Best of DHK: Bruins vs Celtics; What’s going on at WEEI; Dale gets schooled on Aliens; Randy Moss and Aqib Talib best soundbites

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Wednesday, February 14th

Best of Dale, Holley & Keefe Wednesday February 14th, 2018


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To return to negative this is not. S government PHP. Way to go to hockey and make a night you guys I talk a little hairy guys we had a very important thing Matt and Jeff radio Tuesday guy who makes we loved aliens and we thought it was appropriate to share that with the audience how to see the alien feels the same about it. I don't know. I I am well I heard I heard about him there over my words I who's the senate. I don't know I just you know. Step late for a little little little hairy guy and illicit nude to talk about little hairy guy at the barn victories through Islam first on news eight. And now he's forever forever war people in the world but there's some sick people and just pick it up and an onslaught like them a couple of and I met my career I did before him. Once what's the week wanna share their stories of the world. This you know enough of the people who might be your neighbors. I how well you know your neighbor not very well all you don't hear it now you just never an eight I answer right trying to get out yet they Kamal when you moved ended a don't do anything to read on broadcast are all hey guys that are well don't natural. You know when when I moved into the neighborhood and ran them yeah you know syndicate to the house got them like he did. Pretty nice guy Eric. It was a lack of a bit of a prankster what was it I don't already know this could take it to know what he did okay. I can't I think are very careful there was nothing wrong with the Kate thank you very dodging any Kate's accounts rules from the neighbors nice people but I know I keep to myself I don't expect that I got you know they're nice people all they don't do anything that's the point but I think bigger about playing behind closed I guess one idea and nobody's gonna know your neighbors and Donna and now they'll that's absolutely the truth any time something happens that it's in pretty normal I never would have believed that really silly don't they allow required actually alien to start. There's a pretty quiet so I appreciate especially if you're not you know dealing with. If you're if you're not an apartment situation apartment off now is not a lot I 2000 I have gotten knock those doors neighbor and there are very out excuse me via. Yes keep it down tell the kids out around all the times like running back and forth. You know they live on top floor your underneath and it's just very you know what I radar to a lot. Well I would go upstairs. And you know tell them to quiet down to be very loud I ever read that's file guy you want to loud whatever but. It's a certain points a little bit late and yet what their atomic quite down and I get this more often the ninety bang on the door somebody opening go to HT keep it down and it's a are you lift your man. As it. It doesn't matter that I. Apparently they're not exactly down a little Sarah McLachlan has written about how about I don't quiet nobody is happier and easier how they're not quite a multiple times in the movies are okay rolled around in the currently there. Happy right now yeah Livan. On the complex army combat the tough one X and I you're relying a lot and we know how to go out and while you are Osce. So you think I got a lot you don't arrogant you know you don't know anything travel to Minneapolis with its build on us Villanova at all. That's fun. Like a little bit of mystery little bit injuring that a mystery that's right so we're all about here in the series mystery and intrigue yeah we got that they would certainly have that aren't you guys wanna make fun of me to like landed while what do I had a great time last night pleasure of the Oakland was making mock me because I looked like I was having too good a time last night is that you're kidding here he's visiting with the 197778. Boston you're have a great time out it was a relax a spot that she should've had a good Thai love visiting with them out much by the way you correctly predicted great event to shocked by that. Except the little outlandish with a tie Adidas kind of tone that down. Euthanasia Talladega now looks like it gave Michael Black suit white shirt that again about it singled hotbed and I selected as the men in black look all Cadillac let him blackened about either his daughter's gonna do that night and don't switch a couple of when he. When he first got on set and we had a few minutes before the period and admiral talk and shoot the breeze and watching the game and I said. Gotta be honest grapes here a little subdued tonight compared to what I was expecting too much pressure Delhi says I didn't wanna dress better in the players about that. You've got to think that that's why I also. Every senator LA and I when the recognized the team like that he's in a torrent download that's nice. I nice gesture has. Our you know 7778. Bruins are one thing about the did 2018. Boston Bruins 1718. Yeah ruins they are they are a point out of first overall in the National Hockey League with two games in hand carpet before I was a little pressure on you down you didn't like that said in our. Apple right now they're at point B ask him but I. I don't want this I don't want this they're out there yes I think it just yeah yeah flooding and divesting dealing guests and they are. The fifth. Boston Vegas in the cup final. But how much would that have paid off if you bet precincts in my idea of Boston vague Vegas on its own day of awesome power or the Bruins were a year ago this. Take the show on the road Boston big island and I final but so spread Rossi learn something about Rossi in how they learn a lot about everybody Joseph wells. You can't bring home with you and it's not fun to be there if it's Bruins. Golden knights what are we going to Arctic it would happen. Is that why not pick an expansion team. Look I I don't know they have so far outperformed what I thought they could do they are a legitimate. Stanley Cup champion Michael Guillen is not the not a whole boxing gold knights right now it's just days ago. And how that happened remember we're talking about it last word out of I thought of with about a deal with it well. It is good news that eventually it was gonna kind of how the early part of the whole bottom of religion have an unbelievable home they are and why would they don't have a bit of a home ice advantage that is pretty good you get your playing at home over guys every night and I at all maybe that's what's gonna. Gonna happen when the raiders moved to Las Vegas. Much is sell one yet because it's just a ball and after hours till night I mean what an idea could be right now in Las Vegas but these guys yet when they go through there there doing their expansion draft okay. I got a bad team gets stopped in the supermarket this morning. Couple guys supermarket. And they were having an argument with the each other they wanted me to mediate about weather today the Bruins should do anything to them just argument at least. I don't know men are the bananas fresh chicken I have to credit to an. So one guy was saying and the way this is going I don't want I don't want to chance on screwing up everything. And the other guys saying you know they still could use companies and Dell what you think like I'm gonna affect you know they'll break the tie via media largely come the trade and trade and the trade deadline which is a week from Monday. I afterwards I checked out about last February 26 the trade of algebra if there's a certain. I. Well. Why it is that it's sort of have to have a special trade well show and okay Michael's birthday it want it to share about whether that NHL I don't know I think that aren't dangerous that you regret my don't have per month I'll. Yeah I think our Bruins will make a mover too and I think they should make a move over to. Now the question is always his what do you give up what are you getting. That hot rumor around the National Hockey League is that the Bruins are in foursquare with a New York Rangers about either Rick Nash. And or Ryan McDonna. Even ball forward you rather have Brian McDonough are and so what does it take to put behind the oath of what Clinton did well hopefully that time Madonna. I Kevin Paul DuPont theorized nobody knows that his theory was you'd have to give up like branding Carlo and Trent Frederick who is a big power forward at the university was contract and a first round draft got it done. Actual content I I would nasal actually there when they drafted Frederic wasn't the thing I've had their leg elite he he could be like a grinder he could do it a third fourth line guy I wrapped that late first round of the draft and elect he's gonna be a third of our watts when he projects to be. A third liner but let me just on the junior team dealt with me on the US. Yes the world do without merit and maybe he's getting better I don't know started the tournament as the spare forward. He ended the tournament with a formal game so annoyed me maybe he's better than the early projections that Trevor here and that but yet you yet. McDonna. Without a contract next year's this year and next year and so he's a 28 year old he's the captain in the Rangers don't you know it's in great with the Bergeron Chara kind of veteran leader are the Rangers do this deal with the Bruins they're blow what they're blown things. They are absolutely well at the Bruins or stuff like that at the table all right but the grounds of the Bruins have laid out a better package of of things to offer than almost any team in the NHL right now. I'd give Don Sweeney credit he's got a good job restocking that that the shelves here and work around the league he has. The Bruins only is this trade deadline of depending on what they do that we'll see what everybody else does. They've got the stuff. I thought you got to get in on you got to get in on it because nobody predicted them to be this good right now bull why you just. Laid back it says its goal while right now we know what it would things can change in the playoffs that you can add talent to it it's not like. If you trade a couple of young guys the way suddenly you have no young guys. It to happen and I saw that had a lot of draft picks are we're pissed that they didn't. Trade some of those draft picks a few years ago there have taken the players some moments it so that there are nice job restocking it actually hit on draft next you're right they didn't do for awhile. It's so you you have these plus your future draft picks that he can trade. I'm in on it I write you look around the league whose. Who's the cup favorite right now and if it's not the Bruins and really that scared a tamper you got scared Vegas he that's scared of some of these other teams I seagulls. Or then you know that the back to back champions right now. Are far behind the Bruins in terms of points in other the Pittsburgh Penguins spread like other they're not like they're the warrior of them have one elements now right. So that they're good you Stewart would respect them but it's not like you're looking up out of the Bruins were so crazy as they've hit the reason they're good. Is it is that they hit on everything. Mr. Shahzad had never happens. So Lester Tuukka Rask not a great year. He's have a great year this year plastered and have a back up this year he's got a backup who's reliable that's how last please if you start to think OK Zdeno Chara slowing down he's not. Last year Patrice Bergeron didn't have a good year this year he's having an. Bull but he hurt. Unbelievable year MVP caliber year there is to score a goal and he has. Last night he scored two more is got a 27 he's now ninth in the NHL in goal scorer David Backus is giving yourself your guy. And Heidi you've always loved it I know I contract always loved them how I'm not. So ladies and released just look at Everett you look at the dual aspect you know Charlie back report back on the ice I don't trust say he's untouchable. Of course. I mean everybody knows that we are back Roy Roy yeah there's some guys who they would deal some guys that they wouldn't deal. That he is the one young guy it would matter what you Wofford they are an interest. Well thank you yet nation. And other reason why would be in on. If you can get McDonough or get Nash I understand national ran down a rental that's totally different at army is different but I but video of a package can involve the same time. I look at. You have a lot of young guys on the team which is great in so you're saying the futures really bright but Thursday's event Chara had a really good year. How many more years of Zdeno char yet again so you can maximize this final year for him the going to be a final year but I know nobody liked it it brought a great year for the next year maybe he'll be great again next year too late he's sort of one of these guys that has played really well and at a late age by. Maybe it's not exercise again just banking on this young group where they keep mall together and two years are going to be great. Well no because if you remove Chara is how big of a loss is that going to be. So if you have to give up a couple of young guys a couple of picks to get Nash had to get mature I'm don't let out an hour. I'm enforce the act current Stanley Cup odds are Tampa Bay Lightning in Vegas golden knights are tied their currently plus 600. The Bruins are next at plus 800 the Bruins opened. At plus 3500. Spot and they've gone a plus 800 like a little money being no checks are now Jose got to Vegas on and knights opened at plus 20000. Under. And you know people bad comment to you go out there or they are visionaries and let me hear what. Oh I heard a big event on my house of action on its way he doesn't need me gets about Martinez out pickles yeah. Yeah Vegas motor vehicles we're. This morning never have performed as it does recommend I've been looking at the computer to recommend brain. Really it's ever happened before ware for us an expansion team winning a championship against an expansion team has ever gotten there and. Any sport. If you want the raptors in the grisly well I don't see it. Now note to AZ is allowed just being told right are back at. There's no doubt it no teams have done it teams it's as teams that's. In the league teams. Conference yeah exact or did Carolina Panthers motives. Jackson and they both of them got premiere eight. Right so. It's the expansion draft was too generous. For the Las Vegas I don't and I think so. We know it was they feel as if generally intentionally did that because you were asking for a 500 million dollar expansion feet. And they realize that if you're gonna make a team fork over that kind of money. You know you've got you've got to make things a little more attractive it's about to happen again I nova Seattle filed their ten million dollar fee yesterday. For the next expansion franchise it's going to be another 500 million and they're gonna have had at. The the expansion draft is gonna be as generous as it was for the Vegas golden that's not let him. Now I mean I'm I'm no. Here McGwire but. There roster but he doesn't jump out against nice players on the team but you wouldn't of thought cup favorite part about uncle and the critical of the Oilers goaltender. Just your big com Miller guy and Riley's Riley-Smith. Authorities all time greats well we know these guys might not want to go home we know very well. That's about my point of color McAllen Miller was supposed to be. It was supposed to be a star but he wasn't and it's found himself. Whatever the patient they protect nobody reflect please god protect Colin Miller I don't want to let us have rally Gaza and I wondered they'll leave Kevin Miller. There keep Colin Miller and every but I don't think again you looked at a colonel James McNeill yeah it's good player. That that's the biggest surprise like locally arrays definitely should be surprised by the Bruins by. Leave quietly put Vegas is doing is is ridiculous at this point. They're not a fluke they've played a ton of games with what fifty. Closing at sixty gain rights so this isn't a fluke that doesn't mean they won't. You know get bounced in the playoffs and at some point but. It that are two of the best stories in in all its. All the awards all the awards available. Coach of the year Jack Don I challenge along that area in that coach of the year. Exit they have an executive of the year yes and that's done all right George McPhee are given that you have what are what are very valid only problem still on the franchiser of the year given that. The rest of them they're gonna have a hard time you know coming up would but but those two they've got. On the other hand I think the silky award is already done for Bergeron I think Kilby a finalist says on our trophy he'll be a finalist for the Hart trophy. I think that. To grass will be a finalist for the vets and of course is gonna. Let's go back the other way I'll have. They are out and right now. And rod do. Nancy and I see no. Now I'll I. Annan did god we don't ya yeah I had the spirit it was right there our guard up on it yours is I had had the spirit of Eddie Shore how was ready to go. And now that are around him hungrier. And that little hint hint at them now be your network President Clinton and Michael and even now I know I'm coming out right. Is that he's surprised the soccer awakened the morning and haven't had to scratch. Does that have always shoulder and say okay let's go Michael and then there's this thing in it and it right now aren't. And I and I. This doesn't inspire you don't crank it back up your it was pretty good if side and our congress and thank you very much. It's great go through a broad season just started this week so are all more very excited that they're here right away yes that's for joining us at. That's awesome they start of the year in first place very center. Our who has a better chance of winning their league championship the Bruins for the Celtics. The league yes all of our self truth absolutely. At those articles on mine is feeling great about the Eastern Conference anymore I don't go to Cleveland Cavaliers looks like the real deal all of us senator what is it two games because the cavs got to go awful hole on a tangent Ager closure askew wrote an article about how all the trades unfolded there all of them borrow parts of there was. They knew going into the deadline to pigs want to get rid of Isiah Thomas. Hi I am a man break down while reading this public always. No he says that of loans says that a Chris Broussard. Says it's clear it was clear that you know Isiah hated LeBron. Not does that LeBron hated it and regulate carried but I guess Isaiah hated them to. And that you know when they first got there it was cool to hang out together and abroad and there and there are there messaging each other Seagram is used to helped the whole article that they needed some help and apply. And now I have fixed it about 260 volatile helpful and don't don't need to beat somebody within act just went downhill. And apparently they got the point where they couldn't stand each other so. That two took like fifteen gain yeah. I barely know. He then got healthy if I don't play with him this guy I need you more. Went out I'll give you this LeBron. Is brilliant with stars. And edit with with rope doll right with rope with role players do love players with LeBron yes. Are amazingly all the value goes up 15%. Like realistic view gives tournament that location was said wow what an attractive but James Jones is really ought to get dollars really not a suspect in the right place you want to help. It's a here's the here's the key player LeBron in this like Tyreke urban every day you get the opposite. Yeah you're the best that there is still you still are Harry was able to do it. But most of the time LeBron plays with stars what he says to them is it an in its implied. You're a star who want to. Like a role player Darryl learn now from an interviewer if you don't do that. You have a heart. We're out of our tour when the trade happened and number somewhere in the show saying that size is not gonna work with the Brohm accrual was ever found out sounds very similar to this was the here right now forget who exactly said that president was gonna work as a became the fourth is dead guy fans not gonna know what how to deal. A guy who makes those insights is an and guy not a terrific guy. That's what I would Iowa go there I agree like you know put it into Miami Dwyane Wade. We got a bad blood is yet that Egypt okay Chris Bosh tremor was bought a great job awhile get over that in a couple of he creates a corner. That corner and there naturalization. Some he wrote replacement in mind totally disagree it often supported Doug asked that effects on live pictures come back. With that in Toronto the vacated a look at. Pissed off Florida and out. And I think it's an ace router now we were all play a role players really sign players zero players so we'll see you know works. Sorry but it's a good question are you guys still confident about the Celtics getting out of the east I the confident the company last rightward confident. I'm glad I thought I thought they were still I thought they were going to the NBA finals I'm worried and now all of a sudden Cleveland looks different there's though my pick but him. I don't feel less confident with every step Heidi can't application deadline that is the cavs looked terrible. I'll try and up. Wreck it knows I mean give Kobe Altman credit you know he found a way to make a budget trade studio when there are almost 200 Jordan. Which probably wish him that when he's out and I thought they had it done Obama and I want congress they had would have been a bad trades booed or worse -- are somewhat better off our foot really what the hell are you really wanted them to make that trade OC can help there would get brook Thompson I think with a part of it or whatever was so. Yet they found a waited to make a franchise altering trade deadline and maybe LeBron I don't know a bronze I spoke you go all out yet he's done this question Winger because. These are it was a decent players there in Cleveland. Well the lakers really settled more on LeBron and all our guys to maximum number two Max Watson and Lavar ball. Well local bar or blogs and opinion on auto club all right well our it's an attack on the field that right. All right so that's the question you've got two really good winter sports teams now that that football in the rearview mirror. Now the baseball still you know off in the distance somewhere in the future you've got two really good winter sports teams. Which anything's gonna go further and more importantly if you are Bruins fan want Don Sweeney to make a big dealer you're looking at this team's hand. You've lost twelve teams in regulation all year leave it alone which could be legit if you think that way. But I don't know how people like 6177797937. As the telephone number the text line is 37937. Let's get this out of the way. Well no well first. Half dale I'm loving and say let's get this out of way and I was the way we have been told. By management here that we will not be doing the show on Friday. On there will be no live programming on this radio station Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM. And all of the show it's of the on I think it's not just on air. A were undergoing sensitivity training. It'll take place on Friday. The B statement from WEEI I'm gonna quoted directly quote. Nothing is more important to WEEI in the close knit and diverse Boston community we call home. And we are committed to actively continue a contributing to its betterment. W the eyes in the process of closely reevaluating our policies and procedures. In an effort to ensure that our programming is never intolerant or harmful to our listeners or our city. Part of this effort WEEI will be hosting an all day mandatory sensitivity training this Friday February 16. All live programming will be suspended from 6 AM until 6 PM on Friday to enable WEEI employee participation. In this important session on. So that's what will be doing Friday I believe they get best of probe programming that they're gonna run out throughout the course of the day. Op. I hope something positive comfortable. That's my sincere when your whole game and we'll all be there will be part of it my sincere hope is that something positive comes. Of a volunteer. To sit next occurred. Earlier I was the next room and surely face got the sensitivity of the starters are either I'll I'll sit next on a pair. If he wants it next Yasser next to him bury us olive branch right there actually but let's sit next to each other and not a now a break ups are easy is it coffee drinker out yeah I'll put it on I'll bring coffee. Outside the way golf is gonna be provided. On the is that really your only concern right now is a college I thought yeah yeah gotta start somewhere and then I think we should do it paintball outing. I pay all that is at hand all the way to go battle all the respect the high powered handguns. Brian is this is baby steps baby steps you know yes. Be there you know copies important just for attendance. Yet the audit program about a problem alertness. Yes Emmitt and you'll have to peel. Yeah yeah. I don't know how to get part of us right after. You know obviously had to go to go to bat on you right back I promise this bathroom humor. That I got an adult and I'm not out of not sent you here is not a joke. So that's what's gonna happen on Friday of this that and and I know you guys probably know already but you know our listeners we haven't addressed that. That's what what is that will be here tomorrow just like bill was our Friday show we will not be here with live programming but it'll be best of programming. And we'll all be back doing what we do next. 617779790. As I tell you right now they're potent girls that OK Amanda Beard also recognize county already knows he's going to our good friend I got a chance yeah. Got to get out and appeared next to me at how little discussion. I've. You don't direct that guy that I think about that they were intimately what happens and it works and personal log time ago. But he'll be back for your birthday school vacation out what you all didn't hurt Detroit and capital Rafa would have bet now. Hopefully you're not hurt I can't wait to fund school vacation up next lubrication. And then back report. This is the best job. Around and there with the little hairy guys coming out of the woods the way toward. You know I can never leave you too loudly and regulate that I heard and let them apart but I've heard so far have a little troubling I mean I don't hear the whole complete. It was that acoustic story that had a beautiful grass trees and downed. Terry dale. Had once had the people more realistic. Big Three love to a ghost all sorts who would really no doubt serious it goes they're aliens and the loss to Virginia team didn't think I believe in ghosts yeah yes. Now you're believing goes even more I have no accident that we landed on the moon believes an alien yeah worked artist because we have it does mean they have a definitely we are with the both. Dick time both he could tell that she can keep a close don't think that all of thank god Olympic alien god was god both. You know this guy but I am I'd have to say aliens. Because it's I was able to describe key piece new parent and she wears a wig on where you live your tale black hair. Large black guys like pails of Gloria helped pace a pace that it a lot of looks quite human long for sales. I rocking with a multiple B wells today would be is a farmer so can't you see that picture got away you still see crescent. Chris I saw her about 45 months ago and for boot dollar promised a thorough. He fathered a hundred it was music that you fall to the hundreds and alien babies. Anything that I think I'm sure he's actually doing the right thing Colin supporting them I really I hate you gotta post office wall he's reckless you got I don't know what we're. A childhood love of god. A hundred cans and an eagle and re probably doing Delhi hotel I'd watch that Ozal alien baseball games. Well yes. If it ever your birthday parties are played eight where anything goes all their name this kid's dumb I would say no and Russia elects a lift driver that we had Roslyn jumping all over Antonio Cromartie how about this guy's guy. An audio does that hundreds of you don't have to remember ever having had a hard commodities Donald Driver bill lived driver said he had ninety he couldn't get past two unit to. This guy had the. That is a problem if you can name and will your children snack guy that we we saw and we talked and he had no idea and once you've bothered hundreds of alien. Babies. A B alien by a thing about it he first had sex Manila when he's seventeen he's now 74. You do the math. Yeah they're out. Now. How he thought expert of the the population of possible. Mates and all well and updates scores and housing no. No. It's not a yes yet this big daddy. I don't know they political elites and you earthlings. Why is he the only ice and the only one that the aliens seem to be attracted to he did not have an answer for that they have it was an idea I'd answer for. They have the same earthly powers and they have more of the more alien than. In her kind don't body was quite sure yet what habitat off is an earthquake maybe he's part alien himself. Maybe they have the best traits. Both are okay that's that in my guess what I think one of the best traits of aliens well the long fingernails apparently. How big our guys yeah. Big and big she wears on. Yeah I don't know I don't know those claws and remanded him to come across an alien that you know if that's well they probably have powers of camouflage or their shape shift that's a great point and that's true. Maybe I have seen him maybe I work with a 100 Baghdad every bit. And I think yes it yeah maybe he's had a murder neighbors that well I don't neighbors get hands wouldn't rule it out. Would ruler he can't. Esther if I think the same thing about me I they have reason. I and he never leaves the house yeah. Again right into the driveway of rushes through the door at a press really isn't that guys exonerated I'm Melissa McBride as. I'm. And there I know they thought I could. We're party. We're gonna go whether I thought that was a good what do I don't know that it don't let that go well I don't accredited. Yeah I'll I'll I'll carry bothered that you guys like that out there and that it if that was why it was like the third mr. Q that our departments and in fact why you find the five listen on Friday power and goodness. It. With screeching halt its yeah. Sell order of sudden content. I am. Gonna. Rotella alien literate. Yes intercourse mailing absentee and write and think yeah I think she wears a wig and the guy that beyond us not to judge a book by its cover I think it's fairly scathing look like it I only sort of judge this block he did look like a guy who would suggest that he had sex male why do you think Canadian would Wear a week. I think bush stated reasons. I. I'll. Take your way to honor it well I don't know might even more attack it could hate it when it's. An alien yeah do you wouldn't interest that an alien I get an alien who showed up outside your house you just shut the door back to your business are things. That's for. The outer item inside I'd be very afraid. Until owners to Nazi Mars attacks. Or war. It's a mobile data sure I got on the biggest and our guys who made a lot of certain hot body in like old school like ET. Site area when you're little it's very scary okay well it finger in and out so well did you vote we will it is I thought ET. I'd be into it was like in the shed right in the garage from a you know that is in the closet yeah clause that would be scary outlaws here. You wouldn't freak out I would freak out wrong but I would just like out of Tennessee here ignore it I don't immediately say. How did it go and what's going on a quick. Yeah I don't. Duke and in my purse purposes for rappers like. Because he might have been creeped out by. You everything. To the weight creep to haul it out what the guy audio really attractive he painted them and some of whom were. It bore out because news painting new aliens with the. Right people have different hobbies aggregate you know. Now go through life I do this all the time got office I'll take O'Keefe is it keeping it should I get an idea how I look at this one there's a lot of them out there. You are you RE a depository. Of weird they'll have a strange. Stuff yeah. We just keep shoveling it over to keep it is and I think it's a 2%. I think that's as a good story to tell. You not did you learn something I learned so yeah I don't know a lot. For gas or the way it's good point too if I remember right. Didn't ET wearily at some point yes I think this guys just got to think he he's got reality and movies all. Convoluted I think so too because movie that it is a very good move on some dozen missiles Gary. Is carried out it would scare me and it's it's nice is a movie but it happens to you if you just. Doorbell rings you go there and there's ET standing at the door. So liking close encounters when they're you know looking for volunteers to hate you wanna go on the ship and it's cool with them not doing that you'll see another another that it wouldn't say now okay sure our gulp big difference between volunteering and going on the an alien on and one being in your backyard and you. You know trying to introduce yourself to. Big difference. Montgomerie spacecraft. OK guys Virginia that would help but who I let us. Well as a done deal. Oh please don't ask don't PH. But I every organization he just. Get together and look at what just about to get it out because if you look at. Front and I try to try to offer tips on once. So Friday -- get that area out. Howard what what's your heart but festive let's undermine a fresh airing of grievances there get it out there. And then you can either get better or not. But if you look at if you look at Malcolm Butler and how we're talking about it a week later. Almost two weeks later. The players are doing. With the players at our peak a lot of guys who want to conduct code banning of people there a year PM what's gone on so he had to do that. Let him that this is just. From February. Of 2018. Look at the other story that we haven't talked about much today. Every hour. Rail and still want it to Graham yeah. Are you won a championship ten years ago you left for Miami what was it six years ago. Oh yeah 1012 yes 1213 governor rod sixers up from Miami. You still. Talking about it and you're not here. And I can understand this because not not because you don't respect Paul Pierce. It's because you're afraid. Apollo you'll be received you don't wanna be embarrassed and very proud guy how these guys these very proud you that are proud and do you think she's very star pop. Who knows maybe may be Rondo gets in the cold shoulder. May be it's awkward between he and doc. Maybe Garnett pretends that he still can't hear Mikey to get their first day out in my heart of where it goes over any and look at them out of office what six years ago because of the situation hang them because it has that been handled. They haven't aired it out. And if you think that this thing is gonna go away because. It's a new season and then. There will be September 2018. And you'd think about another super ball around that time itself doesn't heal anything. Got to be communication. A giggle golf with George Lopez added our past and I totally honest. There are solemn looking at the nth degree and fees and and the posting here. Any says and I'm quoting here over the last few years I have been B rated lamb based it and had my name's smeared. You may not wanna hear this but I will always BA Celtic parentheses fact close parentheses. He he has taken some heat around here he has said this wrist has he been B rated land based it and had his name smear. Yes yes yes yes I docks at this doc to Gary Washburn. Listen I think that's gonna happen rivers that have potential victory reunion. I did think it would have been great parade have been there but there's just angst right now and it raised defense. I know we thought about coming I can tell you that because I talked to him personally. It is no piece you know it was the right time he related wanna take anything away from Paul would be a distraction and won't be and that's what we've got to convict him of if he would've been there the fans would have cheered for him that will happen eventually you've just got to figure out where docs right. Special event that that Ron Richard thank you and all that. You know that none of my misses what's devoted to get out of but it would sure am but but elegant but they'll this as a chance. And Ray Allen is not the only one. Who thinks of of things in these terms if you space or time on in sticker if you spend your time on Twitter. And you deal with the response there and you try to project that into the majority of opinion you won't leave the house. Pastor I don't think of elite you know hey I don't think everybody else to get what you do you think every time. You show up somewhere some guy's gonna have Sutton sarcastic to say. And that wasn't the audience that was in that crowd of talent that was one of the does that sound dramatic but it's true. As one of the coolest things I've experienced from Boston being there on Sunday. I don't came in Monday so don't you love the play off I was look at that get emotional guys in the mostly should. I venerate and I was already number retirement I was sick and I'd. I've taken mr. part of the government wiped the tears there are. That's how wrong about that now it's not as good as it happens on a different accurately. I. Yeah. Looks like a shot here and I actually an amateur. Like. Explain this to my mom. I assert what 7779793. Settled back to your calls our final drive coming up. 545 or thereabouts dale Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media this is the best stuff. Eat each case toolbar favorite sound byte guy reasonable time by the way shared a birthday. First stop he turned 41 yesterday. That great Randy Moss. Right. Funny women. You know I can't tell you bring these guys break there is no good. They have a big grin. The next level I think what. I have okay me to Randy on the ten grand let's thank rent a great. About half dollar. That was apparent response to define for a particular incident to remove them all yet come on give it to me chill block. It is great news gusting here. I don't know our airline that is disgusting. They don't box dressing room camera footage I was done barker reports which are you headed to a year's fair is. A oh on our parents think there at the December 2. 1009 Randy Moss sent home with other players for being late to team meetings and later that month after having a solid game against buffalo. Moss but the media on notice how do we do stuff. Like this. No really. Relate thank you. That was really a couple weeks but you know. You Kubel and but minutes league twelve years man and I've been to a lot. And the showed that I have my body. You could put the earth orbit so does lets you know I've bounced back after. These are voters he's the absolute that these shoulders that I have that's on my body on my body. Now he's already got the other facilities are very here that was Aybar in the background read enough credit loss unit at the credit process. These are there and ultimately this is a little line I liked. You know really. Really thank you. I had that thought ran hotter spots and after being traded back to Minnesota with a payload is the best friend and operates maybe the history of only 525000. Dollars by the NFL for not cooperating with the -- of this loss decided to take matters into his own hands. But what about a thousand dollars for not talking to you all. And me personally over the don't care but. That same time I do they do X questions and answer questions throughout the week for the league on the 25000 dollars and not answer any more questions for the rest this year. If this won't be interview conducted audits are now equipped. Except the question all answers or. Grown out of my answer anymore questions for the rest of the season it was hard for me to talk their way. It's been up and Errol close emotionally week. And be able to come and see those guys. You're gonna play. You know I'm no doctor Abdul and success they had on the field the running game. What kind of know what type thing they have no luck and that's one of the other guys. Missed a lot of. Guys at. Questions she says reviews like this it is I don't yeah politicians are on. And then lied to me that no. Let's not take into this let's take questions at eleven that you weren't it was just sticker I just ask myself about a minute to go out to members brief foray into wants to keep all our lives are all like oh yeah behind us. It was like who is Michael Smith. What is my business and on Twitter about me I don't live in the gap. Don't make a lot of mile hi all my bills that busted halo. They might say like what are those that don't make fun they wanted to send your question. A somebody killed Michael Smith to save it was a math has Atlantic I don't I don't make it out of my. I thought maybe I think the headline I was shots were not touched the former morning producer went on to petition in the money at them that goes to world. H yeah we want to listen to me listen to leave you the man I'm not doing no interviews that. I've got my whole interview I've got my own multi people. That's not considered trying to argue would mean you may have been every two weeks you seem to sit and talk about it interview relax homey. So all of our viewers a little bit good health and I'm not saying that I'm disabled please relax my combat. Please relax I've heard all about that I definitely watching that moss and ultimately his grade and one day we'll have to talk about. Step Barbara Aires I watched that as well how what was it like. 48 hour let me not I take breaks that was the phrase it is it's Philly that's great it was straight straight straight cash streak and I it's a what do. Chances but on the exact same day. The human sound bite machine himself owns a labor nice turn 32 yesterday. They get the crowd until it I'm I'm quite a crime family someone as last time I'm home fans like about him. Tom Brady fell Bonnie I'm not seen a man as fond landfills is it is in that ailment. And at finding out about it I haven't seen in younger sisters and Didier young lot of eyes on him make a play. AD and KC made out to make a play it on Obama's. Now. It now I'm not an opposite meaning that we. They've repaid him and we did it act out the good of care. I Eric Johnson edged him shell out top right terrible off does that as Tom Cruise Tom Arnold plays that you did that throw those guys those guys and if people wonder. Why did so exactly who used the plural says he AD. TT have to make it play out there again. Well they wanted to combine updated anyway and also in the middle of the big issue interview this great moment. I don't yeah let me just what spend any. And mom am glad that they haven't there. And I don't blame you yeah I would have blown go to Beth writes that Talib is never been one to back down from a beef. Especially when it comes to his rivalry with receiver Michael Crabtree. Really limited today. Bonds aren't there be ultimately come in game occasional passes that come game time I went back and he under the same agent as he last year. And someone who. We do you know no matter how he choppers on the ice and a woman who. I mean those guys with a chain snatched it comes to the game here. That's fascinating as bad as I'm gonna be almost sorry receiver which also put Sherman called them yet. Same race ours receiver in the league same music and so we're seeing him when it. Do you glad that I it's a much like Randy minds naturally himself as an a and a host and interviewer two. Just ask former Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. And man driven or driven through what you get to you real quick how. And it. Gates and email. Broncos TV because. I've been hanging. Its economy is the best corners that that you that you could ever ever ever ever tell us about it. Marmara. The best I ever been around messed up. And with with Monrovia a little bit to let him closer to prevent great job growth will be. Rover. Eagle on the opera Hyundai heavy volume you. Bottle as he was that they be living right. Side and all buckled TV. Trip in May be David. If that's Andre who has been a David and that is race broncos' season. This. And of course when you need a well spoken athlete to comment and something during those rare times when politics intersect with sports. Both candidates turn to than but he actually. Locker room talk has become one of the newest buzz phrases in the presidential race today brought us cornerback Aqib Talib was asked. One locker room to batter is really lie here's when he said. So a lot of luck own comments we talk about everything here. Charm make dating game and who knows. I. Let's look at our it who don't know I fitted with a great. Pro life it is here that are oh in its final drive alternate light Unser. I will be an all pro I wrote a little. Also cosponsored by cars for kids donate car help the child today schedule your free pick up. At 877 cards for its three cars for kids dot com on the compromise. Black history. What are series continuing that's right my bottle volleys I say the 7 o'clock hour. I'll release it yet released today the 7 o'clock through it it's got to be at the level who do this more sometimes I about a team sometime between 730 and eight. A juvenile court you're gonna yet ever keep his up next week oddly this much. We don't know I don't government under assault on the back and these problems out of money it is we'll see guys tomorrow by. That's my dog it.