Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep. 2 - Barstool ShowerGate 2-9-18

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Friday, February 9th

Blind Mike is back for episode two, with his thoughts on another scandal of sorts at his former home Barstool Sports. Mike also weighs in on this week's commentary from the Globe, Rob Parker, Stephen A. Smith and Jemele Hill.


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Welcome back everyone episode to trash talk Boston's. Only me guys as the nation's first until that podcast. Who knows that's true but I say it torture I am the prince of roaming agreement us a carefully if it is it is official right now debt. I am via on the principle Omid. Mike Geary AK blind Mike and those you it's still don't know me after the first episode would you don't I was a former bar stool intern. And for those of you by Bristol fans you know. My boys are under attack. And I don't like it. I defend my pals. David Portnoy. And submitting and everyone else over their bar stool. This week at the Super Bowl I was there I was in Minnesota. Didn't see my friends from buy stolen Zdeno let them have their fun without me it's fine let's do our own separate things but I know they still of their animist. And that's why I'm rushing to their defense to. Some trash for right laurel Wagner from dad's been. Decided to rent a hit piece on them so for those veto the don't. This week in Minnesota by are still has their house that they have every year. I guess at one points midi Adam Smith. Is the the head of bar stool Philly. He was there of course for the Eagles go birds and he's taken a shower at the bar style house and I guess portal I walked into the bathroom and took a video of which in whatever may well weird but it's like that's the bar stool nature that's what they did you know it you're getting into exactly they do that had to ship and Smith was pissed he said because I I think Portnoy lake. There was a video that you could you could see his death but Portnoy blurted out basically. So even so Sumi was pissed as I would. I would be very know I don't want that out there especially you know if I didn't know the good news happening. So rightly so snooty. Was outraged had a you know where where's the line what is what is the content then where's my expectation of privacy. Now here's my issue. With where it dead spin comes because. It's many was mad at port it's two guys that are mad at each other and handling it by themselves. But instead dead speed. Which I thought was once once upon a time and a new site owner and an but I think I think since got you got you damages decided well let's. Just deal liberal rack. See the way I look at debts and that day guys daily that they if there bar stools rivals in the same sense that on Chris Ballard thinks the colts and patriots are rivals excellent. Excellent way of putting whereas yet dead spin. Is this you know they think their they think their four for the people where's must really sparse the lives by the common man for the come. There's one time a year that I actually read dad's spent and it's the only thing I think they actually do well is they do and during. Pre season of the NFL season if you wipe your team's socks and ages literally list often just ship on every single NFL team no matter who are well you're the browns the cowboys gave the patriots in there they are pretty for. Pretty funny in and if people comment on stuff that's that's about the only thing that hello Larry Estes by the way that's my voice the voice of Mya. Producer and seeing I'm man Dan Watkins everybody forgets where do I forgot to introduce absorbent. I'm used to. So now just read the headline alone you can tell is going to be. It's like Eric we know what to do. What's the outlook the head to the headliner and that's bar stool employee unhappy about being filmed in the shower by his balls and now. You know why that's accurate. You know what you're do you're making it seem like some midi was meat to. Like yeah a little bit like Portnoy is Harvey Weinstein setting up a camera in the shower and nobody knows about. It was to jerk offs going bad I'm really in the Sharm and a post on to edit out. And being a little bitches Libyan rebels. And metal bars who is like it or not. That's what they are that's the the culture that they've created. On is it's the frat boy culture. And you know. Not at it's why I never fit in there necessarily because. I'm not necessarily that the guy like you guys sometimes I find it funny. I'm not always in. On those type jokes it's not my style. It's like hey it's tough army not there and you know I mean I guess I understand why that was in the serie a place for me in that sense because I'm not. The foot and frat boy deuce and I say that with a lot sit at the comp. So many important my car. And they know what they're getting into when they go to the bar stool house and so many while he's saying hey where's the line he's saying let's deal with it in house. You know and I mean hey delete the (%expletive) video and apologized. Not. Let's have a. A meltdown of epic proportions where we need dead spin to come in and save the day. Now how does she. Are low Wagner who is a horrible right by the first. And you know what she means whether. Little digs that bar stool but let's let's hear out the other starts let's take a trip down via the road Aaron. On Saturday bar stools sports president in short tempered admiral bill Dave importantly posted a video of one of his employees and Smith. Naked in the shower Portnoy published the video of the Twitter and and deleted it because he said Smith quotes. Cried like a baby about his Dick being on the Internet now that's it again that's a joke if you put that in different I guess it was important I think portrait. But if you take it out of the context of Dave Portnoy sang it and put it in the context of someone's boss. You know I mean when Portnoy says they (%expletive) it's for content. He doesn't lock you in the office and say stop being a bitch now you know I mean he doesn't on Twitter for content it's all comp. If this stuff. If you if you found a secret recording. Of porno are doing this since he stopped pitching on the filming unique that would have a much different tone than him putting it on social media answer it while he's been a big baby about it now Laura's not donor intro off top. Got god forbid she make it short and sweet. Interactions between bar stool and police were stars in their own should be reality show more than they are writers are bloggers are always layered income fob. But Smith seemed to be genuinely upset by the incident. Now first of the editorializing in which I I I get that it's their job but. To call bar stool shady. Reality show more than invisible law. Is he's hilarious. When you work for dense because I don't know anything the dead spin dies that is in slanderous filth or liberal liberal draft. As opposed to bar stool which puts out funny content they're honest about what they are they don't pretend to be summed up new deacon of new news. Today there 100% upfront about what they are Portnoy sought calls himself of smut peddler. They. And this they give them shift this in the article. They have employees sign of things it's things like. You're not gonna be offended by shall we make jokes we bust your balls. You're not gonna be offended by that it's been trash is that that's how corporation should be if that's the entire right once again if you're working for bar school you know which are getting in yes. You know what hit him in here okay here's a peopled it. To make. And have a very rarely I think for the most part people got my role but. Portal throws a lot of my face or body and a beats me in ping pot. I signed up so I'm not only do I sign up for that I in my interview I said hey let's do this. And he and KFC and big cat all individually went to me at different times and today you're sure you court that's right. Guys I wouldn't be here. If I didn't know when I was at the Mecca is the same for Schmidt said he would not be there if he thought. That that was some sort of human rights violation. He thought he thought it was a a violation of his privacy. But is okay. What do you do about an hour from bars so we made a bit about he called the he wanted he wanted to talk to HR and he made a whole thing about it but. He didn't complain to the outside blogs and some went to Cleveland this story a few literally landed in my feelings hurt and what would happen to me when I was there you would see you know the wallets of the face video. Answer Dave went over the line here. Blind mice doesn't need that sort of abuse and I would say Harry. Fun and relax it's I'm if anyone should be offended that should be me. And I'm not so we don't need you'd be offended for us that's a places like dad's been like to do is they love. This time talking down to people and say hey you can't defend yourself let me. I am not to go on man Jerry Kelly that's a lot of liberals. These liberals always gonna speak. And I agree because they they wanna coddle you and say. We know that we hear you're not offended I don't worry we are we're offended for we know that you can't speak for yourself you're not in not Smart. So what she again again what Laura Wagner does. That a lot a lot of these people do. Is bring up things from the past again completely out of context. And I was there for this I was sitting downstairs in the bar stool office and this happened she brings up my friend interned and all right so she writes that Smith was the very man about it and talked to finance. About talking and HR representative. And cats AKA big cat who once told arsenal in turn that to other parts. And turn them. Personal front and one is. She he once told arsenal and turn it to other Boris who employees were in a race to see who could Fokker first and quotes and asked the asked Smith if his Dick was out in the video. So it's that it doesn't matter might it was now. I was in the shower. Kevin KFC Clancy in employee whose decision to cheat on his pregnant wife out with recently does KFC gain by Portland. Granted that Puerto probably do need to barge in in quotes. While Smith was in the shower. Lessons on the rundown yes she wise to so what are Wagner is doing. Is into rejecting. Things from outside of the story that have. Nothing to do. I don't know how intern Dana. Is involved. In the it's midi getting his Dick fail it's when I when I saw that I was baffled by. And also. They make it seem again like in turn Dane was a victim in turn Dana. Like me was fully on board with every joke made about it and is. Now did any bar stool employees try to Fokker soul. But that's besides the she was in all the jokes. Big cats saying that doesn't make him a sexist or abusing his power which they're again trying to imply here and then throwing the KFC's. Personal (%expletive) that none should know by the should care if someone cheats on the wife erosion care is their wife and their fans. Not us don't get why that's the story please throw that in there to again make KFC look like a bad guy. And inventive for it furthers your point that bar stool is this. House of monsters. That abuse their employees. And film you without your consent and that's not what is what they're doing news. I don't know Laura Wagoner was the reason she was able to see the rundown is because they put it on the Internet and cell. There's no night there's no and secretly filming these conversation wasn't investigated most journalism. Right it wasn't the it wasn't. Some sixty secret tapes. The that was in the Mel Gibson tapes that were leaked without his knowledge out Portnoy in fact puts these up. See he sees what they look like in post so. Act like this was some. Behind the scenes conversation. Where's midi was venting his frustration. Is so childish. And and silly. And I think Laura Wagner is off what are job. I thinks many did a great job. Do we not be exactly in front of a statesman he replied there with. But. Bay the ads essentially what he said was hey how about coming to me for comment before you rate this trash article you Howard. Because it's me as huge arm multiple giant social media accounts what are its program they election. He's perfectly accessible if I can reach him laurel Wagner can reach but I believe so. To say well I couldn't get ahold of him is is (%expletive) he could've asked Mindy hey I wanna I wanna take your side on an article about this you have a comment. Why would why would you do that because you know he's going to squash it it's. Instead. Wrote the article. Let every one judge bar stool as this sexist. Misogynist nick operation. And then you know we want our way but. My guys of arsenal didn't stop it they said no we're not gonna take this is they always do and that's why I respect I said earlier that I didn't totally fit and at arsenal. My personality. Which is true but the reason I like that there and the reason I still respect them and defend them every chance I get is because I respect what they dip they stand for humor. They stand for a freedom of content and whatever they wanna say. And when people call them out they don't pussy out. They've never been policies in fact I was there the day the company was sold. When I heard I was sitting downstairs from Portland's office when they called him and told him not to talk about a sports knows I'm sorry to delay. The announcement of the sale. Because of a Sports Illustrated article that was written. And Portland today and that's how we're gonna do business which is not do this deal. And as our you know an element you're right talk about it. As they do business and aka back away from the ship. And that Laura Wagner if you thought you were gonna get one on bar stool you failed miserably. And now I understand that no prizes courting or Wagner well that's where it lost with the exit. Think any responded on Twitter like. Something to be effective that we need to date we yeah we needed to heat and hash tag smitten. Which I guess is that referenced this mideast in the habit of that's real loss mile where I was like hey Dave. Kind of know. No the audience here and dissimilar they're gonna go after me again if they're gonna colonias axis but maybe he is as you know which again I respect. That's why he's he's my mentor and that's why you know respect. Now in the world of I guess real journalists quote unquote. Which I don't think you can read and really called. The Boston Globe that I think are much closer to dead spin then Andy's and that in the spotlight team of to the early two thousands. But. What's the what's this woman's name Joan Joan but not enough. I don't know. Which you might be thing in my if you do a media partners rhino that is. She's a relevant that's quite an honor and I guess I guess she's taken shots at WEEI before and she does again now. I've gone through this article a couple times and I don't understand the point of it I guess it's that. The patriots organization is arrogant is that which used transcend basically chickens are coming home to what she's trying to say is is that. So the title of the articles called New England was fine with the. Hatred arrogance until they lost so basically what we're still find out what she's trying to say is that you can't. Enjoy the patriots the weighted dollar check in their very tightlipped and you know the mumbling and yes we will store all that. And then demanding answers from them after the Boller. Anderson Butler sitting. In the in the suitable invention excuse now you can devote. In 1980 Cuba anyway it's Shelley what's what's so let's hear it Joan vigna sassy she starts off talking about how Gisele hosts to lose. Ought comforting her kids saying you know daddy won five times they've never won before -- yeah a lot of people when sometimes with a lot of people have a problem with a Nazi which I don't understand tortilla and a prominent senator and it's to our kids that she's out there and relax you know that. And then. Then there's of another part here about the end of the game the birdie fumbled the strip sack that she goes into your note to W yeah I mean east which I'll separate. First of all you're a journalist I'm it was supposed and if you're what what I think you're about to do Joan is. Trash WEEI take a shot at the BI who you view was unprofessional and you think you're above particularly the morning you think you're above them. If you're gonna use words like meanings. You're you're not above your horrible right you're opening yourself up LS bullets here we have this. I know I'm not a football expert arrogance I understand. The patriots organization personifies that and their fans accepted as long as Belichick's team won. Now the politics on the losing side of the Super Bowl showdown. That Hannity re the on the side of three was to write it to. Pentagon this idiot knows that that had great meaning for Brady a belated demand for transparency cakes and of course Belichick should have to explain why I bought it in play a single offensive snap against the Eagles. Not an. In an ideal world he should he should act as well as we wanna know. And what I like an answer as usual it's but it's his business. You know I mean it's. Belichick is the boss so because I palace he is asked now what I like to know of course would death would my vowed then like now have so but. It's not our right and we live and die by this right so if we're I mean. You can't we can't just say well we lost one game so now let's change that we do everything. And just be totally up are you have that mode that Malcolm Boller will got a fight with the coaches. Know sit out let me tell it. He's not gonna do that they lost one Belichick shouldn't be allowed to let rumors undermine butler's reputation for once bill tell us the truth will really drove this. What really drove his coaching decision patriots nation deserves to know but don't expect Belichick to give up anything he's the MVP of rudeness and evasiveness. He got away with a ill tempered Mobil's for too long and in fact was worshipped for. It is what it is on the Cincinnati players and fans celebrated. There's a pock where. A pocket missed an about injured knee injuries from Brady's hand to Rob Gronkowski concussion sure it's part of the strategy keeping opponents off balance but Belichick took it to a bullying extreme. Everyone seemed to go along with a at least until this season when Belichick's ego collided with birdies according to meet. According to media reports which now seem accurate. Now again this what they did is Laura Wagner did is what Joan did they bring up words like bully. And that that's supposed to make you said mrs. their mindset. What that's supposed to do it just was cool guy who is always a bully. I don't I don't golf and I don't stand for bowling and (%expletive) ballots if he if he's going to be bullying immediately. It's these lecture to use their phrase trigger sports that is supposed to make you think. A all of these are mean guide these guys are not supposed to like Portnoy and Belichick the greats you know what Dave Portnoy a Bill Belichick. All the great minds are supposedly well there me and I wanna go bad I don't really care what she says about the patriot that's just stupid trolling who gives a (%expletive) And when does it will get the rob Parker during an in second. But. I wanna go back to the WB I mean these comments because. That seems completely out of no. I don't I don't understand that came from here's what that's too. Saying WEEI meanings for no reason and and just moving on. That's saying I wanna take a shot. At WBI I want them talk them out about me right because I have no attention pretty I've written nothing of real substance so this'll get no attention does know his leadership. But if I bring up WEEI and it shot a minute hand he's gonna go off on he's gonna get pissed about it bring me up and we'll talk about. And I'm an attention whore and I need to act so good so that's what builds up and it's just seems so out of left field to bring up the view via. And I'm so I gotta be honest and I just saying this because I'm talking to do into a W via microphone. I'm tired of these quote professional writers and these professional broadcasters. Thinking they're above. Smut. Or outrageous talk or shock jock Corey as they would put. I'm tired of it because what guys like Portnoy and many Hindu. Is honest say we want about Kurt Mann. When he tells stories about jerking off the back atop. Are or when Portnoy throws a lot of blind kid he thinks it's funny. With that is as honest. Because people laugh match. And you say a home that is so offense how could have. Him. It's her I'm physically hurt you a lot you're not being honest with yourself. And if you if you're not into that stuff. Change the chance. If you don't like Erdman and goalless. But don't take these pot shots at W the island Tibetan because you're not you're in a failing industry writing for sure newspaper. And no one reads you were knows who you law. So stop taking shots at W media until the article you don't we were even now the contrast stock Mike or an investor should be you you know what. John you've made it congratulations. You're on the number one media gossip podcast and I'm not planet I think iTunes ranked us number one planet. And you know work on it. But Oregon while ago actually assertions it does W get everything that he had not cut number one number two podcast and a VI that counts on to something that's gonna start the NBA. I make up all these numbers but you'll you'll believe because on the in with your help we can make it true exactly subscribing to a difference. Now two more idiocy. Well he had the idiocy is about a week after the super ball. You got to expect my men but Dan text me earlier in the week same argument is rob partners and I'm I'm always hesitant to do. Because it's just like. And I was doing this again it's it's it it's his thing and is he beating its feeding and idiocy you eat again and other tension more. But. And then once I heard equipment as a it. I guess I'll address. Yeah it's just slowed down we have some math complications in here that you can only upon you name is rob Parker great rob Parker is the biggest Boston hater I think on the planet yet what's just been tumbling he knows. People talk about you know what we're doing. Yeah. I'm I'm the biggest temperature so this is this clubs from the morning after the super cool right he's not talking to a skip Bayless. And Shannon Sharpe is their who doesn't speak but he's nodding in agreement now and I heard and I thought I didn't think Shannon choppers. No I just in here I thought they said well. Our whole premise of our show is that we got white guy in a black guys that aren't they just looked in the hallway to a black man of though. At different rates the ballots and they just found this idiot who rob park. Ignition was also you know have their long nodding in agreement everything rob is about to say here so they're discussing the night before and rob. What's at this short met who wins and losses writing not about you know are seven other fact that both they like real and others the week we just cancel those I'm here to tell you today isn't even five period isn't anything that's I thought this 500 for best 500 to. The bottom line is just don't want to join us. It's officially is exactly in this spot. All the greatest quarterback of all time he is the goal for goal. Eleven touchdowns no interceptions. 3M VP you can't play better than that was you know Joseph Montana. What is lost now Brady got the conversation. I'm hoping goes to war Super Bowl but it just five of five I think I don't and they really if I'm not going to be Bayreuth is not well after that it was us the baggage back and that I can't Wendell. Now as we noted that that would be an if you got a two more super balls aged. 41 in 42. That would be unbelievable even if you lost as a patriots fan sure it hurts that they lost its sucks it yeah but. He's given he's given patriots fans enough at this. If he got the two more even the loss. I'd be incredible I don't understand this math comes from. In Poland dated a couple of weeks ago right I I don't get your idiot your youth vote in the united you don't get punished for getting there and I think. I take it back. Then all of Iraq partnered are necessarily bowl rob. I don't think Ben bonus I think what he's doing is just saying something to get a reaction. Which I guess in a sense that's your job but it's like if you don't believe that why you do. You know I mean that eight. The bring a portal in minute hand Howard Stern in these types of guys. They get (%expletive) done for being outrageous. But it's also I believe a lot of Lewis and I don't think they say things just for shock and you can see through it so easily with guys like rob Parker really cash. You do and that's it that's that's really what you are really hasn't renounced the zone was great and yet. Well Ivan threes a six point 51 percentage of some funny. Let's 500. Five and three has done for now I he would having to explain this to people again else is six. Six and six people I don't know pork you know five and ten is better and 4015. And you got a fifty rupiah which is unbelievable. I don't I don't get that math but it's it's just and it's I think that'll. It always texts me and the idiots will say to be in the time and I eventually I just to say Mike and doing about it. Guys if I can I can impart wisdom on trying to give matter rob Parker he's doing at the bug. He can't possibly believe that ranked. Just wait until line just given a couple months Wednesday pro reasonable and that'll come up with some Boston is races Alia Los Stephen A did that. I have well no real. I didn't play it because it was like. This again. But Stephen saying inferred that. The mouse combo benching at something to do with race and we haven't we are we doing this in every guy they came under a place and the reason African Americans are also Eric carried out in Oregon has again. The pitchers even have anyway players in their defense. All. Actually maybe this might be different seminal highly don't Trevor highly we usually got a few whites in the league you you're Ninkovich is mutiny Bruce is right. But. It's just wildly you're you're working too hard guys. Relax take a break take a brief you on the door. And then lastly real I is one of bring it up because I talked about last week. Javelle hill gone from. As C six or the sixth as we call it the six. She's got an honor for helmet knocking down only has she gone from that show what they decided to do. Announcement but he did today and they named a replacement for. To melt. And I was stink I think last week as suggested it would probably be Katie Nolan and and Sarah Spain was another one that I thought. I was you know I wonder who it's going to be what Michael said. Zealotry he's in his note Greenberg Xanadu don't know Greenberg is on mourning for Natalie is on mourning that'll be sent to and I'll be just. Fires stuff is that my guess is that again is he going against gold the window. Yeah I think he really well that shows like sixty and the idea being Greenberg shows eight. 211 call them by. Yeah I mean is that so that that'll let the world so they're doing everything right there but I think they went wrong is. So SE six no longer exist. The most promoted show in his previous pan and maybe the history of the world. Why has been scrapped after year by diocese six. And they're not replacing Jim Hill would anyone they're not replacing the show with anything they're turning it back in the sports senate and just having Michael Smith. It's a a lifeless Michael Smith sit in front of the camera and read highlights what did or Steve Levy deal. And bush across what they do to what they were white anti Christian I don't agree that's the big debate the biggest problem. That there were white guy he now they're basically filling in like a prevent pal I wish I like yes VP at night that yeah but. That's ESPN's problem is they instead of firing people and bringing in town. They just move people around and then they have this latest bit of interesting thing bar stools and pot or I'll give him a hill this. She was interest sting on someone's. I don't think she was particularly good at their job but what the right person she would of if they're the right chemistry on that show I think she would have been interest such units in the finals on around the horn on Monday all that is you know. Things organ upping my gut I say she wasn't town that I take it back. If you went around the horn. But what's what are ESPN does is they just rigidities stable bull put Mike Greenberg here will put Gmail hill here. It doesn't work like that people don't like those personalities the matter report. Now if you pair with the right people imminent but the SA OK Michael Smith does nice and important he was the last controversial. Of the two on match ago. Let's just haven't sit in front of the camera and do highlights for an hour at 6 o'clock after every one's art scene. That I news. Oh I don't understand. It it's baffling to me. And DD the days of you know Stuart Scott and Dan Patrick and those guys where they were celebrities on sports center but doesn't exist mean. Because people get highlights on Twitter immediately when it happens if there's if there's a top ten crazy dunk you don't need to go to sports editors. You don't (%expletive) and instead you idiots get with the times god dammit. So ESPN just doing things. Wrong again I don't get it. But it's it's constantly with it. But keep it up because this is becoming a great wrap up our podcast that yeah I can get an idea that'll be fun next week on I'm trash talk we can talk about ESP and is devoted. To the Sarah Spain and Katie Nolan hour. And we can trash Antonio that's. So I'll look forward to stay tuned next week I guess we're doing according to a degree rob Bradford is out recording every Thursday and released in every Friday. So odds are some huge story will happen and peoples and my according to talk about that's just no whatever it is I'm outraged by. But so this will be out every Friday for the foreseeable future take off your weekend yep exactly there you go for a nice run on the weekend with the trash talk in your years. And it's on WEEI dot com tell your friends about it I don't know what the situation is as far as. ITunes or anything like I did I if you go to iTunes engine with a W that I got podcasts right yeah Williams will be like our new one will be at the top okay so. Henceforth if you're if you're a little confused on how to find us that's always good for a pot he has been having no idea on. But it's always on the B I dot com the W I think to listen to it as as you're on the move the WEI aft is the best way. And I just follow me on Twitter at the line might underscore. And I. All right guys a few things.