Bradford and Tomase - Super Bowl Predictions - 2-3-18

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Saturday, February 3rd

In the final hour, Bradford and Tomase continue to talk about the Pro Football Hall of Fame results, and more specifically how the inductees are selected. They share their issues with the process. The guys also end the show giving their predictions for the Super Bowl.


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Sports Radio network sports radio and. I am rob Bradford Cohen and John posse. Up until 8 o'clock. John this is passed by a monster that's gone by quick. That's always that's I was cajun yet I get the seal of approval from box last week never been more honored in my life. And now I'm giving you to seal of approval so there you go it's Jessica's but comes in here and he doesn't come in here efforts eakins and you all agree Michael becomes available as possible rating and a little as it went fast absolutely instead it was a nice little show he was like that. The direct deposit has already good at it if you hit it. But refashion its sleeve dress react as in there it is 6177797937. I've been pleading for Eagles fans to call up and you have disappointment. Well as a pro that flawless right from Bosnia we've never said that jet you're right you can play that we can play that play that he could tell you can Andrea Andrea Andrea everything I've it's after. Anyway but he went off the Minnesota got a chance to see where men's Wear home plate was in the old. Metrodome and the I told my citizens that cash register ping parity in my group that cares. So anyway but he get a chance to do that and it was that sort of week where it was it was more about like the mall and the other stuff in. It was very very little about the game and that's why we're being talked about the Eagles and the patriots and try to figure out who the Eagles guard to the patriots argue that it would buy pages to hear anyone care. You had said it was brought the most anti climactic Super Bowl. I'd put the muted use that word I mean yeah I was actually agreeing with can play at stake when he was much marked for net curtains on a few questions Kirk was able to throw it agree. Before agree upon us last week. Or as they want a few questions it was the only question I know there is you do aren't these two minutes and 32. Is that in general I think their request is so it was one of the questions anyway. So I had a test. Oh good Nokia so you know her pot your trying to embarrass all these Eagles fans to name your fronts and then name your friends. Can you name the patriots and new play at nickel could you name the front six. The patriots. Like their starters Malcolm brown. Now see value McIntyre. Trey flowers yeah. Linebackers Alia calvary annoying in com fit thank you cowboys and oil and in Roberts yeah. The other flowers. Now I mean sort of a back and zero. Do what you've done so. I'm using the patriot yeah there's they've as they Ricky is ray not John John Ricky Jean religiosity. Yes exactly yes so this yeah. Alan Alan Branch. Though right I got a ball and who also my messing did you say Lawrence guy. BQ massage is say Lawrence I was gonna say Alan Branch for he's an early start on us now line yes bill I wanna miss yeah. Lawrence guy Eric Lee Eric Lee is the other guy I don't count well in their base defense he does place of this of this. My point was games now diseases and ignores or is it for well I'd get I'd items that call into radio station and say I am going to yell and scream saying why this team is going to win. All I'm trying to do is test these people don't show there acumen. 6177797. Nice that I spur on that onion now as it was fair and you know. Thousand easy one suggest to honestly. It in didn't much like at typing in pages depth chart right now I should've done that before. But he had made it you know how you ignore I get nervous until that's ever played H future did he seem that rapper about that damn. Cited daily trivia quiz twelve questions and it's read their read lives in your ten seconds to answer it would be the easiest question in the world. But the clock is ticking are you guys that yeah. I had my best shelling I mean it's a question tan that's the best where you we feel the heat questions and and time matters yet I'll definitely and oh yeah and the and the one and I got on nobody cares it's a anyway. My phone froze so I only had five seconds to answer it was so pissed because I think I would. I'm an artist I supported us and I'm trying to remember I'm disappointed I'd get Dietrich wise and you ham. Well a lot of these guys out of sampler starters you know. How about I should've known that I'm disappointed in myself as long snapper Joseph cardiac causes. Right guy that was the news about couple Mulder with the navy's use the back a kick returner. Bernard reedy. Matthew Slater and who's the wide receivers never even heard of but not wide receivers coach Chad O'Shea. What else to monkey comment the real thing I hope. The Super Bowl just a candidate be totally honest in the house Bernard I don't know why he's on these is that these. I have no idea. Or to see you Monday flied out and flied out and nice punt coverage celebrating you always see via I'd who's that. Was don't yet know who was Wednesday to sub and sneak on the field what's the point I'm. Yeah so so anyway so we've hit the hall of fame Ty Law did not get a deal from a throw and vehement. Now everybody else everybody else does it look oh yes yes kick rocks yeah it's a great response. That would mean so is this what we come to I think we all agree he's a hall of fame player and Jason whitlock is saying. Oh you've got in act nice now is do you would you vote a wallop it would you vote or does he was the because he was a little off. Is he was weird we'll TO is selfish that'll be light rays is. This goes to the baseball be you know character clause. Is there that sort of thing when my fellow have a vote is that nobody is saying is that is this week would have kept him out yet the NFL doesn't have that. Annoying baseball character close and so I wasn't a supporter. I hope this brings you joy and peace you good teammates your fellow hall and so that let's say some snot out. Awful at it for a sticker a did as a perfect he's he's a hall of fame responder. Yes as a yes so it. So by the other guys you know probably other Brian Dawkins got in and have a huge problem Brian Dawkins but I just juxtaposed against Iowa law. That's the issue again and Ty Law was a two time all pro first team all pro Brian Dawkins as a five time I seriously think. That's what the vote boils down and think about it. Like I said before it is a snake eating its own tail because. The people who vote for the all pro team. I am Myers I think at the same people who vote for the hall of Famer there's enough crossover there where it's like so you're basing your vote on something that you decided earlier. Yeah it's dumb. No it's I was listening you figure is listening you're listening now and since Super Bowls have an impact on this hour. You know are these role I guy's eye goes to in human if you brought up the good point before John about. Like OK if not Ty Law which patriot from this Ron is getting in there and Richard Seymour Willie McGinest. And and you will let me get this is an interesting one because he won so march. By. It's almost feels like he would maybe it's because he's in the public eye so much that Andy's NFL network may be you would get in even before Taiwan. I don't think so could stylized violence worse there mcginnis neighmond now those of you know what I mean Maginnis is citing what I said all right it's the same as Harrison lake so more as the guy who was it was going to be there have to be someone who is on yet who is this out Chatham. Yes that's. On policy happens. Where does he said there's always there's only five African American men in general I did I tried and he went out our and then expanding for Fauria and yes foreign as a chance accordion. You he does okay yes so I mean that's a great question who who's next who's next. I of this whole group Brady's obvious men. To me Ty Law can't think of everybody I mean Randy Moss yet I don't count yeah and when anything like I would say. Seymour Ty La radio hall of famers. What would he thinks he moral and he'll get I think a you don't like they'll get and because this is not a hall of fame voting process works its who stumps for you and who advocates. Caller. On board Ron Borges. They got along great with Seymour but more to the point. Like recognized Seymour is greatness and you'll be able to articulate and Italian course I can't stand because I could be assassin that's why is that Fred's burtless I I remember Fred sperm was as being a dominant player he dominant player when you play. And there's no way to prove it. Right and LSU LSU say hey this poll the senators he went up against. Are we asked for some Eagles fans are restarted them tools and New Hampshire they jewels. PU. Geysers on illegal thank you. Thank you Dana where unbelievable. Thank you all admit he'd gotten pre eaten. Well a little tipsy. Hey that'll that will be right there with you just give this time I hear you guys on the alarm or. Call now aren't you literally so delusional people. And I wanted to COLT just to remind you hey you know without any questions on the Eagles in Egypt to tell you weren't literally. We are literally going to hear it except wicker share report yes you know we are literally catering to start tomorrow who stand. Jewels who who has The Who is the backup quarterback for the bills. Quarterback. Aung. It it if he gets in the game years everything you just that is not. What he got. Quarterback. Ryan Miller. And I just wanna know if your true Eagles there. You know you're IWR. You don't know the bureau of your players. We of course. Doesn't count on nonstarter. Next question I think there. I can't take everything you say seriously I I I you know what jewels I was right on the fence patriots Eagles but it noted tech now pick in the patriots. We I don't believe in your phantom. Ports. Let's let's let's get enacted by. My question guys is all week you know I hear you sit on. I'm just wondering did era so you don't change well of course you're wrong once it became you know a year partners air. So that's true us and he's a listener asked to. Am a listener you are what's at W idle times that I'm here what about it at X there it's great to listen in Arabia. But you know do you rob Bradford you are equally grand am slightly with the players like nick I do I. I that was like a lead that was Kirk inflection knew that if I could cover of the Philadelphia Eagles I would played grab ass with the its backup quarterback Nate sub field. All day long. Well so let me ask you this when you're playing garbage where Dustin Pedroia before the games. Do you ask any you know penetrating and challenging question I do you just. I first I embrace him now. I I'd put my arm around him that I say hairs your move but first before you do that I have a question for you Justin. Art so at Aspen the outcome game in what is the outcome of the game lets you score. The outcome of the game is gonna be Philadelphia Eagles might team great team on the planet. They're gonna win this game they're 4217. That right got down on paper in it it when that happens uncommon in studio crack you talk about this post game analysis you got it. And I you're definitely not welcome here but I wish you well know and we'll put you down we have a real run it down and you're in the mix for coffee cake I appreciate I appreciate that jewels I was I was like we should probably hang up but it just before he says that's good contestants. That there's. Somebody called in and one it's a pass along that. Adam Vinatieri will likely be hall of Famer used by as it. Yes of a good solid and don't know he's I mean. Yeah just about it some that he is innocent he's a player that put Helmand audience know he deserves to be in the hall fame but I think you can agree when you talk about it dynasties shouldn't be. Quarterback in and kicker. There should be a couple people in between yes yes yeah somewhat in terms of its own Richard Seymour is going to be your guy. Yes I'm in law I would have eyeliner never okay Cameron Bridgewater what's going on them. I do. And yet since he. The hall showed thank you treatments. That this thing. I recently applied by you know pictures I think it's going to be and white gay close certainly. They would take away probably around there and the third quarter. Bradford and we do here before. You know. Of Kevin I've I've I've heard the question is not new deals. Have you partake in any alcohol beverage tonight. Oh. God I had cancer I therapy and a fair enough. Yet a senior open your fridge and go to town are at it if you are a's. I'd never think. That yes I honestly approved yes yes it's like I. I without a rich Keefe approve of our listeners using drugs and this month that I'm actually quite. They gave up ninety RF IQ. Thanks for its mr. stopper nicely invited for a couple seconds it's a volley I usually do money at night but never here at night when emirates golf food. And I just it's not it's. So there's two guys don't share so basically what we learned is that the 7 o'clock hour leading into 8 o'clock. Is the equivalent of the 1 leading to 2 o'clock at night but for the 78. The night before the Super Bowl everyone's already didn't their primer on. Yeah it feels out if you and it's it's Saturday night and he should be did it and I'm going to be playing board games I will neighbors that that was game. Commodity. Now can. The I would say this injures scheme aside as he adds it's so dangerous it spawned a sequel but. I remember going about it being assured talked about the feeling of the 86 super ball you never have that same feeling it to someone to be there. I remember going to church that morning actually feeling like. If I go to church it will end and how it'll oh how and I got that quick feel good at a faster than decouple your this year about Ayers Tony Miller ankle and answer your hot not a coincidence and every. I get a feel that wasn't alone in there including the pastor who. Whether it was very football centric concerns though. But that was a different time now it's like these may be quick mention of it we're moving on because there's only you only won one person. One person. Who is the all be all and doll and that is the guy Bill Belichick or Tom Brady yesterday of the Beijing church. 61777979371. I wanted to defend my violently brought up mind. And I don't usually. Does you know if he system them but he was getting crushed over the Tom Brady got bit by doctor Beth if there and I gotta say I saw the tweet. Now granted I didn't go run and posted online or anything or yellow on the radio or yellow and on ideology on the radio but in fairness in them minute that I side as they wait Brady just got bitten by a dialogue actually I thought it patriot yes. Boot. And so I you know I read that. Was it nor prince the idea and to name a sheet we'll visit from the globe and the way the tweet rant I don't follow like Tom Brady's history with the military and dots like. I didn't know this is an old story I'm like wait Brady just got bitten by a dot on the. Problem was. That right. For a show it was dale hauling Keefe in the same location is in and they literally just talked about houses story from they attitude about it they debug it not. Five minutes of regularly gather that's tough because it sees is he on with them like now he's prepared for his show. I don't know when I don't know what the lag time was between. The tweets and people type. About it and it being debunked and much going on here. I'm just saying it's not as egregious. I didn't think it was as egregious as it was portrayed all edit in fairness once again he had meet all week that show because I have is for do you have pets in my backpack. By the way New Orleans gets off our kids rookie offensive and defensive rookie of the year rookie from Mara who's the air defense a lot of more Marchand line. Translations to those fine folks or do you continue the conversation and we promise we have the best made up football names because there's nothing you wanna hear more. Heading into a Super Bowl than the best made a football names along with taking your calls that went 77797937. Right after this. You get these embedded yet mr. key dialogue on. The holly showed bankunited minus the only every zealous security and our thanks. Around the WEEI Sports Radio. The craziness has continued courtesy of door. We're not seeing him saying that right from the Boston Globe he says Tom Brady has a scar on his quad. From being bitten by dogs after practice. So this bit the week so far today. Miss of the week this week for Brady he's been frightened senator us it's Monday morning at 730. And now tonight he got hit by a dog. And what do you. Sitting up patio. OK I've I misread that story at well that we'll figure this thing out. Listen I I will stand by. Hey I I can understand. How you would read that in in the moment I think it was actually true. That's at the time it says that what's that petty. Setting up an idea. Actually how does he pronounce her name give the very beginning where he pronounces her name is naive doesn't do well that is that you courtesy of Norah. Ganassi they say that right Acosta for us Ito and when you say is so wrong in the follow up I figured saying that right. That doesn't help matters I ongoing world that your idea I've literally mirror reflecting on the whale error reflecting on the outs tonight. He got hit by a dog and I don't at all culminated. Sitting at patio OK I've I misread that store it all culminated with a mutt he bought the guy who. Started that story line and punctuated. The trip out to Minnesota by going to the WEI party. In getting people in a frenzy. Heading into tomorrow. It was a little it was a total finally I would talk to pay for us. It did it right up. If there that you spent includes not just foods there are okay patio at a paper. Property what is wrong with these are blaming him I didn't see where. Norah Ganassi thing now right that the good Nazis but to be big play well there is teasing her name does not here it's not he can speak for Nazi. So you are and I hand print and then he decided that CIO. TT guy. It's pronounced. And now his love my amenities. That this everything about what we're talking patriot hills leaving this. DL makes him so much more entertaining. Like everything from going on the private jet and dressing up like his mother addressed to mop you now. But it hide everything and I hello thank you very much for my shrimp cocktail a very nice view. And and then you get out in the public thank you all for joining us patriot fans loyal WEEI listeners thank you very much. Every this is this and I love that month alone OK I've I miss read that story well earnest it's Curtis by GAAP. Is robot but the a lot of very earnest friendly 61700797937. QB so we've been teasing his soul of one day and maybe no one else cares about it but me. But still I think. When we bring it up take games that we had there is no rob genachowski is obviously Sebastien genachowski. We callers call in trying to give names of people. There does portray them all over the place might as well have these fake names like the new movies Shane Falco the replacements. Johnny Utah in point break you any others ads on the mind. All while wrecking crew Paul wrecking crew in the longest yard by as you point out you peel out the vast right we have that's. Aren't. I'm betting on games stats on site yet we're agreement welcome to the annual east west pole as we get ready to watch some of the best college players in the nation. Showcase there skills in a classic showdown between east and west. And the really are some characters. These you're squads are interject that's right David does seem like the most flamboyant personalities came to the forefront and they are here. Let's meet the players from the east. Most were University of Georgia. DJ Jackson ways they universe. There's news came Merrimack College. Tom boils Moochie while. Worse mind. This aquarius regent. University of Notre Dame before he mornings. From person to unseal certain. Jack Marius tack their tricks and Michigan state university. Of Austin T didn't call. The jets for probably crawl before. South Carolina State University. The all Maxwell to. Keep your mind months. As far as tomorrow Barcelona tomorrow. University of middle Tennessee. Going shower. You first southern Mississippi. Kimberly Craig Obey it this big universe. That's that's the currently Ingle McCree ankle so that it is a guy for Merrimack go to the post that that it. That is amazing. I've birds Merriman has a football team via via. A.'s debt that could be the deck could be different seven for the fraud now it seriously committed did you see though and they did at the ceremony at the act. Actual NFL players mixed in Africa shoppers and there actually announcing themselves. Hi Clinton decks. So all these guys have the ridiculous so the reason we're talking about that is because we're trying to get people to cause it's dynamic it's Google advertisements that are trying to get to 8 o'clock. And we also tried to figure out who is playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. The team which beat the patriots are playing tomorrow it seemed that we have argued we know less about than any other eight and the other not even close judgment in not even close Green Day. You know the 46 defense bears. Any of the last. Giants. Out in whoever you wanna name now little more about what those in fitness and diet asked we've had a fair amount Eagles fans call and support their team. And when you have one of those now albeit one who it was extremely high call up admittedly so yeah. And call up and not know the name of the backup quarterback which I bet a lot of people don't know for the Philadelphia Eagles. Then that's an issue that tells me there's not a lot of heat in the Super Bowl. Like everyone knows the backup quarterback I'd say it was at the guy about it is there's he yes. Yes he was time is the deaths of we we we we follow up a guy who admitted he was drinking with a guy who admitted he was sad and very clever way. Yes of it. There fifty count that's what it is. People are ready to go for the super Brooke where Jerry you know ready goats and yet I can't believe any notes they showed me. Enough shot in North Carolina was going on John. Say hello hello I gotta talk about patriots fan I'm originally formed solvable mask. But I have been living in North Carolina for a while like a particular watered down here because what seems like favoritism from Russell Reid said. You know she being at the flea gate capital has been yes. And if you guys could give some. Ammunition. To flight back on some of these heaters on in this area. Yeah I would ask those people so let me get this straight the same league that had a conspiracy to suspend Tom Brady. And historically punish the patriots has now turned around and decided that it's gonna fix all the games so the patriots win out of those two things got again. So I asked tell that asked them which it you can quote Kurt many in on this you just look at them and say which is it. Which isn't just. Exactly yes they go you feel better John like all right good what what's your prediction. That may not may not be a constitutional line. You know it's hard imagine it being a close game what. Two quarterbacks. Compare not the way they do radio against you know. Current war reverses a first year of quarter are for advertised starter Tom Brady is now. Right the other difference is gonna have to walk play a heck of a game and I just don't think it's gonna happen so no this is going to be another good one for the. All right and you rub in the face of all your friends thanks John. Because that's what the Super Bowl is all about he had I use you keep mentioning Brady and Kurt Warner artists and it was out of its. Well you know you keep it it's the fifteenth. Took. And so we've been generating so much heat in there about light it's kind of multiple eyes but at least we know now in retrospect. How great radius of that game should be surprised folds it's not like we don't know anything about it when Harry know lot about him we know that he had one good half a year basically. And then we know we kinda lost his job. And then we know that he was very shaky this season until the last opening two games ago he had a lousy game. Against Atlanta re out as a pass bounce off a defender that basically you know led to points for them that proved the difference in the game so. We RD Noland falls as we did not know Johnny was John but John yes. Does the RPO box die hard yeah I'd love that dominates on the yes options like the you don't understand. He has two options when he gets the ball smartest CPAs like you are via the run Presley for me it's like. He has one receiver that he can pick all are one running back beneath it and it is the William mine guys I saudis in Gaza Doug Peterson Kanye studies stuff that. Are right 6177797937. We go one more segment to go what's what are we leading up there when the window when with a lead in that stuff right. No some ESPN basketball oh ESP investigate we have a Brady result yet. We're not yet but do you wanna know who the FedEx air and ground players and all hopefully we Carson Wentz in the air Todd Gurley on the ground. What's going man I love this the NFL does towards like they generally split the MVP in the offensive player on our soil so I offensive player of the year is basically second place is sold right after this break we're gonna come back with probably the results. Of the Castro and its performance player of the year because they had to do. What you. You come back with that as well we're gonna come back with the meat and potatoes of the NFL awards. And a final segment that deep most important ten minutes to get you ready for the pregame to the pregame Greg went to the big game. Right after this. It supports. Word came. I'm rob Bradford Johnson mossy. Takes you all the way up. Until the next five minutes slated and they use satellite data and make you us. That was you made me do anything I'd I clear at all that it against me now I am not as he did is that we're playing for the tightest of copying your face. So we had a call to get to release one could also we want to make sure that those people. Head into tomorrow feeling good about themselves in common when you're that person we want feeling good about himself. I love by John eight time two point that was a while ago. I like to keep seeing of that person. Under a particular Pete like but it could get food period sure is eat well ahead of any animal at CNET. Yes. And yeah that's the dog it's blue dogs and Mac. It's not OK I don't know but I I look at it actually. What is it like something out of the island of doctor Moreau you know. That's what they're going for it. I don't know quite what it what was your second point I'm I want you feel good about yourself on what's going on. Our fifth if she could point. My my my my second point where my prediction I think they create going to be. Philadelphia. Where squad got to ban this 49ers. Beat up on Denver in so well. Off wryly. Well it was at 55 to ten yeah something like that might might write. Nice I'd like you to trees why do you do that I thank you for your at all you can look if we know it's 64 to three Eyewitness News still I mean he's he's if closely go. He still might I promised we did the blue rare quadruple tease them through 344 segments I was gonna set this up is I was hoping you wouldn't forget right now I gonna change it will loose a little because Tom goes to my score I was going to be a score I was those lies in the mix there was either that or seven at five. I mean it's either going to be extremely high scoring are incredibly loves it there if I guess that's the grant jurisdiction and it all hinges much like the 1986 Super Bowl bid on that first field goal at all hinges on the first score it hinges on Stanley Morgan's broken finger. And dad who has it who was a tight on dollars are ridiculous and Irving Fryer. Members Stanley Morgan and remember he had like part of his he'd drop the pass over the middle yeah on that first it and it turned out he had a broken finger. And in that to me up like that his finger tip amputated in the county dad. Something like armor Irving Fryer had that domestic. That was different on time about the Super Bowl actual soup of Morgan he stalemate and noted these are Fryer well. That's the question something that we should know will be heading into Super Bowl so you want my prediction yes I'd do okay. My prediction allow mortgage scam right I want to throw it out there for educators here. My prediction. Isn't this is his pain Iraqis. Yes and it has its containing. 28 for Tony 824. Point 824 exit the X 33824. Patriots felt so cereal for close. Yeah I do think it's going to be close I don't think the pages get blown I'll repeat blow teams I don't really see this. Lowe allowed scenario I'd I'd guidance is in nick full slate then you can see it for that reason because you could just the falls crapping himself. I guess amoeba that's the if you don't the patriot here's a here's the interesting line. Patriots win the toxin this side I don't really fathom what they're doing here. Because Belichick. Holy admittedly I only change the way I think football coach is looked at this winning the toss thing. When he started deferring like everybody differs now. Now he's now he's taking the ball as he's just like playing with a roots was caught and I know he has very specific instances when he takes the ball and so. It backfired against Denver couple years ago even though I thought the rationale made cents. It's if you're playing he did against Jacksonville did exactly did it against Jacksonville which didn't work out but I like the idea of the ideas if you're playing bad. Quarterback a team that does not like to play from behind you tape bombs so we definitely takes the ball I would think you take the ball against the Eagles OK I would and an out. But maybe Irving Fryer. And he he only served eight months of this OP OP. Goes on its way I decided I wanted to feel bad and so yeah incentives like Tom. Tom from and so your prediction again was. 3423. Or 3413. Or 3043 to something evidence of force if if if if if if if and what it what will you be doing besides working for us. Is there anything else is out nothing that there. I'll be watching at a neighbor's house we found some sip the sunshine. Which you're on a wake up 180 see you cannot know and because it's like 10% alcohol and it's like in hundreds of Syria an ounce cans and a 100% sugar. But it's like one of those Beers that you could not get outside of Vermont until recently so I will drink in that. And watching football I will be celebrating with my new awakened when eighty lifestyle with your lifestyle coach lights out coach him and loving every single benefit John to mossy. Thank you so much it out jets Dreier thank you so much you're the man again what I grit you've pitched a perfect game until the end last time. Yeah it was good you just stated views did lucky you know perfect game but it completely out of complete game shutout. Good job could work our start. Quality start deathly quality start all right so tomorrow tomorrow I don't I don't know what's all I know is that monkey for going to be off for five hours at some point. And you should tune in because. The momentum has been gaining in that BEI all the week long we kept it going and it's going to be the lively tomorrow so tune on it.