Bill Belichick with Dale, Holley and Keefe - 09/11/17

Monday, September 11th

Our week one visit with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick... and let's just say we now know how it feels to be a player this week after a bad loss to open the season.


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Our conversation with the coaches brought you by Putnam Investments pursuing performance excellence through the power of teamwork. Head coach of the New England Patriots Bill Belichick joining us here at. Okay and good has come to a fine thanks indeed breach now you don't have to rush down here I get worried about how quickly game stormont through here. Let's talk a little bit about what happened here on Thursday and Abby had a chance today to digest it and take a look at all of the things that happened. What do you think ultimately whether the problem areas for your team. Won't when you get out gain by 200 garrison and outscored. Anyone else in the fourth quarter and that's kind of about it. What did you were you when you look at the Mike's going off now I would when you look at the film just wondered about the process. You go through it once. A and an emotional way or you're able to look at it first time through and say okay. That's what we got it correct that's what we got a corrective move on in other words if I cut it to a three step process re going through it. Multiple times or was it one and done pretty. Don't know skip yeah not so it's a multiple processing. You always get something and and go through the second or third time especially at the thought that players sometimes it. See things and then when you find out well this is what happened on the play this loose well. We thought was called production of some else's Cold War. That was an adjustment May Day you're not aware or. So forth so. Sometimes terrible things and that the pop up but so yes second and third time through. The you get more out of it and usually most of the first time that there's sometimes some details. Ness and I don't wanna take any credit away from Kansas City to play great game. But based on your conversations with the players and your own. Analysis your coach's analysis of the film. How much would you say. Communication. Led to some of the mistakes miscommunication. Which would you say it's 50% of it which it is a significant portion how would you. Breakdown just not. Always says more X occasionally communications. Some everything. What did you think your team's attitude on Thursday night. And I thought we'd look at think we'd it was a competitive game. We had league on in the fourth quarter than we did enough things be in that position. We missed a lot of opportunities. And we obviously inflatable fourth quarters of. Not try to make excuses for you or any other team in the NFL but play around the league this first weekend looked a bit sloppy in places. And I go back to the change in the CBA in training camp rules and he can't really tackle much. Padded practices are the same as that had an effect on early season play for teams do you think. I don't know man role playing with a certain opportunities. What are partisans. I saw a story today that the field has been replaced. How much of a factor is that for you going forward how much say. Did you in football operations happen if they can it change. We'll move so it feels probably in her place does it needs a bigger place and spread assumption total field experts on. In a game in which the defense struggles and and maybe as a have a hard time getting off the field does that then change. What you do on offense at times could you could the office of play calling be affected by that. Won't comment on the third down is a major problem in the game and. But to say if a good defense is tired does that then go and offensive play calling or those things separate. Swooned. I mean certainly there's element to build a plant complementary game between offense defense special teams though. Let's say for the most part. Flickr don't think it's a big overriding factor. Usually Sunday talk about going into the game I think. I don't camera that really be an epic factor in the game against Kansas City. On Wednesday. Get off the field on third downs and problems defensively I mean it could have been better but that. Spell worse than mountains. Now and look and fourth quarter we couldn't get any. 200 so. Pretty much. 13 down homes they poison. An outfit for two plays and give eighty yards and and so you know the field to all. Sports commission. Corporation or plan. Midweek last week the team announced the captains for this season. Tune into particular jumped out of me because they're new work names in this list there are a lot of guys we've heard up as captains in the past Iran Harmon. Was named captain for the first time. David Andrews who was an undrafted free agent a couple of years ago and was elected captain by his teammates. What does it say about the play of those two guys that their teammates think that much of them. You know knew they earn that knows they earned their teammates respect and that reflected in slept and so. Did you think both of those guys were worthy candidates to to assume those roles. There as soon. Now though we talked about this a couple of weeks ago before the opener. You go into that go into the season something you plan for something you don't you don't really know what you have all together. Whether you worthy opponent and throw all kinds of things that you. Did you see things from Kansas City that were on characteristic of Kansas City in that game in and were they significant enough where. They were able to. The big yardage or for big plays because of the element of surprise for lack of effort. Boom and really. And when their own attitude actually on the roster. Random acts mean we expect that that you Thomas or hill in the backfield which it is. We we work on the the four receivers. And one tied and were. You know call one of them Michael masters series about content and what that's. No Osama. Lieberman that couple formations you know their views on both points. Spoke with an image to do that anyway could get that fifth Lucas news. Don't look dated a job and they mix it up but that's what they always do that it was. Many thing. That out of the ordinary in the business what they do. It is clear that Andy Reid has great respect for you and likewise. What are some of the challenges of try to defend it. And Andy Reid team especially. And the as the play caller. Well and it does good job of them makes another formations that's personal and and the plays even if that is sent us a lot of times they look a little bit different defense than recognized into the room at the end of the players sometimes. Too late so. Including a Tampa fumble snap. If a ball outside and don't feel quickly and so. Gotta keep those as leverage. Now you guys have some extra time to get ready for the saints this week it's a short week for them with a I'm going tonight how much work can you even do. Audit team that you haven't seen this season's version. In a regular season game yet of the things I was working it dawned on them. Oh and as much as they can implement. With a Little League office last year me and I wouldn't. Think they're gonna. And they're they're gonna do with an unsuccessful bill that would lead six the last ten years in office and so that's it was style play that's. Effective and productive defense solely the name they're aggressive and have a lot of new players. So we'll. Certainly study those players and their skills and. We'll sit in Utah against Minnesota bubble will work on what we can work with. Tom Brady this morning talked about the consistency of Drew Brees in the excellent quarterback play that he has been able to put out there. Year after year what are the things that you think make breeze as successful as he's down. I'm he makes good decisions. He's discernible quickly and is very actor. It's time now for the U it's not the player of the week it more challenging and it's time now for the Mercedes-Benz. He performance. Question of the week and we saw that Calvin noise played. Every snap and game. I hit the green dot on his helmet high towers game what is it about how open doors that makes them. Versatile versatile enough and effective enough to be on the field for an entire print cards. We'll call salute a Smart player among them that he has them but it says the skills and spin don't plan on line off the line and rushed and cover temples will run as well as its as a green mountains is Islam thanks wolf where's. And signed him can confirm these signs of series. The team signed to a contract extension he'll be with the well at least contractually you can patriots were a couple more years. And I think we're working on the lecture exactly where that is you know over them. Performers question of the week was brought you by the Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers the 2000 making lineup from Mercedes-Benz suvs have something like that everything for every one visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealer. For attractive lease offers and finance. Now Brennan cokes to get a chance already in week two to play against his former team. Was that something for you those a little bit different you know when you face maybe the giants for the first time or the browns are for the first time on the other side after being with the organization. For awhile does that have sort of a different feel to it. Well I'm sure those sure those are random. And then we go through that every week it's. Somebody on our team that's played for their team or some of them their canes went for our team our wounds pretty prominently. So. And if that individual players little different. Was it for you. Mom. And Wimbledon but. Bill we appreciate your time as always we'll talk to next week our it sounds good I'm good wicket thank you that's patriots head coach Bill Belichick joining us here on Sports Radio WEEI.