Charlie Weis on coaching the Patriots while preparing for a new job, Tom Brady playing into his 40s, and why he was fired from Notre Dame

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, January 17th

Charlie Weis joins the guys to discuss the Patriots offense against a good to great defense, how he and Tom Brady discussed Tom playing into his 40s 13 years ago, and he believes Brady will be better next year, how he handled transitioning from New England to Notre Dame during a playoff run, how he think Patricia and McDaniels are working solely with the Patriots, he talks about his plan when at Notre Dame and how he was fired, and his excitement for his son becoming Lane Kiffin’s OC.


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And as the patriots get set to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC championship on Sunday. Who better to talk about the quarterback play of Tom Brady the Patriots offense and the types of defense is that could perhaps give. The patriots and Brady trouble than former patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis Charlie joins us right now Charlie Yates dealt Michael and rich how aria. I haven't you guys. All right thank you do we read anything into the fact that Tom Brady according to the patriots is with the medical staff and not will not be made available to the media today in fact will be on the injury report later today. Auto quote it was news now all. That. Yup we saw the plane right you know somehow sort. Posture. You know come. From 3 o'clock. On Sunday at least you'll see well not bode well now. And you feel pretty confident there. They Charlie I think I would have been find it I've been laid to when your team meeting so I think if you are on speaker phone right now you're gonna be fine guy. I hear you off at a distance. Indeed it is that if possible you take us out speaker. They're you know and and yes I care. Yes I am IR pipeline volumes of my volley here good to talk to you. Charlie what do you think. What do you think the patriots are looking to do with the with their offensive scheme and what Jacksonville's. Strength is what do you think they're trying to do on Sunday directly Jackson. And it all comes down to this have been challenged us to feature rich you know. You won't it comes down to matchups. You know it comes on the scheme and Marcia animals so what one of the or an Internet. Well their only chance to anyone has a true yeah ever. Beat the patriots. Who is putting added pressure and Tommy's case oh but don't Russian workers loans so they have a pretty good at rush you know pretty well. Pretty formidable only got to a lot of people would. For ours to question that is and we we talked about how good their defenses are typically not very good against a run OK am. And little pitchers Stewart that you spread him out. And Tommy throws the ball quick. That's another way of neutralizing the test test that was when you know you look for president of corporate or. Don't Corvette to sort of also test. Color really really takes you know sent some luster away I think that you'll see the pictures you know to keep models are wrong. Apple not to try to exploit especially in looks like they're getting help you are running back position. And that's gonna come down to matchups and I think that you know can't count scheme go to Google Talk about particular quarter and put them on broadcast. Gronkowski. Lost kind of tough to do you want to open tighten pollution. What do these questions out or you know you're in an. An empty set or you know he's he's detached outlines. When he's when he's attached to loans from to close ones from the slot operatives do. Sides I didn't you know didn't. Grown on weekends and first and second down special rule play actions they do and then on third down just spread. On the ball quick and complete desolate lord pillaged. It looks like this offseason to be very similar to the 2004 offseason when you and Romeo Crennel bolt took head coaching jobs. What it what is that like what you know knowing that you're gonna be going on somewhere else and have new responsibilities but also game planning for you know the biggest games of the season. Well I think that or in my case. It was really really important to Betty. Not only in the patriot organization. For parole and the patriots. Argued that I gave it my at all. Until I left and even the mutant Notre Dame and at that early. In December the first and that set of laws that are not leave and tour season is over. That's that deal breaker then you have my vote on the plane and all those so I think just so long news you use a proper utilization of your time. Our community. In and that in this case because it needed one of these guys. Can officially be higher by those teams even battle in a host of boats. On secret known to mankind. I mean. There he's working on staffs. And all the opens and I'm taller or their release furry. Soul when you don't have to work on those things when you're not on the phone just called them. You know. Column people surround them what school you knew you understand what's at number one and that they need to do our that is pretty easy to keep your focus. Protected non game plan then keen to cause little person you could do or yourself. For the team here from him firmly supports and there's just go away. We're talking to former New England Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis to your point Charlie did you always feel. That there was a guy being groomed to following your place you knew you wanted to be a head coach someday you knew racked was gonna go be a head coach someday did you feel like there were guys being groomed to replace you when that happened. Laden's true whether whether it helped that are not I would do all it took to grab people. You know the people in power of the people that are under maybe I'd do it ought to it to nature of terror. In and position. Well that you take over somebody you know so. I know that when I left you know chuck just have been on the need for a couple years and our judges start on the deepens the ball. And he flipped over just like Patricia. Has started once it started on the opera sizable. I didn't always one of his first years of librarians are all controlled. Assistant are also want to. Look in on it I think we went out of our way he. You know between bill on the well you know to make sure it doesn't need to us you know we're not only involved where you know we're. We're ready to go home and walked out the door. Charlie before he came out we were talking about the Belichick coaching tree why some guys have success why some guys don't. You feel like. Just in your case. You feel like you were being yourself when you started coaching Notre Dame do you think that you were there. I try to take some things from Bill Belichick can bring that to Notre Dame what what what would you say why. Tried I tried I tried it is and pension bill checked in and Parcells. And the Marseille are trying to do all those weapons. Now look at I can be very practical about the five years I was there. A lot of technological contractors at a needs a cheers. Loans and lines should blow up balloons to recruit cycle goes oracle would mention global. That means somebody can get their last February and crew which would be over publish your. The last two years before it got there the two years we're two years coming recruitment in my first year while it was still pretty pictures so that was three to certain years the army recruit. Or what was gonna hit you know three. So one out there the first two years we want to be she just takes. Okay and because in order to capture Gartner group called Warner and then in. And you know he had in the conference we got all that money. I mean on paper and us open two years of me and just buy it just I don't abuse she has been super computers. And we were crummy in the third year and then we are better look Fortier doesn't look that year but this text your rate Peoria fire. Okay well I don't almost. Fired me. You've been British will use when you're fluttered around 500. Let you know when you look at. When you look at each year it was exactly. What I said to the page you are. No problems there was no longer be AJ. It was a joke. So you rule what you know what we have set was gonna happen happened. Well the only problem was you know it wasn't good enough and they bring in her entire life was not so you don't whine about it even cried batted just. It happens you move. So it'll do you think I took the job. Adult and built it big house there that I stole. And built a charity for people with special needs from the town that article that I wasn't. And either. And my thought I was senator tomorrow but just have worked out there. Measure almost consume a monitor. That's right well let me just didn't work out that would. Iraq at a certain time record at Edwards isn't saying how many how many broke structures can since records and they'll attend Wednesday's. I think the answer is not. Yeah I think the crowd desktop space so you don't think it's a batter of hey these guys are trying to be Bill Belichick and that's why doesn't work out as just you would you go to. Individually to every situation is different are you think there's that common denominator. All it would hit it. Is it easier to group everyone together and stereotype and say hey these guys didn't and it just didn't pan out okay and there and and based off of perspective. But you know that you could agree with. All in all bought one from my standpoint. I would like to see how it turned out in my another. Six years on a contract and at one does that mean you'd pay war. Okay out of electors in how it turned out I couldn't could it actually coached those issues. I'll let you know turned out that they don't turn got a lot differently. I mean you know legal and arrogant guy if I don't wish I don't wish bad on him put in his seventh year you must warn me. Sure sure I promise you. In my tip your fight on 42 wooden buildings such as. Absolutely but I have my stuff that might have offered pack my bags form the not only not we got my oh well you know you can't complain about as part of part of coaching door I think that sometimes people. Trying to dictate. You take you know qualities of a people look at your your your work undertook and I actually Belichick and Parcells. And don't try to emulate some weapons or do. For two guys are two of the greatest coaches ever and purple gold awful pain. Why don't do not try to do personal things that they do. It it just makes no sense to not do that but you know. That you that you can't use your own personality of what you don't repeat don't Israel. Personality and what you don't let you open a pandora's box and and that there were there for. Constant heavy criticism which you know comes with the territory but you can't decent skid out you know as much as you army columns are hurt you know our hurt whatsoever this a thousand times and so it just comes with the territory. Charlie how much longer do you think bill bell check will be the head coach of the patriots because he still is at the top of the field and our heads. A huge gap between him in the second best coach in the NFL team that you do as long as he wants but how long do you think he's gonna do it. Would you want an old look well that is the real. Real determining factor I think couldn't be in that people don't even talked about. Every day he. Walks into it to that deal. To go checks also walked into that don't belong with them. Old Stephen and Brian are there every day. And you know market was around me at Notre Dame. My it was around me when I was at Florida. Like it was around me when I was at Kansas. As usual excellent to be able to steal extra time with your kids. Your kids are known twenties. And I don't talk to you as much but they're working in would be it. Give you walk argue little dust ball you know unity you know you know maybe at dinner would you want some wild. I put an additional related to hear. That. Well but I'm saying he gets it he gets to coaches to kids every day. The steel. Instill in time. There's an. What what parent would want lol wanna be able to do what they do it the best at what you do make a lot of money and all of us use your kids on a daily basis. Charlie you're an unabashed Tom Brady fan and why wouldn't you be but are you even surprised at how well he's playing at the age of forty. No. But. You wanna know why yeah does he told these cozy old so. In the opener iPad conversations over the years that were sporty feel your view about where the reckless yeah those. Never felt better. You know so I mean you're not gonna lie to me. Never felt better articulate better your next year when you got everyone there healthy. I'd like that. Out of your articulate articulate will be better next year. I nearly 41. It says it is they broke the ball. I mean there isn't another one of these guys. Amid the closest state party Drew Brees he's 39 or so is it. When the incident then these guys and it showed no evidence. That there any word on what it. You know I know a lot of TV and radio and stuff and you know they're all tell me about the start of December. And that's it you know tell me help. How green is that's words September October. And November rather doubt that Sampras at prosecute coal it gets cold spots early December got a right. And the plane and outdoor stadium not endorse yet he got that right. You know people forget all the other factors determine deploy. A bull's eye nose come playoff time. The guy shows up all the time does me. Yeah and then he he certainly had. Everyone keeps on route and everyone is sound room for the patriots will lungs. Okay they wanna see Brady all this case they. They want a seat belts are all those days. And you know it and most well most often times. They're going to put the same result. He does great at it as news as you said he brings it so I think I know the answer her to this question I'll ask it anyway. What did you think of the ESPN story that came out it was a big deal about it and one of the things and there was that he uses nervous. In the pocket. This year and that he is. Declining according to a internal valuation put together. I think it's good to do it bootleg giving given meat to wrap it in. A mean. I mean you wanna talk about stupid people can pay. Your rent an article like quote almost didn't fire up even more. We want and what you love to have even more motivation to play. Okay war ever read more appropriate reason shattered one well. Are you kidding me. I mean you'd think you'd say combat. I mean there's certain jealousy egos involved and and professional sports. You betcha there it is okay does everyone you know everyone. Without walking around saying you want a pound back that is at once feel good when it'll pension yet it's part as part of human blood. We'll let you know that that it's about one in championships. Okay no matter what role the matter how bigger house ball. You know what you want a championship appeals if you feel special. And that's all they care about is winning championships. So all that article it was it was so small. Fortunes you know. Which is really good news to the hatred sense. Coldly it was getting fired up even more given me to have these portrait. Of more regional. We were just talk about Bill Belichick sons today your son Charlie Weis junior hired to be the Florida Atlantic offensive coordinator. At just 24. He's the youngest officer coordinator college football that that's gonna make you feel great. Well because. Because it hasn't been officially released. From Florida Atlantic but you know I don't I will talked about theoretically yes yes there if there if that weren't true. That these he became the youngest. Coordinator in college football history by the way. If that weren't true. Bulky engine and a bolt his father and mother would be Trout up Bob Bob. Well Kerry. Because that kid is really the gone out of his way. Italy he's Connor has that lived long. Has he got that mean Charles what she Norman mean. American networks for you but also deftly works against. So he's gone out of his way. To make sure people don't people that he's entitled. That you know everything he gets you know everything everything he everything he gets he works or. So. That we're debenture are very happy. Charlie I was telling these guys earlier you wanna talk about feeling old I remember seeing you in the lobby in New Orleans before Super Bowl 36. Europe coming out of a gift shop where it. Charlie Weis junior announcing it's nice father and son in that time. Has that we're talking about February. Or late January of 2002. So. Sixteen years ago eight years old and at that time Charlie Weis junior around. Little bribe dollar check. Little Stephen Belichick and all of these guys are coaching now did you see that coming forward with what the whole group. Well I what I did see is the they were passionate about. You know trying to get involved in Denver that profession. And you know I think that we are as good dad would all of her to discourage him. And won't do so go to something else. Don't do business. If you want your Family Guy don't do so now because you're really never gonna. You're a proportionate amount of time. Then what happens when you wouldn't let a couple of your kids around in Dole's case every single day. Well it makes it easier to couple were not our senses get to their two year. Are you are about how much it around. And a table he left for Alabama coach when he left political. It was march 7. Nick called more communities of just colossal work at all. And Pete do you look so without the help best example. You know openly advocate around all the Condo and bogeys at all. Final question from me before oh minutes ago we know Brady is the best quarterback who's ever played the game. Is Rob Gronkowski the best tight end. I think that you know I. You know not look at it everyone's stats in it and everything but just watching him when he's. Upped his game. I don't see and I don't see anyone. I don't see any one you can ever say it would be better knowledge around Bart will borrow when Mark LeVoir was still. Cannot do not watch a lot of these guys over the years but the tone wind slows and Ozzie droll in fact oddly munitions and you know but you know what might it give us what your kids you know. Put. You know the ability that he yet electability. That this kid has. At this size he has. It is just unbelievable. This catching span. Although from catching balls all but ground to catch and one in the balls plot you know popular over says it is truly amazing. I mean he's up for Bobble. Bobble puller. Since my lesson for you is is that patriots and talking they rarely do if ever before game. And in your round with a some of those opened their first three out of four for the patriots to a lot of teams had stuff to say about you guys before you played. Do you remember having a conversation. With any player telling him not to talk or is that just something that they knew not to do. When you do not to do it because the wanting builds on. Better than anyone on our machine. Is skip the locker room round by the veterans and most organizations a locker room still robbed by the coaches. But not with the patriots. Don't dictatorship. The locker room a budget veterans. And one set of veterans can't sit in the keys to lecture about Ernst and and end this way everyone. Is kinda always on the and you know everyone's allowed it'll lose him. It can help themselves that their. Nutritional and now. I mean I'm glad that bill does start the quarter on on all of the assistant coaches. You know but it out of elbow. You know vote who Booker talked that you want so. You can never get troubles straight. You know you know how to make their assistant coaches talk pool and that. You never talk. You know so but I think that because pills are subjected to. Well control and little did the walk Rome Paris everyone knows you know condos. You don't see this you don't say that you know you know we do on the field and don't do we don't torture them.