Bradford and Tomase - New Football Hall of Fame class announced - 2-3-18

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Saturday, February 3rd

The 2018 class for the Pro Football Hall of Fame was announced and it didnt not include Patriots legend Ty Law. Bradford and Tomase take issue with Law's not making it and also bring up some other ex Patriots they feel should be deserving of Hall of Fame honors.


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You guys more three and he ice Sports Radio network. All right. Rob Bradford Johnson posse we viewed at 8 o'clock. So excited about us. So right yeah. On the stand and not at that people are getting a little more exciting because you know people or anything there ramping up a little bit on the Obama on the phone lines. The calls like pleaded down once and go back and forth with some Eagles fans and wanna test their legal knowledge the lineup the for north three reason I just wanna know who's playing for the Eagles. And we're so we get cruised through all these calls but also we're going to be talking about in this hour of the hall fame as they say in the trending now. The hall of fame results throughout the coming out the trickling out sort of looks like. Radiant radios Randy Moss is here Randy Moss Terrell Owens Brian Urlacher Ray Lewis. In brine Dawkins. Know Ty Law. I don't understand how time line I mean. Somebody has to get in ot these great patriots rate and of that that first group the first theory. Who other than Brady's still active who do you take overtime law. He's and I don't like you don't win three super ovals and the only one hall of fame player so you don't. Anti line is he's Elizabeth Rodney Harrison's all favorites and I know he's probably never gonna get in by. Taiwan was the best cool okay in the argues say Rodney Harrison is gonna again Ty Law isn't and Ryan documents. Is that he's a great player no he's got bit by it. This compares you said Brian Dawkins and Rodney Harrison compare bull right yet you know what's great about this about the NFL hall of fame voting so you've talked about. Baseball and Anna and one. Days but baseball writers you know we get so much garbage of fame voting in parents in this and that. And you know that the number one criteria is for NFL hall line voters and convinced. Pro Bowl appearances. All pro appeared like. The kind of stuff that baseball really think so yeah. All might be based site that all well and ninth time in there caller ten time pro bowler. If you don't make probe balls that means you're considered one of the best guys in the league when you played. Even though we all know. From baseball bat how flawed those elections have been over the years and VP voting being the same thing. If you if you don't make enough Robles and this is what kills Rodney Harrison you can not be in the off another thing that baseball writers did hit forward comes all fame voting is the age of the voters yeah is that they get older and older and older. Yet if you get that room so explain to me explain exactly how the NFL does nobody knows attract well we they they did some to take a photo oval room so in general terms. They you're selected you are you get to be one of the people who can lobby for people or for the hall fame and you get a Rome. With a bunch of other writers like forty or fifty people right and it ends today I want her I wanted to nominate so forth and so on and I guess they just vote form but. I those people it's not like they're having a bunch of twenty year olds and that Rome. No I birdie journals and the average age of voters like fifty. And so so you're going to be beholden to relationships. Because that's how it works for those guys a lot that's why they're bringing. Raising bears better name for nominations a lot of times. And then. And like you said Pro Bowl appearances and this is just it's that it's such a subjective thing. And will really get to it a little bit about our crews who calls for the Brian Dawkins things just the juxtaposed. Against Ty Law. That to me that the Babylon Randy Moss throw ins which is you know contrasting. Urlacher or Ray Lewis no problem off great all hall of famers. All hall of famers. Brian Dawkins or not Taiwan. Off market anyways it back to the cause here bill and Fred Meehan bill was going on. They guys aren't. You know there's there's always that debate whether yeah who's better who's more or to the success rate your pellet checked. Let's say Belichick Egypt the end at year over Rick Rockwell and lower every well opal well what I. Brady's going to be here with this same offense so. It's the wrong Carol Lin will be out in dole could go to cheek walk through yeah AFC each day care here. And most likely probably or that would championship game they'll check out. He's gonna out there probably coach who was shot by rebuilding cheap in my chicken a couple of years to get back to that. And you know playoff status. Did you watch you bill did you watch the two bills were UEFA will watch from the two are. So when you when you watch the part where you have Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson and those great giants defenders. Being like we thought we are going to be a dynasty and then Parcells left and we were screwed. You don't think the same thing would happen at patriot team with sombre because Laurence Taylor was every bit that the defense of player that Brady is on offense. Well all I just think on offense those guys gravitate a lot war torched. Ready for market apple news just that landed him in goal changed. It'll come I think there would be more free guys script that the hawks coach Belichick looks like more defense a guy. I just think I am. You know I I think Brady all out war six shots right out the technology to battle. Make everyone say they released varieties without culture so I'm a. Yeah I did I would I would say that patriots fans would be in for a very rude awakening it Bill Belichick the coach next year for some well. It if you if you think. That like for instance you lose Donta hightower. You know you lose the use settlement in the pre season you lose some of the guys you have some of the challenges you face defensively. Another coach. Probably isn't figure and I think what would I Hitler would happen is Carol analyze what happened and Pete Carroll when he took over for Bill Parcells which is your good out of the gate yeah. And then it sort of your progress that they were dead and it's sort of falls apart as are trusting in that the two bills. No mention of ray Handley. I mean really they they went right over that when they talked about pork Bill Belichick go to Cleveland said replacing Parcells when he left the giants. Ray Handley this guy is assistant who was a complete disaster. Was known for clock management. In out he was the guy to there were no mention him not that it really matters is we're gonna for the Super Bowl but I just popped in my head that android Rhode Island was going on Andrew. They are legal guys who this one this say something that hasn't been told the ball in regards to the game. Is on it which concerns me is that the officials may not be so generous. In this and told the patriots a home for a vehicle when he played with a particular when Jesse James scored that touchdown would look like it's on the road you took that post on the way. And then when Dion Lewis had a fumble in the jags because there and then looks like peace accord because they're constantly. Well Kelvin Benjamin scored a TD catch. Almost look like a touchdown the rest took that assimilate and then even last year and so wolf when a little on the twenty low YE point. In home that all applicable in all coal. Against Atlanta the look like they would probably scored three points there at least which ultimately won the game and roughly come at a at a Waco. What nonsense in this scheme a home if they don't seek a touchdown to leave home the Eagles it could be a long long game for the. Well this were a value to go thanks for the call Andrew Jean service territory is the the efficient an official in this game and he's known his crews known for throwing a ton of time of flags and also by the way if you know reviewed Google genes territories name. The first image comes up of them is refereeing a basketball game. Is also a collar draft. But yeah I thought I didn't think he was known for dad it was act that he was pretty accurate. Here's a studio and a store from ESPN Super Bowl. Officiating guide. Rest record suggests there could be a lot of I've never relies Ira and I thought it was Ryan Hannibal somebody had written about how. The it's not his full crew it's like the all star Korea it. The guys that he has had not thrown a lot of pass and affairs that's all that's the most important and that's kind of via the patriots like. That's been a huge part of your offense all you welcome it's obvious this is a thing new this is like what he does he's fast enough to get by the guy. And then they're playing catch up of many come back for the ball gets past that yet we haven't spent a lot of time talking about the actual match ups in the game. And Troy Brown brought this up with mine and mine has been beating this from a week about how the two starting corners. Ford eagles' playoff the ball they're not physical. And cooks the biggest struggles he's had this year and Miami gamer locked by submitting we'd never heard of I has been corners were physical with him at the line and they just don't let him get up to speed. You saw in the second half. Two weeks ago in the AFC title game where. They start playing Nottingham and suddenly he had room in new you know if he gets a full head of steam he's hard to keep up when it. And it does not sound like a strength of these Eagles CD's is to jam him and played him to feel you're getting there. We get there Ronald Darby I mean Terence Trent D'Arby but this is not has none of this is. None of this is suggesting that the browser and weigh in well. Presently we got a string a lot we asked him because our show as that loyal followers one of their show is yeah. We have such loyal followers when we asked for something. People out there wanna deliver so Vincent Rhode Island we ask for Eagles fans I think you're gonna deliver right. Yeah already won enough all right who has long snapper. And you gonna ask a timeout on our boss just lack innate and it's a new kid. I don't know his name you're not a true fans Rick Rick Amato and what goes I. Everywhere those they love it every other player on and I know every starter it's it was ridiculous the punt returner. The punt returner is engine Varner. I believe on these days I didn't they excited about it I don't know how it happened how the whole the Eagles gonna win. I'm a possession and and without turning the ball over it's what they've done all year up on the right side of the offensive line lane Johnson. Our Brooke Jason Carroll C all three of them. Our all pros okay right side of the line will dominate. It's if they get the opportunity to just continue to run double B patient with that keep Tom Brady off the field. Don't turn the ball over and then on defense the same thing raise it's little ball fifty times. What does nothing wrong with that though Vince there. You're right there isn't it it's all underneath underneath underneath which is great the but then like the patriots once you've got to the red zone. Eagles are really tough in the red zone defensively because now the underneath stuff doesn't really matter. You've still got a little ball into the end zone. This is when you need to run the ball when you're down on the 1038. You've got the other run the ball so Brady what does he do now he's got. And defenders. In a smaller area. Yet it so. I've never it's been I've never. You know everyone tries to pick apart how you beat the patriots for all these years and you have them all wal holiday if they don't. How that is his running game that broadcast it wasn't what I went second how is this running game to go against our run defense and here's the thing. They always find a way whether it short passes weather's. Got put guys in motion and jets' wheel or whatever it either way every year so this year that's fair and that is there confidence appreciate some confidence we appreciate this you know to one thing that I was so stupid like everybody getting on Yahoo! was it was an ankle or who is the guy who you guaranteed victory. Our own site. How can you do that is if Freddie Mitchell was and it's a gets opened the US that I mean. The guys are supposed to be confident he's not supposed to be able to say like oh you know I think. Yeah see Rodney Harrison I don't know that we'll get that we're gonna hundreds of thought so we we got some good hall of fame stats that make our point that Brian documents that being and maybe. I don't know. And admit it actually makes your point exactly about the pro ball but Fisher thought. And it's I'd another Eagles fan Bryan the car was going on Brian. Bet mister Bradford missed a lot to expect Michael thank you call. Yet thought up the lift driver grew up in New Hampshire Livent though and I'm now Ali with huge based on the car love you guys for the most part has been brutal this week just the you know. They're confident there and I preach it and it bandit but I don't know what you wanted to do it could get her out. Very. Look he's go John cases I've read a gig of and try to do one for you are right. Are who is the back up kick returner. The backup kicker all right so barter normally handle that. And who did it without the bad actor Corey. I'm an askew had one good Ding Ding Ding dang good your true Eagles fan you may continue past wrap those deaths. So and so. Alec is very very similar what the last caller was saying it you know it is that. Not people's Brady it's gonna come down to be you know the plot modest turnover differential. If all of can stay off the negative and it Brady wrote that the time you know you never know about it at the lied about well receivers and get out. That that happens it's bad bounces up again a couple of bad bounces get a Piccard bill. And I'm like there's there with a strong run game all but the lie you know patrol the beach all the time but that's an. When that turnover differential later for the most part of the it's a close and that's what I would tip the scale. I it it comes back both you and the caller before talking about the the ability to go run the ball against the patriots and keep the offense on the field. That leads you to me to my most important guys with the patriots quarterbacks is if you feel confident that they are the guys. Then you deaf man them up stuff everybody else then and that's where you that's where UN. I am a defense the core I know what I'm talking about it. Sure I thank you Brian appreciate unity that I mean they'd be day ESPN panel which previous acting was ESPN one made the point that when the patriots are in their base defense. You can make plays on Robertson and noise is linebackers that it did. And when there and a sub package you can run on them so it's a matter of do you have. You have the personality of the coaching and you have the mental you know acuity to. Attack these things when they present themselves you can force them into having their base guys on the field you know can you get them in situations where. The match at some more favorable for you that's going to be the test in the and the thing is like teams don't exploit. We saw this early in the year teams are just unwilling to explain with the patriots were given that chargers game. Was so frustrating if you are sick or just being a football fan where you know that the patriots could not defend anything down the field. And Sandia comes out. And Iran and Iran and Iran and Melvin Gordon did rip off a long touchdown run but he just kept running. And they ran until the game was basically over when they did have to throw Philip Rivers picked them apart. And so you just wonder does Philly have been coaching to actually exploit. Some of the patriots weaknesses well. Yeah it and that's that's another point and that's where we get to this horrible the experience thing where and you said it appears to be in the show. Well of the pitchers fallback BI and the still coming back. That mindset of it can be going great for the Eagles for the first quarter for the first half. But the pitchers are gonna adjust and once they adjust especially on defense. Then radio will be able to take over why they defense figures out and that's the vibe that you get and that's exactly what happened in Jacksonville. And is can't we say that it sort of seems like Jackson really even though there are a little different. The B level of them Jacksonville Philly seem a little like right good front good you know 717. And at a quarter a serviceable quarterback or at least in that game he was. So. You know I would say Philly is a deeper you know a deeper team they have they have more guys on their front seven for instance there. There for me and for they don't corner and Jacksonville they definitely doubts at that but they they probably are a little more guys. You know they. They're not connect tire out like say we side Jacksonville's front get tired out or we suddenly and a last year in the Super Bowl that was an extreme example they are just on the field the time. At least Philly rotates enough guys through there. That they should still be able to you know come up with some kind of pass you don't you you raised another good point about the the pace of a Super Bowl and guys getting tired everything. After the break I wanna play a clip from Troy brown and talking about how Belichick works his team up into a frenzy in what they do in the Carolina game that's game I remember. By you talk about the pace. That it is affecting the team and Troy Brown offered a little bit of insight gritty here that we get more of this hall of fame discussion. Again if you case you haven't heard Ravi moss throw n.'s Brian Urlacher or Ray Lewis. Brine Dawkins. All in the hall of Famer and continue with your phone calls and also double talk right after this. He supports for. Network. You know I'm the director of I'm it was more about. The unit that mr. book news and acoustic is no big guys that would Thompson was wagon and they were talking a lot of smack. Visit the man like all the models of equals to men and and one of the things that feel you know talk about. All we give them that night was as thought about you know. You know you guys. Noted that in the week he was talking about this you know don't respond. You know hold it you know we don't practice that we do him. I'll tell you when to turn loose you know and at night gave this speech about this on the stand to lose them. We got to that next morning news is visiting Pakistan so. And that the gas attack them because they also built up because you listen to all the talk all week alone and they have bills that does that weigh about. Controlling the cells and in. Have moved in to get. You know in just and he's like this ultimately like that to you. As Troy Brown waves. We're defy is weakened host we have Mike Komansky. Earlier in the day from the WEI party on Minnesota. And my point is the reason I want to bring that up. Does he talk about the late frenetic pace of a Super Bowl and wearing teams down and everything else. That's the one I remember John I'm Rob Brown from the Johnson mossy. That's a what I remember. That images it was so crazy image is both teams this holy ran out of steam because there was so. This holy work top in the first half and then if you could see the idea that the offense the start taken over the defense of were exhausted. Atlanta I mean you Leino last year another example of that. Atlanta's defense get exhausted as I came along so what did you think there is something to be said. For not doing exactly what Troy Brown said David Page Tuesday there and just understand this is there's a lot of the day goes into this and. Hired day and you're gonna be cast by the end of yeah I mean when I think back to be Carolina Super Bowl 'cause I was at that game and I remember. They were basically no point scored until the last couple minutes of the first half right as I particularly defense and defense is flying around I was fourteen to ten at halftime but I feel like a lot of the points came right at the end of the half I don't of the box score for enemy. And then they both teams just went crazy in the fourth quarter just trading touchdowns and trading points until you know ran out of time to Vinatieri. One it. But I do understand certainly if you go back historically. You don't have a patriot coming out with Freddie Mitchell like proclamations you don't have guys guaranteeing victory like Regis bad from the Eagles guide this week's though. The patriots have always made a point of not saying that kind of stuff. But they hear me Euro you have a year Magruder agree with me would that that mindset. The teams get so worked up for this. And then you get that you get these special yet these domes. And it's like with a patriots this is an it's an example by the example of wearing down I don't remember in Minneapolis down AFC championship game. Patriots toll gas Mac and yet it was hot on the view yeah yeah right this is that you have a lot more people this I think it would have the capacity of the Minnesota what it normally is too by what is going to be in Super Bowl. We talk about 101000 more people. So it is just something that I don't know if the patriots. Can plan forward batter gives you your adrenaline is going to be rushing and you're gonna did Jack the blog he's got the patriots haven't played some aluminum planes liberals I mean we've seen it now that we side against Jacksonville. We side against Atlanta last year where even teams that build big leads like you say they can't maintain it. And more to the point they start getting nervous and they start falling apart and they start doing things that. You know run counter to what they had done. Up until that point in the game so Jacksonville comes out playing aggressive defensively and taking chances offensively. And then when it comes to a point where like where a ten. We need to protect this Toledo that's not gonna work you're gonna hand off in gets stuffed. And then you're gonna play soft defensively because you don't wanna give up ADRs of one play Uganda giving up eighty yards and three players. And that's the kind of thing that I don't have a handle at all. And Doug Peterson now whether he's going to be the guy who breaks that cycle they act maybe that has to factor in pivoting over to the hall of fame we mentioned before. The hall of fame class of 2018. For the pro football fame. As Arnold has been announced but it basically we know the names and the names are going to be those are going to be wearing yellow jackets up on the stage. Randy Moss Brian Urlacher or Ray Lewis Brian Dawkins TERRELL OWENS Jerry Kramer Robert result and Bobby Baffert now. We have are quickly interject my goodness I was gonna praised huge I know I was just gonna work I was just to go crazy for this TOY. So TERRELL OWENS got in Jason whitlock he had and congrats man. I wasn't a supporter I sincerely hope this brings you joy peace in a new level of respect you were tremendous football player. Beat good teammates you fellow hall of famers in grants and TERRELL OWENS replied. Kick rocks. A short. He showed as a trader Kirk that's what I would do if I was in his situation I mean at dawn lectured me mature grown adult life Jason Nightline sanctioned. Are you kidding me a good teammate Sierra what does that even today that it's that you serious you know appears says it's because I thank you I have I have your approval now Jason whitlock my life is complete yet because Jason whitlock is probably bring screaming yelling about how TERRELL OWENS is in the hall of Famer nuggets in the hall of fame and makes more a Canadian. When I would wanna say would start with half in and went off c'mon that kick rocks as a base that was Iraq lately rocks and then. But in the hood ride if it's there. So as the one that stands out first off I. Awesome speeches is going to be a great induction right Amir target Randy Moss. Ray Lewis. Throw low and that our locker residents Urlacher a gas so it's going to be good good speeches. The one we told ordered picking apart yours Brian doctors and reason is Ty Law did not give him. And Rodney Harrison isn't you'll he's agonized every so jet. I agree that was a good into Jackson jet good job by you know. But jet before that also did something very did he use apron out rod comparison Rodney Harrison to Brian Dawkins. And will go through rural quick now is close by to give you an idea how that this isn't a no brainer. And in what also what John said about. Pro ball bizarrely. Being such an important thing for these voters Pro Bowl and all pro you know all pro selection is probably all pro selections are more important but pro ball is on the list. So you'll Rodney Harrison two time pro ball Brian Dawkins. Nine time pro ball are right. Clear advantage who cares Pro Bowl stupid. Rodney Harrison two time Super Bowl champion Brian Dawkins never. Career interceptions. Docking is 37. Harrison's 34 combined tackles. Very close 1198 for terrorists and 1131 for dock and forced fumbles 37 for a fumble for dock and sixty forced fumbles. For Harrison. Sacks thirty and a half sacks for Harris in 46 career sacks for doctor I guess the point overall list. Is that and this is Rodney Harrison we are re talking Ty Law. The point is is number one what you said. Which is a bizarrely date be really prioritized pro ball. Number two it's so unbelievably subjective and I don't know how you can do this any differently in football. They get a bunch of old guys in a row and say here here. This guy's guy who I know very well he is and represents a true game of football I don't know what you do. Yes so you know when we get on base while at least there are 500 class and I forget the numbers exactly for baseball game but there's a lot of baseball game. Football there's 48. And it's basically one writer from each city immense amount large people. And may be a couple former players that thinker in there as well and I don't know I'm trying to go back through you know when I covered the leaks I know a lot of these writers. And size just make it a list 48. People on this committee. Overwhelmingly. White overwhelmingly. Older white guys you know and I so I'm looking ice the 1234. It may beef definitely five. I'm black writers that I know Jarrett now Jim Trotter James locked in the hall of fame receivers on the committee so he counts. I'd dear Linda Leadbetter and Atlanta and that another guy. And so you basically have 145 about a phone or Ebola like 90% of the vote what's that like Uighur. So what I'm talking about is when you talk about he voting bloc. It it is homogenous late you're you're not getting an accurate. Cross section of people out vote would break the Sosa this year it didn't like it TL hadn't gotten in. And you could make oh you know here at an old west where I presidency and Wes Welker generated by our Hydro book. So my thing was just talking about the the electorate you know the voting by why is Al. Is not I don't I literally buy into the like the how many African Americans and minorities are on there because. Because the African Americans are getting in mean that but that's that doesn't but not so not every day to be when I was saying is right age to be like if you wanna do that. You wanna do that to be the ages. Like as we talked about it before where in baseball they get ripped all the time it's getting older and older and older and you you and I both agree that probably in that room if you do that exercise for H. It probably be the running age is probably you know very very I am I just think both you you'd you're limiting your folk your perspective. If you have a voting bloc that is all the same cars so which is on it's I agree with you like it's too old and it's two way. But I don't again. I guess the same type of person by I don't know how. Yeah it's in my I don't know why I hear I hear you point out I got that it's keeping people out. Although maybe it is you just want more diverse and our diversity in that room. And there there should be more people in the room like 48 people decide it's just a well Howard you got even more shrouded in secrecy than any other hole it's all this yet it and it certainly isn't a televised event. NN and they don't it's not like everyone runs downs that I did this idea that some. It's not like baseball where a lot of the writers are revealed their votes in the hall of fame is trying you know people are being. More open about more transparency on that this processes. Now how do you so how do you get that honor of doing that you know I'm no idea that Ron Borges is the new by the that's deal yet and he I mean my god nobody knows more about football in this town and he does slow. I'm not. Criticizing hi Ron Borges says but I just think it should be more people how many how many is carelessness or baseball they're trying to cut it off if you can. If you stop paying attention the games so why would you ever want a hall favored a paid into the game. So baseball they tried to and that's it is ineffectual means. There's still I mean it has it Ed has changed the composition of the voters thought they are getting married and creating more younger voters it has more than anything. By. So. How much how many of those guys do you think well you saw the list there on those guys do you think are even like in the mix anymore. I oh I don't think that's the case at all think the people on this list cover the NFL actively right now so. Maybe some of the at large people but there's only a handful of those. Everybody else everybody on this list is somebody currently how can how can you said initially. That you think they a lot of from way the Pro Bowl parents over almost any because I've yet horrible and all profile I should say all pro first clearly all wrote to them is more important. But even that to me is fly like OK well that's just. The same group of people who votes on that guys. In the past it's been. I don't know who doesn't. I don't speak out of the writers I think that's the right I don't know but I think it's the same group of people that so. Yet you talk about like a closed system like year. You're not. You're basing your picks. On things that you voted for previous so where they go into this room and and someone brings a Brian dockets and he gets. And they make the case arm so everything that laid we have the stats for bright docket right here. You can make the case I can see them saying oh yeah that's that makes a lot of sense nine pro Robles in all 374. Fumbles sixteen fumble recoveries. Your stats that match up when Rodney Harrison in terms of sacks. Yet and develop grow a national panel of fifty media members so I really think there's a lot. Of crossover between those two so when they and so and so when they get up there and say it. Here's Brian Dawkins you should be okay you go through those especially if you're weighing Pro Bowl. Or are all pro then I can see those guys in that room biting into the act is the idea is. It's like we would have said. Twenty years ago and and on a logical level at a make sensory say. Well if this guy made twelve all star teams he must've been one of the best players in baseball and you only realized later when you have other ways to look at it and evaluate players that. Oh wait a minute. Just because he got voted in doesn't actually mean he was one of the best players feel Bert Blyleven thing though. You know he didn't win cy young's and all that you make a las our team disease on terrible teams. Well we've been able to reevaluate his career by different lands so I don't think football is anywhere near that point you red Buick Ty Law who. You know you have the he he should warn you should mean and these are more community. In he's gonna how many Super Bowls he went to one. 234. 43 or lower for not there I'm sorry your wife and attack is when the jets know why you went 33 Super Bowls. And he obviously he's put some really really good interception numbers which is all you can go by for defense of back. Winning the impact he has on a game the role Revis in other words we're gonna remember Darrelle Revis is is guys are shut down guy yet and if you should remember him as anything else. You're insane because he was it illegally player Ty Law was that guy title I was the guys that day you don't don't worry about he was Mike Haynes. Ray how the so. If miss Mike Haynes is getting in and because these old glorious Mike Haynes is so much for the patriots and raiders. And how does Ty law and our Ken and I doubt he will but yet and I don't know what the what I don't if or why is Brian Dawkins a slant Duncan Rolla I sentence is set I just view what exactly I don't. May be no and bring it up Rodney Harrison. But you'll we go in that room when these numbers are Brian Dawkins I jet why he's and because you can make a case forum. But at the end of the day when you say hey you know what we just voted Brian Dawkins should we take another look at Rodney Harrison and Ty law and we're gonna get and 21 team all Perot. I bet that's what's I guarantee you that's what's holding some voters. He was only first team all pro twice. As crazy Tim and Honolulu leads them. Hey guys I don't. But it 1981. I bet that they held the vote well election my old restaurant I had managed the year before in the Buick titled tell up in the back. They selected. Well Jim Green don't Willy David and George and and I took them to watch. I'll pop out how many how many guys were there ray do you take off fifty lunch. Cunanan never. Probably 25 people that made the selection and would just Rangel Glenn Beck and think we sat there and drank beer and in Iraq city of this is. Doug I quarrels the baseball hall fame right. He's a man that's I like that like that at Tennessee our callers that we get people from from my side solace yeah I mean thanks for the call them. Good luck with your idea. The idea that the football selection process is not anywhere near as transparent as other allowances definitely true but nobody cares. How do you how do you fix it. I mean it's you know we don't really care to the patriots a Clinton super boy dad and it's just a digression but. I mean that the Rodney Harrison thing bothers me because if you watched him and granted we only watch some of the patriots. But if you watched him at the patriots to me he was always the best offensive player on that team when he was healthy human anywhere at their do you think winning super ball you think. Part of it is that he wasn't really liked by other players and other teams the players aren't voting. Gas and media yet they he calls it media was the media alike and another part of this and I think we'll Robles partially fan vote in two and fans that we can. Him I don't. I don't think he yeah they're getting between TV and in his personality like people like to ride it and I don't like playing Trent Green like for instance by. You know other guys' eyes of people lights playing with and and people definitely like media people love. Are your go to or break we'll continue this conversation all the way up the top of the out and tobacco I won Eagles fans I want Eagles fans Jon hates when I asked Eagles fans who ideologues now for a I don't care. I want proof that anybody knows you know I'd violence I have it's that's the umi oh nice okay rove will do that right when we get back. Point seven SW. Cyrus RIs again fox silence us. As well those ever this mr. tradition that you're a super wealthy for this like. You do you do remote from food courts while watching NBA it's a now I'm an amusement that doesn't cared nothing nothing's scream Super Bowl more than that I'm rob Bradford allowance on the mossy. With a utility clocked. You have a test for me you wanna do this at the top of the hour you wanna do now. We'll do we'll do at the top are recruit cruised through these phone calls here. Chris in New Hampshire as Chris was going on. As odd guys. My yeah I a couple of quick. Maybe. Ideas for policy in voting now on the run by you guys and it. It might even work. Possibly for NFL and Major League based on ones yeah you guys feel about it okay what. What about equally in addition to note the sports writers voting. What are now also including meat eat the last slide court and all seen flat numbers and the ball. Here's the problem with the including players is that they've become this their bodies such yet and I mean the NFL has a little of this they have a player to on the committee like I said James a lot to me I think they have a hall of Famer. To wrap presents the hall of fame classes. And I and every voting groups that they do this irrelevant who obviously I know you're gonna obviously hated Iowa fans get a by the. Yeah I'm gone off yet action happens. Our crews and bought the chain and bought it would get out of control. I just be vote for our lower jet there we're gonna get there are gonna improve this hall of fame voting because it's flawed was going on Alan I Dylan. At our bullet that final. Aaron dale and apparently I. Yeah. Let it go to Iowa like there's always. Yeah ticket agent are a lot picnic. That I won't create an Indian city with great picture if she seemed it would really hit on the eye on the ball. Why are watching. Fall only a quick why in different animals can be cut our record. Seeing a bit. This is just what I'm wondering is that if you got Aaron in that room if you got him in that room and it you sold like him does that. I want all the. All that well read well I won't fall you. Re right I looked at that. I'd walk and talk about a whole month ago. Wins them and I didn't go to school Eagles idols like no one. We've probably seen him I do do do you have saved him for himself I don't know I know I I don't know if you the Qwikster. I think that was evidenced by this here's the thing is there wouldn't have wanted to have to drop you good at that banquet room or the Honolulu. Hilton whatever it to me that are called early illuminated. Found India says it plans capital which we conducted should rig go there we doubted bears. Without results of the world. But it isn't this also contingent on. Who you're who's presenting the players and how good. Sales people they are he had a whole system is weird to. And I understand football is different from baseball especially if you're trying to evaluate tackles and safeties and whenever it's. Hired says Seau case statistically. Here's what this guy did or what his defense is dated or whatever by. To me there's got to be a better way then system. Are right JT how you doing JTJ he's in Washington. We don't do that dude. I thank you wouldn't pursue legal and talked. So it'll you'd go down. You know you you can that you get it. 880 what was pretty big issue. These two good. The putt putt but war that it eagle activate goatee secret. People that come after him. What you put pressure on him he's gone East Coast who are this. Security and you know now or in this cop to cop. You know they get. It great and coming up the middle being via their backs so be it be able bodied guys you know. It really seven JT come on. Of all and I'm relying on you. What about rob legs this game that got dusted it off until you guys don't yet dictated by Eagles fans. Got young long young on the European Alps he's been a monster right. I'd gas not really enemies are good guy and you're right in the sense if they can get pressure up the middle on Brady with Ford guy it's. And let's not forget that Tom Brady has beaten more of those teams and he's lost like JT isn't that what we also thought about Jacksonville. We Jacksonville this is you have Tom Coughlin now view of the game plan and you have the blueprint and you're the four guys up front where you on the blitz. No this totally totally different you got to get guys who can actually cover corners. No no no no no this is. You think the Philadelphia quarters or better than Jacksonville. No not necessarily what he eagle had better pressure up front. Dan Jack does. That's an area that much better Jacksonville's but you know you know here's the Eagles have the advantage they have more guys. Jacksonville was basically writing. I'd count don't discount what often can do. Create. A guy and also want. Running the ball club and getting the screen passes as well I had a good receivers and backers. He now has couldn't rot gut player he's one heck of Viet Qaeda. While that blunt dozens they for the college JT good luck to you my friend good luck. You say you are you've proven to be at least 80% over the Eagles fan you don't like that to how you know decade has nobody knows who any of the people. And support that you know awards say it'll fans as they looked at Allstate names but everyone listening doesn't over the names I know I'm telling isn't right or wrong I'm saying either you know more you don't if you're gonna call in and support your team. You should know the name you say that you have a test for me. That is gonna prove me that I'm full I'm only saying what the test is just I know yes I don't I've I'm not so don't necessarily move traditionally do well and that's horrible terrorist. But anyway we'll get to that test and also we have we've been remiss in doing this we promise you best fake football names. The best fake football name Diana yes because we are Wednesday and the other Mexican we had some calls call up bird mistaken some names here in there and I mentioned Shane Falco and Johnny Utah four but but QPL. They came up with the best faith and all the mention of rob genachowski rod genachowski which I still feel like is a sought is somebody. Our economic boom in the break bread big test all that coming out.