Danny Picard - Sleeper in the Sox bullpen; No reason Tom Brady should play tonight 8-19-17

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Saturday, August 19th

Hour 2: Callers think Brandon Workman is a key reason for the Sox' bullpen success in the second half. Danny thinks Brady shouldn't play tonight against Houston or in the preseason at all.


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Sox Bruins and patriots Celtics. About the mall now. 24/7. Sports continues so let's get a the card. Network. I am broadcast them. Drama the Iditarod restaurant Oliver wanted sockets which just received a complete make over and I have overlooked at right now. Beautiful brand new Bob tell you this is the perfect spot to watch tonight's Red Sox yankees game. It is brought over some delicious buffalo ten days. Mean Doug lane just took those to her real quick. And so delicious vote everything that you need dining room. Is more open that it was it's even more spacious than it was the bar area is modern and comfortable they've installed new TV's. To watch this red hot Red Sox team which is 113. Of its last fifteen so on out of the night in a restaurant on route one it's August you gotta love. The new medical of that has happened here and not on there until Red Sox were again. Take your phone calls. Until six point five phone number is 617. 7797983761777979837. A lineup is out. The only difference is that it's any real behind the plate and not Christian baskets along. That's we got to gets elected at a intellect and the Yankees last night. And elected tonight in CC sabathia let's get back that calls because they confident. Let's go to. Read in Maryland it's up for. Howell followed anyhow what you did today. Greg I want to discuss what you were talking about earlier about Carol what is really she let. I can't understand him Bergen and Barnes and what the. At setting it at war zones very well. These long were you able wanted to implement our view and. Not because I think if you saw what happened at work needed to get one not an unusual fashion that is all aren't came out and it all. You need as much fun as possible that it would cause of that they went as it can't we at work but if you talk to you wasn't ready to go off. Funny if they awarded that Vick and that Palmer has come on back. While he did well only pitched a little bit of tension and I don't I'm amber aren't in the early innings. I mean and bring it you're out Cali written. The other guy. In new well you know. Joseph Kelly a fridge Kelly before it went out an injury I mean you would somebody that was role. Somebody that we look at what it adds rated say Joseph Kelly RD eight inning guy right joked that these are anti. I don't want Joseph Elliott in the fourth fifth even sixth inning but you know I think there. I don't wanna see last night that. Yeah they would they would quick. Temple ran a work I think the situation was. On usually offer is better at it irrational but it's funny I have received some tweets you can tweet me at did cut. I have received some two weeks there and show we talk about this Red Sox bullpen. And I have talked about Workman not really in the fashion that threat from Marilyn said. Not specifically last night's game sort of in the future it will all work and it has proven that his is to be. Maybe just a sneaky reliable guy on the candidate spots and if you go back to 2013. When the Red Sox won the World Series. If you can remember Workman was somebody that got rob back in the bullpen. He was great. And what I can distinctly remember his work and it being great against Detroit in ALCS. And some mixed bots wanna even say that game colts. Studded with Buchholz is almost all off what else is no. And you know he's thrown 82 miles per hour. I actually out there are drawn a lot of them play a lot it was a gut that was a gutsy outing for buckles but he needs help early. Workmen from one I can remember the can't and that candidate came and had a got a couple huge out that you're a couple big time double plays. And he's proven in the past in big spots he can be reliable guide. Will be moved forward hey. They're asking for somebody to step up outside of general and even to a to an extent outside about a separate. So a lot Workman take that god you people might be right that you're what does that god baucus equipped to block. 88 Dan Gerstein that on Sunday. You brutally honest in their very actions like they're very much. A couple quick east. This sleep right feeling workmen in the bullpen to get back in April form back intricate and argued over elegant born in the cup situation. I think we're gonna beat what was surprising coming on strong. Also I think gem you know a date date at a price I can think they I'm proud they need to look at it. Mental constitution of the player coming over here could. Not everybody can handle the press and everything I distinct. I was against it but they wanted to but it also had been that the constitution to put up at all with the destruction in impaired or like at her children. I don't want to go out freshman what does that have to do what his elbow injury right now. Oh I think I would have reported in Detroit I would like yeah. You're phone's breaking up slightly dull it's all. Well I'd look I don't. Political backing of the projects we stopped calling anybody does but just. Quickly respond to set up with yet. With it and them make up and away away you know David writes had never pitched in a place like this right you know that. And added to the money. I don't have a problem I mean good for him to get on. Put it that cities receive the money. And he realized how high the expectations were her and you realize that in this town when he expectations high. Well if you're not common anywhere close those expectations. Yeah going to be criticized for deficits in the guy that can really handle that criticism might be what that is. If you give me 31 million dollars you you could say whatever you want. Thirty minute bodily third one. We're talking about you gave me 270. You can say what you want you can tweet what you want I do whatever you say it doesn't matter to me doesn't matter. Could give us I would have to have that attitude doesn't seem like he had it. At the same time it took about race right now. And in. This stuff aside. I just wanted to pass. And I want haven't passed. We want David Rice to get back at least maybe I should speak a week and a couple calls that the people which is great you don't want all the right now we're talking about David Price is double. If Bryson Abbott some setbacks now. If we're all of a sudden talking about Bobby John. And I'll revert back to the beginning of the season. When there was some people telling him that he was and is nugget they would have advised him to have surgery that. And when I heard him say that. To me that was a red flag on that can well what makes you so different than a guy that is done I understand other than the number which is an age what else. Obviously they tell you something drawn an elbow to the point where somebody up it's all where would suggest and it buys surgery. So habit. We continue because of what she's and change instead of missing most of this season and then all of next season. So the strategy would really make sense now look at Bryce you know I don't know that he aids. Is anecdotal let's get over actually stuff. I don't side with rice on that. But that doesn't mean. I want David Rice to remain on the DL the rest of the yes that's crazy talk the Red Sox need and should want. David prize packet rotation and if you don't want then that. Yeah well I just I don't know it's I don't understand. I don't understand why you wouldn't want a guy who by the way. I think lost. In the whole David Price compensation is the fact that before he went on the DL. He was pitching great yeah that little pick up LA at the West Coast trip hopefully one of the other that. David Rice was pitch like that guy you don't you know you'll look at it and finally stunned watching golf you know what this is the guy. This is the guy you well and I'll bid everybody else what this guy out at 831 million a year for. This is it this is what you again. And say we want about his personality. I don't like it. David Price which like that David Price it's like ace. Did you ask the course it'll play a series of devastating dual. You don't look around away it's in many of those two votes in fact you need to act like you'll win. Idol will wait for David Price that it would post season. It is only one way from to do is to help so more than any. We I want David Price to get help and look at actually situation saying you know what they're better off without. And I'll look at the Red Sox went thirteen of fifty mile and it's you know like the only without and they don't need them what does that. I mean that it's as if you were David Price amounts are tied if you know. He has a chance. To help you win again is now what you want that's on want so. I hope the Red Sox can handle the right way she I'd look at what it thirteen of fifteen as sort of a luxury. Where when it comes to writes it's a Pedroia. You don't need to rush these guys back anything because let's be honest they don't necessarily need to come back right now you don't need him. Maybe when you even get the late September. Eighties napkins at all about a stretch we cannot win the Yankees skull and some might run a little September and it's close again. Need a couple big wins late poll way. All you get to post season you don't need that others daughter our rotation ID is absolute crazy talk. To sit here and not want David Price or even Dustin Pedroia. Back in the lineup just as they went with now that's insane. If anything those who got it to get active make a better ballclub that they are right now. And that's saints on that team. That's at first place five games ahead of the Yankees just won thirteen of their last 156177797937. I have your Red Sox lineup they're Rania Natalie said. The only change from last night's lineup is that. You have that you catcher not baskets and recently Almonte late night. Eight but I do get a whole lot of application in the last night's lineup argument again because yet. A lefty back to back nights that means not seen the bullet back to back nights so here it is. And I don't know he has really not that second page Nokia mets' second right field. Independent Andy at third in left field Hanley Ramirez at first page once again. Clean up does that sound. That is earned her another day at first base. Chris Young. That this DH. That was the same last night and it gets it got its sixth at short. Devers seventh at third base and we owned by the waited eight Jackie Bradley Jerry Sanders last night at nine. In center field you can go up Madonna's lineup. And you could look at guys that went out guys that. A swing hard that's right at all or guys you can't take bottom line up you know somebody that I that we should not who. Is seen that yet a little bit more comfortable way to actually get this out last night there in the game does it blow outs. Bogart's. It's it's is all spotting to get back the beams and diplomats. I expect me. These. 279. Last night he went one for runs scored did not strike out but the last couple games both not to look pretty damn good. I'm so glad they did not give up on boats because if you ask me we talk about crazy talk with the reds team. Given up once in a bold shots. Would needed biggest overreaction in the history of Red Sox baseball I mean his kids and his or intimate Taiwanese. A shortstop that the last few seasons hit it 300 he had 322 years ago last week what eight to 94. I mean what you gonna give up because he's got a little bit of a slump but we do this every year with certain guys always open. And it rolled all the Nikki plan he looks lost at the plate. Given the chance to figure it out. Let go of it whether it's to struggle. A little find his way. Sit him you know if you should want that. Yeah a break fun. You can keep them out of that want to insult people wanted to do that quite some people thought that shows a couple weeks ago telling me that Bogart's. He needs to get on the edge permanently and that went Pedroia comes back. Ulyetza needs to go to short. And bulldogs needs to be out at Gracie and a Bogart's is at 300 hitter who is. As you've seen all you know when he has those. Easy swings that he's not try to do too much of that. He even if Apollo like that so I take a boat that's not a lot out I told that it shouldn't eat Bologna was struggling and I am glad they didn't. Want to get serious doll fight his way again turn it around and if watchable that's what you know this is kid. Who looks a lot more comfortable right now that he did for the last month and a half. And that's not a good thing for this team brought Robert mix it all well this Red Sox team right now you know. Puppet on a line at DeVon is playing out of his mind at Evans is at 35612. Before last night with two runs scored to about two RBIs. And Davis hit a home run in the second inning which again Paul that's a big hit before that the Red Sox have to happen. You don't know is a C 360 ones they'll. That attendees to set it now he went one for five. Last night. But just up and down at this is that the person baskets. 286 is not that that is Matt on the lineup right now you know all the relationship between Chris Sale and sanity on. I'll knock an odd you that Chris L whatever Chris Sale wants for sale gets because at the end of the day all the other things we talk about. The Red Sox are really only got to go as far as personnel makes him. Because that is not one thing that you need more than anything initially to have success at the post season is the dominant. It's not midget at the top or take secrecy it was just that and that rounds out this lineup that night Chris Sale. All the not against the Yankees 61777979837. Taking a Red Sox calls also patriots colts if you have them. Patriots actions pre season game on the news tonight in Houston just how much. Should all Brady and the ones like what are you pick a gigabyte thoughts on that and anything else that is said Donna Fenway with regards to. You know on Lawrence is back in his hip. What's the wallet David Rice and his elbow where is she at right now at the daily showed a ballpark. Any notion that Al upped me and I'll take calls up until Red Sox recant and the number 617. 77979837. Mac app that is Bible. You touch wood Danny right now 6177797. On Sports Radio guy. EI. Complete medical. Gotta get there exceed brand new look and not just the new look but also some giveaways today. Giving away tickets to tomorrow's Red Sox yankees game. 8100 dollar gift this is not on restaurant. Also it. Fifty dollar gift god the Red Sox team stores are couple while bullets over their bulky pads Jackie Bradley junior. Some T shirt so lot of giveaways boy if you come down denied it on restaurant. On wrote want in this August this is the perfect place to watch tonight's Red Sox yankees game. Personnel on the shark CC sabathia. All the on for the Yankees in. If you don't. Look at the standings every day like I do that I'll keep you updated all those Red Sox five games ahead of the Yankees first place in a Al east. And you know tonight. Chris Ellis is not nervous about this one right at any thing it. Would you be nervous about this is maybe to the offense also sees what she knew she would that you know Brazil's gonna dominate. And it. It is hoped that you know Red Sox offense doesn't feel the same what it that that they only need one run and it they get a little lazy on. What are we got the right bring over. Probably this Michael Ray Emeril Bobble head at this way. Others is Brando others sick. Love this he's got the opt Agilent. Alia the great liberal Bobble head. Yeah that's this is one of them but I want to I would say wait we give it this way right up at the god rest of the lauded sockets. It was just opened up an incredibly great notebook model. About it yet. Well it's tickets gets gods you're and it and also it's they're watched the games the perfect place. Lots and I can't take your phone calls up but they'll Red Sox recant 617. 77979837. Mics in Connecticut what's up Mike. I want Eric rich you also are. So one coming out start. Does that separate its product toward the back at life. Why not quite a while I. Are there. It briefly how we use. Them majority here I I think. Our endeavors in Ramirez the best shot supermarket on the power white Mike Williams I don't I'm lineup. Wait so yes we would you put debt is nominally put this line. Obviously that would put them where Bennett and I'd look we're not three Opel and I would legal. I'd put inside of I don't know why don't I got help Arnold loves it you know why parents don't know by. There right now you're right yeah I'm quite I think he gets up where it would not a Christian I thought you were saying that you wanted to take that is overlooked. You know hit second ought narrative and then movie that that's a bit and beat down. A set I would do that. Well at all if you wanted to talk about switching defenses and yeah on the I'm all for that in fact it's you know a little surprised. And I know that John Farrell is a big fan Christiane. And that's and I don't like what would you do look at what the Red Sox what John Farrell usually tries to do witches in a lefty righty lefty right. My debt is at ya on the flip flop and. You know I think when it would makes you know makes cents right which is that you have Ramirez. Dead is. Boats. Yeah I mean that would make sense to me I would do that I would make that flip but I'll marketable debt is not. And then sneak Mets are met attendee and move them down that's certainly not until. Salaam. I like we have would it. Let's be honest if we got that top line up partly right now to get the job done. And you're gonna have deadliest subway 789 birdies at seven tonight. And holdouts is got to feel as culpable the latest piece looks the field last couple days so that it. That's not a it's not a matter bottom of the order and that it Jackie Bradley junior at the bottom. So either. When you look at this Red Sox lineup that you could question it like that college it is maybe you could put Devin is up did it there. But who knows maybe do that Andy struggles a little bit. And he feels a little bit more pressure I'm OK with capital winners I don't need to see pebble let. I can listen to you what you want to swap him with Chris Young hit I could I could live. Jet is an organ which Nokia. I don't edit. The yeah just I'm calling you bought it from how orient. Just spent about a month back on the case. Anyway I have a theory about Christ's and then it kind of sent there. I think you really has bought into this entire. Race craft with Austin. I can and people act like Boston to mostly took place on the patriot that's just patently ridiculous. Anyway. We are where you where you break in prices to this right now why. Why you do not that I guess a little confused as to why do. OK I think that thing that happened with the kids. Why am I. I and that would this dark it is absolute. Pitching non stop and playing the race card. It out. Well. Wouldn't know an the the outfielder Matt who is some things were supposedly yeah. Multiply Adam Adam Jones to talk about that outrage yeah yeah yeah. A little bit out of got equipment that I don't object. That doesn't have anything. That Yahoo! with anything about David Price right now all. Did so what do you tell me you. You don't pay the price not a situation. And at least decided to give up. All the teams since then having to actually admit that the Red Sox should obit David writes what's when he was the was Richard rich. The budgets which are great. What he was eight this is simple David Rice. This is. So emotional. Mess the first two months of the season with the so helpful. He has inflammation got a little setback. I don't think this is complicated I don't think he's pull himself now because he doesn't like a shirt shop and happening in the city or even an organization. I see that the saint that would actually situation that injury that David Price is not right now has nothing to do with any of those things off the field. It is David Rice that is so simple you digit. Is this an inflammation when it was what they should help always pocket. That. That's a real pain you tell me the Red Sox have David rose 31 million dollars a season and it. They are willing to just let the guy stood out. For reasons that not injury relate. Doesn't make any sense. And if you're David Rice. And you'll do care about criticism like we keep saying he doesn't it was a highly sensitive about it. Thank you didn't criticize apple likes it now. I'd I'd take it David president I think David Wright wants to tackle the field so he can shut people up. I think that's what he wants we can't do it if you're a Red Sox now that yeowomen. OK you won thirteen of fifteen the luxury you have is to say to David Price it's argue well there probably wrote 95. And risked risked some things with further injury. But why would we don't want to do is don't want to rush David Price back all right so as much as I think. The issue with David Price not beat up on us do it can be educated not feeling great that oboe. I also think they're on the same page as well they should. Which is that the organization in the player added together don't hey listen. Here's what we need you. We need you and October 1 what's right now with five games ahead of the Yankees we won thirteen to fifteen. Had a little set back off okay. Art take a couple days off we don't need to write. Now will that change with Palmer and injury from last night maybe we'll see we'll see how serious the moderate injury is. You can try to call that data Daley wants. But when you start talking about. You know yet. And you start talking about you know lineup yet they don't think at that doesn't sound good wasn't. We'll see a bomber is red and release. But if if that injury that use a bomber at supper last night that took a lot of the game of the fortnight. If that turns into would DL stint will see all the white rice then maybe you look at price signal and I write down bill. Not this is not doing too well and whoever whoever else we've put in that spot is it doing to Allen now the Yankees to catch up to Roloson. We're at a spot where if you make you feel OK we get huge you. Does it donated battled through if you feel all right. Maybe get back to David Price that's not what you don't need to do that's a hypothetical. It's so Europe could spot picnic because of it I try a cigarette at a spot because prices out. But you're a good spot in the sense win. You win it without him and wish you really need rice is. In October. As bad as he's been. I know that that's what you really need them that's why the name of the pit box and the big bucks to get the shot I want us in another shot yeah. He gets that shot I don't want Roland 1991. And I don't want lied it about it injury or anybody want an injury. I want all as healthy as it could be thrown 9195. Richard the way we always capable to pitch the way he pitched most of this season went on. So again. It's not ideal to have a while. But you're a good spot we're he'll win it without them. You have a you have the luxury of saying David Rice a couple big fields. It's not set back a little bit literature about addicts and those darn it. Retrenchment work team next week in Cleveland I don't know it needs to work if you tweak it it's exit there. Will win out. Nunez at second. Let's say we would move on that's not to say you're about to lose you job with an injury. Urged her to make bridges it doesn't rise the bachelorette. But you know they could say oh I'd feel a little weak with six games at yankees at first place at that point. Thirties right now. Let's keep it fills in late September. I think it's old luxury has they are able to now take advantage. The lead in the division that I get it I try to make itself while gamely that it's not that. But if you can beat the Yankees tonight you talk about six in week. An and of course Arnold's. What happens that are already reports LO verse eight grade. So what's not a grant the Yankees that would deals go. You guys who this enemy and odds and picks up a great and I want it for the last what you want disease accurate. Inherits a beautiful inhabit these yankees now I'll hate him. But. Catcher Russell at saint it's at a rate. Is. Probably the toughest matchup of the weekend. The Red Sox however this is all along with an eight point 38 ERA each eucharist not at that. So he doesn't like it that way in the small sample size of the greatest feel comfortable. Maybe answered management's accurate are and maybe. Yeah look at sweet and sweet. You had a seven game lead in the division which once again. Makes that luxury that you. Even more luxurious. We could say that guys like Pedroia writes hey take it easy. We don't need you back right now but. When we get it back we want it to be as close to full strength as possible. But you know right now there's no need to rush it because we nearly got this thing wrapped up. 6177797. 3761. Cent. 77979837. Let's take a call him before the break. Not me on federal hill what's done. A Danielle what your passion your cockpit like me there's any -- this whole problem just in Peru and he quit leaders. Didn't come across in older more really well my warm me up all went up pricing come alcohol goodies if he comes back. You plug brilliant in the event or acquire our talk Christie swords the eagle on the given that I'm sorry. You sort of thing moderate outlook crashed all the cute but the Yankees last night was sort of pregnant mile an hour changeup. In other words structures that not being at these particular blog and I got so cardinals Monday night I was party this Sunday you're gonna pick and Sunday. Ray what are not it's not that it's Sunday what would you would you be given out to get apparently. Yeah we didn't let somebody get something. Well no you sure because the way it worked it. Here's my point if you and I called Tommy if you. Early adequate wages of people you know the way they can be tricky. Basic because as some might say well how can you make a trade after the trade. July 31 was not with the treatment. You can trade anybody anywhere at any time before 4 o'clock eastern bloc on July 31. At the July 31 up until August 31. You can still make a trade however. For someone you want to waste that play on the witness. So it just that earlier this case the Detroit Tigers had what for Atlanta and a huge contract on wages. Nobody wants that just in Atlanta because you risk Abbott pick up this whole contract. Even without giving up many right if you claim on a guy. The tigers can say you know what he's yards he's 34 years old. He's make him to 48 million actually it is that it's 1892019. That's a that's an option that he told me it doesn't want me. You can have. These yards and that she would have to pick up these guys salary nobody wanted to do that at least nobody want to risk it. That's why we're politically at witness so when it clears waivers. Topic written any. I asked the college has the call what would you give up yet. Because. Like I it doesn't matter it doesn't matter because what's that you let's say the tigers wanted somebody that was on the Red Sox forty man roster. What are the Red Sox forty man roster it would clear waivers. Have yet to be treated. Packaged. And if it's what he's done it again given up a lot of Berlin one because he's 34. I have a great season. The contract is just so big that. You know I don't know that that you could justify the numbers that he had with back on track and what his future look like. While giving up some then dumb and important and special. Yeah if they ought to take a couple mid level prospects. Let's let's this money's not a thing let's do it I'd do it right well. What does that portraits one I didn't feel Detroit's gonna say we don't eat it. As a guy at the rusty you're familiar with a you'd always gonna show up what she's. We want we want wanted to jump gives the forty man roster and they just got sick about it. And you know what I'd probably do this. Late saliva. Forty man rush that got he's the forty man rest I would trade Berliner a second. So why not at a at a mid level problem that love prospects I do that the second this brought. Why not typically a witness you know we Ramirez just hit cleanup witness if Ramirez doesn't clearly this. I noticed yet neither is Blake's fly out. Now all you could say that perhaps. And perhaps he goes right to Detroit and I look at Detroit. That would it would go American League that would be all right you may well doubt Detroit would get first. They would be the first claim it goes in order of the worst team in the American League. Detroit they are the worst even the American right you know. I think the worst team in the American League and I'm standing right now was Oakland maybe Oakland perhaps much and it's not love me. I would think that they would put a claim on which one. So. I don't even get there aren't that you get to Detroit so it once why not. Doesn't clear way it is usually you can't trade him unless. It's what you get sneak couple prospects. Cash and played a minute later and the minute regular season is over that way it to me and my hair is what I thought maybe you works like that. I do that a second. I just picked it may be Detroit law. I do I think it will all of that and it won't won't guarantee that opera lover Linda in fact I just think that. Detroit if not get that right now it wants ads that tie is the whole lot of Atlanta and maybe give someone in the offseason. Right. Realty got a couple years of the contract but. I take early and additional out of it's happened because they bought a ticket to watch and it too much about it clearly it is. So it might just be applicable complicated on. Realistic point 61777979837617779798. 37. Taking more Red Sox calls. I watched the patriots and played and I are all fired up Barbara receive not. You light up every season but if you are looking for ways to watch the game. Either the patriots. Or the Red Sox. It was all right now and not on restaurant writer wrote one it's August. I am yet broadcast because we've Italy tickets with Italy gift cards. Bubble heads IC an autograph. But Etsy where it's photograph of it but you know that was our autograph. Likely to autograph baseball's trying to. I get it passed the test that people come down the Douglas autographed baseball. Don't show but we got tickets to tomorrow's Red Sox yankees and. We have a 100 dollar gift god and money on restaurant. Have vetoed it got a Red Sox games though. We got at all Bobble its insurance arm down 99 restaurant group wants August on that beautiful golf. Up until Red Sox pre game back after this battle between stock. Exxon see it's all fair game. From card on Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797. Hillary is seven poles lines open player. American Red Sox pregame which begins at 6151. Pitch at 710%. Or CC sabathia. Yeah it all right here on the Shaw's WEEI Red Sox radio network I have broadcast than from the 99 restaurant on route one it's August. Which just had a complete medical it looks beautiful here. The service is even veteran you know lot. Daryn and I actually walked through when it came it at that dining room. The best dining room. That I've seen at a restaurant along pawn. And you know combined that with the pot in the service at that I mean I'm a liberal like it's August this is the place to meet the night's action. And it's already brand new TVs in hand that. You know you'll love the Red Sox game hit the patriots game they'll. Does the patriots played its second pre season game tonight at 8 o'clock against the used actions and I also need to mention that is some giveaways. Right here at the knot at a restaurant group wants August tickets to tomorrow's Red Sox yankees game will give those away. Given away a hundred dollar gift god that and I restaurant. Given away a fifty dollar gift god that are Red Sox teams always give it away Bobble heads these shirts you name it. Street team is hot at work and of ticket. A full calls up until Red Sox regained 617. Sent at seven knives and night 37 there's some news when it comes to Red Sox and what this team is saying days it's everybody showed all partner David lineup that night. It's the same as last night X four that you will not be baskets. Off that is bad out of line up. Chris Dale Watson throws it in the alone. You get Chris Daly wants solely owned by the way that made that's the only difference. It's Mets but Andy Ramirez dawn. All God's that is Leona. Bradley that's a lot of that night but it was on the Red Sox. Away from the lineup on guys David Rice and Dustin Pedroia yeah. There is no change it David Price. Who did not roll today for the fourth straight day you know David Price is supposed to throw a couple days ago. Almost Tuesday. Wednesday and he had a setback. And EU and then that sit down not needed after all of David Rice did not throw again today for the fourth straight day don't thrown David Price. It will stay back and treatment while the Red Sox and Cleveland now the original report with Dustin Pedroia. Was that he wouldn't go to Cleveland. Where he or at least. Me. But this but this ain't got that way is that the trial also stayed back with rice and he'll get treatment at home while the team. It's Cleveland's salaam. I don't I don't want to say that at this because again as I just acknowledge you for the last half ala. I think that it's a good thing. The way when you don't need to rush it yeah they're respiratory at Mac technically. We're still romantically you don't need to. Don't need to do so on actually okayed its article good news but certainly not a look at this and think that that is bad news. I think it's electorate that team has given. Away an airplane as a waits a lot that's what we have with the Red Sox opted to be accurate such calls up until it's our pregame at six point five. But. I do have some thoughts on the patriots as well. And they wait the first pre season game last week last Thursday. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Gillette Stadium. You know the over reactions. For that game. You know what. But as you add the second game so you get closer to the dirt. And the next week is the treacherous what's it in Detroit next week. In Detroit next week that's the restaurants that we will see. On Brady went full and maybe even at that they're quarter. But I don't even need Patton. Whitney I really don't. For all talk about robberies age. And what they think would happen in his football future whether it's this year whether it's after this year. If you want to just focus on the right now and talk about his age his. If you want to sit Tom Brady down the entire pre season on just fine. Now the reports that race can play that night how much did you play I know he could take four snaps. You know he did that three snaps he gave a ring out and make it all the handouts. I have no idea I just wanna get on the senate. You know change a couple plays blunt scrimmage and it you know him off. And maybe that's sort of the familiar feel with it maybe that helps in running backs out more than it does have. You know it helps is upwards of Lional more than it does him. You got guys it just wanna get into the get into the room we're operating in an actual game in a stadium and we're going to be loud at all. You know art I guess I can understand it so maybe you to see that would Brady tonight. What if if I was playing in the role they'll they'll check. I would say it is I would say Brady. Yeah we don't eat tonight. When talking noticeable night. So why you gonna go up. Why why you got what. Let's skip this I would be put radio that are not going to be up at all value that the sky is fallen Brady does a couple possessions. But if you're asking me what my strategy would be. My strategy would be that if it's ever a time to talk about a guys age. And how you would handle him. It's received. What are your old guy. I mean the greatest of all time do you that he needs pre season work. No he doesn't sell I don't need to see him tonight. I don't need to see him in the dress rehearsal that's usually go standard but we see which you have to football from Brady probably in Detroit. Next week and a four game you'll see. You'll see of that'll be the guys who were trying to make the team they get four quarters to really battle it out guys are on the bubble. I loved it but. They'll be a battle out for each game but it's just get me to week nine point favorite at all that we raise them that is and that'll be an exciting one but until then. You know whats this say about the analysis of the knowing the patriots. On my analysis should be just make it easier the quarterback. Now to get to talk about age this be to not do this compatibility doesn't need to play at second pre season game reports say that he could see some not. We'll see how much time and it's 6177797983761777979837. I see some calls comity and we will take down after this final.