BC Coaches Show: Steve Addazio talks BC's victory over Virginia; Specials Guests former Eagle and current New York Giant Mark Herzlich & former NFL lineman Gosder Cherilus join the show 10-23-17

Boston College Football
Monday, October 23rd

Jon Meterparel hosts the BC Coaches Show, featuring head coach Steve Addazio, live from Jake and Joe’s in Waltham. The coach talks about the Eagles 41-10 win at Virginia, improving the Eagles to 4-4 on the season. Special guests are Jim Christian & Former BC Eagle and current New York Giant  Mark Herzlich​ & former NFL lineman Gosder Cherilus ​ join the show​.


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They issued a body and GO America's home for college sports. Live from Jacob Joseph welcome this is the Boston College football show presented by Bud Light for the next hour will have special guests and you can get caught up but Eagles football the Boston College football show was presented by Bud Light. Famous among friends also sponsored by blitzer if blitzer PC developing longstanding relationships with the clients we serve since 1959. McGovern Chrysler dodge Jeep brand driven by you and by village bank. Your village your bank. Now it's time to talk BC football with the head coach Steve does field appears the voice of the Eagles John metre drill. From the jump it was a dominant performance of Charlottesville Virginia on Saturday afternoon as the Boston College Eagles improved to 442. Or three. In the ACC with a 41 to ten. Victory it's great to have you with us everybody welcome to another edition of the BC football show projected Joe's in Waltham. Coach at DOS you know. You are on the Euro on the center circle feels good to be here right now after that type of performance he coroner's well we were talking throughout the broadcast. As a defeat this is the perfect formula for Boston College every department. It was a check mark because dominated in all phases when you watched the upon further review script when you watch the video it seemed like he does is dominated in every night. Well I think gum we've made a lot of place you know for sure and I thought all three phases that are really good job. And you know we held them on defense we hold them know under 200 small two yards under orders rushing. Offense we. Head over 500 yards in Africa this death toll were right now with troops on the run through some of passing and you know we. Made big plays in the run game throw game vertically horizontally. And lot of guys contribute so but the quarterback played at a high level and it was a good performance you know and I think as we talked about you know with the all the the schedule we played has been tough on us but in the same breath you know. It's prepares for those games and it's also scored on four straight possessions like in a match in the office toast of the but it gets on the silent about. Including the coaching staff. Ever play calls a good one at any browser on them on fire throughout the game ACC rookie of the U week couple national rookie of the week awards today. Well deserved. He stepped up to another planet and yeah I thought he you know what but he played at a high level. And it was exciting to see and I think exciting for team you know offensively known it was. You know first time in school history that were forty points in two consecutive games first time. Since we've been in the ACC we've been over partners offensive to ACC games. A lot of things going on right now fourth in the country in terms of plays we run we have refused to that the country in terms of fewest penalties we have. Thirteen sacks on the season which ranks pretty highly of neglect thirteenth in the country there are so. There's some good categories that you wanna look at right now where things are store and happen force now. Course were heading into games we can sport state and they're really really outstanding defense I mean they really are mean no one's ruling on the ball exceptionally well except the freak from Louisville you know he he was able to make some plays last week we've seen that up close and personal. But. I just think that we've got to continue to Jones continued. Grow and that's a nice thing Seagram now I think. Where you were early in the season with injuries. At key positions. Mean degree line talk about your senator. I agree lines you know back and back in September I wasn't too excited about have sent a freshman center a panel liken that now now you're in net debt is collectively. You're seeing these guys were forced into service early. I really maturing before our eyes and I've been a lot of different positions quarterback linebacker. Shatner I mean there's there's some guys that are really elegant way. Yeah I mean guys are. Playing their best ball league on defense. Your bullets search on the mob there. There blossoming playing their best ball. You know or back and played really well our defense of front's been consistently playing well on offense. You know John Tillman AG still are playing their best ball the titans are certainly playing their best fault lines jelling. And when you think about the young players. On offense the apex of the offense if you will you know getting Anthony brown whose. I forgot was that exactly is right now with him in terms quarterbacks in the country but. He's top three freshmen country or quarterback AG's. At running back in the top foreign country you know Kobe white it is you know their in the country the center is really coming along and relieves right tackle but I mean it's. You know. Those were all great signals a book of a relief on exciting future here. And then the guys that we are having come back this year will be back next year and so that'll just add to that total soap. That's all that's all very very exciting but you know we're in the here and now right now in the here and now when you're dealing with young players and an expert sometimes as you can you can ride roller coaster little but you know and to think that we're not gonna do that is probably naive. But. If we can continue to keep moving forward that's a really good thing obviously in the ingredients are there. We just gotta have a level of consistency. In terms of make a place I mean we we. Did so I hear you say make plays all I mean but what we've made some place to me more than they did ya a lot more I mean can change over him. In own and and and this is the byproduct of that. And we had the same opportunities earlier in season against Virginia Tech duly documented we could them the same thing we just didn't make those same place and they weren't. Miraculous plays there had to be mean but we didn't make them. We're made if we're less couple gains we've made it. We continue to do that. Channel thirteen chunk poised forty yards or more season high atop a numbers in the last couple years leaks the explosiveness factor that you talked about. All you felt like your close. Matches like Saturday you got there. And I know it takes a lot of different operations minority yet their want to get there you know I think listen. Everybody's got to pull together but. No the quarterback is an important piece that you played a really good game I mean there's just look at the team we're playing this week Britain what do spectacular. What a talented. OK they're just super talented but they took a hard blow they lost a quarterback ruling here right. And they're playing with a true freshman and experienced guy and and even at with that level account they have boots and some real going to excuse you some perspective. And how important that position it is and you know we have a young guy that's. You know that's. Is that it it's putting it together in and then it seems like in home whether it's. You know Tom Brady at that level or the boats come up with that tied you don't remain in in in in. It's a pretty cool thing so it's in that position can't be. Understated. It you know corn and it's huge and the impact that it has now you have to have other pieces. But it and I think that's a pretty big feature there. I we gave you about gambles I gave. The opposite coordinate. It is a little bit off script they expect that but but. You. Doing what kind of what you had prescribed. You have opt out early to all the right things make a little field run of hard. You know use it in the ability of this team. Quick strike capability which is kind of it moving him if he thought that we had seen it but you affiliates team through to engineer long derives without. If that stick. Talked about the penalties very low penalties for that most operative don't have the discipline. To put a twelve play drive to get right and you had a couple of so here's another piece of the puzzle that seems to be falling into place and we didn't we couldn't do it just without. Needing run game we lead you know I mean quite frankly we felt horrible better but they were sold voted in the box that you know are short passing game in the slip screens them vertical pass game to us. Naked and pocket you know we did enough things. To get them off balance but you know they were bound and determined to hang in there pact that box in in and so we still rush for Kabul on rule that child schema that racism from Iran but. Think that. You know we have to have this ability to pay you wanna do that border regardless of your earlier report here sort of speak and you know Scott is a great job. Mixing matching and we hatter we've talked about here specials where you gadgets were called. You know play their which flea flicker at one time we had. We go to that the though are the guys Tallahassee practice that that. Well I mean we're gonna continue to do those things you know we have to create. You know explosives like that you know. Huge option team right now you know for personal reasons but. So we're doing it in different forms to continue that's not no way. The new defense remains opportunistic. You know effective passes off of twelve tied for instance he is that a says five John Lamotte looks like it's really. Establishing himself as the great linebacker at the moment. So that's common not on the outside too that's going to be very. Very enthusiastic for you to see those guys develop every week here's what we're doing on defense were playing. Both were playing team defense and T it's Boston College football it's not. Some sort defense or so you know I just don't believe in that right I mean we complete coverage. We can pressure we can stop the run you know with. With with a four man rush right I mean but it's taken quite some time to do that we Rhode very heavy man coverage blitz team and that had some great bonuses to a statistically. But then we'd be in that conversation but gagging you know we are great except for the sixth place debacles sixth place fussy game grew six placed. You know we can make them go a long hard feel we're learning how to play coverage on just talent and we're learning how to play coverage now. And that's that's a new would then that that's going on for us right now it's a little different but it's a really good. Things and and I think. What I love about our locker room at the end of the game as we walk in that locker room and it is a three phase all in team win. And everyone feels like offense defense special teams we all had to put you worse in the water wrote to get to win. And it is it's a cool deal in in in in and that's what I believe it. And in philosophically. And in how low this chemistry. That's there right now all for 11 for all bring the best out of each other belief in each other ones down the overall pick it up. And it's just the way a family for a team operates and I like the direction we're going in there a lot. There are complementary football team to beat you back to a couple games earlier. You had flashes of brilliance but it wasn't complementary to the other. The other facet of the game didn't elevate to we were they needed to be a whole lot now you've got. You're kicking game is creating long field or they are create the short field here you're able to. Next few explosive switchers who coaches self and haven't seen a lot of your. Low penalty count your Stetson. They don't there's a high fly opposite that the applicants last week those guys had big numbers and we were talking to our our. Our colleagues that the war on the Virginia game and they receive these secret it'll be a coverage. And they could handle the coverage because the quarterback has some an it girl all day. Agreed it was it was just very fortunate Internet yet they could handle it if you this guy you know he didn't know what to do you know where everything was out of six. But it was really to your point very brief T the pieces are all. The gun put to finally tuned into where we're not there yet we all know that right. But we're making progress hand in had and you know like the direction of the progress. Which is team oriented like he said which is what you said something here that people maybe don't understand realizes much is that. Yes the quarterback was very settled because he was there was a lot of pressure on him without necessarily. Pressuring him it was four man rush pressure it was you know there's a lot of things going occupant in the pocket for personal. And there's a lot of subtle things there and then also me they're taking shots on the field. Taking shots against two deep sometimes sometimes man it's a mixture. We just got to keep doing that stuff you know when. Not every time doesn't work out perfect by any stretch of the imagination you know put but for the last couple weeks we've seen certainly a much higher level consistency. Against you don't. Good talent in good teams in an and that's that's important and you're doing it sued to do it. On Saturday without a hobbled Carl Landry. What is your project towards this week. That's a good question I mean apparel still hurting right now. You know where exactly he'll be by the end of the week the same better I don't know the answer to that rate now but he certainly now we're. You know he's not he's not on 0% by any stretch of the imagination. But I mean wiry stepped off the wire race playing at a high high level you know Zach announcement planned levels so you know it's just kind of like I told you guys think you know kind of it's almost like he can I get leather skirt to little bit it's like okay well here we go his role on the next guy now you don't. You know obviously you know we are papers that no I mean you know that's a fact. So you know we can't handle. A rash of injuries right now. And and again I say again we are playing it very high level team here on Saturday and of people look at the but the record. I don't know with the AME they lost a quarterback and all that they are a little this kebab and later with that but they've got players. And on defense. That they would go look at football team there's no one really. Running the ball on them. I mean you put the tape finding trying to Syracuse really run the ball well I don't really running it well maybe there's a few herky jerky runs. A couple of deep Miami threw a couple shots down field I mean there's some of that stuff going on. You know Lamar Jackson. Me the series of about 78910. Placed on Mikey does everybody in but. That there's a lot of NFL players on their team. That's the that's where it's and you look at that record. He's just the news close look at that losing games we lose them close elusive good good team to lose in North Carolina State. Who's to Miami to lose to Alabama I'm and there and everything there and all these games that you have in the turn the church. It's problem in about I mean. No they took a major blow I mean that's a major I. We've talked with we've duly documented the fact that or snapped position is. And you know. They too are on the verge of exploding with the young quarterback to only matter time before that happens right so hopefully it's not Friday night Boston. All right sounds good enough outside it was a Pacman game on Saturday at Charlottesville bots talked about of the BC football show. Some special guests dropping by as well Jacobs shows of Waltham with a coach Steve without Zito we're back with more after this from blacks are books. I don't know it's a big deal reported 35 learning did not wanted fifty. I'd say it's not just. It's. The child manually why you thought the time and that's Eagles haven't slowed us into the into the water and not let. Football welcome back to the Boston College football show. Presented by Bud Light to talk more x.s and o.s with coach or does he'll hear again job meter Doral. Now welcome back to report the chicks Joseph Walsh left for the EC football show the explosive Kobe white slip screen took it to the house up to six yards untouched. It looked like kronor in the open field back and they I would iron about six yards and that they would talk road though no no way. I was perfectly executed. You know those really well blocked in the recuperated agreed to accelerate but I think crone might be the millions of you know. Horse to the barn man I tell you what you know I'm an extra step somewhere that's it I want I want to get rid of excellence. We'll talk cocoa beta sector right now. We're gonna to the fallout of the special guest from the New York Giants and a BC legend mark curves would joining us on the phone line marketing adding I don't. Great throw me off. Great to have you here and I know you can watch NBC's to bring dogs to solve the giants of 2011. What do you think about the recent pieces success. That use and I. The game. It is it has been like that birth while anyone but these are more than two weeks but it spirit not the road wanna watch. Is. The by the electorate I'm I'm Mike and coach like that. As you have mark there but we all like yeah that's a good thing. You know way to find a way to cubicle buddies you know we know your plane assembles those yards get harder to come by you don't mean. Yup it hit everything get upper the plan now is probably about a week. And you know there it is exciting to them repeal the a lot of the coming up there as we pan and look at the impersonal. It's great of the fantastic. I felt so maybe somebody got our sideline intrepid sideline reporter. Scott you to confine you in the side and have a little interview with you get your perspective on things. Merry go speak at the plug in oh. That the hospital itself. Have a question about so let's talk about you permitted you're probably a nice careers on there with New York. Yet been I've been super weapon. You know. And it every year in merit. You know NFL opera at all times and you know enabled they don't want bod. If the foundation that your Jersey and it's been. There could be the girl and it has been good from there. And mark you have such an unbelievable career PC of course. Everybody knows who came back from cancer and did an unbelievable job fighting and beating Newton new recession inspiration to so many not only in the PC community but around the country and you continue to be. But when you look back on your career Chestnut Hill what comes to mind. Josh. The beat duke games combined and there are ways from the mine's been you know they've both been in the peeling and and you know my roommate and and and classes I mean classes there are the first and epic of but total real fired. Play out who you are thought that that book was great but it really. When I like it is that it it was. The camaraderie that not comic initially but the entire school it was. It was retarded unifying. I'm war. That Warner read it together and we all kind of what you got there were a little bit of a strain on that aren't I always remember that and and since then. You know it. I live right outside of new York and and every time I go into the city you're on dirty to a bump that out there go with someone who went to beat these and they're always currently in RO. And you know it is not just because. You know I am me. It's because that who they are calm and though in the camaraderie and the fellowship that beat the alumni on the outlook. That. That's really my biggest take away when you know when you look back in and you know memory of the games are there and everything but really not. I work of what you're doing with the guys you like to do. You have. A lot of guys in the league right now from Boston college and that was a but I remember I was looking for guys that I knew it the other roster sorted get a chance to at least go out have a cup of coffee before kickoff for. Tomorrow if some leader alumni football up my brother. Yeah no it's great it a lot on going can't Ramallah when it. Against them and and we don't have a hard time before games. There's. You know and they can and if Cole in and you know got to protect our own and and they're great spot though. We've we depth we've appeal. Go to Lovato brotherhood original vote. We're Kurt Warner got an apartment though no. Being exploited on the inside regard. On the other teams who make note of what it plays you know when you make it right back product out of the loop but all are at stake though. They got we we have with epic quote of yours. We're gonna see your closest to when you were playing in Boston coach mark. So. I was out Albright was are reprieve for four years. You know he had he had a great career but the news especially Dallas and then. A lot of my you know both parties Chris rock and Cody expected. Really in my humble flat. The meek FA and I was quoted war right now I mean all these guys. Like he'd been with we ever rule upon and then you know it correct name. Really close within the respond though com. No really toward the end of my trying to beat the and we trained together for the become Bynum and he's been a guy who ago I really love watching. Indiana well. Make such an impact on. He. Markers which is our testament the EC football show mark you're injured Nogueira and to reserve. What's that process like for you on shirts as an ultra competitive person that's going to be very difficult. And secondly what's it like to play again for bill McGovern. Hoosier coach with the giants now. Well for you know or it is. I'd love haven't built in the room. And you know I'm biased because I already liked them and you Irene knew how good a coach you're. You know how close either of the other linebacker in the room while and he you know they've run or walk or. And you know the code deploy one I mean you you like having good talent. Organized by. You've got there will leave you I'm definitely has that and oh you know it is Altman had an air in and their priority year. What we might help is doing good right now. But. You know it up not being beat up a plane but. Around the court is that pat do you buy it. Lot of guys leave and go home go no where they're going on current priority Internet video. Remote heavy decorum a group leadership in the locker room and have your breed in the meeting room though. Are now on norm norm. The cut up and go work in their present because of Friday any bigger pay their that are apparently gamer over. I'm kind of BO. He equated to identify. That would be difficult for you know whatever play we we've called so you. Really it all he's been. No I'm not pollute part. You know abandoned ship go read all about it all the latest here. Bill. The order and Mormon moment. Albeit arm on their father. They aren't what they ask your question what. When when your playing days are over what exactly do you wanna do. From that point forward for voice what would interest you have. How well. As a great question though I've. Started it on you know outside of football and getting into doing. Franchising. And that erosion to build. Really kind of you know. Whether it in the business world or people all over what are doing it growing pumping. And you know having an imprint on though. I don't you might go. In debt and you know clarkin. Times he but. You know I would look at their ball and list of coaching or front office clerk. Or you know and now they're broadcasting but in order appeal to build pumping. Meeting or have an effect on on the pew forum. I know cooking on blew a way to do that so. In what you're kind of opportunity that the Pope afterward. Well there's no doubt whatever he does he will be successful since the value of he certainly have the magic touch markers Lipton we just learned from coach Gallup that your wife is expecting is that right congratulations. Well well well they you yet. It's. Is. Agree Robin Oakley. With the. Retrieval. I offers scholarships now. I sure can because by the time that would happen I'll be put out the master but I'll be happy to offered a scholarship you your bank yet mark. It back on the hook you'll hold whoever is accountable Burnett that he was offered a smaller regards them right here man down through the you have beautiful thing male or female won't matter. Urquhart. On a done deal and install and it may not matter by it and you know. Well mark thanks so much for your topical fours and on Friday and at the heights and a again continued success to elect Maria. Aren't they are our secure mark before our art. Markers like the New York Giants for repeats the legendary line back it's like coach when he came here beaten Iowa to jones'. This guy has a nose for the ball he's like a magnet make it every tackle these tracked him down guys yards down the field. And we have seen that that the talent. Passport two years later Beckham who keep him in the door but is it that guy. They were raised with those type of line mark which required off. Paul hall is truly awesome. Who's terrific Fuller and open. Gets back on the field services the BC football show other NFL star acts of the all star will join us coming up. The chicken shows all that after this. Quarterback when bill Stover Virginia it has picked up by Obama before you do the party bigger. Oh and it's easy to the good about it it's still around a show I love park as sixth Abbas acknowledge. 12 backed up but she I don't like that. Welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by bug life. Do talk more x.s and o.s with coach or does he over here again jog meter Burrell and. East peace in reveling after the 417 win over Virginia we'll get back to that inevitable when and also preview Florida State match of Friday night at the height but first things first. Just keep mark on the beach in election night just spoke with markers like. Announced on speak with Gosder Cherilus. He has the Mets. And offensive lineman you got here now it up that's allowed this to your people coach is no question is well known that guys since those sixteen. Gods you've got to docket because. He vowed to Indiana was Indiana coach and offensive line he came to our camp and iPhone loved him having I mean up or cover up down and Al stretch Maria does get in his stance that all the wanna one all of them may have access to myself all police police BC. Goal goal goal on this I give us a chance I get them you know cut vote you know we had a shot but then BC came in and that was that. I was school there was overeat food or care. I had great kids to learn from your o.s beautiful. This thing on you with a great talent when Africa what it was journey for Gosder Cherilus from Summerville. High school. You know and coming to Boston college and work your way into the first round of the NFL draft. In 2000. What do you think about ought to look back to your peace keeper. Are perfect I did everything I wanted to do you know when I first got to be should we heads guards like being Copeland. Kris you must rescue and Lucas. They kind of raised the bar and as a freshman you mean I had the opportunity to watch those guys where. You know home chill me would it was life and specially with coach burned being there at the turn. As a young men I knew I wasn't going to be it would do to do much for the team as far as Wright or him but I knew. We the class we. We hit vote was 22 freshman coming we're we're all extremely competitive. We were hard workers. In we just wanted to win games and we bought him right away it was mortal stating to ask his two front wall. We ask Carl Harden you know general how hard case. We believe in success in which totals guys that we will work it will come straight from high school in. Mark work ethic was Jews who was tortured could. And hopefully it won't be enough America do you have a chance to. Learn from a guy like crucially when you work their hearts are just workers artwork hardwood purpose what. If features there's some work in its majesty commissioners weren't argued taken. It's not just you don't hit which meant he knows that we're that he shouldn't truthful and often it's warm but you know that's decent to me. BC told me everything and you sure you guys will be she means to rest of the war. Who marks after armed retired and I got for a call from mom Oakland Raiders two years asking aren't really return. And RC a year mark are you interest at least I can know he's your friend your arm. So that's what BC was to you know and even when our first. At the Senior Bowl when I had my interview with some good teams in armament or is it to him by the name quote one hop. And he's that you know we cover for him yet he says are right and don't miss. That to me that it's you know that won't that so far that's. Those are steps I have to follow some things I had to do in. On top of it or had my own pride and among my own work ethic in. It Regis the perfect fit for me. Certainly beat yourself goes through walls that you've made yourself into. First romp that it wasn't just an assumed Gosder Cherilus is going to be a few you're a five star recruit. Coach who doesn't love dude but obviously got you but you do it yourself before you work he had career. Gaza had. Unbelievable. Talent and potential I mean he relief I mean in toughness and intelligence. Work ethic I saw that from a young high school guy when I say. IPhone mobile them I mean I mean I fell in love with this guy and that's why it's like this is off high high end. Players here. And BC got a tremendous person on top of at all you know which is fantastic with would ability you know unbelievable ability so world. What a career you hopefully you. Just fantastic. 200 that you brought up with. There's been a long history of offensive linemen about Boston call it free agent in the National Football League who you're and it's been. Often on the last couple years but not start to come on again. We ask this question here every week. What was it what was the big adjustment would that big step coming out called going the National Football League you're drafted by the Detroit Lions and no we what what was the aha moment court. I was asked slowdown. This that you you going to our you don't block which it will it run blocker. That I couldn't understand it and that's when our realized OK it's different. Because room in or ABC. When you tar ball middle true. You guessed it two midway through you know it was seven on seven and it was you go against you things and it was bragging rights. It was you know it. Did you did you notice that you know what it was like so overall it was a beautiful thing to you know just to see. We used to go so ordered each other armies. I had one small problem. So hot and once the cowboys in the third way but. You know what it's like you know when you'll you'll young men. Our issue which store which I was zoom out youngest one on often to warm quote we had Jeremy Trueblood. James Moore in. Pat gross beat me and myself are to Richard freshman. And I remember we play the game. And somebody to a site who thinks he's gonna be or the youngest rightly want to hurt that I sell every was with you as a weekly call to rule in you know nor myself. And it won't be there characters are too much talent and what I could do. You know I just know myself in. To go back which some of the things he was saying wing when you are what the issue I mean I know between Moscow charged treatment. James Morton and term mutual but we had its say and it was extremely stupid but it worthless we used to say coach won't like it. We used to see what the future hearings won't do the heart of Mexico for. We made sure what will play. Mark who works on load please name placement revenue of basement but it's an age when it will fund which he did you know that's what we word that's. It was always going to be pre but we always find ways. I mean. House of fighter. Yeah. If there. I was a fighting you know I mean that's what I'm new in I mean when you talk more my history everything just comes from Massachusetts senior recruit coach would argue. Used to go to different schools play these guys would line note it's all you from Boston you don't know football and as I can't go against some of those guys I realized more confidence was well when I realized hey I belong you know and that's mark Brooks are to the next level we can you do that I can do you have ten toes so why you know you have a way. This work ethics or otherwise in. What's your wall in the fifth. What you know whatever it is you have going on at home that's actual motivation Marge was even bigger curves you know. You know I was doing that apple has from a mall. Yeah I'm gave whose quotes talking about but you know that's. That's one of the things that I believe when it comes to football if you use a reason big enough. You know to why you do war you know which you don't then you'd be extremely tough to step in that's for a reason why it. I've lasted so long in here. Great career I mean. The view that transition moving watching you grow lawyer ought to call and then you know you play for a lot of things senior year he came back for your ex for years it was a tough decision I know you were critical or out. He opted to stay in and it would turn up the act of a decision forward. Our guests who work I mean good and bad at the same time you know. Where we came here is that true freshman we had a goal and we had 22 freshman. And all of was good plate for that emotionally all was could've started. It would be that guy you know yes life could have been great I could come back home. Taken all these guys out these can bring the car all right you know fish in that but I want to be part of and some extra McClellan got Tuesday. Did I want with projections can no but I'm glad you know watched a and play it would mark guys in it was a great mom gonna actually. You know it just assume you'd talk me fire me up. I mean you're talking about with the beaten hands won't do Lahore will that this is that. Kind of setup and media it just fires me up right we get around this kind of guy like with this mentality he just talked about. How important the heart is in the intangibles and he talked about coming back to be with his voice to not let them down I mean. This is. What you're looking for this is what you want when you recruit this is what it's all about right here it's not. Some of the new book stuff we hear it's the old core value stuff that you just heard and that's what makes him different is loved god hear you say that for the young players out there that. Regis that's powerful and important. And it's what football is all about you know how unbelievably question. What did we ought responsiveness and that absolutely not according that's an unbelievable stick up your total written up this team this week you know what I'm going to because some of the talk about on Friday night is that the kind of stuff that. Just make shoes knows shall probably part of the sport is read you know with the guys that this kind of mentality now. On sulfur. Fish and and that was the proving you're seeing here is people that's coming back into play for a team and that's one of the best of these in history. Had a chance to maybe even put on national championship the other looks up in the country. Ten year anniversary a lot of does come about Friday the beyond public on your teammates sure you'll be there as well what does that team mean to you. Apart from some of those guys don't wanna come back in all these guys dios in my restaurant. That you you guys are. That was an update you epic obvious she was freshman at the re norms and records. It's that built the north to you know to march it certain things that we stayed and went to do. We commensurate. High school. And the word. The word there was dormant grounds that the rift with a three yard shuttle. And we don't know coaches or harm there was much suffering guards reached a short every day form that was spring gesture would get ourselves right. Because we just want it to shore right away and help and if you quote we all going to those guys they don't have to cement. You know the we your cute. We are all you know law each of respect each other. And we are on the stove who were as a team we know ourselves you know home. You can chart what talent you know. We were. At the term. I don't you know. I don't know the true definition of talent but to me talent and make plays the please post to make you know Pete we should see we don't have all the right time it's too. Win games and agencies that are martz who shall work. Game between those origin will function will find a way and if it's a fight you weren't at you know of it or will find what you get out on top and that was estimate target fall whose parent I can go on and only known in the mean. We. That you join you people probably know it's meant arm broke his foot. First given you yeah finished the holes usually go rookie guard and that is as an offering to form an. That's the difference to me through college in years are in if they are used to have to work or yourself you know whose everyday use she'll walk. You get judged based on how would do your job but at that term in our turnaround facility that would broken food. It's like the largest turtle who you know probably had like three cents to read it. The rest that you we know no one can touch him. You know we we hear that we understood to have and parts averted this Garrick and shall one flu like and I you know court. My heart it's if it's 45 seconds. That's the kind of do we had two with each other. To disappoint you that the that this form part of it was amazing you know. You're assuming things. Our mom there were days word. Practice won't be going well in coach where will prove. He pulled me aside mayor JaJuan Dunbar. He said EU which is a code word are right. You know maturity. If these young men. We don't wanna coach effort. You know if you come up to me asking hey I'd like to I'll show you that if you know I'd do it right because you know your efforts not up to Paul with. You know the wave we've worked in an eternal problem and that's win. We go ahead do one thing coach used to say if you graphic to it's you've given this it might come right back at you. As an individual as more than leaders once you know you want which certain position. For some of the guys who look up to you also were cute hello could you don't want you on that you know. You'll be that guy to call mark assuming you turn into this infant. I don't know we just aren't this. Now my daughter to work. Does the Cherilus you're welcome and it's not great to see you continued success what you do quickly what is doing now you decide how. Our own. It's a development company here in the city. But. It's and bought the company its book Marshall brown you know like him back home twenty page source from courtrooms that development company. Everywhere that I talked to around us it was would be secured all have helped me get to that. And I'm talking from either. Do you and your business do come you don't political right or you know the help me out so we're all of the other. To me I think that's what beach is all about. You know we've never lifting you won't behind. Here are alone in even in years ago. You see these guys after him before you would funnel wake. Just at different months. You know when it's stopping its beautiful thing to judge Goldstone when we usually chasing finally do what Mick launched or short. Home owners to development company we like it. Do some small work around and I have my own foundation. We your room Jews and beautiful footwork if we're to see you Boston it was all between Marcos sure it was foundation. You know problem. I've been doing this thing foot and a sweetheart we use our lost a lot of home. Relationships. You know with fuel bear Coleman. Now I'm back home. I wanna do so with things that won't want to do as a you know as a young man in your bag would be. Dear to me you know I still wanna do we have to be in small planes flow impossibly cute stuff. That's my new that's my new found passion. Everybody is better or another you back welcome home. Gosder Cherilus continued success good for joining secret. One of his secrets Gosder Cherilus a chicken Joe's a Waltham welcome back to get our keys to Friday night's showdown between Tennessee and Florida State. After this from what are blitzer. The three yards on average it. What's right for knowledge of that zone flyers. Touchdown at its hottest ways to Boston College football show presented by Bud Light continues. Here again John metre drill. Museum Florida State Friday Night Lights at the heights. Of that coach that has a great ring to a great great that kicked off so to speak Gosder Cherilus in my house. An inspiration for all of us and I'm sure you'll look. Enjoy you talked with the team about in this week. Now I'm just really just sat here and enjoy listening to guys talk about all things that we hold dear. At BC in our program and football so that was it was that was kind of special work there one's a repeat it smaller resolution but she does. Did you define mauling at BC. Rather large imposing individual who had. That's offensive linemen we talk about some of the guys that are in the program now. Reflect an example. Using got to finish blocks. Because after we finished the block and that means. Get contact. You go to the whistle and as the whistle blowing to carry the dude you plant but the impact AG here. Talk about the mindset of the guys who love it that's what it's all about it there and it's not about pleases us about that about mindset to vote. A toughness and mindset and the commitment that I knew each other owners no wonder whether. Had great success at that point in time it's like minded guys you know in the role in it together to a cool. That's remove it or accused of the game brought you by the all that would govern Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram now. Like peace deal while Matt McGovern 777. Washington street in Newton or McGovern Jeep. Dot com a mindset. Short work week. Minus one date Florida State brought tonight how do you handle the work week to gear up for the sells. Well. What happened loses we had our Tuesday yesterday him sort of track time today. And tomorrow is our Wednesday so you know would have been players' day off on Monday weird today is. We're full boring game plan was rough on the coaches yesterday and get it done in time. So it's a mix between getting all the stuff on getting the reps on being careful we're in week nine with no bye week. And wanna make sure players are also physically fresh but you know what. As we talk about we go by early next week we get are on the last fifty meters right now find a way to put your hand and ground century now with liberty got mentally and physically that's. That's the mindset that our team has right now that. Rule or miles an hour fright night no matter what it takes and spend the next four days. You know take care of our bodies work in the scheme and giving every ounce and everybody has put in this game. That's as far as their defense goes literature earlier today. Because like just look at them not result Florida State down the shoot their her their wounded. You say forget about it's an elite defense. I know. Watch and I mean the defense team because they thought there having a defense is legit and you'll see. You know we play a lot of really good defense is all your long mrs. His duties as easy as good as someone asked me like whether it ya like clumps and I mean. This is a bona fide defense and I'm certain shift over to the often cited a ball right now Watson there. They've got a really good offensive line really talented they've got talented receivers. And they've got talented running backs. You know on the young quarterback's development as they go I think Kimball Fisher is a heck of football coach the guys have proven coach who's done it everywhere he's been. You're talking about a team that recently won a national championship and don't we talk about what you said earlier five star recruits everywhere. So there's guys there are athletic. Talented guys in that program right now. And you see it on the tape it's all over the place but football's a funny game sometimes and there's a lot that goes into you know and and and there's chemistry and everything else that happens in and but make no mistake this little program an old football coach. We talked about a lot. Through the courts the first half the season. Playing the iron. Of the while the iron of the conference and in the iron division within the conference Brodeur came in the mix. Really sets up war good run in the back and put these guys. Are in that class officer remove these guys NC state mean yeah I mean this is a gauntlet we've got to take it one at a time. I think that's was the benefit we had a week ago I mean you know but. You know when we come out of this thing yeah. And improve better football team you know each week when you when you wanna. You play against the best utility to level play we're playing some really talented teams but it's exciting. It's fallen. And you know your measure yourself off of some of the better talent century. It comes down to making plays when the opportunity for them and in making plays would gods you talked about right there you know. What your teammates not let your teammate down. Playing playing with unbelievable heart and passion. And that really playing the way that we want to be known as BC man. We talk about being a BC man BBC man means to have things are right way high character and great toughness. And you know we talked about the other night and we got to get off the year here. We've listened to motivational talk and it was about just thing. When things are at their murderous stained. And keeps things and and know that lesson for our young men and our team is something that no we really. Have talked a lot over the last couple weeks in the that was what we went into Louisville with a that that no matter how hard is going to be which they have taken on in and that's what we've been doing so I'm excited about that and and that's the greatest building block all. No defiantly. Be suggests all about the world's problem you will be honored again does not rule beyond yen on Friday night the red than dead coach good luck we'll. Important angle appreciate it drug market. Does it does you know he's peak rather -- job of morale special thanks to Steve Jobs you coaches involved for the BC sports a code apartment Barry Gallup on the cast of thousands. Please join us on trotted out at 8 o'clock for kick off of the BCI MG sports network so that have a great week everybody goodnight projected chips come.