Bradford and Tomase - Boring Super Bowl match up - 2-3-18

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Saturday, February 3rd

Rob Bradford and John Tomase begin the program previewing and discussing Super Bowl 52 between the Patriots and Eagles. They comment on how there's very little in the way of hype or excitement about the game, and try to figure out why that might be the case.


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EI Sports Radio. He ice Sports Radio network. Fighting up the crowds here. It is the biggest news conference on themselves on. A little little envelope we gonna get you get these people back. As as great as the crowd was at Eric the reds will be cavalcade of stars. Which was. The mid day show. Might be nasty ride Hannibal chimed in Troy Brown they had on. There was a great great seat and beat mutt was a master. Master. At getting the crowd go on was the was he jet. He was is a master getting the crowd going there was no one better than Michael Ganske is getting the crowd better go on no better my. You ought WEE I thought it paid for us. He attacked. Anyway one Lou I'd rob rob Bradford John to mossy this John Tomas he's used to decide I should not use as a pastime now I'm usually home this is this is this is cutting into partisan islets off this is what's known as prime time afforded on Saturday Israelis this debate this is where I I am very familiar with it outlines. Last of the last week last week in the embark. Cruz that he was very excited about finding out where the home plate of the you'll metrodome wise. At the Mall of America nice yet and I I hope I hope I pray to god that he managed to do that. Mean maybe that's a beer called for him tomorrow while automate one thing clear this is not betray any intimacy and others that we know this is not funny to mossy. Is it Johnson mossy show with special guest rob Bradford I appreciate government we iron. Normally TNT this is probably. Blt. Hartford Bradford and lovable and and it's and it's so so tasty 6177797937. So. I would imagine that we're going to be talking about basically everything about the game are because as we sit here so it would be 26 hours just over 26 hours. 25 and a half hours or so. Mean that's that's what you're officially got the clearance to go ahead to stop talk about the game because let's be honest. It is it's. Fruitless to talk about the game. First certainly that week after the EC championship. And then going through the this week it still kind of feels hollow a little bit that's why I think the station is a good job is that they found everything else to talk about. But does you know you hear during the week it's again. There's been. And I am guilty film assay is there's no way to patriots can lose this game they just can't lose this game and I think all of their fans know it and maybe that's a warning sign you don't. You don't see the patriots looking this confident very often like Belichick has been very relaxed out week Brady's got Tom vs time and all that stuff. And I always go back to be only time in all the years I covered the patriots the only time. I ever saw them really confident before game where kind of jumped out at me. Was that Denver game the Denver playoff game and 05 we have to go back thirteen years but this by. Or twelve years. That was Benjamin Watson game Ali yeah positive turnovers yet Jake Plummer beat them. And the old only reason they lost that game Alice Thompson's fumbling kick gossiping to turn the ball over five times yes and they knew going into that game that they were the better team and that they were gonna win that game and then they are going to be another AFC title game and it didn't happen. And that always stuck out for me. And the only reason I bring that up is because. This to me it's probably the most confident I've seen the page it's also your back against the patriots I still can't do it but it's a little fist I would just a little red flags that this do that because for a salami a lot of people are in bed by 8 o'clock or recite not that's them prediction. Yet nothing that anybody says late night here against brought back to my about duct tape delay and that doesn't happen. Perhaps that is there I would look believe me I would love to say just to generate discussion and I think the visitor in this game dealt I don't. And so you wanna score I would say. Like 343423. Yeah. I don't putts not because I have four and glad I suitable. For the fifth if if not not at all. Buffalo maybe 34. It's buys its memories are you have a bigger spread than I would allow obviously you have eleven point adding going to be double digits so but I. They don't blow out teams and don't get blown out I've kind of album viva that I get. So I guess we'll do this will bookend to show. What do ultimate Jesus was called the quadruple tees and wait for about it for four hours for my prediction. You're gonna get a formulated but what things I was talking to you about right before we came on is that start right about this. Is that. I. Remember when remember when the it wasn't so Turkey for patriots to go to Super Bowls remember where and I remember in the pages torrents of Ruble actually mattered. I mean it actually wasn't on as to say was a big deal and you and I both live through this. In that way is viewed in the Barry that bears the night that that first super as the fish and we yes Chris the finished very the bears I have might serve a body held the net switch right New England the patriot yes yes when he you know one yeah according to articles Q. That was still has highlighted his entire career was great so reliant idiots if you exactly. But you know that that feeling and my take on that was. No really light it was it would just happy to be there Super Bowl like that people say that until until you get embarrassed by and then you just don't want me doing it. But it was. Leading up to it was absolutely. Just happy to be there Super Bowl where you'll always have maybe we can win because. You'd beat the dolphins who beat the bears early in the year but still is and this is great. That we get the right watch this pregame show with Mozy that to blue in it and everything else this is just I asked them that where here we never thought does happen. And now it means is completely not. Just happy to be here if you don't win forget about it in that and that's the thing Johnny you talked about like over conference and being favorites and everything else well. You know if if the patriots go it went into this game like the patriots were against that bears team which is like how are they ever going to be you know I don't think there would be I would. I don't either be nearly the interest there is now because it's like they don't wanna be associated with a team. But that don't wanna be associated with but that excitement would not be there as much if you felt like this team's underdog is not like he was at the beginning it was not even like it was I think in that first the third Super Bowl right yet because you are still sort of like it was almost all part of the same thing you know. Where it was still knew I sit still and I don't know I'd be at stake we grew up that time to gather at that time has gone I mean I know I win I can still method and idols or whatever it is. And expected to its in the same thing is you know cover in the reds right. It's never going to be the same as it was in 03 in afford to scampi if they'll exit is cut it felt it was weird because it feels like the Celtics in the eighties and the Celtics like their run was you know it was and a day at five or six years. But I I do I miss that feeling in and I'll say this so we talk about the first Super Bowl. The just happy to be their Super Bowl. The second Super Bowl I felt was the park was a little sullied by the Parcells often do you see the the through bills yeah yeah. So it was a little Sully we remember even did that whole week was about Parcells right crap I didn't bell and John and all that I felt like an easy write a little bit. And then by that you have that third Super Bowl one if they won for the first time. And I still say that and you'll agree or disagree with it and everyone else who disagree with the icing of the championship in Boston that was the biggest one. And you'll say no the 2004 again that I I would say I would say there. Sox because of the history involved the patriots felt like a surprise the Red Sox and not felt like an impossibility you know so I think because of the history. And your tour member of the patriots place among Boston teams in 2001. It was like yeah that's a football team we like him. Parcells made him relevant again but they've only been back on the map for like five or six years and that wasn't like it is now. Re going on two decades of them being the dominant franchise that's why. And to actually sound like my predecessor Alex beer I would always go for because that just that was something that. This whole region never ever ever thought that even though I feared diving into this this pool of disagreement I well I rules. I will say this is not an intimacy says it does Trinidad and that's true that's actually why analysts like they they settled Friday off the Olympics are we gonna ever Colin by the way. Today it's ready colonies yourself either way no no no no I saw some we welcome this is Seattle and now she flew. And to be in south Kara South Korea as she flew yesterday and it's a long flight should still be well so. I would I waited I would toner that with the fact is that you do have the lead up so when the Red Sox won it was. It was sweet instead against Saint Louis it was four game sweep so you by the time we get the fourth game. He already knew what was gonna happen and the in and would obviously the patriots it was all my goodness. Ricky Proehl did not kill us yet and and they want. And and not only that but they had won and so long like to have been a championship in Boston. What was the last 8686. So. That that combination of those two things. To me. That was the biggest championship Boston's ever seen and I also go by the smile factor I looked at the Lowell sun which is which is built it's is right there with my voted for the hall of fame and oh yes things are competitor he's not a factor again. Smile of this vital factor was so I was at the old son and I was doing at once a week I would have to do layout in the mornings and you get their 6 AM in night nobody wants to be then and now it took me to answer right right so you know. And the most earliest of Shirley people every one was this will document lighten I've never seen in any reaction. Like that to a championship bout Fella that was throughout the entire world I mean the world being New England yet but that and there's a difference what you just said because in the Red Sox won it was throughout the entire world that was not doing but advertised I thought. I've always got a six and pathologists got a portal like we did you know you just haven't chipped it to the pigeons are you get your championship. But my overall point is that. You know that feeling so what is the feeling now you can weigh in 6177797937. Ole how has that feeling change we just had the WEI a party at eight in Minneapolis we obviously a lot of fans out there. And you received it yet there is a following I was sits on a plane unity of the people trust and page. That hasn't changed. But the feeling of it is. Yeah success that you hear that yet agree and that's not only because button and hands she got a riled up is incredible. X. He's old and he did it did its Fokker. So yes abut is just is just such a different dynamic now and understandably so and and listen we all know it's good for business right. As as I wrote my column which is yet to be published. Hey it's good for business and be. You'll have to convince your wife hey I have to watch the games to undergo an apple picking nearly as much more than me as it would Mark Wilson was playing that was a tough sell the very that I had a wife that would Mark Wilson was. Quarterback you have been married while they have nothing yeah but I mean if you go back to thirteen Michael back to thirteen with a Red Sox. We were there every day. No one really body and on that team until September it was like oh you know week we were in the playoffs get here every week we were in the World Series gets here. And that was Boston's strong. And I'm kinda like wired wired division champion basically. And a dominating team and people just didn't get a director who actively retrospectively. We I'll say. He had no you know that was a great team of that team. Austin strong etc. But it wasn't it didn't capture people's imagination until the very end I feel like this team right now. It's kind of the same thing but because it's the patriots have because they've won five in because they've been the three of the last four. It's like we can't get worked up until kickoff. Let all our you know halftime at halftime most are well it's it's a good point because. You've taken out some your stars right you've taken out Adam and you've taken out hightower. You took right away you took out the the greatest teams gonna go undefeated you know out of the gate which was a big conversation coming into the year so. It is not the team that everyone's all my goodness is going to be when the greatest teams of all time even if you go back to the last few years. Mean even without growth last year you still have a really talented team more talented team than this year. Go back two years you have that team when you have Brandon Browner and you have. Yet you know or Revis being invested Revis right you Revis was right Revis was the poster boy for word going for yet. But this team wise this this talent wise across the board. This might be viewed these talented team ever since that team to beat the red as in you go back the rams team. Actually those a lot of those players we know how to count yet that team that team in retrospect. Their defense had hall of famers. You know Taiwan is. Going into the hall of fame at some point and so Stephon Gilmore going the whole thing probably not probably not you know and between Bruschi and Ted Johnson and all of these guys who are all time patriots players. You can look back and say you know a bad team as a lot of them thought you brought out something interesting day in and out of it this way. The Celtics run in the eighties and it would be like if the patriots lost that 07 suppose the giants and that was the end. Yes that's the saint that was the length of the celtics' run basically under Brit made a few more years obviously they were dead in the bird's nominee Canadian know that but. There are days as the finalists were over Neeson starred in 81 it was over any NFL but it didn't and maybe we were young so maybe we don't have a good vibe on this. But didn't feel like sort of the same incensed that arias Celtics play and the way. Don't discipline and an oil and yeah okay south of what anyone that's what made like this Celtics team. So attractive I think it was because it's all right you have young players you don't know what's going on even the patriots team is go back a couple of years ago. Revis was Revis going to be like that whole dynamic the patriots have turned over enough to. Which they've become interestingly it's in this case it's what's was solemn spreading car's gonna do you know what's. What do these new guys gonna do yet every year we get that. The Celtics were like yeah they're gonna win the same guy's gonna win alone you know they didn't integrate like Charles Bradley. And and Sam Vincent yet and and and those harassment south threat yes. So yeah so I it is but the whole vibe of it. It is just now I'm maybe no one cares but I dislike I was as they do about it because I just plot like that was. That was such a weird I never remember watching my Hitachi. In turning on the attacks you know in my living room I can't believe I'm watching a four hour pregame show that has the patriots playing at the end of it yet. That mean that that whole thing. The since I was in middle school mail us that's a horrible and I swear to god like. This is I'm not like I am not proud to say where those are the best not proud to say this but. I felt like it's its challenger was like the second biggest tragedy if of that week as those two things the same week the you know and it was like whether it's so devastating as vacated. You know it's like they were so close to the pages they never gonna get back and I grew up like I'm miles from the stadium so as you know it's just kind of like. You would see the patriots around town like Garin barest of eyes and I would bag is groceries out of Gaza east he wept after that win against Oakland. Yeah well that's right after after Patrick Sullivan pod got hit in the face no doubt that element that that was the other thing to run of the run was. In so now we have this run of that they beat the titans. They squeaked it out roses jaguars all my goodness. You know Patrick's they went to the raider Christian boat Joseph Bowman Jim Bowman Jim Bowman recovered the fumble. And and Patrick yeah and Patrick so we get punched out in the U with the Miami. And mosey to our Disney's. And and Tony Eason play it Andre Tippett Don Blackmon all these guys believe up was. You like I can't believe this is happening and I do feel like there was some of that leaving the rift because remember I don't think big guy until the last week of the season. They got that by the a lot of them played in snow ball game at home against Oakland. And then and then that happens and but this one how can turn those John is that. You we can talk about how how this team doesn't match up talent wise the other teams or whatever but the thing that the other Super Bowl really hung their hat on. Is that it would these unbelievable games. Mean he's unbelievable game as summer comes up and and becomes a hero like Malcolm Butler was. These things are remember that super remember but I bet it's important to note too we remember anything at all about the lead up to that while it should rephrase that because of poor example Seattle. I was all the flea gates now by. In general like I don't remember what the week was like in Jacksonville leading you know because there was against the but that but that's that's the whole point is now it's you're gonna get to the Super Bowl. And you better win the super mobile. You know that's the feeling in Al I wanna come back to I see the calls lining up 6177797937. Gets you second. By is this in terms of talent wise. You we we we started the year where this is going to be in under three years the greatest patriots team all times you get go to get these other guys. And then you have injury injury injury injury and now you're just hang in on any of Owen and Roberts starting in middle and in Calvin noise. Starting in the millions defense and Kyle and it gets hard you know like holy right we went right out well like here we get say McClellan again and Malcolm Mitchell back this'll make all the difference in the world and the NFL is down I don't think anyone would say these Eagles team is perceived as a great team not without not quite. Yeah but is it is this is this number one believes talented patriots are operable team in the Belichick run number two. Belichick's best job coaching. We have to look at it that way too if if this least talented. Team that I just gotta say it's his best job of coaching right yeah I mean he's won with Troy brown and Julian adamant plan defensive backs and anything. It's tough to to pick out one over you know what I feel like this one. Yeah I mean yes the use pads deal with a lot of injuries. But you you also have Brady at the top of his game. And let's not pretend that this season has been about anything on there Dan. The greatness of Brady carrying them because think of how many games they lost either one. Well no not lost how many games they won a came down the last. Oh yeah that's the jets game about since affair in Jenkins and now we're overturn touchdown obviously the Steelers game at the fumble at the goal RD completion. The Jesse James play. The Tampa game which had you know. Famous Jamison is thrown and Indians on the last play were less kind to sort of the game that game by the way and they came down the last play gas and and the jets you know the jets they were both I think both teams are three into and they played the jets and they could have been in second place though. Tom Brady. More to me more than ballots Jack this year this has been about Brady you don't have Brady this team is like nine and seminary. Are really touch on all those things we get CL lineup George on that desire. See you all lined up be a lot to talk about because I don't know if you do this. At my math is correct. Where just about 26 hours twenty students they get here enough that my five year at exactly oh six I don't know it's Osama I would sort of been on my walks have been counting down ever cents. James White rich and the and so last year I knew this moment was coming 6177797937. Get to all your calls right after this. Seats. Network. He's able to give it. Worried what he wants to support forces who is still here. And a lot of sentiment of the sudden you guys could be as it is now displays no Eagles not the buildup. What do you want to build up and they get a response I was players and that's what you look for me either and that's what has been able to do all these years is. Even if it was also visiting bulls were tough. That's Troy Brown my dance show. Troy Brown visiting heads that Eric the reds at that WEI party which by all accounts it was a rousing success. I'm rob Bradford while it's possible. There is a B. Maybe one ago. I was crazy and it's not bad news it was crazy and I will say this might Komansky. I forgot this always sounds better on the weekends. Having done it with them. I don't know about that that's as real house that's Israel Heidi he's pretty good at 945 and had a better. Well that's fair enough but I think that this listening to him interviewing Troy Brown. Talking mingling amongst the people that's another thing that much he loves mingling amongst people he is at his best on remotes. Because he likes you know very polite much. Why so thank you for coming out appreciate. It's so good to see you all all all our fans of the VI. A lot WEEI. Or talk to pay for yes. The past I've seen that to me that's not his spot that is not messing with this game is like. I was thinking about it have we ever known lasts about patriots opponent in this that is a great point that is an outstanding point outstanding by I was thinking about it even last year with the falcons obviously you knew Matt Ryan and you knew Julio Jones an all new there he no doubt if Freeman and you knew yeah but even on defense you know you know okay greedy Jarrett they had that would be Beasley like there are guys that you knew and he says okay they got to watch him for this got to watch that guy. If I think if we. One Eagles defensive lineman this is the strength of their defense is the reason they're gonna win the game. I'm not sure how many people you know you end and you know you don't pick -- he's reserving it for the patriots it's your name who's the best defensive lineman on the Eagles. I think a lot of people would. Struggle to say Fletcher Cox or even if they knew him. They couldn't name anybody well I just typed in on this computer on the right in front via microphone here and right to typed in Eagles and you know out pops up like the next on our complete auto complete yet. Eagles' depth charts are clearly other people of the station looking for the exact same thing this test that nick in Dover. Hey nick. They don't hold on. There and he's gone. Call a good stuff back neck John Maine what's going on. They got and I can't believe we're one day away from the game out. One thing that I I really I'm really wondering. I'm wondering if you doubt Mara small morning at odds Smart and struck out on shout out all night I. A good one yeah you know and I'm not gonna write anything to succeed where about that job and I'm glad that that's what's on your mind the night before and assume nothing nothing gets you more fired up that yes and something exciting hung on for toll but yeah it was good the only hung on and our graph. Go what to do his life. See George in the car was going on. There that's been my call I I've been hearing people say that if Tom Brady at the pictures will negate all. It's it Tom Brady then becomes if sack so greatest athlete in history in this area and I absolutely disagree. And I don't think anybody is ever gonna touch Bill Russell. Winning I have to NCAA championships. And Olympic gold medal. OK I would I would say this I would say this though George pertinent point. But I would say this how what was the difficulty of the two what was the I think he can be. It was harder to do it isn't part of for what Brady is doing that was bill Ross. There's a number of teams because of the the how the teams are you know fairly equally always having to turn over. Media in the NBA it's it's basically that's what you had back in the sixties. The good at. They had apparently it 888 teams of all I'll concede the quarry. Which means that they had to small pool of all she could bring you the best talent so. Yet but it's like once or better than everybody you are better than everybody you know they if you're the best out of nine teams it's hard for anyone to surpass him that's why are no Celtics were able to win so like it to take nothing away from Bill Russell. But 32 teams verses eight or nine teams that's a huge difference. And and a but. Eleven out of thirteen and BH it. I hear I I'm on a more more the by George bird I. I can't get past you know it is so hard to win one in the NFL is so hard to win one yet. And that the league is not built now for dynasties that's just not the patriots are basically the only dynasty in the last when he here. Just playing devil's advocate to this point you're not allowed not allowed put. There were not a lot of teams in the NBA but that meant that the concentration of countless likely out. And I think I as we understand that but the point was if you if you're if you've established yourself as the best team and a nine team league. And the rosters are basically the same every year and you're the best still receive garrison the movie semi pro what Will Ferrell yes okay so you know exactly were talking about all right. Fourth place it's not easy. Nick in Dover thanks for calm back what's going on. Big guys hell are they do things. I wanted to point about the patriots were before that I just wanna say. Not that big of a 2004 Red Sox the only thing and I would've given back any other World Series and now one to 752 win. Yet day and you know I I'd I am what I say what I proclaim that the patriots for Super Bowl win was the biggest championship I don't get a lot of support. But nothing anybody is set has made me change my mind I'm dig in and I go ahead was yet. Okay well I don't I disagree what do they Rehnquist in Cuba all want the government to. It was I even know I battery matter any ring I don't remember somebody somebody else okay go ahead. What do you look at anyway I don't think in the only way that the patriots. Can blow this one. Is that. If they allow in really they won't even allow it I just see the Eagles secondary sitting down either before the game or at halftime and saying. How badly do you guys want this way you want so badly that one of us take a shot. At and Angola and gronkowski and get him out of it now I just came back from vacation and I didn't understand the amount of hatred. For patriots. And the patriots. Altogether and I I really think. That I guess what you're great game win or lose we're spoiled we went in attendance but at the chance to win this game. Provided. They can all stay healthy and they can stay on the field and and I just got a bad feeling that someone from Philly might be a jerk and take one of those players that. I think that's easier said they expect I think that the first thoughts a violent game so obviously anything can happen by. If you are targeting Rob Gronkowski. I suppose you could try to take on his knees or something but if you target him anywhere other than that. You run the risk of knocking yourself in game. And not him right that's not how football is you always think that's gonna have have you have you read about seagate and since that happened. You don't hear about re teams even targeting into whether pitches well and back and played the dolphins writers like oh my goodness knows there they all hate Tom Brady's hands and take the mound yet to. It just usually doesn't happen that way in football you go back to your point of vote. This being of all Super Bowls this being this Eagles feet team being the least familiar for patriots fans a look at their defense. I can honestly say and I do fall football. And now I'm I'm astute observer of the game. I can honestly say that probably two and a half players and their starting defense. I would have heard of before the season began dad Malcolm Jenkins and Fletcher Cox yes I'm in May be Ronald RP yet and so some inexplicable reason yet and in a so. If we talk about the actual game if you had a few red bill barn miles breakdown and ESPN is really good it's it's a mix of like stats and hardcore football stuff. So while ago routes and all that garbage but it makes an interesting points and one of the things that he brought up and breaded elsewhere too. Is that the game plan surprisingly enough that you wanna emulate if you're playing. If you're looking at all the teams the Eagles played this it was the giants the wool begun giants they Libya they went no huddle and a picked up the pace wasn't even so much that they you know ran a million plays it was just that they did not hoddle. And they made it hard for the Eagles to substitute like to substitute defensively. And the Eagles had no way of support they gave up over four and eight yards and both of those games. One of them was late in the season when the giants had no O'Dell Beckham and no Victor Cruz and no anybody. And they picked them apart and you say to yourself oh god what's the one thing the patriots do better than any team in football it is no hot all. Pick up the pace and even though they haven't done a ton of it this year like they used to doing used to be all they did. You could easily see them come and out here and not even given the eagles' chance to substitute any guy. When it's good point because when Troy Brown was doing his FROST/NIXON and you live when Mott earlier today. He said that he said that what's wrong with Tom Brady throwing over fifty times nothing nothing you say in he said don't bother pounding into the line to forget about it don't don't worry about it. To throw the ball around the corners are very did review of Ronald Darlene hard Darby in jail in mills and corner I think actually for me. With a patriots that's one of you talk about advantages. The way that you Gilmore is playing the way that butler's been playing they've been playing basically don't complain really good public Diana labor you know what I like Butler and played totally dead yet so to me that's a difference maker right there if you're talking about while who's better this team that team in that position. Matt knew it was on that and that was now. Matt. They was going on. Chung used different. Williams and if you are great does that play idea is agrees player in the NFL according to its code so while it Belichick and yeah which this was the bizarre to me is I mean iPad and has a good player. Well Albrecht in you to keep packing it in a reliable. Around for awhile now. It. Do you think he'll be honored as Acker it's that'll be his matchup that's what everybody seems to each guy is that your VP director. Oh is that your VP pick. The say c'mon commit. Yes yes yes I'm on our. Hockey of course. I mean do you want to tell me that I recognize as a former ice fisherman at Lakeland the sake I know I know this sounds indeed sounds in the background yes. Yes. Thanks human vacuum it looked like when we listen to this what is they are. I guess that's good. Europe probably and knock in a couple. Yeah. Asked this in yeah well be so I went to school Brewster academy which is a right on Lakeland to sake. So that national powerhouse. We won in New England championships on the tomorrow from. Do did I ever tell you my best headline the history of the Lawrence eagle Tribune of the ice fisherman it was a nice fishing it was a it was a story we had bad guy here and out of his column every week and the story was about. Something about don't go ice fishing without a body as if he felt the nicest. Of nice what do you see my daughter my my headline was stop collapse will stop collaborate and listen before ice ice fishing. Today like erotic they did they get really matter nobody understood what they reference movement in the newspapers once in the girls. They don't know anything about Vanilla Ice. Mike in the car was going on might. Thank you guys that it's a Google's London are Edwards and that is the interleague game in Minnesota so we are acting as minnesotans. Well had to talk a little bit about the Bill Russell comets from earlier in the chair couple facts because this would build it done in his career who may think. He opposed Wilt Chamberlain I believe it was 91 times in his career. In true winning percentage against will was up over 600 clicks actually. You know phenomenal winning winning percentage he gets its equally average tire will re air. Tom Brady has had at different times other players who have been as good it can't let me yakking it. I'm debt. Peyton Manning would be one K one person. Like this one statistic that they'll blow everyone away and and it has to do with the number of elimination games space. In in his career he faced portal elimination game that will connect playoff game if they lose this year and over you know his record was. Now puck I got to feel good guy he arguing against has faced some elimination games themselves. Troop build up 21 and now nods so I I love Brady outside McGrady but the the bottom like for me is because Russell that it. You know what can championships in twelve years dominated the league. Defensively. Albatross electric are. It's as good as solid or crapping on Bill Russell now and you know what I would. Yeah I mean I would say they call that to me Russell is the better comparison in Jordan I mean this whole week we've had enough and it's not about it's been these contrive things. Brady vs Jordan and to me like that argument. Does just a complete disservice to breeze about Brady has never been about his individual. Greatness here and there has a seven or whatever but. For the most part it's always been Brady does what it takes to win Michael Jordan was the best player in the NBA almost from the first time you set on the floor. Stepped on the floor until his. First sector retirement I guess sect in retirement after yet of Bryon Russell's shot against the jazz you know it's for those eleven years he was the best player by far Brady has. At times been the best player but it's not like he's. He they're winning because of his individual dominance he's always been about doing it that it within the framework of a team which Russell. The the sickness from the state this market Smart call before we knew we have talked Celtics as the show goes on but. Perry continued talk patriots after the scoffed his break I wanted to squeeze you into it's I was going on. Hello. And yes what's going. Booker now much hey mark our caller we can spot on about rose here. We know the last two games actual player phenomenal way it brings you two quick points Ager quote now he made a report that. Celtics not sock and corporate promptly. Our own. If school each toolbar band and I see what Iranian chartered do hope we have someone gives locate. It or try to get Tyreke Evans or the Williams which I don't want any part Evans. Williams is more to eclipse. And secondly. With the red Monroe fine and I'm. Pretty ecstatic that we picked him up he could good rebounder keep all throwback kind of player. And I to get a lot of people making work with that finding that he Wall Street to Brad is because he's not good score will be back. Our thanks for the call to cellular Ural break about a very down a side really interesting and I'm so I don't member of the writer's name the Celtics hub I think big Celtics blog Monroe EMI how he played the Princeton offense of Georgia Alex I totally forgotten and a bunch of highlights of him. Making good passes out of high post and moving the ball and being like sort of a very junior version of what Al Horford is now. Back in college so he has that in his pedigree somewhere so. It'll be interesting to see the Stephens Burnett sat back out of him. As we know what he's been in the NBA which is just like a banner that NB euros in regards mark Smart you raised good point about. The are off to you you raise good point about it well you know through things I think are inflated number one his contract to be in the year and number two we can turn a blind side to it there's glass cutting incident he had this could and European and Irving Fryer kind of thing or something like that word the real C we don't know we did we can't disprove poet though I mean guys. But we're not gonna prove who the Celtics going forward but I do wanna get your after the break had you wanna get your take on two bills he said you watched it today I was siesta yesterday okay. So short segment coming up. By two bills obviously with document it. Directed documentarian. Mr. documentarian. Thursday yes because they were to get them all out that day between because I went back to back. Bootleg version of two bills and then Tom vs Sime foam ball well talk about a right after. This he sees the WEEI Sports Radio. And network. We couldn't have done anything without each other. I think it. I think one of the great actual future head coach could have is good assistant coaches. He has. And they they were real who think along the same thing that you. On me now. Yeah we'll certainly wouldn't win a minute village even went out on my phone number of the tree I don't know who lives. I've missed the two bills documents. Besides doctor in this document area. They say that words aren't made guys I'd have to so and so I get so locked in the people who make him. So thirty to thirty ESPN films. I'm rob Bradford while it's on Tomas you're going all the way up at 8 o'clock there's nothing against you more pomp for a Super Bowl that's what I said when we were doing our show. Back in my basement. For the 1986 who Bravo to both funny yet. If somewhere does taper that somewhere yes that was great. Right my Atari 2600. It was awesome but so we're getting you pumped up for that came. By a big part of this week with everything else is going on and there was there was a lot of them with a lot of extracurricular things and one of them. Was will be that this which we knew was coming on February 1 which is the the the film the short film we should call it. Of the two bills your thoughts job. That's not match or. And now there there at the regular regular length I would I would go see this in a theater there now and I'm glad I was irate. What what was fascinating to me was. I guess a couple things one just to see how. More and he's. Parcells is in front of Cameron about check you know Parcells is just sit there it looks very comfortable. And ballots checked you know when when he's telling some stories he's fine but a lot of the times like when they had the camera on the two of them and traffic cop on me. Let's click rate might sacks thus far. Its fifth. And have a camera on Parcells. Belichick. Just looks uncomfortable in any looks adaptable he's not. But in the but the contents of what they were both saying was kind of the opposite like. Belichick was the one. When the guy was like you know would you say its lava to post stupid question like a snappy. Question at the end and doubts it Belichick wanna be like yeah yeah I would like why you asking these two crossed deal guys that they love each other like. That's sappy. But also. Like when they talk about the separation no over the jets and Belichick resigning and all of Adam ourselves animist and picked guy and then. Did while and go to New England. And you have. Ballots checked saying like looking right at ourselves and saying yeah I wish I'd done things differently I could've done things differently. And you expect ourselves to reciprocate and instead he was just like. I was disappointed our camera what he says but he doesn't reciprocate at all. I just thought there'd dynamic was really fascinating to me because Belichick still seemed like Parcells assistant. Even though Belichick's career Parcells career. If if if there mountains like Parcells is the Blue Hills. And Belichick is Everest and I know that's a little bit of an exaggeration but not much belch it's the greatest coach in history Parcells is a guy who won a couple super balls he's like. He's like on Jimmy John's all of Kramer he's a hall of Famer he's a great coach but. There's no comparison to what you've always to guy yeah about what with Parcells the thing that I think yes heated when his marks the ultimate prize. By you reminded what he did would taking bad teams two good teams including the Dallas Cowboys obviously including new jets obviously including the page of the problem he had. Was with those teams he got to a higher level that's not the ultimate yet he is a nomad he wanted to go he wanted to move on but. The thing we are talking about earlier a degree of sound of it and I just not listen to their two different answers to the question. I gotta say from my standpoint I wish that I had. Just. Gone directly to you and just talk to us just cleared here on Oden if we agree to disagree that's on that and so this'll you know more silence and are needed to be in that led. Now who's thank and water whose song was it could have been handled more directly now my hand. At a couple different points one with the jets. And then in subsequent years after that so. Certainly you know Cher might take my share the responsibility of the relationship at that point our that the better job. It's just for applauded and all bush tell us something that we did together for a long time. I wouldn't say that I was comfortable during that time. What you know. I think both of us. Move on from things you know that's what we're trying to do. It was just something that as you said where little. Disagreement on my anger. And resolve itself I'm happy that it fashion outlets big and so I think gives us. So yeah I mean so they answers are too late. Belichick looks at Parcells and says I wish I had gone directly to you. And we I wish we had talked about and if that we still disagreed then we disagree. And then Parcells just gives is very generic sort of he never admit any fault basically. You know and moves and so like their dynamic it was just like Belichick being super deferential which. It's just weird to me because he's the he's the Al thing and that scenario yet that this stuff fool ourselves they are not friends they're not they're there and. We had a caller called the other night and all their friends and they they played golf at each other and might might. Countered that it's okay if they're friends. Wouldn't Parcells knows that Belichick two kids are getting married in a couple months and answer yes yet about no of the event fine I mean I assure of Belichick has a question about a player that Parcells familiar with. Then he would column. Lot of respect because our percent that happened right but doesn't make him friends not not that means but you're gonna have people come away like oh look. They stop you'll we've gotten together and now they're best buds and in doing so. But we can talk more about this. They were not what you called true friends and don't think their friends is more friendly than it is frenzied philosophers of woeful ways and I find out there I didn't see ask the desperate case. Do you consider him. From lunar. Competitor. Loader. Yesterday it's somewhere in there as Brian Cox are all friends and yet you rivers was I doubt he's the best running Cox's the star here is like you like the Bill Parcells of of interviews. That Bill Parcells was awesome. Meaning going down there as young report I remember Hewitt. I some awesome awesome boss that I like that Cox was sort of cut through the DNL debt that these guys the last that's why he was fired fired from the salvaged salutes his great and this family is dysfunctional as the Netherlands 66177797937. Is a big breaking story big breaking news and give you after the break. And here it is Ari telly what this team has to. I wanna tell you who the Eagles kicker and partner are right after this.