The BPD tweet about Red Auerbach for Black History Month was well-intentioned, but maybe ill-advised

Mut at Night
Tuesday, February 13th

Mut and Keefe are discussing and taking caller reaction to the BPD's tweet about former Celtics coach Red Auerbach and all the things he did for the black community in Boston, but also in the NBA as a whole during his time with the Celtics. They hear from people on both sides of the debate who think the tweet still highlighted important moments in Black History, and some who think it was a bad look and bad decision to send the tweet.


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News he's Monday night. You got to expect a lot. A lot of championship games. I don't know de baca I along. Patriots of war or. And the Celtics and you know days are over. Around there and saw the Bruins. Because you know expect a lot and I think got them into Boston. Knows that and well apparently. When he hears. Which. Well sure we're stuck mean were left when you're dreading it and these two hours and you're already knew nothing about anything except. Patience and a list everything I know two plus two was four I know that pass like what are your interests. Sports when you read and lift it and we generals there. Don't know I'm big on you're gonna hate this who went a movie comes out I generally a slow now here's my. Talk Sports Radio tell you we. It's a lot of nights were very WEP I'd that is one of the tougher questions. You'll face on the curtain Callahan show I don't think any other show says that two people the way to do what are your interests and your put on the spot this. Lot light over you do left to explain. To deduce that blueberries are guys they are complicating our light to lift. Fuel lift together I like to cook I gotta I know I got an into the pot for other Christmas which I actually love because everybody's laughing and fifteen minutes. And from there it's like don't stumbled gonna watch TV a little bit watched couple movies are gonna handicaps warts races than. Like that's that's sort of bit mad at so I don't. Blame Andy for saying now but saying your read general stuff than that as an audience there is exactly general stuff. Well without their all question what's general stuff rich not entirely sure does that insulate it from pages of papers are probably not even I don't know where you're where you would go for general stuff they're section and Barnes & Noble answered general area believes check I always think it was that. And Peter Griffin. Family Guy cut the loop while a time when now what's the name came on here Mike Schilling came on. And Clady did novel for Curt Schilling because Kirch twinkle X knocked out about this stuff these kinds of CIBC. What do you do and staff yes. Nazis. ESP Nazi stuff that. Perez general stuff. Like it very clear timeline I click on it and do like the headlines oh see that job and iPhone you just popped up oh. These Olympics are cresting right now. I think it's overrated though to be interesting analogy can you be admitted to somewhat brighter. The garlic to a travel overall I'm not I am I am not interest and I might that let's go against a tough question but. General stuff the confidence of I'm not sure what that audience that are related to or actually is maybe more interesting than like interesting answers yet and suddenly I'm not pretty about the Olympics you are we'll get to them at some point letter on this hour ride and offer a couple of days so there's a lot to catch up on I ended CA text on the text line when I sat down here saying we got to baseball and yes. It has been a long time it's really dug into baseball and mocking it. The hot stove show how bad Red Sox Aussie was open at 7 o'clock all the little stain the Red Sox with David Price spoke today Alex Cora spoke today. And the state this team now they showed up there in Fort Myers talked mosque to be urinate on your phone calls. At 617779. 7937. That this story wanna start with tonight is one that you guys talked about quite a bit on your show the Big Dig guys did it and this morning. I heard Kirk in any heart doing it it's one that. I I think. I think people in Boston have had a pretty mixed reaction to and that is the reaction. The Boston Police Department tweeting about Braun are back during Black History Month and it. When I saw the story Agassi heard first whose side 1 morning when that they add delete the tweet that came out. I went to that website rich like a lot of people I guess. And expected something very offensive and instead I walked away wondering what might what MIA missing what is white guy from central Massachusetts. Missing with this story giving away some to be react to open the sound for you. Here a second of the Boston Police Department tweeting out in honor of Black History Month we pay tribute to Celtics legend red are back being the first NBA coach to draft a black player. In 1950 feel an all African American starting five in 1964. I league's first African American coach Bill Russell in 1966. And that was. That was Friday Sunday night into Monday and by Monday night they deleted it. They apologized Ford by Monday afternoon. Stephen A Smith was ripping. That we would to play here to second and all day today. It's been sore back and forth for people we hear from Tito Jackson we hear from. The different folks in the course of the next couple hours or so. Where it it does seem pretty mixed but I'm having a hard time understanding it. Especially the case of Stephen A Smith wise disgraceful and what in fact I. Outside of the timing of that potentially price what what the Boston Police Department did that was. What what what what they do that was offensive given I think we're trying to in their heart of hearts highlight somebody who did a lot for. African Americans in a time and a sport. Where wasn't doing a lot for African Americans yeah I have a hard time you know figuring out how this was disgraceful and nominates Elena but he had to feel also if you saw that you were offended by it than than you were but. I look at it and if at the end of the month. Day you know tweeted about a handful of people. And if one of the majority of them were white I would say that's very oddly guys that's probably dumb and I think there's a lot of other people he could've highlighted or. I know some people made the case if this was the the first person you highlighted where over a week earlier you did a hash tag Black History Month and you had. Bill Russell as he started when bill terrible great and then you wanted to on Iran are back there obviously focused on Boston as you should be the Boston Police Department. And this thing is if you read it which you just did you read what it says about ran our back. It's highlighting what he did. Or African Americans that's out highlighting his career and it hey guys that lets you ever read our back who want all these championships and like draft at all is where the now. It was it was very specific to what it was so. I don't think they should have attitude to lead or they should have deleted it and they did not need to issue an apology for yet not only an elite that tweet pretty cookie on equally pretty quickly on Monday excuse me but they added the tweets after that. On they realize in earlier tweet may have offended some we apologize that our intention never to fender has been taken down that was early on on Monday morning with twelve and the AM on Monday and then later afternoon on Monday this statement from police commissioner William Evans on behalf of the Boston Police Department. Off my sincerest apologies for last night social media pose a Black History Month. The tweet was insensitive. And does not reflect the values of the Boston Police Department and I understand that they come under fire forward. But the being sensitive part of it I I think there were trying to be. It out and see helpful not the word but trying to highlight. Someone amongst that the month of trying to highlight. People who have certainly African Americans who have been the right a big part of this the country but also. Out people like run our back I don't think it Tito Jackson kept saying this today with the morning shore guys. Everybody goes right are back did everybody not true I don't for an Oprah now he's not a young people listened to station our audience 20/20 five year old guys. No red is that guy in some cases. You lit up the cigar. And did and always connection have not read red -- Bible Russell not in Ohio a lot of not alone know that the connection and what it might mean to black history and that even if they even if they did know it. You can't remind him he can't talk about it again you can't remember. I I think that even the sports fans rushing you know the younger generation if you said you know what year was the first black player drafted in the NBA they would know the answer on top of their head or what year was the first all black starting lineup or what you were the first black head coach would know that. Off the top of their head. SE put that a tweet great. I also have a a hard time thinking that the Boston deplete our Boston Police Department Twitter account. Is in charge of educating people Black History Month. The whatever they wanted to during the month on Twitter. Go forth rightly got I don't think I'm not looking good ebbs and you don't you know or we're gonna learn everything we need to learn is right here on Twitter. They keep me a break you should be getting that upset about anything on Twitter will see an app I agree with you on that part for sure I also think it speaks to what is been now it's going on a year right probably go back a year or so the Gordon Hayward stuff and it's just been through a lot of could have very racially charged time in Boston whether it has been you know the idea of just that there's been a lot that has happened here. And that is a big big part of it I'm not convinced and and Jerry brought this up with with Don Haskins and his team was all black team when it would be compelling. If there honored and now hometown. Is it the same sort of criticism I don't think so I think Boston right now. I think that people are looking at Boston and there's a higher sensitivity right now and the other is for whatever reason the city of Boston there's a higher sensitivity to. Tweets like this who people thought of people certainly not an insensitive or offended by it and in light said I think I'm not gonna take what gonna get it offended and and insensitive to yeah right it's up to you but in this case I think the city of Boston. Had a big part to do with the reaction certainly nationally placed evenly split the second I'll be Stephen basement is as outraged if it doesn't happen in the city of Boston. No and I don't feel no earlier today were trying to think governor is there even a red are back from parable in say Chicago or LA or new York and if so if they did that if they included that. Would they've gotten the same kind of response in my guess is no. Brenda I guess this comes back to it being Boston I also would imagine arrows in effect now to match on Twitter. That starts making the rounds right that's our skating retreated passed around an idea of people outside of Boston that just always all they see you look at it quickly. It's at Boston Police tweeting hash tag Black History Month when a statue of a white guy. That's all they see area and really see who it is they don't really see there you read the text which tells you what right are back actually meant to what he actually did. And then that's become the whole thing and that and that's where you get all the people all fired up Steve today this was yesterday in we have the cut here this is Stephen A talking about the tweet itself and how he felt about it talk about on first date. That we bubbles in the disciplines disgraceful I can appreciate what read our badminton game of basketball I appreciate opportunities he gave up to African Americans work. I'll follow for them to do that. Awful Black History Month. It's an insult to black people and I swear to make sure that unclear about the. Debt and and and he. I'm not a black person so I can't speak to how he'll feel a lot of but I also can't speak for all black people but I don't speak for all white people. He can't do that users is is to triple to black people to him if he wants it to me it is I feel this way that's fine. Earlier tell yet if what do you think it was disgraceful the Bill Russell and that as last I checked Billy he's not commented yet I should go back and check is he twittered about Paul Pierce he's still he's 83 years no I does well social media stuff I had an answer we'll we will we will check your son or go Federer Max also went way it will hero for Macs here to second but we you're right when he says you know disgraceful to black people. I can't imagine a one speak for Bill Russell but the way bill speaks about already are back meant to him whether it's been in books or. Is talking at different does sell the events over the years. You know he he admire the guy and he is getting old and have had problems with the city but I don't know if he had problems with the Red Auerbach. I don't think you would be upset would this so this is 88 you read the that was the national reax from Stephen basement this is the local reaction last night from Cedric Maxwell Kyle Draper will reloading of the guys. Our early edition reacting to a Max of the plate for the Celtics and I played that you've heard the sound quite a bit today here on WB yeah. How do you feel about there's about red. Originally being honored by the Boston Eddie and Leonard Ross I have no problem we won't affect me and me I'm not look at the first day second day would ever. Is this a cause this is not it's not black people's month is call Black History Month. And the history of the league was moved because of Britt are back. I don't even understand what we get to the point where we are we're so politically correct that we go back here we. Take down which we which celebrates. His accomplishments. In Brussels accomplishments. Of what they did to. Make it gathered for all these people we tell me is the first black that you know how many people don't know that. Don't know those facts that also subset the first black head coach that the first black player they had the first storm cloud of blacks. I just it defies logic to me that we had this day and time I know we've got to be tribal. Because of may be what the president is doing right now and everybody has their own low placed their stated. But you do not have to be. The last to be celebrated during Black History Month is the consummate. Pushing Max I don't I don't think the issue is celebrating radar back because everything you said was true I do find it interesting that the first person they tweet about during Black History Month. Happens to be a white guy and so the model rather it was the first. No I Hillary third every tweet tweet about Bill Russell. The second what was our back that they hold that edit for some reason re tweet again about Russell would have been in that case I don't I don't have a problem with the we got tired it. There at the end with Lou Lou Lou corrects in Draper that did that they did. Having re tweet on the roster before handed biggest stripper is less of less of a and is now we have now because he's not it's no longer the first time that they're up. So I mean I again need this to their taxes even they caught on graceful Max played here in the city and he had no problem it's obviously. Stephen is that does not speak for all black he does not because I've had a steady all suggest they did not find it disgraceful no matter what that you can't speak for a whole entire group of people nobody. I don't speak for everybody named rich I don't speak for white guy I don't speaker ever got their thirties slick that's insane to suggest so the last what I wanna play with Tito Jackson today and I Tito Jackson is pretty good with Indian Gerri this was side Jerry bringing up. Something it Tito's. It is become a bigger issue across the country could you realize Tino assume that it's kind of a when you say only in Boston that's kind of thing racially charged. Way of wording it in and of itself would you agree it's only boy you know thinks this could happen anywhere else shall. World war. Or if they honored just you know they honored Don Haskins in El Paso which you find that time or. Branch Rickey. The big issues in the when it comes to we we have a storied history of and Austin are around arm. We pretty late. After the game when it comes to a certain schools and and the white. On how the development satellite connection to watch how weak yet we can't go around musicians. Right we article through. You know issues that you guards are what Christian not Soria on on their space and Eric Harris we gotta talk about these could understand we don't live in a world where he told me allscripts. These issues are whistler every and so won't we won't eat it'll and so that's racially disparaging or. What we do something that our character and missed the mark Aniston has told bill that's a reflection of city. And that was a Tito is getting too he thought was more tone deaf and missed the market was more critical of the social media account I guess the boss of the police department wasn't representative of you know the fact of the diversity in the apartment he made that gun case a couple times. Are with the guys this morning but I I read his tweet the same way that the Jerry did the only boss only and hash tag Boston part of it. Was it like saying OK again this is a Boston type thing Boston is raises what Boston does. I make National League with Stephen A its response. I had to big part of the outside of Boston feeling to this week I really did I I react I victory at right I think the reaction is definitely different because it. Is in Boston and I I don't understand sir the first reaction to say. Ariza do you have anybody else you could maybe highlight. President CF that perhaps a black person that he would like to highlight their then if you actually take the time to realize all that they did mention Bill Russell and it's the thirteenth. Like there's still half a month left to go in maybe we'll see what else they decide if your children wandered up and possibly poverty can't. I win this point I mean to hash tag is probably done for them either social media. The managers the last 48 hours who have now said OK here's we can and cannot do without related to Black History Month or month or anything else those conversation of happened footers a danger the last six months really in our country given to wait some people react and again there you were offended by this. You offended by this. I didn't see the offensive nature of it I certainly do and understanding disgraceful nature rabbit but Stephen A Smith mentioned that's why bring it up because maybe you folks can educate me help me out. I hear released begin they show at 6177797937. Is the phone number I read it is trying to highlight. Highlight a guy who would help African Americans during black instrument that's what I read I did not reading any outs of that maybe you folks did. We'll find out I'll start there with your phone calls which this year to 7 o'clock John Voss he's here aid. Are we start with the guys next year Mott at night's Sports Radio W media. Monday night Sports Radio WEEI your calls and thirty seconds one Boston news update. Company called digital first. Which actually runs a couple of newspapers here in Massachusetts the ovals on hand on the Fitch Burke sentinel and enterprise as won the bidding. Three Boston Herald all of a point 90 million dollars an event brought to court. I believe this is a good thing gate house media was scheduled to be in the mix as well the one of these companies that comes in ages guts with the ending goes. Bare bones and moves on a on additional first apparently as a different approach just shy twelve million bucks they have hundreds of newspapers across the country including a reading here. Bull's son and again Pittsburgh sent only their prize for the Boston Herald as new owners the a company called visual first so best of luck to all the people there and hopefully. They're OK with the new company that's catfish policies. Yet in most Selby okay. Not sure about Iran who have sure we'll get to and John to mossy joins me here. I'll I don't block here on WEEI. Max's Springfield waiting patiently for a stop light at night Sports Radio. WEP I'm out what's going on. Pot you up 12 that potted up and to hear good evening about how are you. A very good have you got the breeze with cool. Hey guys are so what are common real quick Richard W yelled they're two boys network and lot of my ass off and some mass Americans and white and that they had no problem today this is other praised her Red Auerbach. Are you so and fairness and so my and you know a lot but I think one or appears in surveillance. That some of those people. Aren't going to tickets sold lately beating a white man is mentioned first and foremost by. They they love what our market summer person she's seven years old. And they love. Read our mansion so. All criticism on it you know I've seen everybody to understand that but it didn't really. You know integrate it with the criticism was about you know started the first fight man lackluster job in the first lactic. You know so sort of sort it out there and. And now you're criticism was an an accommodation work with you guys on Springfield sounds like it was it was too early in the month. Now and what it really badly they appreciate Red Auerbach they are huge so I mean they're. I watched as well as my election they're probably bigger and and I am glad they appreciated it very much indeed understand the criticism or. By. You know they were what I'm also pointed out the fact that maybe some. People wouldn't like to hear that on the Black History Month you know listen act by. Because we're at our back is it. Yet because he's a white is that what it is easier like easy easy white guy that. Helped out African Americans any time in this country time the sport. Or wasn't all that obvious that ever was doing it in there's the stories you read about. You know we're are back in the east to hotels that would allow black players to say there exits group that we're gonna find a place where our teams can sit together. As one team I don't care he said we're gonna go to hotels rigging allow. On this to happen and so we made that happen and a I do what he said this earlier likes of its its February 28 or twenty LT 26. Is it is that is that the criticism that it was too. Early on and I wonder if just the advantages of people that they decided to send a week ago Tyrod Twitter descended suite mates at one Bill Russell. That like a week and a half later Red Auerbach. So maybe at the end of the month if you highlight. Fifteen different people and one happens to be white he surmount a promise that or is it more because. Toss graceful idea right Nadine experience is the disgraceful I don't know. But maybe that it being 5050 right now late you couldn't even go to a second black person you already had a little white person that is that would result in the issuance. On dates out in California he's up next but at night go ahead name. They're going on what's on the sort of set an outlook to show key which bureau or the power to like a threat to us so thanks collision alarm yet so I am I'm twenty. Order raised New Hampshire. Was and all the headlines everywhere and I well I figured OK what are what a box and she'd say so it looks myself. Will grab a quick words. On the back side and I could lead the most ugly. Monarchy also outreach arm all the major routes. American players back there and I. Equate. There's there's really no reason for not to be obsolete to date percent blah. Our 15%. You know foreign you know 5% like and I expect my particular market because. Jack Robinson the bulk of the radar back. Armed so eager to praise as to which he and third in the therapeutic approach. You think Cuba to block ambassador for. Paula welcome we're constantly since you know in full control they're little. For them crawl log on. Nate I appreciate your comments are off and you know way weighing in because it's and again I'm I need to be educated a lot of things and again maybe this is one of those. But as you read that I felt the same way that naked and you know it's weird because I do think it's. It's a Boston thing like Nate said he heard gates say it's it is call it what couple all right look I love OK yeah what what could it possibly there then. So and it notices that the Boston part of it there's a real sensitivity and heighten awareness right now two things in around the city of Boston based on. A million different things at a pat between the Gordon Hayward stuff and ESPN a Adam Jones in the back and forth there it is led to war yard now which is Nate California when he rolled. Black guy from New Hampshire logging on saying all crap what do Boston Police do and then. Okay realize in his mind it was no big deal and a number two. We do put this the second part of it. Wait too much stock right now on our country in social media expert not I don't know how it's gonna eventually. So it worse you gonna get a peek in sort of move on. Oh where we're sort I wish we. The president tweets all the time so I'd say or a tipping point or probably not there yet he but if feels like we are awfully close to it becoming. Just soul. Polarizing. That it ends up. Although not going away rich becoming a lot less supportive feels wait two more important than it should be right now lights yeah I think as they wanna wait too much for work part yeah right now and it maybe it will go the other way. But I also think there's a problem when you're when you're talking about Twitter and if you're just gonna look at the comments off of the week. Because we took calls on that today you'll read text messages we looked at other tweets and all in response to a and besides Stephen A Smith and you Tito Jackson and we did not have. I don't remember anybody that was really pissed off about it so but is that because maybe if I show otter I don't know where that putt or the Boston. Maybe at Austin but that's I don't want as I've known all these two weeks came from people from Boston you don't know and also somebody tweet something. We're just sort of a history of of the social media when you look at the comments. The higher percentage of the comments are going to be people that are upset when that or one makes on the view or something rather that. How many times is a great. Like I agree with this is like that not all there so it's it's more like you'll kill yourself or wish you were gonna get those sympathy but if I had to delete every tweet that somebody disagreed with the I would have lately fluff let's the Viet. Most of the time in talk radio people don't call in. When things go well for each team I'd Red Sox Friday citing the general idea nobody is calling in appraise the Boston something similar thing when these type of stories Kamal. Where you're not people are logging on to give some long dissertation how their dear PL OK we. We don't want who we laurel agree. With the Boston Police and other loans all he's gone out of Butler now playing the patriots win. Racism because of computer two segments sort of get into two segments on two does great Elliott's and one of the miles an hour of doing that you know probably through the summer. Let's go to Tim who is in dead of tonight's him. They are doing mock any. Get full army in particular covering it doesn't cover it all angles could call her right arm. I agree that Maxwell so I get down to my point that kind of on the back burner or it's that it wouldn't want him. Black people my. Yes I did and you also be brought you know they want let our back match first data you know you're the pliers. He had it before it. And whitbeck in light a whole lot beat back comedy. Me too type style similar to read but I think well yeah via Hollywood production in no it actually Iraq. Yeah. Likely an end to combat perspective it's you know the history of Africans are in. Being put down economically being put them because the red. And in it is red are almost even though not quite well on the back to insult you get a lot of great things obviously. To be matched in is kind of like YE honoring the older horses supply. Yeah and that honestly that's a new wants points him Evan draw its favorite word that that I missed the first time around if you wanna make the argument. They should included deal all the different name anyone who wanted to highlight those people sort of a lead up this is this is some sort of stupid. In some ways social media world one so would have been better to say we won honor in honor of hash tag Black History Month. The first black black pair draft in 1950 and the first black African American coach for and do that and a leading up to it and and and at the end of it. Mention run our back. To be fair idea that it doesn't that's not that's the new wants part of I get that people get you wanna go that way people I've ever read our Iraq was mentioned I feel that there are people would be upset regardless I'm Johns of rock and a jump. Not. Lesson two inch yeah but what Barack Obama wished that we thought OK we we we. Try to that we can you know and I. It would be invited to check out I honestly in my opinion that we weren't competitive. We'd eat it. The African American community touched on most jubilation at. And Cedric Maxwell talked to a two different opinions so the actual said the perfectly and that's exactly what they missed it and I don't need. Yeah that would bring read about it because our sleep you know he's not the first black and a key people after the first black. You know I played and coached by. Can admit I'm not as smooth relationship chips watch so much credibility when it because wished that five million. What I'm saying. It. Yeah I mean that's that's what he's paid to do it if he felt that way I can't tell him that he gets on the field away I just I. I'm having a hard time understanding disgrace part of it that when he says disgrace. I mean I'd done things that. Did than disgraceful it's not this past year I don't think the Boston Police Department did something disgraceful by on by mentioning read our back during Black History Month amid that's just me. And and elsewhere mostly without. And the Boston Police leaks they should have never taken down because like pension I'm sure it probably didn't Islamabad to look like except that that's well even though the caller who actually you probably wouldn't you know. Even so it goes into black. I mean the ships we have some of these leaders were conducted. Bring it to another got some of them try to like Stephen they spent that. That's part of it. I got to find them and we're Machida Tito Jackson who ran for mayor and lost by about a million points this past fall. The current mayor Marty Walsh I think big scope this little bit we'll come back and read his tweet the aftermath I think this. Propelled it to be more of a national story read his tweet and get your thoughts at 617779. 7937. And I have watched I under under five minutes of the Olympics we never got that out on you watched a lot you'll explain what I missed I guess here at some point before you leave at 7 o'clock one at night. Sports Radio WE yeah. What a nice Sports Radio WEEI average Keith is here first hour of the show every night following this for hours on dale holing keep but it was the tire showed today another great show. Offer what I heard it was it was okay I'm right. Result of that's European and us I think I can only speak for myself. I ironically as we talked about the birth hours socially can do. Although in 2008 team feel like a lot of us are a lot of people are speaking for whole groups were acts of people now every time. How much the Olympics did you guys talk about the joy watching sold much of it I want it's out of that we didn't talk about any of it because some of the people wanna hear mod but I've been every two years I'm all and I get I got a Washington by half -- BC's good laugh on this weekend is that these skiing was shooting at NASA Kennedy got a gun strapped to your back you ski ski ski. The idea yet pop urge you to skis on you dropped to the ground. They don't city at target practice your fire off guns. Five rounds that you put the gun back on ski ski ski ski ski. Get the gun out again shoot five more targets ski ski ski ski ski it's that seems great I was watching Matt. Snowboarding was good but watching figure skating why not right people like figure skating. People wipe out in it looks like it hurts my wireless on the huge fan for awhile but this is jealous of this would be the guys on Friday she will be the one that would drag me into. These Olympic events he get all four were luge watching the great CNN aunt Anna and people listen to the highly rated. And very underrated what will militia the militia in 2014. I was all in on curling. Like all of us thought curling and all I was pushing correlate I was gonna get to go Friday that door on the sideline NASCAR country club up Nero we used to work her hat and a bank a crawling facility right there at the club. And I was all at a gonna do it NN. Much like everything else in my life I lost interest Stan announced that and I eve I I sought. A while somewhere in the background byte at even have the urge you turn the volume up for our pay attention to and I in order a quick hit a trending in the Siberian. Wants that it that it would occur with a curling each you don't see. The reporter Alonso are usually not your debut on game you post match it was their post match. I think so. I'd eye Popper I saw a couple different channels at once. Well slow launching a ski Mobil's Mobil's knots. There's pounded their knees and the smoke they do little flip it's a good time. Number two weeks have done wanna. I don't underscores a little different weird sports there they had on during the day I watched during plunged today ruled invalid that sports are that they see. That's all I know I can't even find it right now it's eight CN ZCNBC sports networks yeah yeah. I don't have gone there once you got he's got a dip in opening ceremonies Shaun White Lindsey on is going to be competing at some point almost over right that's. All this stuff when he fit into this. On they're less than a week old obviously anything that exists that may just get under way. Validates our guys that would sign policy that was not a great sell like give your if you had 36 ought to tell anybody else but like I dislike it I don't know what you do with your time I was look at you saw excellent I don't know. What ski ski ski shoot shoot shoot it like that not to do for them to hockey without NHL players now that that that's the birds so that's a bad now I'm out on that though. Mike's in Dorchester Mikey next up a lot at night with rich keep what's going on. Are you doing and I like. Oh movement which will create in Greenland but cook but there's a lot of people didn't. Where are packed and along with black people I don't want that cougar what do you actually control black people. What a time in 1950 specifically. With a league did not have we have Comerica American players he drafted. The first African American player I believe he field of the first. All black starting five in the NBA draft he may have trap the first black player he named Bill Russell the first African American coach. In the history league I feel like he was pretty progressive and a time in this country that. Like me I was not around at that point I left but it seems like he was. Very progressive third time that the country was not especially in the NBA. What are the you know we don't know whether the reader the black people do it in the united electrical work. Hand. When my current market about the lack of Korea actually like accretion of about people who actually could beat war collected because he now Comerica. Marmol pretending you know couldn't go oh awkward talking while people would trio. Oh actually lost their leg you know I don't think red up there are those would be enough compensation at all are either credential I would like kids. The comic book about like this agreement creature humble athlete I kind of shy away from athlete in the Katrina as we have the only black race. We're the only people would probably. You know up what could be heard what was going to have equal right. Who are not well worst of these matters and I just feel like there and so was an insult I mean if you come out from the perspective of dole was O in my all of probably wouldn't mean there won't be in the sixties recommended standard. Our kids coming home from school now it would Black History Month important call Michael Jordan and the content like that that's what. The right up acting to me as a black and I'm thirty years local welcome Boston. And I just couldn't feel the rent on partner until I respect what they're good. We call on him and he this season opens opens so they're in the celebrate seeing that's all good in the end you book. Not just going to be you'd want medical decision. Like I appreciate the input and it's if it's an agency take I'd not thought of it that way. I'm you mention a couple of athletes and he did not mention Jackie Robinson a machine I'm assuming he wanted to include you out I Jackie Robinson in that group is well. As far as the again I give going city's city and in and housing is team and in these Tautou and hotels would say black players and staying eerie statement screw it we're gonna find places that. Are gonna how's our entire team. On that was certainly going against the norm was at that time but I also think you know and that's. That's how Mike feels that that's not an apple absolutely is at least bring his kids up a certain way teaching them certain things and I think that's the most important thing I think that's greater if Mike is he's going to be able to do a better job teaching its kids than the Boston Police to Twitter account. Our coverage Erica that's not going to be the be all end all of Black History Month at least it should be if so Mike and other people or take it upon themselves to say Eric. Here's what I wanna share of the U here's here's what I think is important some freak out if they decide on Iran are back or Bill Russell that they're starting. I don't know if they're gonna continue this and all that may be dumbed it but clearly there were born when more with sports angle to begin at will with the council on our back. Maybe they would have continued down that road or maybe it would regard an acre accounts to what teach us history. We'll see the mark 2 o'clock I'll seal his rich keep the dale holing keep org will come back into more your phone calls on this at 617779. 7937. With the Bruins playing tonight as you'll please talk sports in and around the city of Boston. Your WEEI affiliate is not carrying the Bruins you're welcome check this out on the app. A WEEI app download it click on listen live your money at night no matter what is playing on your local affiliate matter where you are in Boston New England a or across the country will do this and for the first time probably in. She's I it can't be more than a handful of times in last six months and eight cents. The final couple Red Sox views of the year. I can count the number Red Sox calls I've seen on the board on one hand. There's been a Red Sox call on the board for 22 minutes. This does not happen around here very often will come back we'll mix in a on the stand the Red Sox is they check in of Fort Myers at 61777979837. Its money at night our two don't go anywhere.