Price we get this year. He's asked about talked about with the media and he said del Ponte guys pretty stark and negativity. I'm not gonna deal would that saints are directly Shaughnessy. But for our first press conference don't gonna be a great amount of these things are much more important Red Sox fan tell pitches this year. I was pretty good I thought David Price today given the expectations of this guy bolt on and all the field or deal talk about this. In the first segment today of their show the gala Holley show on T. Why are people more negative on price than sale when he went through. Both guys first year numbers in the win loss records are pretty similar. Sale and many more strikeouts in year one he also radio array that was wrong Laura what's the big partisan in the sale was a much better pitcher. In year one the David Price ones. Sale also never had any of the off the field stuff. That price David sale who showed up said nothing and pitched his ass off. For the Red Sox David Price came out and did not pitch well the first couple months as Red Sox career he was getting wins he didn't deserve. Ever he had seventeen wins they 399 ERA. OK so he was getting wins early on in 2000 and sixteen. Where the Red Sox offense was lights out. The start that year he was get the w.s because of Chris Sale came in a pitched well struck a big guys out didn't say boo did make excuses. And pitched well for the beginning not a big part of that dive first impression thing. I it's a big part of the differ reaction of the two. Why sale was treated differently then. David Price was here in the city of Boston. And as the salaries one guy's making twelve look at make it thirty. So I have no problem Red Sox fans who were critical David Price. But were OK with Chris sales first year. Bank or a lot of difference between the two are both will be. Expected you'll lock this year Red Sox in contend. For a wild card spot I can get ten from our content for even the division they it's possible. At the to a lot price and sale this year. Are your thoughts of bull that 61777979837. The phone number Johnson Maine on the new Red Sox skipper a jump. Hey way to mark about though. I mean I'd like trying them out score I don't know what makes them more likable or maybe I'm making more excited to be right up there. By that they do get that wildcard spot or or wouldn't division I am more confident that they will have. More success in the playoffs and it at the last couple years. Some of these now does that help its. He would eat you bond I mean immunity aerial act that had the most success are here to play out and acting back count for something. Yeah I I have X is an upgrade but honestly John if you were managing is that a John Farrell I call on an upgrade John Farrell has been that inconsistent. These last couple years on the field off the field you know he's the man that the media. There's been a lot not to like so I I was pro Alice core goal on over a year now he's an upgrade. But to be the difference in a playoff series as first series manager on not want to go that far. Well and fired exciting if you want to be excited about the rent out yet folks are rock and I'll never let you know like about him into most young hitters. To have most success. And the bottom of that second out of the lineup. He is not afraid out good pick it is that you had a lot of success against some of the bat that can only get this on last. It. Yeah I that he was a guy that you if you're again project and the Red Sox out for a big run this year for send a wild card team are potentially. Somewhere in the division mix with a really really good Yankee team and yet you're hoping the rough feel devers the flat she saw last year project out needs. Here's more the only newer faces really on this team let's assume. Odd they don't get to eighty Martinez at this point. Martinez is apparently looking for a closer to five and 1251314150. Reports today from Alex beer company had the offer at the Red Sox closer to five and 100. Immediately after Alex spear can knowledge that you know I'd John payments got fourth miles. Tell the story how now the it's a lot of back and forth the market has not developed. And it's critical acclaim of the Red Sox for not doing anything yet it's off season. They would be crazy. Crazy. To meet the demands that JD Martinez and Scott for Saturday a day expected five and 150. That the Red Sox should come nowhere close. Two meeting now price tag this offseason the players have been hit with eight huge dose of reality. And that's the owners at least for this year called collusion. Soft collusion whatever can Laird called the weekend. That's at their dealing with and it if the Red Sox on one team that buck the trend here. Besides the cubs Engel pay. Martinez the way they paid Yu Darvish I entered their crazy. Find a way to get down their terms to a shorter term deal of an opt out figure out away but the five and 115 the five at 125. He thought existed. Doesn't exist at this point. So they don't get that done. What they don't want their club this year. I hate you cannot put them anywhere in that the top spot for the American League east. It's the Yankees by four and it's yankees Astros and Indians by far as the top three. In the the American League in the Red Sox I guess or default fourth. Patrick get a car on the Red Sox all season at 6177797937. Hi Patrick. Made my paid. You gotta do it reminds. So I don't think everybody should be that mad that where people are straight to begin getting big in the season but didn't we go into last year you know losing bit murky. Not really upsetting one too I mean Packard tablet in terms of the back. It pick anyone up he would replace thirteen so can't we can't improve on last year and I want to hear your take about Kirk. He's gonna make it this spring training man already paying eat a look into the top calculate they didn't like. You know that I hate calling it boring. And you without Larry I don't know what your take there. I think yes and in a big court will be fine and that hurt last year that tremendous and have been him any bad can you spot. The before talking to him down there and put on 25 pounds of muscle quite rob Bradford Cooke will be fine I'm back tomorrow a tank way. Yeah and as for the team okay yes they didn't they this year they added nothing last year they had Chris out pretty big addition eight. Instead of replacing the back in the lineup. They went the teaching route instead of we can't score a million runs we're gonna pitcher away and that worked to what extent. When it came down or other teams in the American League City Houston Astros. Bashed their way past the Red Sox and they had no answer that even with all the effort they put into. I'll rebuild that pitching staff adding Chris Sale except her. So why can't be the same this year because the teams around you got substantially better. The Yankees added Stanton. The Astros added Garrett Cole. The Indians added pieces and more already better than you. So the three other teams in your league you're competing with or the ability due to win your division. And avoid that you know one game playoff the wild card they all got better you did. That's the difference this year. So we I think they're still in contention for a wild card spot. And I guess that's going to be enough for some people play your baseball fan this team is probably going to. Be pretty good not great. But they will be pretty good. And that'll be enough for my people my Red Sox review people to call in who'll listen all the games to watch all the games. Wanna know why it was Vasquez batting seventh instead of eight. Why did they not rob bulletin that spot those people okay. You'll be okay with this team I think. It's the next level of fan there where the Red Sox are trying to draw the casual fan. That are not the die hard at Red Sox review but at night callers. I think they'll read Boston Red Sox can have a hard time getting those fans to watch and listen we'll go to the ballpark. OK but when you're competing against the Bruins and the Celtics. And those two teams are going to be. Top 123 seeds in their respective leagues in their respective conference of the post season and they're playing into April may June games that really really matter. Air Red Sox see that just OK a without a huge amount of star power to an especially offensively. That teen gets lost in the shuffle. It just passed you. Because people want to watch the teams that. You're expected when championship and the aftermath the Gordon Hayward injury we're on the air with with Bradford at night right we're here with Bradford Hayward goes down opening night. It goes too well that he will still be good. But they're not a championship contender turns out they still might be. In so the interest level has not waned in that team how they might get Gordon back. You're at some point. So for the Red Sox they go to the year being okay being good. But they're competing with two other team in the spring. That our championship contenders then come August 1 August 10 August 15. When he got six weeks to go pennant push Ron here come the patriots. We've learned recently that patriots team with the interest they have in Brady forty wanting wrong can cooks and elbow back that's gonna draw a lot of the conversation away from the Red Sox. And saw that window for the right sought to grab the attention now to die hard for the casual fan given their lack of star power is really really small. It I don't really short window there. 6177797. ID 370 is the phone number. I your thoughts where my role in this offseason they failed on the field they failed from you know and excitement standpoint the fan base. Most people agreed may be disagreed 617779. 7937. Affordable more your phone calls to mosque will do what is it eight yards one at night Sports Radio WE yeah. Johnson plus would join us today your phone calls until ten at 617779. 7937. Started the night talking with the talking about the with rich keep but he was still here the Boston Police Department tweet about where our back that that some people upset. Here during Black History Month and talked a lot of Red Sox here in this hour calls on both. Throughout the evening is beyond move forward Jakes in Brookline on David Price he's next up on. We're radio logic. And you know undo the good calories and so all of the ball excellent and leg. Could be big and why it. Are all right. They don't need to act all of the courses of actions and I'm learning I'm not sure are good that I eat. If I think honestly they get entry in the lack of art and as he had nothing to. We don't lack Allen. England I mean they're gonna have an excellent eat at you eat. Which. Accurate but more importantly they do it itself. Attitude team last year yet yet you go there and it was very apparent that there in the fourth inning of born being. Eight and lightning you know between cage and wide and going to be here. Yeah I think you speak for a lot of younger fans and Aaron Gray to a point now all. Jake because of the way our society is going even older fans like I think that baseball has long. Thought that okay the older fans stick with us but everything everything in our lives everything. Is taking a shorter amount of time to do. Whether it is I'll watch a series on TV weather is you're doing something online everything is now shorter. Except for baseball. Which takes longer now than it did it. 101520. Years ago and if if if they're losing people like you. They're in trouble and I guess are to lose people. The older demo and then there really really in trouble that's why it's got to be concerned that's why you would rob rob Manfred inability to. Find a way to convince the players that we need a pitch clock now on to hammer the scuffle early. Is really bad for the game long term. And then in the last thing I did say you know I did I get me out in infrastructure. And god. Or you're out. Of step in the battered aunts were told us like you don't care about Edwards. Yeah I think it's it's a tough question because I I get it there are some people who just don't care. And there's some people are saying we'll be Shea five minutes off the game. What is it really matter and I have a hard time argue with those people I just know having watched. Hundreds of baseball games in person now or last for now going on five seasons the gate the pace of the game is too slow. And whether it's Josh Beckett or David Price who take too long. Whether it is the pitching coach with a guide on Tampa who want Els out there to the mound 3456. Times a game. And takes a minute and a half you each way to do with me that that that is comical the a lot of times where you know a catcher will block to the pitcher's mound. And have to work out the signs we gives you little things that. Add up banana banana and don't think it's just one thing and it's a bunch of little things so much rob Mann from one of the players do this this pictured this pitching clock they said no. And now I guess what he's going to do is he's he's gonna say a proposal to the players that. No pitch clock this year or 2019. Provided the average time of the united game does not exceed two hours and 55 minutes. And I again have until blood and it was today that they have accepted it as of today and today was the last day that it acceptable see it they do. But he's he's thinking about it he. He wants to gain go faster. He knows that they gay can't be over three hours per game going forward big got to find a way to speed up the pace of play that that's not gonna draw back in everything and then. And and three hour games in general are going to be a tuneup for a lot of people. In 2018. Herschel and artistic around the entire thing the experience baseball used to go to the games to spill it taken Fenway Park in Yankee Stadium go to Baltimore but. To commit to the hours it takes. To watch or listen to 1821623. Hours a night odds can be a lot it's going to be hard for people. So I I I don't know what the exact answer is I don't know but something as extreme as seven inning games. At some point our lifetime. But it just seems very antiquated now where everything our lives is now faster than it was. Except for Major League Baseball. An example I have mentioned. Earlier we heard it and a conversation about any heart today on orange Andy's. That's tough question get from Jerry Kirk what are your interest and there's there's really no good answer matter what you say or do. Can it will be used against you in a court of law on that show. So when Randy says I like to lift weights and every general stuff he's gonna get buried for that I say like horse racing I'm getting it buried for okay. By imagine crude cooking came up for some reason and this is used to this. Let's face it like 888 CEE super charged pressure cooker slash slow cookers much all in one cooking machine. And ill will will put stuff that a crock pot little prop crock hot and home all the time he put in for four by six hours whatever it is. This thing does it ten minutes. Fifteen minutes every theater alive including now. Is now sold much faster. In baseball holds that people. It's on to lawsuit from the storm again. Baseball at this point where it takes forever it's not getting fast. Pulled on it. I'm honest and what I used came storming in government to say yes. And in some parts the greatest invention right you were talking and Iowa I am talking about it the world we'll talk about with you on the other side and I had to come and say that right now. See I have a lot of thoughts on a true it's great but I might see that it's now faster cook your pot roast on the mossy but baseball tilt at the Big Three now bowers. It's a problem that's the issue Tomas again it's up it's the plot against everything else here at 6177797937. Your phone number. Yes I just compared cooking and a crock pot to baseball I know I did that's that we do here on the show Hamas and studio he joins us with your calls next.