Can anyone argue for the Jaguars beating the Patriots? Plus, Mut reacts to the news of his Kirk & Callahan ban

Mut at Night
Tuesday, January 16th

Mut and Tomase are talking about the total lack of expectations people have for Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars coming into New England and beating the Patriots, and if anyone can actually make the argument that it could happen. Also, it was announced that the Mut ban on the K&C Morning Show went into effect today.


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Yes yeah mud tonight. Until you wouldn't want to know right now before we go and prove it. Did you include Jane was ones who global dies he can put. Who asserts not what everyone knows people all this and I can't predict the future. I played tennis pro life which has long larvae they should be unheard of for a right Erika a threat to the girl's life. But anyway. At a big thing was 65. Vietnam with the heat up the generals wanted to keep everybody who's over here and extensive tour and no. A lot of story begins in 1952. Week. Had a shaky peace because they'll tell you are at still at highway twenty. Change that regularly get it back foot gave up his dignity. Six months now here's my bad night on Sports Radio W we. I'm the voice in the grandpa Simpson. Is a football writer named The Beatles the Leno John Tomas yeah. He has a million years old he is an institution in Jacksonville and we are all out effort thing. To get veto on the show you this as you say hey Paul of energy he has a lot of knowledge about football isn't covering football since the. Sixties. And if you're talking Jackson built football you were talking to veto still Leno. And vetoes views and his great blog villas out there right now. Intimately for fifty seemed all that well I'd ask you and it really doing all I ever covered a rolling your eyes watch in the boat the Celtics were not okay he has no idea who VO it's I don't veto but I didn't I certainly in recognizes voice in the clip had no idea that is beatle wanna believe a pregame Jacksonville. Show at some point this year we are effort he once got their guys that wanna talk to. Super Bowl weaker championship week who's The Who the goals that we want Beatles cleanup. On the show gig would inject a lot of energy in the show is he one of the every Super Bowl writers are now. I don't melt zero I have it on to talk about it yet. To figure out of the is indeed one of those guys who has been there to every single ones where try to get him. Are on the show here at some point we have John bossier until 10 o'clock we'll talk to you guys. I'd 6177797937. Is the phone number Tomas he's here to talk all things. Patriots and jaguars and portals and Brady. And everything else. I have told people since yesterday erosion Sunday NFL Sunday I can't. I can't pretend I can't pretend it axles got a shot I can't pretend Jack mills gonna covered Michael Holley say today. That he could see a case where Jacksonville can keep this game close maybe win I guess these sort of on the fence what's the spread out right now it's at nine but I expected to go up I don't again was we surprised gets towards ten. Can you give me any push back here can you sell me on Jacksonville and morals coming to Gillette Sunday making this a game for the patriot now that the problem is you can sell the. They get pressure with four guys I watched that whole San Francisco game and they had a fair amount of pressure on Barack blow yet to get rid of the ball quickly and he did. So you could envision a scenario where they get to Brady and the Patriots offense has disrupted I could see that. Jacksonville is not gonna score the patriots are not dumb like Pittsburgh cannot complete defense like Pittsburgh did. Which was just to be like a million miles off of everybody in the soft zone you've ever seen. Why plate make Blake portals have to hit someone in stride there is a play so crazy there is a play against the niners where he threw an interception that was. Deflected off it basically. His receive he's a running back little shallow cross he alligator arm and it deflected off his hand picked off. Whenever that led to points and if you watched the play. Portals holds the ball way too long and then basically leads his guy into what would've been a coma I mean he was about to get blown up so we stopped. And deflected and say you could say other receivers stop now the quarterback is. Terrible I cannot stress enough how terrible he is and if you if Jacksonville thinks they're gonna come in here and they're gonna around the ball. And control the clock when you don't have to respect their passing game at all. 55 to ten I 65 to ten I mean I cannot make a case as being a close. See I think that even dug Maroney and Tom Coughlin since he's getting all this credit for being in the front office for Jackson these last couple days. I think they know how badly for als is two weeks ago in the buffalo game. He wasn't he was scared of throws he's running the they just ran. This past week he threw a couple shots the but it was all they can dunk was all predicated off their play action because they got our running game going into Pittsburgh which are right they won't against the patriots but even then a they wouldn't turn him loose he's played two games. And he is pure passer doesn't two games the Brady had last week in one. Yeah out and the math on that eight NL does drain your wheels are airing quarterback yet and he's every bit as bad but we played Jim what's the good place. That's south of the open of the show yeah I'll watch it now good show funny show and there is just selling is sick comic had yet. Well I mean it's it's comedy network yeah. And it's really they still make them who they want an MBC that's funny it's the same people I think he did like parks and recreation and some of those shows that everybody's aka the good place. And one of the recurring jokes from like one of the first episodes. Is this guy who's a huge Jacksonville fanning huge plate portal span. And he keeps asking me thinks he's in heaven and he keeps asking will the Jackson and a Super Bowl play portals and a Super Bowl me you played clips there but it's. It's literally. In every other episode they mock the jaguars simply portals you do that for reason that he's. Her voice at this early get some push back from caller is this especially this version the patriots. I am much more fearful of let's say eighteen like Pittsburgh who has a high powered offense John they can score in the thirties whether the whole world way. And their defense it just sort of adequate verses had led the league in sacks I mean their defense can get after the quarterback and a little bit and it but I had I don't how much that was post right Jazeera so that that was an issue for them by. Just on balance right if you had a choice for this patriots team. To play team like Jacksonville crappy quarterback. A lead defense vs only quarterback crappy defense. I think this sort of team because the weakness of this team. Is the be ability on defense deal is that they've been coached up they don't want Talbott did that really well this year. I'd rather have that team had the lesser problem and let Brady work on what he's gonna deal wit. Then go the other way around at a rate against a better defense has a better set up the page absolutely especially when it's a similar defense not exactly the same. But it's all part of the Pete Carroll trees so it's a very similar defense when you saw on the Super Bowl against Seattle. Dan Quinn as a disciple so it's a very similar defense but they side and the last Super Bowl. Brady in those games completed over 70% of his passes he set a Super Bowl record in the second one for 66. 328. And four touchdowns against Seattle. Those teams had quarterbacks and the patriots are still able to come back and win. How on earth is Jacksonville going to be in a situation like it is this Jacksonville defense better than legion of boom. Now no I don't think so I don't need not and so bad team had Russell Wilson that team. Had denote the running back you've had everything go in there and the patriots are still able to win that game. You know barring. Probably act hip and deal Brady's sprained his ankle or something like that. They do not lose this team that that's who you're now getting to right do you need the answers you're hearing about this are what do Brady gets hurt that stupid we say that about every game what it be any given Sunday they all you'd you'd taken the team too lightly that's not our job at Belichick's job the nature is he's prepared we can only give. I'm Artie is in the game before they happen and unfortunately in this case gotta love the city and argue about this with you. I can not making any any any case other than dumb things like any given Sunday the turnover battle Brady getting hurt. Because comes back to bore your you're given you're giving a very good league. X.s and o.s and aggression football breakdown of what you saw. All the Latin numbers more interceptions than touchdowns on the road this year sub seventy quarterback rating on the road this year 55%. Completion percentage. On the road this year and two playoff games is actually lower at 53% passer in to post season wins at some point. That has a shelf life where. That carriage turns right back into a pumpkin and that is this week late portals on the road for a fourth game in five weeks. Against the patriot yet how many third downs that he convert against the Steelers it was absurd like the Steelers could not get off the 55 in the red zone's core text and five for five in the red zone so those two things together. The patriots are much better at those things particularly the red zone. They're not given up 45 points and that I've worked so it's funny Tom how people explain Jacksonville Jaguars are gonna win and I've as I said yesterday I promise if you think Jack's got a shot and keep close. You calling cell I will get Gary ten minute I'll kick your cult of the top line 617779. 7937. It's now at a point where Keith and I are yelling. Billing Jalen Ramsey's comments are gonna affect Jacksonville. And Tom Coughlin people think he's going to be some sort of factor in this game. It is only Tuesday and we are young grasping at. The straws of straw. The trying to figure out how this game gonna be impacted by Jackson and yes Brian and light and Pittsburgh let them much. Better bigger challenge the patriots and much more interest. So much more interesting I mean it was just like a few days ago that we had a legitimate chance. Drew Brees. Matt Ryan and Roethlisberger Tom Brady as your final four. That's legit that's interest. This is not and I mean hey if they make the super bowl of course it's great it's the Super Bowl. But you can't tell me that it will be compelling will be going back to like the Carolina super ball of Jake DelHomme is gonna come in here and beat Tom Brady not happen. And that was a close game but not pass and I admit myself the Super Bowl be interesting if it's Minnesota because there all the pats have done everything during this Ron. They they just come cannot noticeable that on 23. Points in the first overtime it's a bullet street in and one of things so they're checking off all these never been done that been done. Wouldn't it be poetic justice to cap off this run by the patriots Brady Belichick to a suitable in the building. All of the opposition. And energetic and listen you rate that we're gonna sell well and you know and it will be people read the story anyway how is Keenan's well. I Johnson no but that's you winning a Super Bowl essentially. On the role as a for all intents and purposes when he Super Bowl on the road there's something. To that that will live in football wore me out and you play that sound out. While I have is called for an OK guys stay another week you know he outplayed us down back to him that he just said and you can listen to it and you can decide. I would sounds this is going to be the historical nature of this they're balled a one thing and sick brain and prayers go bad and gas. All the and the people that rooting for that other the ticket brokers I can't imagine. A Minnesota Super Bowl ticket broker. What I'm gonna get in the resale market in Minnesota gets off because nobody asked the flight and I activated or travel budget. You're already there you can drive to the Super Bowl. You went back don't have to stay. At the Super Bowl so what would you be willing to pay and your team hasn't been there and like 44. Or so think about the patriots made an always pans. In droves to New Orleans and go to watch that team you're driving the suburbs of Minnesota to go watch this game. And you'll pay 345000. Dollars because you can get pictures on the ticket. While would have paid a grant from the hotel for the night would have paid for the flight honestly five grand for ticket drive and debt especially is going to be an insane. Ticket in Minnesota gets the acting guy how horrible the tourism will be those Fuhrman the Minnesota bureau of stories that a and you got the patriots. Who at this point they're fans are like yeah whatever it has an I patriots fans travel light BC I think probably at this point and so then you have. The home team there as well aiko tells audience. Philly. Is Jacksonville can travel. Yeah I would think that. A team that old billionaire and while sixty degrees in Minnesota I don't I don't know how hardcore their fan bases that's a good question. We you may be connects via would veto us Leno comes on at some point this week outlast him 617779. 7937. The phone number I can't make the case John Candy the case. Well picked through John's story on the website coming up here but Jacksonville who says the following on his comment line Woolsey. The jaguars will make this a game Jack please explain. Well listen all I explain I got to tell you got into addiction actually in Spain. Still there which is who passed it on top of the ball and confused beat Minnesota like slow year old boy I'm. Why did you mean I don't player coach the team after the events are about player. And apparently are where you actually you won't be stale or yeah us yes we do. Understand that looked at what Alex has not yet know where your editor. Yes I early in the old. I wonder if renders. It hurt. And ghost come an end to indicate. It can be able to dole you're talking about Wright Jimmie ground but not occur or act out. And all of our. Predicted eight your particular injury Jack has again hang out for this out he's. Literate early and then they're going to be pretty and you don't want everybody that you are a lawyer played. All right guys we had these you know at that out I happen. And what got to get a. All I'm jealous he's well pass. I'm looking so far they got the draft yet quarterbacking and I am really looking around at who is going to be the next assistant offensive coordinator next fall like. I'm not I'm looking past everything I between now and Faber report that on an ad that the list there are there are some narratives that are begin are beginning to bother me it's only Tuesday. The first is the Jalen Ramsey talking to the days somehow motivation for the patriots that is I find that it's hot garbage maybe disagree especially since that it's what he said we're gonna go in the soup bowl the windows it's. AM on the on the flight. Leaving Pittsburgh coming holding lies back in Jacksonville bunch of fans there he's pumped up it's a pump and it's a pep rally atmosphere he says we're gonna win this thing. How does that. Degrading the patriots how would that bulletin board material yes I don't that's that's number narron number one Darren or two is the Tom Coughlin. And the ghost of Tom Coughlin is an issue in this game and I'll never threes the fall from the lot from a lot of facts apparently that is isn't that goes to Freddie Mitchell by the way we talk about. You know being bulletin abortion there is a real player is a real player different just said we're gonna win basically. You know Freddie Mitchell was like I got some for you Harrison whatever that analyzes IOK now it's on UConn Rodney Harrison always it was a good win yet. And at number three is this what is Jack is is that. I've heard his call the last couple days. You stop looking past the team now I'm not gonna now that's quick that it's un believable. That people think that what you are saying. On the radio is tied into how the patriots are going to play I'm not I'm not coaching. I'm not playing not a position meeting Allah the pump objects like you my own eyes every two mossy story WEEI dot com. And I can assess myself. Their defense is good albeit slightly overrated. The quarterback sucks he can't win here there and not vote for him is that it and be saying that. Does not affect the game. Not one you know what I do have it done by. And I'll save it when we come back and good how they could make things at least if okay to Los you'll try to position as L get your calls here at 617. 7797937. It's Monday night with a mossy at some point we will. I'll react to my official banning. From the WEEI morning show that came across today you'll get to mossy at the the united casting couch member it's exhausting as any in Cuba when you're rate current I'm a former I need to gauge up in that engage your take on animal park pats and jags to view. Until 10 o'clock a W we yeah. On a night. Championship week patriots in Jacksonville on Sunday trying to make the case. For Jacksonville. I can't do it I've tried to caller just said that. Tom Brady's gonna get hurt and that's can lead to the patriots lose OK we'll legacy that's in play than. It's all free can play at this point you to set before the break though that you could make. One case one sliver or argument that they might lose this game on Sunday a tear gas so. In I'm gonna sound like such a sporting MacKenzie right now and I only watched the one game and I'll. So obviously the Steelers game of the day if people should go look at Johns story WEEI dot com your back and watched the Jimmy G. Decimation of the Jackson will be staff failure in whatever drop below does is probably similar to Brady you know they're similar quarterbacks and how they attack paying them. You know the quick release and the ability to make multiple reads before throwing all that stuff. And you just saw him play with them basically you know 44 points seven of them came on an interception return but still 37 points on that defense. But the one thing that did jump out to me was. A San Francisco ran a lot of bootlegs with drop below where they took advantage of his mobility and his ability to throw on the run and throw accurately on the run. And that's sort of got him outside the pocket and they would basically you know fake a toss one way and then bootleg at the other way to get the defense move a little bit. You're not doing that would Brady and then there are other times where the pocket would collapse and we're used to watching Brady and that brilliant ability has. To just shuffle or sidestep or step up in the pocket. And drop below and a lot of those situations he did that sometimes you just take its extra step back or step up in the pocket or whatever you mother Russia is common right Adam. But there were times or he was able to just he uses mobility and we saw Roethlisberger did to them touch janitor at the end and half. I think to Antonio Brown. One of the Wednesday third round one handed on fourth down where he was rolling that was the first of Q yeah yeah exactly where but he was on the move any threw that ball on the run Italy. The perfect throw by the way and so yeah that we you know we were talking about the or you were playing the sound of rates not about the lottery through Damon dollar which is on the move and we don't see Brady throw on the run announcing he's completely mobile is not. The Marino or anything like that but. He doesn't have the same mobility even have a Roethlisberger and definitely not a drop below and so when you watched that pass rush. McCain renounced the guy's name number 91 whichever. Night in main goal like it's but number 91 of the authority jags he's generally one of their argument latest gamble. Are their outside guys Malik Jackson and somebody else. I did inside guys who really get that push up the middle but. The two guys on the edge. There are times or I could see Brady stepping right in one of them basically because they really do they get up field and make collapse. And so that would be the only thing that I would wonder. If you know Brady's. Desire to stay in the pocket and step up into the pocket could lead to some sacks in this game and you know that could change things in in short circuit patriot drives that. That's that's the best I got the he doesn't have the mobility of some of the other quarterbacks particularly drought. I think they're gonna do exactly did against Tennessee to throw throw throw they're not aware of establishing the run and throw the football and this this that stands out. So with that win on Sunday Tom Brady is now six into. John in playoff games three and fifty or more pass attempts with 175% of his games I think about that all that that it's not insanity here this. It's happened 32 other times in league. How many guest there of the record what do you think the record is in the two or just give me the total win totals the Brady sounds that you tenants when he too I mean because I'm picking your weight down and you just have to throw. Don't think lower. Perot site six and 21 thick lower whoa three and 29. In the other 32 games are the other quarterbacks who have thrown. Fifth you're war pass attempts and a playoff games so it just in the simple math here and a bad at NASA are gonna make this simple as possible. Tom Brady is 175%. Other games in which he throws for fifty war pass attempts a playoff game the rest of the league in the history of football. Has won 11% like 11% yes. How insane is that NC come out against Jacksonville your shotgun. And you are making them make quick decisions obviously they have good pal the players in the outside. And Brady just up up up picks apart the ability fence over and over again gets couple big plays and all the sudden you rob in here comes the other part of the equation. Blake freaky and portals and the game is over and we are. On Macon. Pack he runs and gore distorting at pizza before the second game starts here in the NFC. Yet the only thing I would say about that not running the ball at all is you even side with San Francisco if you can run a little bit. Then their linebackers come up and now you have more room to work with in the middle of field behind their linebackers. And Brady loves that work that area so I could see them running a little bit. Running right act clay as Campbell maybe try to negate the pass rush with him a little bit. You can run up the middle on that team might pay you know those guys that are coming up fields. And there is a little bit of a vulnerability there between the tackles. I mean San Fran only averaged like three and a half yards a carry and one of them was a thirty yard touchdown everywhere about the Ron I hate run run anti pencils down and nobody sees this day pound the football until I am saying is if you're the patriots it does serve a purpose to run just a little bit. And get those linebackers up even just a step or two and now you have more room to throw that's the only scenario I don't see them. Coming out and trying to be like yet breeze after a 28 times or around 35. Don't imagine that's gonna happen I think they might run in the little. I'll be interested to see how much branding cooks is involved I'm sure we'll talk was more as the week goes on yeah I could see him being a nothing at least two era as good as as good as Brady was of the night the one guy he didn't have a great connection with was cook's nine more targets only three catches. In its continuous stretch here at the end of the year where he cooks I understand. The brain to cook stores are going to be lower percentage is doc and like and a dole or or Rob Gronkowski. But there was that wanna try to go short line of scrimmage they got nothing there at the deep ball I thought. Cooks could have extended his hands out trying to catch sort alligator armed it yet and he's on the outside and it's Ramsey your boy on him the entire game. I'll what do you Brady's is okay he's out of the picture at an adult Hogan crawled Lewis Birkhead. All work with these guys tonight yeah I would ask you this how many times of the patriots throw it Richard shark tournaments of pro member and an amateur they did a couple times. But they just basically ignored him OK you wanna take away somebody Shara makes it easy for you to zeal plays one side of the field I don't I don't know off public and it boy EA and those guys flip flop or not Ramsey who's obviously get very good I feel like blaze usually on the offensive left but maybe it seemed like he was their own game against the Steelers 61777979837. Is the phone number Scott's win with guys got. I very thank Jack might actually had a chance because. That league sacked but they'll that. Legal split percentage Simon again exactly on the 34 people rushing. They got a letter obviously going to be with the defense and cause turnovers than way to gauge its that is mainly now. Pretty much just. I again Reagan and I think it and I think letter format I mean they're gonna go run the ball and the bout on defense dumping packets of going to be run the ball and they. It's a pretty good this year and they gave destroyed Derrick Henry last week of Mike Munchak came in here and so we're gonna run the football and Derrick Henry at twelve carries for twenty yards so I mean that d'antoni is a good example of he committee or try to do what you do X the porn expects. You know I can get it done I I guess defensively Scott McCain discrete what you're saying because the track record is get pressure on Brady. Would only sending three or four guys when there was the jets the giants visit the tracker that. The and that's been worked for other teams the offense decided he just said on the football format and he's out of his mind. The only way it's hard to make your case for the offense is a plate morals has the game of not just you know in the season but of his lifetime. And they spread out the patriots and throw the ball early and try to take them. Drug DD Westbrook their rookie. Marquee sleek. Able care receivers not great and these try to pitch a shock value to the patriots because teams the committee or try to run the football and establish the run John. They lose by halftime. Yeah especially if you're if presumably Brady's gonna score at some point a meanie and no matter how good your defense is. We side with Atlanta we saw with Seattle just go back to those Super Bowls where they are down earlier even down late and then at some point they start roll in and you just can't stop it. And I would ask I mean. 21 points over under for the patriots. Over yet right. Well what are the odds that Jacksonville even breaks the teens I mean that's the thing so Jacksonville. Could play a tremendous offense offensive game make a player tremendous defensive game make all the patriots it's when he won 24 points. And still lose by ten I mean they could still. I just I don't see Jacksonville scoring in this game and the problem your teammate wrote today Ryan Hannibal WEEI dot com a pump the brakes. From what the jets did an aunt and I and it sounds simplistic. It sounds like I wearing you know not only patriot putting pajamas put the hat and gloves and everything else. By just copies I think. Brady is different now that he was saint 2000 that I think Tom Brady's better equipped. To deal with a leap deepens in fact Washington posted a big story yesterday where Brady. Was better. Against the top four defense he faced this year. That he was against the bottom. Eleven defensively we keep. His play was elevated to an extent that if you played the way he played the best defense is they played all year. He would set the record for QBR on ESPN's rankings that's a good he is I just think. He he Dubai hours this policy now on the topic of every stroke of Tennessee for probable plus series so much maybe perfect. I think that this challenge now. He eats this stuff thought he might not be quite as athletic as he was. But he's more equipped to deal with a really good. Jet or or Jackson will be answered yeah and he's got Hogan and he's got James Whiting might have Birkhead and could even have Mitchell for all we know so. He's gonna have pretty much everyone at his disposal. And so when you give him those kind of weapons. He plays well and I looked offensively. The patriots it's that titans game is a perfect example the titans had. One drive that required perfection 195 yards. And they had to convert third downs they had to move the chains they can aerial earth bonding in India now to do everything and they did it to their credit they did that they did not end up with a field will likely probably all thought they would. And then that was it that was it for the rest of the game you cannot the Patriots defense makes you repeat drives that huge at they make you repeat perfection and you just can't do it. And that's what that halfway decent quarterback and no Marietta was in great this year but he's better than borderless. Now you're gonna tell me that Blake portals and let's say your your game plans to run the ball for nets gonna run we're going to control the clock a case the nets Ellen may. You are gonna have these long. Ball possession kinda drives that are gonna end in points. It's just not gonna happen it doesn't happening at the Patriots defense if you kick. Field goals against them you have no chance. And so I just don't see Jacksonville being able to sustain an op fans meaningfully with the quarterback who has thrown. Only 53 of his pass in the playoffs completed. Minute and 53% completion percentage with that it is down that's like the seventies and that's a quarterbacks did in the seventies you don't do that now if you're if you're anything below sixty. And I would even say if you are much below lake 6364. You're not a good quarterback. 61777979837. Is your phone number mud and to mossy trying to pick through. The Jacksonville Jaguars there are some national guys who are already on Jackson Hole like Shannon Sharpe like Jason Smith's mother will get to those guys as well. In addition your patriots stuff will come back listen navel gazing here on the show reacted last night to. On the possible. Ban. I was facing on the WEEI morning show and execute threw officially today on the Twitter account I've not heard this year and we'll come back in here my official band. Offer Fridays now maybe going forward on the morning show here that would get ma am my fresh reaction to a Tomas he's a casting couch member. It is reaction as well we'll talk with the guys until 10 o'clock it's money at night here on Sports Radio WEE. Yeah. Modernized we're. We're radio WEEI Johnson mosque is uncovered potentially. The biggest treat your patriots fans got to be worried. About Sunday's game against Jack we'll have that for you after 9 o'clock your phone calls until ten. And WEEI late night was big then Mallard 617779. 7937. URI or both members of the WEB I morning show casting couch not belong. Your set date is Thursday's your schedule beyond. But suddenly hey can you switch into tomorrow at Gary. Now if at that time I didn't know school's going to be canceled them home with the kids if it's canceled tomorrow been there done that and asked I said now but then I thought about a month he just doesn't run drive in the snow like Gary. Doesn't wanna drive in the snow but doesn't care I drive in the snow saying he wants to it's which days were Gary's of our Gary we know the curious about Cary and he saw Gary on TV tonight the one caveat I would CC did not look well. He's on shaven. I'm camps let's had I am not gonna throw stones on now that the unit brow there on top yellow and a guy that's the is it began they Davis play of course the stupid sponsored there was there he'll be in tomorrow you'll be in Thursday I was scheduled to be in Friday. I was in last Friday god lost control my temper. Just heard I heard it was well placed casually tossed a high lighter Kirk was not thrown at him right the ice that out there were back in the in who's gonna ton of yeah Wallace standing up. I stayed the rest of the show heard yesterday. There was a possible ban and I again I've not heard this year I've I did not listen the show on the loose in a braid this morning. I saw the tweeted about 630. Mutt is banned Alex for your back on Fridays I believe this is the sound the official. Banning that I have had a fine of its Fridays and warned that I don't know patio would they play this board. I don't react with modern as much as friendly as my friend Lenny Clarke says when he tweets and texts as spellings reports courses. He's right as far as my demanding. That is a permanent ban or one week let your place. I think you're overreacting it is and I think girls and of course. Overreaction. Is your thing you'll wrecked everything your reactors to all of you croak grudges. True yes there arm mutt. Feels awful I wanna ban me from the show. That's their call their their shares are really very well. Okay I'm might very well let's go to Monte Carlo I ate I mean you're being. Very unfair and NASA is the fight for his life. Instead he says it's your caught it and literally at any obvious you do credit you restrain yourself you gonna go find him I was up I was taking a punch and he took his headphones off and when are we gonna fight and I want to face what happened here on fighter I a million. Troubled unit at the moment I got a telling us. Yeah. Dole. But you didn't buy them give you credit there. You could see again right you're only blind for a couple hours that was very painful for that date night and I'm sure why Revis who enjoy your wedding I guess I do show my always like when a dog who passed on the rug just Howard in the corner of the rest of the city. It was offer he witnessed and yes he seemed very rattled and very much shaken. Right still is all but a still and I really are as a reach out to me he's talked you guys as either Ohio. Yesterday but that's no wind for he reached out apologize used on wooden mock him for guest right what what what it was at this thing. He resists the doing your usual mocking of older shows obviously any right of statutes do what we have to welcome and show. Arts I guess it's. Opal I thought we had tied to that by a boost weeded out that I was banned and I we I'd yet shall listen to a bad job by me. Here's Mike yeah they certainly it was tweeted out when they talked about I I'd I I'd. It's it it's it's a little exhausting to try to keep up with the day today drama you know. I would ask you this is my question if my hypothetical. If Kirk had taken a slinging you're even if he had punched you in the face. Would you fought back. I would have to fight back yeah sure because I could see you being very stoic like like one of those scenes in fight club like half of and let's not unlike a minute and tell you stand there and be like. You know thank you sir man another line will be listen I'm not Canada I'm not gonna take a sewing occur just can't do. She have to fight back. You're all right I'm going to be punch by somebody in your ironic serial Brad did you see cyclone picturing Brad Pitt win and a owner of the place is like a monorail Palin net Labor Day. Let me give advice or a nightmare and he just lets the guy peed into a bloody pulp. As sized picture and used and it's. I cannot swing or no I'll I don't doubt would have benefited me I I did I let him he's fired a high letter back. And that you would the exact same hi Larry that was probably I apologize like a plus on the European listened to only sorry certainly stood up we saw but yeah I mean you hit him in the Iowa he's supposed to do he reacted when he got hit like. Who's going blind and it was these to occur set off the air to me he's laughing in the back room he's fine. And so he let me sit there and steal and thinking is really in pain keep us and he rolled up and down. For the next two segments just actually destroyed me let me feel like and a whole the entire weekend. And then he come back and after. Everything I've given that show. All the times they filled in last minute for them when they're gold through their issues last each one has some awful family issues they went through I was there every single show for them. I have done a lot of data about your gonna feel like I you know their parents die and I got to come in the air work and I ran away Atlanta about it yeah. I guess I I feel like they're you you earned a certain you Ernie and at that IE. This certainly what you earn at some point you've heard some sort of credit and and when I forget. Is in that never happens with Kirk because Kirk did never there's no bank credits he does not care. And it sounds do but I guess Alex but they can do whatever they want I'm saying it again. Even hearing that it is dumb that they would take me out that show on Friday to bring Alex Reimer back of all people. Because they hit court with a higher later yet so that was going to be my thing is it's all because you hit him later yes that's not because I heard them talking a little bit like. Lowest rated member of the casting couch in this map but I'd. Is that I don't nausea Madigan my president's a freeze on that. Fake news they can. They produced news my presidents have you wanna start picking through some of these numbers there there while I do not I mean anybody in my numbered games. Anybody's numbers as if he may be in their mind they can spin it that way it's not in fact Kirk said on Monday shall not. He said I wanna ban him just I know it'll make much so Matt. And make himself sets up about that someone who claims to be it really hurt friends hurt or associate pass is OE is like the goal is to make. Someone else feel bad already feel bad about what idea Jerry's a 1000% right about that. And C make me feel more bad. By not allowing its audience on your show. More Ali I like to say. Am proper English and proper English is more bad Alex proper English Alec immigration talk that's. That's a really good out here on this stage so. I want it to get your thoughts on all this even caught up your Fella cat you avoided the bay the album are I mean I've had some. Join its common and out you know only now. Cross that bridge when I get to it because it it's a it's a fate that awaits all of us if you agree to go on that show at some point it's like writing firfer Roseanne you. I when Roseanne had a big show the show rose's fans he got fired their writers like every year she would further right no matter how good they were you just find a reason to fire them every year and they all they are great it was like. Norm MacDonald. It's like it's just a ton of people who went on to do great things in comedy. They would get fired every year. And if you come on if you agree to do the morning show. There are some great highs of the day your part everybody knows who you are late you're you're part of that is a number one nobody apart. So but you also know every time you're in there and I don't know if this Kosier had but. Yeah like that this could be the morning this could be the morning where they just don't have me back for a while and and actually I would disagree I have been banned. Not in the same way not in like the public. Roemer. I may be what's happening with you right now but I went on with them from the Super Bowl in Arizona right after I got hired. And I was terrible. Like the I you've had periodic performance being yet you've well not since I became a regular on the show but. Leading up to that like. I went on once from Arizona was awful it was pointless they should have been there it was a waste of everyone's time. And they just union and asked me to come back for months at a bad bad I did. I had a little run run I was doing OK and then the election came and I was so bad. On the day except ideologues on the Schilling show this LL Lenny Clarke. Well you let both but I'd like a full dad gonna go ahead and I don't want that actually the only part that stars alive was when shall call and but. So I was effectively band they didn't even bother announcing exam just kind of a skirt beanie on the bench so I was out for like three months or something after that. And then since then I've had moments I thought it might come but my day. Dubbed the moments right thought like maybe they're gonna say you know to Nazi kind of socks. Have been when we've been down by race we just and have enough people. Saddam Michael they really can't at this point because otherwise it to a bunch shows themselves like when Gary was out so there was no Gary. I don't know if train was traveling or something that suddenly it was a one Roemer was bands that suddenly it's like. We'll meet UN trainee or basically inherited you're going on Mike three days a week. You know some like they can't be and we now because it's much gonna do for days like you're gonna be Dina jar would kill them at that point so. Yes so I I've been lucky but I know at some points and Kirk gets sick of me I'm not always high energy as you may be aware of so bill there'll be some shower I decide canal like you know lack. But for that reason you hit somebody with a high later not even that heart and they faked the injury and play it up and still very you on the air and he still yeah and you know what I actually actually take Kirk it is word on this one that. It's really just because they like the idea how miserable you will be made by. That why so maybe was a lot of back OK so is this the second level question that there is when I say it out loud I know higher spot. Why don't wanna be part of that the the is that is that about Tony they went into that myself. Like torture. Yeah I music with a pretty masochistic guys feel like yes band mean make me feel miserable. And you know hopefully when you have me back you can make fun of me Samara comes fill in for us and then. We I easily last minute come to the plate I don't. I just think it's really relieved. And I I think I've I've earned the right to make a mistake like throw Ohio literate somebody in anger of a caller making fun of my son by the way which Kirk was tackling it at the time which led to my anger dad has no place I think that's like ice reel tape of a big ice that's on that Kirk donation of off the air knowing that he would bring it up on the air like the more on the idea yes and I since former lesson I admittedly. I talk to about ten minutes and the phone. The band never came up this is that weird psychological place that they've now put me. And now it so is in my exposed to come in Friday. And might not coming in fighting right now I'm just not gonna come under Roemer is gonna commit rivers into his second day and I'm gonna assume that there until the end of time. I am off that show one that's on the nose to hear it yeah I'm checking their Twitter account right now to see if anything has been updated. We've guy. I'll thinks custom AK 47 stuck with James Harrison James likes guns daily guide that close up of Tang Wei would be in a brow which looks awful. As for reversing a source of what is the fight for I didn't. I I ate ice I admitted to do something wrong I said I was sorry Ford. I took my penance I've got to take the verbal beat down from him immediately aft and sitting through the rest of that terrible shell. So that I feel like you've you've sort of earned at that point. I said I was sorry what more my support gathered the beautiful thing about Kirk in some of these situations is there's no right answer. Every any answer you give us the wrong answer a thousand births and so. Just pick the best strong and so you can again yeah I think it's stupid and being banned that's still scheduled to let Friday night because. If you do NAFTA work Friday night and you can be like yeah I use ought to ban I call it a day job. Unity in your fret I'll be here Friday night or have not colonel being over prep and the FC chip to gain that's why is not the worst thing. I had secured by Eliot I'll I'll do whatever shift that they want that that the station tell me to do and as far as I know will not be. I curtain Callahan on Friday morning it'll be another morning with Alex reaper I don't need it CM looking at their official. Twitter account hair don'ts the any reference to you. Actually being bands I see the making fun of Reimer for writing on his question and you keep going is very very early this morning. Very very all right so I did see something early but I I thought maybe there was something. Since that normally and that that that tweet symbolizes the officials say yes so breaking might his band yet because this is from the last 6:6 in the morning now. I Roemer will be back on Friday we will have to sort this makes your tax teacher but if it's on Twitter account. It's true. Well there is a lot of breaking stuff. That's on the tour. That sometimes too for breaking I've Michelin says I was in the breaking ethic from the Twitter countless. Kirk guarantees that Bill Belichick is leaving coach there so we are over or get The Who we who you siding with fondness you on my site that it's stupid or you on their sites and they had they said the full autonomy to do whatever they want. With people on that show what other full time jobs at the station and GE gas. I would say that in this particular instance I would have you win. Because as you can are no no you know what I would do actually fire them if I were them I would be and you for one day for one show. To make you miserable LIC on start to think like them now is awful I would be and you for the one show cause it will make you miserable. And then when you come back in you'll be fired up in angry. And that's what they see I think once I'm not there for Friday that's going to be. Are you think going to be and you can't parting of ways oh god now that's what I'm getting big that's that I know that that is in this deal at. I think you'll I'm having is when a man they want Zelaya on a fry away because in Libya because he is they can all move on none of this is this is in all seriousness I would say this on this show as well. So they have the thing with the casting couch now where you have. You know training brings a different perspective the woman's perspective so makes an apple announced on the show. Not for awhile but salute activists. I think. You have dreamer with ease he's feisty. He has the gay thing and I you'll Michael sassy and that's just me sassy whatever you wanna say he will fight with Jerry about political stuff. You have me on this kind of there then you know you're there to fight be Smart answer you have to depend purely cigars and talk guys depends on the topic. You have ten lane who's a little off the law and predict the ball and Mike. His ties are really guy he and his lows are you generally like you scrape my family issue lazy and then you have to do. And you bring like the trombone stuff you'll do crazy like you're willing. To do to put yourself out there for like champ O'Toole I know that's not you but you were the one who got. Champ on the air. He was your gas that you invited to theoretically with that person still wanna do if the host set on doing this just to. Make the other person crazy. I'm not having them on because you have but I mean if you are if you accept that like OK this is what the show does and it's really only a leader. Then yes and you could always come in and fight and tell him that often you know whatever. You could not care but you can't mean you'd visit that god yeah I that's the problem you I got in her dad and don't care I can't pretend you don't care that care a lot about that shall ask the aside if firing all right if I alien issues. And they wanted me. If I had to not care that would come very easily. You'd. Pick a if that is your greatest it's one of my string of Davis is way to much navel gazing I drag this out way too long I was at 9 o'clock. And to the audience can be a very seriously the talk about. Johnson mossy was able to one covered maybe the biggest reason why patriots fans should be scared. I'm heading into Sunday's and this is a look at one Iceland is legit I don't disagree with the bat and your phone calls next your money.