Buck and Reimer - What should be the standard for the baseball HOF? - 1-27-18

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Saturday, January 27th

In the third and final hour Buck and Bradford alter course from football talk and discuss the baseball hall of fame. The two guys who have each covered baseball for a long time talk about issues they have with the voting process, and talk about how they feel about the perceived steroid users who were left out yet again.


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Yeah. Okay let's not just are all a little longer. But these master. Mass. Max. Just in the zone don't. There's new music itself with. Might my son was wearing me who featured today in which he had really found and lost because you know who The Who was. So that it how. Anything to close the kids 617779. And seeing Billy jewel Fenway this year already overseen Billy Joseph BI official number bark at this lately you know that other side of the site. 6177797937. That's Steve Buckley I'm rob Bradford realty Q all the way up till 6 o'clock what's after. 6 o'clock anything. Whose best he treats Monday for old Red Hat on some good stuff. So how long is out for two hours two hours a year I am your Brady Yale bad man I'm sorry yeah I might get ready for this game right and get ready even though I'm not going to be on the whole on the Spirit Airlines flight tomorrow. But I am getting ready for that game. You've used ought to feel about all I am will definitely feel with you when these people will will there be a festival at the Bradford all. Normally may be. Normally made I am I have million kids in nor I happy with a normally yes you wouldn't do normally misery with a couple the couple things in play number one I I typically don't like to because I don't like to be at parties were people don't know what's going on this one would be there I wanna know it towards that yeah I don't know tourists align right I just wanna watch the game. And so when my wife has come to understand that so do you tourist. Now now she's she's she would be up my CR tested should be in my side yet is at least pretends to be. And the other thing is the I have to talk to my good friends and await you when age. As you given a hall pass so let's assume that all that's what I could talk to him. So I asked the doctor about. Division very tied so far. But I don't you mentioned the fear of gourmet ice turned on my TV today and I'd miss the Steve Buckley had led orderly excitement of the residency is segment was frank stake as we've mentioned to my eyes mentioned that I mean I may miss that. I turn on my TV and the first thing that comes on is this enormous pile of buffalo wings. And I love I don't know that's in the awaken. I don't that's one of my things going the Buffalo Wild Wings on Super Bowl Sunday. And get a crap load of wings but that's okay. I feel great like we their sponsor here right yet they are as otherwise I would say even if they were right on okay. But this is this we talked about feeling and eating in acting more like Tom Brady I'm getting there I feel like OK without what I'm doing. Getting 88. Pot box now for alliance. OK so use ID get app. So okay so as someone who's worked out for a long time yeah and it went in pretty good too far in on not like. Like eating the stuff the Brady eats and I don't about is Guerrero putting me through my my emotions and all that but I'm I'm okay. The trainer I've worked Ellie you know being cut so he's train over touts his good friend might he always says you should be able to splurge Wendy week yeah. I'll get there but is that part of you yeah I waited 360 right leg when eighty gonna like it tell you that the that the reason the 360 comes later paid enough. Now it's awaken what they needed awesome so far in I think eventually you know with the maintenance fees or whatever I know is asking Indy. It laws as I did and he's been. And you know how you know it can be a pessimistic guy right you've known for a lot of years and years. I am telling you win this he is he's all he's all I can see that -- in the hallway that so thought mall announced he's eating a big do we chicken salad sandwich and he wants violence is it is all right the bodies all right with it it's just that the rules on exit entered. So died. I just need to know if Monday and don't say normally may be that those two words can't go together. Do you have a Super Bowl now Marty Marty out now for the reasons probably because of the main he's most times outlets is that ball in the that I am not covering. Well I elected a noticeable that pats have a minute so I don't get invited parents. Like. Indian Denver in the bears I want you out what I will say a 100%. Today I'd rather watch. A Super Bowl on TV web pages are planned and be in there I'd much rather be there. I love. Love love covering the simple yes the I don't. I mean I like covering that week I enjoy the week leading up but our ideas and I know you know the slain miers and complain about the sort of thing and I'm. And every once and I were killed be there. But the only my ninth or mean for me the football watching football is such a TV thing in. And like it told will be talking earlier in the show about that Super Bowl we covered together 2007. And the Tyree catch and I couldn't really see what was going on. And so might my duty he was to talk to Jarvis Green for sidebar that was your that's what you did that day yes and you know what. They've they've Enron. The demon running Liu lots of Phoenix's I date I was do a lot of things that week is you know air primaries again once you Tea Party. So I'd just rather watch and a home that we got me read points at Fred's Motorola tell that isn't good for your hurry your roof female lead now at red roof and a bit. So yes so either by the way I made a Virginia Eric hotel or not Islip for this discussion. That was fearful of is gonna Naimi cut rate mode so it's a major sponsor to an income. And cause a big hue and cry so the Fred so like created Fred's moto itself the the studio lawsuit the answer Fred's voter votes well that's as I have a vicious legal team anyway 6177797937. We were talking double ought to vote. Box trip to Minneapolis what he looks forward to. Talked about the game talked to operate a database of more. The stock stature Mary Tyler Moore which I wouldn't add someone pointed out at the number the nickel at my right you had mentioned Hewitt said being the fictional stat characters that statute right I said fond view it a couple others and someone Twitter at the obviously rocky rocky I saw that that's what a rocky now and now why I was thinking TV shows. Bewitched Samantha Stephens and Salem. Ponzi up upon the rally in new Lackey. Ralph cram and outs at the New York Port Authority. In New York. Mary Tyler Moore the Twin Cities. And rocky and your brother rocky steps. I have of course a pentagon as a runner if you have someone check on YouTube be unified media evidence of the U worse. I'm sure you have the public or for the purposes autos you know you talk about while playing in the rocky soundtrack in my game I'll really via. So that I timed it right it was coming on the street so that when I got the top I wanted to be. And then. NN NN and then it. Well you have to real time it right. There and at this is. Then then then and then it and that it than you idea if you YouTube but no word great champion sweats like he would of course it's the right after industry knowledge and I you don't wanna do is nowadays a rod said yeah that scene would go over today like little users follow he had it too much room for interpretation so your dad and I if you. So Brian Brennan of NASA and fill me you Booth as I was doing it and you concede on YouTube where car was just me as a running a so called good. Now what does it would do whatever it would despite the the story but not my health. Anyway 6177797937. Vote but we talked about all these different things are one thing that we haven't talked about which is right in your wheel house. And how does this week with the hall of fame Bal yes you are very privileged human being to have a hall of fame votes someday I'd I'd will get can only hope rob I can only help it'll be awesome let me tell you this OK let me start here with the hall of fame. Is that do you have a problem and this is where we might have some disagreements you have a problem with the people who voted for instance. Carlos to the love on Hernandez carry word Crist. OK it's do explain. I used to have a. Problem with guys who people voters who voted for these fringe candidates who who clearly had no chance of being in the hall of fame. And there was a big hue and cry few years ago when somebody voted Aaron Boone yep amber is clearly not a hall of Famer. And it's a big deal around here because what he did note three. Come to find out that the guy who voted on this Hal McCoy. On the Dayton Ohio newspaper. Hal had pretty much retired because is isolated and failing is all phases speak winner. And his eyesight was such he can don't want to drive himself from Dayton to Cincinnati cover the reds. It was Aaron Boone a former reds who knew how who told him don't retire. Get somebody who will drive he went to the ballpark every night take out an ad. Find someone who drive UN wait for you drag you back. So I don't Pete did on FaceBook several years ago or column or to an ad out but he was requesting some when he got a retired airline pilot. It retired commercial pilot who's in his sixties. Who volunteered to pick up now. Drive and a great American ball parks at the press box next to him have the pregame meal with him wait to how to finish is calm and the driver back. Thus wonderfully renewing hill's career and enabling it to keep going. How was very thankful for Aaron Boone he was inaudible the thing guys eight years he had extra ballots. He he cast a doubt Aaron Boone thank him completing his career now is that the spirit of what the whole thing's all about no in this case did it hurt anybody. No so. I don't know why somebody vote for tirelessly I don't know why somebody voted several years I think candy Melvin out of that a vote for or I don't understand why those things happen. If it's because if it if it's no more complicated than because. He's a good guy he was a good guy well that's that's kind of dominant so embarrassing what you can admit though blocked the stores like baton. I mean they're one and a million. I and I grant that that it and every every all right everybody else that we're talking about who vote for whoever BJ Surhoff Bob Holmes in the Boston Globe voted for Johnny Damon joining games now all of maybe a fine ball player. Had a stellar Major League career. But his hall of fame candidacy falls short there in just owed to any voted form he wrote about it the globe held all its writers at once. Dini nick. While Holmes. And ball homes and parrot not problems. While polar ball the whole idea apologized bubble size color. Bob whole of my apologies. Bob Poehler who voted for Johnny Damon because he believed that he was the heart and soul that all fourteen win the World Series tees and we 86 years. Like double or a lot known known and nodded and I'm I'm I'm giving you he would ought to know a money I'm not defending and I'm giving music I write in and week out they don't contact you if you have that if you have that exhibit a lot alma court which is it. What's the latest at one and a million. Art that is a complete now wired even then I would say. I applaud you for wanting to help this guy but do it in a way that's not voting forum hall fame because my point is. You know I'm sitting here waiting for a hall of fame it takes a laundry takes ten years in this organization it takes some time to get even. Validated for some people to be in the organization. And so it takes a long time to get that right to do that. And if you're gonna wait that long. Then when you finally get it that is a responsibility is much like it's huge right that the cy young and the MVP I remember it used the a writer from Tampa a couple years ago. Who turn his. I think his Cy Young ballot in a week before the season ended. There's no reason to do with that it was a close photos guy in Dallas that left the journal op has been right the year he won and yes so. So if you it takes a law you can agree it takes a long time and it it's it's an honor and a privilege. And is meant by when you get that honor and privilege. You better make sure that you're taking it serious. And taking it serious isn't voting giving someone. Who's your body was nice to you like buts and all you would have voted for Michael his view you wrote a book knowing what it. I wouldn't. Okay I'll tell you this in some weakened on on this for about one day. Several years ago I voted for rod Beck promo thing and when rod Beck played for the Red Sox play with a charming guy. He died alone. The drug overdose and he's deeply deeply saddened. By the way he died. In my hall of fame vote came I do know it was on the ballot. And he was on the ballot you knew it was gonna be his only year on the bow it I was in voting for Tenet was voting for five or six years so it's about eight or nine years ago. I voted for a ride back then I sit down and and one day later. I said I can't do this because of all what you just talked about when I owed it to spend the rest of my life being the guy who voted right back. And having to defend that actually called the BB guy called Jack and I said I made a mistake my doubt is it in my allowed to re vote. He said yes I'll Fareed ballot out. And I made it copied my ballot I re voted and left right back out sent my balance. Yeah I think we're on the same page we are he had and and it comes back to it comes back to that. Whether it's the the awards the end of the year awards or the hall of fame voting. That most people take it very serious. But until everyone takes is serious I'm gonna have an enormous problem in and we we are able pick apart ballots this plenty of places to pick apart. This ballot this group you can look at at all Ryan tidbit though mr. tips on Twitter he's awesome yeah it's it's a great great service that he does. And you have the spreadsheet in right one of them just a small example. You have a view of two people who voted for Johan Santana the did not vote for Curt Schilling yeah like what is going yeah. And it while Schilling is it is special case because. Is number is obviously haven't changed since 2007. And the numbers are never going to change and yet there are people who withheld votes for him because that is. Off the field politics and rants and so forth which I find wrong I I I of course on Iran I think he's active likable but in recent years. And he knows how I feel about that. But unlike our withhold my vote I believe that curt Schilling's all of Famer. I tend also to be more liberal pitchers and I am a pencil players because it is so. Hard to pitch in the majors year year to year proposed members so yes they go to the Jack Morris they voted for Blyleven vote I vote for Messina. Guys like that. It's tough it's it's very very tough. Cast all the quotes he had for Jim Thome and on his scalp again he voted for too long time Indians did both remaining but he voted the two. Got over Chipper Jones did not overture Purdue which which which should have been a slimmed down which if a guy if a guy gets nicer Chipper Jones denies seven point 2% on the ballot. We you have any problems saying here's the rule guys. If a player gets 95% on the ballot. And you don't hold forum Steele later you're not vote and that's kind of a fancy way of me saying as I said so many times over the years. Who the hell didn't vote for Willie Mays hello yes who could embolden a very fancy way of saying it who didn't vote for Tom Seaver. Who didn't vote for Pedro three years ago right. I was at the Paris Michael Sylvan and I went down Harold and yet the press conference and I remember asking and it was paid was diplomatic I said pago. 400 next number of voters. Chose you reveal all of him in nineteen sects and sixth while whatever was. Didn't how do you feel about that and it was as expected Pedro you know how he has said all I'm just happy in the golf game I think you know so what and so on. But I remember thinking when the results came out that. Maybe this will be the year for the ballots came out. This will be the U we've been in this election. Churn out there. Yeah yeah it would be yeah. So yeah I thought I was gonna happen and by the way the BB WA eight voted a year ago the winter meetings that henceforth. Moving forward which would have been in this cycle ballots would be made public we all anticipated. That may be will get that a 100% guy because no one wants to be that guy didn't vote for chipper. The hall of fame. We do you know they have the pilot did they stepped it now and ended that's too bad that disappoint. Another one is obviously to steroid guys of the priciest steroid guys and I don't know where you fall. What changed him OK so let me before you give your opinion actually we get a little break 6177797937. Both block and I are gonna give our opinions on. What whether or not the steroid these quote unquote. Single quotes of it's now headline quote unquote. Steroid guys actually belong in the hall of fame and really what the taking is off this hall of fame ballot because they listened. There's a week to go before the Super Bowl. The Red Sox aren't doing anything. They're playing Celtics are playing Golden State tonight okay let's see what happens there and the Bruins. We'll see if they get will talk to you the Stanley Cup finals right mark. So Marcia zealous and we're gonna have ever gonna have one last stated talked about this hall of fame stuff it in one last half hour to talk about it seems like this is a good time we'll do that right after this. Point seven FM tells. I look back Buckley rob Bradford all the way up ovals 6 o'clock at 6 o'clock you'll have the treat nothing will offer a better springboard. In two. The final week of the football season and then. The best of patriots is a paid best of patriots Monday Friday. OK best of patriots Monday Friday. But a good year for that as always we look forward last week though. It's just from last past well Larry is still goods yeah I wanna get a when he able that's. Best of BP my IC a jets game and they'll deliver forty minute Brady interview bows directly killed forty minutes. You know whatever. But you don't we are proud to we were proud to announce this week that we three years sense that we saw that graduation Deltha thank you I took great you involved and I was always under Italian yeah it would spread of Jonathan and had what do I sign this. Yeah a group of ruckus AB thing right now except as a out of his happy got to get done. So 6177797. Entries that we're talking about the hall of fame because as we said. This is probably the last forty minutes or so of the entire year we can talk about the hall fame in bark tonight. Up ball flight talking about it because there's so many things different and that's that's yes facets so. In regards the steroids before you give your opinion. I say this. I I AM I am pretty much OK with the most these guys I am okay would most of these guys. I wonder. Is there a way around the vagueness of at all day you have the guys who. Who has a way around okay so it tells me both everybody welcome you don't but don't rush don't play with. Who was suspended elect cod and who tested bloodletting. About this they submit so many good cop YE he broke the rules. He at least twice honestly why I was right. Possibly but we know that he broke the rules why he was playing you girls the rules of baseball YU's play. Roger Clemens now. Barry Bonds now right correct right so can we do that and it won't make everyone happy in a lot of people we want to do that I vote for. This is the second year. In which have voted for bonds and Clemens and not meaning for those reasons and the reason I vote for them is because. Major League Baseball. In the media. Stood idly by during the steroids era and watch the home run scream out of the ballpark we celebrated the mad history of all these home runs. And then the whole steroids thing happened. Rafael Palmeiro testifying before congress wagging his finger at the senate is up or other close and on and on and on it went. And guess what happens at the end of the day. The Commissioner of Baseball Bud Selig is whisked directly from his desk. In the commissioner's office of the hall of fame and a big you know myself. OK so Bud Selig gets to go to the hall of fame. But we can't end and Joseph Torre goes involved. In total Russa goes evolved name. But we can't put Barry Bonds Roger Clemens and all those guys in of all pain because they are the guys who actually at the home runs right who help these guys when World Series and held. The owners make lots of money. And if you wanna talk about oh. We think this or we think that but don't have proof well we know we've already had that conversation of Clemens and bonds. With silly it's there's a lot of that too. We think that he knew but we don't have proof but to say yeah last year oh god being piazza that always strictly innuendo. And I can't spend the rest of light being Major League baseball's top. And pointing at certain so listen everybody's way of doing this is flawed you show me a hall of fame ballot on a story of flaws. My flaw is that I'd determined. That Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds. Were it were and are among the greatest players in baseball history and even if you. Create some arbitrary line in part through the stats. There's still all payments if Roger Clements had never pitched in the game at the Lehman red side Sudan a 19394. Wins. And like a 660 winning percentage and and that to this point strikeout games and heated in a hall of Famer. Even if you don't have to. On a new York and Houston who was the last guy in your ballot. The last guy in my doubt without Garnett August kill Omar's KO OK I mean he got 37%. Zero. And I was I was quite surprised and get level I think but he was like a result and if I remember right you are a proponent of the rob Bradford jumping off point in regards the hall of fame voting for position players anyway. But the top that if you finished probably look at how many times poses MVP vote yes yes yeah I use that yet you look at how many times the State's top fifteen look at how many times you guys finished in the top fifteen and to know ahead of fancy name like it was the right Brad I method and yes well there you go okay there's other things. There's other things in life and also have that same minimum write you this is this is the hall of fame version. So if you have a guy look at the guy for position player. That if they finish Tommy Thompson finished in the top the say fifteen an MVP voting. And to me what that shows is dominance in the air because all these areas have different ways of looking at the stats and steroid era and everything else. But in that era that you're talking about later played how dominant were they again playing against the other guys the guy that I actually use. Started this with with Jim Rice. Jim Rice in his era I think he finished top 106. Times out of ten years and I mean I voted for a while oil oh yeah yeah being. Dominance in the era so does things the beyond all but to me it's a pretty dude jumping off and by the way just on the matter Jim Rice that you brought it up. One of these did misnomer is major misnomer is is that the Boston writers kept him out of all the pain for years. Because. We like him he was mean in the media and so forth. Nothing could be further from the truth because I actually did some reconnaissance on this at one point and almost all of the Boston writers were voting. Jim Rice. The blue. One of the guys who I know didn't it was billboard with a telegram. Not because he didn't like Jim Rice because there was a bill visible for anybody and bill is one of those if you're not Willie Mays Tom Seaver. Henry Aaron you know one of those guys forget it but Bruce suited now guys like that. So so that fell under the purview of wage bill looks at the hall of fame not because. Jim writes in talked him after gaming Kansas City one night right it was right as in other cities. That would not voting form because this team has a hall of Famer it's Terry Pluto in Cleveland wasn't done and not open Jim Rice because. In 1986. And Cleveland was at Fenway he didn't give. Terry clutter of the time today visiting writers don't care about stuff like that let's go to him and west Philly Tim wants out. And they are bought by about bear arms or late in the most saudis in all they writes yeah. All I'd like but never like him all they all want to know all right. Slate made a great and be all right that our beat Barry Bonds. There's no sock and be very if you eat you. Yeah Brady was about you is never caught for a wide plan. Our. Tell ask your question do you think your players in the whole thing right now who did heads. You think their players in the hall fame right now who did PDs. It is I. I'd you not know why don't Barry Bonds as humanly rescued those that include a single home run record satisfied that. And and that bothers you until you honestly it's him and that I don't I don't even regard his home run record as the record I think Henry Aaron 755. Is the home run record and that that's my thing. But again I'm I'm not enrolled in Providence did this again and gave gallery played ten years in the big leagues what they'll be able like seven teams are very old friend of mine. And I know for a fact he he was very very vocal. About how we hated steroids city we've talked many times and the most given made as a player with 750000 dollars in 1994. And he need to get all that because the game went on strike and he missed was six weeks of the season. And he said I could never faced my daughters if I haven't done it by David on steroids and they asked me about it. And I used to not both of bonds and Clemens because somebody has cystic up and guys like Dave Gallagher but again it it if you bud Sealy. Joseph Torre and the one missing. But it's Bud Selig Joseph Torre toddlers and Rama hall of fame and deservedly so that I can't keep these guys out of all things. All right our thanks for the call them you know in you'd mentioned climb and how he was. At least borderline hall fame by the time we left the red sites. Go to Barry Bonds and Barry Bonds was already we have left Pittsburgh when he was the guy on the baseball card he was. Hall of Famer when he covered the college World Series in 1983 and he was skinny. Innings he was the number two hitter in the Arizona State line apple if it was to be McDowell yes and number two year it was Barry Bonds. Yeah well. So he wasn't good enough to be there third or fourth hitter in the if you wanna pay here. Army it's a series of tough place play but what does you know you would think that the future of all time iron on here are Major League Baseball would have been that and third of fourth period Q I hear before we go to break cried in situation was going on cracked. Oh god yeah. But the final hole and it could be that it during the day I don't even if she. Did he. ED is that they work. And in that part of the history it should be an all. Want to put an asterisk next to donate to apply it to a collar put them into federal whatever but I feel like they should be part of it you know and then to have to get a copy of the voters and I think that's what. Well if you don't you risen good point because. Did we we we take away everything from light may your marriage right into the Red Sox win the 2004 World Series without many were Maris I don't know. Mean he had the enormous enormous part of that. So it's EP is that that's the problem and that's why I think that's why I think that if you did the pay. If you were caught why playing. Then you are disqualified. If you're not you aren't. But the problem as everyone would be up in arms like they are for every keep in Mayan history isn't always pretty. That yeah I would like to see. You know Judy Garland glass slippers and in the one that's also and the Archie Bunker chaired the Smithsonian but there's also. If you go to the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn Michigan. The chair of the Lincoln was sitting him when he was assassinated is on display and you'll find Nazi memorabilia in in a way to museums. If you go to Dallas dealey plaza is a museum dedicated to assassination to covering in exploring assassination of JFK mysteries and always pretty now I'm I'm I'm obviously taking very jarring historical events that make the point. But these guys a partner it's have to back up this guy's statement that these guys are part of the fabric of Major League Baseball history. And it should be covered accordingly involve I don't understand. Pastors or putting in the room contents now I'm not a fan of that yeah because anti white out on all players who played before. Jackie Robinson that's an excellent point that you know next lack moyers yeah excellent point jet. You have your and they yardage did today. If you just wrote about that wolf if there was there was this one sound drop that we could have that would really really punctuating your thoughts. And that would be so appreciated I wrote that for anybody else. Will be will be wrapping things up right after this see this. Sports. 01 network. I got a few more minutes left. I'm glad jet dryer has found new video view running Iraqi stuff. I do not lie to you. Right right now really my game started above the stuff he started and I are my eyes and I got a running start. And in my hair flowing everywhere so young program. What that fully view of the pocket. How long ago as it what does this set up to date 2008. So are you more here with new words I don't Rick yeah. Being the guy that life starts shave my. It's more aerodynamic yeah I feel like an immediate aims prize amounts prize that's a happy is that there's a new look is when you reach the top of the steps you look. It is those those are very pleased I was very happy to be where if you don't VI Regis I see that might that was right when I started working here. So most the dreams were so big jet anyway we'll have a few minutes left so we gotta get this call pom in Providence radio and Tom. Good how are you look it's not thank you. It out here on our. Eric came up or if you kind income issues. And he's going through. His career. And I'm an advocate not as it roared. And I don't believe it's here in beat up. So when you're in your seat action oh or pain. You're allowed to go. So it was not. Yeah. Nine and you every right you should do that it's hysteria it's dangerous. And that there administered improperly. And without a medical. Supervisor helping you while you he can be disasters so now you have every right to say that in no kids should do east are always do steroids now not advocating their use but yeah. We could not. Yet but he's done the same playing field Mosul slow it's not good for. Bart. You know Derek Anderson supposedly allegedly did not use it. There have always every weekend upon examples of thanks for the call on his tons of examples the interesting one as HCA. H TH is is a lot of people think the HGH and we're not talking about. People in their prime armor talking a doctor was on sixty minutes with a big proponent of HEH and he was saying listen these athletes should not be taking it they're young in their prime. But guys get older it's a good thing it's not a bad thing right. Three take HEH. What idea. It's not so they haven't accomplished I don't know what the availability of for a dollar price. On. Listen you know that I run a lot of guns some marathons and working out the years and I'm just a normal guy yet but could be could be above normal could be but on average but now my knees hurt pilots efforts and and I still do all that stuff but it hurts. If you did Columbia with some of that stuff for six months and them back and sounds good you know I wrote that for anybody else. Spots. I don't overdo it yet diuretic done it was a well what's that he knows it is dedicated. Good site. I was pretty approach wasn't organic or did. Every and it's not use that today it fit the jacket now jet that was pitching a perfect game it is it gave up blue. It's. So so what we've learned today is that Steve Buckley will be due and H future in Minneapolis only for only verdicts journalistic purpose dryers those going to be a follow up is going to be slow weekend soda this and if you see Steve Box you'll hardly. Maybe if it's administered the right way rich she gets a beach I managed to Opel. Sure I'm sure I'm out of what do you get them from I'd always heard that you wealthy that is falls. I'd always heard I am well these are of very wealthy now no one that's one of those two things or throw. And Kirk was while the before he was making big money Andrea yes the it has in that you used were wealthy before you that is absolutely false that's what I've heard you need to talk more misinformation OK news. A bowl parents school teachers some. And right up from my bootstraps or whatever that means and I'm misinformed and that's what all the already has its own benefit if there. You when you get out to Minnesota you tell them firstly you have the plane. Yell from the roof the wettest and tell me this aren't going to write as in Minnesota if you catch my interest. All of their all of that oh really oh well. There's no baseball writer double Reuters us OK car does that fare so well we're talking to for some people down spring training but until then by. I want you have a safe trip bank Minnesota. I know you have a great time it is a great time weaving into the Super Bowl. And and you look at pocket busted the picture in the east Indian home plate. We're meant to promote the stadium right at the pin buried cache here so it's it's going to be great I know you have a great time. Right handle solid streamer they'll all be out there for us along with all the hosts are going of the private jet. It's going to be great great time. States do right now the best. Of pages Monday and Friday and then tomorrow morning right. NFL Sunday NFL Sunday tomorrow morning that's when we really really start getting momentum toward the big game jets drier. Almost almost 82 thirds. 82 thirds through job though I'm rob Bradford that's debug concealed.