Bradfo Sho, Ep. 41: The Rajai Davis Experience

The Bradfo Sho
Wednesday, August 30th

Rob Bradford is joined by new Red Sox outfielder Rajai Davis for a fascinating conversation about the Connecticut's path to arriving with Boston. The former 38th-round pick offers candid commentary about overcoming a series of obstacles on the way to becoming a big leaguer, how close he previously came to joining the Red Sox, behind-the-scenes details about the World Series home run that tied Game 7, and his thoughts on potentially becoming the next Dave Roberts (despite admitting to not knowing Roberts' place in Boston history). Also, for the second time in the podcast's history a cameraman helps with the introduction, spicing things up a bit.


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Add road show. That might open deputy police would have brought that might help. Where were you don't know why you're stupid can Brad boat show. That delicious. We get a good ones get a good one this week Roger Davis or as I have now called a mirage. Davis on the ground social for the first time in. And probably the bests but we've got a lot of good graphic shows lately but one of the better ones but we'll keep that's. Brad social podcast in. And in that one we had a cameraman introduced help introduce the podcast I was still Messina moos of Comcast so we've gone back to the well Steve Silva. Nelson who's joining us and I know you're an avid follower of the pockets correct that is true I'm an avid follower avid listener. It's great but all right and so when you saw me walking out of the club house with a rise a Davis would my microphone and you knew were going. Did the guilt single policeman. Not a not a single club maybe a well brain spasm I guess let's say a certificate that. Insisted on what would be happening but I knew I figured. To be Brent show so if you you so you're obviously looking forward to this are you look forward all whom you always tell me every single time I love Internet. It's great podcasts to of the good work. What is it what is this thing you're looking for the most about the rising Davis podcast. Well hearing what have you would be great. That's fair. Not a chance them some questions you know and get some answers that you know at the other guys get you know you only get. That's what makes him the Brett social pockets of great well that's Lou. You're you're you're today's your lucky day because that's exactly what we did once again we talked a lot with a Rodger Davis about. It's almost you're almost having to quit baseball we talked about news. The dot home running it in the World Series Osce which would have been one of the biggest home runs in and post season history to throw. It whether and how he became such a good base stealer talked about almost coming threats as we talked about at all does that make you could make it seem more exciting. Then you even anticipated before doing a scenario you have a Mexican ask if you can just and me the clip saying here because and so. Excited to hear it and against racist element well well well what you or our listeners wait any longer use drugs but it it it fronted if making it is very very first appearance on the pretzel show which means free teacher. Raj Davis translations Verizon and welcome welcome not only to the show will welcome Boston well thank thank you rep has wrapped me. All right so first off you I was owed you are yet to Connecticut kid what your back story. Law obviously a lot of hard work to get to where you are right now in the middle of another pennant race. But you know I've here's a couple years ago the Red Sox actually I. The use of new. You might actually end up with a Red Sox seem to be a sit there and go back a couple years when. They were looking for rain that you remember was there any talk earning interest at all. I think there was interest. In the that was picked up. Chris and its. So think bill that there was interest in. And just didn't work out. Soda both that you ended up here and and to go back to it got you from Connecticut. And that you said you slow or work your way up late round draft picks to where you are here right now. Was there any time and then when you're coming up need when you're going through college when you're going through the draft. To blow when you're going through the miners trees like this I don't know how I might wanna have to do something else in my life. Yeah I think that that that thought of doubt just creeping and just fortunate enough to have them good support team. And it is fourteen and to encourage me. In those moments. And you know. Keep keep working hard keep pressing forward. And you know things will turn around. You always been a guy that. I felt overlooked. Especially in the minor leagues. There was always somebody ahead of me there's always somebody put in front of me. Every time. I think it's my turn. Another guy would come they would that they thought should be there so. Let's say the adversity had to deal with that amount to the Miami to have shaped my character. Shape. That the player that I am and you know it helped mold me into Felix. Thick skin. Closed due marine instance picked in particular where it maybe it was the lowest point where like that someone really had to talk you out of it getting out sort of the discouragement of at all. Well in Rickie both were started. I was in or people. You know is. Their eyes signs of spring training and win. By I didn't make any of the four teams that know he's in a high a double I have seen. In their AAA something in the extended. And then I'm not even playing and extend it. We you know playing in extended ball. That good sign here on your way out to the war now. And so on Tony yours though plane rookie ball with. Guys they just got from Dominican. You know 161718. Year old high school draft picks. I'm playing these whining you know someone who knows loans and lead. So when my teammates were twenty is that he and his college draft. You know just feeling old Lee. Going for the moment though before this season started and during. The extended spring you know had a conversation frank conversational vocal. About. My career. Where. Or how I needed what is what I need to do to that that time off switch hitting. And city was not working out for me thing left and then right hand I was fine. I was not in right handed. Switch hitting thing wasn't working and so had to make an adjustment. And I just can't switch hitting because there's too much pressure on me to. Deviated. Without your uncle's advice for that was my aunt just talking with him. And and and kind of thinking out loud while talking to him you know and they came to that conclusion that being and he. And got to let campaign would hit and McCain so. Use one thing Kampman and perform better by Republicans I mean the reform and he's still the chance to do it. Make those team. Was news. After you did that news and I'm just gonna take advantage of whatever opportunity I would wonder that opportunity eventually Toma who came that year. In were people who knows this is like my black struck let my last chance and so. I proceeded hit 384 a year and one of batting title and once low way for one game. I think I moved up to loan I'm sorry what's it short season a quick one game in and that moved up to low wing when we eventually want championship. Had a tough. Streak in May following year. But the remembered what I had done that the previous you know few games. You know they they allow me to make them lowly team. And by doing that doesn't have the opportunity for me where proceeded. No through five and you know and you go through some struggles that your. The with the batting average. Should step perseverance and and and did that draft to get better and you know all things will work out so. We're if if things don't turn that rookie year what do you do what what do what was your fails and it was their fill it was there. It is the graceful thing doesn't work out or things don't turn I mean there's gonna be it I'm gonna do this. Well I and I and have that I mean. They step on my mom was from 11 basket. I'll focus on you know this gonna make it happen. You know and if this is just worked out for me. And I just I think this was part of no my my destiny my purpose you know. I'm going through lies and you know this is who knows this and do you. Go through that struggle. You know. I've gone through. And numerous amounts of university so you know it's. Universities it is it's it's shaping blocked its history. You know I know Stephanie help me in my career. When so when you went rosier when was the timing your once or the me two weeks. Dead you have to sort of fight off the adversity once again because like you said just guys playing in front of you. It's one thing to be called up to the major leagues for than just being realistic there to get the chance to remember a moment where that sort of a turning point view. Why known triple A used. But for your trip triple that struggled right the first three months of the year come out of it too long you know. By August. Policy and to me you know so those huge turnaround and in effect that could do wants. And doing in you know in in and that was my mindset in Maine and getting called out that year. When. Name popped at her. It's on you know on. Dakota before September and that was. Those nines those things refreshing you know and then. They got me expose to you immediately pitching. Expose than me in the atmosphere. And so makes here and I didn't make the team. I had a moral sense sense of urgency it was my experience and AAA. You know cut off to a hot start. You know and definitely. Mildly I was Hadley it's one game maybe shoot him in the next Pope. Those same years. Name. And the nationals. It's Randy and Brandon. His last thing. But Watson crick and Watson. He's. Twenty gains are to win games you examine their thirteen game hitting streak does this pretty crazy you know judge gets him a good fit. And that's pretty crazy but I. Cars before him you know itself. No that was just not just blessing to speed right place right now. UN up in three years in Charleston right. I was three years here and yes but that the war in Houston and in one place for you no actually Oakland goes along stand now. Now as an Oakland. Them for 08. I'm late in April. This season in 09 in ten and then I came back this result is officers are this season. And yes there were mostly. You're so we're sitting here and try right now and you're you're pretty good run here and ability to obviously thorough is your manager to when you come back now doozy is that this. Do the same guy you're going to hear a few days I get it but does it feel like the same sort of general vibe it's as having him as a rancher. Com. We'll know we actually got up a winning team and then you know it. We were a different team. We're totally differently we're. We were younger and who wins out here. First ladies season and and I think it just didn't work out here for some reason I can't remember exactly what what happened. Now you know come into a situation where you know world where this team and we are the team earlier this team to beat. You know there has not gone in and that's a great situation not to walk into. I'm just thankful that you know. I'm I'm I'm here and I got up today to help us win. This couple more things one is obviously last year when you with the Indians and in our good run the Indians and that though the home run to ask about that record. Talk that eighth inning World Series game seven hits a home run to tie the game. I'm just I've never going to be in that situation most people and life are never going to be in this issue. So I'm anxious to hear sort of if you take me back to that mentality of even walking up to the plate right then and they sort of going through it. Just this moment which is just such a unique moment. Well that have been actually started before the World Series start I think as those of preparations in the a C does plan in my mind actually. My mild coach teammates from on the way. But he's very he's he's semi along text he never says neat. Long text when he says belonged Texans that I have to alienate you and do some big. But I don't think thing you know I collect comedies something big this is expecting it you know and and so game one. Nothing game to another thing you know and make lists those three all three bases. You know that didn't. Queens that. Dead dead there's spurs do something feet. You know. That that I was expecting you know and so I'm still expect inning and that those that ate in the bottom of the eighth inning games have it. What I see the manifestations. Of what we. Of the C that was. Mine or yours or were we were in your walking around them it is mr. harper relief and say you were thinking of that tax. I was thinking of the great this is it I was like OK there's a man on second base. Tight ball games the bottom of the eighth and this is the moment I'm talking about this is the moment that I envisioned this in a moment I was expecting. Now I just need some help. Thought the last guys that breaks in my. Tell me Nelson said who who every keynesian angels in the mighty changes in the big is when you gap because of the co. I got a big man on the mounds nominee some notes. Did you feel less than a thousand fold was accounting in those 2222 or so resident that is at bat is unfolding do you feel good. A bow I am going to get the pitch. Or did it were you sitting on the pitch well I mean what what was what was going through your mind that. For him to elect I hit a single month because I've felt really that I felt like dollars and gave him I don't know how. I know I ages. Just felt you know that. This is this is this is my is that you know he's not better than me you know that's that's moments out there there and and but allows only. And get weight throughout osu win. There was the feeling like when you have it I mean when Newman came up on that and I can see that kick them my. That is do that it was that just means I mean because ED CNN you know I wouldn't surface and I. Did over the ninety footballer non. Once it was headed direction. And that's teenage you know. It goes over the wall and just elated I'm just so happy and my. My I mean this is something that you dream about winters in nine years old. Here plane in the backyard. And you've PE teacher own Fenway and you're hit it's their friends you know. And and you actually viewing this you know you're not just talking about it. But she after living in reality in the field the crowd. Just the electricity in the game you know felt like I was going through my body my entire but it was amazing. Well you know the thing is is and I go imagine why the games going on. You can't sit they sit there thinking oh this is going to be one of the most historic home runs in postseason history. And unfortunately you know for the US and unions they came back but. And when you take a look back in the offseason could you say oh my goodness that is what. Potentially one of the most historic home runs and posters and this. Well that's what this him also and I just. I mean my son you know and and time again knowing Nancy you know he he wanted to watch based votes not so many. And so we he he gets hit the arrow from may we can't play dead. Today data around the base of the death that he knows the field this thing your the there have. And the poses that is as. If money is critical the so the last thing is is that you last night as a senior last night into hostile basis. And you've been brought in here part of the element is stealing makes this. And I would amend the question I as you've always been a good base stealer but arguably better base stealer and now the baby and you ever have. I absolutely. I just just more experience. And now you know. I've right now I don't take as many. Chances that anonymous they've. Oh win before I would just go you know announced more calculated. It's more. You know what have experience in the past. And so. I'm thinking. More educated he gets it. Then I'm gonna make it was there a turning point in terms of learning than the art of suing the basis for it I think it's going. Did you learn what you can't do than what you cannot do and which key any candidate. And that takes time I think. You know I had to manages that he knew that was actually you know let me know so you know. I do advantage of that and and by going and get thrown out Manila. What's the fastest 42 editor. I've never accurate affords them but I have a six. My six six Winona. Desks. Eats these right around that thing and our I think I'm right around that now but. We doubt whose offseason I trained I trained really hard for that kind of explosion. And so right now right now at that. A quick but. I think were training. You know you know Dave Roberts what Dave Roberts is a mosque right. Note them Dave Roberts missile base in 2004 he was the daddy picked up an artist he steals the base to keep seeming go on down the Yankees. Then it is going to be the biggest on base but every time. Someone is traded for since it potentially steal a base in the postseason. There is a gate each day tradition long history and so I mean there's new target low moments in the post season it might be some moments governor up there. Oh absolutely definitely looking forward to some. Some more great moments in you know helping us really win the World Series well arise fastest guy ever appear on this broadcast siren I really appreciate it thanks them.