Bradford and Tomase - The Anonymous Eagles - 2-3-18

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Saturday, February 3rd

In hour 2, Rob and John continue to talk about the upcoming Super Bowl, and focus on the Patriots opponent who most people seem to now very little about. They talk about the Eagles roster and how of all the teams the Patriots have faced in the Super Bowl, this one is the most unheralded opponent.


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Starting okay I'm rob Bradford a lot of Johnson posse here with you all the way up to 8 o'clock. You're not going to be able to sleep tonight anyway so don't try to bother go to sleep right now. You'd be so excited for the game to think patriots fans are gonna sleep very well who really. In preparation of parting with duke guard tomorrow yes. So I promise when playoff pay off Nazis you have you've been devouring the few bills in the latest Tom it's time science and then in the two bills and so are scrolling there now others like what would not mind how would you do that must you have an illegal version Nazi it's illegal. Screener a greener all of it strippers okay. I wanna pay off my keys John. And that way is divulging who the punter and the kicker or for the Eagles as you pointed out. This opera this opponent is probably the least known opponent of any opponent. The pages of having any Super Bowl I agree with that. A toll free and its price starts of the quarterback we know nick falls is but we don't know yet we really that. Get like fifty stories on Nick's fault before we understood exactly what you. So. We have the breaking news breaking news when news breaks this is a big deal now we don't have it dies you shrugging point. Punter Donnie Jones now here's the thing about Donnie Jones punter Donnie Jones. He's brutally for fourteen years. I never even heard of Dhani Jones now I'm yeah and I mean now a tiny he's bald he's or at least slightly bald. He anyways 221 pounds which is big for partner. But Donnie Jones yes LSU. League fourteen years. But here's a story angle. That's good for the ticker more important breaking news here is the story angle on them would reveal who the kicker is in the second. Them and tell your story angle which I haven't read at all which was there to be had. So the tickets. He's played one year he's a rookie. But just because you went. The once you're into a story and kickers. Where it's what what what college would go to North Dakota now Memphis. Why why I'll vote out like this took pictures of both or Memphis or Memphis state is I'd like to say backlash definitely silent for Vinatieri. Was in the North Dakota news or ethnic. Oh yes yes that music kickers those dollars and batter not a bad as not a bad gas but. I haven't read one single hey these tickets I have to Google may have been dismissed tread devour everything right him what do you do Jake Elliott play baseball that's. We can find that out and it would give a monologue before 8 o'clock to present it to me now. I did read something about how one of the unsung areas of his game you'd special teams. Then they have like a five yard advantage personally between. Two relative special teams measures patriots are. Better position. The Eagles Bosnia as the return men and mediocre kickers so whatever that's why don't don't file that my two guys study showed zero deli guys boring. Against a juicy story for your RIJ. Elliott broke Stephen got out keys. Meant this. Bong field goal what was. He hit a few presidents Carter got out here if it three you are you don't have recess battered that reeks of payback for discussed they tax. Hey dad I would like to see guess that's you make Anixter I'd let's let's all aim at this you know these last two and here is a level in years since the central points and a little shaky in the post season. Yeah and and also you go back it's. Is he is he threatening to a hall of fame guy. Nostalgia now there's no kickers or another and one Morton Anderson and dementieva Vinatieri Marietta and now what do I mean that you created military's gonna get in. For longevity and for Super Bowl winning connects. I guess that was you'll have longevity Balkan Matt Bryant and I was knickers I pick out that stupid question that's. I was struck try to blow them off so I'm very glad I go back. Breaking news I take back my question goes it was Tom. But it was you go back to that Super Bowl you know they lost the giants like that not Belichick not having the faith what was a 49 yarder yes and if you remember. He shank to kick off out of bounds yet in that game and and say was young enough ballots Jack was bad every bit justified to not. In that situation because you're just giving. You the amazing and I don't I can't remember if it was revealed after this last season if you have like some injury that was affecting but he was not good at all last year. Not good at all he's been much better this year yet but still not the level that he was a couple years ago I mean he's got a lot of extra points that sort of sneak inside via bride and it's not that. Automatic ID want to be. I scroll through the two bills and it found the thing that I had last night when I watched and it sort of flash bios that's interest on double check Ian Browne said the united aside that was kind of cool Ian Browne at the crazy Belichick press conference looking like he was twelve years old. But that no there is the debt where they talk about 83 giants season and how it was like. Parcells is on the verge of maybe being fired and you know there's a lot of uncertainty in so ballots second decided to go to the vikings to be linebacker coach before it changed his mind made the little. Like newspaper excerpts and right above it says. Named former Minnesota gopher quarterback Tony Dungy defensive coordinator making him when he pianist coordinator in the NFL. I only guy was Belichick and go to Minnesota to work for yes. But now dungy if he'd be below the blurry part of glory part about it. You if you buys you can see it's Pittsburgh Steelers Saddam had been hired by the city jail we're coming up with all this Ariel gloves and I thought well it bull late to dungy leave them right now as the Steelers so. Well that's that would have been that well so away and so you've we were we're picking through this this the bill vs bill. Bill vs the two bills. I'm having fun to confuse congress' time. The through Tom some vs bill over well yes yeah have been picking through it but so is there anything else from bill the two bills. That that really stuck out you I mean it's obvious for patriots fans is great because you have that whole era of one thing was. That Belichick said that coaching staff for the patriots was the best coaching staff via Ruben Pardo. And when he brought in one Al groh was is viewed as a coordinator Maurice cars on there. You don't go to line pilots I mean Charlie Weis like Romeo canal now all of these guys bunch of guys went on to be it coaches I guess. I'm just I mean some notes outlets on this day is it more real quick one thing is. Robert Kraft taxes something it doesn't call to make sure the fax arrived. Yeah that whole story seemed a little fly like you know pioli describes spurring the facts down and then. Parcells likes renting out the hall and all that it yet you probably needed to be a little more are. Diligent you know following it makes for a good story now I guess they forget started but actually you bring a craft. I I light how. Kraft did not BS. When he talked about those two guys you know like the parry says something like. You think about managing to people like yeah you know like that these guys are not easy and I love this America at its base you know. Belichick took so much heat for that jets press conference and then you through the crack of the Smart I thought it was a great press conference. And that was good and and when you do something like that you just when everybody involved to be honest and I thought crafts. Was probably the most honest of anyone yet these both of these guys could be in the gas as it was basically news or suggesting he tells the story about before they hired Belichick about you know talking and Dom Capers and Dom Capers. Missed his flight as the snows will be at yesterday's higher balancing act. Now you do story where Derrick Croat and carry crone and it's Jerry crow crow dirt road the former BYU coach. Told you his words not anybody else. Gary crohn's were his words they told him that he was going to be that choice. There. If the united ballots yet he can be Ron and you know my B well also I don't know much like the broadcast position we heard him say this to a lot of people's yeah I mean who knows he's on he was clearly on their list and yet interviewed and they talked to and they liked him I got to be like Dom Capers in my. Disputing that yamana might be the case of Greg says it may be using Gary crohn's had presidency Gary crowd was spared in about babies who is just addressing Gary Croat and saying those words that law I was the guy. I asked the guy. And Dom Capers meant he could bench press a lot a great take care but without a big disaster. Not it would not have been doubts now bird now. 6177797937. The other documentarian. Documentarian. Via. I'll hold there are almost there. Documentary. The other the other documentary that came out and I I did do this I watched. The two bills and then right after I watched the episode four of commerce has time. You got through little note episode or will you watch the other ones Dahlia yet so give your overall take on. I'd like the behind the scenes in LA at the first one worried me a little bit because hunger or give us an advertiser. It felt like an infomercial. But as they have worn on I just hate this is what you want you want a behind the scenes look. I thought the stuff the Tom house was great you know where they're talking about throwing mechanics and and be you know house talking about that final 1% that the great. Players need to you know perfect they're craft and all that and Brady being hard foul mouth to know while he's doing and then. The stuff where he's throwing him a dollar and cattlemen and you know like bleak socking them throughout the whole process that that was good. Anything that just gives you a window into what things are like the stuff of his kids you know like. I thought his daughter was deplorable danced it well though does that and the stuff with his son in the fourth one night. It it at least gives you a window into this guy as a guy and a and a let's tell you my favorite moment this is probably just because. At the time a matter in my life I have a little girl who's a who constantly is like daddy daddy look at this daddy what come here to daddy's commuter follow me follow me it looked daddy daddy daddy. And so he's like talking on the couch at the end of the third month and the daughter Vivian Johnson & Johnson his lap and I data yet to show you something. Daddy com daddy now like to get a hit a snap his fingers they have busted me around and you can just identify with that and mean you have she's no longer a little girl you have a daughter I'm sure remember those days. Not now on and not wearing now that he natsios exactly so we'll. Are meantime we have an I daughters love. The but you mentioned you know that moment and AB yeah you do have an appreciation. Of this guy why he's not like us is likeness of a lot of ways and I know it's edited and in science and everything else. But I think I like to believe that some of this is I can Jett died I get this. But it would Brady. We talk about the release of the whole thing and is just a distraction and so forth and so on he goes into it. And in wide you know who he ripping did not was not well time was because. Was was because like Brady's. Antennas are your op I mean he's letting everyone in. You know a lot more than he ever pass some and probably already thinking I don't wanna do it and then later in the week the next one about. Is sun kissing him and that becomes the store creep. You know as this this whole thing about the dynamic of of kids kissing their parents and I am not gonna lie that pirates had to jump out at me and but I think I've yet nobody there but that's my point is that. I think that it did Joseph about you but you can certainly understand it I don't bank sorority each is own everybody has got but that's action in their own that's why you know that's a wide. You're in the middle Super Bowl week. That's why it's not a huge conversation is not the matter in the pages are facing third and tan a who cares but it people write about it they're writing about everything. And so yeah and I think. You know between the stuff with dreamer. But really just that in particular that to me it was a symptom of how on interest in this whole week because I think. And other super balls that story would not have blown up like it did I think a big reason it did was because. There was nothing else like this is not a compelling matchup in May end up being a compelling game. But pregame there is nothing about this in these two weeks leading into it. Where you mean you really have to talk to yourself and to be well the you know motive. You know that it you know there must be really really important CBS news's diving into it. So we asked New Yorkers what they stopped. I think to answer any age is like OK you can kiss on the cheek he'd give him a hug you know home planet not in the mouth enough for that long too little. It's a little slight romantic belongs easily than they did get a massage through the that makes it weird. Could I just muscle in my lips and I had since they want to you know I would have no problem less like to simulate that. We spoke to no one question Tom Brady's intentions toward each child. But they did seem to question the message he's sending with his actions I don't think affection should ever be tied in with the faith are Caroline Meyer mortals as a licensed clinical social worker and parenting expert she says when it comes to physical touch the message we send our children should be clear you don't do anything with your body because someone else. He is. Insisting to do it in order for you to get what you watch even if the person insisting his mom or dad. Are you kidding me while I hadn't heard that hadn't heard that rob I'd noticed you community. Like come on come on listen if York creeped out by the visual I'm not gonna argue you you know that. That is not it's something that in my family has ever. One time one time when as the kid dies to it's my mind about before school in on my third grade. Second grade or whatever and I had a little sister and a brother who's only a year younger than me and I was tired and I like just my mom goodbye and it is my sister back. And it's my brother goodbye right on the lips like. Just in days and blue Bentley boats dot the is what each other like what else is at a it's I cared. You don't do anything with your posse because someone else. It's your means of that's unbelievable driving teachers that we did not hear this what you wanted to hear this in 1986 with Steve Grogan now non aids but it's not broken couldn't turn his neck and what tells us licensed clinical social worker and parenting experts that the next role as protecting his whole face it'll buy it is you're right I mean this is. This speaks to the super ball what the Super Bowl has become this Super Bowl I've heard it before there's not a lot of stars in the Super Bowl. You have ballots secular Brady you have brawn. Okay he'd gone name names the more that's it that's it. So but in this whole we cannot honestly that's why I think that. The big guys down there for us the Minnesota in Minnesota they did a great job I mean you're gonna keep the train moving. You saw somebody's on the radio stations when we counted one show. The FAA and show fifteen gas. Fifteen guess you're just reading on that. Would you say that a bigger story line in the Eagles players in the Eagles fans in Philadelphia fans the general public coming in so that you've been talking about zevil solar. So coming in. Right when the game ended we heard a lot about the Eagles fans Eagles fans in re crazy in and the guys who were in Jacksonville they sit on the Eagles fans with the worst and but. As the week has gone on I happen. Now that they they're a lot of home. And are at the ball. They're dominating tonight mentions asking him nobody knows tied that that brought me as thank arsenic but they're dominating the mall but it's like. Have have we seen a lot of videos of gas graduate student at Saddam wilding like level of what's been I don't I don't retard for wilding. ESCO and Allison came retail scenario. Hi I don't think that I really think that the purple and probably as great ending to wreck happening for the first under the generations there. It also can mean anything to keep you served as possibly consider it rational fact. That international. But if you don't want actually nicotine's. An episode because the whole point like Jack probably pulled into the red carpet what would be to win the World Series. Was proof that there's just something better with Iraq. And how to read putts wins opens up to date basically anything is possible story can change and we can move forward. Yeah and on top of that what was the what was that Jimmy Kim. Yeah in the crowd. No other the more of them yeah movie even critics say that it is today touted reside in an exit Elson and John these are not these are not anything that is gonna get me off my point in because. My point. I think that to the rockets into Egypt saying I mean obviously there's also that it was definitely a lot. And the red hot women in which doesn't thinking this was indicted in the process back on that and that yeah you'd look in the contractual. I want to do that we'll talk with people say I think that the email I think I'm Tom Brady ever. He can make it a good. In his bat I don't know what the Patriot Act I just went actually brought the teens listen to people feel good. So all get a straight Nelson you want the Eagles to win. And I writes I am not clear. Alison thanks for the talk appreciative. It's you know you're not getting me up the point because others do the smile test once again. The reaction you don't think people not around I'm tired Helen and I have got no I think they were like whatever yeah it has exit like who cares. But no the the reaction because it was that. Out of no where moment. As took a back the Red Sox where you're building up to it or is this week. It was three you'd won the first three games you are losing the series but again yeah I mean you're kinda conveniently overlooking the what they had just done in the series before I know I'm I'm just taught history like Riley putt on under is talking about the most. The again the reaction the smile test on these mild ask. I wanna get that doctor on CBS news like well let's see if if I smile too much is that sending the wrong message and untested children. My goodness 6177797937. We gonna continue. With the like who the heck are the Eagles tock and I do wanna get the Celtics a little bit later 'cause you're all in on Redmond aren't tolerated. Yes that's not I little tubby Bagram package. Let's see. Sports. Network. Our best rob Bradford Johnson moxie take you all the way up to 8 o'clock I don't know why say all the way up. Or take you to 8 o'clock debt and then you're gonna keep listening. To these airwaves straight through overnight straight through overnight into the game mud and yet again mutton key five hours tomorrow. Moderate but I must wait is that from here from there and a staying no I didn't have him back there Kyra back to back right yet. They're hoping to its snowing right now Minnesota. All. Cool. What what I was supposed to be on tomorrow. The Lee and I'm turnoff. Acme Packet the packet up out there hello this is by theater so your fazed about it. Now. Strategies are. It. Yeah it's a while hopefully they'd make it back. I don't know at a rich might be back already put them money. Rule like yo who would do when a mutt mutt mutt. As I gave him an eight and ever seen and heard him happier. When he asked me the greatest shows in ninety Mok and today. And I the only reason he gave him an a though is because he wasn't eating all week sirens for do you check in my pastor and I see it got my bag right now save a break. It's just my Joey and Doug lane left in Minnesota. As ours and you about last radicals and abiding Joey stain mountainous cares about this for a understood them. This talking. Making sure the stations so where our way it was back here that show respect here though was there now and earlier they are now think generally provides that thought they were pouring stands there. Oh yeah oh yeah he does the TV. Good job by all this shows out there are goaded WEEI. Dot com we had a record breaking month. At the website in January's gradually since John saw me it is mostly. Alice are appreciated by it was it was great great stuff all week on not to saying that they did a great job both. Turning whether apple crisp in the apple pie or something I don't know Christmas pretty much. Active clouds as a stud out to get that sick and announced but but he adds those that run now and yes but it but they did a good job big boy being tackled and having the temptation. Of the pretzel store right near them I mean the smell. Hannibal pointed this out to me. Is like I'm like what's that like it wasn't like he's like it's like the North Shore ball on steroids the same thing you walking he's not pretzels you know slow and deep into the mom America. I have. I was there have only been there once this thing I said it was loss of the odd thing is to tell people want to get out of there as the week on their deals stir crazy. But the the media party we've gone the media party before obviously Super Bowl media party is they do they do all right there's sometimes they'd make you know a lot of times in May he take a boss there whatever this was right where everything was. And the bizarre point wise. They had the open bar right next to the roller coaster. Which seems like a lethal blow based yeah. I bite my friend my good friend the talented Emerson Bosnia from NASA and immediately taxes that dog dude. I used to I used to do shots in the Disney World. That in there in the Disney World parking lot amid rides based Bowden amid end up off the monorail without my clothes but there's that's as the vice well that's exactly the problem. You don't put an open bar next to rollercoaster. It was weird to have iso one of the pictures. Are set up there and you don't realize how packed in everybody late radio row. It's always you radio stations from all over the country and it's a relatively contained areas that is not a lot of room to maneuver. But there's enough depending on where you are night. Been to Super Bowls in Arizona and Miami and dad Detroit's. And India might places with. I guess enough space but this one it was like holy cow everyone is just packed right in on top of each other. Which is how to dudes from Houston yet has yet to fight and it ends up on our airway yeah wide wide by the way probably unlike those other places if they were gonna pac man. The people are watching you mean you're you have the food court people all around in only end up as the week went on because that's how works the Super Bowl yet people. Really really have an influx of people on Thursday and Friday and Saturday that's why people on the parties so we had the party. So yeah so what we're saying is that despite all the adversity. Our guys to degrade today delivered. Blair made Blair what's going on. On. Especially you know when patriots know they are gonna win and went there aren't enough the G-8. Let our guy. On the radio which is. Look what he ate for her one day ate something that sounded really really. Any other juicy Lucy amber has she's built into the amber. And now. I one of those boat just go right to sleep after that talks Saturday and right now. Let's. You can easily could make your own on shore parties and I bet it's either melatonin or juicy Lucy had access. Just having brought patent robbed genachowski that the no doubt whoever we're gonna take care of business tomorrow we're gonna have it done we're gonna have a parade on Monday is it right. It's that time about I field I'd rob I've missed him player thanks for the call I got you feel like there is a roster Janikowski probably as it passes if Sebastien is that I'll answer. He said that it sort of like that that would be a guy. The character in like the movie the replacements when she win here Revis Shane Falco is the quarterback. Rob genachowski seems like he should be tied Dan of that team. Oh thank you ware appreciate that Gordon Connecticut was going on Gordon. Hey just ones on the Eagles and nice honor. Yeah I I think you're underestimating the Eagles. Please tell us highway and other years earlier before before you do that before you do that Gordon I'm gonna give you tests if I've been waiting to do this and you're the perfect person to do this well. Can you please name the stars on defense for the Eagles for our for our listeners. Well our front seven is Cox Jernigan Graham curry Ornette. Long bow out. So that. Well logs are not lies not know. But Barnett long known about the hub of the linebackers. Like back Hendrix I think hicks is our hearts I think x.s got hurt couple weeks ago. Yeah yeah you've proved you know it's a lie outline how they gonna win the oh yeah you. Quietly fix my. According go ahead tells where you know one. Just I just think you're underestimating RD and is. It. I don't think but you're just you're you're right and wrong all the network. That's not my and glared glared dad isn't there like he calls not a named him after snicker and Radiohead go ahead. Anyway I just stick around a nonevent I I got it you're out you know right degrade ever did that I no doubt in my mind about that. I think if Lance was quarterback it would be a different game I'm balls all status you know he got some skills that he not Atlanta. I just think it's going to be one on the expensive side on the Philadelphia side I think our defense is gonna be a little bit too much. Your offensive line. And I think our offensive line is a little bit. Q athletic. They're not big. But they're very athletic and I I think it's going to be close. But I really think this is eagle cheer I mean it's gonna need more guys I don't. Goes without saying dad there's no question about that. You know one thing I would as a dog or is good lock the luck to you my friend the way this patriots season has unfolded. As this at any point I guess until now felt like a Super Bowl champion season bag now that one thing has been in the back of my head like. At some point when the patriots have had years like this in the past they haven't had very many but where there is. You know just between the bad start and injuries and the ballot check craft Brady stuff at the end of the year in the fact that they really weren't they did not. He hit the playoffs on all cylinders at all. You just felt like I had this really isn't there a year but then. There draw was so unbelievable. In the post season between Tennessee Jacksonville and now back a quarter or here's another one. So I just I just wonder. Are we gonna look back and say of course they didn't win this game this year this was not meant to be super rule a year or is another one off that an offshoot of that. If you will John. Has there been a super patriot Super Bowl team that has relied on Tom Brady more than in this now now now now and you know the first three war one. To varying first on the certainly about their defense you hold the greatest show on turf to set yes flights but even after that. They have the Carolina game they were still it's even though that was a high scoring game. That was a team built on defense in a Rodney Harrison got hurt late in that game but Philly team was a balanced team but you know it's. Deion Branch. I haven't felt like a team was this reliant on Brady. To make it this far since he's no way in and I heard. When Troy brown and on the was talking about this can't see you team winning and that falls I can't see if you win and it falls well. It it it wouldn't you say that you might have learned your lesson if you're the patriots fans because. That's what happened in the first time he won a Super Bowl. You wanna game with your version and it falls yet he on fragrances like we now know what Nichols is I think we have a pretty good idea but if I'd been quite good Tom Brady was like Tom Brady. Certainly deemed he won the MVP of the game probably shown of but he wasn't like he was carrying are gonna go back and look at stats that camp but if you said nick foals are gonna have the stats Tom Brady had that game. You like all mogul neverland will never way but this happens it is a reason why the Eagles are good. Let's breaking down his left Eagles yeah I mean it's okay so the Eagles defense is great they've had a tremendous season. And they just blew out the vikings who have very good defense ashore late. And things by falls plays like he did last week. Anything is possible but just. You know sort of taking it on the lot averages. You would say the odds of him repeating that performance are very low especially in the super ball. And then. I was texting one of the NFL writers today just being liked the Eagles have any Chela the national guys as a clue. The Eagles have any chance in this game and he said now in the patriots could be down toi mean going in the fourth quarter. And I would still pick the winning game that's and now I feel like. Even if it ends up being close. Patriot system. In the Super Bowl against the rams Tom Brady was sixteen for 2740. Effect that's hard. Fortified bats yeah it's that's insane anyone can be equally to review NBA MVP argument lot of credit for getting in the fuel Arabia and victors don't I don't really have a lot of this island at time he also. One carry for three yards. Out on the top I am getting so fired up it's crazy. Only 45 minutes 45 minutes until the 24 hour mark of his suit that's right so will will creep closer to a we're almost there. Threw it right after this sees the deal he Sports Radio network. You go where there's a bit better story is pretty simple Eagles fans of Baghdad to reel tape that happiness and satisfaction of what I can tell ever in their lives. Patriots fan craft use a little bit humbly that eligible Lawson is simple ball basically if the Eagles win the patriots moved. Maybe they evolved their fans won't be like that no more and I think that's a win for everybody else. As a fine job. Really I mean like what should care about. Fans about patriot fans being humble and here they believe. Like someone approved that. Because that's an if if this isn't news flash if little book money Jones like I mean younger in my Jones had their team win all the time. Then they're fans are probably be his his fans are probably be yelling about it all the time there that's what happens when your team wins a lot. Yeah happy about it. I'm giving them and looking for this smiley face some incidents that it's the smile test. I want Eagles fans I want them to call it does go that it lets go out there. I would ask you about and so do the you know the kicker and punter Josh McConnell is going on jobs. They Josh Josh NRA was going on. It's not and I think it means jacket thank you. So you want to wanna make all my friends here are very high on the pat. Obviously they're you know we're not like David I understand why. That being said all my friends and other gonna win 12124. I mean I've been seeing pat and bit overhyped oversight since 0:7 am on to say how it dot you're. Now I area award goes to and we're tired of this Josh about how do you do you know the players on the Eagles. Could use. I mean but do you dole as much as the other opponents the pages Herat and Super Bowls. I think at the and especially lit by the pat climactic or without hightower all the air and not. You know we're certain courts didn't tired and out there badly zucker you know people are talking about him and he's savage you'd game. Yeah I thought retired and the league. Then you have disputes like I allure and and you know. Darren yeah in the middle of the field so long legged guy yet the backfield he can ruin anything and you know and pat yeah running. I think there's not at some legitimate weapon that you go along with a game manager all. Yeah I area of thanks for the call that's what his game manager with a good team can we talk about what a shame it is that Lance is playing this game and now it's time after the firm up now or ever was by. Six weeks but it. You know that would be a marquee match you have the quarterback of the future vs the quarterback of the present soon to be past statement. And and instead element instead you have nick falls who's a you know as far as backups though he's probably. Once that hatred strategy in EG news about it best back left in the league. But even still take you there it's asking a backup quarterback. To beat the best quarterback in the history but not all but not a good. But the economy out where that is that they have two cores as I mentioned before I think they can be the difference makers. They could be the bus was still scares me in Butler ski so there's I don't think he's had adding ending he's got a great post season you know you heard my Butler read about the Super Bowl. Navy. Now refresh my memory let me just say no okay you can give it fresh for the list of all okay I'll do right after Vinny Vinny was going on. It was gone it's no idea and good. Hey I don't want to say that patriot offense. Is still much the Eagles. And ain't it too much side apparently got. Lot well it does say it and I mean you got. You have Britney cam video in the slot that's about it absolutely yeah I mean Don grainy the best quarterback administrative posts oddly out. How would they don't stop them. Now I what I was originally I was busy job I've finishing now it's it's again if we could do was replacements to. When you have that football names are awesome I've always said the jittery said the two best. He played at quarterback or former quarterback on two different movies. The replacements Shane Falco awesome name. And then the ultimate. Point break former Ohio State quarterback that's right Johnny Utah. Are my goodness great great names so my take on Malcolm Butler. Is that and I said this to. Ronald pro on your money or somebody but. As a bike yeah all right AB did you know clueless talk tomorrow. -- his response is awful that's not good but I mean if you tell you guys regularly football names like you're talking about him not on I obviously would focus on finding the home plate yeah that I really went to mark Malcolm Butler expects I've sent to be great football name of Vicki and to deal with there a community east that's always fun game to verify that Baghdad in goma crucify that are around and after the after 6 o'clock that area business Cain but it but I by the sub with black last week that. The play I said to him the player who has the most to gain by playing well Super Bowl obviously you know the answer it. Because I says named Malcolm Butler yet by any music on Brady in history and now Null the most to gain from playing well in the super ball. And that is Malcolm Butler mean because this goes to my whole. Storyline which every time out of Boston team goes to the playoffs they come up with which is this bizarre notion that if you play well in the post season. Bad big moments the post season you make money if your freeagent. That the Pablo Sandoval thing gas as a sense that that's true no it's true again in in the ultimate one in May be maybe you'll get this maybe you'll remember this. Larry Brown. Letters are well Larry on the cowboys' two picks against Neil O'Donnell get the MVP average quarterback it's enormous payday from the Oakland Raiders. Off of that game Kelly he'll let take 27 port and that's why that's the I was a little bit at least a billion dollars it if it's a million dollars. But I think those are a little smile and what but MI wrong it doesn't have to be it doesn't it in part via our money EE distant yet. And he's adult and you have a big moment yeah that's that's where it propelled him to people paying attention on and start classifying as a good quarterback. But if you have a couple picks in this game you're Malcolm Butler. That you're making more money in the free agent market. I mean I. I will actually and change in subject slightly by Tina Arco everything we've been talking about here. I'm actually gonna side with Ken layered who has. Absolutely just 100%. Ridiculed. Now last week by the morning guys among others for his idea that this is like the least important symbol the patriots ever played. And not promote Butler Arabia TI try not thrown out of it back now about a maybe I'm can fleeting buzz verses importance but I. I just feel like. There is bowl. There they're doesn't feel like there's that much on the line compared to some of these games like oil if they Brady went for the Eagles are not aware talking all the from the patriots attack on the patriots perspective. Like obviously wanna win if they lose it will be disappointing and all that but when you consider what this season. Was which was a really a struggle almost from start to finish. A struggle for patriots being thirteen and three. When you consider all of those factors. I don't think they've played a Super Bowl with quote on quote less on the line basically like Brady. You know and being he's already but this thing Brady is a party ended the debate over who the best quarterback is. So the winning or losing this game doesn't change that it adds his lead but it doesn't change well win or lose. We can afford to a couple days from now win or lose I think that you immediately gonna pivot right through the Brady Belichick's. We're right lose not I mean if no no while I don't you have to have noted that after the parade and everything else because it is that important John. Jose and stowed was going on Jose. They no longer than that take micro. Yeah. He expects I just wanted to say I wouldn't call nick told McCain can't tell me what you decide that we can't eat meat keep it vote 187 touchdowns and two in the. That was that was four years ago and that was oh yeah Andy Reid offense which is like game manager sort of by definition. Yeah well kind of that would put him out political and McCain panicked out color quality quarterback. That idol finals and this doesn't feel. This whole season hasn't felt like a preordained Super Bowl champions season has recently I mean it's easy to forget but when the playoffs started. And we were all talking about the wicker Sam's stuff I was in your time card and I said. I don't know if this team is going to be one and I feel like. The odds of this team being one and done and the odds this team winning a dollar the same neither Obama surprised when he said senior. You know so even people who are tied in in plugged in with the patriots like me and I'm currently. At 11 AM. Like Tom car and were you know if they last. Probably weren't gonna lose Tennessee be you know I mean if the if the drive worked out a little differently. And they had ended up with Jacksonville Pittsburgh or whatever in those late may be denied even hear the such as this doesn't feel like one of those. Wire to wire easily the best team in football kinda now team about the vibe that I'm getting listening all week long the last couple weeks is that. Patriots fans are trying to find that way. Of of saying well you know it's not a great patriots team. But you in so there's the possibility of all of them losing they're trying to find that. But they can't convince themselves because nick foals of the court yeah I don't think anyone's even trying to convince themselves I think people are pretty content. That hey it's going to be a fun party tomorrow to watch the patriots win them another suit art four lines a light it up we'll get through all the ability Andrew Mike all of the rest do. We're gonna continue this conversation and I do what I walked Eagles fans. This because I want a detail like we it's nothing if nothing else I want to give him the test of who is the starters on their roster. To prove that they are indeed fans and also to let us know who the stars on the roster are. Be back right after this.