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Thursday, February 8th

The Best of Dale, Holley & Keefe Thursday February 8th, 2018


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Don't sleep is wrong with you people we. Here's the best. Yeah. Rich we miss Michael so much yesterday in an honor of his return to the program today we blow up the entire sports world. Straight most of her talk about today you talk about it. Splitting it talked about it. I'm so curious what you think about just did that ought to make it Kevin Shelton yeah. That's old news that if they don't learn all about who's that guy when he won for the patriots to a quarterback from Bagram and a sight out of mind out of the game last legs behind or earlier this week it was earlier this started the week I canceled forget it flat as a parade have incorporated about the animal Arctic areas are a big story not the. Story by the way you're the Philadelphia Eagles your first Super Bowl title in history you've got you know three million people on the streets of Philadelphia for your parade. If you get pushed off the front of sports center by the Cleveland Cavaliers and Jimmy drop off. Those Richard or Ron. The grounds of the did you LeBron estrogen after Rob Lowe does it again on real high speed currently but yet but it's usually I would gently drop alone. If you thought the story was let him you know how how how long could the patriots have held onto home what could they have gotten. In a return of they had made him available to Lee I think now your finding out. It's somebody's lined a Pam 137. Million dollars. Yeah. It think the first team got a may peck I hear her take that round pick gives second topic you'd have to to grapple Arafat. Comes in there. They win some games and now they're willing to pay him based on bear seeing him for by the upper parts phase out. Fire and got out there merely those games I got enough I don't know if you're the franchise guy. Just some arrests the league what did the rest of the league think of him drop below as we always say in these cases. I gotta wait until a CD guaranteed money it's a boatload of money let's say it's 50% yeah it says so tell us they don't I'll go to and it'll be the highest paid contract until Kirk cousins science. That won't be anymore. Kirk cousins gonna get more he's got a a lengthy year NFL pedigree a better NFL career than Jimmy droplets so far he's a free agent. There's going to be a bidding war for him out as high as of a ceiling now but nothing you'll get to Egypt on Monday and got the ball well but work Rob Lowe. You know still there's more intrigue there's only seven career starts but who plays and took things jumped the Mott won it if they want it to keep on some people told us. Well you know you hamstring the cap with the franchise tag plus the team that don't wanna spend that kind of money right away elevator yesterday that they would did you want him as security you could have done that at a government security if you could have moved you go remove these big event you could trade him for at the very least second round pick out who think. How do you not get more and I understand you played more games for for their skirt played five games but the team is willing to pay him that much money. So obviously the niners liked him right they like them a good amount if you played hardball that a little bit longer even out the death by a thin trade about the deadline same time out going to trade him. You can't say it can't give another two or hobble on one of if they like him this much to it to attach this kind of money to home. Why wouldn't they that is all part of you more. An additional order and and a part of that are always something else and a forty niners had zero options and and we said that that at the time. That he really had them by the throat here. Because who's the in Iraq I'll have the 49ers by the but they had to sign an ultimatum weren't numbered on equal fun of them they had to accept jailed him for it to get there to keep point. If the 49ers don't have a quarterback which they didn't. And they've got resource and it's CJ about a third are you got. A very broad do that you can get more form and I understand. Part of it is they have to spend a lot of money but you gotta remember the 49ers have a lot of money. Then on the browser so far under the cap at at and that and the colts as well protocols and answers your 85 million dollars for the colts about a 100000003. Round. Wait to see if luck I guess is gonna play but the votes who teams don't have a quarterbacks he could it pit them against each other. There are other ways to do it so even at the time I think many of us thought they could have gotten more than just a second round pick. And this to me further proves that. If they're gonna go out go ahead and toss around a 137. Billion dollars a neat that he's only the highest paid quarterback for a week five is the second highest paid quarterback. That's it that's insane so they obviously like the guy a lot they'd be willing to commit. A lot of resources to own. The interesting to see what guaranteed money is and it's going to be huge what Kirk cousins get it's going to be huge. The team that has asked for the first private interview and work out with the baker mayfield is the Cleveland Browns. Four baker may feel a body had a chance to go record goes for the browns Nawaz. Well maybe ghosts are browns and he's not the committee trapped in the they also go get a quarterback. We'll get a rich guy. For a couple of years and not about the condition on Keyser yeah I do you think it is a bridge got a don't really vegan like Kirk cousins. Cleveland I'm very interest and Kirk cousins. Then he'd used the first and fourth and and really yet dear team. I mean less and all I'm saying you use today and I don't know about number one to may be number four. Use on a quarterback yeah and you appreciate it got tons of money. You bring in cousins for what we're all here probably contract here it is on going to be a bunch of money. You gonna get this thing going. Will or use our first round pick our number one overall pick states Barkley from fencing I don't but he gets in my head right at number four and as a quarterback. And then you just try to get that thing up and running their offense is so horrendous. Our whole team is obviously yet so he I think a lot of money out there for content. Is there the problem the other and look it looks bad for the patriots. I just as the get a lot more. And all right guys you're an island I think we're gonna go without him again again this look at Deval so is it different how does how does this look bad ones bad because you say but I don't think you can put all I got a second round pick for me this guy whose value of this highly. But again at the trade deadline it's look it if they knew that we're gonna pay him that all these were the first round pick. What do we say Cleveland supposedly offered 12 and a settler that's not even still more and I'm just saying. I don't think it's like all you should first round but look each side 137 and a half million dollars. It's how it works when it could work their way out. That's how it worked. It but it did not tell us what could have but it doesn't. I give David I know it the way we heard about this trade it was like hey we'll trade you grovel for second round pick in daylight yet. And it didn't hit on it like a trademark it was a hand picked destination. Hey why did you go to out we're gonna have to go to services Croatia for Cisco would like to McGraw upload. And as a second topic you don't gotta yeah there's a DOC. One more thing forgot I forgot. And you can you get as Brian Hoyer threw. The odds you will record. We know we kind of got an Afghan native now did you have to ask about Brian Hoyer those that are I don't I don't because they are bringing injured in Europe are gonna release and Buehrle you along and we got him you think you'll come to us. You do pay figures are got to deal. They're really. Tell everybody Jimmie grapple is available. Don't you think you get more and sat around and yes. I don't is that I don't think. We have this in our head and remember in the in the offseason multiple first round picks. No it. That's not how they're also total in the offseason that's what we've but at and it was ridiculous for a guy who had basically no and it but sorry I 137 million dollars for guy who started seven games that's also ridiculous that's where the evidence that they are really wired and he had a game to half of NFL experience. The Honda Center. Well what did you think you'll get per game and a half a first round pick. Couple that at least my nose I don't I don't think it was even feasible you get two twos for for another game and I. He's not repeatedly hit a couple of tunes in Cleveland supposedly after the fact it would have given him a second and third yeah the fired general managers said they are. Out of the fire general managers at something more that general manager said. I was prepared to give them the Houston picked you know it was going to be number four overall the time out and give them a first round pick. Now the general manager before it got fired offer was second in the better. As we know that's what African rat and that's what our Rappaport and much. That was the Rappaport all right here's Adam show after its update on the drop below deal because this what we said we really love it no longer break and then here's what he has. When his five year deal gets finalized shortly and according to him it is. It will include the largest three year cash total. For a new contract in NFL history just shy of ninety million dollars. A bunch that's not ball I want and you have courts is not officially the league year starts in March. So out of it all of this stuff be official remarks like Alex McNeil ninety million out unofficially there. The first three years of the deal. That is that is just one reason again that you you. Easily could have kept him at all those debates and obviously it didn't matter because Tom Brady with help ease the rest of the season and didn't miss a snap. But all those debates that Jeremy dale Bennett to vote Brian lawyers are back jumpers to drop was Rebecca. Doesn't really matter bought this is even further proof to me that you could account on the roster all season and and still found a trade even if it was just a second round pick. You could have made that same guilty of the season and so much that no matter. Because no matter what I have played as your backup quarterback and played here. Yeah I literally just don't just I would only a matter but it putts if you did go down you would have a key insurers the whole idea you have in the insurance for the first eight weeks of the season you can carry that over for the second half of the season. And got the same thing. Any more or. Or righty and he blowback or more and and so much for this a while. Since Kate ski in them and nick falls were in the NFC championship game and played portals and AFC championship. Maybe there's less of an emphasis on quarterbacking now apparently not. Because Alex Smith got a bunch of money and now Jimmy Barack blows gonna get a ultimately there's strong quarterback market teams. No matter what they do is unanswerable at all Super Bowl MVP so. I think I'll get home that falls just kind of cheap cheap and out at the position. That's not happened. And if I don't care or guys taken in the first round this year there is so obviously great interest in in God's with the skill set of Jimmy problem. Especially after you get chance team plane plays well. Eating go to San Francisco on suck no one ever again. He's never lost but it wasn't great either he what he did it but it Michael Rowland Larry but I like it didn't stay Kelly didn't think we'd also gonna 130 some million dollar guy. This is this has potential. As his potential and it's because they had they had no choice as I said once they got them. Once he played. Donnie could have said any number they're gonna have to say that their top. In half dozen teams in that same category. The no choice category when a counselor or Iraq when it comes to their quarterback it's over the patriot you got two of them and one of just can't be moved. From from coming from the ownership level and there's no way. They would even if Belichick wanted to do it ownership and madam even consider moving Tom Brady. So you got one of those guys you gotta Jimmy drop below and got a bunch of desperate teams out there lonely desperate sad. Slipping I don't every night. Every night with factory support checks around terrible. And they need people let people off on Lohan called the cat people that looking for a quarterback. And you had won and he gave more for a second round. That teams that thank you very much on the longer cat person. I guess some companionship. Right and our rob I really do think you'd you both are delusional. And and I don't Mike is it's amusing to be listened to yes I think it's that much negative trait that they would only tell one team in the Leo you that your big ratings big accident I was six quarters of NFL experience was gonna get to more than a second yeah you reckon they that you never see trades at the draft where they train half of their draft to get a guy who's never played the NFL. But the caution routes they were dating him at the deadline they were gonna trade him at the deadlock had also been half. To do that like the compact by about half black why you are you stuck at the deadline Jenny did drop below trade rumors were out there as early as February or march this time on Nolan and remember the hole and you don't act and show after they wouldn't trade him for four hours later about why nobody has Avery why did he say that white and white it out the message hey hold by somebody ran the patriots organization we are not trading got. But Adams kept my head of its chief correctly pointed out. Let's make sure the forty year old quarterback's okay let's make sure he can play it daily dancing here for a second I used to think so yet that you are enormously high arc. You said you're weird delusional. Are thinking that a guy with that little experience can fetch you a first round pick or second round pick whatever it. Yet Adams chapter made a point to say even if it's multiple first rounder save multiple parts product because. That was possible but it what did you make up but it wasn't real nobody had made an offer of 981. Rounder as it turned out. At that turned out. They want even offered a first round because they weren't shocked them they weren't even calling people they thought there was no market you don't indicative that they job Jimmy problem and that's what they did this opinion this is a bit right right speculate. If they're shocked and you don't think that could've gotten a first Capitol Hill now out. It said hey where it no NFL it's like you I don't point not a game. Don't know he's talking about the offseason last year he had played two games he's vegetarians for the latest path. It twice in approximately an antenna and you think you're gonna get a first just I don't I totally OK Jimmie problem is available as desperate team out of money we're not gonna trade him let's get a first round pick. The files would rate that would rank pretty consistently there's no question you get a first Ryder warm they get five and three hours on one. Regularity do better than you and I get a person at third by a well it's not that we thought Cleveland was offering up in the offseason turnout and that that was actually true well it it comes out of this do you believe. NFL Wiener. Inside out mr. inside outside Ian Rapoport who's dropped out of the hour outside her form an outsider in between inner deeply the inside the last outsiders as second and third. Or do you believe the other outsider former general manager for improvements hockey crowd who says the book about first. I somewhat odd that I I don't want to I don't leave anything Sasha brown said he got fired either way the ball more than a second round pick. Second or third is an order first verdict is more no matter what it is he could have done better. It just into that they were even interested. And listening to what offers were double plays back in an object you guys on this problem played coming out of coming out of the break. We talked a Bill Belichick after the grapple Terry. And we were talking about trade scenarios and he said pretty clearly government Parker yeah I don't have a hazard obvious was that it was poultry or how would we don't know. It because we were making him available there was that may have been a market we want to play that strain were paying attention to. It's still strange we'll let freedom you go from no market to trading on the deadline in letting one team though. That's what Sosa a weird. It's a weird story Arnold there was a mandate and we're Christians even backed off even that doesn't say that he's backed off of that but something happened something's up to that's not how they normally do business. I'm wondering how they do business anymore are actually no I've got to I have no other business or who's doing is no idea. We got some questions about how things are operating down there and we will talk about that as the day goes on as well so we've got these two gigantic stories you got Jimmy grapple a contract. Which is you know pretty significant. And you've got LeBron James completely reworking the Cleveland Cavaliers to actually make it easier for LeBron James to go to the LA lakers is just. When's make that trade it seems like an industry well. I don't I I don't know because I think they're also Cleveland setting themselves up for life after LeBron. A they got a lot younger they got rid of all these corpses the governor of the best friend of LeBron who are no role we got rally crowd and away getting in Isiah wasn't fitting in in the organ every sign on the so they're getting younger and maybe there may be they're gonna be a little bit better for this year but they're also I think they know LeBron has gone. This that we ought to be stuck. With a team that looks like we haven't had a draft pick in four years at the end infrastructure rebuild that would go to work so let's get Rodney hood let's get. You know Georgia Clark's in Australia a little bit younger and see where a week ago. Plus Isiah Thomas. The last one it would be Isiah Thomas tribute video going to be Clayton in Cleveland biggest armaments program don't know can we just send it from here to Cleveland and then that it'll mean LA now yeah doubt that at the staples fired a view that be better off. He just got there there's article this morning. That said or is quoting Isaiah Thomas and like I like it here or unsound months later a second and a credit unbelievable. And now gone on lakers. Are represented a book about as bad or not I'm right on it if there is he's going to be a little bitter about that night does get to spend the rest of the winner in LA as opposed to Cleveland true. For buddies today so I got in results resulted from it all yeah. Of our blog yellen Adam over their tune now. It's an event like the bronze from clears the goods produced average Cleveland nobody asked you how old are you playing games and stuff on there out of town. Half the time every other data leaving town. But I think Democrats are LeBron I've got a couple days I'll go to Miami and work out master why did it because I can. But I also I don't way to Robert her passion I don't love their chances of being able to. Pick it up on the fly out of it and a half new rosters that he didn't think the Celtics that they were in the east before they certainly are now will give guys credit aren't actually yes well you know not more than Toronto. Good to doubt that I and they've split the first two meetings they got two more with them. That's going to be a good series that's one of the debate I has Toronto now is the outright yes favorite to win the east of the Celtics are all tied with Cleveland for second that you smoked in the other night I like the Celtics better pitcher. I think but I think Cleveland excuse beat the Celtics in Toronto. Are both better than Cleveland throw them. Could never replace the carrier announcement came down to the head. He went big well how how far they moved away from Calgary they had actual carry last year 25 point game OK I'll let them go from Carrie to. Almost tirade because it wouldn't be in the neighborhood to get Isiah Thomas he cannot do some things he carried it now he's gone. And the guards they have now are clarks and George Hill hill and hood. You've gone very far away from carrier being so that's a void that that's that's a major part of your problem now in addition to defense. Right there one last night also gave a 138 so. At venues I Revere that was overtime I don't know which I should we guard for the buzzer beater defense which traditionally open it's probably brought doing whatever they a lot of good players exhibit budget is about defense out about it about guys slightly fifty minute overtime games that you just it's fifty Jimmy Butler on LeBron. Let's see let anybody else beat me at the buzzer is not the brunt of Jeff agreeing to do softened everything. Anybody also I would have. No but the day and so they opted for. It's weird. And Italy with 46 minutes. Only 46. Now before the trade deadline has happened 35 minutes it is our expectation is that a that the Celtics won't do anything. Yeah probably not and they already got Greg Monroe who's gonna probably play tonight and what Strauss he was reported earlier today that. A lot of these teams expect a lot of players bought out so a lot of these veteran players that might become available. If the Celtics. Probably in prime. Spot to pick one of these guys out if you write you the favour of the co favorite at the very least it Easter conference though. Maybe they do editor of the body that way of the Tyreke Evans stuff has been out there for awhile I don't think last check he's still not yet been moved so maybe there's a late push for that but. All of real quick I hope they keep Marcus. Yet I know I know you're not a huge fan but for this team I would rather have him. The numbers aren't usually inserts the shooting percentage who brought out knowledge would you remain weak argument and arguments and and you mentioned you haven't met I'd just say Bobby shadow and I did yeah that you brought up exactly what but what does he should Americans wondering you know it's more of an intangible type play our guys where it's not always a box score type of thing it does a lot of little things he does a lot of little the winning pass that winning plays and he's winning plays. Marcus Martin the winning plays mafia there's always there's a winning plays mafia for markets and you got yeah he's got a pretty intense fan club. He does I you're either all and it can go Chris Ballard. There are all there aren't enough. Are you all let I don't want explanations are all the markets aren't that most people or. Our all our overall area is that a shorter dream mongering haven't heard that but in this case I'm with you. Markets mart for this team that can keep his hands off the walls and I'll picture frames frustrated after missing the buzzer beater yeah yeah yeah well exactly and live yeah. And how frustrated that he took it if I don't like to putt I think yeah we don't want to I don't think we've got them by not taking shots that you should take. Tiger is look deeply that it was closed course I don't know we've got so there's nothing off court no. No was okay and I just care some hours later there's over. Earth about where they. And this hopefully my attempted to interject the notion that there's actually another team in this town. Because on NHL dot com when they came out with a power rankings today the Boston Bruins are the best team in the national hockey. Difference a year one point behind Tampa Bay for the first overall in the league with a game in hand. Win again last night destroyed that the New York Rangers. And they're fun to watch there I got an out of the way so we did talk ruin everybody's involved. Well this much is gonna get involved with them today probably still stuff to eat. H chase. Yeah. All right. Right now that was unfortunately at the end of the the giants' Super Bowl loss in the suitable part of that I don't yours is those. So excludes loans oath. So they were on a pretty bad. This time they lose the Super Bowl in Minneapolis and all the reports are that. She was like the the picture of sportsmanship. One report was she was congratulating every member of the Eagles that she saw in the whole way down underneath the stadium. And one reporter described Eagles players and star struck. I don't know let me just. But then Benny and mum and I had to stay out of there. And I would tipper are advocates say outages also supposedly you know she was that the picture of sportsmanship. USA today wrote that Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady's wife turn new England's 4133 loss into a teaching moment for their children. To all of whom were crying after the game the five year old and the eight year old were crying because their dad had just lost the Super Bowl irony Ivan. That's it. And thought and thought what the (%expletive) and Giselle in in an attempt to console especially the five year old the daughter. Said something about an album you know sometimes you have to let other teams win two or some like that. So that that trade wing nut all pissed off who right wing I'd I'd renamed the facts are aka. Game I well I thought there that straight win that takes to Twitter yesterday any tweets nobody left. Anybody win anything. One team made more plays than the other. Period. So then Gisele responding to trade wing enact. Felt that she had to defend herself this was yesterday afternoon she tweets out just to be clear. No one let anyone win people win because of their own merit tired of people twisting my words to create drama that doesn't exist. That she feels why if you cannot handers right so today. I was more today on the view once. What east taken on just how well we won't be. Our all time greatest kids were upset Acton and dad's team lost. The super balls son and I and mom Gisele. Was armor heard comforting one of her daughters and Matt. Dad won five times and the Eagles never did so sometimes you have to let that the economy. But I'm sometimes it didn't Eagles was their behind the game. That I am. Not my comments acknowledged let's let the wind is not and then the chip. So little time reading out the half sometimes people lose because. That's what helps to make you better. Well that's the TV show you and so I value and lose their pay pay hey Vivian they busted their butts. That's why you got the crowd they're gonna wrap up and we'll pretzel because she first says oh she canceled her kids by thing is and isn't it laughter. Parent. And their budget that they didn't let them when audio right out if I had Iran every Tuesday that it is a good we like her not always like her I don't I don't we don't like her all the Lori. There's more will be he's not done. I know there's been this movement everybody's a winner but isn't aware they're winners. And there are losers and and you can gain so much perspective from the losses. So much perspective I let my kids when it's gravel when they beat deep yeah. My I meant so much good enough. Hollywood that kid who puts the hotel immediately by the way he's only sexist remarks and an Alabama this document I was a child happier than when he legitimately win you have to really wanna be like now what's the word got about placate yeah I didn't happen then got to look at a higher. I'm sure are quite figure out. You're right here let her bra and demand it be so proud when you beat the six year old and scrap I literally did grab her bad grandmother. I don't like what you're doing. Her grandmother had bad about not alien. All of you're at it the wrong approach they're not winners and losers we're all when they're all winners Andy there's really one more now although I don't know what to do with one voice of reason on the issue over future. Think she meant to let the wind like that she is especially from a McCutcheon. He should not let I don't know. British rock I don't know I don't know wishes from I'm just saying that what is now is being reported and what I'm saying that this idea. That other people don't work as hard as you're dead arm to achieve the same the language is not a good conversation I have with themselves yeah you have to tell children yes sometimes you went and sometimes you lose and cans let me put this out to you because Hollywood wants lost lobbying and mountains and stuff. There's nothing there's no shame in losing. Yes there is it's after app you'll tell Isner you don't wanna lose. I don't like just to agree to never play anything from you act out regardless of unwritten the other LSU I don't forget it a connect I think we're talking about but my turn I had never again. That was this we are talking about a five Euro right. You know I'm I'm gonna show is it. Saying that that wasn't like she took the Twitter is literally word for word quote we and that's not say how about a public that we delay. Teaching context to the five year old I don't know until maybe she's six or seven. It's also there that she was overheard saying and so wasn't like Gisele who everybody in the world knows from Brazil. Took to insert Graham or did an interview it was saying. It was not talking or child was just there obviously the pages let them win that was the case you overheard console her child and now Whoopi Goldberg trait window at all these other people. Have have. They they feel that they could step in teller I had a parent. And I'm glad I'm glad Andy I was even here yesterday but we share brain I'm glad that you don't try to windows straight Wayne Hale having no where he's coming from one. What is it that's all. Remember you reconsider this and they don't know about. I don't fairness. This is about something so much more. You had no idea at the time but on the field of Aloha Stadium in Honolulu in February 2004 when this picture was taken. Yes you did they follow the rest if he could ever happen. A lifelong connection through sports with his son during sports. And at that moment on you understand your life now my opinion had something that no one could ever take away for us is that there where we went to the RC. OK. Okay. A straight week noted but that together when he was five millionaire guy did have an excuse he's a grown man read that by the way the music from the book of Isaiah I can't help but wonder. Who exactly console will be. When Hillary lost the presidential black and I don't have a there are morale will be okay tiny it's all right look pretty loud crying honey you know more views down on the show known. That's my bone yeah I understand this either but I quote I don't know if I get. Lot of what we're trying to fit that you're about the talk as Sharon Osborne I think I'll let go on the talked as well that's my whole segment rerouted there that did five women just don't. That we had an epic column Roemer Iran over a lot of people promise that awarded based on the radio immediately as our. Oh please don't ask don't. I he's got his cat door podcast the one on iTunes you valmont Twitter ex heat when he won risky. Jessica what we're aware of what is it with me and experts. In San Diego. The boost in and show. Okay nice way to drive letter by last night. Last night let's plug the door podcasts that do more of that than we put away your expert whose. Instead of Ecuador podcast enough that dale Hollywood keyboard are tied at 4 o'clock I wish I did today they plugged they're you know without the intro you might as well since every show nationally he's the point but Michael I'll show it once now not what your own thing close the door podcasts. That's like that how has. Is that dork podcast going on Neitzel that's not even all my Twitter at key 21 rich key. As our podcast accident spread out and don't talk to a quarter minutes. But it did you don't graduate like I don't know all the radio show that I thought they thought I pretty good should should consider doing regularly and already radio I'm focused on the podcast and ugly dork podcaster that it edged listeners about it is that the volume of about the tea after radio was my creditors to delay to teleport out who your pocket where to find me yes. The breakdown of it warily out patriots experts and they want to replace Ritchie now you what are your body says the patriots are very their Don analysis on this like that time when Pete Sheppard was the Boston College experts about it it already is they right now herself. Probably it's inevitable that my future. When I had a share rattled right part of its uses. It's not a little light. Four foot and like. Hispanic curling screens that are at at the who probably fiddler at the hosts that it's it's okay. Why is it okay you have got to have a mound as the DA information into if I have some great up and out after good notes on the offensive line I've got running back but that is about it or read papers sorry I he's got he is at dork podcast that we go there at. How funny do anything else that's ridiculous propaganda about urge you guys the the shot receipts we. Yeah I just I started its rigs are lucky if Pete Carroll. Hadn't lost since I'm in Seattle Super Bowl in Atlanta Falcons had joked. Cracked 483. The patriots to be looking at a historic five game losing streak and if however if if if Iran really an hour after hour and Mario Manningham and you know that you put the defense can stop one. GD third down it can't do that could help me read out loud to do that could be looking that we you can you could you could be. This this little portion of the program constitutes final drive it's cosponsored by an arrest restoration specialists. If you manage a facility in did not receive the frozen weather service he needed for pipes or floods becoming IRS restoration specialist priority service client today. Learn more at ARS serve dot com it's also cosponsored by cars for kids storage card help child today schedule your free pick up. And 877 cars for kids or cars for kid Dario lives out if you live south of the equator you be warmer right now. It's while it's estimated that if all of a sudden had to come from Bill Nye the Science Guy here tablets from how he opens a shorter than it was stupid back towards that is fact toys every shows. Really rob inside the snapple cap back doors that's. Now. We know that he's not actually reading them off the inside of the snapping it and the big snapple maybe one day and you just cents a share that data and deal with snapple detail at which point we'd be read their backs are. Or if there's going obvious Dan Shaughnessy as we continue down yet if you mark. If it you more flexible down the show because the afternoon back. I could say that's true and if Brian McMurray had any balls he would reportedly fired against sexual rest reform over the globe. Although it. The united I'm regardless I'm kind of not Callahan you and I are about it is the little. In terms of hey. He will DJ Pete is on Twitter definitively rule. He's right though yeah that's why you wrote you ready to be correct he wrote to screw with people wouldn't be open right now now. Are you hurting right now patriots. And yeah. Quicker car and they are. Now I he's got he is a cat door podcast going on on iTunes. That's station out there and that alone on it's the home of San Diego State Aztecs athletics are carried the all the hours he's taught in the San Diego State it did not pop up I hasn't suffered ago we don't why Leonard gold glitter didn't come through the Marshall fall on don't like that. Music that I when I go to these places. These these remote outpost at the San Diego's remote but it. I gonna that I city not far away from from Boston in they came wanna talk about patriot and I feel like okay. I should talk to them about some things are two students like try to are you look I'm questions out there are giving you the media and use the amistad and that you don't like they don't want that now they're like hey. Gaza with the state law there Iowa is located wrestling program. That for the king that I and I like do a quick movements are passionately about top radio Iowa wrestling I did I kind of idea highlighted Dan Gable and allow here I'm sur real John department. Who cheated on issues like I've been Iowa I don't want to be in this market you know my final -- lady here being public like. Is that while this is the haves and the have nots is that you of course over the patriots we. We don't have a team anymore Arnold. Out of my hands up to get a call the chargers. You've got about that that you didn't want the chargers got the aspects the San Diego's that mountain must football. Marshall false memories because there ethernet. It is okay he got that the guy that. Kevin O'Connell. OK or pitcher great yeah him make good progress. About four. You guys are all lined up for a ever key wit. Since nine yeah but this is on the bar that's why I wonder if Thursday on Thursday nights at the month I did see much yeah route here to I it's him briefly what you guys are talking about. It's really it's an extra cross or the month choice there's across our business the cross if they sit right on I'm one of the problems that yeah we know we're doing across overrated it's a mystery disease. Well if it's sort of a tune in to find out through his fire zone at depth that mean not really sure it means I've also attitude to define objectivity choose your own adventure I hope so by the late thank you all the techsters I knew Tony Gwynn was dead thank you for Latin minority parties on did you. Are you guys been talking dork podcast on the outlook doesn't have a great life he's got he is at the door podcast go. Available now on iTunes resisted a hash tag or does radio row where I was able to catch up with the patriots the mother played reasonably Anderson around and talk to Louie Anderson that's big abducted a downtrend they've Portnoy. You did yeah I also noticed Mitchell Schwartz I told a story of the pod that is great Steelers for those don't we had to have like ID picture right well listen I can't give your Portnoy credit hilarious story got. Did you tell the story about how it happened no I. But he had a badges and ID badge said Mitchell's words. They. A lot of credit had not allowed to edit okay Schneider is there a tip her exotic I was I asked him about it no that's laughter if I was there I was asking for scripts I only ever keeps coming up next we'll talk to guys tomorrow by.