Best of DHK: Why the show is titled 'with Keefe'; Boston Police Department Tweet; Lack of Valentine's day love.

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Tuesday, February 13th

Best of Dale, Holley & Keefe Tuesday February 13th, 2018


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To return to negative this is not. S government PHP. On February in the United States like history. Boston Police department's earlier this week without 88 tweak. In honor of Black History Month and it had to do with read our back of the Boston Celtics. And they were pretty roundly criticized for it. And I had that the general gist of the of the criticism was it Black History Month rent our backs not black can we point out who can we celebrate. Black. Athletes historic figures authors actor whatever it is for our queuing up to celebrate black people during Black History Month. The Boston Police Department took down the tweet apologized for the tweet. I don't think they should than either. Who started it. The criticism booster with the criticism started start at a grassroots level. I don't I don't Tito Jackson we'll get them it's an excellent question I'm not started as just as always. The replies on the next week as word I think I'll cash part sorters are successful of his head like you know Twitter if you better believe what everybody says her or take our recent on Twitter that you're gonna some long days. I mean I think there are a lot of things to. There are a lot of things consider here. Starting with who was honored during Black History Month. That we can go to. What's the responsibility of the Boston Police Department on social media during Black History Month at what are you what a year. From. The BP. We just talk about black police officers. We talk about things in this city. We talk about some of the episode is shameful episodes and BP. We talk about people in the department who only talk about police officers. But police officers and how far they've come I got to mention yesterday Willie gross we're gross and number two in the department he's number two behind. Our commissioner Evans. He's a first black us superintendent chief. And BP. He is walking talking living black history. Hubble's tweets about him or does everybody I. They may be delta there I mean does that I got my third shot about what what do we. That's that that's my question is that I. And as Twitter account and whenever I want this not even aside the criticism that question all right I would say it's the Twitter account but what do they normally tweet about late wave. They don't have to do let me. Were right on public and I'm like I can't wait to see what Boston Police tweets out today about Black History Month. Do I think it's an within reason but I think if they want have a tweet about Bill Russell great they wanna more about Russert did right right exactly what are apparently. Wonder it. And I don't I don't know this day and we we get we that we have to if figure this thing out because they have already. Deleted the tweet correct it's they didn't say please we. And went on what you wish for Evans by the way put out a statement today I yesterday on Twitter he said. On behalf of the Boston Police Department I offer my sincerest apologies for last night social media post on black on Black History Month. The tweet was insensitive and does not reflect the values of the Boston Police Department on quo. Well we went out of Aruba between it was insensitive to some people. It was and as sensitive to some Agassi after knowledge separate. You know I I don't know this to be true but I wonder and this is that this article here here's cynical me. When they waited about Bill Russell. That was February 11 they're they're tweet about Bill Russell the region. While the first and I think February 11 was a couple of days ago was the first one on February 3. Down on on the eleventh they tweeted out a picture of Bill Russell shaking hands with the Boston Police aren't there. And it's that we pay tribute to Bill Russell one of the great Celtics of all time in first African American head coach in the history of the NBA when he was named the Celtics coach November 15 1966. Article appeared in February 3 evidence in potentially so tabloid cards are great third roughly Bill Russell and I believe Bill Russell has a February birthday. As of February to suggest adding it was yesterday was yesterday it was out of his birthday. Are so. And that Bill Russell three in every believe it or not everybody doesn't know. Trust me everybody has you know the Celtics were the first team to have an all black starting five everybody does know the Bill Russell. Was superb first black coach in NBA. Heard I didn't know that the Celtics had the first black player in the NBA and it wasn't Bill Russell. So it can make the argument of hey these are stories that are known even at the stories are no home. The stories should be repeated no story should be repeated. Thank you your own family history we get together on Thanksgiving. There rather than grandma grandpa tell the same story. Or you did this when you were seven years I thought I created a thing here we go here we go that's right its power and its powerful. So I don't have a problem that but my my problem is the cynical part of the problem is I would bet there was less response. To Bill Russell. And that tweet then there was this one. The area our response to the controversy then threw the. All right all right when most people start talking about the Red Auerbach sweep they sent us the first person they've they've imposed an honor and a lot on no that's wrong here here's what they the tweet that they deleted it was a picture of the hour back statue actually wearing the Boston Police Department path there. And and it said quote. In honor of Black History Month. We pay tribute to Celtics legend red our back for being the first NBA coach to draft a black player in 1950. Field and all African Americans starting five in 1964. And hire the league's first African American head coach Bill Russell in 1966. Uncle. So is that not a part of black history that's a part of black history but. Read our active. They took it down within an hour of posting. Yeah BP. And it is it mockery because you don't think. You don't think they're doing the right thing you don't think they're capable of doing the right thing what what is that or is it just thing is just racial dynamics. Page talk about black people. And I don't care. If there are white people who were a part of some of the most important right events in in American history well we'll we'll talk about about march. It. I think yeah yeah now all about not now I got it figured out an agenda and it. What we have been dying very hard first. Sorry. Can you talk about it. Is not best dealt. On I think tomorrow big day for you fellas less than two weeks they ever I don't expect either that's truth is that an emphatic that that's yeah secondary we get regular Valentine's Arnold in all now know and how we could gone all I they'll. At school yeah that's the way but the attack on the back of that for the whole off the whole class but I'm expecting you guys to step up tomorrow. Sometimes there with our lives. On the right like doesn't care. Now we've had enough she says she got yours on your people I don't know how you sound like a guy. I'm still pretty happy have been together long enough I don't think he gives the show how happy you more on that rise that debate just go it alone is. Hardly gotten a call if I don't that is a bit of that war report about that word yet it was that or have you given any bigger pervert hit it well it here. Another day wears on whose who whose Eyewitness News. American greeting all modern era ally bank balance argues that would do. You know this is some. Made up paying me on this is the day of how's that work there how about August 2. IPad is that okay great and certainly the galaxy gonna turn down a dead I thought that Saturday. To celebrate Billy Ray Valentine's Day. Edward can do that to you could soon to be the best Eddie Murphy movie when they were come into our office hit that. Are ruining it I don't stand solid but it did what what when they re do it it will ruin that or what was the old don't go see the new one man. Are now for about a fifth place but if we're back of an eye on. Bodies on BP. I would volunteer like I could volunteer to do this pretty good tonight. No exaggeration. Give them. People. In Boston. People historic figures in Boston. Some more no longer with us some who are. And does give them information to names and I can give you like a line on. We don't have many he had to make you more or as they did the thirteenth arguably fifteen more. One day I like that give you fifty more why you wanted to you do this or you only got weeded out you two bit and then tagged Boston Police yeah they want every to figure out if not you could follow Michael us holly yeah it some hundred that every day it's a good idea. Into the call rate from great names in and black history some names and stories Tito. You will have no. Some you'll. As a matter of RIO president do you he's well as a matter of fact. So Tito Jackson has given me an idea for want them to Tito Jackson ran for mayor. A black man running for mayor and in Boston against Marty Walsh. Lost that election and I think before. Before Tito. The last black finalist. Was the great. I mean I do mean great I don't use the term lightly Mel king. So you table milking these he's living today Mel king is a great man by the way he has. Still I don't know if you still living in the south then. This guy just cares about people so much. Every Sunday. It is having brunch and you would like this. Ideally brunch you're like ha I I'd view are you ready odds I'll tell you that you probably you'll like this you probably wouldn't do because you know the visitors and I yeah. If he's opens up the house every week his own now it's on home. Early runs from abroad as it did come on really come on it combined. You talked he talked about issues talk about sports whatever it is have you done is I have he's an awesome guy. I first the Arctic melting at the at Boston Police on theirs if they get married area this is the best stuff eat. HK. I'm being answers and justice. It might year and on anyway not to be Erica. Funny ha ha now that the united Jon Ritchie. Whose stated dale in Mali where if he's right on the show. Isn't that theme of the show off illegal. Every now and aren't forgotten that well yet that it may you know I got until. About you I know you are talking about the whole afternoon Mac thing you know that's gonna happen. That's a good candidate. I know nobody likes it a close vote those are easier if we were back our vote or about hates it now. Does this. You're here every day right. Money for our Monday through Friday until seven. That's a separate affect you know. I am on the other half I had a guy at the hope god. Sot that our product pick of the gentleman that was engineering for them and that was it look like I wouldn't cut out of the older gentleman yeah. When pat with a hat and they tee it well yeah isn't it well. Not in the end is missing teeth liking him for one. Another it it has asked. That's eligible to been under an easy pick up. Is it is off tonight and I'm and CDs has not I'll riled companies started acting out are out definitely February where you're from. And he's always had no idea lifelong yeah sure did exactly sound like it. Well who knows only hero in Kentucky tasteless and fired up but it only allow them you're here every day. I am. What was the purpose of the sixties it was the purpose of whiff. I don't know you know ability it can you explain that anybody and I don't know like big even and I am I that even that look at it appeared India and had. I'd love your explanations that make sense because. Several years ago there was a very popular and successful big day show called dale. Dale and now. And I do they wanted to keep that minorities and that branding but also. Shift key I think that we did with you in the late apple and I don't know it out and a sentiment and would sound funny. What are dale and Holley and keep would sound weird about about dale Kama Polly. And I I. Okay and that I just think you are missing the point Annie was try enemy in Italian holidays in line to bring you keep that brandy made beer glasses on throughout on the dotted that the whole cartoon here about the area we got the carts then got the caricature. People into the hot seller people aren't stupid. And now you know. That was John Rich he's big bird to me dale hollow on the record you know how long ago that it does were treated at UI since nineteen some people's minds wait too long yes okay so yeah 1991 and today we opened that I think we New York. Yeah I haven't education in there for three years there dale and Holley. With Keefe. I know Michael Holley. I don't know the other guys are usually gets a silo psychic guy if you I don't know if pretty much yeah I'm. So apparently I don't know they don't all know who I am no lie there are those who you know lost and everybody in the Austin near the Emmy award winning water I've seen on Twitter I I I couldn't help teasing my Emmy award winning studio broadcaster. That's I I have not ever though one sound byte of the year good to know that it it does give about sound byte of the year. To just anybody while and you know like. We have any winner and a sound but it easier though oddities about yours little dismissive of us. I was up at yeah. Yeah. I thought that there let him drop visited a I'll add about Iran heard haul out at you what is that what I really residents and mean isn't. Out Biden and slowly get on. Now does this hour right of the year for PSA for a Black History Month battle with sound immediately and found how easy it was on 977. Yeah. And you know it was an on line on the war don't know what was on the here is what first their first year of existence. Who they launched last year with instruments and I was an idea what the first ever summer year Hartford I does that affect the first ever sound neat so now we're gonna save this out by how long is that award show going on. And it worked well I don't know I don't know if I don't work I don't know what I don't know I don't know for arts award goes so nice color and not wanting I would recognize. You sure showed it was it was awesome that now this year it like a week with a at home in the plaque or whatever it is added article. Is it is passed me by so far I got avenue and haven't seen it just yet yet. But this year now they're doing the PSA on 9977 when I'm gonna do. Suggestion of my good friend rich keep there are tweeting and start tweeting out some black history facts a match that at possibly Federer had to act. Black history facts black history facts history facts commercial that every amateur winner count though because. So it's still too late debris moving color that here. Ought of course are nervous that the ski great modes of black history not to tell us what that didn't Eddie Murphy have a two black history minute. Possibly gonna talk with the we're out there when we're already self serve gas yet having it put a particular reverent. And how how the Jerry Carroll started us out yet I'm about one.