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Saturday, January 20th

In hour 2, the guys discuss Belichick vs NFL coaches, Bart Scott's take on Brady, and Aly Raisman's comments at the trial.


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Outnumbered two buck and Reamer Sports Radio WEEI. And then this intro the puck hates with every fiber of his being I don't hated and his gunman. It's it's our it's our standard theme now we would better. It's our podcast team. Just wanted to locally and two outs for. Am I getting into outlook two boats where it was one of my favorite things that do each week is that to a liked having guessed that one and as well to break we introduced on the Eric we do it pride knowing those who we sold to him it's OK it. Why can't wait with us today somebody you've never heard opposites no I mean but I think it correctly it's a story that you won. I'll see on the story teller in this group that's good ball like we had Jim. Our laws son yes that was a good gamma by right in knowing and knowing that we was he's a story. You're in Italy you think it was full price we have done a fairly good job. Like sometimes you get the cool guess sometimes I get the cool guest that's were on nicely at dot they start last week and again that's still up listen to that. Much like Gerry Callahan needs to be homophobic now he's in LG BT I and it is absolutely. A lot so I was saying to you by I Tom turning here last night yes. Type what this com heroes it's type that was very amusing the patriots to NAFTA apologized. For any thing and he has one paragraph. Now the whole thing I think that this too it's resulting I think is a rebuttal. To Dan Shaughnessy the tomato cans that China sees thing you're paying but. Do you think you referenced your little bit here as well here's this pack and I. There are those who walked among us taking the patriots should do that meaning apologized the ineptitude of their opponents. They are the ones you sit there dark in Dan's watching black and white highlights of the impossible dream Red Sox coaching in 1967 Red Sox pennant in one hand. Narragansett in the other. Face illuminated by the candles flickering from their shrine T acts that. And I asked him I said this is about Chauncey is and he said it's about Shaughnessy puck Bob Bryan. So you've been lumped in with tomato can exit. Crowd here of cases would say a good line it buried in colon to bargain in a that's about me. Sign me up a bit for that you don't drink out I don't drink and but many is that night I have been in a darkened room with video highlights with candles of candles it would be a Tony seashore are quite small you know not not to quibble. Right it was always so he sees trying to ideas sent. I'll problem. And I'll I'll give a big thumbs up Tom and his team one small problem. I'm not him it's made it canes blog. Now that his honesty operation. And it in and that's and that's a good like franchise today and god bless them for it but by Tom himself. Came up with the stat but the patriots heavy better winning percentage against teams outside the AFC east and inside the disease so. It's it's not like Biden should merely beating up buffalo Miami insult when the jets every year the big wanna go to the suitable. And that's number one and number two. If they are that much better than every team in the in the NFL. Particularly. In this day and age. Now now you could make that argument back in the fifties like the Yankees. Because they they they had so much money they could outbid in there was no draft. There was there was no salary cap they can go out and sign other free agents they wanted of the young kids and that's why the Yankees was so good for so long. Montreal Canadians at their territorial draft they got the great young talent from Quebec. So they said Russell entertain years playing white guys in need ads and so you could've made that argument that but to be as good as the patriots are. All this century. In a league that's built apparently I find nothing less than staggering I agree so so. I will own amid the darkened room with a Narragansett -- in the right osment clutching your with John I see there but you're separating yourself from the tomato cans portion. Now I'm I'm I don't know then as impossible dream violence going on but by it if if Tom Karen is taken out a swipe at me because I'm living with a 67 I'm. Signing up. And it's about it this is I'm OK with that I'd say digging and has a wildlife and I alongside three towards piracy god. Here's my thing now about did the premise the page it's not to apologize for any thing who's asking him to apologize. Who besides Shaughnessy means ask him to apologize in my other point would be a what I may have written something on the lines at eight it is more fun. When. Your stomach is tied up in knots over whether your team's gonna win the game go to the plants that is more fun to me as it as as a as our guy who watches sports. When back in 07 when they had that stretch when they're you know they beat the Redskins fifty two's seven and you know and Callahan and Dino or complain or running an option we've cherry. Is worried about the other team's feelings it. My god what was strange role reversal and a line of what was the a lot of moms soccer months. And do they with a soccer mom what's strange role reversal so I don't apologize for the fat and in his and I said this often. Say it again. Belly check it isn't so much that he's a genius in the not unveil. It's just that these other coaches are so dumb. What it's like sometimes the stuck with the bill gets from the play. He gets them focused he gets in the show up on time and the stuff that happened with the steel was the walk through and all that. That and I know they had some issues with the daily is back and went old. 09 is now iron right. But the story you know when they lost their ravens and usually on it and and rewrite as a that was via wire. That the fact of the matter is he gets in the show up and he's he's he's a brilliant coach he's perhaps. The greatest if not one of the greatest of all time. But in this is where I apologize because I'm not in anyway take anything at all with Belichick. But it just seems every single game I watch. Going back to Pittsburgh last week with the onside kick there was plenty of time to pin them back and it and I know this much if we were doing assembled cast might. Indicts me very much on the other foe will be sixteenth of an inch apart very close I know that much about football compared to anybody in the NFL. I'm watching the games. So that you write in to steer off fourth and one play. A pretty deep on fourth and one I ain't you know in his suite at Pete Carroll thing which is that. I was there and am looking and it might. You're watching the. Patriots outlast the competition Pittsburgh on paper is a team best equipped to challenge the patriots need at CNET season. But they're flying apart at the seems that he got rid Todd Haley they're offensive coordinator. Roethlisberger couldn't get along. Radeon bell we found out this week missed the wac through before the game showed up late to the game he was up tweeting till midnight. The night before their game must speak about I love round twos can't wait to face the patriots Mike Mitchell will play the patriots and hollering eighty Mike Tomlin in November. Talking about an AFC title game match up between the two teams and are much sure how. Being I'm prepared exactly factors into the game are overlooking opponents it's intangible but it looks like again. Trying the onside kick with 217 remaining two timeouts in your pocket or throwing deep on fourth and one. That's it looks like in your at it and you mentioned the C docs to. Ott babe looked to be the next big team the next big dynasty and aired they're done now their time has come and pat come and gone without a Super Bowl. Anybody does not do wonderful play call. You do wonder I'm not saying the Seahawks would have gone undefeated next year when the Super Bowl. But a certain play can really dented team right and and and really it up the cost Darrell doubled profits of coroner was finally let go this year he'd never recovered from. And now going to hold back to 2001. But the patriots in the talk world. And the snow and it's here in the final game who played at Foxboro Stadium. Now again you American Arab create an alternate history in detail how it played out but. What are what are the reader is just what decimated by the McCain and they went down they they fell off a cliff. What are the breeders' win that game going on in the suitable that the that is there a history different. If the patriots lose that odd days old draft jamaat JaMarcus Russell with an OK yes. I don't know I don't I didn't really tide now up. And in an arm and set ricochet add the story last year about a Richard Sherman. Not able to get over that loss to a page answerable 49ers team the Seahawks so. The patriots deserve an immense amount of credit for just outlasting their competition incurred mentions that the peace but as far as this series concerned 2018. It's an easy road according to 538 Nate silver's and thirty minions it's the easiest road in modern NFL history. Since 1990 if you put like a league average final four team. I'm against the titans and jaguars. At 538 stat geeks have come up with that with a method to do that. They would have a 55% chance that league average final four team. Yes and it's and it is I just got warehouse not asked or demanded the patriots apologized what's happened this year no and they ought to put it couldn't we have had this exact same discussion at this exact same point last year now. No the Steelers are much better than titans are jaguars are on talking about the patriots like rolling for the competition as they did last year. Right but the Steelers as it would did that to me kids thing in the running it up all that was on the on the table last year but the Texans last year with that defense much better than Tennessee a better opponent the Tennessee. And Pittsburgh a better opponent than Jackson. My point being played after he was a patriots won the suitable. In dramatic fashion. And if you if you do what we do for a living and you can't sit back at the end of the day while it was special you need to get out of business of course so so. I don't lose any sleep or or get better sleep on the local teams win because when you do it for a living you really can't think that way. But there there are certain pivotal moments in one's career. Being at the Super Bowl last year and seeing them come back from that deficit. Riding the bus spectacle sounds like in and frankly the Malcolm Butler paying two years or only thing I was they open. That was incredible serve both the so you can't be in this business and not feel that way so right so just to be clear when you get to witness the history. You see all these things that happen. Now I'd I'd open the paper to apologize what they've now but it's not it's not being neutral to point out they've had the easiest path in modern NFL history to the Super Bowl. And guess what they're gonna face either case schemer nick falls in the Super Bowl that's easy path to not trying to point that that's pointing out reality. Grab Ryan director Ryan. You Ryan they've got to pay I don't with our tanks rolled in on quick quick Goteborg shout out enough problems where overall. You wearing overalls right now. I am my amp it up on your side is serious I left and it did an idea what we ready game last week. I don't watch all of wanna do I like to suck when you dot W dot us. Scheduled a weekly basis but I'm I think the report indicated that. That reading it was good previously complete watch that game he would not putting pressure on that right hand when did you go to the ground actual adult book the. And yeah. Is it very clear to me that that was previously. I'm not important mentioned it sometime this week that it hurt that they've good got broken and. Story Jerry the the inside. Audio alert every. A Maggie vividly items out of chapter Terry Thornton. I'd think that the. That their aggregate bond but it would really be it is on the side. Went back I. Ryan Ryan to write a great operating blind Alley finished for Brady gassed his his hand in practice habits is not a preexisting injury ousted handing off to a running. I I think it was our previously I think. They're trying OK but this injury is separate from conceit to ousted handing the ball to a running back. I'm not I'm not arguing. What are you. Arguing that got a call earlier would have gone back. Thanks. We were gone so well. I don't know what that was about eight and I don't know which colonies. Not the first one is made that reference this week you know Brady is it pre existing injury how. It's eight seats Armenia's and get medical coverage for art as a pre existing condition. In Trump's America you're right Rockwell is pretty. Is green bought the obamacare pool I don't know yet Affordable Care Act at all this is they were missing the real story here because he is is covered. I actually did read today that because Arctic could wreck him due to the white Al yeah I'd be ruined due to the I government shut down. The armed the troops are sing I saw others can't see the playoff games this weekend because the Pentagon know that to everyone knows the Pentagon television network it is not. Operating because of the government shutdown which means that our fighting men and women overseas. Cannot watch the football game tomorrow because of the government. President trumping to the troops thanking the troops I mean that that genuinely pisses me. Don't pisses me off to it's it's that like come on for one day he can operate the Pentagon tell television network I mean come on guys. I agree. I was also reading a tweet Chang Kai gated congressmen and congresswomen where saying ally it is into the house GM. That they all go to Q I didn't have enough towels this morning and are wondering if the government shut down we all connected to oh hole exactly. 617779797. Bakken Roemer rolls on and we're back after this. Already always seems to have an injury rugby game I think just like a built in excuse but. I do look like he has that maybe this plan on the bomb you know I don't know if he may viewers was on a passing his thumb but if it is his thumb and then that is cause for concern. When you say. It's an excuse do you think Brady builds in injuries to excuse poor play. I mean he always remain before with the Achilles and is this and that. You every year there were going to big game so we seem to be it injury or phantom injury or his shoulder was messed up it. You know we just that's an office got a report and things like that. You know look at I don't know but it neon open is the nominee he has to Wear gloves. That's going to be in the case and that it was a legitimate injury. That's Bart Scott may know cents made no sense if our DNA. I'm and DA might follow up would have been. When when has Tom Brady. Blob clean up an injury before being well I don't think Brady did but he was listed as probable shoulder on the injury report like twelve years. That's a that resulted but being a patriot that's sort of saying that was that was that was always it's funny. Into account so that was always talking about ways and I dealt a disaster an elected up. In 2008 pride Cyril 42 rafter Nancy title game Brady was spotted they walking boot on his right but in New York City. We designed girlfriend Gisele Bundchen we have the Yankee captain. Might have that was my timing re heat it was all our broken might have been noses first his first missed an item com. But I have a that was not a factor come game time simple 42 would've been the perfect time for excuse making Bart Scott patriots undefeated season best offense of all time. And the only put up fourteen points would've been the perfect time for Tom Brady and the Tom Brady minions in the media to run at the injury excuse. Indeed got the sun apart that narrative at all. So I've no idea what parts guys talking about the Brady always plays up injuries before big games he doesn't slip up I just typed Tom Brady. YA and that it fills in yankees kept. Does my my favorite at my other favorite Tom Brady Manhattan moment I think last year he lake flipped off the cabbie. You remember that no type of topic cabbie photo went viral now. You flicked on without that. I know him Brady did it not our time our time should be above that kind of night for agreements to hold grudges don't get angry exactly run it up now he's opened up cabdriver is just as open following this team anymore Alex als wanna correct the record I sent him a football guy and I made a gaffe and people called me on and on the tax one's urine and ot the Seahawks I said I'm not there not when it's your ball in course to administer U ball being the Broncos is few years ago. But on they only won that one. And it looked like with Russell Wilson Mike Napoli to time makes his what happened since right what's happened since and local folks don't quibble folks and also might be looked to be the next great being in FC inane they fell parts. In other done old on defense at secondary is not then. Missed the playoffs this year. Patriots outlast the competition. Was reported on May third nine 2007. Tom Brady was wearing a New York Yankees almost a decade and more than a decade ago. And he was dating self the times I haven't I don't know images validating get married Mantilla. Less than ten years ago but they were married ball before. That's the part of his Korea not covered with great interest so you're not you know interest and Brady off the field. Now because it's announced. Obsessed with Tom Brady off the field. What buried mayors to Marlins got kids he has Ali is the most famous out the name in the country. But he he'd eat his oft but you'll stop isn't that interesting. TB twelve Alex ROK okay if he would if it's not I thought you meant like. Swing which in the was in nightclubs instead of diving you know itself as and he isn't as the as the analyst life. Doesn't it was like yes he does Robert Kraft hasn't more fun socialist to follow it seems like in Berry. Right tonight a lob Los Roberts nights at home at night watching jeopardy good for him now he is absolutely not but and get ready Ford spoke stable as a vice sports how did this week get ready. Jaguars are America's team should for the job whereas in in his first I saw Myers Alice. There was in the trump connection get ready patriots fans if and when the patriots advance the Super Bowl. Get ready for the trump connection to be brought up in case you claim to read my columns you've been no I don't like you referenced that right and Brady to his credit and people think it was because his mother being ill. It went to spend more time at home but the fact of the matter is Brady did not show up at the White House is not I was there. You Wear. And it was it was ominous it was like a cloud hanging over the priest from the white washed in from the wreckage that that that you mentioned as he is mentioning plays that we had never heard of men and number 89 you know. And he was mixing in in people he's gonna mention boring at some point in the golf together that make America great. And and trump completely. Com we at least rob Tom Brady from the White House. Trump just heard are that the year title added a couple months ago still harbors ill feelings towards so if it's true that did 381 to spend time with family during troubled times. That the president certainly would have known that in cut him some slack. Analysts. Reid chose not has not old are different reasons it doesn't want to be associated with the trumping we keep going back to when did Tom Brady change. I don't think it was tough as in when did you become totally closed lips with the media. I don't think it was necessarily deflate it I think it was more the trump stuff. That got debris in the barber is that would gets meets him is to get a little this and like me. Tiger well Brady tacitly in diastolic trumpets at that a million times and that voice and that voice with all he did really it was how to make America Reagan had a soccer at the beginning of the campaign and say jokingly. Off trump Windsor B a putting green on the white house on and people like me running outrage pays for trapeze drop. I think breeze apolitical. Yeah I don't know what is police are. They've craft trump connection is the one that continues to ball on some politic or chump now letter. Across an Air Force One trump says he called them after the tax bill was signed when a great great legislation. Doesn't make sense does trump has also said the Kraft told them at once to tax the rich people. The tax golf course does anything but so not quite sure exactly what's true what's not true but. Kraft is the one I think around here locally gets mentioned at least in connection to trumpet players instead of putting green and white outline. That's at a young make America great again. So yeah so look look for that to be drummed up again is my electronics but. In I would caution media people if you wanna go back to the beginning of the story. And highlight the fact the Brady had the make America great cap make America great again cap in his locker. And he made the parting comment and so forth fine but fair and if you need to complete the story. By saying that Brady for whatever reason did not show up at the White House but a a month into the president's term. And we don't know for sure whether he voted for DDT has not revealed that either. I'm mark in Denver's mark what's up. I'm mark. Am since we have a moment I just gonna I might point to into the Steelers are better than jaguars this is this is not a political statement. So. Thought I've been to your wanting to meet people thinking now this crazy are busy business hub and suit three White House. Ceremonies honoring bosses with the 04 Red Sox of the 07 Red Sox but thirteen Red Sox. And the patriots last year. And the first two were run like clockwork he showed up you into this room began on time people were available it was nice and neat it was fun everywhere have a great time. And it was as though they practiced it for six years. The trumping last year was a mess on shocked to hear that mean the White House like planet some and all hands they had all these different lists. And and there what they were letting in people of the new inmates are you can't point you have to go outside you weren't in January new route. You and what are more and the guy said to me while we have you on this list begin on on this list. And that a woman so don't worry don't Marty's goodies in the woman came out and and she's leading up I'm sorry it and they got me is our is that thing we put stuff through security. And I mean you're Democrat and they stop me a second time up again not on this list. And this am it's such as me and I'm not that special is like forty people. And and that it started late in the nobody was available it's it was just meant it was disorganized I've brought him shocked this administration would not that would not something that he's got a political statement don't don't say judge you ages now you get over it she law it's indicative of the way they operate it was just the mess I mean I'm here to tell you it was a mess. It sounds like the Taliban are a lot of minor things attractive and we amassed. Chris is inside his press. Hey I activate my car out the abbey which you. Are you can't had visited the route that particular agent geno are helpful op. He's a football guy all at Helen's Chris I play and I play flag football. I see the logo right emotionally. And they're talking and playing well on the very. Caddies. What I hope Jack will be somebody that you know play. It backpack apparently notes to their credit they're gonna have all broken up on that tomorrow he's gotten credit to. God and am. I hope that it is followed protocol but. Jack you know it is accurate and carpets and I got to give credit. Is the Steelers almost. Chris Steelers almost beat the patriots and they played last month they were Jesse James touchdown away from winning. Alex went on how it was cold Coke. I take that I don't. Do you think do you think you think it's patriots Jabber is game will be as close as patriots Steelers last month. Absolutely. It's gonna eating it's gonna come down to the last possession. I acted and that's the last possession. It's going to be a close game I don't know why it could be it could be at all. All like you can't pick it but they're good bet that tricked it out to be auto club and it. Got a pilot's again I don't beat back. The tragic happening at all. Chris I'm Chris. Every single week it's going to be one possession game respect this defense their play making ability but on paper come on who has a better roster Steelers or Jack is the better team. Watch out there right now I'm not topic did you know how important expected. At a you know that you can pop I don't sit Regina police. If you wanna talk a little hole to take to quote quite it's quite believe that you want to look at it he rocked the wider expanded Internet. Iowa quarterback situation let the talent that is. Not on offense Chris Chris not on off its. Here's here's another point that people are missing is while we spent all week talking about Brady and his out limited practice availability wondered for Nat. Has had limited availability for years I Garza's wallet that ankle injury and that is big he was nothing in the second half and Italy did show up for the wac for ansari was the other as lay beyond now expect they don't and now that's my parents third the week by the way what. That is so for the wac or they showed up to five minutes remember when they were like wrapping things up. I know Mike Tomlin has the incredible. Value regular season record with the Steelers spots. Ed how do you not think about making a change I mean this is the team that yes they they won their Super Bowl. In 2010 the common route this art not not when there's they won two Super Bowls with Roethlisberger. I'm not instance await. So in ten years now in the quarterback with the caliber Roethlisberger Antonio browns a best receiver ever. In union a union don't make the Super Bowl until since Tony ten you know when and once and so waits. An amazing that they had three coaches them like forty and out what year is they never change their coaches but you look at you look at their performance against the jaguars. It's so obviously overlooked them and it cost them again I don't dare we say costs in the game and maybe I am looking at it just. Obviously we've seen the spit the bit against the patriots and amber at times but the Jackson last week and and again I need to say it again I'm I'm not. Great football mind in the planning here but I'm sitting there watching the games on site kept. And and and then as I'm thinking that I don't with a play that play guys were it was a Ramon was not now with his doubts and tiny eagle I eagle. And Mike rural onsite care again and and they were in the same boat like crazy. Totally crazy I'm prepared in in and you go back to the patriots game having no idea what to do you after the overturned Jesse James that sounds like you had. Five minutes to figure out what do we do with this college overturned in the after run another plight and they just. Had no answer for it's no late game preparation. I'm Roethlisberger continuing during Todd Haley under the bus that is a dysfunctional. Operation again to have Roethlisberger is a QB in this climate and not qualify for the U Boston's Tony cannot win one in ten years. I. Did. I think you Max out with Mike Tomlin they won't make a change but I would I would consider making one I would make the power in charge of things in Pittsburgh. Got Ricky New Hampshire wreck. They're right guys students on. I will say or I want more than anything it is today redo of a bloody sock that patriots victory. With that bloody. The bloody glove that they love I love that I'm selling hats have been his though bank eating preview of actual blood in his glove yes actual blood. Slow. But it. It would make the narrative more fun what are the odds of we have the bloody glove on Sunday. Then you could put them is that is that what is socks on Cooperstown occurred ticket back so what the paper and saw it right I don't know. But check that imagine having the bloody sock that likened to a charity thing. Like they have all the stamp of it all the Super Bowl in the World Series trophies in the NBA heavily get the pose for pictures and charity. Why not the bloody sock. And if there is a bloody glove put them together. Raise your basic million dollars in Jimmy Fund one date on wanna be there for the conspiracy theories if there is belied game series squad tomorrow a holiday and series theories. Tom Brady always at the drama. Mike is in the carmike in my. I don't. Before I get my point I wonder agree refute that Tomlin. Has no control but outlook on that goes back to elect. Antonio Brown faced booking last year I. Right now it's right equipment comments are gonna come for that gas right yeah I don't. Have it. Just find any players are recording got in the locker and posting it on FaceBook right. You know you go to don't discipline. I mean everybody says how out an interview with the patriot player or bella checked it was boring. Belichick doesn't want his players on my face rightly claim that it might be my base now face instead phased out. It will be looking. At zero how good job kind. I'm the best thing I want to get to it I'm surprised that I guess the guys that you guys talked about it earlier but I'm surprised no one's been. Talking more about him and dole set not a multi scented. Like lake get a brain cloud but when you sit yeah caught a couple of balls from talk you know I mean that was I'm surprised they haven't. May set I believe he'd have to with I believe I got a couple times I was I was at that presser yesterday in a good chunk of its in my column today. So if you're out of what general I saw I I think he's been little coil and winking. And the immediate if he is an. Brady looks so smug when he. When it's at those questions yesterday I don't think smug is the right word for a smile but kind of like you know I don't know misty area. That's the area and joining Helio he was yelling at which ice and if you if I was being smog and he'd been doing just be being smog. I I think you walked in there and set them accuse anybody anything I'm gonna little fun with this. I don't think I think he's playing bad he just fight. They don't want to tip their hand and and this goes back I want Bledsoe played and in this thing it remembered how are we yeah of course. You're seeing. Early late in mean he played buddy and I mean so I mean I think he's gonna play by. Are you by the way enclosing you miss the best in the Danny Amendola the best quote that he gave was somebody asked him is it true that you by the secret weapon to beat Jackson is. The US secret weapon is that true and Amendola said I can't say it's secret. He says it means he he's so that he did a good job with I love Amendola he's getting Libya Culp who I once interviewed in my college radio show host Diego a gal. Six degrees 66 or seven degrees of Kevin Bacon what is it six or seven. 666 greasy one. When one degree away from Danny Amendola you know my five degrees Abraham Lincoln is my patriots heartthrob now I do not why meant Yogi Berra. A guy Yogi Berra was manager of the New York Mets when John Whitney pace and on the team I'd to want to pick a winning pace in reference Reverend Wright that I would be ice and was the granddaughter of John hey. Who is the personal secretary of Abraham Lincoln was president. Oh I sub story that you would have really enjoy and I'm sure you will but story that I would have enjoyed a button and try again oxide and speak for living. It's about story at body in Zachary Taylor as acrid I Tyler. Still has agreeing on its tip is John tapped John yes I've done on time yeah I think they tell me about that yet and yet he got married very late life at a second marriage and like nine kids and then it when it is children got married very late. Had a second family and had kids in. So we have a 79. Year old man living in Virginia. Who is the grandson of a president eighteenth when they living off of his or like a Alessio president's trust but he's very at Hollywood cemetery in Richmond Virginia in the same cemetery as. James Monroe and Jefferson Davis president of the piracy on the great Jefferson Davis at the on with senate leaders Virginia please do not up at somebody had to look that up you do not in my hands a bug is gonna write a block for this year's now about visiting all day. A dead president somewhere else Seitz wrote. I'll throw it this John Tyler Mankins around that is excellent 77 tonight as he joined the confederacy is a congressman but died before it took office. Just talked for about an historian I am chock full of history teach 617779797. But in Roemer on Sports Radio WEEI. Com we got a good mom better. We've got to get better remember this Tom. Reggie is here is still better than anybody else yeah. It. 6177797937. Patriots causes always want your till 8 o'clock but in Roemer. Sports Radio did you meet ya I bike. How close even following the doctor Larry Nasser story with the USA gymnastics. I followed it with. Probably the same interest as most people but more so in the last week and given the victim impact statement yes and diet that caught my guy a little bit. Alley race. Was just so phenomenal to wise I. Yeah and local girl and I remember woman. But I have a meeting her several years ago and teased us this kid. And it to see the force of that woman in the power for words and commitment blues based. And you have this Larry Nasr ad Dan Wetzel phrase at the swings actually write it trying to portray himself as the victim in all this reading this letter to be the judge yeah Eddie Cantor I can't mentally which stand to victims' statements have been over a hundred victim statements. I during his sentencing trial and let's play a little bit this judge did it just this is an awesome. Awesome smacked. Collectively. We spent thousands of hours. Perpetrating criminal sexual conduct and miners spending four or five days listening to them is significant. Minor. Considering the hours of pleasure you had there expense and ruining their lives. None of this should come as a surprise to you. Just an and it's aunts and I race and said this ESPN earlier this week that she told. USA gymnastics officials about Nasr is abuse and they did nothing about it's how does anybody affiliated with USA gymnastics still have a job. It needs to be a cleansing there and Bogle the once they all stayed till the global once all editing I would due to the judge's remarks of ruining these two in this slice if it would appear that the women who appeared in court. Have rallied that did that there are in control of their allies and two but not all but not all this is true. But but. Some of those women just like the power of the words will never escape me. And I know that is because it's gymnastics and its size and the radar a little bit but this should be one of the biggest stories in the country mean USA the Olympics or went like a month them. And this illnesses quietness is over the USA gymnastics program would display diaries and again from I get a date you just so phenomenal. You do realize now that we eat this group of women you so heartless if he is over such a long period of time are now sports and you like nothing. The tables have Terry Mary we are here we have heard Blake says and we are not going anywhere and and now Larry it's your turn to listen to me there is no map that shows you the pathway to healing. Realizing that you're a survivor of sexual abuse it's really hard to put into arts and magic feeling like he had no power and no place here's the blue yellow Larry I have both power and blazed and I can only be any suggests he's that in. All these great women have power and you user places to make sure you deadly heat is there. I'm like that's sufferings and re playing the words delivered by this powerful army at survivor. Just phenomenal and to me to speak like she was that's a doubt yes but just I just I heard that the other day and I'd watch those speech yesterday and it was just. And again at this this creep. In an immediate need a new about it and that's only found out through all this. There Harvey Weinstein or Matt Lauer anchor he said this week I allied some suspicions ice as we suspected something was up. Obviously being able words are not the one committing the crimes. By its man on man in the Al all of these creeps are propped up by scores in networks and enablers. That's we've planned and and again I cancer LE race in. It is impressed as impressed with her as we were several years ago more so this week could absolutely just wanted to cut out. Throw some attention on the Ottoman mount a page in John Edwards this week that is a major story again should be one of the bigger stories in the country and USA gymnastics they represent us in the Olympics. And and in them in the medical and in the doctored team doctor was sexually abusing young under age girls eight and was doing it with their parents in the wrong. He would position their bodies that parents in the room can not who he was doing to so despicable and according diaries and of course people in USA gymnastics new. And did not things up at 6177797. And 87 Bakken Roemer are number three coming up next. The Coughlin factor now but they're not spoken to about this the coffin factor with the game it's real and it's back god almighty. Back after this.