Are We Still Figuring Out the Bullpen? 8-22-17

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Tuesday, August 22nd

Hour 1 of Late Night kicks of with Christian Arcand trying to make sense of that horrendous loss by the Red Sox versus the Cleveland Indians.  John Farrell made a very questionable decision tonight and it brings up the question, is this team still trying to figure out who is your dedicated 8th inninng reliever?  Arcand does his best to break down where the Red Sox stand heading into the final portion of the season.


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Aiming welcome. Late night Sports Radio WEEI I'm arrows Christian argue and here alive and are Brayton studios up overlooking the pike nice to have you this year. This now Tuesday morning. For sure I'm back there and the ones and twos taking your phone calls here. Where to begin with this game the night. Red Sox with a major gag job here in Cleveland's. A series that I've been telling you folks. Yes we're very. We're very much impressed with there success against the Yankees. And that's very nice to say they've played some great series against New York here that that weekend series is terrific. It was great to see them go out there and take two of those three games. But I have had my eye on this series here with Cleveland for about a month in shine you can you can back me up on this some not some Johnny come lately when it comes with a series. This series to me means a lot a lot more than that Yankee series did tonight I mean that I mean this is. To me and now I look at this Cleveland team and and what they are what they did at the deadline morgue so even. And I really consider them more so than the Yankees to be the Red Sox appears here is the red sox' main rivals this team is Cleveland team. More than Houston I don't think Houston has arrival right now and more than the Yankees who I think the Red Sox are just better than I mean I think that's. That's about where we can land on that pace Stein. In a where they both are right now in sort of some of the inconsistencies are seeing over there in new York Red Sox have their inconsistencies as well but tonight. I'm not gonna American really focus on who may or may not what you Dow get the Brock called just the second year but tonight. Tonight he got a pin it on the manager and I have been accused of being a Ferrell apologist. I've been accused of being too tough on John Ferrell I like to think I call it down the middle and take things on a case by case basis and tonight I don't CIA can miss it. I don't see aching mission Jon Farrell's. Impact on this game it was bad it was a a tough loss a game they should've won and here's the reason why have the most biggest problem with that are right. After the game we found that will play the sound from apparel that we found out that. He was trying to stay away from the following pitchers in this game. Brandon Workman when they're pitching anyway and losing the game and that ridiculous sacked on charge from Brock coal which again we'll get tipped. Did not want is Kimbrel. And did not wanna use as Hillary look at those three guys who was trying to stay away from. Let me just remind you who was the starter tonight. The starting pitcher of tonight's game was there were Rodriguez any pitched well he could well in this game. Gave up a home run the residue that was unfortunate but he settled down after that was in the second inning any didn't give up anything after that all the runs he gave up came and I want all right. And it went bad I mean it was not it was not good he gave a lead right back after a as the Red Sox Bennett tenure with a home run in the first inning game and threw nothing lead and he immediately gives a bag in the next inning which believe me I hate dead. I hate when did you do that by you know right after that second inning pitched pretty well. Struck guys out didn't quite even make it 200 pitches when he came out of the game I didn't have a problem with. The reason why bring this up. Is because I'm gonna let you guess crush him. In it he. I don't know how warm and he starts he's made this year in the amount of starts that are martyr Rodriguez has made this year which is. Where so far sixteen. Of those sixteen starts. Many times do you think you want more than six innings. More than six innings of say three times try once. You pitched eight innings against Oakland. In May. And he is not gone over six innings. Before that or sense them. That's it. That's the only time Eduardo Rodriguez has eclipsed six innings even going six and a third six into whatever it's just been sick. You are five and two thirds tonight. If you ever starting pitcher coming into against going into a series. Against. Or probably your mowers your most your rival. In the entire American Lee. And you got a guy out there who you know is not gonna give you. More than six innings probably in if he did it if he gives you six and a third that would be a lot for him. And you don't have three of your best relievers available really. Three of them one or 21 I understand. I think it's a stretch three. Really. And why are those guys available let's let's take it a closer look at that why don't we. They weren't available. Because all three of them pitched on Sunday against the Yankees. In extra elbit deltic. Learn how much they open. Brandon Workman through thirteen pitches to get through the seventh inning. Addison reed. Through twelve pitches to get through the eight inning. And then Craig Kimbrel. Through thirteen pitches. To get through the ninth inning. They combined to throw 38 pictures. Which is just between twelve and thirteen apiece. And they weren't available tonight. After throwing. Thirteen or twelve pitches. Yesterday really. And also just while we're on the subject here. The Red Sox. In that Yankee game. Did have the four run lead going into the ninth inning. Sandy Leona the RBI double score Bogart's in Moreland in the eighth or that. Cricket the net to pitch the ninth. With a four run lead. In fact. About buying time to let Matt Barnes go out there get a save under his belt although Barnes didn't pitch anything to previous two minutes but still. The way I look at Matt Barnes at this point is thrown as much as you can when your home. And when it comes to. Road games treat him like in a Bronx tale you put him in the bathroom but I don't let him out on the mound. This is not something that just happens once in awhile with him. This is. Every time every time he's on the road. And the numbers back this up in the eye test backs it up the numbers back it up it's all pretty self explanatory I would think. When Matt Barnes pitches at home. Busy areas 195. Batting average against is to a three. When Matt Barnes pitchers on the road batting average against though not bad. To eleven. But as ERA. Five point two. He's thrown 32 innings at home. 47 and two thirds on the road. He's given up seven earned runs at home in sixteen on the road. Stop taking them on the road. Stop setting up your bullpen so that you're gonna have to rely on Matt Barnes the page meaningful innings or four you against a really tough team you knew it was going to be. Giving you everything you get a handle this week. And maybe just maybe. Go with your best relievers. In probably the most important series of the year. Let's start to see you know maybe get off on the right foot put your best foot forward that would have been great. Instead. We get Barnes on the road which you know is just. Not gonna work I mean it never works. Ever. He's embryo who god bless a model that probably wanted to stay away from him to. I'm surprised that after pars there ample workmen in the air instead they go to Camry Robby Scott Dan comes in and saves the day. Completely deed gets him out of that eighth inning without giving up a lead they should have they should've been and is in a position where they were lost than ninth inning anyway. After the top of the ninth in scoring runs but Robby Scott came in and bail them out. And work bring goes out there. And at that point I'm thinking OK well these brand workman's it. Gives up and RBIs double. It's a Brandon Geiger. Who by the way is not very gets in through 26 this year he sucked. And he rolled one awful of up for mom met not meant part Brandon Workman and in the very next play. Yet a sacrifice bunt. And fifth well I don't know I don't know what it is I don't know how to explain what we saw tonight after that point. I mean that point. And what it did parade it was the detector rape or as. Liberal Perot as lays down a point goes right in front of the mound here comes Brock called playing first base. Charging over to get it. Can't quite get it out of the glove and then static eating the ball. Decides to just whipped one right in the third as the runner was getting there and even in out Rauf failed devers had no chance at feeling that thorough. No chance at all. And then dire trots on home game over Red Sox lose on a walk off sacrifice blunt. That is a tough way to lose again. As Jokester of a known very eloquently putted afterwards. And it's not just a tough way to lose a game it's an unnecessary Wear a losing game the whole thing. Now from the seventh inning on it was all just unnecessary. You didn't need to have Barnes in the area in the in town lake it was just it was Roth. As for the first base situation. Mitch Moreland and yet they offer him understand. Boyd I'm to the point now where. I'm not sure what else week in it we can really expect from Brock called at this point. You know Brock called. Is has been miserable this year it's been it it was a nice story to see him come back from. From having those concussion problems in the Virgo and sort of all of that and I'm glad that he is able that. Step on a field and sort of play baseball again and live a normal life and not have the you know. We've movie theater like Marc Savard Ernie that stuff but I mean he's been he's been killing he's been killing at the plate he's killing in the field. And that part I did I'm sorry edged Brock whole thing is he's. He's a net negative for this team right now. Is batting average dipped under 200 is back down to 195 after going or for four tonight with two strikeouts. I knowing their game is Sunday he had two hits against the Yankees great those are the only two hits he had since the fourteenth. The only hits he had since the fourteenth. And I don't really know what to do about it. I don't know how you solve the senate may fix it. Is there another utility guy that they can go to well yeah actually there is is down in the minor leagues right now as names who will win it I don't know if we play first. But I know we can play third short and second. And it another when he was up here you seem like you is better understanding of the strike zone and bettered past the Brock called given. Not not to pick on Brock called here obviously he's not the main problem with the it was there that main reason why his team lost tonight. But that was I mean that was right there on display. Now Oprah for two strikeouts and throws it away in a tough spot of the ninth inning bottom of the ninth. And lets the Indians walk off a blunt. I'm amiss fielded points. Well. The good news is this Red Sox team after gut wrenching losses have been bouncing back. Wasn't this past weekend but the weekend before they had that awful gag job against the Yankees and it bounced back after that date and let it data analytic element and let it really you know. What they keep him down. And it with his pitching irritation it's hard to imagine that that anything you can really count on. You know I guess in stoppers in the rotation. By Rodriguez pitched pretty well for you tonight. He Abdul Mike lavender. And when Andrew Miller goes down with an injury after throwing seven pitches -- to gain this team has the wind and the offense was an American and beat him up too much tonight. They weren't awful that attendee with the double early home run and then you know I was given back up thereby. By Rodriguez grade in you saw them you saw him trying. Hanley with a big home run. Other than that they'll. Lot of guys left on base seven runners left on base for the Red Sox again that is a that is a pretty usually when it's more than five band of losing the game. That's how it seems like anyway to me. And in the games that they want it seems like for the most part not always but for the most part they've done a good job of sort of limiting the left on base but tonight it is it was there it was bad. They didn't have that many at bats with runners in scoring position I think that you said three and Hanley had that home run so. You know wasn't all bad by club injure certainly didn't have its and I was walking batters used given up its and Aaron Red Sox. Offense just not quite where needed to be Eduardo Nunez they were talking about that and rents our interview with John Ryder. Appears and maybe he's starting to cool off a little bit I don't offer ready to say that. Two games two overs in two games jays over the last nine. Void that's not exactly what I would call a huge sample size or really even any kind of indication that the guys falling off completely. And I Yang is batting average dropped from 345 to 320 year and 312 wherever is now but I still don't feel like he's. He's a guy they have to worry about hurting you look at the top of the lineup. He wasn't good tonight. Neither were a lot of other guys and overall I think it ended up the Iraq failed devers drove for for a night. Jackie Bradley over three with a straight down Brock called Abby said tojo for two straight gas. An and Nunez. He was not great smoky vest didn't get any hits but he walked three times Zander Bogart's were a couple of watch guys got left on base tonight that is that something that you. Hate to see with this team because it's it's. Been kind of not a constant all year but it's definitely been something that's either loomed large or been sort of hiding in the shadows waiting that. Nail this team just the right time and tonight was one of those times they have three more games against these Cleveland Indians. Starting tomorrow and tomorrow you got a tough matchup drew Palmer it's Corey clue were Corey clover has been nails this year. Hoover's been about as good as Chris sells and any guy Chris Sale going on Thursday against Trevor Bauer who just beat you last Monday. A week ago today and then make up game and Bauer was just unhittable basically except for those three solo home runs but other than organ thought from. And then reports LO excuse me. They Chris Sale and Trevor are that closes up the F Fister caress go tomorrow night Palmer rants clover on Wednesday's sale and Bauer on Thursday. And in town this is this is what a playoff series against this team go look like. The easier pitchers the easier starters easier guys are gonna have been there. Mitch Moreland hopefully when the when the playoffs begin you'll be back and ready to go. And you wanna Brock called playing first base and thrown balls away by it you don't know that for sure either. Really though what I'd like to get to the bottom of is why John Ferrell thought it prudent. Two. In games started by Eduardo Rodriguez. Make a point of not going to three of your more reliable relievers I think that was a huge mistake. And it and that are really bite them in the 61777979237. Inch phone number 37937. Asian number on text he can we get me. And Christian are canned taking your Red Sox calls here also some stuff in the NFL today who get to a little bit. And other things also is well that I wanna get through from over the weekend. It's been a around pretty pretty busy Monday let me also just say. That the clips that I GC eclipse her. I didn't bother didn't bother. Wasn't very interested I don't care about the clips and here's why I had an I appointment this morning by the in my eyes dilated. I walked in and I said hey. My going to be able look at the closeness and a well. Known earlier. In fact don't even look at like why people don't look at anything. Eat your eyes are going to be like messed up all day and they have been like I haven't been able to really focus on anything all day and so I'm home. And I'm sitting on the couch. And I'm thinking you know. If I put on like three pairs of sunglasses. And just checking our real quake. I can at least today. I Saudi clipped. And so are put on three pairs of sunglasses. And I walked outside. And just being outside for two seconds it was too bright they just walk back into being outside was to break forget about looking at this correctly the sun. The clips and booklet it wasn't happening for me and I don't males dissent. You're a rat's ass about seen clips. Really good is there anybody in the history of the world other like Galileo whoever lay on their deathbed anti you know my one regret is that I didn't look up in the sky that one time the moon moved in front of the sign all manner of I had only done that my life would have been so much more for Philly and shut the bleep up there is no nothing about these. Is really all that impressive. We all know that their son in them everything rotates around ray we all tucked. Elementary school science thing going on with your carrier learning about the play except for the flatter people and for them I don't know why they explain what they saw tonight how. Flatter people explain an eclipse the question so. So even if the earth is flat doesn't mean that the moon doesn't rotate around the earth and at the moon isn't Spierkel so therefore the moon gets the okay so the earth is flat. But the mood in the sun or both circulated for years now as a team night. Yes welcome I guess at that diary I guess who it. Yes miss the clips don't care don't I'm not gonna watch the 12024 either bunker and premium it's an eclipse who cares. 6177797937. Is the phone number 37937. As your number on tech's quick break over OPEC after this year on WEEI Alina. And I were back here is Sports Radio WEEI late that Amir administration arcane your phone number 61777979837. You can text in a 37937. Are people angry about this Red Sox lost tonight a lot of angry taxi tweets. Com and get to be angry about this was a bad loss. It was an unnecessary loss. They seemed unprepared. For what happened to him tonight. And when you have who are re is going on the mound and he is a six inning man and that's basically it you have to have your seventh eighth and ninth innings radian and and confident and they die indeed John Ferrell to not have that tonight. If you know. And you can tell you know because it wasn't like it wasn't like Matt Barnes came out in prince's. Seventh. Or even finished off the sixth. I urge Ocala. So Kelly comes in. Heathrow is. Fifteen pitches to get through an inning in third. Ornament fine with him pitch in the eighth on a slayer at least starting it. And he gets into trouble you go are you go Workman however you have to go with that that. He Canada and any worse than Barnes and them worse than march Matt Barnes walks the leadoff batter gives up a single. Does not record now. And then he Camry comes in RBIs singled Edwin Encarnacion tied game. Robbie Scott comes in for Emory and saves the day in a pinning. Getting through strikeouts in the two batters that he faced few very good and it's always when whenever whenever Scott comes in now. It's almost like you forget. They have a lefty in the pan. They have a lot they have good right he's in the valley that Matt Barnes and home is very good at Joseph Kelly. News. Brandon worked in Greg her role obviously they got a lot of good strong right handed arms. And you feel pretty confident when a lot of them come out. But Scott with sort of the way he's got up and down and and not just up and down pitching good up and down from the minors and serve everything else he's not he's not a guy really trust and a big spot but he'd be impressed me tonight. The way he handled those two hitters and I don't know I mean what did a look at what he gives you oil if you waited Embry he's been giving a lately he's Embry is drawn upon an innings for this team this year. And I just sort of wonder I mean are we are we really at. August 22. And we still don't really know who are or who are eighth inning guy is that is that really the case here. That committee is is tough I mean that is a tough thing to square away. This time in the season. Unless you're dealing with several major injuries this team is not they had to deal with one injury I was Joseph Kelly. And yet I know Carson Smith Tyler Thornburg whatever they can deal with that all year they're not really dealing with that anymore in the old one major injury lately and that was Joseph Kelly. Kelly's back. The team leader in bullpen innings so far as Barnes and sixty. After that's Kimbrel after that is Emery. 52 and a third that's more than Kelly that's more than Scott more than Workman it's more than just about everywhere. John Ferrell after the game. Was well. It's tough in it started to really kind of discern what Farrell's telling him. As you have to peel back that first layer of Ferrell lists that he gives you an on a nightly tonight. And when you look at did the facts in the details here who wasn't available why they weren't available makes this whole explanation. A little tough this while the we have John Ferrell is is this is John Ferrell discussing the availability of his relievers after the game I was and we don't know. And was trying to stay away from. I work and as well giving their. The workload did in the previous serious distress. Took pictures at that through and nurtures. And so he went to Barnes and you're. Unfortunately we're out I thought after. I ember gets a key strikeout or mirrors looking like we're possibly stemming the tide. First pitch breaking off the base that so. It's unfortunate sort of worked up about she remains unavailable tonight. Addison area not available tonight because he'd pitched twelve innings Sunday night. Non OK. So that is Hillary wasn't available to pitch. He said he also didn't really wanna go with Workman. But felt he had to once the game was tied up in the goes somebody there didn't wanna use Kimbrel either. These Cleveland Indians. Have been demonstrating to you firm in the last few times you play the many waited there a very very tough customer. That is a tough team to go out there and get a win against. At a home on the road wherever. And it. You were you ever guy going and it goes six innings tops. And that was the that was the way manners the bullpen there. Matt Barnes on the road in the eighth. If at S three is not available then you go with the next best guy in the next best guy is not Matt Barnes not on the road. I'm gonna I would have been OK with Scott coming in right then I would have been okay with just about anybody. Kelly going another inning workmen coming in right there as a matter of fact while we're on the subject of branded work and I know we coughed it up tonight. Voted anybody really be gay if there if they're trying to people in the eighth inning. Anybody be against. Workmen getting an honest look at it and be in the guy who asked that do you know goes out there are two were three times in a row. And in a big eight inning situation or do we have to keep giving it to Matt Barnes and Philly finally you know gives up with a Grand Slam or something emulate half what when's the line went once the line of demarcation here. Before we give up on Matt Barnes on the road it is I mean. The definition of insanity at this point. You do ordered over and over and over and expecting different results and you never got that different result now within now on the road. It from home all you want in fact he impeachment home for days and arrow. For all I care just along the forties on the rarity keep him in the in the bathroom like gonna Bronx tale that's what I'd like to say. On Red Sox maintained their four and a half game lead and the Yankees despite the loss tonight. They do lose a half of a game. And I just told you with a match ups are like the rest of the week here they're not easy. Fister tomorrow against caress though. It's easily advantage Indians. Pom rants against clover advantage Indians there. Chris Sale Trevor Bauer advantage Red Sox but it's not like the Red Sox are in arm now like there really had our all that well less than the sum. Chair of our guess that slider working. I mean I can just see Zander Bogart swing and a miss nattering now in my head I can see that tape playing in my mind theater of the mind here on late night. And that's I mean that's the unfortunate reality of what we're dealing with right now. Com. Wasn't all bad tonight. Red Sox. It did jump fine club injure early. In fact they chased him. In the fifth inning. And he went for a third for its four runs all learned he walked four struck out four gave up two home runs. All four is on the line and it took for the armor and bomb and Clemens is pretty good he's good pitcher. The fact that they were able to kind of knock him around therein in and get to won't. And get to that bullpen early in the game I thought was very promising. But the Indians have a very good bullpen. They do Olson was good good he was good Miller he threw seven pitches and was injured. It might be done for the rest of the year and their bullpen still pretty good without him. And 020 Terrel comes out there I'd nano terra pitched two scoreless innings. And Cody Allen coming in with the with a save. Red Sox leaving another runner on base there in the in the ninth. And you know I mean mrs. This is it this is playoff baseball. More so than they Yankee series I think this is playoff baseball. And the Red Sox. You know I I feel good about that sale game. I did feel good about this game at certain points the night. Invited if we're being honest with ourselves here I think that in mountain were very likely see the Indians take three out of four. And if the Red Sox can't at Bauer there might be four out of four because you know. Chris Sale as great as he is does tend to struggle against these AL central teams alma all now know he's like. They're not quite as intimidated Bynum is teams and other divisions. And guide his team gets swept. Inco all the sudden that nice lead yet in the Yankees inserted that. Feeling of accomplishment he had after star in the month of August like gangbusters going out there and building your lead the alias that's are the go away. And that you know I just it's. I'm starting to see it like the three I'd raven seen in the future right now. 6177797937. Is the phone number 37937. But your number intact a speaking of the three irate and did you did you see here throws I absolutely did you didn't look at it and see it. Spoiler alert. There was zombie drag and. Ended. On Twitter and everywhere a lot of people life and now when. People I don't know all tweeting about the episode let's go to I was pretty yet. What I got last night and I couldn't believe. Where a lot of people were like that was it this Joseph is too unrealistic there's no way. That Dak I could've run. From the middle of that that fight with the white block is no way you can run to the wall and then they could send a raving in the raving goes to where did there is is an Indian heirs to fly the dragons batter all in that short time. And I was like wait a minute. Are you telling me. Do you think it's unrealistic how fast a dragon flew. Into the dragon flew to a fast. That was unrealistic. How about the existence of the dragon how about defected they were fighting an army of zombies with this weird ice man who throws spears taking children violate. That was the thing that put you or Viet vet vet thing it was back. It wasn't the drew it wasn't the existence of the dress it was that they flew too fast that to me was. I don't know I I feel like if if you're watching that show. And something like that really bothers you that must be going your computer your phone start tweeting about Ike I don't think this shows realistic. Maybe it's not the show for you if you're looking for over realism. In your dragging zombie show. And actually yeah on Redick. On the game a director at someone did the math and an apple actually pans out we mean it pans out like it it makes cents. What makes sense that none of that made no sense well that but it's a show about dragons so it's makes a white. Was like the idea is that they were searching for the army says they're going in zig zag formation. Therefore they're not quite as far from the laws you may think they are welcome because he ran industry line from where they were back to the wall and the amount time take a read and flying at whatever full speed of light when he miles an hour or waving to in flight 28 miles an hour maximum speed yes. To get all the way to drag instead on that would just mean that the dragon with a rider on its back. Has to move at approximately 875 miles per hour to make it there bunker and that means that the guys sitting on that rock for about 45 days. Four or five days yet anchor. It looked like they were there overnight what people I think were more upset about were the fact that all the Sundays zombies that she I Sheen. Oh yeah right cardinal. Right yes and they went in the water and pulled the dragon out with these big change is that something that zombies do expect that. Yeah that that was unrealistic. The way that they had changed to drag the giant dragon zombie out of old out of the ice cold water that changed over the unrealistic part 617779. 7937. In your phone number 37937. Entry number on text and that was your game at drones minute here on late night Sports Radio W media. We're back here on late night Sports Radio WEEI I'm heroes Kirchner in there's that new this year tonight's 6177797937. As your phone number 379837. Or number on text it's your phone calls early and often that as the late night promise we'll start things off with Matt in New York iMac. Eight you don't want I critics are kind of like he electorate you're a little bitter row I doubt he will be what go to art. I start. But you know what get you guys are going pretty an aggregate but the fire. That's where your straight okay your card that you're accurately. Matt we contraction of bringing in REIT to get that fall out of oh. Leopard for a Carner you don't let them get their card are you know there jacket the last week or later they work well no Kimbrel. It's loud and it was Jose Ramirez was a guy and every actually got I think he struck him out so I mean that. But he had an anchor and as young comes up and you knew you knew he was gonna get hit there I mean it was just that was. As soon as he walked up to the plate aegis out of Kayla there's a lead he's he's now you just told through what aren't. You're probably looked like we aren't you know look like Charlotte now. We want certain effect in order to do it during it wearing to work by its I've got a neutral Ehrlich Crocker finger. What I mean at. It's scary that seem like. You know when he bought one at all Christian uncontrollably on the real products that are at. It like he electrical. Right now orbit electric guy it'll out and you know. Like. Every now and. Listen we all get frustrated with with John Ferrell meant that there is no reason to insult them like that. The kid. Doing them the Red Sox. Listen I used many times this year. Battle with callers. Who insisted that John terrible would gain a game beer game extreme wind. And IE argue that when I think it's wrong and I think a lot of times this year. John Ferrell is taking heat from fans for games when it was a player who blew the game. When it was a base runner who. Try to go for third or try to go hard or something like that how many games have been blown here I'm in bad day string. Having games have been blown by leaving double digit runners in on base. And going all for ten with runners in scoring position like how many times has that been the problem and how many times has that been because it John Ferro. There have been times I think we're John Carroll bullpen management like tonight is cost me game adding you can count those times on one hand. This season maybe to it. But that's it as far as I'm going. And I think you're only use my half of that second hand. But tonight that was one of those nights. And I think you the more I talk about it seems late. It the most are Devlin the most common. Complaints third time when the when it gets pinned on the managers when it's a bullpen implosion right I mean isn't that sort of had that always goes. Bullpen blows up Ferrell woody there aren't unless. You never really give it to the manager if the closure blows it in and if he blows in the ninth inning. Early eighth inning guy blows in the eight inning it's like well that's where they were supposed to go manageable the rate shared food supposed to be there. But tonight in habit. Tonight it seemed like he picked the worst guy for that situation. And then when the worst guy for that situation started to again to formally put in the second hour after the situation he. And by the time Robbie start getting their it was too late. And then Brandon Workman was not impressive tonight Ferrell said he was trying to get away from him and not pictured. And if that's the case well maybe that's why. But I mean you would think they'd. He threw two innings yesterday. You would think Addison reed threw forty pitches yesterday. The two of them combined to throw 2525. Pages. Raised point six those that are. Whatever it was not very much and the point guys out there it was Tony thought it was gonna buy Coca. Kimbrel through the next thirteen right that's right. So and they want you're going to you. Mean how overworked is thirteen pitches. And I understand it in around guys get debt our guys get sore it's. Understandable specially this time a year. But this series I think is too important way too important. To start. Avoiding three of your best relievers in games started by Eduardo right read it what like them when you say out loud it just sounds so stupid. So. See if they can bounce back tomorrow we'll see if they can bounce back this series. I'll say this. I really hope Chris Sale isn't going on suck on Sunday and Thursday trying to avoid a sweep. If that's the case this team may be a little bit of trouble here. As they've been playing really good baseball lately and some might even say they've been playing a little bit over their head. I'm not one of those people but at some people will say that. If they sort of come crashing back to earth right now. At the end of this month. In going to September short. Still figuring it out. All those good feelings we had over the last 23 weeks aren't gonna last OK and they shouldn't. Is that is a position that this team should not being. They've made their decision with the lineup and that's fine OK I don't love it I don't love who's hitting them where they're heading that. That's what it is and that's fine. The bullpen is still a mystery. Like a legitimate mr. Addison reed is your eighth inning guy right now and people are set that he wasn't used but let's be honest here. Edison read at a 100%. With you know fresh would not having pitched yesterday. How much he really trust him. In this spot here tonight in a tie game. Or not it was in the tie in Europe by an era Biron in the eighth inning how much do you really trust Addison reed and that's why. I know he's the guy debate. How much I trust them there. These are dressed and come punch. Yes give me all that many reasons these had a couple of good appearance as a couple really bad ones. So I'm cop on the fence on Addison reed I would've liked him to a pitch they're obviously instead of Matt Barnes on the road. Because the difference there is Addison reed is sometimes good whereas Matt Barnes on the road is never good. But. He threw thirteen pitches last night so he's not available. In game one of maybe the most important series left on the schedule. That's that's a tough pill to swallow here on this now Tuesday at. Having a tough time when it's 61777979837. If your phone number. Game two tonight Doug Fister Carlos Carrasco. I like that matchup. This period. Is someone who can surprise you he's done it recently. But I feel like we got our shot against Brasco. In their Chris Sale game. They're crazy one where they had to walk often Vasquez with a walk off in that sort of kicked off that whole winning streak. They're crazy walk up extra inning game. Seau got rocked and Roscoe got rocked in Kimberlin Miller and every every single pitcher in the game Iraq. That was our that was our Guinea there was or freebie from Brasco I don't think you get through those in a year from them. Oprah run 6177797937. Is the phone number quick break. Next hour got some NFL stories to get into. Cleveland Browns New York Giants lot of stuff came from that game we'll get into next hour don't go anywhere as late night on Sports Radio WEEI.