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Saturday, January 20th

Alex and Buck discuss if Tom Coughlin will be an influence on Sunday's outcome and debate what is the best way to watch the Super Bowl.


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Tebow to make it things happen like that. You complain about the intro and the 5 o'clock hour to Cutler is famous in for six we got a new song already out of that. Am very pleased the rays still got to my friend now by united got a few dimes and medical. You're movers and shakers. Are big NFL news breaking her just moments ago the Tennessee Titans have named Mike Vrabel. As their next head coach so Mike Vrabel replacing Mike Malarkey in Tennessee. So we about hires official. You're gonna see this throughout the league Patricia with the lions obviously first job. On because of the success of the show on days in these first year coaches I think is seen a lot of teams move away from public to go away and the recycled coaches and wanna give you guys try. But to go back and re good coverage when Vrabel sign that the patriots are canopy was with the stimulus. The canyon and when state and I don't recall maybe if it was written up with great for her but I just don't recall him being a big hue and cry when he came here but. Wow if he turned out to be some of the patriots not only in defense but how many 78 touchdowns these were his career. It is the thing every time they put him in an op events every single time. He scored crashed appraised fair return in their ads on. I remember he scored one of those touchdowns in San Diego. Regular season loss that I covered. And wanted to ask him about the that he would not talk about the touch them because what's the game. Real full on man value Aziz he's good for him regulations and yeah I get giving and you guys that tries mentioned UC more teens do you got with the success again make Maine some mothers by. That the fray able hires. Puzzling from the standpoint that we get rid of Michael are key. Saying he's not developing markets merry but it which finding Beriault and it has under team so far and how to Batman backwards this year which is never good in going backwards. In year two. Odds they bring in Mike Abel and unproven defensive guy. With the limited coaching experience period then amino head coaching speech and the going rate now heroes were and the Yankees with Aaron Boone a lot of recently retired going going to. Younger recently retired was labels recently retired but when I was thinking just now since it's like to go of course to your question. You can have a situation where at the beginning of next season. You can have three members of the new wing and coaching staff plus a long time consequential patriot. Mike Vrabel as an appellate coaches and you can have their linebacker coach Brian Forrest is new coach of the cardinals last July 3 when I was OK right. I'm Flores. Judgment and Tricia now Patricia Mike Vrabel. Yeah and eat in the offense I think we also in deciding shot at Shea and it's similar program history Tom Brady's offense but. Defense you're replacing Matt Patricia who's done a terrific job at this defense this year. Bryant for his reverence as the next guy mines in the remaking his entire defense you know create energy buy just any time that's come up people readily say while he's done it before Charlie Weis Romeo canal. Let giving guys that come and gone. Except that this time he is 66. Seats out and 66 timber the Fed rate. I mean but you never buy up to Belichick know you shouldn't gonna go to Billy does your little we have is a six. I want to say like I got to say we have the same birthday. Just focusing on kansas' it's in at a press conference like this palms items wired up to amateurism has lots of opportunities and I subway and rewarding weeks ago it's just that condition is said yes. Bill David you really seem at subway now I you know right do see him is. So the games yes he does go with the mrs. Pelosi and Allen also. Seen. Limit our Lionel Bryant. No I've not seen an MR I he may be monologue but I won't be an intensive. I wonder if this is actually something we should file away future use I wonder we would seem Fort Myers. Is he's very good friends that Tony La Russa. Who is now a special assistant to the general manager of the Red Sox so I would not be surprised particularly he. If the Red Sox play in Jupiter because. Lewis as a place in Jupiter I think Belichick has a place in Jupiter Parcells has a place in Jupiter yours and often all the greats all the greats who plays in Jupiter. I smell Buckley column I smell it. And we need Belichick died has been on ripping my column that we need a day after a need on do I smell auriemma come a day after my column on ballot technology experts -- checks presidents is made such a difference to the young Red Sox they listened to the coach is out of that is that is that your forecasts and that's what moralists are so not only right that boy. L be written. Belichick's influence writing on Mon you rub off on when you watch it is on the website like you know it would monopoly on I write for WEEI dot com I don't see any of the trident from Sox beat writers going to. Now I added they would say oh is it global ballots don't make it more important and its. We make everything it's what you do we know every note that's why when this Brady injury first guy he first heard about a guy that he is playing don't worry everybody X rays are negative it sits pump. The brakes Alex Ramon voice of reason. You really think the Coughlin. After is legitimate is a real thing that will matter tomorrow at 3 o'clock. The Tom columns in ice and as I know how to say no these are going to be sitting in owners and obviously the question the way you posed okay. We think that cop went factor. Is gonna make any difference. In Sunday's game against a big deal. Well Alex I know why are all terrorists often the Boston Globe this week cause Tom Coughlin the patriots boogie. The patriots team and there you learn that narrative is so new and old guy sitting in an owner's box. I was gonna matters on Belichick is the 65 you're on the sidelines don't go wages and I don't write an opening summoned down you know he's go the energy you know it went on all twelve teases politic will be on the sidelines and I'll cop in the Kenya and toppling put this team together he won't just be in the thigh and in the sky box and we somewhere else. When he's been there the last you play out to be some girls reviewed all in the patriots head thank you very much on you. He read that I did company got a pretty eclectic. Really like how does that work so I guess every game sick confers with Doug Merlin during the week fine. But I mean that none of those Japanese jaguars players are on this giants teams OK our indication is like this I play game code you villas with utter. OK okay so Alex Roemer is now sports editor of W yeah I don't come there. And you have to parcel out stories you've got all these people. Epic game the more or you had all these people covering. That the build up the advance staff has nine Ryan Harrell and remind me it would what you would you have not asked one of Europe loneliness writers to make mention of affected Tom Coughlin. Who sits in this guy blogs. With the Jacksonville Jaguars is 71 years old oh by the way he was the coach who goes to Johnny's he's beat the papers. Would you include that your menu story items now. You would completely ignored. I think it's relevant you would have the answer the question it was I would have mentioned in the build a team that had been on the other week after debunked it like I and that's all that's happened now Tara Sullivan Pozen the patriots booking and she says the patriots will wolf Coughlin in their heads Natalie those feelings right against Belichick's that would that would you'll. Nothing can do nothing with these not to coach the jaguars he's their general manager in ninety their GM is the executive vice president of football I wasn't with the martyred when saying that week you know this 100 U coach Coughlin look Coughlin put together this team sees they okayed. Helped build this defense alliance Campbell AG create short built that with the patriots and mine like at this game got boat like a like I can't even like all executives he did his work in March. In March it is now January Tom Coughlin does not matter but I mean I love that thinking. And the patriots they went undefeated during spy gate when a Super Bowl during deflate gates. In it yet Tom Coughlin whose mere presence is innate get their hands Sunday. Nobody has made an argument about that that isn't stupid isn't steeped in cliches. In ridiculous yes. The coffin like I said other gonna I heard that I was gonna build a big case NC did you think it's compliment trainers. That wouldn't I take the wind out yourself speak TCU I imitated me before even talking about you I thought it would be all in on the I was surprised actually we did not get a Buckley Tom Coughlin com this week. I'm unpredictable and they can influence on not all but done so you're women you're so vain. That you are taking credit for column I did not write IS SX think about the logic that I am I am well we have five I've mines but Roger is dollars a rooting for Tom Brady policy you wrote that what they hear me here's what might look as though my hope was the I. Irony of it. Three years ago this time it down in the NFL they were trying to brew Tom pre. In now three years later and I wrote counting down anti James is as easy humor at ball. You show up tomorrow he's I he's not going to be there any sense humor and show opened the Roger Goodell quantities of Mars the absolutely abbey so cool he has no scent of human is a man does not allow his underlings to eat pizza went out and we went a couple of years ago. Brett is in Pennsylvania Brett. On guys Khalil graduates not. Thank you for taking my call. While I want to give a shout out you guys because I'm a patriot and living color copy I've been a patriot and a very long time I'm 26 or. Let me tie here. I would doubtless some heavy criticism. Living down you know my whole life can be a pats fan. And I think I think I became a pat and I think to be guys who have helped me remember the name. I think his name is David Magid you don't running back Maggie. Yet. I'd like the patriots that's when I was telling my hand. And I he was the one I kind of inspired me let me tell. I don't think that we order so fortunate as patriots fans have a guy like Tom Brady. In and constantly living down in Philly I would be happy Il about all the excuses. In the gun Eagles fans are so annoying. Saw it in I mean out and it I couldn't agree Mickey Mara and like I think one of the good things that would really get under my skin that when people say. Wolf weighty as Bennett area tanks first first is now. I am. To blame inflamed and I agree appreciate. Oh I was gonna ask him I was a guy who I thought maybe he was transferred here from work. I was listening. Person that's missing you know one minute is much to line I would like you prop one firm that's your my esteemed co host. We appreciate the shout out print media. Some call we were great sport I thought why I thought that when I thought it was gonna say you know originally Mac and and my company I work for this you know Philadelphia pizza brewery company is something it got transferred. And thanks the view yeah I'd like comic at the listens in my favorite person or that WE I am here for streaming there as well. They are our talk radio is is great there's no doubt spamming if you listen to the new afternoon show on WFAN CNB. Bart Scott Maggie great artists are on of her the morning boys and your show is over that I like the worst however yeah its it's it's carrying what's wrong with talk radio but I did read Neil best for peace in the Newsday. Not kind to. Now is it's it's a terrible said he had the the interview a general manager every single day. Errors in the day and you GM got a big boys Chris Carlin that's come up against spot this squeaky little voice you hear this too while La. Tight voice to co quote John Dennis. It's up against the Chris Carlin of the world. And people who think that pat. Is what needs to be on the Rachel we need more squeaky voice media days and weeks that it's more squeaky we needed a more real people but real people and that's what we do we get it here real. Real topped 617779797. Coming up next eve Buckley start up show he is very nervous he did not sleep last night. And is because of Tom Brady's hand can't sleep can't can't sleep because they hand he made pretty but still exceed you know it's been reported Brady threw the ball while you still think chance he misses the game to write did not say that ice. Yet yet is that no Chancy play immigration. Nobody may ever walk again though I'm not back campus. 617779797. Bakken Roemer taking up until 8 o'clock this evening. Will we have a Mike Vrabel sighting in Boston but is from Dan Wetzel Mike Vrabel just tired by the titans is having dinner with Boston College coach Steve adagio. At lemon chalice good way to sell what's the connection there. Pletcher upon rebels on our going to be just a minute you're right on good stuff Connor you're right stuff. I should know that I wrote a blog about that few weeks ago for body I'd let him get carded jump in my mind see everywhere. I should and on top hat on his income weighs in Brit was Sunderland the Ohio State. BC recruit them. On it Iowa State not recruit passed on the line which. Why I didn't listen carnal way and you delivering on this information content and a football guy oddball sports. I stuck on all sports McQuistan ninety. Which I guess doesn't take much except again I am a big Papa. Big football and I've been breaking down yet and given me a real. X.s and I was break Tonya C I originally said on all of his columns don't do you comb his job is. What is columnist job. It takes you deep is still rise out of my battle field after the battle campaign at the wounded. That's bad that's not the first time use I'll come outlets at all. I've been saying no we didn't but John Ramsey younger on and bone of the globe as his preview a piece has no their not. He says that guide dog bezel and on this the jags are kind of gets on changing I'd this makes cents or ramseys gonna take branding cooks out of the game. Any courts jaguars defensive coordinator Todd wash. Mrs. Dion is a corner we're gonna run our system I think the last thing you do is going to a game like this and try and reinvent the wheel. Jalen as he could corner he plays against wide receivers cell. Looks like they'll have a linebacker proud smiles to actor Tobin Smith hunger on. Which seats yup over the top Barry church was a sense of publicity plays would you twenty minutes ago it was simply a case that I don't think that portals can rise to the occasion. In beat the jaguars pass the patriot McIntyre at the cliche I am looking for X it is I don't know these statements TI you're Andre Gregory is. I know habits. You don't sit guys should know what it is sometimes the that the answer is the most logical and easy answer. Question about current set last night on dumber than I like he's he has writes the but I say perception is reality. That's an ice and the perception being Smart guy so there ego. It's been quiet today on neat Brady hand front. And the real update we got is from AT RD tweeted out earlier this afternoon a teammate of Brady's a skill position player. Responded to a text to a priest help quote if he throws like he did yesterday. Everything would be just fine that's we've been hearing out of Gillette Stadium. You know that it yesterday walker committee and a that would. Race. We'd say I'm having some fun and on topic Kirk burns secret may hand had to scoop. Brady threw passes his glove on and off Friday looked rates according to sources others have had similar reports is well. So I'm at 90% Denning Tom Brady will be at 90% acting and I do wreck. Nice that that any glove NFL quarterback uses would be a specific club made to be used by quarterback throwing a football. And that it is it is a custom. Item in just his wac and was sporting goods store and pick up some gloves at Olympia sporting goods or or whatever. So I recognize that but they've even taken that no count it's hard to fathom. Throwing out of a football and a fun game worn Angela. One Brady said he said he said last month that he does not like wearing glove a glove honest during Andy's had quote early in my career tried using a glove on my throwing hand it to not go well. I think it's better without so that's the key. If this injury is gonna play a factor in this game tomorrow you'll now before the first now even occurs. Out of disagree with that too but Tom Brady goes out what that with a glove on his throwing hand yeah. He said it makes him uncomfortable simple all obvious indices sank but I'm saying I wouldn't read anything. Beyond the fact he's wearing the glove which would cause a great deal buys tweeting and whatnot and people watching and it by the way I closed up my column at this this morning. If you are watching the game tomorrow be prepared. For. 50600200. Close. Shots. I'll guy that's arrogance he needs him tight shot tied to. There will be a lot of I judge you may roll you right you make all know another shot of Brady's. So just be aware just as you were like zooming in and photos as when I when instant it all they orders day so. All day just I just be aware of here obviously key at the stadium you won't be privy to that because you beat app stated by the way. If it. You out of the game Ahmard tomorrow's game is going to be. Almost normal which helps it helps the guy Omnia. It weighted index finger situation. There's Ali I was at the Tennessee game last week I was at the Tennessee game back in oh when it snowed. I so cool yeah that's going to be warm and we weren't in there was a Pittsburgh player might AFC title game last year was pretty bombing think it was high 40s50 as the one that on the forget was a big gain in Denver colonel was a play it was a regular season game late in the year. Like in late November everyone thought it was going to be. You know Denver called Denver can get. This was like 67 degrees in late November. And everyone is just wearing teacher it was incredible. So you know an awesome to do a somewhat concerned about the Brady injury beer com today peachtree stands it's okay to be worried about Tom Brady. Does that suggest it's that I'm not worry what you just use it to me out no glove no problem. Now I said no I said. I expect him to play I expect the patriots to win I expect that you should be worried because he's a forty year old quarterback in his hand is a what. Been in instrument to precision instrument precision instrument and I in in again that have every quarterback in the NFL I'm thinking. And in this is a guy who is his attention to detail and his focus is beyond anything we can plus without correct correct OK so. If if he's going out there with stitches a glove. But what he does not the gloved. These come from a to throw without it why I was that is the goods a great sign yet tells me it won't matter at all during the game really. War he may be and again we're playing these little games now or he may be saying well let me give it a try if it doesn't work go to Google. Lou CES that's a that's a scenario I did not consider high dollar slide out here that next to you Alley he could it. Right start the game without the glob there. How some discomfort and put the glove on C if you see the glove on Tom Brady's right hand at any point folks. Then the injury will play a factor in the game that its point of fact. But at this thing are now we've bottle back and settle back and relax rate might up that victory cigar and get settled down. I still a senior wrote this common the other day. This is a glimpse into what life will be like without Tom Brady and the others have said it to you I just on the other backup quarterback. Is relevant in this situation we all agree Tom Brady is going to play you as a missed a game due to injury since two thousand eighties never he never misses time. Whether it's drop low Brian Hoyer Ryan mallet yours truly holding the clipboard doesn't matter the backup quarterback not seeing highlighted dates and and I'll think that was ever realistic. Op possibility. There will come a day when Brady gets injured and cannot play and in the annual just say over the record shows that Newt but it is gonna happen. And what I said was reading the com. Acts went up the words I did you have I had a paragraph he mentioned there's another angle to the story and murmured a few weeks ago and I bubbling and I don't serve I guess that moment. But what we're talking about the dress rehearsal. For the day when Brady cannot answer the bell and at worst. What what's happened the last couple of days. Has been a dress rehearsal but that's what it's like concern about Tom Brady is as a bin. Hand wringing no pun intended that a two puns would come that. What you DOD department is and I sometimes. You ponds at but I don't there's nothing wrong with a good pilot to the obvious fun. There's nothing wrong with a good yet and why my typing is weed movie references yes I'm all I'm whack and they all go right over my a pretty good case you think he's a pretty little heads of Minnesota will be there that's why buy you a Brian Hoyer is a journeyman backup quarterback whoever the next guy is from Brady the next guy they're grooming is going to have more Verizon is going to be atop peck. Not to be Brian Hoyer. The mistake you make is you just assume. That because the patriots drafted said quarterback he's going to be lights out no but and you beepers and I think if any Cleveland Browns fans driving around maybe in town for the weekend to go to the game whatever they be laughing. Courses are over that comment I agree read my pins are getting a lot of teams. That that have had trouble you'd. And how many quarterbacks of the patriots bride and thinking they might be the next Tom Brady and so what that didn't pan out and by the way how many quarterbacks that they have before they got Drew Bledsoe. Many you know I remember Tommy Watson was going to be the next great thing but I don't let the next guy though will have. I I'm higher ceilings surprisingly it was a new Arnold the next guy well it's certainly have a much higher ceiling and there'll be edited or they'll be the chance for optimism Brian Hoyer takes that the teachers there is no optimism. If it is boy ever sport morals and I don't think there's anyway but without that scenario that's why. That's why you mentioned the grapple thing that's why I believe they should develop a drop or because. Grapple would have been in insurance bought we agreed that it they lose. Radio when the Sobel is that fair point yes okay so would. What if the stoic drop below analyst for I don't know I mean Bryant way Evers case Keane and Brian Hoyer nick fall I will agree I will agree that the course of events of the last couple weeks makes this when difficult discussion. The weight but people are overeating I was assuming you get. Oh I don't know Drew Brees assumption right up there Matt Ryan writes at quarterback room in with a track record that people were Brian Hoyer. Through four packs in his only career playoff start when he fifteen with Houston got blown out at home against the chiefs awful game. On him always six this year is a 49ers starter got replaced. Brian Hoyer is no good he is nailed it Blake portals is better aiming to our Brian Hoyer where. Like morals is a better quarterback the disease and NFL starting quarterback. And he's in Indies. I don't seize on the ascendancy of the it's his fourth season and he's probably is what he is at this point is like the number three overall pick to tell you figure he was jet. Is gonna replace this offseason jaguars the taps Coughlin that Coughlin magic. You gonna make a big with a quarterback once he gets back at a Belichick said they expect my movement gets back payments he gets back to where it's gonna be. Either Alex Smith or Kirk cousins I don't like the broke her some money mention it again it is I wrote January. The though the whole idea of the NFL in ouster is that the whole idea in a though rooting on masks. For the patriots have been Tom Brady been in it it's at the Phoenix area because on the one hand if I don't an NFL team. And rob capitalists. In the NFL beat yourself being a specialist. And in a pillow on his lot of money because there's so much of it comes away here. And they will make it more money. If Tom Brady is in the Super Bowl because higher ratings and and a few now question anyway but the fact of the matter is that it Tom Brady is blocks as he solid gold. So if you're the owner of the Denver Broncos can pick any team. You want Brady in the Super Bowl at this point without a doubt he's the only it's the only interesting dropper I'm going for six title now patriots. Now. Let's say that happens. Be careful what you wish for you you'll get you'll get parade is to bull you get higher ratings you'll make more money. But then you got to go to you know his meetings with the Democrat walked in and holding six Super Bowl they like art house. I'd open a bit eat you know donors like them you know what pisses them off this not Jerry Jones dialogue. But he could literally wiped in holding to. Under his arms like one initial one bouncing one in his head. Lock me in the human beings at six Lombardi trophy. They need some believe it at all they need Brady they need crafting need ballot check inning at the ratings I discussion has been. A big topic all year and every circle since 2009 has drawn more than a hundred million dealers. If it's portals be keen on the portals beat falls this super ball will drop less than a hundred million viewers for the first time since a nine and then. On the after the super ball the conversation. Will not be about the game. It'll be about the rehearsals the commercial that if the ratings what's wrong with the NFL and on the right dollars in kneeling Osce was an ailing after on the left you'll be on the islands in the barbarism. NFL as a partisan punching bag right now it is that it really has no constituency. That's the patriots women of the so when they go back to the White House again correct they went so Brady would then have to make another decision a decision. Knock on is this himself from. DG ET in this news look at that that they did the gap and star part between the patriots in the other teams and left remaining. You consider the most of the five most well known figures remaining in the clouds are all the paths. Brady ballot check Robert Kraft grant adds Danny Amendola. Is more well known anyone on the vikings Eagles are jaguars you can let me put Tom Coughlin that was right. Okay yeah where is cop when Saudi and national. I think he's got bigger that certainly be giving him and bill being spent I go Brady Belichick craft though Brady going color scheme. The Brady Belichick telecheck and koskie Kraft Kraft. Off from gas now. Then the executive vice president of football operations in Jacksonville Jaguars. And then you can even sick guys like Chris I don't accept a settlement was there before. Right will withdrawn right. Nicky is sick guys like Chris Hoke. From a quality or more on the on the annual manage ours just because of how often the patriots play in prime time not Macquarie is he he's. Obviously very good football player but he's in he's brilliant guy it's a to listen speak but he he doesn't make headlines. He doesn't rile people up. So I don't it was annular. In you know I don't think yeah wasn't I it was raining cooked right elbow caught another one out and Brady coax was was was. Beyond eloquent when he talked about it the gap in star power is just in crawler. Was in the Marines and his uncle what via as a pro so when you criticize you taking me. Understand branding consumers coming. I absolutely absolutely and but he that they got the star power is just so unbelievable when you look at it. But these these four teams the empathy they desperately need the patriots desperately. Desperately need it can that they could break that yabloko Cobb I common vice sports argument the patriots and spy gate plaguing craft the patriots bring scandal they bring controversy neighboring contempt they bring trumpet the greatest show in the world. Now if you announce that you're going into yet I still unknown yesterday so you go on the Super Bowl begala coming back when. I think on the Friday frank B soul. What's the outs Rima Super Bowl plans that I get dad's house cafe. Now I watch it with my with my father deals and so awesome but the old man I'm I'm actually watching the game intently studied and begin and what you would go to club cafe at the of course though aren't allowed period I am not a suitable party and don't don't go don't. I finally got to watch the broadcast I had a couple. Well if I mean if the patriots are and at same thing I got a really it's big it's horrible I can't go to my dad's house so much and I want to. Dole Noonan Noonan Noonan and now it very famous man named Bart Bryant. Once said anybody who watches as the war alone as a loser and Nightline right so what I'm a loser big deal you possible loan. I have in the past. I I've once lied. About my plans to get out of going to sue both parties I can watch to roll on why is patriots Seahawks when my good friend is having people over and I made up some story. I watched it alone. It's like uneasy about just like the idiot to want us a goal once in high school. On down the line Alex how can you could you can't pay attention to the game if you're watching at a party can get real. I don't listen to the announcers I see the broadcast them and all that's I have a life sometime when you I'm working and I take my job seriously. Angela is an effort Angela. Angelo state what you have to say and then at the end of it I have a question for use that out stunning opening. Sure I'd. My opinion about it Halliburton gets you and second Larry Johnson stayed signal to a I'm just don't know what's up and I don't know auriemma yes doc yup thank. That thank you anywhere that commander reports are that he had become hostages on a knuckle I don't know but under the Acura what. But no evident this if Brady get hit. It would be keyed to the duck out of line indicated that game if Brady get hit at any point and went on a hand. You look at Bryant who is coming in in the in the second half the jaguar and I'm very aggression. I just have to concern about the capital budget to operate. When has Brady been removed from a game due to injury before outside of await when he blew his as it out as ACL. That's the only time that I know doesn't happened. Balled up a divine the problem is they've been questionable. Late date the protecting Brady. They have to protect them I'm just concerned that also older you had a moment worried not played good now you know and I'm just concerned that. Any guide keeps him up like pro game. Yeah and regards as well and again the Indian interior pass treasures collides Campbell Malik Jackson absolutely which is why I mean you look at Brady's history against these out. Cover three defense is Seahawks Al gains. I tears them up especially in the second out by. The X-Factor is that Jackson a pass rush without a doubt. And undersized or you know Brady it DP hit the ball into any pro that. We're good but I'm just so concerned about that truck. What's your question for Italy is that if we go on I'll open akin words here because any controversy and ups and feelings during that but I I heard you on the radio couple weeks ago did. The Glen Norway really ruin your life by not giving you a whiny award I. Not a blogger YDO ulcer you. He'd get ranked and Glock. I induction into Pollack made when Franklin bloc had done that I've already done it out of India. So you're upset that you lost and honor that went through a 85 year old guy. Who used to call the show all the time. Not the electric I well I brought more to that show they needed on a plea but you would. You everybody knows and you'll remember. Building ends up nobody knows Angeles remember I'm sorry man nobody knows anyway I'm not true. You lock and you can money it only. No. One knows who you are and you Angelo. You're little you're you're you're like I'm doing your your modicum of relevancy and did in 1996. I don't have any all out big all right enjoy yourself relevant as a manager. Up Angeles or relevant I hung up on him. As I said his relevant now I wanna open a can of worms apparently opened a big ball and I know what does lose there a reason why what is the watt whiny Hollis feed the I'd. Even knows what that is. Alex I wanted information I only part caught part of the story I heard. After the fact apparently he called one of the shows. Was the morning show yes I am innocent that he and he was upset. That that this happened and I only heard him talking about it after the fact and I remembered Angela being. A long time caller WEEI. And I wants an eerie is calling Michelle. And I wanted to hear the story no pun intended no no disrespect the horse's mouth. 617 is that you wouldn't let the guy and then it's I didn't realize that is shot at me. I did real I have no history and join I've always thought it sounded like that you guys had a thing it took a shot at me I talk I called him a loser for caring about the at the big show whiny awards caring about what the board would harm to shut the picture OT EEB you basically saying the big show stopping relevant. In nineteen is Angela. Angela Collins and any celebrity collar might he can't do anything quick enough not quick enough witness when this squeaky voices behind the microphone fans. You're regular to the big show in 1998 except bock I was of you're looking at it if you heard it and ban. I went from my man Carrick. 6177797. I they're setting their current payments and it didn't make a good reason I was as a defending Kurtz reporting all day aside in my trending last night suite which some analysts O'Neill's old day god they are delicious back after this. To. Be exact nobody has the money it only. I don't know you'll app and you're little you're you're you're like I'm sorry you're you're modicum of relevancy and did in 1996. A very famous man named Bart Bryant once said anybody watches a civil war alone as a loser and I believe I still watch them lose their big deal. I am I want to see you goal loan and I am proud. You're serious football. You're watching it. You're watching the big gains of one all these millions of people who were watching it with their families and friends and whatnot the royal losers right oh no not not not losers then poses images what I'm not serious foreign people. Rights because too intensely focus on the game and pay attention to the commentary and be able to follow it not displays he got a quiet. You gotta have both sides on the tell about fun and food and drink is not fun Broward sports serious business not fun. Serious or is I'm serious I I like watching the big gains of one. Alone big baseball games before I can't stop our games why I'm working I'm working during the game and needed for contents the web and the end when I've. Watch the Super Bowl and what's friends over friends at RIE Ian do you look it up a cash. It's a it's a bad thing. You lunch with friends I want it what's it will yes yes yes you're not you're not because if you were watching it alone it have more time to bloom an atx and I don't think we turn Super Bowl. If I'm not if I'm like it's party your job. You're sports guy you have what 37000 followers yourself. You've got sixes up I got laid out like fight out of it up to 800 now. They have to yeah our asks yes serious they are angry breathlessly awaiting. You're your takes and if you're with friends you're not doing you're not it you're not paying attention your social media. I've never been so bobcats weren't Dan so this would be mine went 5678. The Lehman night. I've never been assigned noticeable because of its just the pats it would be kept out an ingredient in borders to more football obviously. So when it's the pats or what people so there is in other words have been a whole bunch of super bulls. That I watch. From home yup either a with Francis but I've never have that I can remember electable. Eight and I'm a loser now now again I'm not sing your loser if you with friends. You're just not taking a job as seriously as you said. So I I should try a little harder insert a darkened room right to Lebanese and the same way you like 067 Red Sox highlights and watch the Super Bowl but that's but that's a religious thing that's their true true true the media has altered that I have and I'll let Bobby Drake it thinks I am a jerk Bob. It says like that word on their. Our pocket bock bock listen I have total respect Hewitt a delicate the only journalist and yet I and I have great respect your work now is love. The reasonable way that you analyze things. Yeah rewrite I mean I I I can't say anything but the complete opposite to act like you just the big ball of ego trying to trying to get major way in the business and. He's definitely try to do that surely admire. True I don't I agree. In all I'm as far as like being an actual sports journalist. Might it be different between let's say oh I don't know in New York turned into Indy. Teams he has had some big scoops over the years huge scale it's. Ackerley yacht. And you know what is work. Lot of money. On its back that it's bad teams in the near times what would welcome what about what's up what's bad team your county site rob what's bad teams you and your times and confusions. I'm sorry. What is bad TMZ the New York Times at this one which one of mine. Yes but you sat. The difference between Mina real sports journalists didn't string TMZ and the New York Times so what's what am I might teams meet my the New York Times. Well you don't know that being used to and I thought. Bob you're stupid because you can't even explain your on now you know I'm stupid what are we did have a stupid can't react by asking us as a serious sports question I don't. Copies are. Asked me a serious got its western east spot as mean serious sports question he said I'm not a serious journalist I'd like to preview otherwise. I don't actually I allow wanted to talk box I talked about we got to got for buck bucks here. Don't talk to meet USC got talked about. To block listen. As far as Brady's concerned. I think it'd probably injured but what people are talking about it good topics. Bob connected I just take it back down a bit I. I beat the Brady will go down not only are the most talented quarterback and issued in but the topic football player. Indicated. Oh god you agree with me I've been saying all show there's no reason to worry about three on Sunday Alec clock is sounding. Alarms. Bob you suck you're terrible. Come out mean I was going to defend you with that Bob and break it and don't I don't know we strip. I was going to say that you may be a little pain in the yeah I am and (%expletive) people off yes. But you worked very hard to get we thank Akio recording Red Sox podcasts in my darkened basement yes and to Bob. You gotta get here you gotta be it looks clean your analogy he says the difference between you in real sports journalism is a different seeing it seems the New York Times right. I said which 1 am my team's near my the times and he couldn't answer is analogy was a little off terrible hits in disease is become a major player in the vagina and Alex primary is. Now he date doesn't forgetting you all the detail as the nineteen seed and whenever I stayed in touch. Oh yeah and you know we are attacks in the bag now yeah that's it's it's going to academic dean oh please enough we vent public hundred messages today what's it take it easy. Take eighty Dino it's beating out I heat's gonna go to Super Bowl party. And disconnect easiest part I'm sorry AFC title game party's gonna watch it with other animals I don't he's this it will partisan enough right at night and AFC tell him yeah he's going to be watching it he's been more and with jaguars ends. Risk of Christ in the ass. John is important John. Our eye on what's going on. Quite well up. You say that it almost civil war party's gonna be careful who you go to receivable are slightly to one and I hit it into one trip. I'm watching all of you know because you want to log in on it but buddy had a girlfriend like at net and she was so harsh talk to the whole thing. Right but watches it with gay people do the same excited about what you I want to get you excellent game. She had been on every angle in the game there was always one that you all as you know all the globally true it was actually do you know I'll have to help assure the optional. We sat there and suffered. John is interest and you would call because we in the the only paper you'd Super Bowl I've not been too with the winningest Chicago Bears and I would I would still work for the press herald. And I watched that Super Bowl and a Super Bowl party Alan's Roemer in my enjoy Ellen Portland so there you go John. Yeah right John John I greet you you want to with people a tie after the game it's terrible campaign attention. Which went to which what happens when you watch events that other people you date talk talk talk talk talk. Only talking during the game here so I went on your blog you on the coach and appears sweats there'll genes is what's and sweats yes then. Kimberly Jones Sam ridges what's the food item. So who K I read I see that I would not trump now and tell him how the eight Ike he said. What not shows in case it I don't know case that it is in my out of the loop here peso. In Espanol okay. So teased. Still Estes. Wings needed all I eat during the game I allow myself to eat during the game so this will party that you go to I'm sorry with your dad. Yes it's that's not a loyal to him. Okay this imam there it's there if your brother continued commitment on about like uncle Fred now. Democrat Dina. Now what do I watch but I even back but he and ready to name and my dad tries to talk to me during the game and respond you Fisher dead. Watching the game I don't at no will talk during a commercially and say you know odds that play reminds me as I was that I know you're on and Tony Romo was speaking at the but I would charger writing us about the broadcast and writing about Tony Romo on right in so I can actually listened to the announcers. To watch the game focus and I once dated somebody in the sang it was in and where we are watching us and a football game he made a comment during the game. Talk to me during the net now eat it was like tie game late in the fourth quarter he proposed going for a walk. That lets go for a lot like there's the slot racked going for a lot these days still gonna watch the football man. I why did date someone who called Dayton called the jerseys costumes. Is all night like they're costumes in attack. Nice that actually funny Sonny isn't Weymouth sunny. Alex under the same enemy and you gotta you gotta sit there you know watching. The odd eagle and on he can't you are not good camped at the islanders. Like you gotta sit there a lot to win the capture edit if it's you know Chicago BO Indianapolis Colts are. Or a bunch of Bob and you know what you can help ideological when your key there's an etched. He need to be in the zone need to see it go according to see every collection but Leno laughed out loud yeah a lot to my life. The forward that he ought to logic to you might add (%expletive) yeah. And then you know. How are you about do it. Right you got it it's not your apps. You give your patriots fan worth your salt you watch the game alone you watch it tomorrow alone you're watching tomorrow afternoon alone or people who were not talk to during the day. One idea. You're not hoot and Holler and part now. You're sober as a judge you figure out focused on the game. I guess it at each week. A tweet I take notes and following Twitter I'm off my mind I'm working tomorrow is a worked Epoch for us in sports work. OK you do not gonna be at the game right I know so you can lecture me about tomorrow's a workday but I will be apt to give you try it sometime man and I'm like how my bad asthmatic and apparently I think you amusement due to don't even know how to get to Gillette Stadium. I do as a matter of fact used to go to page replacements and while. Most obvious there. There is an ice that's and a five guys. I've been with the obvious. 617779797. Bucket Roemer rolls on after this reply as an hour left two watts make me nervous about Tom Brady's hand like he says he has. More this afternoon yes but he sat. The difference between me a real sports journalist instincts you see in the New York Times so what's what am like my team's eight in my vineyard times. Well you don't know about Pena stupid and I thought. Bob you're stupid.