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Saturday, January 20th

Alex and Buck finish the show by hearing conflicting news on Tom Brady's injury.


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Per usual. The techsters Spock are in unanimous agreement with me. Watch the Super Bowl on watch big games alone and they are shocked that you do not know a case of depth is shot not shocked. I I I am shocked even if it is bella. Peso. Spell it QU. ES RO don't know. You like peso is Spanish for cheese yes. The keys that. Right but like not to cheese is a brand name notes is what's called peso and who being you know what you to get out more and don't count on them unknown known known not. With the utilities to get out more used his ideas don't eat crappy food. John is on the cape John what's up tonight. All right we. Are not sure I looked at what they have. I would you guys they not issue a whole lot by Alec. You're. At first I all and I know it's. Aside changed over the years you know we got our guys are. But. These. Really effect operate given intonation as so I mean I feel that. Yet and yet all I bet. Lot of it had to. Find human nature yeah. And and I really am not worried. Is. 19% I think Brady John is that 90% tomorrow. You act how I agree but I debris is. It is up to. Yeah and I I I wouldn't bet that the media not outlaw all we're gonna check it out I don't get into our. There's a reason why you know I mean any game is our. You're outsell. Well I'll bet you we sure we. Well one of actor Robert guy hit it about yeah. Art in. Yes yes you do you follow him I still can't figure out. Any reference work itself. Out. Yet and New York aren't we're regular. Yeah. Teams he's broken big stories. Let the plot so do it done out. Aliyev that I Jim is actually pretty. Liable sort of patient this. Just like Alex are about and back. Referenced like sports are Hollywood but it actually. Not like error you know what it got Esquire and gave. Us. For an hour. What you. And got caught up our view it I heard your life. When Jerry Arkin his thing about art. It. I'm that change. And you know listening on changes and it looking for people. You know information it. Has garden and your all entertainers and eggs. You've got it John and your man who understands the business thank you for the call are disappointed necco. John understands and is in a shred you know John because people get it they they they get it Johns and you know that Alex is happening he understands it's right. Aren't like being an actual sports journalist. Might it be different between let's say oh I don't know in New York Times and Keyon. Bad analogy Bob but for like Angela it's good from it into an average citizen like me that's my role in the station. And often Drake apparently an album to saying Angelo Edwards from me as well bones line up and enjoy whenever but right I mean Alex and make into an average should not like out stream. Angela from Everett should not like Allen right and why just disease at studies at Everett it's a diaper radio I'm going against. The old sport I was not every dollar rights that's knots that's right that's good for migrant. And an ever cause up and this is me as Bobby Drake it cause open this is yet to guide. But we have breaking news here Mike in Maine to his breaking news on Tom Brady. Mike I mean this is a show of on the eighty highest journalistic caliber. I'm trusting that your sources are correct what is the breaking news. Well luckily my sources Alec or how are you tonight how are you I'm well I'm not hurt our regular order. Not a big bell or repair you know. We know right now in line that's fine on it and it quick you know you because I don't spiraled out. I have a close friend that when you Rhode Island. Backed groups. I'm not gonna promote your permission regards to black market are okay but Tom Brady's injury is not on an apple. It does he goes from the wet are there winners in that area are. Let Tom Kern had got last night. The wedding goodies site like from hold on hold on Mike sixteen stitches we've heard 316. Is not got sent back so bad it written callable at. That's why it was but he back. Sick being pictures of myself so we'll probably there during his limited partner practice yesterday. There were two and a lot of under better crack. So so Mike do you do realize that that. Any won't not make of one egg or a joke I I'm just not comfortable and this guide and my slowing to a does bring in Mike and you said your source said what Brady took snaps under center. And practice. That's not true everyone else said Brady was only out of the shotgun. While the opposite side we're arguing. To date or are snaps under center all. So so let me on the right let me say again I'm a little bit and I don't because the next guy and call up with. You know Kennedy assassination third gunman story so it just. And at the bit ought. This is but yes buck however you have experience I thank you very much I appreciate I eat I don't have any any reason. Believe that there aren't credible that there are a year. I'm. And I Taylor and I told the last I've remain in 19850 what's the pads Beers Super Bowl party and wonder Wales so there. Are. All right Mike thanks for the information announcement wasn't there wasn't born yet wow 68 but his source is wrong is Brady was only in the shot. And practice yesterday. Was and yeah matters kind of caller breaking news plays at least as bad as the wrong I mean impeded his source got that rog you know he gets one piece of information on it throws the whole story into question journalism wanna line out there aren't. The reports are three stitches. Is what pretty dog try to take you get let's see get stitches on my coach Eric and I would now be worried at new. Because what my guests as well again he got this that he got the this the guy got shotgun under senate. I'm not trust maybe he maybe didn't in this in the term when the lines that are went his sources such a full blog I didn't understand what that loans under and I was in a football also is maybe it's a medical the medical source IC. It was a friend of of for an annual player on the team. So friends. Other friends knows a player on the team friend's cousin's friend's cousin again and Ky a visit you have three stitches like you get three stitches on Wednesday. In the webbing of your hand between the dom part of reality here it's 617 I'm just saying. Thursday for four days what is the status of those stitches the status of the tot. You're asking me yes I have no idea we stitches before correct yes Allen did it take. The deal. Institutions along counts that you know be out here the I'd I'd stitches once too I tried dual flip over table and I slipped. The side of my era this could be you those drunken parties doesn't eat beef pot party only eight years old. I hate the Beanpot you hate the story for now you doubt that that is the US so vain effort curtain there are no I don't I may roommates asked me if I wanted to go there's enough. Jerry curry I totally alike convene for and I like it I hate it when I'm at mile highway is biscuit I went once as a freshman now. And never went again but you know that they don't like it's a you've played attic while I'm in like it did it did they don't like it you know that I know what the it's important model cocky. So it's been what's happening it's not happening it's an event real people don't care. Like real. Centene the real men watch this alone alone and don't go to don't environment to be the rules and happy life that's right. It's curious Steve on the cape Steve. Alex and our current hi Dave. Alex you're tired personality on the radio yes thank you accept it. I'm blue like that sound OK he's a good career I was sick of the communities had. Different we have different politics and it. Actually. Don't get cocky though. Sports writing legend. Now I'm doing radio Saturday night at 720 pounds over a device that he was sitting next to Boston's was ready legends are. It. And. Now and give it up to do you do what you do rev up the radio. And anyway I don't spend any content is on the radio people yelling out. And I'm gonna come under attack come under attack here tonight. Putting on the jaguars Steve. Well Herbert underestimate weight I'd put it put up. What we try to get you know pretty damn good Pittsburgh team not a defense. Yet all the plot out of air about Brady plays they were executed canopy doesn't play. At least we got a thirteen to ten win with lawyer I'm not buying it at the chair what that word. Yeah I think people are underestimating the jaguars here and Blake portals portals was not bad in that Steelers game he made the throws he had to make. Why you're tapping them on it's such a cliche feel so stupid saying it's true. He had some key third down bigger obviously saved you Marc yeah this thing yet they like you say yes Tommy Bohannon a touchdown drive that sealed it made some good third down there is ninety let's get an up or down of football that seriously they. I watched the games I loved the hope now alliance and our own room I watch every Sunday what's right the only thing I do watch. But that Brady is a ivory portals was decent in that jaguars Steelers game last week decent. Made some there there are five for five in the reds used these T this is out stays close capable couple turnovers. Which could happen. Brady even at his best there is intercepts is averaging about one pick her career playoff games so. Probably going to be one interception. Getting good field position that happens earlier up seven nothing so there's a recipe for the jaguars to keep this close. There is. I adding it's gonna happen people are underestimating the counts it's going to be. A one possession and picking through the boring sport close is something you didn't beat me up on the right will always fully prepared for a coming in what you gimme gimme gimme some it's got. I said that last week's game be a lot closer than people think. And that you that'll be calling you from route when it's always yeah home Yasser reminded him meant I forgot about as expected to tweets about that I don't hear from you but so let's don't ever sucked out so well that I had that real remote location. Last week I sat out so they aren't you didn't jump on I can't believe it either as to not too late last night. Tom Brady. There for 300 I'd said last Saturday Tom Brady with her for 200 yards and three touchdowns and you said no it's going to be a close game Grady went on is that don't sound when I say that it's been Nat points I said no. Reid is gonna light up this tech titans defense again be reasons to blow their track record against good quarterbacks. Tom Coughlin I'm sorry that's nonsense is dismissed any. This is mr. me. And I was. I got it Waverly I nailed it I nailed that game now and nailed it in unfolded exactly how I said at what I say about calling you know I'd be calling you from group one after its and don't talk kinda kinda game and it was not. In a certainly was not and I would've called you but the cell phone service parts so it. Vinny isn't Framingham Vinny. Gay right got it up and it was all like to say a I actually like reusable. And look at our shopping trillium where you'll Joerg. You spend eight is look at the road. All it. On route nine. Yet though it budgets. Forget guys like you guys are that. Clock hourglass within the place. I want it let's city and who hasn't who watches clocks you know what city cigar but yes it is great place. Right right there we like. To I like please go to that morning so bunch. Bought today you cards as well. Thank you Benny I appreciate. Well probably a guy a couple of big all that Super Bowl but it does not quite as they like sludge by itself. Does not like we must say I like the British again they held. I like the crowd that stopped yes also I really are like. Like gore lately the last press corps was stupid little. I haven't. Dating they are Amendola baby is going to be good is going to be much the way it is. It also watch our footwork has tried to make up or regular public praise and the guy is gonna back get the ball. Yeah Emma Dalai comes up big in the playoffs and Inca come not to come up again tomorrow. Britney Cox's can do nothing in the ski again but who EA on emerging on Ramsey did an inch knocked out Cox whichever corner is not on Cox bully Iran he's probably gonna go on hold in you would think. It's going to be Ammon to aid the passing attack is going to be a few big plays to drive has like Antonio Brown. Camp but some tremendous catches over boo yea does matter how good the coverages breeding ground finds a way to connectors I've guide. It's gonna be Louis whites Birkhead underneath and Hammond they'll. Dot is that god is going to be DD Crocs players back and Brian Hoyer quarterback exact radio sixteen stitches in his sixteen stitches right is so you're you're going with. The night in Maine are called an end. 617779797. But Tim Roemer were back right after us. So my prediction again Brady rolls. 300 yards three touchdowns. If it early porches next week will be kissing his behind all being my comeuppance and then. I'll predict a Steelers will win the agencies out there and went seventeen patriots closer than you might think three touchdown game. Right so one for two in. Steelers and not so I knew my again and again. You pick the winners yes you picked jaguars over Steelers yes and then when you make app pack when I said that you laughed at me. I remember well songs they've you know go to bed once and while we have actual breaking news about Tom Green this is from Diane receive any. Obviously ya then. Pops of time to time she says. On my Twitter feed the anticipation. Is mounting. But hombre is not a lawyer. I doubt it right here Diana receding in the category of non shocking news Tom Brady will start new FC championship game against the jaguars were sources. OK so I'm near Steinbach. What why do you say sorry but I've been saying all along he's gonna play and you'll like the duke to a patrol for calls and all that. I've been saying all along he was gonna play Alex. I did say Cedric and I say it again word party dealer Larry is gonna play in the back of quarterback to get forty stitches in his hand other noted I certainly going to play. I have a better chance of being in the scheme Brightpoint. Brady once he owed on the nose and out of them is that it's going to be close game. Why because of the blow hole we will play. Always knock implantable. When the patriots are moved Tom Brady from game Yzerman play on the most recent game. Episode of real playoff like a real real last weeks of paid player of fake game with a fake laugh but some say I make my point though it was a blowout. And where it came in north I think he did Indy light series yes there was an earlier time nabbed its stance and act in a blood Jacksonville by thirty points. But if that happens you'll agree that way you'll see time maybe. Mean not on sixty championship game and I'll say it it if it's 2417. No of course not you know most breeze same it's 3117. There's a minute thirty left spree stand. Then what's the close game. There laughed at me play portals eking kind of wrapped up find a way you move a team down the field wave may third he had to make last week anything can run a little bit as well pages ads are struggling a waning in smoke always us. I want to mention it in small doses you will reminded last week that when Roethlisberger. Is on. He is so precise he's great. Another Todd haley's eyes and you can employ at least three years this has been pretty okay plastered is document retirement this year it was gone design me a big gulf though isn't in Caylee Roethlisberger Roethlisberger out toys against ivory in my third Roethlisberger tidbit came out. Couple days ago the trump stormy Daniels saga and have you been following out in in all I can say about that is that. It should give you an ideal world we live in now that nobody cared it was at its consent it was consensual nobody cares this is what. That's a good thing about trump I don't care if my president is sleeping with porn stars watching shark week with porn stars as he was allegedly. Don't care that's fine that's a good thing about a lot of over there is this is not on my radar. Well it's not but CI she said in her interview with in touch magazine which they released this week it happened in eleven. When he eleven she says that out. Trumpeting I would Big Ben Roethlisberger at a party. Don excuse himself he had to leave. And he made Ben promised to take care of me. I stayed another 1520 minutes and Roethlisberger after locking up to my room that night is Donald told him to. I love that trumpets and routes pregnant charge as they shop around for young ladies swingman. Not the guy I would choose keep them away from the about him that's islets adaptive Roethlisberger round. Iran women I mean rob expert asked me trumped that seems pretty obvious to me. Don't stereotype. What trumps a big Roethlisberger I mentions them all the time in not a pretty momentum gritty notes following. Brady's got is this is himself trumpet and a boy. Being bent on Tonya folks get ready next week at this time the answer and trump trump trump. Scott is a New Hampshire Scott what's up. They got they don't he's done. Papal disclosure I do not have any connection in pain at Norton wipe out any connection or not okay all right I got dead of summer in the middle. Also not a medical professional. National patient. I've I've gotten stitches probably half dozen times in the past year. Trade and her name and stitches out choke like I don't believe that that is true I wouldn't go interest restrictions to be honest or duke. I certainly wouldn't count the worst went on March some may be your top Tom Brady. Well I don't. I'm. It got app are the only thing. You talked kinda got a magic choose so I'm not saying it got sixteen digits like that are going pretty well I want what. I don't know political textual read. That being said the should mop angle played fine but I don't I don't think we're getting missile troops. But I don't oh hole and I am assailants I don't know either but. You're you're little dismissive of three stitches is all I wanna say because. It. Noted analyst it is what I'm saying is that if it's three stitches. At I thought 01. Scott if it's every stitches are in the stand in the grand scheme it doesn't sound you know it's not like things and surgery and the stand that but. It pits a quarterback and it's his right hand and it's near the thumb receipts is is not something to just wave way. No it's also not something you put urged. What went on your stone to a mole. Are we don't know yet is planned Ellison confirmed Scott now is that was desk at the top download you know for sure the thumb was bolted. You don't for short was disciplined howdy you know Arnold are short on our nose gun RI I got it this thing that you guys don't guy. Or or a picture that's you to see this this got New Hampshire. Mixed martial arts fighter professional patients as more than three or. I'm. Or. Aaron I mean we've heard three that's a number of numerous reports them. -- minute hand Ian Rapoport all the insiders and three stitches and I'm saying that three stitches that this guy Scott. Is waving away the trees it is as irrelevant as a tough and and and big he's a guy get that but. It through statistic means takes on a greater role. If the three stitches on the right thumb of an NFL quarterback that's arms. Again it's all about the glove. Is Brady wearing the gloves tomorrow. If he's not spine retreated up the linked to the YouTube of Luke Skywalker putting on his own out of petroleum I did see. That that was imposed the bike between at the YouTube links. That's they've gotten anything you did that is you are alone and focused you're watching the game about my friends and that's not happening nope not happen and Jim is in Medford gem. I'm young I'm exempt. I like your team looked you've got to illustrates thank you do think tedium much appreciated I wanna know I'm not a betting man and assert over and under on number restrictions. In academia look if. It should instead it's should be actually a medal victory I believe the reports. Tell you didn't notice each. I have a little bit of difference what you Alex you had to using the keys arm and they'll handle that ilk yes yeah. I think it's gronkowski get to fewer than a hundred yards at eagle via the pretty close in. I just think that peace and. This kind of defense that always tries to Creighton Dunlop public's right to the depression anyway that's my gentlemen. Judge and that's that's a good take. That's that's mine as well. I they can get to Brady without blitzing and I know that. Brady's picked apart these defense is in the house Seahawks Hopkins Jacksonville all on the same covered three scheme to rob we'll pick them apart by. Historically Brady struggled in those four guys can get pressure the interior pass rush into it real Lexus you know as the guards shot Mason Joseph too many. That's a weak point on this patriots team I concede and get steamrolled by cam normal normally Jackson. So. Yeah ot interior pressure that is a concern for short. Backed the stitches from minute story is I mentioned the three stitches and human right to Jim Medford. I just wanna covenants. The caller. Dismissed as it's gotten Hampshire yes Scott dismissed. Three stitches. As being irrelevant. I just wanna make sure that we clearance please that. Three stitches if if me sportswriter Steve. Had a cart and I had to get priest it is a problem insignificant problem when he met when it's on your typing hand. Well see you make my point and if you go back the column I wrote today and through to where guys are keep their did you read a competent and how it at the Google I'm the guy had. But I mentioned that. The right hand to certain people Balkans are precision instruments insurgent violence pianist guitar player. So what kinds of shafts diamond cutters Taylor's people using eons relating and they must use imprecise and the term precision instrument again it. Three stitches. Is a hell of a lot of stitches if there on the pump an NFL quarterback. We agreed on this point yeah it it's painful and I think there's a legitimate injury no doubt you read the reports Brady was not able to take snaps under senator. Here's only in the shotgun he was wearing a glove on his throwing hand but if he's not in the glove and his throwing hand and he doesn't put it on during the game that tells you that's not really bothering him. These images grip the ball normally while or that he's without without assistance are up okay now again in the much covering you know that it's bothering him and he's sucking it up. But if because these are real though Brady cares about making sure he can grip the ball. The best way he can throw at the best way and so we now if if if he if he felt better with the glob. He would Wear the glob there's an increased worried about that I'm still having a hard time dealing with the glove. I like how I understand I said this before. I understand the gloves in question would be a very very specific. Customized glove for a person who was throwing the football with great speed is that scrubbing off their accent is just what I'm getting at Dick's Sporting Goods pick coming up. Or have his wife take you to pick up some of those. Quarterback gloves than we ever find out why brain because you said yesterday's press comments and he's worn gloves before to the podium he happens. He warm in September 2014. Is happened very allies yes Joan gets that from wild horse tweeted out directions to gees. Sad to help it gives us. He had a picture. Of September 2014 or gesture that's what's final in between. While it's a cat got neck in the meat means O'Connell the take on. Tony fourteen Brady had the gloves what do we know why he waited gloves on now I I I was in which I was there yesterday and it was when he said I won four. I wasn't sure he'd ever won closed two hours tonight seemed bizarre new showered he had jeans on that was part of the outfit yesterday. Was he. And I was in the sweat it was in jeans and thank Franklin and this was a sweat shirts. A ripped him Ritz watch that that's what I like to go look for time yeah out of the ripped through a transparent yeah. Absolutely. So was yet again to within just trying to be very. Why you've you've been McKee you've been accused in the past one and hear it yeah lots of times six on 7779 buck are separating. It's pre sustain. Same person six on 7779797. But in Roemer were back right after this. Are nice. And DMB. I like it. Gave rock. I was once arrested Dave mat these concert. I'm impressed you is get out I was. Yes as big big ticket at a I was nineteen night nineteen honor and we drove to the concert might some friends and I we out there of cool fake ID is. We had a lot to keep like you do like we would do we add our chief vibe again the minute and pops mini van. Drove down there and them on we got to the parking lot at the they Comcast Center Everett's called on. Hordes of kids come running towards the band as we add the Al Pollard knew we add the alcohol and so like twenty kids brush up against is ban. In within five minutes of the big the cops Greg what's going on here that fans of the Comcast and it's terrible underage drinking and spend the night in prison. In jail my dad is in prison. They wanted me up the local locked I don't I think qualifies as a prison it's true. There's like midnight when a new Dag come BLU while it always is a life I didn't want him and in one and now. You how they found out another mother in a town told them really yup not lame. And what it would was just like leave it to be governments had to go to court as it was a life lesson down. Don't drive a minivan. In filled achieve what she put a wizard that how did that react to it not very happy. They're not pleased. The take the keys away for six miles or nodding Getty it's hiding in punish the guard up Ike and thought it it if I have this is attitude yes on. No I was there is in for in my my theory is all time Mansfield. They arrive off of guys getting these these these kids these underage drinkers in the summer of rather walk a mop Brittany paid the balance it's supports the town basically which is why over the summer like you're in Nantucket or the vineyard don't speed. They won't put you over and give you take it different titles softball field means that you helped pay for. Exactly I help pay for it and a it's one of those famous court cases overtime. Alex Alexander. Odd car all night and it's it's yes and every knew that. Where is Alex a house is a given name a lot of people now. Tea Alexander. We I don't it why is it a famous case 1000 visits where it's legendary case the legendary case is that is that like a case study or rely on absolutely now without a doubt a I got off with I I got off with no fine nothing. My friends had to pay fines they represented themselves why the legal profession they use V that are verses like and I'll be Harvard vs year weighs in at Harvard Yale last may buddies in Moscow now. Kyle when a pile on again it's good to know that. Now knows that as a prison for like to present a hard time there's more of the story is there Alex right five hours as yourself my friend. It's actually it's humiliating when it's a it's humiliating to be arrested. They strip you love all your belongings was like an episode of ours right you take off your shoes here was so I was wearing Sperry is back then this and I was. A straight guys are wearing boat she's awful boats used with no socks I raised you better than this with no socks so. I I was barefoot. It took away my issues while pumping do that in case you might. You know the shoelaces and might help him made repeated ams and ended this isn't special to you I think this is standard operating proceed to its humiliating an eye so I really humiliating it's like it did it's easily measured. I have to have them a lot of lots of the body could put on your own lives and on and handle doing things that could have done you in this prison. And a mug shot. Get a mug shot I got up you have it at home where. I night and on I tell what soprano is in the east they have the Frank Sinatra mug shot hanging in the wall of a Tony Soprano is office Judd jets just missed a surprise us. The little before my time outs to before. Parents that well for except we gotta rested months. And there is a very famous Frank Sinatra mug show it also Perry famers Whitey Bulger mug shot him is a very. Very very young man Yuri. Raphael and Belmont hasn't take we've been waiting to hear all afternoon. Eating the patriots are going to lose. Raphael why. Yet I've been in the you know like. Dot com with the dual. I picked up somewhere there right now I don't mind scripted in that in that because that in this and get had thing is nothing but Detroit boy in the seven. Anwar was seriously think injuries made up. I think is made up. And that's flat but that you're out of that put bodies flap made you get out there ought kind of obvious like I like Concord and drool. Although not then and I believe one now is. Grew up. Raphael he's good when the MVP this year. Yeah AA in my I had on the Obama has yet but I am saying is. Got to admit that it pits you up anymore about goodies but I bought that. It is any immediate thought. How does this hand injury. This phony and injury and so bring attention to TB twelve. No I'm not a couple of not evidence of that is what but I'm and it is on the out it is one of rock solid. All. Who grew up on a place. Yet that the that the product is not that the port waiting to assemble opiate and what he caught red that red rob uploaded it. Speaking of which Alex Roemer. You and I have our boycott we don't mention the outlook auto ice cream and all I know. I heard this morning I don't know who sure was. Very interesting spin on that. Okay that one of the callers said they get a robotic cat was on his injury and fix it out god that's awful and not those account and Josie here at Super Bowl parties so beware fulfills be aware stay at home alone yes in your sweats and darkened room. Being case a dear dep order retains so pays so we've ever heard of he's so damp what kind of person are you. He's so damp I like pizza NC a multi cultural. Oh is that what is that black eyed guys in black cultural sensitivity on UNC I'll what I say I said over I was having dinner with my family over the holidays and said that I was having I was having a Mai Thai and Chinese restaurant. And I said that they remind me of the Caribbean my brother told me I was culturally insensitive. From making that remark say my ties of course are Asian Asian yes. That's to have him in Asia a few times in my life you haven't I would notice I have no interest in going to Asia you know very little. So you don't wanna go to Super Bowl party don't go to that he injured no you don't go to Gillette Fenway the garden now. Alex I go to club calf thank you. But it's more the world and that the areas. And back and macho about house is is listen would go with that. We need to move on from that kid and now. But I went back of their band bands like pepperoni slices on the year and New Year's Eve. You know what we are trying to we're gonna do a a special. Bakken Reimer from Fenway next year. And then you gonna stay in enough you gonna go to the press box. Do you see your read a story out the game I'm not a summit jobs in my role here often came right or too mossy out. Other Red Sox guys for yet dot com you know without any goal in the toward a ten dollar toy again I'm Dong Ngo was one of our tour guides meters father. Our Steve the late great Steve mute for a assets writes I have often said I'll say it again I hope he's listening. There are too great and I'm sure there are many others but through that I knew. Great Fenway Park Tour guides Steve made a pro the late great Steve meet Perot and someone that you you know probably would know Ed carpenter at long time. Retired sports information and it would be right so we talked among Red Sox toward guys think it's a sign it's time to end the show. I Brunson I blame myself. Buck put all the whites. Highlights of the 67 Red Sox by candlelight I kid you watch your honor brand you're going on to actually watch the godfather I am married and branding and tonight is they get the path to Mario and brand icon or great job beyond the glass. Roemer and buck where outs again tomorrow we have recovered all day and WEEI. It's each able to game the broadcast is right here at 3 o'clock going to eastern with my key at nine C yeah.