Are Patriots fans overstating Jalen Ramsey's trash talking motivating the team?

Mut at Night
Tuesday, January 16th

Mut & Keefe argue about whether Jalen Ramsey's boasting that the Jaguars will beat the Patriots and go on to win the Super Bowl provides motivation for the Pats, or if they even need the motivation. We also get an update on our efforting Vito Stellino for an interview this week to talk about the Jacksonville Jaguars.


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So yeah mud tonight. Until you wouldn't want to know right now before we go and prove to be checked in food chain ones ones who grumbled that he can put. Who asserts no what everyone is Super Bowl Jason I can't predict the future. Well sure I played tennis with the court of wind switched and Laura larvae they should be unheard of for a. Front Erica that threaten to put the colonel's wife and that's it. They way. The big thing was 55. You know we start heat out of his generals wanted to keep everybody who's over it and extend their tours and you know. Oh my story begins in nineteen dignity to. Had to stay sticky because I don't tell your head still and I went twenty and change that actually get it back. But gave up after did hit a six month. Now here's my. Talk Sports Radio W we. Last night the more Beatles you know the better but we had a is going to be a balanced patio between. Playing the great beautifully you know yes covers the NFL is of the NFL for sixty years or down majority well. And we are here effort in getting him on the show up there on that second. But. I Wii I don't think we can play. Rep for Simpson after him for fear that he hears that says while they go on that show those guys are Bucky I I because I monitor and talk to these guys the ball or something going this week. They're both on it's the wealth of knowledge so I would I would listen to it should be easy it's a sign of respect. It is the one vetoes the Leno and who you turn us off to log on to last night we could stop playing him. However relative shelter at night he is a character. Veto Salinas the I need him on to break it out and I found. You know vetoes vetoes views he's got his own blog. A list posting different stuff and he said the patriots lose this playoff run. Get your popcorn Mary's and he's he sort of predict. That's he wants them to be done and if you're following vetoes views just need care forty tweets out there are also quality bagel not safe for work. As a way it's I'd like it even war that if you don't everybody hold Rascal just out of fun. Well and gravity Peres over at the little bust its backstage it well of the hot blonde backstage will be click on this copy paste and send out a patio what are we stand with BO we have and we double booked yet. Awaiting a response OPEC they go that we how we contacted him with the with there is website and answering the phone number -- idea of Olivetti's. A freak in the via. I would definitely. Got to be the way to get. Are your. I was nausea they're definitely opened patio I would recommend changing your avatar. To a piping hot blonde at Disco A can we get job will it Battaglia a radio show here are viewed immediately get the call back. He's sure it a lot of media. Considerations this week he's that guy married my Jarrett Jack on and a guy I have a team for a yes Brunell the morals. On this guy but it all the way back all back to mark rebel. And that's just fine idea like audio and aligned covered that you can go over the whole jaguars and floppy that'll guide but. He's been in multiple. Places and he's been covering league literally before Super Bowls existed so people could hop on the old two and Rasheed maybe tweet it veto Tom looking homework I don't not a and I Omar wants 705710. I'm hopeful it's not too late for veto because his suit right now who so obviously right now right he was tweeting during the show last night to vary. Spicy sports stakes let it really is tweeting out today about the ticket allotment. Get the jags win. And then to biodiesel so he is it Ramsey how many tickets do jags fans he's get the call I got was prize event itself a classic jaguar would start there for a second Jalen Ramsey patio just for six you guys played it. A budget times today as current and I. I understand I must be unable because this has been bothering me now since last night showing you bothered me keep about this as well this was a lowers the very popular. Jalen Ramsey. I love this clip from after the game the other night. I got mud today without mentioning. Domino thing. We don't win that. We know in every. And and it. I look. Guys we're gonna say hey we're probably the issue of having it and you didn't go to pull down this road but he's sordid event that that is a sign. At immediately after the game. That is somehow a sign that Jacksonville is looking ahead. And hawking given the patriots bulletin board material and that caught right there from jail Ramsey although they are supposed to effect. Sunday's game. One iota patriots and got to be up that'll be up there there sir your money out that works so Jack's title is so dumb to Jacksonville is get all bent out of shape about how old Pittsburgh was looking past them and Pittsburgh was argument their next match a number of players there's Mitchell Tomlin whoever look let gun belt they're all talking about playing the patriot the second time. That's exactly Jill registered there he didn't just say they were go beat the patriots he didn't mention the patriots nobody says we're gonna go win the whole Super Bowl so he's talking about winning two games. He's really look at the pictures to our go to the Super Bowl that or hang on second you have another game of the patriots have used less for bulletin board material. They've taken the parade plans which literally cities have to plan out at a time if other predicting a victory they just have to do it for logistics. They've taken that and use that as all of my other picking against you guys would rather picking against you guys. Civilians the GO Ramsey quote absolutely what would you possibly say what it look at this goggles as Robert this guys that work are gonna do this we are gonna say how great they are and they can go are on the can guarantee victory is all they want wanna do and that was in the minutes after the game rage this was not like during the week. Where he was asked by a report on the one they went back to Jack as the minutes nightly game of the the flew all the moment they arrived back in Jacksonville for a little post game party yeah right if they tell Obama how fans were there he's all pumped up off the plane who knows what a couple of a glass of Chardonnay on the plane was the thing he's all jacked in pomp. He so he's got his fan base there he's trying to file than about this was not Malcolm Mitchell couple weeks ago Malcolm Mitchell and his locker. And is locker started talking with Super Bowls and patriots lately a bell the night before game which Jacksonville started tweeting about what's gonna be good to play to a these rebound games in row right this is a fired up player. I've been I told and a reading everywhere he's the first or second best quarterback in football is great album their fire heat he's going to play worse. On Sunday now because he somehow got patriot fans while bumper that he and hold them over here he's a player worst putt. We have been better argument over this in the past and dimpled or material can that. Help team that negated a tag and help motivate you how is this bulletin board material in Bolivia played snippets of it yet they sit there witnessed pitched in reference to be super office what are they came away any knock on the patriots that was not a parade route out of that I look ahead saying the patriots over rated Brady's overrated and our defense is the best defense and theirs is in our coach can do is. It's popular he is political he had specifically say. Yeah or. Off the thing like at all or edit or were no and give a shot to win that there's there's heat these all might stop you starred opposite ends up much to say and then he guarantees. A Super Bowl victory. He senator went to mortgage so it's not affect Ramsey's plane. So explain to me who won the patriots now is wanna play better they probably all well David rain they had a nice better because I really Ramsey said something sixties and what that knows that he is stuff they can use against them though the find something else. They love you come on my you know that the patriots love. Pull the board material has as much of some of it is a stretch compared to others they gonna eat this up I know they edit the embarrassing a media celebrity basically it's even better when a player on the opposing teams that something but. I would possibly what's what's the game where it was that motivation. Of someone saying something stupid on the the team. That vaulted the patriots pass that the DC Philadelphia that's a great story because at the video Christian forays in their block in that in the pregame. Looks like he's thinking about anything but football that point who's locked in falling asleep as part of his properties chair falling athlete that he telecheck that he would do put up on the projected the parade route. Sold an egg while there. And so the the patriots. Played better or Donovan McNabb. Forgot how clock rules work in the NFL because of the parade route they're remarks follow on earth but everything and that stuff up so that are also been the better hated these episodes do you think the Steelers looked ahead of the jaguars well. Yeah I think capsule that was it and I think it's got there are a player sense of the broadcasters had not that's not the the jaguars necessarily are all gonna look past the patriots but if you have any player. Forty guaranteeing victory in the Super Bowl. All. I hear that of those guys already thinking about going to the symbol that aren't in the suitable yet. So like yeah I think it could be a disadvantage to the jaguars and an advantage. To the picture that they they they pick on Jalen reigns now as Brady to throw war Jalen Ramsey to appoint commandment he'll find out early on they don't would that be the wrong thing to do is it won't be ambassador to Iran and Iraq over a ground. I don't know I don't know what when his game plan going to be a really hit the pass like he league for example Brady went after subs rob. It was a save your quarterback for Pittsburgh for getting his name. But he was talking during the week and let's look at how players at the Smith from your objectives very. Very generic topic like that. And so he went after him. To prove a point the guys not very good right he was talking up out of place until after Freddy Mitchell and that's seen Eagles to products Freddie Mitchell steaks he's not a good player he was an also ran wide receiver so that any sort of makes sense. This is again. The latest version of Dion Sanders how does that I speaking up. Without you just say to me keeps saying it's more of a motor. How it's the best player not gonna pick on a more that sounds stupid but what about other outlets the hottest or what about the rest the jaguars team that could they all say that it it's also the smell themselves a little bit and Billy Leo -- Olympics river when the whole thing and then maybe they kind of ease off a little bit maybe they they feel like they're a lot better than they even are. A how to like quantify all of the stuff but it is his motor and I understand as you can. Like you can't of course and there's no status for this bill obviously not ours I think it is and this is not to argue. Think anybody get motivated by anything the I don't know what else to tell you the patriots do that more than anybody in the best player on the other to bail out and how does that motivate celtics' Tom Jackson said and use it as motivation absent without even playing on the matter of jail right now is a really good and other team know and so. It's a Danny Amendola is more focused on an AFC title gate is Jalen Ramsey says they're gonna win this bit much seven days prior to games. That's that's what my brain is not copper and here's why I think it is. I think patriot fans. Had an inflated sense of this is how you do things to the page have done a certain way which has been shot Jamal respect the opponent and they won over and over again. There are other teams like the giants who came in here in their suits from the Super Bowl care in the black funeral suits and one out and and talked some game that weeks and there were gonna win. I went out when they backed up their words the patriots fans. I think like the idea. And think like the only way to go about it is the way the patriots do. I think the Steelers are reliable this year of back backfire on you. There were all season long during the season they were saying there and play the patriots twice and how I don't matter what happens you're gonna phase whether it's in Pittsburgh going over NC of again. And he's above you know what maybe they have enough talent that they can do things differently in and they get by them. But another down what 21 zip to the jaguars in that definitely had an effect because they were all worried about the paper they are they were playing the game. Okay fight if I go by that theory. Then it when he won nothing at 287. The Steelers should not that it would come back in that game. Because they were well why don't how to almighty Allah Ron against this great Jacksonville defense and and we as we agree so you don't think the slow start today couldn't do without it did it now led by by that that you could snap out of their product they are the better team at least in my mother the better team. So I had 21 nothing it IE how to get your head on straight and the next thing you know. From then on the outs for the job or that ultimately lose but I'd be kind of balanced out. You Suton bass all timer team sort of show up and they take a team for granite or they're not really in it and like you know. Are you shake that off you know maybe that maybe the coach or video player says something to get everybody out refocused or never takes. And then they they played better after that sometimes like in Pittsburgh was too late yeah I just I think. A much more about Mike Tomlin and decisions like onside kick. And all the the fourth and one pitch that we are just gonna blame on on Todd Haley that it would be something. That the Steelers were saying a couple days before it was also I mean from that the flat start to the bad coaching. They had a really really really bad day and you're right one of their own teammates the Democrat Castro came out and said we were too focused on the other team. If they say nothing the rest of the week award hang our hats on Jalen Ramsey the night after he flew back from a big win in Pittsburgh. I don't know that that seems sort of flimsy. To me and it seems like we are grasping at bat as he reason why. You know Jacksonville or the patriots might be more motivated when in reality that you stay in there like yours better than the Jacksonville Jaguars and they don't. I don't think that this organization shall that they need the motivation at this point though you I guess I don't think at. I don't see where it projects them for like a lead they need that I don't think that's really needed because. They are so good but. Rodney Harrison when he was here and I I don't going back years but here's the kicker that was huge find some obscure person or ever heard of it is like. It is nobody's picked us to win a I think everybody's picked me to win because of the overwhelming favorite and you would find somebody or or some player that says something negative about that and they would and they would use that. To whatever kind of unsure some players get really hyped up about some players don't look at them they can whatever but. For 53 guys and churn number room due to take that for some MIA issue is that in this case it is the best at saint I don't know this for fact. Because I've not watched a lot of Jacksonville football this year but your reading it and preparing for this game. A lot of people are saying that that that that's their best defensive player. That he's ranked very high on the pro football falcons quarterback ratings he's being compared in some places to Deion Sanders and Ty Law. I'm his teammate AJ boy is also very very good but Jalen Ramsay is back ice on in in Pittsburgh obviously pretty good player. So when that player the best player. Who all the patriots respect and have all been out of the way to say how good of a player use when that guy says something off the flight Jacksonville my problem is that I just. I can't get worked up about it. And I just don't see how it like that's going to be that the tipping point for the patriots to beat. The Jacksonville Jaguars or that it would matter given how good he is and how be stupid to say I wanna test that guy in this game because he's obviously heads on into it based on what he says. Are I don't aren't good how are thorough tests of more inoperable or sale the week goes we'll see what other guys said no he did a radio interview. Ramsey recently mean he apologized for swearing braided apologized for a state answer is sticking by its statement but to some other stuff. The thrill for our honorable Bora sure there's a border there sure there is. Somewhere that they go over all the stuff that people are saying about what you're trying to explain to me why it matters we audio budget calls here trying to explain why this matters for Jalen Ramsey in eighty people really think this scam impact. On the game on Sunday nobody that I heard except for Michael Holley today. Is start to make case for Jacksonville. On Tuesday as he get volleying is like Jackson all year to his credit he said they're gonna beat Pittsburgh to his credit. And he's got unpacked them yet but he said he wouldn't be shocked well I need you guys can explain to me year early on the program how in God's name this is any factor at all. What a player says after gave a really good player nodded back into the roster player. Yeah not a a a a lot melt the play nothing in the skies he really really really good player. How does it help the patriots and how does it show itself on Sunday at 617779. 7937. Is the phone number and there is one very low paying for a reason why they're not gonna win it's the easy reason it's the right reason this case. His name is Blake portals will get to him as well it's Monday night with your calls Sports Radio W media. You know how life. It up a lot like it is definitely the I saw you don't you have apologized on on Twitter don't apologize date and Ellsbury and Dana forgive vocational volatile regrettable that. Are you you know. Right did that if I had I popped out of our doubt tour you know what I. I have really been much been made believe it means that you know. If we climbed in and do everything that we need to do that we champion of the world we can't win you know outboard boat apart our era appropriate. I tag that but I thought Villanova loss of. They can't go to the super cool they can't wait authorities. At the stadium there for the if viewing your pictures we don't win that it. Can't hey quick guys quick bat and that fish it's much and Keith Monday night rich here till 7 o'clock will be with me for a tense Iran is as. Five action packed hours Sunday there aren't nine and a 9 AM until two. You don't like the show you're not likes that they're in order here. And we'll be lucky guy we'll get cart and Fauria. Vetoes the legal Eagles stopped by level you cast of thousands five hour pregame show for you. On Sunday morning here on WE yeah I leading directly into the actual play by play. Which the value we got beat YouTube we know was on the call. For that Westwood One I'll find we'll find that on guess it's Kevin or. Harlem people are having excellent organize excellent. Listen if you get those guys. Let's get simple calls you elegant public morals tonight's commute Blake portals tied the night because he's the reason why the market when this game Jacksonville this weekend. People hanging fruit but it's absolutely true people want to try to explain to me since I'm not. Understood your explanations so far how Jalen Ramsey's comments have an effect on the scheme David in a car with wanted. I mean actually if they can call or not at the first being got to look at jailed him and yeah possible pulse but he did speak out. You'll what he's stupid. Because that's what's important said what can win. Next week and that we got a couple balls that two weeks later operatives see you don't even know I'm a day it. He's gonna play another new all by a daughter and out. What are you guys talking about the patriots will Pete office. I spoke well it all out and say let's. I am a former professional Utley wheat feed all star went somebody else is being cocky quite conducted jags could be right now making comments. Players like the patriots will feed off that quiet sleek. They well and I don't you right now don't be surprised at Tom Brady's gonna be tested this guy don't be surprised. Now it's not exact because he's their best player because he said something you know throw more children and not the guy I want and on my side of the argument. That's your favor caller David McCall has yet who is now all he's professional athlete and this is only the owner I usually like where am fix right rich. That your guy I was hoping for dog poo in the human response but. That I was not great I don't think they're missing angle test Ramsey I don't know I don't does that did that put reds young crop I'm very intrigued by that matchup I don't know if one on one anybody can stop grown bought. I think he's just the overall. The overall idea of old board material I don't know how it helps certain players but it just does the pages have been doing it for twenty years. I can help an underdog to an extent. But limitation period that I can underdog and then they've found a way to use that even as a favorite they've been the favored more often than not over the last eighteen years. And yet they still they still eat the stuff up. I adjusted to New Hampshire on patriots bulletin board games like Justin. Has gone back to that. Well here's the thing programs it is safe bet it doesn't mean that we're gonna target him more however. Given the added motivation is a big key in the way they've got to do that is felt just got to use a little imagination. He's got to say lesson. That I said that they're gonna win the Super Bowl fate in your old base figures while they figured that some that. So you didn't mention is looser. Yet. We don't just travel out of motivation and sell embellish that a little bit but just what I but he said he's gonna get past the patriots were already mentioned in the patriots. I think. Commute that rate there's you know a little bit. Silent about additional cash. Why well I'd isn't it just a championship team high eighteen in the NC telling you need to fire in the belly. There are home playing for a chance to get to wait six super eight six at night now. Let's. Regular intensive Brady's 15 cracked it violence is a V8 Super Bowl practice for and I just absolute ridiculous isn't that it's adjusted that's not motivation enough the ability to win a home game to get to a suitable. Just just god but I would say that it's one of those things where. It also helps prevent any kind of a not for Brady Brit parties at different kind of animal but. Freddie the other players. You know if you're reminding them that they programs it thinks this year is there when the next two games were ever. That it's not the Jacksonville Jaguars. To that other good this year but still for the other guys have in the league Jackson's been terrible for a long time death in L it's like it's not the steel there could be. Almost a little bit of a let down because it's not the Steelers because you've got the patriots don't say it. Sure a lot of thinking it is going to be the Steelers and it's not an ounce Jacksonville it's Blake portals so that's or going up against so you're looking for anything you can just. Make sure it in the count levels back off it Belichick is it and that that Lou Holtz thing where he'd he'll pump up you know Saint Mary's like they were the greatest team never does it depends on same way we've. So I never worry about that with built his teams they lost big games before. I'll buy it never thought because they took an opponent lightly the regular season games recently had some weird onside kicks stuff would that redskin game you had a the it'd be ridiculous game planning it's Miami a couple years old man why hasn't yet out outplayed you when they lost to the jets in the playoffs that year there are coming off with a 45 to three they beat him in the regular season mow them so I want to turn to not that they are ready to go but it'd be hard for not to sort of seat bit like. This is the team a thing or OS either one the one week where you heard that in the aftermath. Was 20072008. Super Bowl we heard late that week it was a bad week of practice right eye with Steve DeOssie told us. Either you know that the week after on the show or brewers needed the stories he heard was that one of those late practice in August were brown. And as their Wednesday or Thursday Belichick distort the whole practice so yeah. Because guys religion like where to show up this tiny few nights ago go down nineteen my answer to they bought into it so. I guess it happened and it can happen any game. But in this case they get installment in these big games and Connell one hand the ones where they didn't take the opponent lightly no Belichick gets the credit for that I think. I'm Roger is in Jacksonville on Jalen Ramsey was going on Roger. Our appeared here in lobbed the ball. Is called respect you've got a respectable. People work with Specter of all of it you're done. And listen I'm here to act the bill. I don't respect them so they don't let anybody else if you look at. Spreading the beat of bad. Ohio how they go to so they don't like it they went to Pittsburg just one in Pittsburgh. That it did it out personality and had themselves out all about how they didn't last week now they are now they got now. Right they get. Beggar osu now oaks and it's a thing will we see which team overlooked the other team more cracks. The overlook hectic yeah I heard overlook tackled Jackson was overlooked in New England you do what I thought that pats this horrible law. The country is they don't let age. Let's say for years. Now Bill Burton obstacle that state. First time this team for sure you're not rademan at this this group right now. Is a really really Obama Steelers really inexperienced and that's the other. I think this is. One that there's two story line so far this week that are 118 to be the dumbest story lines that we can now be plenty more between now kick off on Sunday. This is either one or one day the other one. Is the fear of Tom Coughlin. Andy Petrie sympathy vote the explanation of Tom Coughlin. And his 71 year old Tom Coughlin. Being with Jacksonville. Is being a reason why jury patriots fan you should be scared of this case I don't get out somehow that he being in the building or he. Working we dug a role it will play sound for you later beat college Howard calls and the most underrated person in history football. Off she said says in its call was that he'd be bell if he had Brady he'd be Belichick. Like that to me is. Asinine popped to try to compare Coughlin and ended he's good coach. But I would result in abject sure he's the most underrated personally hope all the so but so he is. He's good at because he worked a Belichick back in the day that he played Belichick. In a bunch years go to Super Bowl and was on. Those giant teams he can build. A defense that stretching that's does that make any sense that's is that that's coming from a very nervous fans. Looking for reasons why Jacksonville could win contact one on the roster CF to go to the front off it's not nervous fans only it is the national media with trying to create reasons that we we have other guys today. From Dave lows awed by sports saying you know Jacksonville's America's team and all the reasons why the patriots are evil and Jacksonville is good. A that's carried over to the national media they want this to be gained their try to talk this came up NC you talk yourself into things like. Tom Coughlin could be a factor overlooking the the idea. That would Doug world coached buffalo in the eighties the patriots went 31 against dug around one those gains pretty comfortably and you'll again they lost. The patriots at their starters in week seventeen. A 2014. And in her own ball and then he left the set out out about a guru easier divisional coach W czar Jack Jacksonville. Branded and a car on the patriots and Ramsey was going Auburn. I don't guys given that two hour commute somewhat bearable and night muscle that stick with a I just wanna say I mean. One I kind of a group all you got the walkway at the planet that that pat get up early. And and the fact that shadow Jim Ramsey talk and you know port open and lead him back but I kind of agree with you muck that. There are ten point favorite I don't think they need a point gain olympians say all he doesn't think we can do it a dollar yet figured ethics statement. Yet at one of the biggest they're not the biggest favorite L went through some of these championship games the pats were fourteen point favorite no seven against San Diego. I'm Tampa Bay was a fourteen point favorite over the rams in 99 rams upset. Can't of that day while on moved on the power that we are if they they have their wedding it was at the segments are in the league that year. But the 99 and a half potentially ten points rival end up being. One of the highest spreads in history that the title yet though is that we see the big Super Bowl spreads you that the pagers have been involved in but. Conference title game or the other side I think it's three points right now someone like that in that's. The action home dog I think Phillies three point dog and that's of their quarterbacks though you don't typically see nine I do wonder if it was the Steelers. Either you do that six. Seven yes none other B a lot more respect it closer but it still be beat at home lives there are favored in Pittsburgh. Week fifteen ABS six yeah six at that point favorite somewhere and apple part but and with what that deny not and it's it's going this number 110. You're in you're going to be hard pressed as the week goes on to have people feel comfortable betting Jacksonville. And lane net numbers there's there is such a blow allow ability about the scheme that if it 88 it down fourteen nothing. I we all agree that's it for Jacksonville didn't throw the game goes from there and if you're betting Jacksonville recently stuck the Pittsburgh. On the or a week ago. Like portals that is offense in the red zone five times they scored five touchdowns. So they eat is that likely against one of the best red zone defense in football patriots probably Nazi settle for a couple field goals all of a sudden. You know it's 216 and 21 in a 142110. In your up big in the patriots but I'm willing to listen to. Reason maybe now from David of the carving up for rich keep having someone can convince somebody to a better job at this motivational. Idea Jalen Ramsey is a factor in this game 61777979370. Is the phone number. We're taking your phone calls we are talking AFC title game with you but at night with rich keep. On tonight's Sports Radio WEEI saw excellent. Excellent are fooled. Once. I thought it was my TV at home I thought I was some Psycho. But uncle chapter of this lengthy blog about how annoying it is that the intro to the office on Netflix plays and about seven. Guess Apple's higher level volume. The actual show does if you crank is HH's cranks out I have multiple times in the last a month that re watching it. Finally some woken up by the actual in tried new episode he's loud and I thought it was just me any wrote this great applaud in it the only I think it's annoying even write about. There are couple episodes you go to the series rich. They don't have to skip intro button really have to sit through the thirty seconds of interactive festival sounds stupid I have a code because I like that one button ability though but it is nice but you could ask for it does not take much data as well edited ten seconds skipped it that bad boys three times a year right in the episode that's a laser AM now that I can't go one all you can throw via ice get all the way believe me this quick question for -- does threesome on the a WFAN after new child god I don't play there radio. I just play their videos have been want and are straight fire. My son is five years old. He's watched now at least three or four episodes of the office with because even he like he lasted the light is yet. In my bad is it that they show it's too mature for five year old out of rice growing up the there you think you're fun. Was on NBC because it a couple of is that tiger haven't watched the problems he's he's far. Did I even watches episode was watching the episode today where you Robert California talks he's leaving. And he's basically admitting he's going to find the European women who are are not. Are not educated yeah yeah yeah. I vice online order really I would focus on that or some of the top Packard jokes he may not debt. Maybe just sort of let those kind of fly by but but he left it there why didn't this why the ranks of the area gym on the white Frank Sesno good stuff Stanley is very funny. He'll get probably half of Michael Scott's jokes it is and there's a lot of stuff he just sit there Gary but he apparently does not get but there's language in there that probably not great for five year old some when we had it on firing. I mean your astronaut Ron got to have a kid but I looked at the offices. Good to go to pry or ask a pair of PR BI or after the hour dads or moms on Twitter contaminated and mutt and UT WEEI. On WFE an afternoon show have to wait a raucous start. And the the best part of the show so far for me as a result was that a whole lot. Is the videos they post on a Twitter account to give you behind the scenes they change the casual Kabul certain. In LA AA gallon Maggie in the couple guys call in and Bart Scott. Just just happened funds funded up in the back rooms B and pals get ready for their show and today was no different the electricity. Odd chemistry. Oozing off the Twitter account and. Not like all. News you know. I share. If not it cleanly he. Miami and L all. Things like. I'm sorry I can't picture rumors. Going around German. And access. To. Italy it's this huge he's their of what's. So so we have Mike Holmgren on the very excited. What's a fair and they ripped Cleveland such as that's an easy thing to do a horse whisperer or was sorry to talk to horses and a perfect idea yet which could McCain and I skill and how does a coach being hoarse whisper good and it's what does that mean to them to. Parts got there I think well if you were to have a horse on the team. Who both unspeakable. Patch or potentially with that's a spicy meatball by the way as a reference to a 1970s. TV market. That's the saudis to meet bowl about it and the funny thing said though in that 32 in out of the rough. The chemistry is not jumping off the you don't you'll. Did you I've not not yet know I I yet but it's it's getting there if I had to meet. Every day gets a little bit better as a little better than ours are entitled to keep very loose clubhouse than their their joke around a Cleveland just on and potential guests in jail aren't dead Al reacted at the end there available. West breath test that they have I said yesterday I don't like this guy but today he gets a reaction I'm gonna say that I I -- yeah I don't I don't like this guy today that it come up people achieved by paid 24 hours and we have a mystery guests who maybe played for sure armour one point I don't think Fred said the other innocent to a second of that show but I know that's telling him all he is getting the text yes all his friends. Sales of the stage a comeback so this guy more. They are freaking the F out in princess is so far above it. He is Kaplan a heat and eat read and what fun house between all the pictures are when he was like a just and he make a comment that he would like snappy comedy severed just the Mike. As a movie doesn't is that he is walking around the house as he backer doing that right now he's back doing something not Peron is back in the fan ever again no. I forget that partly because what he would say is that he wants you want X amount of dollars. And the way the that radio is going in general not happening out there you know that that money someone's got my guess is that if he's set it seems like he's going to continue lace it Bill Simmons podcast out again and with a younger audience that's gonna help there and then. He's gonna launch his own. You know whether it's different tests apple princess of podcast with Monday Wednesday Friday via Monday Thursday divided dog sort of and I could see you doing in football Friday with dog he's doing with the sentence to be nowhere in the summer of upstate Saratoga. Fired away up their during the summer. He will not care who couple baseball hits but then football season. He'll be right back into a but I can't. How do you walk back d'antoni and what for less money that he was making his wanna do the hours I guess that pretty there's there's always the number there's always surprised that he could pass they're gonna they gonna want. Him back or something back you go princess is getting paid a lot yet to figure they replaced one guy with flurry. So even if the three are getting paid a ton just do the math I don't think could be all that much. That to get Francis though Iran. Those three are not making half for you to the three combined army and half. What do you make definitely snag he's raised first radio job Bart Scott's first full time job. Chris Carlin coming from afternoons in Philadelphia Chris calls that you damage your right I listed in my and the hierarchy like my guess would be it's Carlin Bart Scott. Maggie and and they put the position it where they had very did that FAA and it's very easy outs. Panel in the early portion that by and I would no doubt that they'll figured out but I would say for those videos will be good yes or those housing is the pork and talking about it to get a bill provision we'll seat of our two aisles it that is rich Keith nick is in Rhode Island talk among the patriots. In the job what the record when you won in the past. Week the sort all the more Plaxico Burress. Predicted our leader was when he ordered seventeen. Encumbered you wouldn't score seventeen points. Are reluctant off. Out of out of a who's right the defense played well they scored what fourteens and once heavily on the danger that took place just a follow your. Prediction and I I don't agree with trucks potent. I'm pat being sacked that's pretty careful how to. And and and Plaxico Burress came and they back it up that defense showed up. You know and he beat the all black in the suits up for the funeral they read bin teens. That an NL teacher fans don't like this idea but they're good teams have talked and then you know gone out and and one thing. You know whether it was camel lard don't let us we just want that was obviously sent on to Dan Shaughnessy party game for. A 2004 ALCS but he certainly not the only one and has much locally but nationally. They're plenty guys who have done that and I understand if it's an also ran player somebody's not very good. And Belichick and point that player ought to be like why is this little. In. Hissing at the wise this guy talking now what does he know how how should he be able to say anything. When it's Jalen Ramsey I have a harder time understanding. How would affect the game on Sunday. Maybe that's just me being Jalen Ramsey is a really really good player and whether he he comes back off a flight from Jacksonville. As he did Saturday night. And he says we're gonna win this thing. Or he doesn't. How does that change the patriots are gonna plan to play Jalen Ramsey that's the part I don't get their significant favorites in the scheme they're supposed to win this game. I don't know how that can motivate but Andrew remain wants to explain it to me your money at night Sports Radio WE yeah outs one on manager. What's going on back to sea and air. I get what you're saying about the severity. But got a lot. A lot about it again rightly viewed as if you. Don't even look at it from professional athlete what do you would appear at your back yard play all parties. If one of the aircraft relate to console is pocket Mac. Already excited to play the next team aren't you just a little bit more meant we spoke to beat that tanker ship any in the end I. IC if I suck it bags anyway how does that helper of the guys better than me. And I'm not good how does that change if. Because it could this affect your mental focus your drive to wanna be in the could just speed that it it's maybe not measurable Al. They'd be just about what that yet he gave me like he really is a lot with now. Yeah I mean again I guess individually. You may get it see more you know fury if you or maybe but even then I just. I don't know and I understand there's the there's the value you or you didn't play professional sports you don't know I certainly played sports announcer to know that you. You know he felt this respected by even that game meant more. It TJ necessarily play better because of that. Did you necessarily go up there and win that game because you Fella you were disrespect it where you better on that night that team. Would they not very good the other things go your way it just feels like a very story line each thing. And it also feels like it's in the patriot fans like it a certain way which I I totally get to your team has won a playing that certain way for a long long time. Buddy Mike Tomlin came out and regular season and joked about that. Second game and they lost for the patriots but they've won every other game up until obviously lost. Against Jacksonville. They sort of backed it up for awhile there. So I hear Jalen ramseys say we're gonna win this bitch. And and if it's off the plane from Pittsburg I'm sorry I can't. Work myself into that be a huge motivational tool for the patriots by the way much like I can't sit here and tell you I think. That Tom Coughlin being part of the organization for Jacksonville is getting the difference between a win any loss for the patriots on Sunday. Sold the guy coached years ago for the giants. Now he's in Jacksonville been there for a year. And so he's gonna have that the key to playing the patriots. It on the same defensive players the giants did the patriots teams are more are different now they work. And unless he's completely handing over the keys to that that confronted Tom Coughlin. It's still blood Maroney who's gonna coach this team. Not Coughlin and bella checked in games that they play all their starters it's three in all four games against the world. So I I can't pretend. That to get worked up about the jail in Ramsey talk. I can't pretend to tell you that Tom Coughlin. Is gonna be a factor in the scheme here's what I can tell you. Jacksonville is going to lose. And a simple res it and the correct reasons because of their quarterback. Blake portals stinks. Any stinks out loud. On talk about the quarterback projects only come back with your call 61777979837. Hour too much at night don't wanna work adds. Thus far this.